South Beach Diet - Whooshing Through Wednesday - Aug. 16

08-16-2006, 07:09 AM
Good morning! Another beautiful day and I'm outta here with the doggage in two hours. I need to leave five hours before my flight these days. :( I could drive to Beachgal's place in that time.

I have a few more things to fling into my suitcase and my handbag to strip of anything liquid or gel. Breakfast is on the schedule too plus some one on one time with my dogs who suspect something is up. I'll sneak the case out to the car when they are outside in the yard. Then I'll be off until next Tuesday. I may pop in here from Jane's place or from my garden biddy festival for a quick wave. :wave:

Have a good Wednesday and a good week, Beachies. :grouphug:

little grasshopper
08-16-2006, 08:48 AM
good morning guys. not having a good morning at all here. I'd like to cancel my schedule today and might have to, except that my morning is all requests and my afternoon is hot stone and we don't have another therapist right now that can do them. (or they're already booked). I'm stressing and itching my way through the a.m.

Ruth - have a GREAT trip!! Good luck getting all the banned stuff out of your carry ons. My girld friend flew last week and said they didnt' check anything at all! She got there and realized her husband had put his pack with scissors, razor, electric razor, and stuff like that in HER CARRY ON. They saw it and didn't even blink bout it. Also said they told her to get there 2 1/2 hours ahead of time and when they got there, there was 1 person in line in front of them. I hope you have an easy experience too!!

08-16-2006, 10:12 AM
Morning! :dance: Ruth our jetsetter is winging her way to the States! How fabulous! Check in when you can darlin'

Grasshopper.. poor girl! Try a benedryl with a topical spray like Ivy Dry..

:coach: Where are all our Chicks???

08-16-2006, 10:40 AM
Wow! I never make it as the fourth poster (unless I start the thread since I've worked all night)!

Ruth - Have a wonderful trip! I heard they are allowing some things now but it seems like it changes every day.

little grasshopper - Good luck with the itching. At least if you are busy enough you may not be as aware of the itching but I know how bad it was with the poison ivy. And I still have spots that itch a month later! The Aveeno with calamine and oatmeal actually helped some with the itching. Some things said that you couldn't use them along with oral Benadryl so be careful of that.

schatzi - I'm here! But I need to go get my tea before someone interrupts me and expects me to work.

Me - The rest of the week is supposed to be 105+ temps. Oh, well, I moved here because I hate the cold. I don't know if I have a meeting tonight and that is driving me crazy. I'm waiting to hear the details. If I don't have a meeting, I have my workout stuff in the car. Brian seems to be adjusting to his new afterschool program just fine. They play a lot of organized games in the cafeteria so he can be active and be out of the heat. I'll see how it goes next week when he starts having homework but so far, so good.

08-16-2006, 10:40 AM
Good morning Ladies!

I walked to the post office early this morning to mail those pesky bills after yesterday's payday. I was dripping when I made it back to the office and that was before 7:30. Hopefully, the deodorant holds for the rest of the day - that's what they advertize, right?

My DH fixed a healthy dinner last night of chicken with veggies and salad. Tonight I have a bean and beef recipe I'm going to try. I got all the fixings yesterday so I'm good to go when I get home from work. So far I'm not getting too hungry with the snacks so I'm SBD motivated.

Ruth - Enjoy the time away, good time to reflect and reevaluate!:flow2:

Grasshopper - I sympathize, it's hard to get away from those itches, maybe something challenging to read or surf?

Onward to the fray!!:flow2:

beach bum
08-16-2006, 01:20 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies:)

Thanks all for your get well wishes.I'm bursed but no broken bones TG. My left shoulder blade and left lower back are brused badly,but my rump is now ok I can sit again.

Have to be very careful of the foods I eat. My exercising log on the sticky is going to be blank for a while.

Temps are cool but on its way to getting humid again.

RUTH-Have a wonderful :wave:vacation and safe trip.

GRASSHOPPER-Sorry :sorry: your not feeling up to par,I haven't been around,what kind of itching do you have.Could it be hives??Maybe you ate something that caused the itching.

SCHATZI-I made it here even if is early afternoon.

BARB-Try to stay cool:cool: in those hot:hot: temps. Happy:) I live in a cooler climate.

PampGal-In the H & H :hot: weather is best to eat lite. Menu looks good.

Hugs :) BB

little grasshopper
08-16-2006, 01:53 PM
sorry beach bum - it's flea bites. IT got so bad this morning, combined with the lack of sleep from the itching that I was in tear at work! I'm home now and hoping all the benydryl will put me to sleep!!

I'll check back in later.

beach bum
08-16-2006, 05:03 PM
Oh Little Grasshopper,

I know what you're going though My DD had flea bites when we brought our cat home from a friends house. We took the kids & the cat out for a car ride while we had to
the house fumigate,killed all those buggers and we never had them back again as kitty cat became an indoor cat.

That was 30 some years ago.

I found these remedies on the net that might help:

Flea bite remedy for humans---People with naturally blond or red hair will attract flea bites. One popular remedy is using AVON SKIN SO SOFT; fleas are repelled by it. Avon also makes an insect repellent that is quite good, (believe me I have tried them all). A cheaper remedy is VICKS VAPORUB, or it's generic equivalent. Rub it on your feet and ankles, it soothes the pain and itch, while repelling another bite.. Fleas are attracted to the color yellow or white, so do not wear any shoes, socks or pants with those colors.

Hope that helps

Hugs :) BB