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09-07-2001, 03:17 AM
Hi everyone

I know that I'm not the only one who is so grateful to have this site to visit, for support, friendship, advice and motivation.

However, I have found out that some heartless person sent Jennifer, one of the 3 sisters, a very rude and unsupportive letter telling her that if she can't continue to lose weight then what right does she have to run this site?

I am absolutely appalled. As Jennifer and Suzanne so rightly put it, this site is no longer just about them, but about the thousands of users all over the world who come here for support and friendship.

And for someone to say that we won't receive all that because they are not "skinny chicks", then that person is delusional! Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes, and we receive all the support we need from this site NO MATTER WHAT. If we were to give up on people when they are having a rough time, I think this site would be empty!! And what kind of people would that make us? Just like the letter writer.

Jennifer, please DO NOT be disheartened by what that person said, because you know it's not true. And <<<<BIG HUGS>>> to you all for your wonderful support and determination to make this site as fantastic as it is. Suzanne, I hope this site and the people in it can help you as well, remember to look after yourself, and thank you so much for putting so much effort into this site when you have so much on your plate already. Speaking as a mum and worker as well, I can surely imagine how hard it must be, and my gratitude to you and your sisters for not giving up on us.

Everyone out there, I think we need to let the 3 sisters know how much we appreciate what they've done for us, if not by monetary contributions, at least by posts.

South Australia, Australia

09-09-2001, 03:28 PM
As I said in an earlier post: "I am so shocked to say the least at this whole situation. It's ashame that people who don't approve can just type "www.somethingelse.com" and go somewhere else. What ever happened to if you can't say something nice then keep your mouth shut! I, along with everyone else out there, love this site and appreciate the friends that it has brought me. The girls on our forum are on first name basis and feel like we have known each other forever. I came here back in May from another board that absolutely treated everyone with "rudeness". They degraded everyones type or method of weight loss unless it was the same as what they used. Whoever didn't like it here should go there!

I personally want to say to Jennifer, Suzanne and Amy, THANK YOU for all that you do for this site. 14,000 people can't all be wrong here. Keep it up girls!"