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08-16-2006, 02:20 PM
I just looked through the daily menu thread a little and noticed that you guys are splitting up some of your portions. Like you'll have 1/2 p or 1/2 d. Do you write it in your food diary like that? I was doing that also so I could spread the protein out a little and my COD told me that it's better to eat whole portions of foods at the same time.

I was also using 3 baby carrots and 2 cherry tomatos in a salad as 1 veggie and she said this is wrong also. I know I need to do what works best for me, but am I messing anything up by splitting up stuff?

08-16-2006, 02:33 PM
On red you get 1/2P, so that's why you might see that. But... since I switched to purple, COD said if I am going to split my protein, make sure it's the same thing. So one of my favorites is taking the 3 eggs and having one for breakfast and having the other two at lunch w/mayo and making egg salad.

As for dairy, I've always split that, and they've never said anything about it. Also, if you look in their cookbook, there are a LOT of 1/2 dairy exchanges. I think they are more concerned about splitting the starches and proteins.

As for veggies, they want you to have one whole veggie of one thing. If your body isn't reacting negatively, maybe you could make one big salad with three or four veggies, and eat half at lunch and half at dinner? I think the main veggies they want you to watch out for, though, are carrots and tomatoes because they are so high in sugar.

08-17-2006, 02:36 AM
I'm on red and we've been eating stir fry "mixes" for the last two weeks every other day. They haven't said anything. Also, a salad everyday with lettuce, green pepper, green onion, and celery. We count the lettuce as 1V and the rest as 1V. Makes me wonder how close they are looking at dh's diary.
I just bought a week+ load of the different stir fry mixes, so they'll have to do until they're gone.
Cassi - Thanks for the info! Any suggestions are always appreciated!

08-17-2006, 05:39 PM
I've split dairy from the very beginning. Also, like Cassie said about splitting protein, just make sure they are both chicken or eggs or whatever. With the veggies, I think that you can mix the ones that are the same measurements like mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers, cauliflower etc. that are a 1 cup serving. I always do mix those, but with cukes, tomatoes and carrots, I make sure I am eating 1 veggie worth of those.

08-17-2006, 10:16 PM
Deb - thanks for clearing that up for me on the veggies.