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08-16-2006, 01:20 PM
Hey guys:;)
I have a question about water. I drink about 3- 16 ounce bottles of the
Fruit2O water everyday, also about 1-2, 8 ounces glasses of unsweetened iced tea, and maybe some sugar-free lemonade on some days. I guess my question is, would this be fulfilling my water requirements, it fills me up for awhile and I can get it down. I have tried every way you can think of to drink just plain water and I can't even get 2 or 3 oz. down, and I do mean I have tried it every way imaginable.:( I got really sick one time trying to drink a lot of water for a test I was having :( and ever since then I just cannot do it for the life of me, I know it sounds crazy, but I never said I wasn't a little crazy.:dizzy: Any opionions on this form of water intake out there? P.S. I do not drink soda of any kind, and I do try to get some milk (skim) in as well.:D

08-16-2006, 01:26 PM
Personally, I prefer my water mostly unaltered. I do like adding a squeeze of lemon or lime and I much prefer my water cold.

I believe that you are hydrating yourself well enough with what you drink. My recommendation would be to try to water down your drinks slowly then you may learn to like water once again. I drink unsweetened iced tea and I tend to water it down a bit.

08-16-2006, 01:29 PM
I wonder this too--- I am not a big water person, I know that water helps clense the bod and helps the weight loss along, however, I lose without it but wonder if drinking all that water would boost my weight loss even further. I just don't like how my belly feels when I drink water and I don't like how often it sends me to the lavatory. I feel like I need to go every 10 minutes and I hate the back and forth... I feel like I did when I was pregnant!

I know there has been much discussion on water/weightloss... does anyone know of a link to a previous thread for us to read up on?

08-16-2006, 03:08 PM
Any 0 calorie non caffeine water source is the best -- I drink a gallon of crystal light or herb tea (red zinger or lemon zinger) a day, plus one cup of coffee in the morning.

It's better to get fluids in, then to not get enough because you have don't like water.

Also adding low calorie soups to your daily intake increases your fluids, and helps curb your appetite too. Cucumbers and watermelon are low calories and nutritious ways to get fluids also.

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08-16-2006, 03:53 PM
From everything I've read, while we need to remain hydrated, there are lots of ways to accomplish this, from drinking plain water, to juice, to tea, to the foods we eat (think about the water content in a lot of fruits and veggies, not to mention soup, as noted above). Apparently even caffeinated beverages, which are a diuretic, do not cause the kind of negative water loss that has often been hyped.

So, I think the short answer to your question is: yes.

In addition to keeping us hydrated, I think drinking water does sometimes help keep us feeling fuller, another plus for those of us trying to shed pounds.