Support Groups - Friends around the World #13 - New Broome sweeps clean.

08-11-2006, 05:40 AM
Welcome to our new homesite. This time we have shifted from a remote area in Western Scotland to a remote area on the north West Coast of Australia, and we will be based in Broome.

Broome has a long history associated with the Pearl trade - so watch out for us with all the new baubles, bangles and beads.

Try these two websites. One will tell you all about Broome and the Kimberleys - a special part of Australia and the other has a webcam of our new accommodation. The kids are gonna love it.

Here we go - from Western Scotland to Western Australia in one leap. if you need to go back to the old site

08-11-2006, 07:47 AM
LOVE the new place, Shad! A beach is always my favorite! I love to run on the beach! And if you look closely on the web cam, you can see me running off in the distance.... :D

08-11-2006, 09:50 AM
Morning girls.

Oh Shad I LOVE the new digs, the beaches and most of all the caption for our new thread! It really sounds so positive and uplifting. Thanks for setting up the new home! :grouphug:

The view from the beaches looks so stunning I may even get up early and try and join Tig on the beach. Of course she will be that little dot moving ever farther away while I slog through the sand, but hey - get your exercise anywhere you can, right?

For the deep fried entry contest I submit battered and deep fried corn on the cob at the Dixie Cafe. I have not tried it but those who have say it's quite tasty. We also have battered and deep fried sour pickles served with a honey mustard dipping sauce. I am not a fan of pickles but I have tried these and I do enjoy a small taste as an appetiser.

Suzi, it sounds as if your DH is cooking up something special for your birthday. He sounds like a really fun guy - I'm excited for you.

No post from Mel again this morning? What's going on? Come out, come out where ever you are...please???? :mag:

Ok, gotta run now. Be back later. Oh and we are finally getting a much needed deep soaking rain. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!

08-11-2006, 10:17 AM
Could we maybe go horseback riding on the beach? The sound of hooves in the sand, splash of surf, jingle of the tack ... and then, I claim that third palm tree on the left. I'll be the one with the stack of books and the cool drink. How's the seafood here? Shrimps? Barbie?

I'll be back later~~~

08-11-2006, 10:26 AM
Thank You Shad for always taking such terrific care of us! This is a great place for us to meet and relax and play away the days. I am always amazed at how easily you pull this off forthe thread each time. We invite all to come for a romp on the beach!
Well, the Full Moon Drumming circle was very organic and earthy. I enjoyed it very much and really just tried to relax and not be so aware that it was my first time..... to just be mellow and enjoy the experience. I met some very interesting people who care a lot about others. Of course it is very Native Indian reference to the Red Path. So if I go again next month I'll let you know. The tipi is a very large replica of a Cherokee ceremonial logde so it was quite comfortable.
I am still holding on to the weight loss energy and hoping to really show more loss before the end of the month. Trying to eat some protein things when I get the hungries.
Hope everyone is doing well today..... come and say hi and let us know. I so enjoy hearing from everyone and where are our friends across the Atlantic these days......?
Take Good Care all,

08-11-2006, 05:02 PM
Not only horse riding down the beach, but camels too. It's quite trendy to take camel treks in these parts. Glad you all like the new resting place. Food to die for here is seafood as you might have guessed. Not sure about the shrimps - giant prawns more like it and barramundi. Not all that far down the coast is a place called Monkey Mia where dolphins come in to play and frolic with the humans. It's very popular, but now very crowded and only a few get to pay and play!! Tourism - don't destroy what you came to enjoy. Huge mines up in this area - famous for iron, copper, and Argyle Diamonds. Look up the diamonds - you'll be amazed.

Okay, so today is the last day here. I have to take Sunday the cat to Paws and Whiskers this morning. We will leave here around 7.30am. Then I will go to gym and come home, clean and pack and wash and do all the necessary things. Of the 9 points I made in my email about 7 have been answered. They say I can't tweak my email (and internet) until I get to site and log on. Please do not ask for the reason for this. I did and got a mouthful of technical jargon, most of which I don't think even the geek understood.

I bow to the US and Canada in the battered, deep fried war. I can't think of a single thing that will compete with deep fried corn, deep fried cod tongue (do they actually have a tongue?) or the devillishly devine poutine - which I may pass on after a couple of bites I think. I'm not even sure I could face chips and vegemite sammies. I'm afraid my one and only extravagance in the deep fried department is fish cake. Spuds, flaked fish, crumbed etc. I also love the Thai fishcakes although after an authentic one I tend to drink 14 litres of water. The Japanese fast food takeaway down in Post Office Square have developed a chicken dim sum for the Australian market - it is fairly oozing grease. No Japanese is ever seen at that teppanyaki bar apart from serving up the grub with a big smile on their face and charging heaps.

I went back to the last thread to see if Mel has said she is not going to be here for a while, can't see anything but the mention of Rosacea. Maybe it's all becoming too much again. I've just tried to ring her, but the phone is engaged (as per normal) maybe she is posting here, just like me.

Suzi - sounds like your birthday is around the time I get back from Weipa and close to the date of DB2's birthday. Nice people - Libra - or are you not a Libra?

Nae - the drumming experience sounds magical. It's great to hear of your weight loss. You will be put at the top of the list for weight loss this month. Teel by the way is on holiday in the New Forest. Linus is or at least was suffering Post Natal Depression. We try to encourage her and Teel keeps in touch with her. Maybe one day she will feel well enough to come back to us.

Tig - good to hear from you. Hope your project is running to schedule and budget (as if they ever do)

Right, well time to get on with my day. Mel's phone is still engaged. I'll keep trying this morning.

08-11-2006, 06:02 PM

Peek-a-boo, hello new digs! Broome, beach and barbecue prawns with wine spritzers :D Wonderful new location ;)

08-11-2006, 06:04 PM
Just a sec, your screens look dusty. I'll have my dog servant fix that up for you all in a jiffy ;)

08-11-2006, 06:05 PM
Still can't find Mel. Will keep trying until I figure it is her bed time.

08-11-2006, 06:06 PM
Ha Ha Meadow. That looks like Sunday the cat, 'cept she hates venetians. Speaking of whom, I'd better go get her and the cage in appraximately the same place otherwise she will disappear on me.

08-11-2006, 08:37 PM
Made a trip to Blytheville today to pick up the new lawn mower. It's nice. I'm not sure if it will even fit into the shed! Will check that out tomorrow. First I will need to ask the land lord for a new lock and new shed door. Maybe, they will let me have one after the storms last night. While in Blytheville I stopped by my wireless phone store to purchase a new phone. I'd dropped mine a while back and needed a new one. I've been on a spending spree the past couple of weeks.

Happy--Did you survive the storms? They were fierce between midnight and 5a.m.

Shad--Love the new place. BTW, PainterWoman posted in the journals today.

Madcat--I'll have to pass on the horse ride. I'm not to fond of them. I'll walk along the board walk.

Meadow, Tig, Rose, Suzi Hello :wave:

08-11-2006, 09:41 PM
Just got off the phone from Mel. She is okay, rosacea is playing up, so is the office, the maintenance guys, the mayor, DD and B/F and family and just about everything else.

08-12-2006, 09:23 AM
Lovely home, Shad.

Nae, sounds devine. Organic is good.


I have been a cleaning dervish. I sure do wish I could be "just" and Mom and domestic Goddess. I feel very content. (not thinking about the income I did not earn).

yippeee.....dfriend got into the hotel in Toronto at midnight last night.He emailed a few minutes ago...And then we called him.They will be here around 12:30-1pm.

I will go and open the market and stay for a bit. All i really need to do here is un and re load the dishwasher and tidy in the kitchen.


08-12-2006, 10:29 AM










08-13-2006, 09:50 AM
:cofdate: HAPPY SUNDAY!!! :sunny:

08-13-2006, 12:03 PM
Good Sunday morning, m'dears! Been up for ages. DH had to go into work before 8AM to bring all the servers down before they cut the power to the building so I tagged along. We went out for breakfast and went grocery shopping. I really miss having a car! We had a temp rental for the morning and it does make errand running so much easier. I think we are going to have to bit the bullet and buy when the fall comes. We're spending about as much as we would on the car on cabs and rentals… plus we never have groceries in the house so we probably spend more on restaurants because we don't get to do a weekly shop. So really, it's probably really a health issue. :lol:

My bike is still not fixed (ok, I'm lazy and haven't taken it in yet), so I went for a walk yesterday instead of a ride. Walking is so slow and it hurts my shins. I am a wimp! :lol: I did go run the stairs at Ontario Place – but I only managed 5 cycles before I had to stop. I need new shoes, I suspect.

Tig~ We'll save a place in the shade for you. I hear running on sand is supposed to be good on your legs.

Roseblush~ Glad the drumming circle was a success. Hang onto that energy for sure.

Shad~ Camels? Wow, I've never been on a camel. That would be neat, I think. I have to admit to a weakness for tempura battered shrimp and veggies. Probably not the healthiest fried item either. Yeah, it's usually a bad sign when you go to an Asian restaurant and there are no actual Asian types eating there. That is rule one when you go a restaurant in Toronto's Chinatown. Good luck in the relocation. By the time you read this you will probably be completely settled. I hope Linus does feel better some time soon. BTW, what is the difference between a shrimp and a prawn?? Are they different creatures? Or is it a size thing?

Meadow ~ So cute. One of my cats does that quite often. Now the blinds are bent out of shape! Love the dog. Now the blinds smell like dog breathe and are covered in cat hair.

Ceejay~ Hope the storms cooled things down. And really, I'm not good on horses either. I do like them from a distance though.

Holly~ Hope you are enjoying the visit with your guests.

Mel~ You are so sweet! :hug: I never ride without a helmet for just the reason you describe. Better safe than sorry. I had a friend hit a manhole cover last year while on a charity ride and she hit the pavement face first and broke her jaw. Makes you want to be cautious. I hope things are calming down. Good for you to maintain and calm distance from the whirlwind.

Seems as if we have all been off enjoying the glorious weekend. I'm off shortly with my Honey to go start up the servers at work again and then we are going to take advantage of being vehicular and swing by the big pet store to perhaps buy The Girls a new scratching post. The one they have now is falling apart, losing its sisal rope threads and carpet bits all over the living room. Gracie announces her displeasure by transferring her scratching requirements to the couch. That is NOT allowed.

:wave: to everyone lurking or elsewhere.

08-13-2006, 01:24 PM
Oooh la la Madcat. Szo shopping like ze French going to market each day ees not fun, no? :lol: I remember when we lived in the city I would often run to the convienience store a few buildings away and pick something up for dinner that day. It was ok when you knew what you wanted but not good for sitting in the apartment looking for a snack and seeing empty cupboards. Chicago had great public transportation, if you lived in the city about the only thing you needed a car for was for grocery shopping. ;)

Mel, sorry to hear that you've had such a bad week. :hug: It sounds as if you have to part ways with the caffeine once and for all. Meant to ask you - what letter / body type are you on Michael Thurmond? I'm an A - the worst of course. I hope the weather gets cleaner and cooler so that you can get out for a bit and away from all the demands of the building.

Have a good time with your friends Holly.

Shad, I hope we don't lose you in Weipa. There's always a huge chunk missing when you're not with us. :( Besides, we want to hear all about the new digs. I liked the link on the diamonds - I knew about the canary yellows but not all the other colors. Heard of blue white but not literally blue. Hard to pick a favorite!

Ceejay, if it keeps raining like this, you'll be putting that new lawnmower to good use :lol:

Hey there Meadow, what's going on besides keeping track of the animals?

:wave: to the rest of the chicks. Big :hug: to Linus across the pond.

I'm off to get the toes repainted, grocery shopping and then some laundry and housecleaning. The temperatures dipped a bit with the rain we had, it dropped the pool temp to a bit cooler than I like it so I might have to wait a few days to go back in again unless I can make it back from the errands while the sun is full blazing on the water to keep me warm.

Enjoy your Sunday...

08-13-2006, 01:25 PM
Someone go nab Suzi, I think we left her in Scotland :yikes:

suzi in auz
08-13-2006, 08:02 PM
briefly showing my face...peepo! :welcome: to Aussie!!!!
Must fly as have to walk!
Talk later ....have super days!

08-13-2006, 11:53 PM
It’s a lot easier for me to post early in the day, but since the computer at work is in the shop that may not happen for awhile. The storm more than likely got it.

Just a brief entry and I’m going to bed.

This week exercise stats are
total calories burned 2461
total miles 45.4
total minutes 193 (missed my 200 minute goal by 7 minutes)
The next 7 days I’m trying for 300 minutes.

It’s late and I can’t afford to miss my sleep time.

mel--I so need some of your inner strength. My aunt has been preaching smaller amounts of fruit. My problem is that I love fruit.

More later. It's time to get a shower and get into bed. 5.30 a.m. come a we bit early for me.

08-14-2006, 07:10 AM
Meet the *****

Oh sorry I forgot, you already know me.

I went for a run this morning. Best thing that happened to me all day. Yes there is a gym up here so no excuses for not using it - it's free for us SPQers (Single Person Quarters).

Went to work, got inducted - haved learned ad infinitum and ad nauseum where the 27 fire extinguishers and the hose reels and the evacuation points are. I know all the safety requirements 13 times over and finally got around to thinking about the first course - which I might add is at 6.30 tomorrow morning and that all the trainers equipment logs on to citrix. That might not mean a lot to you out there, but I can tell you it has caused one big stink here and not one of the external trainers can get on. Who is training tomorrow. You guessed it. Who is first up - right again. What doesn't work. Okay - fix it tonight or I don't front in the morning. Oh you can use my logon says one of them. I very sweetly asked her what are the terms and policy of Rio Tinto regarding the use of e-mail and internet. Oh bah she said. Bullshit said I finally losing it. Did you know that I stand to be in breach of contract and may very well have to go to court if I breach the terms within my contract. But....... I'll play fair - you go beard the big man in his office in Brisbane and ask him for dispensation! Naturally enough no-one is prepared to do that. I won't give in and at 8.00pm we are still in the training room trying to sort out the resulting mess. They don't want to tell the big man because they will then have to explain why this wasn't sorted weeks back. I'm seething and everyone is moving very quietly around me. I sent the other trainers home at 7.30pm so that they could get some dinner. No point in all of us starving.
Finally one of the girls came up with a compromise which might get them out of trouble. Why not use the generic training logon? What generic training logon. This one. Shad has just imploded. I had to leave the room, I was so angry. I was about to see how fast a laptop could fly.
Anyway, the IT man and I worked on and finally came up with what seems to be a solution to the original problem. We will have to wait a couple of hours for the system to replicate. Meantime back up 2 is the training logon if our solution doesn't work. I am not backing down unless I get permission in writing from the big man. They are not going to give me that satisfaction. Something will give sooner or later.

Are well, I've annoyed you lot enough now. Thanks for listening. I'm about to go back to the SPQ - I'll try and describe it for you tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. I had better face it with a smile and a joke. Sure as ****, it ain't the participants fault. Got love the start time though. Means a 4.oo run tomorrow morning.
Today I earned my grossly overpaid fee.

08-14-2006, 10:31 AM
GOOD morning.

Having a lovely time. Guest are still sleeping. They are 13 hours ahead of us at home so they are tuckered out. Friend and DH stayed up til after 2am talking 2 nights in a row. The wife and I and the children were all in bed by 11pm.
We had DH’s folks for a turkey dinner on Saturday( she made buteretarts mmmmmm). Yesterday morning we went to the diner in town for breakfast and then toured the area. They are from a city of 8 million. We are on the outskirts of a village of 1002.Lots of wide open spaces. We had 20 for dinner and a party and a camp fire yesterday. DH’s family and 2 friends.
Today we are hitting the mall in the city( our small city) and then going up to the lake at my parents for the evening.

Enjoyed not having 5 other kids screaming thru the door about 2 hours ago!!!!!! I have been having lots of thoughts about stopping babysitting. Not sure what else I would do.
I have a hard time letting go of the commitment I have made to these families and the freindships formed by all of us. I have had most of these kids since they were infants and now they are turning 6.And then they have a younger sib now.


08-14-2006, 01:17 PM






08-14-2006, 02:34 PM
Knock, knock
Who's there?
2 Badger
2 Badger who?
"2 Badger" having such a bad day - here's a big :hug: :grouphug: for you both

Hope you get it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

From one of few remaining sane and anally well prepared, detailed oriented, cares about doing the job right, people in the world.

08-14-2006, 04:07 PM
:hat: :dancer: :flow1: :flow2: :goodvibes :encore: :cheers: :xcheer: :val2:


2 BADGER I WORK FOR AND WITH *******S! :tantrum:

suzi in auz
08-14-2006, 07:04 PM
ohhh, I'm not sure whether to run and hide. Shad....ekk what a nasty start.
it can only get better right? one would hope so.
Mel, it's great to see you back. wishing you a better Monday!
Ceejay...yaaay you on the exercise. I am off to burn this morning at the gym, first time for 1 month so i am a little hesitant but really keen to get into it again. Hopefully I will find my resolve!
Holly...I love company. glad it is all going so well. the jetlag is a killer. I am sure your home will be a reminder of the "good" things in life, they will LOVE the break from the big city
Happy, hi yep I made it, it was funny you had just posted, i think and i posted to say a quick hi but post went to other thread :dizzy:
Madcat you work with DH cool?

Meadow :hug: Hi there, kids are at school again now ?
ok must start my day.
:hug: to everyone else ! I'm going for a run on the beach with my newly aquired knees!

08-14-2006, 11:44 PM
Shad and Mel--Hope the job gets better.

Not much going on. Just popping in to say hello

More later.

08-14-2006, 11:56 PM
Shad-Better a ***** than a doormat! :encore: You are strong willed, independent and you will be obeyed:carrot: :D You keep them accountable and make the buggers come up with the right answers. I've always considered *****dom as a compliment, means you aren't suffering fools and making your thoughts heard. :kickbutt: If you were a guy they would be in awe instead of cowardly shifting the buck. You are in good company, think of Rosa Parks refusing to go to the back of the bus. :soap:

Mel-you need to find your inner bad girl too;) Start looking like you don't give a damn. Put your needs first. Xena kicking some *** :p I think you should go get a massage and don't get caught up in the petty office dramatics of those sad, negative people. :hug: Leave when it gets too much for you, you don't need to stick around when they start carrying on. If they can't be civil and treat you with respect, give yourself some space and take a trip around the block, tell them you will be back in half an hour and they better have it together by then or they are on their own completely :devil: I'm sorry you have this stress bubbling up again, please don't allow it to continue. :queen: :bubbles:

Suzi-how was the beach? did you really run? How do you feel? Nope, my kids don't start back to school till September. We are spending our days colouring, reading, swimming and taking it easy.

Ceejay-Way to go! you are really accumulating the miles :) :ebike: Is your butt sore? Sweet dreams :wizard:

Holly-buttertarts, a truly Canadian treat;) :drool: I hear you on the kids situation, my own drain me enough, I can't imagine having half a dozen extra :o

Happy-so you are going to buy a wetsuit for the days when the pool is too cool?:p :rofl: How beautiful are your toes? You should get Mel to have herself a pedicure when she books in for that massage with Sven ;) I hope work isn't keeping you late during the summer months, enjoy some barbecue and the garden before it disappears. Half way through August already!

Madcat-so is your bike due for a visit to the fixit shop this week? :bike2: I can't imagine having to take cabs and rentals but when you consider how much gas, insurance and the rest costs, maybe it is cheaper?! Gosh, you two are just newly weds, you shouldn't be bogged down cooking! Enjoy the dinners out :D :mcd:

Carla-I hope the friend coming into town made up for things. Fingers crossed you are smiling and enjoying a nice natter:D

I've a book from the library that has gone missing. I returned it but... I have no idea what happened after that. I am anticipating having to pay for it but I will state my case and who knows maybe it will turn up eventually somewhere in the system. Having a cluster of librarians looking at me, wanting money and my refusing to pay, ripping up my library card... could happen:p It is very hot here, sweating just folding the laundry. I have been making caesar salad dressing from scratch. The first two times I used oil, then I substituted 10 cherry tomatoes in the blender instead and it was good :stir: I was missing the red wine vinegar but bought some today, so back to my alchemy! I even have romaine lettuce :D I'm the only one who eats it so I can mess about as much as I like. Maybe I'll add some basil. I'm reading Judith Krantz's autobiography now, she is one wild lady ;) Rosemary Clooney's autobiography proved to be enlightening too, who knew she had so many men?! Everybody was doing it big time!

:wave: Hello everyone out there in the world :) Party with cool beverages out on the lawn! Cranraspberry juice with Fresca for everyone :cheers:

08-15-2006, 04:39 AM
Evening all,

Aaaaah a much better day today. Gotta love the maintenance people. There is nothing like a tradie to keep you earthed, on track and accountable. They are LOVELY people.

Had little interaction with the other lot today. Maybe they think I am still mad. Nah. Still don't have a logon, Still using the training generic, but it got done. Organisation is fairly lousy but there you go. Even the cleaner didn't know we were starting at 6.30 and has requested a schedule so she can work around us. How that will go down with the pyschologist and the ace trainer I don't really know. But I will do my best to accommodate the dear lady. Some of my classes didn't show up. Why - well they were either on leave, rostered off shift or were attending other training classes. Makes one wonder somewhat hey.

Right so what is Weipa like. Well it is a bit like Groote Eylandt but probably not quite as pretty and a bit more spread out - certainly bigger. The plant is like any other plant - stackers, conveyors, stock piles, dozers, big trucks, bigger trucks and BIGGEST trucks.

I will search out some scenic spots over the weekend. I don't think the others will be in any hurry to show us around anytime soon. But there you go.

Better go pick up my partners in crime for dinner. Catch up again later.

08-15-2006, 10:46 AM
We had nother nasty storm last night. L lost power at work and had to call for back up help, which means T. had to come out in the storm. Its cool but cloudy this morning.

There is not much else going on.

Hello to every one. :wave:

08-15-2006, 06:07 PM
So sad today. I had to deal with a family who lost their Auntie last night. I sent Anna to the hospital but she was just to sick too hold on till I could reach family.(Sigh)
I am getting very good at the "funeral" stuff with the relatives they leave behind. Not sure if that is a good thing:faint: but the niece said she felt much better upon leaving. (Another sigh)
I can hardly wait for all office vacations to come to an end!!! :rofl: Everyone will be back on Monday and Mel will be on the bus first thing that morning to the Mall!!!:rofl:
Willy is going on vacation and I will miss our trips to the store. Have to ride now with the other idiot!
Having a wee bit of trouble seeing the screen so I am not staying..... maybe better luck tomorrow. :sunny:
We had rain but I ate lunch up here, went out for a ride and did some office crap. But I have this new resolve and it feels GOOD! :encore: :cheer:

Meadow~ I promise it will NOT start up again like before and they all know it. I think that's part of the problem:faint: the Fresca drink sounded good. And I like the idea of the tomatoes. When you hit on the right combo print us the recipe!!! Hot am muggy here too!!! :tantrum:

Ceejay~ I think we got your storm!!! :rain: and more humidity!!! Hope you don't have any more outages. Good for you and all the exercising!!

Suzi~ did you pass Tig on the beach :running:????? :rofl:
Hope you had a good beach run i like to :beach: on the beach!!!! :lol3:

Shad~ Hang in there.....I love maintenance people too.... they tell it like it is and when they get caught they admit it:rofl: :rofl: You have many weeks to go but freedom starts on Friday for me!!! LOL:wave: MADCAT & HAPPY & NAE & CARLA & TEEL & LINUS & PW & TIG & ??????????

08-15-2006, 06:34 PM
Oh Mel,
So sorry you have to deal with these sorts of things, especially as you are not feeling too well yourself. Life and death will happen and quite frankly I would rather someone like you tell me as it is than have to deal with the Y generation as I am doing here.
Last night for example, I am told that I can not run over my allotted time in the training room - therefore I should stop inviting questions and seeking answers! I am also told that I am supposed to deliver some sort of safety message at the start of each program. :faint: Since the time schedule is already tight, I wondered allowed if I should just deliver the safety message and close the session since it is evident that no one wants anyone to learn anything anyway. Again I am in trouble.
On the flip side, the dear man from IT up here has been working day and night to try and resolve the problem of my access. Today maybe I should be able to pick up the company e-mail. Since they suffer from verbal diarhea (sp) I'm not positive I even want to try. Meantime I had a call from Mr Big in the outfit with whom I have worked in the past and he wants me to write an unbiassed report to let him know how the training is going at the end of each week. Just call me secret squirrel. My life is complete. Now I am also a spy!! :rofl: :rofl:

Happy, I loved the joke. I think it is more like 2 bager going have eight bad weeks. Although one should never presume and I might grow to like the Y generation and the cockroaches invading my space (I left some fruit in my lunch cooler bag and they got in but couldn't get at the fruit. They were running around the bag and couldn't get out). Such fun.
I don't start work today until 1.00pm so I am about to hit the shops, and the swimming pool. I woke up during the night with a rotten sinus headache - probably due to the bush fires around the place. My head today feels like a swollen balloon. A trip to the pool may just help a bit.

Meadow - thanks for the kind words. I try hard not to be a *****. I try to reason, persuade, and otherwise cajole. However the problem up here appears to be that the local trainers want to exert their power. It's one reason I don't like working with women too much. Certainly the 20-30 somethings. Give me a good old sparky anytime. You can have a bit of fun, swear a bit, tread on each others toes, yell a lot, curse and other call them a twit/ idiot/ nutcase/ and other things too numerous to mention. They don't turn a hair (if they have any) they just give it straight back.

Okay, better get off here. I'm going to the shop to get panadol that I forgot last night (and paid the consequences with a bad nights sleep) and see if I can find some more cotton shirts and trousers. The jeans and shirts I have are so heavy and hot.

No pictures yet - still have to see something worth photographing.

08-15-2006, 08:29 PM


08-15-2006, 11:59 PM
It was delightful!!! A holiday for us too.Dear friends went off to Toronto this morning to fly to LA and spend a week there and at Disney Land.It was a teary good bye. His wife and DD are beyond beautiful.

Feeling a little down about my life in general. Looking for the balance. It was hard seeing my life as a wife and mother and working woman thru someone( from another country and culture) elses eyes. there are some universal similarities in parenting and wifehood and children play so well regardless of language but there were comments made about how hard I work and unappreciated I am, a sadness for me on her part.

One step was to ask these families I sit for for more support and care with how they treat me and what is expected of their children...done.Sent a letter home today with clear expectations ...everything. That helps already.
Need to do the same with hubby,clear expectations, express my feelings, but he gets so defensive or depressed, so either blames me for all his problems or sinks into a dark place and shuts us all out.
Been having good dialogue with both kids about it lately. Had a sit down and chat with all 3 about my work, income, what they want etc.The kids still really want me to be at home. That is my dream too. I want more support from all of them. Ds has been better at helping but still really is handful emotionally and then usually acts out physically.

Hubby was in a better mood tonight.less tired out. He is at least talking a bit.He was probably sad to see his best friend leave but wont talk and then is snappy with me. Not reading his mind quite well enough i guess.

Clyde my older kitty, has still not been well and is thinner than ever but hanging on, snuck out the door 2 nights ago and has not come back. Both kids cried themselves to sleep tonight because we think he went away to die.

A good nights sleep will help with a fresh start tomorrow.
I sound gloomier than I am . I had such a wonderful weekend and good chats with friends and family.
I cant wait to see all my pics to relive it all.


suzi in auz
08-16-2006, 02:30 AM
Hello eveyone, a little peace in the eye of the storm. It has been one of THOSE weeks. :dizzy:

The week started with DS13 having an outer ear infection, we have yet to find ut what it is as I know when I go to the Drs I will have to wait for results for ages, even tho they are just blood tests. Oh well it must be done so he can have his meds.
DS13 ...same one came in yesterday after playing looking very green. He said he thought he pulled something when he was playing football in the back yard. A friend tackled him. I didn't like the look of him or his shoulder so it was off to A & E. After an xray and a very long wait he has a clear break in his clavical bone! It's nasty but should heal relatively quickly, it means no surfing for a while and wearing a sling. :stars:
Poor thing, he was very unwell into the evening, and in alot of pain. i hate it when they are sad.
I am hoping his day went well. I kept thinking that I hope no one hurt him today...i know how 13 year olds can be when they can't see an injury...little buggers.
It might be an interesting night tonight, DD also has speech contest tomorrow and she can be rather dramatic when these sorts of things are coming up...i will prepare.
ok I have about 10 mins

Mel, I am so sorry to hear that you had a sad day. i agree with shad, If someone was to give me that sort of news I would like to hear it from you too. Wow, it makes you realise that this could be my parents one day. i can't imagine it.

Holly, I understand your melancholy, it's a hard balance to reach. I think you do so well. Sometimes having people around really helps us to see ourselves in a differnt light. I love company. It's so special that you had such a cherished time. What a great idea presenting your "rules" to the parents. If the guidelines are there in B & W it is easier for everyone. Same with DH too. Nice for hubby to ahve his friend for a bit...I will hope for some time for you and him soon.

Shad....( or should I say nancy drew!):mag: woohoo a super snoop. what a great prospect. It sounds as tho the plan needs a good critic and you are just the one to do it. It's so frustrated when it is obvious people have been "told" they have to learn something new for training and then they fight it tooth and nail, restrictions on your time don't make it easy. Crossed fingers that things will improve!

Meadow i giggled when i read your post. i wish I was running and on the beach. i did walk fast but just on the treadmill at the gym and the eliptical trainer got a session can only dream about the running. I used to but my knees are seriously buggered now and I can't. Everytime I try I suffer for it.

:hug: everyone, I'm off to make afternoon tea :coffee:

08-16-2006, 09:03 AM
Woke up happy but life gets in the way. Very sad about Clyde. He was so old and very sick. Wish I could have said goodbye. Clyde( my 17 year old cat wioth kidney disease) snuck out the door a few nights ago and has not come back. We think he went away to die.

Had an email from a parent about my letter home, supportive but a comment was made about how differently we parent our children.It was a shock. We have quite similar practises as far as I have known.

Other parents will be here is a few minutes.

If nothing else it stirred up the pot. If things change because of it at least I will have a more clear idea of my own path.

Saw hubby for a few minutes this morning. He taslked about Clyde.He gets snarky but I kow he is very upset. I try to be compassionate but it stirs up a gut reaction.Like I want to kick him.
Wouldn’t kind words and tone be easier.

Time for a coffee.

Good Morning and HUGS!!!!

08-16-2006, 09:32 AM
Good morning ladies, just a quick check in for me - yesterday and today constitute a fast trot on the old "hamster wheel" of life.

Sorry to hear that things are so hectic for many of you. I think we all need to meet for a nice cup of fragrant tea and a gentle massage - don't you? ;)

08-16-2006, 11:48 AM
Hi all ~ I just want to drop in for a quick "hello". Hamster wheel is about right, Happy, but they keep moving the darn cheese (and I wouldn't be allowed to eat it even if I did get it) :lol:

Hopefully I'll be back this evening to read and comment. :hug: to all.

suzi in auz
08-16-2006, 07:08 PM
:D HI all...quick peek
Having a day with DStoday just for healing sake and sorting out the correct sling etc. Also trip to Dr to check ear infection results.

Holly...was just reading your comment. your "parenting" practices, are different...frankly when you are looking after someone elses children the rules and guidelines need to be pretty clear and the most important thing is keeping everyone safe! I am sure that if you didn't do something like this you would certainly hear about it. When our kids go to day care we have clear instructions on what is expected of them. I guess it's expected when these people are "friends" for the rules to be different.
I say good on you! You need your business to run correctly and to think of everyone. When a letter such as you have written is received I guess it's easier to point the finger at you rather than take ownership and look at what they need to do...hmmm.
I am so sorry to hear about your cat. I hope you can find him somewhere...such a shame :hug:
Hi Madcat...peddle hard! I'm still looking for the cheese!:D
Hi Happy ..peddle too....

Off to do housework! Yuck!

suzi in auz
08-16-2006, 11:54 PM
been to Drs .... they cleaned out DS13 ear, found perforated ear drum behind the muck, hope this heals as might mean an operation if it doesn't. He is on two different meds for outer and inner infection. Also still very sore shoulder...I feel for him today. He is still my 'little" man!

08-17-2006, 12:15 AM

Only five more days until the project goes live.....

Meanwhile, this is the team shirt selected by my dear technical team. They are brilliant. Unappreciated. Cussed at. But brilliant.

08-17-2006, 01:57 AM
oh Tig, that's HYSTERICAL :rofl: :lol3: :lol: :rofl: :lol3: :lol: :rofl: :lol3: :lol::rofl: :lol3: :lol: :rofl: :lol3: :lol::rofl: :lol3: :lol: :rofl: :lol3: :lol:

I knew there was a reason I bought that Learn SQL in 10 Minutes book. :D

08-17-2006, 01:59 AM
oh Suzi - poor little DS :hug:

08-17-2006, 06:09 AM
Evening all,
Short note from me again unfortunately. Was a good day today. Sent several planners speechless with the hints, tips and tricks I dish out at the end of the day. One had his head in his hands uttering profanities thick and fast. Why, why, why don't they take the time to teach people the basics before they start teaching them the complicated stuff - which would not be so complicated if they just knew the basics. :yikes: :yikes: Another 6.30 start tomorrow so bed calls. Gotta go.

Love you all, even if I don't really understand Tigs tee shirt.

08-17-2006, 09:12 AM
I am awake. That is a good sign.Better than the alternative, as my Grandma says, which is not waking up at all. Ready for a new day.

Hubby and i talked last night again.We had several convos yesterday. I am extrememly unhappy with the way he treats me/speaks to me. i have tried to
reach him and express it for months in a gentle way. I have reached the end of my rope and told him yesterday I was not willing to live the next 40 years this way.It is really about a general lack of being civilised and kindness. Any human being deserves it. And frankly I am wife. One would think he could muster up enough energy to speak to me in as kind voice or way. Belching in my face as a greeting or grunting at me over the TV is just not okay!!
We have actually been getting along okay and have been parenting well together. This has been present and I chose to ignore it most of the time. It is immature and childish and I am done.
I feel like we connected and he listened. He did not get angry which is unusual and I am thankful. His coping and communication skills are very poor.
He did make very general statemants, and always does, like, everyone is busy doing things, it is all about how you cope. um.....I am not everyone.I am me. I do cope quite well with what has been handled to me in life . Wanting a kind supportive husband is not an inability on my part to handle my life. He offered to take over household bills etc. I said no, I just want you to be kind and gracious and sometimes say thank you. Look at me when I speak and you talk to me.

We got a lovely email from our overseas friends thanking us for the how special their visit was. I asked hubby if he realized the things they were thanking us for were the details that I worked at and provided to make their visit special and that I gave weeks of time time a care to this. He grunted. I got tears in my my eyes. He just doesn’t see what I do. His life is easy and blessed, mostly because I am here doing what i do with thoughtfulness and care. Everything he could and does want in life is right at his fingertips. I am happy and friendly, rarely grumpy. I joyfully face each day.I hate being invisible to my family.
Hopefully this is the beginning of a shift for us.
Had a coffee and took a shower. I look like I have aged 15 years. All the Avon face cream in the world wont help this face. Very puffy from crying. Still grieving Clyde. going to bed was hard. He has slept on my pillow with his paws on my cheek every night for over 17 years.I wake to him tapping my nose because he is hungry.The last thing I do every night before bed is feed him.

7 kids today. 2 were on time we will see abou the other 3. So far 1 is late. Hard to believe it is Thurs already.
Had a talk yesterday with a vendor from the market.We are going to stop going. The Townhall is not supporting it and us. It has become a waste of time lately. I have been very committed to it but it is dwindling.

Time for breaky.

08-17-2006, 02:07 PM
Clyde is home.......for now.

My heart cant take much more trauma.

DS found Clyde outside...alive. He is not well at all.I have talked to the vet. Clyde is home and we can hold him and say goodbye. Hubby is off work tomorrow. I will take Clyde to the vet and have him put to sleep at 8 am.

Kids fed lunch, 2 gone home, a friend dropped in has now left and another friend and her 2 DD’s will arrive shortly, 2 avon orders packed.


08-17-2006, 11:20 PM
Holly, I'm so sorry to hear that Clyde is going to the great cathouse in the sky tomorrow. But I am very relieved for you that your DS found him. This way you can say a proper goodbye. I remember when I first started visiting the thread, and you were worried then about Clyde, so at least you've had that time together. These endings are so hard for people as kind and caring as you. Just try to remember the joy you and Clyde gave each other, and see tomorrow's farewell as one last chance for you to show Clyde compassion. :hug:
As for your DH, some times I think they're all a little limited: mine also grunted and belched etc, which really bothered me. There are worse things, believe me, not that I excuse his egregious behaviour. Some day we should have a good chat on the phone - I have a feeling we'd end up having a laugh and feeling better about our respective lots in life. From your posts I can tell you're a smart woman with a lot of good ideas for supporting the family. Maybe DH feels threatened by how much better you are at sorting things out? (Speaking from bitter experience...)
Gotta go, hello to the other friends. :wave:

08-17-2006, 11:21 PM
By the way, I don't understand Tig's t-shirt either.

08-17-2006, 11:33 PM
DH picked up some sort of stomach flu problem and was off work for a couple of days and then I got it in a milder form… so haven't been feeling great all week. I've managed to still carry on – going to the gym, making it to work, but I do it without any enthusiasm this week. I just feel tired and crampy and out of sorts. Blah. I need a weekend and some time to sleep… but this is a "run-around" weekend so I'm not sure that will happen.

Ok, enough whining.

Holly~ I am so sorry about Clyde. At least you get to say good-bye. Sometimes all we can do for the pets we love is see them softly off :hug: Poor dear. And on top of everything else that you have to deal with must be a complete straw & camel. Sorry you are having this happen – especially after such a nice visit. Hold onto the good thoughts..

Shad~ Sorry about your work troubles. Do you feel like the only sane person in a room full of crazed squirrels. Why does this happen all the time? Either they throw people into the deep end and expect them to swim or they spoon feed them useless information until they stop listening from complete boredom. Sorry you are trapped in a particularly bad example of this. Hang in there!! We should reclaim the word ***** as a positive thing to be.

Tig~ THAT IS PERFECT!!! I want one! My DH wants one!! I have printed out a picture of the shirt and hung it in my cubicle. I want a t-shirt that reads "RTFM". :lol:

Suzi~ Your poor wee DS. I hope he isn't in too much pain. And Dh and I don't actually work together – I just tagged along with him since he had to work on a weekend (which really is our time). We do sort of work in the same industry at least – he's tech support and I'm a tech writer. He does stuff and I just write about it :lol: I thought your comments to Holly were very smart.

Happy~ Hope you aren't too busy to take some time for yourself. Keep runnin'. And Chicago and Toronto are often compared. We have great transit here too and I agree that really its only shopping that is easier with a car… that and visting my Mom who lives out of town… and DH's parents in the 'burbs (where the transit really sucks).

Mel~ Thank you for the link to the site. Fast food ideas are always appreciated. I would cook more if someone just told me what to make. Sorry to hear of the grief counseling you have been doing. It is so sad for the family and it must be comforting to have you there to help them. Don't hold onto the sadness any more than you have to.

Meadow ~ I completely agree with your comment to Shad about *****iness. Well said! Watch those librarians though – they are a dangerous lot when riled. ;) Let us know how the alchemy turns out. I love caesars and it never occurred to me to try to make dressing from scratch. Cherry tomatoes? What a concept.

:wave: to all other chicks – Lurkers, come and play with us.

08-17-2006, 11:42 PM
Carla you snuck in while I was typing! :wave:

Tig's shirt is an SQL statement that could be used to query data from a database. It essentially reads (roughly translated from the geek), "From all the users in the database, show me a list of users who actually have a clue (clue is greater than zero). And the query returns no items (rows) that meet that criteria, i.e no users have a clue".

Hey programmer types, was that about right?

08-18-2006, 01:24 AM
Hey programmer types, was that about right?

:yes: Right On Madcat!

08-18-2006, 01:29 AM
:yes: Right On Madcat!

In other words - from all the people who use computers that call us for support (users), show me all the ones who have a clue - no rows returned means that in this big wide, world of computer users - no one has a clue. Some days it truly feels that way. :dizzy:

08-18-2006, 01:47 AM
Maybe you have to be a computer geek... I don't even get the explanation. (But maybe I now know who to call on for help with the bits of newsletter layout Word for Dummies isn't helping with...) I've been giving myself a trial and error crash course in layout, since the condo resident who usually does it (expertly) left our newsletter group in the lurch. I'm a techno peasant, but very stubborn... so far so good. Except how to put the little numbers in the upper left hand corner of the cells for the crossword I so laboriously constructed... I think they're going in by hand.

08-18-2006, 02:08 AM
Good heavens, I've quoted my own post. See what I mean about not having a clue :dunno: :lol:

Sorry to hear about Clyde Holly. Sounds like it's time, no matter how difficult it is to let go. As the others said, at least you can hold him as he sleeps.

Madcat, I give you credit for still going to the gym even if it was more oof-dah than oompa. It still counts as a victory when you push yourself and don't give in to the couch monster. Hope you and TBH are feeling better by the weekend which is um in 30 minutes.

Shad, I'm glad to hear that you had a better day. It must be very frustrating for you - I'm sure by now you have it down to a science what you need and you know how you have to hit the ground running - you ask and they STILL dawdle around. And leave it up to you to work the miracles. I was supposed to attend training myself shortly but they keep delaying the rollout. I will be curious as you say - do they teach you the basics or just toss you into the middle of the pond and those who swim fast and don't drown get to keep their jobs???? Are you going to be spending weekends up there? Hope you aren't going to burn yourself out on the 80 / 90 / 100 hour weeks again. We're getting too old for this, remember?

Mel, I signed up for the free starter issue of the Rachel Ray magazine too. She's so bubbly and down to earth. Hey... when I get old and decrepit, I sure do wish I have you living in my building or nearby to take care of things. Not so sure I could do Jersey tho, you might have to come down here or we can meet in the middle somewhere. Hope your week is going better - is it winding down or winding up to the weekend?

Ceejay, I saw your journal and I can so relate to what you were talking about. All that meal planning and weighing and measuring gets tiring very quickly. And your schedule sounds like mine. I give you lots of credit for coming home and sticking with the bike so late - if I don't do it within 20 minutes of getting home after work, it doesn't happen.

Meadow - funny you should say that but I was thinking about a wet suit today. :lol: How did the confrontation with the librarians go? Did they pin you into a corner with the rolling book carts and flog you with those little cards they use to stamp the due date? :yikes: Please share the caesar dressing recipe - I love to make my own dressings.

Maybe once a week we should randomly post a "what did you eat today?" to give each other some menu ideas.

I had to go to the hospital for an ultrasound this morning. Seems my liver enzymes are off according to my blood test. Since I don't drink alchohol in any quantities (2 glasses a wine a month don't count) or use Tylenol, they wanted a full abdominal scan. Couldn't eat or drink anything after 8pm last night. Boy they are right about you being tired when you're dehydrated. I could not work off the sleepies this morning. Not to mention I am not good without my coffee. I got the test done and my doctor wanted more blood work ups. Since I was out and about, I stopped at the office. I was wondering, will they be able to draw blood if I'm dehydrated? I should have known better. Prick one arm, just a bit comes out - not near enough for a test. Prick other arm - vein jumps away from the needle. So she tries to jab the top of my hand. She says this will hurt more than the inner arm. oowwww no shat Jackson :eek: Still not enough for the tests. I say, um MAYBE I'll go drink more water and come back when I'm not dehydrated. (Though I did guzzle a huge bottle of water right after the ultrasound). She says we hate to have you come back again (I think it's a black mark on them or they wouldn't be able to charge me twice or something like that). So she tries the top of my other hand - ouchie kabowcheee. It's as much fun as getting a hot hornet sting. Twice. She is making grunting noises and I am praying to Jesus that blood will flow from my veins and end this torture. Once again God looks after me. After what seemed like minutes, she proudly shows me a large vial - mission accomplished. Thank you. I walk out with bandaids and cotton balls all over my arms and hands. I wish I could go to work like this but 1) I can't drive like this and 2) it wouldn't matter and I would be expected to work anyway - just no bleeding on the keyboard. Isn't it funny - she can't get enough of a draw to fill the vial, yet the hole she punched in me won't stop dribbling. I should stop. Don't mean to be making anyone squeemish here. Sorry.

Came home to get my laptop and decided to make a protein smoothie instead of coffee. I put too much ice in the blender and it mushed up. Open top, stir, turn on blender and the sucker made a big air bubble that popped and burped smoothie all over the walls, stove, counter and of course floor. It was a darn good smoothie too. I hope the floor and counter liked it as much as I enjoyed the 2 spoonfuls that stayed in the blender. You just had to laugh.

Time to hit the sack. Friday at last. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

08-18-2006, 02:14 AM
Hi Carla.

I've very good with both Word and newletters - tedious buggers that they are - but I can't think of a quick fix for inserting the numbers into the crossword other than using a table and superscript - my advice is to do it by hand and save yourself a headache or two :lol: Sometimes the best intentions will take you hours into the night and you wind up wondering - was THIS worth it? :dunno:

suzi in auz
08-18-2006, 02:47 AM
Happy waving madly I see you there and I am giggling, I don't know if I should be. i just read your thread to my friend we were in fits. i can just imagine it. :lol:
I am so sorry to hear of your liver troubles. Funny how the body is...we think everything is running along smoothly and then something like this hits us from out of the blue. It might be a good idea to go and see a natropath and get them to do a check for you...can be helpful and they often come up with different ideas to the dr

Shad...glad to hear the course has been better, it must be so frustrating to be teaching students who have no clue. :carrot: the weekend is here now and hopefully you can relax a little

I am so glad that someone else didn't have a clue about the T-shirt. I was going to pretend but honestly had no clue! I love the black and white, it is a real "inhouse" joke. Thank you for the explanation MD :) I feel so much more enlighted now...i think:dizzy:

Holly, it sounds as though you are really doing it tough emotionally, hang in there. You are so expressive with your writing, I know writing it all down and seeing it in black and white helps to clarify somewhat. Some men really are as far away from Venus as they could get let alone Mars.
Having your friends there would be such a special time and has certainly helped you to see what it is you have every reason to be appreciated. I don't know if hubby can see it. You have done your best to help him try. hmm...there is so much a woule love to chat to you about. I wish we could do cofffee. Sometimes the space here is so limiting. Just know that you are very much on my mind and in my prayers. :hug: I am so glad that you found Clyde and were able to give him a goodbye cuddle.

Ok i really must blow this popsicle stand!

I will check later hi to the rest of the chickies :hug:

08-18-2006, 09:38 AM
Ok i really must blow this popsicle stand!

Wildly waving back at you Suzi (it does count for exercise if you jump up and down while you're waving :carrot: )

I laughed at the "popsicle stand" -- haven't heard that in a while. See, we are very alike no matter where we come from.

Big :hug: to you and Clyde Holly. It will be a difficult day. :cry:

Best get rolling, the sooner I get on with the day, the sooner I can come home and start my weekend...

08-18-2006, 09:49 AM
Thankyou so much for your thoughts and prayers. I am feeling a fraud right now. We are waiting a bit to take Clyde to the vet. He came around last night and hubby wasn't okay with letting him go right now. A Dear friend sent a PM about knowing when the time is right. I have to honour hubby's wishes right now. The time is close.

Our vacuum was plugged up for several days. Yesterday the kids had the gerbil cage open playing with the gerbil and there were shavings all over. Hubby asked why i hadn't vacuumed it up yet. I said the vacuumed is plugged and hadn't gotten to it. He jokingly said , what you haven't fixed that YET! I snapped back with sarcasm. I guess I was too busy entertaining your friends, caring for our cat and rasing your children.Unusual for me. He was deeply hurt. Why cant he simply offer to help unplug the vacuum. Which is what he did. We at least are talking. We had a good talk last night and again this morning. He changes the subject. Starts talking aobut his car and I change it back. Progress anyhow.

His comment (rationalization) is that he gives little to the marriage and takes little. My response was he needs to try and give all to the marriage and reap all from the marriage.

A good morning so far. I slept hard last night. I fell asleep while DD was still singing to herself in bed.
I am feeling pretty run down but better.

I need a plan and focus today. I have Avon to pack and brochures to prep.

Enormous hugs!

08-18-2006, 10:19 AM
I am late for work. Last day. Will catch up over the weekend!! :hug: to all of you!!!:hug:

08-18-2006, 11:57 AM
I’m cleaning house this morning. The kitchen is almost clean. I’ll still need to clean the bathroom and straighten the living room.

I also need to weed eat. I’ll tell my neighbor that since her son has started back to school that I’ll be doing the yard. In my honest opinion he’s going to be busy with school activities. He’s on the football team and that will take up most of his time.

My uncles plans are for me to go to Paragould today.

My check arrived at 8.30 a.m. T said the crew was in the area pouring concrete. If they would bring it this time of the day I’d be a happy camper, but please no 7.30 a.m.

I’ m getting on the bike for another 20 minute ride.

Yesterday's visit at the gyn was good, except for the poke and probe. The results of the pap smear will be here in a couple of weeks. I asked the gyn if he would start checking my thyroid. He said he would. He's scheduling my visits evey 6 months. Ugh. He can treat the IBS also.

I can't stay here long I have a long list of things to do before I go to Paragould this afternoon.

08-18-2006, 10:56 PM
:rofl: happy, you had me in stitches with tears rolling down my face!!! QUOTING YOURSELF!!! :rofl:

The t-shirt essentially is saying Give me a list of all Users with a Clue and the Answer is Zero. OR to say it another way, Users are Clueless. All very Polite and Obscure in Techie Talk. Madcat, & Mr Madcat ~ you can be on our team if you are that irreverent! We found a bunch of tshirts on that we are coveting. We spent the first half of our team meeting this week reviewing tshirts. It was a good team building. If we get any team bonus at all on this project we know what we're going to spend it on.

happy, did you have a blood transfusion before 1998, or something like that, per chance? Just wondering.

This is Go Live weekend for the project. So far, only 4 glitches and we fixed them right away. No Biggies. :sumo: So Far, So Good.

08-19-2006, 08:48 AM
I can not believe how bad my ragweed allergy is this year. With full meds I have like normal symptoms. Without meds my nose literally drips, my eyes run like tears...constantly.

Thankful for meds and 1/2 symptoms.

I have lost 6 lbs since the beginning of July.

Clyde is comfortable for the mo. He is eating about a tbsp of food twice a day. He sleeps a lot.
The vet said that all the "symtoms" of what is happening indicates it is time. Hubby is coming around to it. We had a good talk about it yesterday.

My boys got to go into the pits at the race track yesterday and came home with many autographs and pics of cars and drivers. Very exciting for DS.

I have the last farmers market at 9.

Hi Ceejay!!! Hi Tig!!

What's everyone up to??

08-19-2006, 12:01 PM
Hello everyone, hope all is well. It is a sunny warm morning here even though the change is already in the air for fall approaching. So glad we have such smart computer chicks around the world...... we always have a good resource for the computerless minds that try to bungle our way around the simple stuff....Good Luck with the project Tig... let us know how it goes.... Shad I hope your job improves and it isn't a long painful experience for you til you get home.
MEl, I looked at the material again you sent to me and it is very interesting.... I also have another book and body types and rereading some of that information. I need to stay focused now I am off that good high of loss and the work in the trenches has to be done to continue.

I got my scooter running again on thursday and last night the pups and I went on a long ride. I got the speed up to about 50mph and that was something. I do enjoy the ride and I promise to be careful ladies.... there just isn;t much between the ground and myself on that little thing. Oh I feel so cool the motorcycle people are giving me that low little wave they do to each other.... LOL!

The funeral for the lost firefighter who died in the helicopter crash is this weekend. My son who flys everyday in a helicopter phoned after he heard about the accident just crying and sharing his pain. It was so sad and he is at the same rish they are everyday.... not much I can do but to pray for his safety.

Went to check out my new private care job last week and it will be ok. I am only on call at this time but they are so glad to have a back up. The patient is only a year out from his accident and seems to be doing better as of late.

I hope all is well for each of you and we have a great and kind place here to share with each other and I enjoy all the posts and learning about the things in your lives that are your joys and concerns.... Take good care all.

08-19-2006, 12:02 PM
The Senior BBQ is Thursday. Like I really want to see ALL of them on ONE place for an entire day!!! :faint: When they have parties....I try to get as far away from them as possible. Let them have fun all day and I bask in the silence of a solo ride or my lovely silent apartment!!!:carrot:
Work is over and I am happy. Bills getting paid.:p
One debt was finalized last month. :carrot:
I had no $$ leftover for a haircut so I washed my hair, pulled it into a ponytail, twisted it and cut it off. I now have an old-fashioned "Mel Shag". The office thought I had gotten my new "do" down the street at the beauty salon one city over. :lol3:
Not perfect but then none of my cuts have been and I had to PAY FOR THEM!! :rofl:
Face the same. Eyes the same. Shoulder the same. Beginning to think this is the norm!! :dizzy:
Tired out and taking a much deserved rest. :beach:

Holly~ so sorry to hear about Clyde and the injustices of life in todo. :hug:

Ceejay~ "weed eat" ????? a new diet????:rofl: Paragould? Hope you said hello to the Aunt and Uncle!!! :wave:

Suzi~ sorry about the DS!!! Poor kid:hug: Been one helluva week for both of you!!

Carla~ I barely understood the explanation of the t-shirt! for a moment there! :rofl: :rofl: Computer stupid here! :lol3:

Happy~This little hamster is OFF the wheel of life for the weekend!!! :rofl: Sorry about the blood test gone awry and good luck. Keep us posted!!! The smoothie story cracked me up. Like when I took the top off my frappuccino bottle and THEN decided to shake it :o :dizzy: :mad: Don't worry about time for Senior living....have wheels will travel is my new motto. I can't do Jersey either:rofl:

Madcat~ hope you and the Hubby feel much better by now. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: good thing you started the t-shirt interpretation!!! I was clueless in Jersey!! :lol3: :lol3: all I could think of was when I was on the phone with Dell for 2 days reprogramming my PC after the crash!!! :rofl: :rofl: What they must have thought!!! :lol3:

Tig~ We both had a good laugh at the t-shirt once we got the translation!! :rofl: Hope the project goes well and you all can be happy and proud of it's first days of "life":bb:

Shad~ I truly hope the rest of the weeks ther go better and if not then just count the $$$$$$$$ :lol3:
Have you considered taking up knitting in your spare time when no one knows what to do????? LOL
Sending more :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

08-19-2006, 12:10 PM
Nae~ while I read 3 pages and posted, you snuck in here!!! I am so sorry to hear about the firefighter. I've had no time for TV. Glad the son shared his grief with you and found comfort. :hug: for you both.
good to hear about the scooter!! Go Nae Go!!! :scooter:
Good idea to keep reading any kind of material. It keeps the motivation right in front of you!! when I don't read articles is when I eat the junk or fats!!! Good luck.

PS: Happy~ did I tell you that I am a type "C" body?? No red meat and little potatoes?? My two favorites!!! My brain does not function well on just poultry!!! :dizzy:

08-19-2006, 01:23 PM
Hi chicks,
It's going to be another hot weekend. That's good, I thought it was supposed to cool off and now I get 2 more days in the pool WITH the sun - by the time I get home from work during the week, the pool is shaded so I only get to feel the warmth of the sun on the weekend.

It's going to be a weekend of laundry and housework. Have to finish my book for bookclub on Tuesday evening. It's a very interesting book - One Thousand White Women - the Journals of May Dodd. It's a fictional story about the Cheyenne Indians who proposed that the men of the tribe should take white brides and "breed" some civilization into the tribe thus promoting more peace between the red man and the white man. It takes place in 1875 where the main character - May Dodd was put in a lunatic asylum by her family due to her promiscuous behavior - her family was quite wealthy and she shamed them by living out of wedlock with a man and having 2 children with him. She volunteered for the brides for Indians program to escape the asylum. She's a fiesty woman and I like stories of fiesty women - think Steven King's Dolores Clairborne. Anyway it's a good read - I'm enjoying it compared to some of the more dry books the club has picked in the past. I started to read last night before bed and before I know it, I woke up 2 hours later, sprawled all over the couch. Guess reading is like a knock out drug for me. :lol:

I got my second Push DVD in the mail yesterday. Decided to give it one more try using a different trainer.

Mel, no you didn't say you were a type C. I can eat red meat, tho I eat far more fish, poultry and pork. I'm not supposed to eat potatoes either but I love them. I guess if you look at it, the foods we're not supposed to eat are the very ones that got us in this predicament. Who was it that said - you won't get fat eating broccoli??? You know Mel, TUNA is rumoured to be the best brain food - and that ain't red meat unless you're downing Ahi - Yellowfin tuna - which is not called the "steak of the sea" for nothing. DH will show you how to cook it as I will stick with tuna in the can, thank you very much. (Hmmm - not, nothing - double negative. I believe I have violated some sort of grammatical rule, eh? Shad????)

I dread seeing the regular doctor if she calls next week to make an appointment based on the blood tests. I will get a stern lecture no doubt for not losing any weight since January. I did try her diet, it is reasonable. It's just that you have to weigh and measure and mark down EVERYTHING and that gets difficult to keep up with all the time. Fall off the wagon once and soon you're all hosed up again. I think the only way to succeed is to pick about 100 foods (which really isn't that much) and keep eating the same things over and over and over so it's easier to track. But as I re-read this, it does sound like a cheap and cheesy excuse, doesn't it?

My new favorite snack is frozen grapes. Just take some yummy red grapes, wash thoroughly and stick in the freezer. No matter how long you have them in there, they don't freeze rock solid - more like the texture of a popsicle and they taste like a frozen fruit bar but without all the added chemicals and sugar. Some people wet the grapes, roll them in sugar and freeze them but I'd rather go with just plain sweet grapes au natural.

Got some peaches and raspberries that are about to become a peach melba smoothie in a few minutes - this time I WILL leave the cover on all the way. Got a good laugh Mel at you shaking your bottle sans the cover :rofl:

ok, off I go to do good in the world and fight the forces of evil (ie. squirrels that are chewing up the plastic bins in the yard that we keep the birdseed in). Have a nice weekend peeps.

08-19-2006, 07:03 PM
Ok....what Did I Eat Today:
Broiled Chicken Breast Marinaded In Lee & Perins Sauce For Chicken. (like A White Wine Worcestershire)sp

Steamed Wild Rice

Steamed Green Beans

Iceberg Salad W/red Wine Dressing

Happy~ When Tuna Steaks Go On Sale, I Marinade Them In Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Honey, Rosemary, Dry Mustard, Ginger Soy Sauce For About 1/2-1 Hr Then Broil In My Convection Oven. They Taste Just Like Steak!!!! But The Next Day They Taste Like Fish!!!!!!! Pu!!!! Now I Only Make Enough For One Night And Not 2!!!! Lol Enjoy The Book And The Grapes!!!!

08-19-2006, 07:15 PM
Morning all,

Sunday, I am having a dy off and came down for breakfast and then decided to check the mail. Lo and behold, today it worked. Yesterday I could e-mail but not post on sites.

Holly - I am sorry to hear about Clyde, however you knew it was coming and the sooner it happens, the sooner Clyde is free from pain and his soul free to soar. As hard as it may be for hubby to come to terms with, the feelings of the sick and injured should take precedence at this time. Ask the DH if he would want to put up with the same level of pain and sickness! If the answer is no, then the time has come to say goodbye. It is the least we can do for them. Such a pity we are not allowed to legally do it for the sickness and terminally ill of our own kind. Clyde is around 120 years of age in our format. He has done enough.

I've never learned sql therefore the tee shirt meant nothing to me either. However now I know the meaning the humour is there. I deal daily with the clueless. Everyone should be issued with the same shirt up here.

I've read through the journals, but the system is way too fragile to go back through the pages here and comment on all. It's good to hear from Tig and Rose. Good going on the scooter Rose. You'll be a member of the Ulysses Club soon. I can see you there all natty in your leathers and patches.

I'm off to go swimming shortly. This afternoon we are going to a Pilates class. Tomorrow it's back to work and back to sorting out how to keep the interest of the masses while drumming information that they don't want or need into them. I'm now resorting to using SAP as the bribe. Yep that's right Tig SAP as a bribe. Never thought you would see the day hey?
What I am going to do is to get them into SAP which they are beginning to realise is not the ogre they thought. Get them the Business process for the particular transaction and then give them a hint, tip or trick to make life a little easier. New slide, new process, new hint. On and On and On. One of them tells me to cut the crap and just show them how to use it. Ha Ha Ha.

Nice weather up here although the locals are complaining it is somewhat cool in the mornings. :rofl: You can get sunburnt by 9.00am up here.

The beaches are lovely, the sunsets are a joy to behold. If nothing else, you should get to see some shots of sunsets after I get home. Haven't seen any crocs, though I am told that there are some at a beach further down the road. The car I am driving can not go on most of the roads, so we are sort of cast here in town. Not being part of the club, we don't get invites often from the locals, and are not always able to accept when we do because of work commitments. Somehow, we will get out of town and look into the wilderness soon.

Last night we went for a walk down the beach. There were no crocodiles around and plenty of people and dogs. Obviously the locals know where and when to walk there. Went shopping yesterday and brought some more shorts since I didn't bring enough casual clothes with me. Silly me - bad packing 10 tee shirts and one pair of capris and one pair of cargo shorts.

Just met a bloke from the next computer who is going to give me a card for a helicopter company so we might get a sightseeing flight sometime soon. Might be better than a boat for seeing things. Ask and ye shall receive!!!!!

Anyway I better go get organised for the day and see what else gives.

08-20-2006, 08:48 AM
Shad~ sounds like you are settling in nicely and haven't bludgeoned anyone as yet!! Good for you :cheer:
Take a weapon with you to the beach!!! Be careful. In the States it WAS the LOCALS who got carted off as dinner!!!:tantrum: Good luck with the SAP bribe!

Sunday and sunny once again. Maybe I'll get a ride in today. Weather wasn't great yesterday. Nothing new to report so I won't ramble.
Happy Day Everyone! :moped:

08-20-2006, 09:05 AM
Good Sunday morning. Just doing a quick read before I hit the showers. I've driving to visit my Mom. She lives about an hour and half north of here. I'm also picking up my sister on the way - so we'll have a nice chick time hopefully.

Shad~ If you get a chance to go helicoptering, go for it!

Mel~ I'm a Type B. Thanks for the link to that site.

Ok, I have no more time and I have to run. The road awaits!

08-20-2006, 10:36 AM
I missed the link to body types. Curious.
Thank you Shad you words make so much sense and what I have been telling DH.Even printed out an article written by a vet.
Sounds like a lovey time for you along side the work.

HUGS all!!!

A good night sleep for me. We all seem rested. I need to form a plan for the day.

Todo( need to figure out an order)

Grandma perm( city)
deliver Avon( city)
business depot( city)
pet store(city)
dollar store(city)

clean both bathroom
tidy,dust, vacuum upstairs
tidy, dust, vacuum downstairs
freeze blueberries or make more jam
check out grocery flyers for sales in city stores
work on Avon business plan for the 4th quarter

Looking forward to the drive and work in the city alone. Kids wont like it.Once I get past that drama it will be smooth sailing. HUGS!!!

ps my Avon team (in sales) ranked 5th in the province!!!!

08-20-2006, 12:02 PM
Morning all, :coffee:

Today's activities include a long overdue pedicure, shopping for groceries and supplies, laundry, food prep, exercise and some house cleaning. Oh and try and I have 200 pages to read for my book club Tuesday night. I seem to be reading slower than usual (perhaps because I FALL ASLEEP when I try to read late at night?) :lol: Thought I could have finished the book in a week's time, should have allowed myself a bit more.

I swear in front of all of you that this week, starting today I am going to kick it into gear. :kickbutt: :frypan: I've been slowly working up to it. I find stories of people who've lost large amounts of weight to be very inspirational. I have 2 CDs, a few videotapes from TV shows and I'm sticking with the Superfoods theme for an eating plan. I'm so tired of being this fat. How many years did I waste? Too many. Feel free to hold me accountable. Actually, please do. :frypan: :rollpin:

Ok, time to get the rear in gear. Have a good Sunday and safe trip for those of you who are travelling - even if it's just a ride around the block ;) . Hope you enjoyed the Pilates and swimming Shad. How did the rest of us get a little movin' and groovin' into the day?

08-20-2006, 09:12 PM
My thyroid tes came back Friday and it was NOT good. For some unknown reason my thyroid level has sky-rocketed. :long: The gyn was out of town on Friday. His nurse called and asked for my regular doctor's phone number. I didn't hear from him Friday so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. If I don't hear from either of them on Monday I'm calling my gyn on Tuesday. I'd rather him treat me for this problem. I'm wondering what made it jump up so high!

Saturday my aunt and I went shopping at Dillards who had 80% off all there clothes. I bought 2 long sleeve pull over tops and bought a little sweat shirt for my nephew's son. The total of the three items were 15.00.

Church this morning was good. It seems to renew my spirit each time I go. After services we went out to eat. I haven't had any red meat in a while and ordered a 9 inch rib eye and had a small salad, baked potato with butter and texas toast. I brought half of the rib eye home with me. Also saw some of my mothers friends where we ate today.

This week I'm going to add more veggies into my diet. My uncle gave me squash and tomatoes out of the garden. There is broccoli and green beans in the freezer and canned peas and beans in the cabinet. I didn't think about buying frozen peas or beans, cabbage, carrots and sweet pototoes if the fridge I'm a country southern girl at heart.

I rode the bike this morning before breakfast for 33 minutes and am going to ride it again for another 33 minutes tonight. I will not make my 300 minute exercise goal this week, but will have burned 2900 calories. I'll try again next week for 300 minutes. Yes, I'm blaming my thyroid for making my body to tired to exercise a couple of days this week. A single person can only do so much.

I missed the body type also need to go back and read.

Hope every one is having a good day.

08-21-2006, 05:01 AM
:kickbutt: :kickbutt: :kickbutt: :kickbutt: Interesting day!!!! I tried the SAP bribe. It worked more or less. However I am going to have to find some more hints and tips because they will have heard all of these soon.

Holly, by now I hope DH has come around to Clyde. I hate the thought of him going on and on in his pain and suffering.

Mel - hope you can get in a ride or two and feel the wind through the newly mown hair - oops I really meant cut hair.

I'm off to a Aquarobics class shortly. Something else new to do. It should reduce the strain on the knees that the road runs produce.

Ceejay, I agree. It would be much easier with two, but it is not always to be, so we make the best of what we have. I just find that if I keep a running list of the necessary jobs and cross them off as I go, I have more time to do the important jobs such as looking after me.

Happy - we will immediately kick butt should we see you straying from the routine. Let us know what you are meant to be doing, and I will 'encourage' you!!! :kickbutt: :kickbutt::kickbutt::kickbutt::kickbutt:

Okay, I had better go, if I am to make this class. I may yet just go home and crash for another early start.

Catch you

08-21-2006, 09:23 AM

HOLLY sending a hug
CEEJAY so sorry about the test results. don't go crazy till someone tells you too. sending many hugs!!!


08-21-2006, 04:51 PM
Just in to say hello-- I've just finished posting the week end day sheets.

I told myself this morning that if I've not heard from either doctor by 5 p.m. I'm calling the gyn tomorrow concerning the thyroid test results. It's now almost 3 and still no word.

08-21-2006, 05:09 PM
Must be worrisome Ceejay. Hope you get a call.

08-21-2006, 08:25 PM
ceejay ~ hope you hear from the doc soon. It's really bothersome waiting for them to get around to calling you back to interpret the test results and to let you know what they want to do. I do hope you hear soon. The veggies sound yummy! I adore veggies!!!

Mellie ~ NO COMPUTER FOR A WEEK!?!?!? Doc Torture sounds more like it...even if you do adore him. <sniff, sniff>

Shad ~ aquarobics sounds great. We joined the Y. When the project settles down, I hope I can find a class I can take and a water class would be magnificent. We went live this weekend. Today was smooth - just a few blips, as to be expected, but nothing to get excited about.

happy ~ put on your 'Just Do It' button and just do it. hee hee.

holly ~ sounds like you are doing great with your Avon. It has to be because you are so organized.

madcat ~ have a great visit!

hello to suzi, teel, linus, carla, nae, and all our other dear ones around the world!

08-21-2006, 09:38 PM
Just called a psychotherapist to “get help” with my weight.

I AM PISSY. Got so upset I thought the AC had gone out. HOT HOT HOT. DH is sweet about it but hopes for warnings if I start “spewing.”

Food has been my most steadfast ally.
What else is there?

CJ... thanks for the encouragement last week.

08-21-2006, 10:18 PM
PW ~ you are sounding very hormonal. Except with your cancer history... so I would suspect you have to be careful about HRT? I wouldn't give up my HRT - I'd be homicidal... NOT just pissy.... Hot flashes don't EVEN cover it!!! And mood swings???!!!!!! HA!!! I could clear a room in nothing flat!!!

As far as "What else is there?" The answer: is "DH" Food doesn't love you. Food is fickle. DH isn't. Truth. :hug:

08-21-2006, 11:26 PM
After 13 years on HRT, I finally gave it up. Thought I was more dependent on it than I really was when I got down to it. The hot flashes were the deciding factor - if they came back I was reaching for that pill box - damn the concerns about cancer and heart problems. But I'm fine. I just now worry about bone loss. And thinning hair, hair growing where I don't want it, deeper voices and feet growing wider and bigger. Ooogah - me turn into heap big cave man. :rofl:

Miss Mel, I'm so sorry to hear that you are on restricted eye eye captain duty. I will have to call you and read you all the news that's fit to print tho you know that we will easily burn 4 - 8 hours on the phone. And then I will hang up, DH will say what did you talk about and I will say :dunno: oh, nothing really. :lol:

Tig, yay for cutovers. Now you get 2 days rest until you can plan the next one. If you get that at all. Hope you get back in the pool soon. I've been "running" in the pool - just like Tig I say except I don't have to sweat :lol:

Painter, you need to join me in the Tig "just do it campaign". I realize how much time I wasted waiting for it to fall off on it's own. Ain't gonna happen. ;)

Ceejay - hope you get some news from the doc soon. They sure do take their time. Dealing with the thyroid is annoying. They never get it quite right. So you have to do alot of research and find out what makes you feel best. Oooh yum yum on the fresh veggies. I'm jealous. THe :censored: squirrels are climbing my tomato plants and eating all my veggies. :mad:

Yes Captain Shad !!!! I did my 1 hour of exercises and swimming. Had milk instead of Coca Cola and measured my portions. Fruit and veggies in, sugar left in the cabinet. Thank you for your encouragement. How was water class? How was Pilates? I'm afraid to ask how training went. :lol:

Hope you had a little time to yourself Holly. I too hope that DH will not let Clyde suffer needlessly just because he can't let go. Especially if the poor thing is crying going to the bathroom. A few of us know what that's like.

Did you have a nice family visit Madcat?

Ok, this chick's got to run. I am never going to finish the book for the bookclub discussion tomorrow night. Most of it, not all and I am not sitting up all night to finish it either. If I don't catch up with you tomorrow, then Wednesday for sure. Adios chicas - to those near and far :wave:

08-22-2006, 05:51 AM
Didn't get to aquarobics - it was too cold according to the trainer - only 76 hey. So I went for a walk instead. Then veged out with the tv. One trainer and I have organised a mercy mission for Sept 2,3 and have booked a luxurious resort in Cairns for some serious r&r. It will be nice. Next Saturday we are supposedly going to a ball - dancing under the stars - whether it turns out that posh I don't know.

I'm tired and a bit depressed - training went okay - the men are all too polite to say otherwise. However I had a 'blonde' day and couldn't remember it all. In fact the Strategies and Mtce plans went right out of my head. Most of the training material didn't work. So life just went on and on and on. Finished that course now. Got other things to work on. I will get over it I guess.

08-22-2006, 09:26 AM
Oh Shaddie, I do think you are in some serious need of that R&R trip :hug: Frankly, I am astounded that you come in, pick up something that you know and apply it to something you've never heard before and teach people - at almost a moment's notice. It seems like despite your best efforts to plan, you are still running hard and fast. It has to be most stressful on you. I think you need a serious change of pace - if only for a short contract or two. DH was saying yesterday - 10 years is about all he can take before things get dull and boring no matter what and you have to shake them up. Perhaps you need a little... DANCING UNDER THE STARS!!! la-lah-lah-dee-dah-dah... :lol: Actually that could be alot of fun, but did you pack your ball gown? :belly:

I think you need to teach a class in PC basics - something you can have fun with and one which would break up the doldrums.

If you meant the water temp was 76F then yikers!!!! At 82 degrees I can hardly stand it and with that I also need the sun to warm up my cold, chilly body.

I am pleased to report that through some combination of diet, exercise and medicines, I am feeling not as horrid as before. I went down the stairs yesterday and got to the bottom and realized that I went rather quickly and didn't have to hold on to the hand rail - that hasn't happened in a long, long, time. I still hurt and am stiff but not as bad. I've been waiting for that to happen as I know I need to exercise but there's been a fine line between pushing it and feeling all crippled for days on end. I think I've come across the right balance.

Shad, those exercise DVDs might just work for you, travelling the way you do. However, if you have direct access to the gym, that would be better.

Speaking of gyms - Suzi - did you ever join that fabulous sounding gym?

Time for me to fly - I have book club tonight (didn't finish the book) might not be back until tomorrow morning. See yah...

08-22-2006, 09:59 AM
Hi everyone, It is still hot here and yet again the feeling that fall is just around the corner is present at night. Shad you don't quite sound like yourself. I do hope the break will give you some new energy. How long are you on this job?
Mel, gosh I do hope you have a better week. We miss you here when you don't speak to us everyday. You aren't around any cats during the days are you? Just wondering about the roseaca some reports indicate cats can inflame skin conditions.
Ceejay so sorry to hear about your thyroid. How high was your number? ARe you needing to go on replacement therapy for your thyroid? My history with my thyroid was caught and corrected but I must have been suffering with low thyroid for a long time. Please feel free to PM me if you what to chat or have any questions. Good Luck.
Happy I am with you on that kick it into gear thing. I was doing pretty well after vacation sort of running on a weight high almost. Well, now that I am plunck back down into the trenches of working at it and having to be conscious of making good choices for food and exercise. SO I will join you in your renewed effort to get BUSY!
Yesterday I had the oddest spell...... I experienced such a deep tired sleepiness.... I don't know if it is because I am dieting or what.... today I feel a little better....or maybe I am having burrito withdrawals......LOL
Hope everyone has a good day and we can look forward to better days ahead no matter what challenges lie in our paths today..... your support and encouragement does make a difference in my life.....

Take Good Care everyone...

08-22-2006, 10:33 AM
so I’m going to call the gyn later this morning. I’d rather him treat it or send me to the endochronologist.

Yesterday was a good day diet wise. Even though I ate to many chips I’m still within the 1500 calorie limit. Yes I logged every thing down. That really helps to keep an visual perspective on things. Rode the stamina bike for 20 minutes last night to burn 300 calories so I have some “flex calories” to have later on in the week if needed and I’m sure I will for the birthday bash planned. My uncles and I are celebrating this week end.

Keeping an eye on the radar because there is a storm that is in the area. I think I see the clouds outside the window now. Gotta go shut the plant down and turn the computer off. It looks bad.

08-22-2006, 04:29 PM
Oh yay I am going to make this real short 'cos last week when I logged in and tried to post, I hit the submit button and absolutely nothing happened! The screen froze and that was it for the rest of the evening...:mad:
Goodness knows what occurred.

Anyway here I am to try again!!

Its so nice now that the heatwave has finished....:D

I hope you are all okay!

I am going to press submit now and :crossed: :crossed: :crossed:

08-22-2006, 09:29 PM

I've been working on my non-Caesar dressing. I have substituted a tblsp. of low fat mayonaisse instead of the egg now:p I like the taste but it sure isn't as creamy as with the egg and olive oil.

Tsp. red wine vinegar
Tblsp. low fat mayonaisse
clove garlic
10 cherry tomatoes or one large tomato
two tsp. lemon juice
1/2 tsp. dry mustard
two tsp. anchovy paste
1/3 cup parmesan cheese
tabasco sauce (couple plops)
1 tsp. worchester sauce
Whiz in the blender and adjust to taste. Maybe a bit of salt and pepper;)

The librarian said it was a glitch in the computer system and that they have me on file as "book returned" No librarian ninjas after me so far :D

Sigh, summer is almost over.

08-22-2006, 10:28 PM
Evening Ladies! Tired today after a very long afternoon meeting with the external auditors. Oy. I had a good weekend including a nice visit with both my sister and my Mom. I think my Mom is starting a vendetta with her next-door neighbour over a shrub that straddles both their property lines. :lol: When I was waiting for my sister to get ready to go she gave me a photo album full of family pictures. Some are from old slides my Dad had taken. They were lovely – but they also made me get all misty. My Dad was so good looking when he was young – like Gary Cooper. I saw pictures from Christmases with my Grandparents and my youngest brother. They are all gone now. I miss them all sometimes – most particularly my Dad.

I have come to the realization that I really need to step up the exercise. I'm cruising and that is NOT going to get me anywhere. The elevators were out at the gym the other day and I had to walk up the 5 flights of stairs. I was wheezing as if my lungs were filled with fluid. I'm tired when I walk home. It is time to stop kidding myself. Went and did more weights today. I've added the Stepmill to my cardio (a whopping 5 minutes is all I can manage)… and I'm walking home where weather permits. Though my shins hurt today. I am a wimp. It's 2/3 of the way through August and the 3FC challenge and I am a whopping ONE lb down. At this rate I'll reach my goal on May 21, 2008. :lol: Pathetic.

On to the comments ~

Meadow~ Good one dodging the wrath of the book loaners. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I will have to try it.

Teel~ It worked!! maybe this is the beginning of some good 'puter karma

Rosebush~ Do you think maybe your tiredness could have been dehydration? That's how it hits me sometimes. Better days are ahead.

Happy~ Glad to hear you have found the right balance between effort and exhaustion. Maybe we can all dance beneath the stellar bodies. That sounds nice. And yes, Just do it is the way to go. I'm in (if I am invited).

Shad~ Oh girl, the idea of a nice R&R weekend in Cairns sounds like just what you need. Peace and quiet. It sounds as if the stress is taking its toll. Don't forget to keep time for yourself. This too will pass and, when all else fails, laugh. Sometimes it is all you can do :hug:

PW ~ What else is there? Art? Love? Truth? Sunlight? Laughter? This moment and the choices we can make? What else do we need? Good luck in getting help.

Hi to Tig and Holly and Ceejay and our dear missing Mel. I hope your eyes get better soon. Do what you need to do. :wave: to anyone I have missed.

suzi in auz
08-22-2006, 11:00 PM
I have just had a lovely read catchin up on you all. I do believe Madcat and me are online at the same time:hug: Hope you are having a lovely day and are feeling so much better, isn't it amazing that sickness seems to rotate around the globe? it doesn't matter what the season.

Ok...I have HUGE news!
I just bought a NEW CAR!!!! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:
It's a brand new Ford focus and bright blue, has auto trans, power windows,steering, cruise control, hatch back 4 doors and really zippy.
I was in dire need of a new car realising that i just couldn't manage the manual too well with the knee and also the 2 doors were driving me bananas with the kids in and out and they are not SMALL kids.
So DH and I went to the car yard and had a browse and came out with a new car. I haven't actually GOT it yet but next week and I can't wait. I only hope my old car last the distance! Knowing I am going to get a new one I hate the old one now :p

On the "me" front. I have had a strange week. A little less hectic than last week but still quite emotional. I was writing a list of friends to invite to my birthday bash. As I wrote the list I looked and thought " these people barely know me!" It felt strange be invited them to my 40th! I burst into tears and just had a moment. I didn't want DH to think there was anything wrong cos there really wasn't, it was just strange and I had that usual "pang" for the familiar. I had spoken to my Mum on the phone earlier and wondered if that brought it on, she sounded good and it was lovely to hear her voice. I think I realised I barely hear form her ... I'm not sure why. I think it's an out of mind thing for her. ...I dunno just a moment. The boys were worried because I was upset. DS13 gave me a beautiful hug, DS14 was concerned and said " I think Mum's tired" It's his way of understanding his strange Mum.
A had a little ray of sunshine yesterday on the friendship front. A friend whom I have just met and is a wedding photographer and she called me up for a chat :callme: My phone never rings so it was so nice. She has asked me to come to a wedding with her on Saturday to help her with cameras etc. I said " of course!" It's just up my alley and Sydney is such a lovely place to get married and I get a lovely 4 course dinner for it! I think she wants to pay me but I don't want her to. it's a pleasure! It was such a lovely thing out of the blue, funny how things happen like that sometimes.
I will attempt to comment to all you lovely ladies, wow you have been busy.

Holly first....:hug: :hug: to you at the moment. you have had so much going on. i am amzed when I see how your brain works, always onto the next thing. I hope you and DH find some peace about the kitty situation. Shad is right, Clyde has had a good innings. It is the best thing for him and you all.

Teel :) Hi there, Lovely to see you. i know what you mean about posting quickly, i know it's happened to me on occasion and you really want to be " heard " by your friends and then it vanishes off into the cosmos, it doesn't seem fair. I am glad the heat has toned down a little for you. We are just starting to warm up here and I am lookinf forward to longer days and warmer evenings.
Meadow, that salad dressing sounds delish! I love ceasar dressing but the very wicked kind and have tried others, they all seem a little vinegary! Good luck with yours. I hope you are having some lovely days with your little ones, summer comes and goes so fast!
ceejay:) you poor thing, you have had some worry lately. I hope you get some answers from the experts, good job on all the good eating and exercise. Have fun planning the birthday!
rosebush :) it's so nice to see you. I can just see you :scooter: around the place. I thought of you this morning when you said when your DH purchsed his motorcycle how he went back and then back again to the dealer, I feel like doing the same with my new car but I am sure they will get sick of me!
Happy....about the gym. i have just learned that my membership for my own gym is now up and I either renew my contract or I cancel it, otherwise it will just roll over. I think I will cancel and then have a think....I need to realise that i am not a particularly disciplined person and I really want the GYM to work for me. This new one was good in that the "little key" told you what to do in your work out but i still have to get myself physically THERE! so I am having a think! :p will keep you posted of course.
I hope things work out a little better for you with your blood work. It is good to hear that you are "feeling" a little better in yourself...funny the things we say...yes we are all universally the same. I love the fact that y'all GET me!

Mel...have a lovely break, I hope the eyes are better soon...thinking of you and all that work! I can't believe you cut your hair off like that! You are so brave. I can just imagine you :lol: how funny. Well a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do!

Shad what's this about a "blonde" moment! :lol: my life is full of those! How nice to have to R&R planned you deserve it! and some dancing too....lovely enjoy.
PW great to see you, hope you can resove the Hormonal issues, primrose oil? I dunno but I know the natural way is worth a shot.
Tig..:) Lovely to see you too.
everyone else....:hug: gottan fly, lunch calls

08-22-2006, 11:51 PM
Flyby post from busy Carla - am spending ALL my time learning to format the blankety-blank newsletter, quite successfully in fact.

Even if I don't post, I lurk faithfully, and send good vibes and hugs to Holly and her Clyde, Shad and her annoying worklife, Suzi and her new car (Yay! I'm so envious...), Ceejay and her health bothers, Madcat and her absent willpower - I think it's off some where living it up with mine. I've put on a pound since the challenge started, and also broke a tooth eating Smarties, which I think had the fates chortling away.
And of course I never forget to think of Mel and her sore eyes. Wish I had a mental pic of you Mel so I could imagine the new do - I need to do the same thing as I haven't found a new stylist to replace the one who really pissed me off...
Happy, what was the book for tonight's book club?
Meadow, don't despair - there's still lots of summer, just not so many nasty hot humid summer nights, at least that's my take on it.
PW - I wish I'd started HRT as soon as the symptoms came along. I think my "condition" contributed to my marriage falling apart. Of course the real culprit was an immature, irresponsible husband who felt diminished by my professional success, but I think we'd have weathered the storm if my emotions had been under better control. Looking back, even with the breakup being inevitable, I would have suffered so much less without the joy of menopause making it all so much more awful. I'm on HRT now, but think it's doing nothing and the problems I still have are me, not hormones. Of course, evryone has different health issues, and not everyone's a good candidate, but I'm glad I've tried it even if ti's too little too late in myc ase.

Hugs and waves to those I haven't greeted - back to fun with Word for this chick. Ta-ta.

08-22-2006, 11:53 PM
Suzi, sorry I forgot you. But I'm glad you added the bit about the new photographer friend. It's so nice when life provides just what we need...

08-23-2006, 03:28 AM
Geez, I must have sounded really down last night. Thank you all for caring so. I'm actually okay, just disappointed that training these days seems to consist of telling the masses about the business processes, which they realise are important to the company, and nothing much about the job they do, which is important to them. Then I have them sticking around at the end of it and asking questions about things like what is the easiest way to find a cost centre. How can I sort this list so that the bits I want are at the top and not 999th in the list. Why is it so much trouble to find a material. etc etcetc etc. They are keen, they get kept in the dark and fed on sh*t - does that make them mushrooms??? Pathetically grateful for all that they get. I'm always amazed at the way the maintenance people go about things and the patience they display.

Anyway - yes dancing under the stars on Saturday night. And the stars are huge and plentiful. Talk about a million star restaurant. This morning I was out there and running along. I could see the Orion constellation, and way over in the east was the Southern Cross with Alpha Centaurus sending out it's twinkling message. The Milky way hovered overhead and the moon lit a path for me to run along. Just magic.

I only had one course to do today and that only had one person on it. So this afternoon I have been at home and gone swimming, had a nap, and done the washing. I will be clean enough for the next couple of days.

It's good to see you back PW. Sorry you are having such a rough time of it. Never easy to lose weight and the rest of the world seems to think it is a doddle. I've never taken HRT. Have no idea whether it is good or bad. But working on my theory of only natural and organic it's not something I would like to try. Lucky me I didn't need help to get through that problem. Never had a hot flush, never had a mood swing - geez I had enough of them when I was PMS. I know I was a ***** to live with then.

Teel, good to see you back. I was only thinking of you this morning and wondering if you were back from holiday yet. When I am jogging along the road or cycle path, I think of my friends while I watch the stars. Different parts of the sky for some unknown reason remind me of people I know. Sorry to hear of the computer problems again. It would be interesting to know what causes them.

Happy - so glad that the limbs and extremities are feeling a bit better. It is a fine line between pain and perfection. Let's just hope that the line gets a buffer zone going soon. I agree with DH. I've actually never stayed in a job so long. I've always thought that 3 years is plenty. If you have achieved what you wanted to achieve by then you never will. This job has only lasted because I move around and if I am honest it pays well.

Madcat - how nice to look back on the family and see how far you have come. My sister is the keeper of the family happenings in our place. She hangs on to all the bits and pieces and cherishes the memories.

Ceejay - hope things pick up for you somewhat. My doctor will only ring me if something is wrong with my tests. No call, no problem. When they do call, they sound all mysterious and say please come in and see the doc. It is not urgent but can you make it within the week!!!!! :yikes: It always sets one to wondering if the next breath is to be the last.

Carla - hello!!!! You are sounding somewhat better. I had a bit of a giggle over the smarties. That was a SMART thing to do, however I did similar on chocolate once so I am no better.

Holly - congrats on the Avon sales. You are really good at this selling jazz. I hope by now you have said your goodbyes to Clyde and he is at peace. Please do not make him hang on while people make up their minds. It is not their suffering, it is his.

Meadow - so the library computer is to blame. Well got to blame something I guess. To err is human, but it takes a computer to really stuff it up.

I wonder how our friend Linus is going. I must try to ring her one time when I get back home. The babe must be nearly one year old. I think it was October last year that we were all clucking away.

Rose - good to hear from you in the mountains. Autumn must be a special time for you in there. I hope that the summer goes out slowly and gives you a wonderful display of autumn colour.

Gotta go, gotta pick up my training partner who has had to train this afternoon. She got yesterday off and our male counterpart didn't have to get out of bed at 5.00am this morning so he is happy. We have 2 cars between three all going different places and doing different things. Lucky we can get organised isn't it.

Hello to anyone - oh and MELand Suzi - that I may have missed. Tomorrow I don't have to get up until late either. But I will be around to go to the gym I think. I ran into the terrorising trainer last night who has said he will do another pilates class with us on Friday afternoon if we are free. Our reply is:

We are never free, we are always reasonable.

08-23-2006, 07:29 AM
:lol: Shad. Or you could say "I'm never free, just affordable with approved credit". :lol:

suzi in auz
08-23-2006, 08:24 AM
giggling here...night night

08-23-2006, 09:39 AM
:rofl: I love it! - you guys crack me up :lol3: Good night starshine to Shad and Suzi - Good morning starshine to the rest of you lot. I am jealous Shad of your dark night star lit skies. Happy observing.

08-23-2006, 06:21 PM
Morning all,

On my morning off and I have come in for breakfast before the mess closes at 7.30am. I have packed my lunch for the day and am about to finish my coffee, go back to the 'room' and go to the gym for some weight work. I'd better check the times out before I go back or I may have taken a walk for nothing.

Having a few problems with breathing up here. The sinus' have again come into play and it doesn't help that the powers that be have decided to build a road outside the block of rooms that I live in. I think it is a temporary road while they reseal the original up the line a bit. The red dust gets everywhere. Not good for sleeping at night either. Woke up several times during the night with a rotten headache which only disappeared with copious quantities of water and panadol.

Yes the stars up here are quite fantastic Happy. The absence of street lights helps of course. I should get myself a book on the constellations etc. I might be able to recognise some more. I (thought) I saw Mars the other day. I thought to myself, geez I have never seen it that red - later I realised there were two red planets out there - d'oh it's a communication mast you dummy!!!

The weekend rolls around again. We are already at Thursday. I need to check on the bus times for the ball on Saturday night. Yes they put on a bus to take the revellers to and from the ball. It should be an interesting time to go to a country ball after all these years. I have a balinese inspired sarong skirt and a shiny stretchy bright blue top to wear and some caramel coloured sandals. Not ball gown exactly but it is reasonably classy. I'm just gald that I put it in the bag at the last minute.

That's about it from sunny Weipa this morning - time to go check out the gym. I'll be back.

suzi in auz
08-24-2006, 12:42 AM
My turn to have a rant.
I woke this morning DH is in Melbourne but everyone got off to school ok eventually, then I got a phone call. It was the State debt recovery office. They were calling in regard to an auto accident I had in Dh's company car in june. ( I have since had the car repaired and paid $500 excess to Dh's company and assumed that Dh's compnay had sorted it)
I have been called 2 x by NRMA ( other parties insurers) and both times been helpful and given addresses and phone numbers to pass on. I thought this was fine. Dh's firm recieved information and I thought this was being processed.
It turns out Dh's firm are "handling it" probably playing hardball and I am not impressed. I don't know why as the proceedings should be simple.
By law the responsibility for the accident falls on me.
This is not the only thing...
The fellow on the phone was rude and obnoxious basically saying I was stone walling him and not giving him the information he needed. He was rude to me and had no qualms in basically calling me a debt evader. I have never been accused of any such thing in my life! I was livid and told him so and asked to speak to his manager. He wouldn't give me the number until i released information to him.( which i have already done!)
I realised that to get this sorted I was going to have to do it myself, by this stage though I was very upset. I found the number of the person responsible at Dh's firm to call and called her. She had answer phone on but I left a very kurt message. also called back debt collector to let him know, felt like I had done something wrong when I knew I hadn't.
so....I called the debt collectors superior who said that "man was just doing his job" I explained that I was not their "usual" client and have nver had debt in my life that needed to be covered. It wasn't nice. He was rude and accusing.
I have put a flea in Dh's ear and will do so to his superior.:mad: :mad: :mad:

There's my tantrum for the day :tantrum: :tantrum: Hope it gets better!

08-24-2006, 05:14 AM
Oh poor Suzi, I do hope they sort it out for you soon. Meantime do not take the calls from the debt collectors. They are paid on some sort of commission and take delight in being rude to people. It's not on. Let things go through to the answer machine and only pick up when you know it is not them.

Meantime in case I forget it or aren't around to celebrate it. Happy Birthday for the 27th Ceejay.
:balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons::balloons: :balloons::balloons: :balloons::balloons: :balloons:
Back tomorrow.

suzi in auz
08-24-2006, 08:34 AM
Thanks shad :hug: good advice, much better now after my rant...funny what a good tantrum can do :tantrum: ...but felt quite exhausted all day. i really think things have caught up with me big time. :?:

went to the Dr for DS13 and found ear infection all but gone, just one more repeat of antibiotics. Thank goodness, the perforated ear drum has just a little scar tissue but no need for an operation,

Went to the Mall for some retail therapy and bought a few lovely father's day pressies for DH.:gift: It is nice to spoil him once in a while Got simply red's london concert on DVD and an Andre' Botcelli CD, whom I love :devil:
Will post my father's day card for dad tomorrow at work ( mustn't forget!)
Kids have a stall at school for Father's day Monday so they will do their bit. I know DH isn't my dad but still he spoils me enough and it was fun!:carrot:

Had a lovely takeaway with my DS's while DD was doing dancing, it was really nice, they are great company, things change so much as they grow, i actually don't have to watch them every 10 secs at the shops and can look for me while they meet up with me in 1 hour .....yaaay. :p

work tomorrow.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ceejay for Sunday if I miss it. :balloons:

08-24-2006, 09:40 AM
Good morning chicks,

Suzi - glad to hear that DS's ear is clearing up and there isn't extensive damage. I think you should spoil DH too - he sounds like a real sweetie!

Had a good giggle at your "twin Mars" story Shad. Yes, that WOULD have been a bit too red. :rofl: Ick on the dust around there. Ahhhh-chooo! Your outfit sounds very cute, I'm sure you'll have a great time at the dance.

I have already stolen the "I'm not free" quote. You don't realize how many times you can use that one and it always gives the other person a confused moment to ponder it before they smile :)

Carla - our bookclub selection was One Thousand White Women - the Journals of May Dodd by Jim Fergus. I really enjoyed it and it seems to be a very popular selection on the book club route.

Madcat - you are ALWAYS invited - not matter what fun or mischief we are up to :hug:

Meadow - thanks for the recipe. I will have to try it myself. :stir:

Hello Teel, good to hear from you again, even if just for a quick pop in. Do give a hug to Linus for us, will you please?

Hellos to Tig, Holly, Rose, Mel and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone - forgive me my doddering mind. Got to run now, make it a fun day won't you?

suzi in auz
08-24-2006, 11:31 PM
HI all :hug:
At work today and it's very quiet. :) . Feeling better about yesterdays antics but still gave my DH a lecture. :p

I'm actually really looking forward to this wedding on Sat and I will be sure to come back and report.
Shad have a wonderful night tomorrow night at your ball. Your outfit did sound lovely. remember to dance the night away :belly:
Happy I am certainly one to steal all come up with some great ones. Have a lovely weekend.
And a lovely weekend to everyone else. You are all quiet today.
see you Sunday :)

08-25-2006, 02:16 AM
Happy - there is a series of them that you can use.

I'm never free but I am reasonable.
Hey I am easy, just darned expensive
I'm fussy, not frustrated.
Can't think of the others right now. It's been a hectic day.

Been training since 5.30 this morning. 3 classes. The fourth failed to show so I came back to the room to finalise out bookings for the Sea Temple on next Friday (1st) if you want to go have a look.

I've got a rental for the 2 days as well. Maybe we will go to the Skyrail or to Cairns for some retail therapy, although I know that Saturday will be a luxury treat and maybe a spa or massage treatment depending on what we decide to do - if we decide to do anything at all.

Okay, better get out of here and get ready for my pilates class. I was going to go swimming but all the kids will be out of school now and 2/3rds of them will be in the pool. Therefore tomorrow will be a good day for an early swim. Yahoo, I have tomorrow off. My class was cancelled.

Be good or be careful. And don't forget to smile, it makes the b*stards wonder what you have been up to.

08-25-2006, 08:05 AM
Ok, so I HAD to get up at 5am today. What DO you people see in this early rising thing? :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :tired:

I mean, the sun isn't even up - it's the middle of the night! :lol:

Shad - the spa looks DIVINE. I will be there with you in spirit. It was relaxing just to read about the place. :cloud9: Have a good time - you need the rest.

Love to the other chicks. Got to jump in the shower now lest I daudle around and blow the reason I had to get up early in the first place. See yah...

suzi in auz
08-25-2006, 09:50 AM
Oh my goodness! i am pea green with envy SHAD have a marvellous time!!!!:beach:
have a lovely day off tomorrow...i am with you on cloud nine :cloud9: in spirit anyway....I'm off to dream of that lovely view...and I will NOT be up at 5am!

Happy Friday Happy...enjoy

08-25-2006, 02:00 PM
A quickie hello. Not a bad week. Kids had vacation bible school every morning, left most of 9 kids there every day!! Hubby gave me the silent treatment for several days over me asking him to step up around here. I sure didn't mind, lol! He has lightened up a bit.
I won a gift basket from the womens group. Every time you have a personal meeting with another business owner you fill out a ballot. when they had 100 they did a draw. I had abut 5 in there!!! It was a beautiful basket of gourmet treats&chocolate in a lovely pottery dish.mmm i shared most of the chocolate but just had a delightful chai tea with some truffles.
I have a planning meeting tonight for an event in November called "Entertaining- Made Easy". Avon , tupperware, pampered chef etc... displays and workshops!!
At noon tomorrow we are going camping at the local conservation area. Need to drive 10 min instead of across the road. Supposed to rain all day tomorrow and be nice Sunday.
Taking Monday off.

HUGS to ALL!!!!!!

08-26-2006, 10:00 AM
I'm beginning to think my lousy health this week is being caused by allergies. Freakin' foliage is highly overrated. Digestive system has been all wacked up and I've had a headache since Wednesday. Taking Advil makes me bleed internally, taking antihistamines makes me depressed, and I don't sneeze or have runny eyes or other symptoms so I don't like to take full out allergy meds :sigh: I left work at 2 yesterday and came home to lie on the couch and watch the first two Harry Potter films. It made me feel better. Working out makes me feel better too (at least the cardio part), but I can't do that if I can't sleep properly. Finally got 8 hours last night and I feel 1000 times better than I have all week – or could it just be that it is the weekend?? :lol:

On to comment type things.

Ceejay ~ Happy Birthday (just in case I don't make it here tomorrow)!!!

Suzi ~ How exciting that you have a new car! I hope you will enjoy driving about, zipping freely in out of traffic, drinking in that lovely new car smell :lol: It ust be hard to pick up an entire life and transport it to a new location – but it seems as if you are doing a good job of starting to forge new friendships. It's not so much that you lose the old but you get a chance to add to what you already have. Hope the photography went well and the wedding was enjoyable. BTW, I am pretty sure they hire credit people for their lack of people skills. They just assume everyone they talk to ARE guilty deadbeats. Guess they never heard the old "you get more flies with honey" saying. Hope they get it all sorted for you. How annoying.

Carla ~ You are soon to be the Goddess of the Formatting world! You broke a tooth eating Smarties!!!??? :lol: Ok, I don't mean to laugh since really it no laughing matter, but when you eat your Smarties, I guess you eat the Titanium ones last? I broke a tooth on a walnut once, so I'm hardly in a position to point and scoff.

Shad ~ Why do I have a feeling that just about the time you have all this training fine tuned (as only you can do) to your audience, your contract will be done? :lol: In spite of the aggravations, I am glad you are located in such a beautiful spot. I envy you your stars and your beach. Oh, and your Martian duo! :rotflmao: I hope your ball was lovely and you enjoyed every starlit second.

Omigawd the Sea Temple is so lovely!!! Have a nice massage for us, will you? Maybe something with hot rocks…

Happy ~ The early rising thing isn't so bad once you get used to it. Besides it's not the early rising that is the problem, it's the early to be part that sucks! :lol:

Holly ~ Hope things are picking up. Teaming up with those other areas to have a combined event sounds like a great idea. Good luck with the planning.

I can see we've been a bit of a quiet bunch this week. This is when we feel the loss of our little Mel. Hope your eyes are getting better again, Mel-lady and that you'll soon be back typing away.

Darling :hugs: to everybody else. I have a day to go start. Water first to thin the goo in my head. Mild headache already (oy), but I'll deal with it. I have a big clean planned for tomorrow around the apartment. I must get rid of all the recycling and I'd like to finally tackle the storage room. Going to lunch with the in-laws today. I think they are going to ask if we still want to buy a house with them and I'm not sure how I feel. I do feel as if I have done so many changes in the last year or it would be nice to coast for a while. I'd hate to disappoint them, and my long-term plan does include home ownership. The down payment they offer to give us is pretty significant and might be the only way to find something of the right size that we can carry the mortgage on with out being totally house poor. But I'd also hate to jump into something before I am ready for it. And I still have reservations about how this all will work. Wish me luck.

08-26-2006, 01:40 PM
Wow, we have been a rather quiet bunch.

Madcat, I hear you on the hippy, drippy, icky stuff in the air. The pollutants, particles and general schmutzy stuff are floating everywhere according to the weather channel. It affects me most first thing in the morning and again right before bedtime. Perhaps I'm allergic to my pillows. :lol:

Good luck with the in-laws / house thing. It is a very difficult decision and it means lots of changes. What if your cats bother them, what if they bother you, no spontaneous hug and tickle, who cooks, can 2 cooks share a kitchen and all sorts of things. Invite them to live with you in the apartment for 2 weeks to get a sense of what it would really be like. I have thought the same as we are trying to get my mom to give up her house and come live with us. And I have a good sized home with a master bedroom up (2nd floor) and a master bedroom down (1st floor) purchased with the intent that she may come to live with us one day and still providing a tiny bit of privacy for each of us. Still as much as I love her, I can see that there will be "moments" :yikes: if we were to co-habitate. When we bought our first house in '82, I thought we'd never be able to afford it. Even right before we moved, with 22 years of equity in the house, we still could not afford to move into a bigger and nicer home in Chicago. The market was just plain unaffordable unless as you say you want to be house poor and work in an industry in which you're never quite sure if and how long you'll have a job. It's good that you are thinking carefully about this. We once saw a house on a home tour long ago that was gorgeous. It had 4 or 5 bedrooms, all but one upstairs. It had a huge kitchen and next to it was a large and beautiful sunroom. Off the sunroom was the master bedroom, well separated from the rest of the living quarters. I remember telling DH - now THIS is the kind of set up you need if you bring your parents in to live with you :lol:

Hope you're being a "happy camper" Holly. :rofl:

Shad, by now you Saturday has passed. How was the dance and that fabulous spa???? Still one more day for you to enjoy - we will again live vicariously through you. :)

Suzi, how's the new car? My friend just bought the same kind recently and I was really impressed with how roomy and comfortable it was. Cool color you got there too. How was the wedding?

Miss Mel, will you be able to make an appearance or have the lovely Jen type up a few words for you? We miss you :grouphug: Hope you are resting like you SHOULD be and doing the right things - put down that frappachino lady! :lol:

Last night we had a lovely dinner - new restaurant that specializes in lobster. After the salad and the most heavenly lobster bisque that I have ever had, I didn't have much room for my entree, so I took a few bites and had the rest boxed up which will provide me with 2 more meals. We each had a coffee and shared a creme brulee (my favorite dessert). I should not have had the coffee (which was magnificent) because at 2am I was still up. :tired: DH knew it would have kept me awake and let me sleep until 10 am today. Of course that ruined the morning. Today was free day at the zoo sponsored by my company who is a major contributor. I had wanted to go for a while as we have a terrific zoo. By now it's getting really hot out there and probably way more crowded than it would have been first thing. So I guess I'll just stay home and clean out more boxes in the garage. And maybe go in the pool if it's warmed back up after this week's cool spell. The hummingbirds are out in major force now - it's starting the time they stoke up to prepare for their long winter migration to South America. We have 4 feeders up and they are zipping all over the place. Sometimes they hover and try to stare you down. :lol: DH took some nice pictures, I will have to post some.

Ok, time to get off my duff here and get useful. Hugs to the chicks. :hug:

08-26-2006, 06:38 PM
think my aunt and uncle over did themselves this week end for my birthday. My first birthday feast was Thursday with my uncles. 2 of them also have birthdays in August. It was nice to get to visit with each of them. Last night my aunt and uncle had a more personal birthday dinner with there family and myself. My cousin’s wife fixed the best mexican chicken. I think we all over ate and have paid our dues today. My cousin’s son and daughter spent the night. My cousin’s daughter gave me 56 hugs. That nearly made made me cry.

My aunt and I went shopping this week end also. Her favorite dress shop had a huge sale. I don’t usually find anything on sale but did this week end. One long sleeve top was 90% off and the other long sleeved top was 70%. I also bought a couple of pair of jeans to wear to work but not at this dress shop. They were on sale.

I finally made contact with another aunt and took her 5 pair of slacks to alter for me. The 16’s had to be taken up quite a bit. The 14’s fit a whole lot better. I’m short so I have to have the in seam stitched and sometimes the length hemmed. I buy the petite pants but they are still to big. She also showed me what I was doing wrong on threading mom’s machine. I think I have the bobbin upside down. I’m going to try that sometime next week end. I’m not planning on going for a full 3 day’s next week end.

I also stopped by the health food store to see if they had any flavored protein drink mix. They did. The line was long but the holistic doctor was there. I’d love to see what his recommendations were for my thyroid.

The yard was mowed when I came home but i still have to week eat. This will be the last time that young man will mow my yard. I’m having to buy a new water hose. He’s ran over mine.

Also came home to a new shed door. The key is out of the lock but the door does not shut good and will not lock. I’ve once again pulled out the lawn mower because it has been pushed up against the hot water heater and probably has another dent in it. Why did I ever let myself let him mow my yard!!!!!!

Another shocker is that the price of gas has come down to 2.58 per gallon. I have not seen that price all summer long.

Suzi--Enjoy the new car.

Madcat--Allergies can be hard to treat. Frost is coming soon I hope. Thanks for the birthday wish.

Happy--I haven't seen a humming bird in my yard all summer. Did you know that they hitch a ride on the backs of geese to get to their winter home.

08-26-2006, 07:58 PM
Harry Potter always makes me feel better. I think I'm secretly 10 years old. I put on weight with the stress of the project - it's going to be gone SOON! I ran 65 minutes today. I'm tired of work interfering with running. I wasn't running much at all. Now I am.

08-26-2006, 09:07 PM
Yep, that dad blasted job interferes with all the fun things, doesn't it Tig? I have no doubt you will have those extra few pounds off in no time.

Ceejay - happy early birthday. I didn't know that hummers hitch a ride on geese - thanks for passing that on. I do know that once they start their journey, it's a non stop trip which amazes me. In case you weren't aware, STAY AWAY FROM SOY protein and products. It lowers the thyroid function even more. Use whey protein. What do you use the protein powder for? I usually get vanilla and use it for smoothies - the vanilla is very generic tasting. I do have a can of chocolate which I've hardly used at all. I find that the fresh / frozen fruit and the flavored yogurts give plenty enough flavor.

I have the results of my tests back. The ultrasound just shows that gee, my gall bladder IS gone - now I know I didn't pay for that surgery for nothing :rofl: Hepatitis test is negative too. Whew. Ok, so they WHY are the liver enzymes high? It was rush, rush to get tested, now everyone is well, we don't see anything, we will just monitor. Monitor for what? How? Geez....

Sometimes I feel like taking up drinking and smoking again - at least then I'd have a good reason for silly tests. And if I drank enough, I wouldn't care, would I?

Hope you are all having a nice weekend. The air was hot today but the pool water was a bit too cold. Maybe tomorrow. I think my pool days are coming to an end.

08-26-2006, 09:34 PM
Happy Sunday everyone.

Tig - projects always make me put on weight. You get so busy you don't have time to eat properly or often enough. Then you get home late and don't have the energy to exercise. Long loop and at the end weight is on.

Had a good session at aquarobics yesterday. It was hard work but it certainly got some muscles moving. Unfortunately next weekend is the last session because the trainer is apparently going for an operation and is not sure when she will be cleared to train again. So I will go Monday night but next Saturday is Cairns and Resort weekend so I won't be here for the last. Maybe I can persuade the gym trainer to take it on for a couple of weeks. I really enjoyed it and will try to keep it up back home as well. Another thing to make life a bit less boring.

Cairns is next weekend and not this weekend. I'll check out the massages during the week and see how it goes. I'm toying with the stones myself Madcat. Have no idea what or how that works.

The ball last night was fine. I won a 1.175litre bottle of Scotch Whisky for my lucky door prize. The other trainer scooped the pool with a bottle of Bundaberg Rum which she immediately gave to the third trainer. I still have mine. I'm thinking of using it for bargaining power in training classes.
It wasn't so much of a ball as a dinner with dancing really. The military base where the ball was held did the catering - we had prawns, oysters, pork & apple sauce, salads, veges, and desserts were Mud Cake, Cheesecake, Pavlova I think (I didn't eat any so didn't take too much notice of them)
Not too many stars out last night and only a little sliver of moon, but a soft balmy temperature, hardly any breeze and just right for dancing on the grass.
I came home at 11.30 since I was training (so I was told) at 0630 and also told that the power cuts may have affected the computer and servers - oh great!!!! Turns out the class was not until 7.00 and I ended up with only one participant anyway. We got through the course in short time and I was back here shortly after 0900. When I finish here, I will go back to bed for a read and relaxation for a short time.

Can't wait for next weekend in Cairns. I have every intention of spending the Saturday at the poolside with cocktails and snacks etc. and some retail therapy on Sunday. I need some new bits and pieces. Tired of all the old stuff. I will think of you all slaving away while I am kicking back and relaxing.

Madcat - sorry to hear that you have been having troubles with tummy, gut and general wellbeing. Hope you sort it out before too long. House hunting/ sharing (are you to be sharing the house or sharing the costs?) can be traumatic. Do not settle for anything less that what you really, really want even if it means hanging out for the right place. You and DH have work committments, leisure committments etc. and you do not want to be too far away from the action - that means costs to you which the other half may not have. List out the pros and cons according to the Madcats and request that the other involved parties do the same, then find the common ground. You may very well find that what you need and what they need are too opposite making the proposal useless.

Suz - good luck with the car. Nice little cars those. You will get a lot of pleasure out of it.

Happy - pool days coming to an end?? what just for the season I hope. Nice to know you have the hummingbirds. Main bird around hear - apart from the sulphur crested cockatoos is the wedgetail eagle. I love to see them hovering around and homing in on their prey. Not keen on the next bit - but everything must live I suppose.

It's Sunday here, so I am celebrating Ceejays birthday by....... doing absolutely nothing much for the rest of the day. Have a great day CeeJay.

Coffee effect is wearing off. I'm for some extra shuteye. I'll try to get back later. Mel sounds like she is on the improve anyway.

08-27-2006, 08:51 AM


08-27-2006, 10:18 AM
Hope you have a great day of celebrating and a wonderful year to follow! Sounds like you are off to a great start and enjoying every occasion. Now about that hummingbird catching a flight.... it is a cute image but not true! This spring I attendeda lecture on hummingbirds and that is a myth which apparently is believed in lots of places.

Shad your weekend spa adventure sounds so great I went tothe web site and it looks yummy. My only thought to share on the hot rocks massage is that is feels good but it also takes time away from the hands on time the practioner gives to it is up to what you feel your body is wanting.

Miss Mel we miss you here so much the daily read is just not as fun without your smiling face. Hope you are feeling better and come out to play more often very soon!

Suzi so fun tohave a new car enjoy it very much! Your trip to the states must have been so much fun. I still dream of returning to australia and exploring.

Tig hope you get back to your running shoes so you feel the wind in your hair again. I am putting the wind in my face on my scooter and having so much fun. Attempting the first oil change today with a friend so I can then do this maintainence on my own.

Hope everyone else is feeling fine and encouraged to face each day with renewed strength to continue toward better health. Take good care everyone!

08-27-2006, 11:57 AM
Happy Birthday Ceejay - wishing you the very best on a day as special as you!

08-27-2006, 05:47 PM
Rose-- So the hummingbird's do not get to ride, sigh.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. You ladies are the best.

My youngest sister (sibling) has called to wish me a happy birthday. My bother in law sang happy birthday to me so what better day could a person have. I think my oldest sister is on her way to California. Her grand daughter will be 2 on the 31st of this month.

I'm at work today. I was a little bit busy this morning with the phone because of two different power outages. I've also had to call T. to double check a chemical leak but all has been rather quite.

Yesterday when I paid the young man who mows my yard I asked about the water hose. He hem hawed around for the answer. I started to just pay him half but I just told him that next week I would be mowing because he was back in school and needed to spend time on his studies. And if they ask to use my new mower I'm saying no. I haven't thought about the possiblity of a law suit if something happened to him.

08-27-2006, 10:18 PM
Hiya everyone,
At last I have an internet logon at work. Yahoo and double hallelujah. Mind you it is strange that the actual usage came after I suggested that I might donate my bottle of scotch to the person who finally got me e-mail and internet access with my own logon!!! Wonder if that was a real or imagined coincidence.
Had a wonderful nights sleep last night and at last seem to be coming out of the fuzzy feeling. The local folk - to whom this is winter - saw fit to put a duvet on my bed. I have now changed it for a cotton blanket and voila. Instant sleep. I feel better now. I was getting to the stage where I was threatening to shoot myself because my memory was going and I was fading fast. Must be the tropics.

happy birthday Ceejay - again. One thing about this thread is that you can celebrate for a long time because of the time differences. It can be a whole 24 hour difference.

Roseblush - thanks for the info on the hot rocks. I was thinking of a wrap massage type thing anyway, but always wanted to know what the stones were going to achieve. I don't think I will get rolled in mud and wrapped in bubble wrap either. Might be good for you, but I don't go for the look too much. Looking forward to next weekend.

Glad to hear that you will be able to do the maintenance on the scooter. We have a great bunch of technically minded women on this thread. Between us we can sort out the website, project manage our projects, sort out the car, fix the plumbing, paint, wallpaper, reglaze, give ourselves a hairdo and a makeover, fix the chairs and the loo, tile, put in flooring and fix the bike. I should imagine there are also several languages we can put our tongues to as well. What a talented bunch and this is over and above the normal wife, nurse, chef, housekeeper, mother, financier, gardener, paver, pool cleaner, garbiologist and food expert tags we have.

I did a session at pilates yesterday afternoon. This morning I was feeling a bit stiff - all those push ups will do that for you I guess - so I didn't go out for a run. Maybe this afternoon or maybe the pool this afternoon. I have a bit of prep work to do first.

08-28-2006, 09:32 AM
Mornin' all,

Monday already. By the end of the week it will be September already. Where does it go? :dunno: I'm behind as usual. Must get more organized.

I got my second PUSH TV CD. I specifically said I have bad knees. Almost the entire CD was very stressing knee moves that I could not do so I'll be writing a letter. They say on the website that they accomodate all sorts of weak parts, injuries, etc but I tend to disagree considering what you can put on your profile and what I've seen on the CDs. I did change "trainers" this time to see if I liked another better so I'm not sure if that's Jon's (the trainer) style or if these are the sort of exercises they typically do for session 2.

Since pool days are quickly coming to an end - tho I did enjoy a nice swim yesterday - it's time to dust off the treadmill.

:lol: Shad, I just noticed your footnote / signature "Get off me..." very funny :rofl:

08-28-2006, 11:28 AM
I really need a hair cut. I'll try to schedule that in a couple of weeks.

I’ve decided that I’ll stick to the exercise program. This morning I felt like I had enough sleep when I woke up at 5 a.m. and decided to ride the stamina bike. Completed a 20 minute ride to burn 300 calories. I’ll do the lower body work out later today before I go home.

The main thing I need to concentrate on food wise is the potassium/sodium ratio. My body has been programmed to eat a meal after 7.30 p.m. due to my work hours. This will have to consist of a slim fast low carb shake or a salad.

Happy--I've set up my own work out routine.

Shad, Rose and the rest have a good day.

suzi in auz
08-28-2006, 10:22 PM
:hug: to everyone! It's so nice having a read with all your goings on! I will comment soon, just need to give you all a catch up. was lovely. It is so nice to be a part of someones special day. The bride and groom were a handsome couple and so young! Was I really THAT young? It doesn't seem possible. The photos my friend took were stunning, the Sydney harbour and Rocks as a back ground. The wedding reception was nice nasty speeches. Every wedding is the perfect setting for a good marriage...lets hope for them...they did seem very in love :love:

On the car front it is coming tomorrow:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: It is very exciting. I have done all the insurance to make sure that someone doesn't bang into me on my way home and I am covered. It is all so easy these days.
I will whizz home tomorrow after work and tell you all about it.

I do seem to be running around in circles a bit lately, last week my upper floor flooded due to the bath not going down the pipes, this is the 2nd time. Last time it was cleaned and dried, this time the chap who came to access the situation was worried that it may be classified as sewerage. He has removed the carpet and it looks like we are in for some replacement. I only have one issue with this, they will not replace the whole top floor and it is going to look bitsy, I'm not sure if they will do the stairs either...once again messy. The down stairs entrance you can see the stairs and the lounge, dining area and so if it is not s good match it will not blend and just not look right. i am tempted to do everything at once and get the whole lot done. i just don't know if we will have the $$$ to afford it all after the car and so it might be loan from the bank:dizzy: The ideal would be ....carpet upstairs, the bedrooms and everything, carpet down the stairs, and wooden floors through to the lounge and dining area. It just seems like an awful lot to be doing when we didn't expect it. I suppose though I won't be happy unless it is done correctly. So it looks like it's reno time for me.

ok enough from me ...
Ceejay! I am so glad you had a happy day. You deserve to be spoilt. i love it when birthdays last a while. they should, we have to wait a wole year for them to roll around :gift: :balloons: I hope you get things sorted out with the new mower and the young chap, it's a diff situation esp if he has been fiddling with stuff and not being honest, best to cut your losses and do it yourself!

Holly I hope you had a lovely little break with the deserve it too.

Happy ...hmm strange about the results. Well I am glad that you are ok that's the main thing! Funny comment about drinking and smoking. Your new restaurant just sounds perfect. i love it when you have something to take home...and creme brulee is my ABSOLUTE favourite thing too. I love it. You are making me want some now:nono:

Rose :wave; I would love to see you down here again! :D

Mel i hope you are feeling loads better and are having a well deserved rest!

Shad, how lovely balmy nights...i am so looking forward to those in sydney, it seems like a long winter....your trip to the spa sounds perfect. Have some hot rock therapy. i have heard that it is superb! I am getting treated one for my up coming birthday by my nice neighbour, she is a physio and she does this as part of her practice. I thought it was a nice idea. I am jealous! I too am not to adventursome when it comes to all those wraps, makes u feel a little claustrophobic, just enjoy!

Tig , I love Harry Potter too, great for adults! Never mind about the weight, some serious running will have it off in no time.

Madcat I hope the headache and the allergies ease some...nasty
...hmmm it's an intersting concept with the inlaws joining you on home ownership. Would they be living with you too ? Buying a house is almost impossible these days I totally understand. Just weigh up the pros and cons before you make a committment. You need to look at what you both want long term.
Ok big hugs to everyone else Carla I hope your tooth gets sorted ...ouch! I have one like that at the moment that I am putting off. Have wonderful weeks

08-29-2006, 05:01 AM
Glad to still keep track of all of you. Happy almost end of summer season. If only some cool weather would follow.

Must get to bed, but will try to connect and update sooner rather than later. DS passed the Massachussets state teachers test, so now he can be licensed as a secondary science teacher there and Indiana. His fiance apparently qualified for a reciprocal license to be a counselor in Mass.
Had my hair "foiled" this afternoon with a bit of red and am feeling a bit happier around the edges. Still have "issues" with food though. I think I got eating mixed up with Asprin. (It always made me feel better.)

08-29-2006, 07:37 AM
And good morning to everyone!!
Well the bank holiday here yesterday was a total washout...I foolishly hung some washing out on the line in the morning and 15 minutes later it was SO wet with a sudden downpour I thought I may as well just leave it there!! :mad: Still, they say that rain water is good as a softening agent, do they not?! Today of course, not being a national holiday, we haven't had a single drop of the wet stuff.....

Holly seems a lot better for a antibiotics, I think, although she did seem to improve her "leakage" problem before she had even started! Hmmmmn :chin:

Oh poor Suzi!! Trouble in deed with leakage problems! How awful to havethe problem once, let alone twice. Hope you get sorted very soon...

Happy I hope your liver enzymes sort themselves out for you! Are they going to do more tests and investigations? Sometimes these things remain a real mystery for a long time which is ok as long as you do not feel any bad effects from them...HUGS to you.

I too cannot believe that in a couple of days time we will be into September. Lovely! I like the autumnal freshness in the air. Some mornings I can feel it already. I SO prefer it to the heatwave we have had to endure!

Ceejay I too need a haircut! Luckily I book mine for every 6 or 7 weeks each time I am at the hairdressers. Thankfully I realised it must be getting near the date so I looked in my diary and foiund I have an appointment for this Thursday! I have forgotten so often!! Once I turned up a whole week late! I'd written on the wrong page!!:?: :dizzy: :dizzy:

08-29-2006, 09:15 AM
So nice to see Painter and Teel....hello.... Painter that line about mixing up food and aspirin will stick to me for the dayI am sure it makes the corners of mymouth curl up.... come back soon and give us an update. Teel so nice to see you popping in from over yonder. How have you been? Have you been playing any where lately? I too am glad fall is soon to be here we are still having a few hot days. Glad to hear Holly is hanging in there.... what would we do without our furry bundles of love?

I am excited to have a holiday coming up again so I am going up to the Flathead Valley this coming weekend to see family and friends. Brownie seems to be running pretty good so I might even leave after work and travel at night to miss the construction going on during day.... just have to watch out for critters.

On Sunday I changed the oil for the first time on Lil Scoot and then the pups and I went for a 50 mile ride around. They love it or at least I think they do.... if I had a pic to post I am sure you would get a kick out of it.... I must join the new age with the digital but just can't afford it yet.

Hope everyone is well and good luck through the day with the diets and exercise..... yes the treadmill is coming out again just can't do this loss without constant daily exercise.... the 10,000 steps a day a must......

Peace to All,

08-29-2006, 09:30 AM
Good morning chicks,

How nice to see some of our infrequent visitors. So nice to see you back with us again!

The hummingbirds are congregating en masse. I sat outside for 10 minutes this morning admiring them. First you hear their chittering and squeeking, followed by the whirl of their wings beating furiously. They dive and swoop all over. 'Tis something to see. Particularly as more of them gather - we're up to about 6 at once right now.

I was struck yesterday by how very very VERY easily we slip back into bad habits. We had a thunderstorm yesterday in the early evening which killed my chances of going for a swim. There was a fleeting thought of doing some other exercise but it passed :o I did however, do 2 loads of laundry, make dinner, clean the kitchen and dishes and copy some more music on to my IPOD. I watched one TV program last night and made sure I got up from the couch after it was over. Gotta quit those evenings of flopping in front of the TV all night and then staying up too late getting the things done that I should have done earlier. Same cycle every night as I get to bed too late and wake up tired after not enough sleep.

I find more than ever that I need to make reminder lists and stick to them - gee - could that mean I have to actually PLAN??? what a novel concept, eh? :chin:

Well my first opportunity arises ahead of me, better get on with it. Make it a fun day in your part of the world friends...

08-29-2006, 11:14 AM
A rare post by the lurking, stalker Java Turtle. Just passing by and thought I'd sit a rest and say hello. Oh no, now I have sand in my unners! Ugh. Great to see you all. Take care and best of luck to you all.
Mary AKA Java Turtle in WV

08-29-2006, 05:46 PM
Hi Turtle--your egg is glowing :wave:

08-29-2006, 05:50 PM
I finally called the gyn about the last drs visit. It seems that this test is taking a little longer because of it's category, class 1. The nurse told me she would call when she got the report.

Hello to all. Glad to see PainterWoman and Teel again. Java we've missed you.

08-29-2006, 06:28 PM
Camping was good. Big storm Sat night, got a little soggy.

Back into full swing aroung here, 9 kids, mountains of laundry,Avon meeting last night and tonight, yoga Wed, DS has hockey 2 afternoons this week.

Very, very tired of being fat. Looking forward to Sept and all the changes it brings with most of these kids in school.Just might be able to exercise.

Feeling very sad and nostalgic about DD going in fulltime. sob

My dear friends father died yesterday. It was sudden and fast lukemia. Her DH was killed in an accident 2 years ago( you might remember) and her twin brother 2 years before that. Way too much loss for a young woman. She has 2 sons and her mom lives near by. I am sooo worried about her dear mom. She is a fiesty old girl but a soft heart.

08-30-2006, 12:17 AM
I was scheduled to do 6 hours of training today. 2 x 3 hour classes with part 2 to follow along tomorrow - another 6 hours of training. Well I got through the entire course in 2 hours so tomorrow is looming large as a non work day. Oh no that's right, I have 1 course to do in the afternoon.
One can not exactly say we are overworked in this place.

Paradise palls somewhat when you find yourself with nothing to do and nowhere to go. I can swim, go to the gym (when either of those places are open) I can walk the 3k down to the shops and back again if the other trainers need the car, but there is little I want to buy there anyway. So I read my book and nap and do little else. I'm still trying to find pictures to snap for you to enjoy - so far I have umpteen sunsets and a couple of feisty kookaburras, a couple of my cell - whoops sorry room - and a water jungle. Life is not at the moment interesting. Maybe I'll go sit on the railway lines naked and they will declare me troppo, send me off to get the burns dressed and then send me home. Anyway...........

Holly - you are probably the only one worried about the DD full school days. She will be looking forward to it I bet.
Sorry to hear of the passing of the friends father. It is hard for the family.

Ceejay - good on you for sticking to the exercise program. Hope you manage the hair cut before the hair becomes unmanageable.

Teel - was just thinking about you this morning - how spooky - nice to see you back. Don't remember you saying that Holly wasn't well. Hope she is her normal rowdy self now. They are getting some rain in Brisbane at the moment. Hope it is reaching the dams. Probably not. But it was good rain apparently.

Hotcup - Hello, welcome back. Nice to see you - howyagoing?

Happy - how nice to see the hummingbirds. They must give a lot of pleasure. I enjoy watching the birds. Lost night we went to the local and had a few drinks and the kookies came down for their evening feed. Other than that mostly we see the wedgetail eagles flying, circling, catching prey.
I know what you mean about old habits. Some of them are sure hard to shift.

Rose - good to hear from you. You are doing a bit of driving lately aren't you. Still in isolated areas, sometimes you just have to do it if you want to see or do anything. I'd love to see you down here again too. Save those pennies.

Painter - good to see you too. Too long between posts. Congrats to DS for his new qualifications. Come back soon you hear. Food/ Aspirin/ food/ aspirin you mean there is a difference???

Suzi is probably driving around wildly in her new car. Did she say what colour she got?? Requested rather - you don't always get what you want in this world. Have fun Suz.

Now what will it be snooze, swim, gym, choices choices

Oh yes and Mel is not getting any better. Those eyes are trying her soul I think. She was off to the doctor sometime this week.

suzi in auz
08-30-2006, 12:59 AM
Oh it's lovely to see old faces :hug:

Car comes tomorrow...they say good things come to those who wait and is BLUE! Looking forward to it. i really wanted lime metallic green but blue will be lovely, it's a roayl blue, no matellic and should be just lovely. i am just looking forward to zipping around in it and having 4 doors.

Ok's really not fair having to think all the time, it makes the brain hurt! :dizzy: I have assessors and insurance people coming and going in my house at the moment and all giving me varying opinions. Insurance assessor came today and he was very business like, didn't care in the slightest that my carpet may not match just doing his job, it was to be expected.
I have decided to take the money they offer and run, apparently carpet that is down at the moment is worth about 300 $$$ a meter so should get a little cash in hand to replace, the matching costs that the insurance allows is $750 tops! hmmm....not going to go far. so we have decided to use the carpet we pull up from the bottom lounge - dining and match it to existing. We will still put wooden floors down but will greatly reduce cost of both jobs. I hope it all works out and gets done quickly. I am not really a reno queen. it is all rather worrying. Just want my little house back to normal. :^:

Shad I think i would love to have time to do nothing, I say that though and then I don't think i would really LIKE it. I saw a program on the TV last night about a couple who were living on a light house in a remote area for 4 months. I think it might just drive me balmy, they loved it though and were real enthusists! hmmm. I bet you are counting down the hours to that lovely spa time.

Holly ...glad you are back if not a little wet. I am sorry to hear about your friends father passing and YES I do remember when you told the thread about her DH. Wow, you wonder why some people have so much tragedy in their lives, it doesn't make sense. She must be a strong woman!
:hug: to you with DD going to school. It's momentous! I know how you feel. At least you won't feel as though your little nest is empty in the day with all those little ones around, they will keep you on your toes.
My DD was sweet this morning, she mentioned how she loves having me around and doesn;t like coming home to an empty house when i am working. She just loves my company :love: Nice eh?

Ceejay...good luck with the test

Happy ...oph the hummingbirds sounded beautiful. I remember seeing them when I used to live in San Diego as a child. They just loved the "birds of paradise" plant. I couldn't believe that they actually HUM! we don't have them here in Aus. I wish we did.

Hot Java! :wave: thanks for dropping by. I am going to have a good long look at your blog later, i think they are a lovely idea.

Rose, i can just see you zipping around. :scooter: . I'm with you on the 10,000 steps. i need to strap on that pedometer again.

Teel, lovely to see you. You love autumn and I LOVE spring, beautiful time of year with all the blossoms and everything dying to come out!

PW :wave: and congrats to DS. That is fantastic! the world needs teachers!!! you should be very proud. I loved the analogy about food and aspirin, so true!

mel: :hug: hope all is well with you. Thinking of you all
Must fly and have some me time


08-30-2006, 09:15 AM
Hi gang.

I am feeling very tired and fat. (and I am both). I need to move a lot more or harder at least. never stop moving. Sept 5th life changes radically for me.That will be my clean start.

I did okay over the summer but had gained a lot throughout the year before that and I was huge to begin with. Gotta love stress, 2 jobs and a thankless hubby etc. and a weakness to relax with food.

What I need are schedules for hockey, gymnastics, school council, sunday school stuff is done, I an teaching primary this year( once a month-we rotate), i have 2 events booked for Avon stuff and need school schedules for the 2 JK kids who go every other day, fingers crossed they are on the same schedule(different schools).

I want to work in yoga once a week but.....................time? money?

I can walk if I dont have a whole gaggle of kids. I need to schedule that and avon time.

I cant really put anything into place until I have all the info info.

Only 7 kids today*cockoo,cuckoo*.
Funeral at 2. It will be a hard one. There will be 3 grave sites in a row to visit.

When DD goes to school so do 3 of her classmates that have been here since they were 6 months old. ( that part I am looking forward to). I will have 1 toddler 1/2 day and then 2 girls in junior kindergarten every other day, but different schools, so........
I have 9 kids total still but most arrive just for the bus in the morning and 7 will be here after school from 3:40- 5:30ish.

I mostly feel that DD gets ripped off for time with me because of all the kids here and DS being so demanding.

08-30-2006, 11:23 AM
Ds is sick. Explains his 2 hour melt down this morning. 2 boys last week had a cold and shared. I finally got him settled down in my bed watching the tube( cruel and unusual torture for him). After a half hour I went back up. We had a good cuddle and talk and he has a low fever and is congested. Gave him some meds and talked him into another hour of rest.

2 other kids havn'e shown up. Been on thephone a lot. dealing with garbage pick up issues.

Talked to my Mom which was pleasant. She is off to her market and will look for pickling cucs for me. We had a blight this year.

4 kids playing house well.

Need to place a small Avon order.


08-30-2006, 01:39 PM
Just popping into say hello :wave:

It's been a busy week. September is almost here. Work has been busy-not so much the phone as other the boss man keeps putting other things on my list of things to do.

Talk more later.

08-30-2006, 03:30 PM
Hi guys, I’m back. Been mostly lurking. Not sure what is up but I am feeling a bit down. Some of it is just money/ life worries. DH and I discussed the house problem and decided to tell his parents we just weren’t ready to buy but that they should go ahead and do whatever they feel they need to do. The offer had been that they would sell their place and offer us a VERY sizable down payment on a new place with a separate apartment for them. They only planned on using it the few months they would be in Canada, since they have property and family in the Azores and they want to semi- retire there. I can’t help but feel that we may have let go the one easy way to ever be able to afford a house, but I also had some reservations about the whole living with the in-laws thing (as many of you correctly pointed out). Also we are looking to buy a car and they are freaking expensive to get anything half decent. It’s always the $$$, isn’t it? Just seems to me that I probably worry too much. I hate being in debt. I hate having to borrow to buy stuff. I am my father’s daughter for sure. You know, my ex was really good about just going ahead and spending without thinking and that drove me nuts. My DH, on the other hand, just leaves it all up to decide if we can carry the costs or not… why do I have to be the responsible one? *grumble* We can spare the cash – I just have the obsessive need to have a wide margin for error in our budget. That’s just me. And of course none of this is helped by the weight issue. I hate how I feel right now but I don’t seem to be doing anything about it. What is wrong with me?

Happy ~ Thank you. You more or less echo exactly the same issues I have been thinking about with the house issue. Crème brule is also one of my favorites. I’d love to see the h’bird pictures. Sorry there was nothing definitive in your testing. Can we say no news is good news, maybe. Wouldn’t it have been great if they had FOUND your gall bladder?? ;)

Tig ~ Good work on getting back from the edge of project weight loss. I always end up gaining weight when I’m running full out at work. I swear it is some stress related fat retention thingie… that or the chocolate to make myself feel better :lol:

Shad ~ I believe with the stones massage, once they finish the regular massage they apply warned smooth rocks to the tense places in your back. The heat is supposed to be very soothing. I have never had it done but a friend of mine swears by them. Thank you as well for the house advice. We more or less did what you suggested and looked at the pros and cons. The cons win for now, but never underestimate my ability to second guess any decision. Wow, who knew even paradise could be boring? I suspect that will be my reaction to retirement :lol: so it’s a good thing I’ll never be able to afford to retire.

Holly ~ so sorry for your friend and her loss. I also remember her husband’s passing. Hold a good thought for that clean start that is just around the corner. What will you do with your time?

Suzi~ Blue is an excellent car colour! Don’t you find that with house renos it never seems to be a simple repair? Your idea for a reno sounds great though. The compromise will save $ but still look good. Cool.

PainterWoman ~ Aspirin can make you feel better but it can also hurt your stomach, hey, just like food! : Congrats to your DS. How exciting for him.
Teel ~ washout! :rotflmao: Good one. Rose ~ I love the image of you just scooting around without a care. Mel ~ Someone please tell her to feel better soon… Ceejay~ Glad to hear your b-day weekend was a success. Java~ baby, how great you could stop by for a moment or two. Missed you!

Ok I better get moving. Today at lunch I was a judge at the First Annual Help Desk (they are in the area next to ours on this floor) hamburger eating contest. The contestants had to eat as many McD’s hamburgers as they could in 10 minutes. Two entries tied at 7 burgers each… and then ate a further two in a playoff round. It was actually very gross to watch. Then I went and bought a salad for lunch :lol: What was funny was what the runner up said : “You know, I think in the last 10 minutes I just broke an addition to fast food that it took me 28 years to develop”. :lol:

08-30-2006, 04:51 PM
The truth comes out - all we need is Photoshop, and we too could be 15 lbs thinner (!

I find this story really offensive. Is it just me??

08-30-2006, 05:25 PM
Good afternoon.
Madcat-- I am totally with you in disgust about NBC's "slimming" of Ms. Couric. I think it is at least as disengenuous as Reuter's additional smoke and bombs over Lebanon. WHEN ARE PEOPLE GOING TO START TELLING THE TRUTH?

On the other hand, I think I'm going to get out some of my recent photos and, um, "stretch the vertical." My boobs may still be down to my waist (almost) but they'll be skinny, right?:D

Stick with your instincts about $$$ and inlaws. You've got lots of adjusting to do (the honeymoon's not over yet, right?!!)... take your time.

Hollyhock: Sorry you have kids under the weather. I bet your awareness of DD needing you as much as DS (but expressing it differently) will help you find a good balance. Hope the funeral was healing. I either don't have any friends any more or nobody is dying... Hmmm.

Shad: a friend was explaining a similar experience to yours just this morning. He called it Island Fever. It was about being in Hawaii for 3 months and finally going stir crazy because he'd had as much surf and sand as he could stand, and there was no place else to go. You work so hard so much, though.... I hope your body gets a rest! BTW... do you have any great information on "change management"... I probably have more than I can use, but it occured to me you might have something snappy, if you are willing to share.

CJ: I missed the Dx, if any, about your tests. I don't like it when people start talking about "classes" and medical tests in the same sentence. If you want, let me know who to call, I'll wring the results out of 'em! Really. Hoping that the waiting isn't horrible... but remembering that the waiting was always the worst, whether it was horrible or not.

HAPPY: I didn't see ANY hummingbirds this year. I hope you'll let us know where we can see photos of yours. They are so amazing. All that energy in such a little package. (and prettier than a C battery by far.)

Gotta get something more to drink. It may have gotten below 90, finally, but I'm still thirsty.

08-30-2006, 09:54 PM
Morning all,
Good to hear you all clucking away here. Such a relief to talk to an unstir crazy thread.
Not much time to post right now. I have to do some shopping, pick up the other trainer and get on with my one class today. Talk about money for jam. Still it is my retirement fund that is benefitting here. Like Madcat, I can't afford to retire until I am at least 70 and then I will have to die at 74 anyway. Can't be helped. :rofl: :rofl:

Painter - Change management in my opinion is the least understood of any of the project stages. I have never yet seen it done well except for one person who took the bull by the horns and developed a package that actually dealt with the changes sections of the plant would face. Normally in my experience, change management is a series of 2796 powerpoint slides which have graphs, arrows, pictures, moving words, fade in - fade out, music, bombs going off, and typewriters clacking away and demonstrates the creators ability to use Powerpoint. This may be impressive to the leaders, movers and shakers, company pres and vice pres., but the ordinary bloke simply needs to know how does (whatever) change my job? For these people, explain the business process, explain the reasons, show them how the job will change. Use one workflow chart and not 76 which fade off into simulations etc. and make it clear what is expected of him, his fellow workers and their job. Madcat, Carla and Happy may have some other ideas on how to deal with change in the workplace as well.

Madcat - Don't give away the idea of home ownership altogether, although sometimes, well most times, you have to think about age, ability to pay back mortgages etc and job restrictions. I'm not sure that you are yet old enough to say that it isn't worth owning your own place. What I think you need to think about is: - will you be happy in the suburbs (some of us are City Cats) or should you put the money into two apartments rather than a big house with annexe or Granny Flat. The parents will only get older and be more dependent. The yard will require work constantly. At least with two units - be they ground level or high rise, there will be little yard work to attend to. However as I said previously, you make your decisions according to the pros and cons and don't let it be said I tried to persuade you otherwise.

Better go and sort out the natives. Tomorrow is Friday! ::carrot: :cb: :cp: That means a flight out of here and into the fleshpots of Cairns.

Mel tells me this morning that she could actually see somethings (like the clock and tell the time) when she got up this morning. Hallelujah, something is happening with the drops.

Suzi enjoy that car.

Holly you sound depressed friend. Stress gets to you after a while. You need a bit of a break from the rat race.

08-30-2006, 11:17 PM
Thanks Shad... I can see how a presentation could go that way. I'm doing a CEU presentation for therapists and will MOSTLY talk about Prochaska's model of self-change (research based on smoking cessation) and throw in a bit about managing changes you expect of OTHER people. I did find a good (long) article from some MIT/Sloan students that raised good questions and will be "grist for the mill" for my adult learners.

08-31-2006, 12:00 AM
I forgot to mention my measurements and weight, seeing as it is August 31 here. Went to the gym this morning and jumped on the scales - no they didn't say one at a time please!!!

Upper chest - 37.75
Bust - 41.75 was 41.75
Lower chest 34.75
Waist - 33.5 was 34.5
Upper Hip - 40.25 was 40
Lower Hip - 40 was 41
Top of leg - 21.5 was 22
Top of Arm - 12.5 was 12.75

So I have lost an inch in a couple of places. I also have a new tape measure so that could account for the lack of loss. The old ones may be stretched.

The scales said just below 75k but I was wearing sweat slicked gym gear and shoes and had sweat wet hair. I think I may have lost about a kilo maybe a bit less.

I'm just grateful it is not piling on like it did in Wollongong. I've been a lot more active this time round, but it is not moving it any faster.

08-31-2006, 09:38 AM
Hey y'all,
As we stand on the brink of September, it's a good time to reflect and renew. Something about starting a new month that's incentive for starting all over again.

I used to love the fall season up north - the days turned glorious and you knew it wasn't going to last long before winter blew in so every one was precious and enjoyed. We have "summer" a bit longer down here but I can see subtle changes in the daylight, the trees and the weather that say fall is coming.

I had wanted to take a ride east to the mountains to see the fall colors and maybe take a get away weekend but I realized mom's 80th birthday is this year. I'll be taking my 2 precious vacation days and making a long weekend with a drive home. DH of course has been talked into making the trip. :D

Seems like some of us are stressed - need to stop that as it makes and keeps us fat. I am trying hard myself not to let things annoy me. Little inroads. As for losing weight, as LindaT would say - just have to make time for it and do it. There's 48 thirty minute blocks of time each day - take one and move your body - even if you are multitasking. You make time to brush your teeth each day, you can make time for exercise - really, you can. I do see a difference when I'm exercising - even if it is gentle exercise.

Congrats Shad on stopping the momentum of the upward gain. :cp: :cp: It does sound like Weipa is a place of minimal activities. How long will this contract last? Thank you for the update on Mel.

Change management - you mean the "life is what happens when you're making plans to do other stuff?" :rofl:

I have asked DH to pick out some hummingbird pictures - will try and post them this weekend.

And I too don't agree with the picture altering of Katie. Of course given the abilities to alter pictures now, what can you believe anymore? Perhaps only what you see with your own eyes. I can say that I took a "now" picture and erased away the fat bits to illustrate what I can and should be. It was rather startling. I took a hard look and saw fat in places I wouldn't ordinarily notice. Amazing what your mind covers when you look in a mirror.

Suzi, hope you are enjoying the new car.

Madcat, I have more to say on the housing issue but don't have the time at the moment - later.

Hello Ceejay, Holly, Turtle, Teel, Tig, Rose and of course, our recuperating Mel. :wave:

Only 2 more days of work and then a 3 day weekend :dance: :dance:

08-31-2006, 10:04 AM
Happy that is a great way to express time and I agree that a new month is a time to set prioities for ourselves and our goals. I am really going to try to do the more steps per day again it makes a big difference.

Shad have a great time and enjoy yourself.

Mel, our thoughts and prayers go out to you and we miss you we miss you we miss you.

I am off to the Flathead and my 5 hour drive.... hope everyone has a great weekend. We love to hear from everyone even the lurkers who just stop by to say a quick hi!


08-31-2006, 10:28 AM
Measurements were taken this morning and I’ve lost 5.5 inches. Woohoo, the exercise has paid off this month. My goal is to be a perfect 36/24/36. More abdominal and chest exercises need to be incorporated. The stamina bike is a good exercise machine. The inches that have been lost is from riding this because it concentrates on the waist down. I did weigh and with clothes on the scale read 186.6. I’m not depending on the scale anymore.

Today laundry has to be done and the house dusted and vacuumed

Hi Rose--you egg light is on. :wave:

Suzi must be enjoying her new car.

Madcat--Weigh the pro's and con's about buying the house. I can understand about not wanting to live with the in-laws.

PainterWoman--Finally heard from all the test. I'm good for another 6 months.

Mel--get well soon.

Hello to Happy, Shad, Holly,Teel, Tig and Turtle :wave:

08-31-2006, 10:41 AM
Forgot to post my measurements
upper abs----38------------38
lower abs----45------------45
hips---------46------------ 45
upper thighs-39-------------38.5 (together)
above knee--29-------------28 (together)
mid calve----22-------------na (together)
left bicep----14.5-----------13.5
right bicep---14.5-----------13.5

08-31-2006, 05:49 PM

Went to visit my sisters down on the coast. I have a new fixation... Hummus :p Going to try making it myself. Rose Reisman ( has a couple of recipes I'm going to try. One with chick peas, the other one uses white kidney beans. I read on a website that someone uses peanut butter rather than the tahini paste. Might try that too ;)

The kids start school next Tuesday so we are just sucking up the last of the relax vibes and trying to put it out of our minds. Routines aren't are strong point :) Getting up early again, making lunches, schleping off to the school for drop off, every day! Motherhood is such a JOB :P ;)

08-31-2006, 06:37 PM
Morning all,
Well Friday is finally here and today is the day we slope off to Cairns. My partner in crime has gone off to work and I am about to tackle the washing, take a walk, pack some stuff and see whether I can get away with the backpack or I have to take the suitcase. Hoping for the backpack because I want to buy one of those cabin cases which hold an awful lot of stuff but are light and have wheels etc. Whatever did we do before suitcases had wheels???
So I'm going back to the cell shortly to do the housework etc and then take the hike down by the beach before it gets too hot. Weather forecast for Cairns is rain for the weekend - pphooey!!!! Aaah well, I get that's what comes of going on holiday with the English (sorry Teel).

Good thoughts there Happy for moving the body. Really all it takes is 30 minutes per day. Not much out of your time - but and there is always a but - you do need to sweat it out on those thirty minute sessions. Start with stretching. I love a good stretch and yes you can sweat with 30 minutes of stretching arms, legs, necks and backs (gently please). I'm told a good walk will burn more fat than a run or a jog which burns sugar and carbs. There you go walk it off.

Meadow, I'm quite okay with hummus or hummous or hommous as it is known over here. Never thought of making it as there are other things with more flavour that I enjoy better. I'll take a look at the recipe on the site later and see what is in it. Never knew it could be made with beans. I always thought of it with chickpeas as standard. Unfortunately once I start on things like that I can't stop until it is finished so I don't get them very often. We have Wattle Valley Chunky Dips here - they are a form of pesto usually with crushed cashew nuts rather than pinenuts and you can get them in sundried tomato, pumpkin, red pepper or basil and avocado flavours. They are chock-a-block with oil. But they taste so good. Coupled with grissini, I could be 4 metres wide in very little time.

And that is about it for the moment. If I think of anything else I'll be back. Otherwise you may not hear from me again before Monday, when I have yet another induction. Be good or be careful

suzi in auz
09-01-2006, 02:34 AM
:hug: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :hug:

The Car us here and it is FABULOUS!!!!!

All the worries of the week seem to have melted away when I lay eyes on my new wheels and it is so smooth.
i :love: it! It's a beautiful BLUE and so nicely appointed. I am so glad that we put a few extras on it, it feels very special and it is MINE! Sometimes the process of buying and organising money can take away from the joy. I think with everything else that has happened this week that too has happened.
I am now able to relish in it all.

It's a beautiful spring day. I have a pretty summer top on and there is definitely a smell of summer in the air.

Shad , have the most gorgeous time away in your lovely piece of paradise. I hope you find lots of lovely things on your shoppig spree and just ENJOY indulging yourself.
Meadow I really have mixed feelings when the kids finally go back to school, in some ways the thought of having time to myself is lovely but I also miss them, Hummous is one of myfavourites. There is a place here in Aus that makes the most delicious hummous and I am sure that the chickpeas they use are roasted because it tastes like peanut butter!!! Yes as shad mentioned it is also too scrummy..and it is hard to stop once you start. I must say that I could live off antipasta , meats, dips, cheese, bread and wine but would look like ten ton tessa!:D

Ceejay well done on the inches lost! That tells you so much more than those darn scales. The tape measure doesn't lie!

Rose enjoy your ride!

Happy thank you for the sentiments and pep talk. i think we all need it, it is so easy to get down on ourselves. You are right, breaking it down into little blocks like 1/2 hour lots puts things in perspective. I know we all can manage at least one 1/2 in our busy days.

Mel :hug: We hope everything is good in your world

P.W.:wave: Good luck with the presentation.

Madcat :hug: to you on the decision making processing and with the house hunting, it's always so up and down and two and fro with these sorts of things and it's ok to change your mind. I read the 15lbs lighter article. i think the most disturbing factor is the fact that the lovely woman looks good 20 lbs heavier and certainly doesn't need photoshop!

:hug: hugs to everyone else. I am zipping out of here and into the weekend.
:scooter: :scooter: :scooter:

09-01-2006, 09:24 AM
I make hummus all the time and play around with it. I use different beans, toss in a red pepper, onion etc. The basic recipe I use is a can of rinsed chick peas, a dollop of olive oil, a pinch of sea salt,a clove of garlic and a dab of tahini if I have some, juice from 1 lemon, process it and eat it. My kids and I eat a batch at a time between us for lunch or snack. We use veggies or crackers with it.

Not as tired today. I went 5 nights with around 5 hours sleep. Just not enough.
Up and had coffee, played trucks with DS. 3 extras here, 4 more to come, DD is still sleeping.

We are having a "party" today for last day of summer vacation. I got the boys trucks and girls hair dodads and bracelets and a treat bag to take home, lots of balloons and then we will build some sundaes later.

The big party will be the glass of wine I will have at 6pm!!!!!! I survived!!!

No one has cucs this year from a blight so looks like wont be making pickles. I will be able to can peaches and make peach jam tho. Maybe some tomato sauce or salsa.

The old drunk who yells at us from across the road moved this week. Evey time I go outside I look over because I know he watches the street and what we do.....weird that the house is empty but in a good way. A single man who drives truck is moving in.It would be nice if he was around our age and he was decent guy. He and hubby could chat a bit.

Best go tend to the kidlets!!!

09-01-2006, 10:26 AM
I measured myself last night with no discernible changes – except maybe down 1 inch in the waist. Grr. I need to find a real tape measure. Using a metal measuring tape doesn’t cut it. :lol: Weight the same too (or maybe even 1 lb up) Grrr. August was a write-off. On the positive side, at least I stopped the upward spiral I was on. And I did up my exercise and I have to say I feel better. So that is something, isn’t it?

Painter~ Apparently they also photoshopped (is that officially a verb now?) the new picture of Rosie O’Donnell for the View. She wrote a very funny freeform poem about it on her blog (as reported in Salon (
Shad’s explanation of change management is really accurate. The last project I worked on involved implementing a new piece of software in a large Bank and the group I worked for’s sole purpose was managing the change. The most useful thing I wrote for the employees was this little table that explained how they used to do stuff compared to what they now were going to have to do differently and the new stuff they were now going to be able to do. The whole document was only 4 pages long or so, but you could see the light bulbs go on when they read it. I think whether it is job change or personal change the key thing people what to know is the specifics – how will it feel making the change? What do I have to do? It's all managing the fear of change...

Shad ~ Funny but when I was 30 I did actually own a house in the ‘burbs and HATED it (Of course it didn’t help that the man I was sharing it with was quite crazy). I swore I would never live in the middle of nowhere again. Or if I did live in the middle of nowhere it would be a small town - not an overgrown strip mall full of soccer moms and auto dealerships (but I’m not bitter :lol:). I haven’t given up on the idea though and my long term plan still does include homeownership since I’d love to be mortgage free before our mythical retirement. I think we have just decided to postpone for a year or so until the insane real estate market in the city cools a bit. It would also be nice to have some more cash put away before we take that step. We have also been talking about buying without his parents – maybe something more modest than a house big enough for all four of us. So we’ll have to see how it goes.

Enjoy your weekend getaway!!! Have a bevvie by the pool for us, will you? Even if it rains, I am sure your getaway will be lovely. Going for a walk on the beach in the rain could be fun.

Roseblush~ howdy to you!

Happy ~ It is starting to be cool here in the evenings and I love that. I too am a big fan of fall. But it is getting harder to get up in the mornings since the sun now gets up after we do :lol: You only have two vacation days? Wow, you work for slave-drivers!!! :lol:

Suzi~ So terrific you have a new toy. I agree with you that I thought she looked terrific 15 lbs heavier. I worry about this need for society and the media and the forces of modern culture to turn all women into lollipops with big heads and stick bodies. I’m just so glad I’m not a teenage girl.

Ceejay~ Way to go on your loss. Now that is great progress!

Holly ~ Congrats on surviving yet another kid filled summer. Enjoy that glass of wine. I think you earned it. Will you still have kids to sit once school starts or is the nest truly empty now? Really any new neighbour has to be an upgrade over your last one.

And to all others lurking, reading and otherwise. :wave: My love to Mel!!:hug:

You know, some days I come here and I just wish we could all sit down for a coffee and a good natter. Darn life interfering.

09-01-2006, 10:53 AM
Yesterday's fast started out on the right track but it wasn’t long before I was hungry. I should start out with a half a day fast then work up to a whole day fast.

Results from the 5.5 inches lost this month is from the following, miles 137.1, calories burned 7326, minutes exercised 636. I would have done more but I was sick for about a week due to my thyroid over reacting. I’ve lost down to a size 14 in jeans. Another reason to be happy is that my bra over hang is gone. I’m through with the scale. My sister lives in Springfield, MO and I’m planning a trip there in October. It’s 310 miles 1 way. This is my goal for September.

My pay check has arrived. I’m getting ready to go pick up some insoles at the Podiatrist office in Jonesboro. I also need to pay rent today and some other bills. F. reminded me that I needed to buy tags for the Rav 4. Ooops, I’ve forgotten to put the tags on the Rav. It has been in the glove compartment for a couple of weeks.

Need to get off the computer and get these small errands out of the way and then head toward Jonesboro. I also want to stop by the Shoe Carnival. This store is having a two for one sale.

Back later to comment. I have a busy day planned.

09-01-2006, 11:16 AM
Hardly and empty nest....I wish. Still have 7 kids on the roster + my 2. Five of these kids are in school fulltime now. Gone from 8:40-3:40. Two 4 year olds will go every other day. One 3 year old 1/2 days and another 3 year old,2 days a week.I am hoping for at least 2 completely free afternoons a week to get out and prospect and then to work here when the youngins nap and watch a movie for quiet time.
I am out a whole whack of income starting Tuesday. Hoping i can replace it with Avon. I am half way there and i had no "free" time.I will also be saving about $200 a month in groceries. It all works out.(I hope) Just redid our bulk grocery plan we do. We have gone from the largest plan to the smallest plan.Again monthly savings.
I will have a good idea of how things will work about Sept 15th.

09-02-2006, 12:38 PM
I’ve completed 47 minutes of exercise this morning. This week I’m focusing on my upper body and I’ve increased my weights to 8 pounds. There is a difference.

The kitchen is half way clean and I’ve started the laundry that was not finished yesterday. The lawn is to be mowed also.

I don’t really want to go to Paragould today my heart is not in it.

Yesterday my trip to Jonesboro was eventful. Picked up my insoles at the Podiatrist office, bought 2 pair of shoes at Shoe Carnival, and went to Books a Million and browsed. If they had the Message (a version of the Bible) in large print I would have bought that. Made a quick stop at Lowe’s to check on a lock for the new shed door and purchased one.

Need to get off the puter and finish my chores for today. It’s just about time to get outside to mow the yard.

09-02-2006, 12:42 PM
Hey there chickies,

We've slid to page 2.

Ahhh the joy of a 3 day weekend. Labor Day - to celebrate the downtrodden workers. So let's spend it "Laboring" around the house :D -- Actually like Ceejay I have big plans to get to some closets and things in the garage and maybe even decide on some paint colors and get moving here.

It is the beginning of a new month and I am committed to getting some of this weight off. It appears that just moaning and complaining about it does nothing so I guess I have to do it the hard way and eat less, drink more water and move this body into an organized fashion. :carrot:

I am in the middle of cleaning the desk area here, figured I'd pop in for a bit but I'd better get back to it because it would be very easy to blow an hour here and get all off track.

I'll be back tonight. Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. :wave:

09-03-2006, 12:23 PM
Oh my :dunno: 24 hours pass and I'm the only one to check back in? Everyone must be off having a fun weekend.

DH is treating me, we're going to the casino later this afternoon. Whoopee. I hope I'll be :lucky:

It's cool and overcast - autumn is definitely in the air. We had a nice morning - sat outside with coffee and watched all the birds. We have 5 hummingbird feeders which are controlled by 3 hummers who guard ferociously. We have to keep moving the feeders out of eyesight of the others so some passerbys get a chance to feed.

All the other birds - cardinals, wrens, blue jays, doves, mockingbirds and woodpeckers were also out. Apparently the Carolina Wren has a "sweet beak" - as the try to sit on the hummingbird feeders and get a lick or two of sugar water. It's funny to watch them.

Here's some hummingbird pics:

09-03-2006, 04:52 PM
Happy, you must be right, I think everyone must be out enjoying their weekend (long weekend for some of us). Yesterday DH and I went off to a big media SciFi and Comic book convention. It was very crowded but we had fun. Bought a couple of things including a very cute cartoon that says: "If it takes you three months to read a book, you are doing it wrong. Reading is hard! " :lol: We are enjoying the remnants of hurricane Ernesto so yesterday was very rainy yesterday. Today is not rainy but very cloudy and cold. Good day to stay in. I was going to tackle the storeroom today but I opened the door and it scared me. :yikes: Crud there is a lot of stuff shoved in there. It's all in boxes but it just seems like such a major task. So… maybe tomorrow? :lol:

Not much else happening here. Just thought I'd check in. Oooo the hummingbirds are so georgeous. Are those your own pictures, Happy?? They are so beautiful.

Hope everyone is well.

suzi in auz
09-03-2006, 08:20 PM
:hug: A quiet little bunch you all are!:hug:
I was coming in to check out Shad's great escape! I hope it was wonderful.

I am procrastinating all I have to do today. I really can't be bothered with the gym this morning as it's a beautiful day outside. i will go anyway as I should. I might walk this morning and then go a little later. :D

Happy I hope you are having a lovely long weekend. Fall and Spring are great times for organising stuff, maybe because it's cooler, or maybe it;s the prospect of change but I feel the same. I looked outside today and thought the pool could do with some vamping up, or at least the pool area. I turned on the solar heating and it has just hit 24 degrees c. so we are nearly there, the kids moan if it's less than 25. It looks like we will be swimming in September! I LOVED the humming birds, they are so devine aren't they?

Madcat Your convention sounded fun! my boys are mad on comics and such. DS just went to an anime convention in the city here.
I loved your quote! Too true!

Holly...Your life is changing, I felt dizzy reading about all your comings and goings, It must be hard saying goodbye to some of your little ones that you have had since they were tiny tots. Good luck with all the planning and restructuring. :dizzy:

Lots of love to all:hug: Gotta fly

ok must fly into this day. i will check out you all later....come on shad ...details.

09-03-2006, 10:38 PM
HI!! Found cucs. They were big so I 1/4ed them. Just finished 2 batches of peach jam. Made pickles this morning. Cleaned and organized my office all yesterday aft. Very nice with just the 4 of us home all weekend.

DS has been sick but getting better.

LOVING the cool weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09-03-2006, 10:42 PM
Give me a break. Only got in at 7.30 this morning and am now back at work - or rather sitting at a desk waiting for work to happen.

The weekend was fine, I spent a lot of money at the shops. I have new tees, new capri pants, new very casual gear, a new cabin baggage suitcase and am the proud new owner of a white gold and green sapphire solitaire ring. In fact I shopped so hard that the credit card company checked up to see if my card had been stolen. No it hasn't, I'm making up for lost time. Thank you for asking.
The resort was okay, however I would have expected better service for the price we were paying. However the surroundings were nice and the pool a pleasure to swim in. Car was undercover so no problems there either. Saturday night was a bit of a washout weatherwise, but I'll try to post some pics later.

See Mel is not back yet. The eyes must still be doing her in.

Better go see if I can upload some pics from here. I'll be back.

That okay Suzi - for a quick break down of doings???

09-03-2006, 11:15 PM
3fc is quiet in both the journals and here. Can't blame them. Who want's to sit at a computer while one can be doing some great outside in this beautiful weather.

Checked on my fico score this week end. They say I have to much credit, but everything has been paid off except one credit card. I am going to check it again in 6 months to see if it has improved. It's in the 700 range.

I'm honestly doing something different tonight. I've been watching Design Star on HGTV and am going to vote on the person to whom I think has done the best work and that would be David.

I have to work tomorrow. I hope it will be quite.

Enjoy the holiday.

09-04-2006, 01:04 AM
Ceejay - what do they mean you have too much credit? Do you have alot of credit cards that are active but have no balance on them? If that's the case your credit score will be lower. From what I understand, if you have too many active accounts (open cards but no balance), they look at that as POTENTIAL credit you can wrack up, particularly if the cards have high credit limits on them. We closed most of our accounts and our score shot up through the roof. Actually that's a good reminder - I have on occasion, opened a store credit card to get the extra 10 or 15% off they allow on initial purchases - have to go back and cancel those cards now - especially since most of the store ones carry a 20 percent or higher balance - get outta here :yikes: So perhaps you might want to close some accounts that you really don't need. It also might take some time as you say for the payoffs to hit your credit report. Sorry you have to work tomorrow :(

Thanks for the compliment Madcat, those are DH's pictures. He is a pretty good photographer if I do say so myself. He is quite meticulous tho - many of his live "subjects" refuse to hang around and wait long enough for him to set up the shot. :lol: He was trying to get the hummers in their "defensive " posture - high in the sky, tail feathers fanned out, back arched, but his camera shutter speed wasn't fast enough to get it without a blur. I think someone was checking out cameras today when he went to go get me a DVD player ;)

I got a new DVD player for the upstairs exercise room - no excuse now not to get that exercise in. I daresay it means getting up early to get it done as hubby was complaining about eating too late at 7pm. He was sweet enough to get me a combo DVD and VCR unit so now I have plenty of variety between newer DVDs and older exercise tapes. He set it up tonight so I will be trying it tomorrow.

We had fun at the casino. I came home about $50 ahead which was nice for a change. So far it's been a nice, relaxing 2 days which I've really enjoyed. I won't mind spending tomorrow getting down to business and getting things done around here. I wish we had 3 days weekends all the time. :cloud9:

Madcat, I can't imagine a more you and DH activity than a comic book convention. What fun. Loved the cartoon too - that would go over well at our book club :rofl: Glad you got some fun time with the hunny.

Holly, I'll second that loving the cool weather. It's positively gorgeous outside. If I had a hammock, I'd be sleeping out there.

Suzi, you have a pool heater? I'm so jealous. I'd love to have one to extend the swimming season. The weather has taken a dip south and the water is somewhere around 25c which is way too cold for me. I think we've seen the last of the swim season and yours is just starting. Crank that heater up and enjoy!

Shad, that was a good laugh about the credit card company calling you. It does sound like a long overdue shopping extravaganza. Do we get to see a picture of the new ring? Or the new outfits? Are you at least feeling a bit relaxed from the spa weekend? Or was that long forgotten 15 minutes after you walked back into work? :(

Ok, got a long day ahead of me, better head off to bed. Nighty night all.

09-04-2006, 09:50 AM
I will do a weigh and measure this morning to be my starting point. I am committing to 20-30 min of exercise daily. I like the south beach phase 2 meal plan. Not NO carb but controlled carb.I need to watch fat intake too. It is hard when you eat whole foods, fat is higher but better for you and better tasting. Portion control is big for me too. I usually have 2nds because it tastes so good not because I am hungry. Bummer to be such a great cook:lol: :lol: :lol:
It is not okay to nurture myself with food for a day well done either.

I can lose 1 lb a week til Christmas; 16 lbs. That would be stellar!!!!!!

09-04-2006, 04:04 PM
Unfortunatly I’m having to work because this holiday falls on my day to work. I’ve had a couple of stray calls but this is what I like if I have to work, peace and quite.

Yesterday was a no exercise day. I could not make myself get up and do the stamina bike this morning either. There was a bit of procrastination. Guess that’s normal on a holiday and having to work.

I’ve balanced the month of August and all the reports are ready to be delivered. I noticed a mistake on the duplicates that L completes. It’s stupid that she continues to do these but I suppose this is what the boss man wants. I’ve also had to double check some other things that she has done that is my responsiblity. I feel like she is trying to get me into trouble at times. I know for a fact that she wants my position, but she can’t legally do what I do because she is not licensed. I document everything.

I weighed this morning and for once the scale was nice to me. It read 182.6 pounds. It’s a must that I take the fluid pill that the doctor has prescribed to me. I’m trying to keep up with the sodium and potassium intake but somethimes that is not enough.

Happy--Thanks for the advice about the fico score. There are several unused cards that does not have anything on them and I would like to cancel them. Ughhhhh, don't like to admit this but at one time I've had 24 credit cards. (didn't realize that until I got my credit report). 12 cards had been closed at the time of the credit report and I'm going to close another 10 cards.
I love the pictures of the hummingbird.
You can do the exercise if you make time for it. Sometimes I have to split my sessions.
One of these day's I'm going to Tunica.

Madcat--Your adventure to the comic book and SciFi convention sounded like fun. Was there any Star Trec stuff there?

Shad-Thank goodness the credit card people were on there toes. I'm glad you had a fun shpping spree. We all could use those once in awhile. I saved someone 200 dollars Sunday while shopping with my aunt. I saw some money on the floor and asked the young gentleman that was standing next to it if it were his. A young lady hurried over and snatched it up. She said that she had dropped it and that there 2 100 dollar bills. Sure enough when she unfolded the money there was 200 dollars. She was a happy camper and thanked me several times.

Holly--I know you can loose the 16 pounds by Christmas. I'm behind you all the way.

Suzi :wave:

Guess I need to finish posting the day sheets for September.

09-05-2006, 02:08 AM
It was totally forgotten by this morning Happy. So much so that I have rung the 'team lead' and told her I want out, home and soon. There is not enough to do for 3 people. One needs to go. It may as well be me. I'll be doing the railway track troppo bit shortly if I am not careful.

Gotta go. My depression and my mood will just shift all your intentions downwards. I don't want that.

09-05-2006, 03:26 AM
Those who posted measurements have my total admiration.
I am not ready to face those numbers, let alone make them public.:cool:
I will confess that my BMI is in the 40's. I hope to get it down by 1 by the end of the week. And count those victories. Little goals and LOTS of celebrating. (I am SO immature... delayed gratification does nothing for me.):dizzy:

When I get a bit more cardio strength going, I should be able to return to weight/strength work and get some measurements to decrease.

I had an empty-the-nest meltdown Yesterday when DH was clearing out what is no longer DS's room. (He's engaged, for heaven's sake. He's not coming back!) I was mostly OK... but just edgy and anxious. I don't think of myself as fearful. But that is definitely what it felt like.

Or maybe I was SO tired from our walk. That's right... actually got a bit of huffing and puffing going. DH and I walked yesterday!! AND today!! Yesterday inside the first enclosed mall in Texas. Getting bigger every year (The mall should get bigger... I should NOT.) Saw some pretty clothes at Dillards. I can't remember the last time I cared. But I'm not gonna get a wool jacket for $$600, even if it does mean I have great taste.

Then we went to a craft gallery that I didn't expect to be open. DH bought me a prezzie for no reason. Isn't it pretty? (see below... I hope the re-sizer works for me.)

Shad: Say what you must. And let us know what sort of response (if any) you want. I've certainly whined, p****d and moaned enough times. sometimes writing it out is what helps.

Madcat: Thanks for the insights on change... I agree... it is mostly about fear management. I found a Cloan School article that had a sort of spread sheet of old and new features and which ones could and could not co-exist. I can see how that would be much more helpful than lots of touchy-feely vague stuff.

Happy... loved what you said a ways back about time and exercise and opportunity. I'm also impressed with DH's bird photos. I tend to be caught unprepared and flail around so much that even behind the kitchen window I scare 'em away. Have you looked at the photos of hummingbirds at

Holly -- glad you are happy to have found cucs. And preserves. Wow. Never done that. Dh bought some canning jars, but he's using 'em to mix wood dye in for the entertainment console he's building.

Suzi-- glad you are enjoying l'auto.

And I'm sending pink light and best wishes to Mel, too.

09-05-2006, 09:51 AM
Morning chicks :coffee:

Love the bowl Painter - such a gorgeous blue! And yay to you for getting out and walking. Just do it. Don't think about it, don't put it off until you're stronger, just start out doing 5 minutes. Then attempt to do it for a week straight. Then add 5 more minutes.

I got up earlier this morning, stretched, popped a load of laundry in, set the TV show "The View" to record as I do like Rosie O'Donnell and I am curious to see what she will bring to the show. My bed is fixed, clothes are picked out for the day and I know what I'm taking for lunch - portioned out of course. Going to do treadmill and Pilates as soon as I get home tonight. And no Coca Cola. 1 can a week. Water, water, water.

:hug: Shad. I'm sorry this gig is not working out for you. Pity we have someone here who actually is not happy sitting around getting paid to do nothing. It does seem quite the case that they are so disorganized and expect you to come in a weave your magic wand (you forgot to tell me you had one of them you silly girl :lol: ) and just make things appear out of thin air. I imagine this gets tiring contract after contract. Perhaps it's time as Monty Python would say "and now for something completely different" :D Can't have our favorite little Kiwi going troppo on us. :grouphug:

Glad you had a happy scale day Ceejay and a quiet day at work.

I dread going in myself today. It's going to be a hectic day.

I can procrastinate no more - time to get off my own "salt mine". Happy Tuesday. Love and healing thoughts to Mel.

Tig you forgot to report in this weekend ;)

09-05-2006, 02:29 PM
Just in to say hello--Nothing going on at the moment.

suzi in auz
09-05-2006, 07:21 PM
Hi chicks :hug: :coffee:
sitting here drinking and reading, we have been awfully quiet for a few days huh?

Shad, thanks heaps for posting ....oh pooh about getting back into things, perhaps it is time to "blow that popsicle stand!" it is really not worth your time or effort for such a small contingent. I know you will know all this...hope the powers that be listen.
Your shopping spree sounded wonderful! I love the sound of your white gold and emerald ring. I have always been fascinated by emeralds, I love green, also love white gold as silver looks better on my complexion. Yaaay! How funny what the watch dogs at the credit card company called. i guess it's a good thing. :D I hope your mood and your day improves! :hug:

Ceejay hey there, I know how you feel about exercise some days. I have pretty much put the gym off all week, I think it's a mind over matter thing for me now I have cancelled and will be through by the end of the month. I did walk get on that bike :bike2: I can't believe that you had 24 credit cards!!! eeeek! it's an easy trap to get into especially when there are no fees. One suggestion, close them and keep maybe 2, an extra if the stores don't take one :^: :carrot: on the finding the $$ for the lady. You have achieved your quota of random acts of kindness for the week!

Happy I know about the pool heater, I was thrilled when i found out there was one here in the house. We get so much sun in the summer on the solar so it really is beneficial and it will warm up in no time, there has been occasion when it's been in the high 30's but it feels like a bath and isn't refreshing at all. I think we might be swimming in there this weekend!

PW good for you for keeping moving. a little bit will go a long way. I hear how you are feeling on the empty nest thing, I spend all my time growling at the kids to tidy their rooms, soon enough they will be empty, seems so strange, I loved the bowl, What a beautiful BLUE. Presents for no reason are the best sort!

Holly You go girl. You can do it. 16 will look positively slim!

Melly :wave: we miss you.

:wave::wave::wave: to all you busy beavers

I am so enjoying my new toy and am zipping around everywhere. It is a joy to drive.
Think of me. DH and I are involved in a play at the moment. I have a bit part but DH has the lead baddy. He's a little nervous. The dress rehearsal is tonight and performances on the weekend. I do hope it goes well.

have great days

09-05-2006, 07:50 PM
The first is a baby red bellied woodpecker at one of our feeders. He doesn't have a red belly at all but it's head gets red. If the hairline is receeding, it's a female - this one is too young to tell yet. Not to be confused with the Red Headed woodpecker - whose head is a deep red and it's body black and white. Hoping to get a good picture of that one soon. We also have another woodpecker - a Downy who is much smaller than the other two but just as pretty.
DH just came back in. Here's Momma Woodpecker.

This one is kind of cool I think. Look closely at the end of the hummer's beak. That white thing protruding out is it's tongue. It pokes the feeder (or a flower) with it's beak and then sticks it's tongue thru to lap up the nectar. This is one of the little guys who is ferociously (and I MEAN ferociously) guarding "his" feeder. DH said he was whipping his tongue in and out and it's really much longer than appears here. We know this is a boy because only the males have ruby throats and also - girls would share :rofl: There were 2 males out this morning - this one and another guy who were literally body slamming each other - you could hear the thumping. Sometimes you can also hear the click of beaks as in a swordfight. And they are only about the length of my index finger - and I have small hands.

And here's Mr. Moulting Cardinal

09-05-2006, 08:00 PM
:crossed: Hope you both do well in the play Suzi - sounds like a lot of fun - what a great activity to get you up and out of the house. How did you get into acting?

Hello Ceejay - I know how easy it is to have 24 credit cards and not want to close any of them. Not any more tho. I follow Suzi's advice now.

I'm off to hit the treadmill upstairs. Shrimp on the Barbie for supper tonight with some fresh fruit and veggies.

I'll try to check in later.

09-05-2006, 08:16 PM
Here's a link to DH's pictures on Webshots if anyone is interested.

09-05-2006, 10:20 PM

I'm still trying to get my groove on! Reading about women who are brave, take charge wonders who seem to have so much order and good sense in their lives. The kids are at different schools this year, opposite sides of town. Don't get me started about how eye crossing that scenario is going to be. No awards for punctuality this year :p I'm being sucked under by schedules and the routines of mommydom. Sigh, I miss summer already and it hasn't even really gone. I adore puttering in the garden and watching the butterflies and bumbles.

Happy-wonderful pics! Give hubby a big high five from me for his good eye and shutter finger ;) Made me smile hugely.

Shad-gosh, I'm sorry the job has you so frustrated but kudos on the shopping. What fun! Glad you found some goodies to cheer you up.

PW-yeah, I'm not a poster of numbers either. Wonderful bowl, what are you going to put in it? Fruit or flowers? I thought of you the other day when I say a book about writing...Bird by bird : some instructions on writing and life by: Anne Lamott. I ordered it in at the library but it hasn't arrived yet, just thought it was something that might peak your interest :) Wool jacket sounds very posh. DS will always be your little boy, no matter what life choices he makes. What is his room going to be designated for now that he is making a home away? A knitting nest/painting studio for yourself?:carrot:

Suzi-Drama! Lights! Action! so you get to watch your man be the bad boy? How is that? Are you seeing another side of him? Very cool that you are involved in the theatre, good to exercise those creative talents.

Holly-I hope you can find time for the exercise. Making yourself a priority in all the stuff of life is a toughie. I keep trying :^: My MIL wanted me to can my tomatoes. I chose to boil them into sauce, ziploc and freeze :) That boiling water stuff and popping lids scare me:dizzy: Good job finding the cucumbers, nothing like the home made pickles, always tastier :D

Ceejay-nothing to report? Did you eat a banana to keep your potassium levels up? How much water did you manage? Scales nice? is that an oxymoron? :p Glad you saw something good in them ;)

Madcat-comic books! Did they have any of the Star Sapphire, Green Lantern mags? She was so evil :p Last comics I read were Garfield and Archie:cool:

:hug: :wave: MEL- ((((Be well!))))

Woot to everyone lurking and reading :wave:

09-05-2006, 11:21 PM
:D Busted by happy...

Had a great weekend. It rained Saturday and Sunday but yesterday the rain was late. We went on a long ride yesterday before the rains hit late in the afternoon. I ended up with a sunburn. Well worth it. :cool: DD and her DDsweetie spent the day at the zoo. They had a nice day too.

I had a great run on Saturday. I've been running at least an hour once a week lately. I have to get out early before the heat and humidity gets too wretched. I'm trying to increase my time every week. I'm not sure what my ultimate goal is. I don't know if I'll ever be able to run a half marathon, but I'd love to dream about it. My current dream: I'm working towards two hours.

:hug: to all!

09-06-2006, 03:23 AM
Happy - such lovely pictures. Gotta love those birds. Funny that they are so territorial hey.

Painter any goal, small or large is the ultimate. If you achieve then you simply make the goal again. You know you achieved it once so twice isn't a problem. Good luck with the BMI.

Suz - good to hear that you are enjoying the new car and zipping about from place to place. The teenagers will now be wanting to get their lessons and p plates so they can have a go too!!!
Break a leg in the dramatic event!!!

Meadow - as usual, different and interesting graphics. I did have a great time shopping. Not one of my usual pastimes. The troppo-ness must be affecting me more than I thought.

Tig - sure you will get back into the swing of running again. You've done it before. Aiming for a full marathon??? The New York Marathon or the London Marathon???

Things are swinging around here. The guys on plant need help. They try to get it, the best way they know how. However as per normal, they are impeded by HR. Today one of them came to me to book some time. I'll go out there on Friday morning to help them out. Nobady else is talking to me, even my e-mail is silent. Haven't had a mail all day except for the broadcast service degradation e-mails. Makes for a very quiet time. Tomorrow I have no courses at all. Do I stay at home, or do I come in and sit here for 4 or 5 hours and do nothing on the offchance someone may need my help. I have to make the decision shortly since there are only 2 cars between 3 people and the others have courses to run. I mailed my 'leader' this morning about booking flights home - she is ignoring me. Maybe she thinks I will change my mind and if I don't have a flight booked then I will have to stay!!!! Could be an interesting discussion if we ever get around to speaking to each other!!!

Mel is getting better and now has (I think it is part of the rosacea) a cyst forming on one eye. Fortunately this one is on the outside of the eye. The last one was internal and required surgery - if I read the post right. She will be back as able. Meantime if we forget any birthdays it will be Mel's fault - right? I know Suzi has one coming up. Not sure on anyone else.

Okay, well I guess I better go find something else to do. I've whinged enough here.

09-06-2006, 11:09 AM
Hello to all,

I'm still exercising. I'm pacing myself at 6 miles per day per bike ride which equals a 20 minute ride and do a weight routine, even though the weights are only 5 to 8 pounds. Did 100 crunches last night and believe it or not I'm not sore.

Sorry to here about Mel. Shad if you will IM me her telphone number I'll try to call her.

Have a good day.

Wanna be a size 10.

09-06-2006, 05:02 PM
K. Just checking in. I had a long post written and *ack* lost it. I'll be back this evening (with luck) to try again.

09-06-2006, 06:20 PM
It's a quiet old world all around I guess. Not much news here either. The world is still spinning and people are still doing strange things in it. Life just goes on and on and on.

Had a call from DS2 last night which cheered me up. Not that he had a lot to say but just reporting in to state that all was well in the normal world. He has been around collected the mail, paid a bill for me and checked out the house and watered the plants. His partner who was laid of from her job a week or so ago has got a new job so they are both pretty chuffed about that. DS1 is chugging along nicely and the plans for the DB2's 50th are beginning to move along. It seems we will have the (almost) entire family here for the shindig. One DB2's old friends - now resident in Florida - has sent me a mail to say that he may get over for it as well. That is one thing that will be kept under wraps until the day, for sure.

Ceejay - I don't have Mel's phone number here. I'm just using e-mail to keep in contact. I don't know whether she has a listed number or not.

Okay - I'll go check out a few other threads and then get set for a very boring day. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Catch up soon.

09-07-2006, 01:33 AM
Hey y'all,

I tried calling Mel for an hour and a half after I got home. Line was busy, perhaps she was on the computer. After that I got to cooking dinner and by the time I finished cooking, ate it and cleaned it up it wasn't too late here but I remembered she is an hour ahead of me and perhaps it was indeed too late for her. I think she is not the night owl that PainterWoman and I are.

So sorry to hear about the untimely death of Steve Irwin. I told DH he died doing the things he loved and he lived his life that way. It is a noble thing that not many of us can claim. Call him a bit over the top if you like, but I think he did much to bring attention to Australia and the animal kingdom in general. Enjoy your new post in that great big preserve in the sky mate. *salute*

Shad, it sounds quite boring where you are. And you are not one to sit around idley so I hope they come to some satisfactory resolution for both parties very soon. Perhaps you should start writing your own beginners guide to the mysteries of SAP on the side. Start with a translation guide - in the real world we call it an invoice, in SAP land it's a transactional process - of course that is wrong but I can't speak SAP, therefore I can never get a logical answer to my questions. :mad: I will buy your book - and if you co-author it with Madcat, I will buy at least 2 copies. :lol: Sounds like plans for DB's big day will be a fun event for the family. Hope his friend can make it to the party.

Ceejay - good going on sticking with the exercise. I hope you do get to a size 10. We will expect pictures. Really, we will. :yes:

Nice to hear you are back running again Tig. And that you have been out riding. Be careful of the sunburn. Use sunblock. Don't need those premature wrinkles now. ;)

Woot back at you Meadow. I see you are in the league with my sister of Moms who are NOT happy to see school start up again. Hope your schedule is not too hectic. Time for a cup of tea and a glimpse of a fall flower, colored leaf or pretty mum - I mean flower mum, not our Moms :lol: chrysanthemum - I'm sure that's not right. :dizzy:

I did good on food today, not good on exercise. Came home a bit late and found that DH had taken an offer of some guys driving around who were willing to dig up the flower beds and re-mulch the front yard. I set some cool water bottles out for them, talked to them a bit and DH showed me his latest discovery. Out in the front flower bed was a HUGE yellow and brown spider. I think it's a harmless garden spider - at least that's what the landscape guy said but I'll do more checking later. I went into the house to get dinner started. Put some pork chops on to marinade and then realized they are supposed to marinade over night. Oops. Plan B. Season up some chicken for the grill. Try calling Mel several times in between all of this. By then it was kind of down to the wire and I ran out of time. I didn't really feel like exercising at 9pm tonight - been having some trouble sleeping as it is. So I should have gone to bed 30 minutes ago as I set the alarm 30 minutes earlier for the morning routine.

So I'm going to sign off for now. Hellos to the rest of the chicks. See you in the morning.

And we are good with birthdays until mid October when Suzi kicks off the next round.

09-07-2006, 08:36 AM
Hello it's morning already :wave: Off to bend and stretch and tote and lift and haul. Step lively now. :dancer:

09-07-2006, 01:18 PM
Back to school is bitter sweet for me. I miss my kids terribly but very happy to have the others go back!!!
DS hates summer. Too hot to play outside(for him) and he prefers school. More to do, his friends are there, he likes learning stuff, he likes routine and he is happier. Hockey has started. Gymnasastics for DD next Fri. Last yoga class last night. Need to figure out if I can do the next session. Dealing with some church conflicts........
Getting back into Avon mode!!!!!
Busy, busy, busy....happy so far!!!

Kids fed, cobbler in the oven, having a big salad with romaine,chicken, swiss cheese,yellow peps, cucumber, celery, carrots and a blue cheese vinagrette!!!!!! YUM!!

09-07-2006, 04:26 PM
Cobbler, ummmmmm. Did you find a South Beach friendly recipe? If so, please share. Cobbler is the best, no matter what fruit is inside of it.

09-07-2006, 05:50 PM
No! LOL!! I wish. I have 2 servings of carb a day with SB phase 2. I only use it as a guide. I had cereal for breaky. And the cobbler as a snack. I had salad with protein for lunch and will have meat and veg for supper.

I make my own recipe for cobbler.

I had peaches left over from canning. I had bought a bushel. I used about 20 peaches. Blanched, peeled and sliced. A half cup of sugar, cinnamon,nutmeg.
Topping- 1/4 c butter, 1/2 c flour, 1/2 c sugar. I use oats when I have them.
Bake 350 for an hour. Makes a 9X13 pan. I just fed 7 bowls to kids and it is only a 1/3 gone.
Moderation helps:dizzy: . hubby will eat most of it.

09-07-2006, 08:50 PM
Happy - you have changed your avatar. It's cute. Love the S/C/G weights as well. Well done you.

Nothing new up here. Went to gym last night and belted out my frustrations on the rower, bike and treadmill. Then showered, changed, trundled off to dinner. Nice piece of steak for dinner. I usually choose chicken or fish, but this smelt good and tasted good.

Came in this morning to go out on plant and help the guys on a one to one basis, but the system is broke. Now we have to wait for it to be fixed and I can go back. There was no point in hanging about and waiting for it to come up and the guys are busy so here I am back for another bout with computer and trying to belt out some cheatsheets on how to...... (do anything) in SAP. Maybe I should send them across to Happy for her files as well. These are really general things everyone should be able to do. I'm surprised they haven't done it already.

Okay - up and at 'em Atom Ant.

suzi in auz
09-08-2006, 02:21 AM
oh boy...just a few hours and the curtain is up! I am feeling a little nervous!

The dress rehearsal was a disaster! Well for me it was as I totally got star struck by the lights and the audience. We had a few watching. I know it will be better tonight :crossed: but still!
I did find an excellent costume at the costume hire. I am pleased with it and hope it will sprinkle magic dust and help me remember my lines! :o :frypan:
I really do love the whole theatre thing. I got involved with it when I was a teenager at school, my first experience was school musical, which would be my first love. It has been fun though. One of the best parts is having fun with all the cast. There is such room for fun! They are a great bunch but so young and I sometimes feel a little ancient!

DH is doing so well. He loves it and I know he will be nervous but fabulous!

HappyI love the new avatar! and the pictures are just gorgeous. DH has a real eye for the camera. I love your bird feeder, how special. i am going to be on the lookout for one of those!

MeadowI so understand how you feel. it's tricky trying to negotiate everyone! The schedules go out the window and are really revised daily. I think that is why I love vacation, I don't get that icky feeling in my tummy when I just know that I am missing something or late to something. It's a good feeling having that spare time, enjoy the evenings still while there is light, enjoy a picnic on the grass when you can! Hollysame for you!
I know what you mean about missing them, the stages and such too. I have a Birthday coming up for DD soon and I was thinking about planning a party the other day, she has grown out of so much of the "little girly" stuff and it's kinda sad, that time went so quickly. I also saw a picture of my Ds13 when he was only 4 and he looked so adorable, made me a little sad, he still is adorable but just so darn big!

ShadIsn't it funny how we all crave that time alone and peace but it's different when we don't have a choice, I hope you have something to fill the spaces soon and that you get some commnication going between you and the powers that be! That is so frstrating for you! Can you grab one of those cars and do some sight seeing? Wasn't it sad about Steve Irwin. He really was a legend and it doesn't seem real. It is strange how some people are not long for this world. They achieve so much in their short existence and leave such an impression. I really believe that. I was so annoyed at Germaine Greer's response to his death. I couldn't actually believe that the media would voice it. It seems to add insult to injury and was totally uncalled for. There is a time when people should just keep those views to themselves and allow the family anf friends the grace to greive.

Ceejay Oh you really do put me to shame on the exercise front! Well done. Do an extra mile for me please! I want pictures too please!

Melly ...:wave: Hope you are feeling loads better soon, we are all thinking of you:hug:

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Suz :love:

09-08-2006, 02:29 AM
Hi Shad, your little light is on. Good afternoon to you.

Yep, changed my avatar - thanks for noticing. I like to change things out and Labor Day always reminds me that autumn is in the air, tho we still have quite a bit of warmth left here.

I would think you could do well to write the "practical guide" for getting on and around SAP. It is still a mystery to me and no one will tell me anything about it. Apparently there are many other instances and not all master data and transactions are in R/3. :dunno: And it took 4 circuits and 12 people just to get that little tidbit of info.

Dang, there are rogue mossies flying about and they are intent on making it their mission to seek me out and bite me. Just got another on my arm. Should not have to wear mossie repellant in the house! :lol:

The hummers are gathering en masse. More each day as they all look to stoke up for their big trip south. Too many even for the guards to chase off.

Still unable to get through to Mel. Line is still busy. I have emailed her. Perhaps I have the wrong telephone number.

Buggers, look at the time - I should have been in bed 90 minutes ago. So glad tomorrow is Friday even if it was a short week.

Hope you have enough to keep you awake this afternoon Shad.

I like oats in the cobbler or fruit crumble too Holly. Hope you enjoyed it. Smelled great even all the way down here ;)

09-08-2006, 02:30 AM
Suzi, you snuck in too :wave: Good luck with the play - you will be awesome. Just pretend you are acting for a skit at home for your kids.

09-08-2006, 11:57 AM
Suzi--I've heard actors say "break a leg" for good luck. I know you will do well.--On the exercise, yesterday was a cop out on the stamina bike. My body said NO big time. I worked in the yard late yesterday afternoon. I'm counting 30 minutes of that as exercise. I trimmed the hedge and raked it to the street. My shoulders are a little sore this morning.

Happy-I also like the avatar. Thanks for Mel's phone number and reminding me that she's an hour ahead of us.

My boss called me yesterday and told me that a co-worker was quiting. Drat, it wasn't L. We'll probably go to 8 hours shifts for a little while with no day's off until the new person has been hired and trained. C's last day is the 16th. The ISP is in the back yard so I need to get this posted before they turn me off. They are installing a new fiber optic wire underground. It's been kinda fun watching them using the bore machine which digs under ground then they pull the wire through the hole.

Most of the things on my to do list have been completed.

09-08-2006, 06:56 PM
Morning all,

I'm sitting here all alone in a training room at 7.00am in the morning. None of the participants have shown up.
I did something real stupid this morning. I was driving in to work and saw the sun rising on a lake - lots of reflections etc. I thought I would go back and take a photo for you lot. Anyway I turned around and went back turned again and then backed up to where I could see the water. All of a sudden the car lurched and grated and stopped. Oh Boy I have backed over a horizontal pipe and am now stuck with one wheel in the air. Panic PANIC Panic. Along comes a couple of blokes who say can't just pull you off because of the stop cock balls - we will have to jack it up and then try to pull it off. Trust us we are Engineers. One Bloke found some chocks and one got his trusty jack and they inched it up and forward. No2 bloke got in the car and nearly castrated himself - he was definitely stuck - well 6 foot 4 and built like a tank hardly goes into a car with the seat set up for 5 foot 2 and relatively normal. I had to reach underneath him and get the seat back - its an electric gizmo on the side of the seat. He drove it slowly forward on the chocks and then the other guy set up a new set of chocks and we inched the car off. Thank heaven for these two. I have no idea what I would have done without them. And they were so cheerful throughout it all. I have promised them the bottle of scotch that I won at the ball the other night. I'll get it down to them as soon as I get out of here. Big gruff gorgeous saviours!!!!! Oh and in case you were wondering - I didn't get the photo either.

Mel's phone seems to be constantly busy but she is not always on the computer. Last e-mail I had she said that she only goes on in the mornings when the eyes are fresh. The cyst in the eye has apparently come to a head and things are improving. She's on constant sinus meds because of the weed and mould allergies etc. I'm not sure exactly what her phone set up is. Sometimes I can get to leave a message when I ring, sometimes I just get the engaged signal and no voice mail. It seems a weird set up but it may have something to do with her job with the maintenance people. She seems to have some switching device going.

Suzi - break a leg tonight. Remember you are delivering these lines to friends. It's nothing more than a loud chat among friends. You will do fine. Don't forget to get some photos of you and DH all decked out. The fine minds on the thread want to see the action!!!

Ceejay well done on getting things accomplished from the list. Wish that I had a list. Oh well, I guess I can go home, tidy the cell, go for a walk, deliver the scotch, go to the gym and see what the local library (if open) has in the way of a book or two. I'm fresh out of reading material again. I've finished the sudoku puzzle book I bought. There doesn't appear to be much in the way of craft type stores so I can't buy a cross stitch or tapestry to while away the hours. Maybe I'll just check out the stores (one more time). Maybe the engineers will find a concreting job, or a steam roller I can drive or something. Or maybe I'll just go quietly troppo.

See you.

09-08-2006, 09:29 PM
:belly: :belly: Can't have you going troppo my dear. :belly: :belly: :no:

There are several online Soduko websites, perhaps you can print a few to work on in the evenings.

I'm sorry I don't mean to laugh at your expense but I was in tears about the car. :rofl: My nose is stuffed I was laughing so hard. Gotta go get some tissues...

suzi in auz
09-08-2006, 09:39 PM
:wave: to you Happy Happy friday afternoon to you!
The play went fabulously last night and the audience was GREAT! I think sometime you don't realise how good something is until you have the real dael infront of was so much fun! very hammy and very over acted. It's a melodrama so it just has to be that way.
I enjoyed my little cameo and DH was the evil star!
Shadyour early morning adventure sounded like a line from my life. i am always doing stuff like that. How nice of the cute gruffies to come and rescue you....;). I bet Mel would have loved a peek!
Hope she is feeling better soon.
Thanks Ceejay on the "luck" I better go get into this day.
xxx kisses, will report tomorrow.

09-09-2006, 01:22 AM
Happy - your egg is lit. Hi - must be getting late in the evening and at last you have Friday!! Yahoo.

09-09-2006, 01:31 PM
Hi folks,

Quick check in for me. I got up early and I want to maximize the day which means staying away from the computer as much as possible. :lol:

Suzi - so glad that the play went well for you both! Sounds like an opportunity you have to explore further. It's good to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. If you have fun too, all the better!

Shad, thanks for the info. Yes, that's the number I have for Mel. Seems no matter when I call I get the busy / engaged signal. I've tried at least 5 days now - guess I'll just have to periodically keep trying. At least now I know it's not something wrong with the telephone itself. I thought maybe the east coast wasn't taking calls from us Southerners :rofl:

CeeJay - must be that restless time when everyone shifts jobs. We are losing alot of people at our company and others are looking around for other opportunites. I'm tired of working - period. Well at least in this environment. It's not that I want to spend my days sitting around the pool - it's more the case that there's sooooo much I need to / would like to / want the time to check out. And there's not alot of time left over after taking care of a house and working full time. Ok, so maybe I don't need to watch so much TV :rofl: actually to that note I have stopped watching TV. The new season is about to start and I said I really need to get out of this habit of sacking in front of the TV for most of the evening after supper. Especially when there's new TV shows, it's getting darker earlier and the cooler weather will eventually bring out the sluggishness in us. So I promised myself I would pick my 5 favorite shows and limit myself to those. So far this week I have only watched 2 hours of television. And it has made a difference.

Time is up - gotta get rolling here. Have a good weekend everyone - hope to hear from all of you.

09-09-2006, 09:13 PM
Message from Mel.

And a ps. She apparently keeps the computer on to stop calls from the office and other nasties. So if you want to speak to her, e-mail a time and date and she will be available.

Well I actually had a training class today. Quite a number too. So I was okay about getting out of bed at 5.15 to get here on time. No incidents today, thank heaven. But I still have to find the gruffies and deliver the Scotch. It's in the back of the car. I'll be looking for them on my way home. They work on the roads apparently, so I have to find a roadwork person, ask them where the Engineer G is and go find him.

That's about it for today. Happy the idea of limiting tv is good. I have to do it myself otherwise I can sleep through several programs at a time. Yesterday after I got home I went to the shops, and the gym. Didn't end up going for a swim, went to the library and explained my problem to the lady there and she has a solution for itinerants like me. They have shelves full of paperbacks and books which have been donated to the library and I can take as many as I like and replace them with the ones I have bought and finished. There are some reasonable titles there. So I borrowed five and replaced them with some of mine and will be back to look for more during the week.

Better go and look for my favourites Weipa blokes.

09-09-2006, 10:41 PM
My aunt and I went shopping in Jonesboro today. We went to JCPenny’s for her to exchange some things and I wanted to see if they had an extra panel for my drapes. They did have it so I was pleased. My aunt mainly wanted to go to Trees and Trends to look for fall accessories. Then back to Walmart to pick up my pictures that I had developed.

My uncle made a picture of me today in which I’m using as a starting point. I should have done this 5 years ago. I’m also reporting to him for weigh in’s each week. The “silly man” told me he wanted to measure me on the wall for my inches. He was laughing the whole time he was saying this. I’m taking him up on the weigh though. This will make me accountable to someone with out having to pay.

My main problem is the sodium/potassium ratio which is probably what I should count instead of calories. This week I’m going to focus on eating more raw fruit and veggies that are high in potassium.

Today’s exercise consisted of walking but I didn’t wear the pedometer so I don’t know how many steps, miles or calories were burned. Think I focus to much on this aspect, but I need to keep accountable for my actions. Plus 20 crunches and 20 oblique crunches each side, I paid for those 100 crunches I did Thursday.

Today’s food was breakfast-oatmeal, 1 peice of sausage, 1 peice of toast with fruit spread and orange juice, lunch, 6 inch Subway ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayo on honey oat bread 16 oz diet coke and 1/2 of a bag of potato chips, dinner, 3 very salty chicken strips, 1 roll, 1 individual bag of chips, 1 Zero candy bar and a 16 oz regular dr pepper and 1 banana.

I’m not sure what I’ll take to work tomorrow.

Shad--Glad you were not hurt and had help. At least you didn't back into the tree like I did at one time.

Suzi-glad the play went well and that you had a lot of fun.

Happy-I need to break myself of watching to much tv and the computer also.

Hello to all the rest.

09-10-2006, 10:59 AM
Good Morning chicks,

Got a short email from Mel. It's very difficult for her to see, she hopes to be back soon - sends her love to the chicks. CeeJay (I see you on right now) - she got your note but couldn't read it. I try to use large font sizes when I write to her.

09-10-2006, 11:14 AM
Continuing along here...

The weather is warming up a bit, tho the pool is a done deal. The water is 78 degrees and dropping which is way too cold for me, even if it's 90 degrees and the sun is shining. With autumn advancing and the sun being on more of an angle, we get much more shade now and the whole pool is in sunlight maybe only an hour a day.

Going to take out the tomato plants too. The don't get enough sun now so the fruits are small and have cracks due to the temperature fluctuations. What does ripen gets chewed up quickly by the blasted birds and squirrels. :rollpin: I think next year I'm going to try a container garden up by the pool.

I should have done more than I did yesterday. Got caught up in things going on in the homeowners association - or should I say NOT going on. I am ready to just throw in the towel on that deal. Don't need the stressors in my life. Then I got to picking at things in our home "office" - starting to sort through piles of papers but making more of a mess than results. DH and I went to the nursery to check out fall plants. We got some yellow and white chyrsanthemums (there's that word I can't spell again :lol: ) to go underneath the tree on one side of the property. I should get those planted today because if they get dried out - even partically, it's hard to bring them back.

And there's the usual laundry and groceries. We have a huge festival going on in the park nearby. I would really like to go but the traffic is horrendous. Last year DH and I went and we paid $20 to park on someone's lawn just so we didn't have to walk a few miles or take a shuttle bus. It's mosty craft booths so now that DH knows what it's about he's not too keen on going there. They have an annual "weenie dog race" - a running of the dachshound breed. I imagine it's quite fun to see, but that's when it's the most crowded. This is held in a park right in the middle of the residential area so there's not much in the way of parking at all. I guess I probably won't go after all as this would be an all day event and DH says we don't need to be bringing more "junk" into the house. :(

Did you find your buddies Shad? Did you all toast the wonders of roadside service? :cheers: Wait a minute - were you teaching and getting out of bed at 5am on a Sunday???? :yikes:

Ok, time to get moving. Hellos to the missing weekend warrior chicks. :wave:

09-10-2006, 11:02 PM
Morning all,
Yes well it is still morning here but only just. Nothing happening here. I've been out and around site trying to help the guys out but have run out of victims to harass. So I will go off down the road to get some lunch I think and then start accosting all males in orange shirts.

Happy the chrissies sound so nice. Yellow and white will make a great display, how about putting an edging of those golden orange marigolds around the outside border to make the colours stand out. You can eat the marigolds too in salads if you wish. Actually the Japanese eat the Chrysanthemums as well. Go well in salads apparently.
No I haven't found my buddies yet. The scotch is lying securely under the seat of the car. I came down around the same time this morning hoping to see the road guys but they were all apparently suffering from Mondayitis. I would have come to the fair/fete with you if I had been there. I like to wander around those sorts of places. Don't have to buy but now and then you see something you just gotta have. And yes, since the plant runs 24/7 we train 7 days a week. I drew the line at training in the wee hours but have said that I'm okay to get out of bed at that hour, just not get home at that hour.

And that is about it for the day. I'm trying to organise from long distance the party for the DB2 but it is difficult to work out when the NZ contingent will be here. They are apparently going to Melbourne for a couple of days first. Then there is one of DB2's school buddies in Florida and I need to let him know asap so he can book flights etc. Hopefully they will let me go home soon. There is so much more I can be doing there.

09-10-2006, 11:03 PM
Are Ceejay, Happy and I talking to ourselves here? Where are the rest of you???????

09-11-2006, 12:28 AM

I managed a two mile walk with Lesley before my kids started up and I had to vacate the television and tend to ref duties :carrot: I need to start doing it while they are at school. Did you all hear that my plan to get up at 6am and exercise fizzled and failed before it was ever realized? Not a morning person, never will be and certainly not sweaty, but I do have hopes for when I'm older and fitter :p Had dinner with the inlaws tonight, lovely shepard's pie (no gravy) and chocolate ice-cream for dessert. Took them some of the beefsteak tomato harvest, they are the size of grapefruits and totally delicious... I can only stew and freeze so many!!:dizzy: I've picked a bouquet of sweetpeas and cosmos for my bedside table. I'm trying to nurtue my senses as well as my form. I've started keeping bowls of broccoli and baby carrots in the fridge too for those snack attacks. Still eating hummus too:p don't know what you all mean about calories there. The stuff I buy has 30 calories a tablespoon, the pita is 70 calories. So if I have one toasted pita and two tablespoons of hummus, that is 130 calories. (haven't got the recipe right yet, but I do have a jar of tahinin now)

Shad-so that is why you won the Scotch!! It was so you could have hunky fellows sweating over your vehicle and making manly noises;) Good they were so helpful to you but dang about not getting the picture... did they pose instead with a muscle of two bulging? Glad you were alright. Thanks for updating us on Mel:hug: We are always thinking about her and how she is doing (((MEL)))

Happy-I have little birds eating the tomatoes that have dropped on the ground, they don't bother the ones on the bushes. So you never got that wetsuit for the pool huh? Will you be looking into a public pool experience?

Ceejay-OMG! You are going to check in with your uncle?! What do you mean he made a picture of you? Drew one? Camera? This sounds suspicious! :chin: What is he going to get out of being your weight checker? :^: This stuff is so hard, I hope he makes you giggle.

Suzi- :cp: Do you crave the applause now? When will you do it again? Have you signed up for the next one? Congratulations, I'm so happy it went well and you were smiling at the end:carrot:

:wave: Hello worldly chicks, soon it shall be fall, enjoy the changing colours and brisk cool air!

09-11-2006, 03:39 AM
Well, it sounds like you all have had many successes.

Shad-- So glad that your automotive adventure turned out OK. I hope the hunky helpers will take you out for drinks once the Scotch reserve is gone. I assume the lake/sunrise/etc will be there other mornings. I hope your "students" know how valuable you are.

Happy-- thanks for the encouragement on little bits of exercise. DH and I've walked at the mall a couple of times and tonight after dinnertime I paced/trudged around the neighborhood for almost 30 minutes. I need to be sure to take Advil before bed tonight... AND walk some in the morning and Tues and Weds so I don't get all stiff again. The bird photos are awesome!

Ceejay... we walked in a different mall than the one near our lunch rendezvous place. Shops at WillowBend hardly has any people in it... the stores are VERY high end and I think some of the dot com busts made a difference. My sketch of the people ordering coffee is below. ;) Some of them are sort of recognizeable. DH is sort of off to the right.

Suzi -- so what's the next play? I'd always heard that the worse the dress rehearsal, the better the performance. Glad that worked for you guys.

My face was so broken out last week that I self-diagnosed myself with rosacea, too. I called one dermatologist who could see me in NOVEMBER... and the "new" partner in that office could see me sooner... Mid OCTOBER. Grrrrrrr. :mad: In the meantime, I've switched to Cetaphil soap and Oil of Olay and am trying to relax and "avoid stress." HA! All the things I enjoy make it worse: spicy food and staying up late. Oh, and hot flashes/blushing (courtesy of my post-cancer meds), heat (courtesy of Texas), and exercise (courtesy of a smidge of determination) can all make it WORSE. And I made the mistake of researching it on the web... TMI. I won't share. Be grateful. At least the rash is better today.

It would probably be wise to change bedding and towels WAY more frequently than I usually do. Perhaps I could move to a Sheraton for a while! No clients tomorrow, so I foolishly promised DH I'd do some picking up around here. Jeez, he might expect a cooked dinner, too.

But in the late a.m. I have therapist appointment, then lunch with a colleague... so how can I possibly get anything done...:D Should walk in the morning before therapy. My colleague group talked about shame and guilt this morning. Yipes. Shame & Guilt R Us. Eating is definitely a defense for me against feeling either of those. You'd think for how long I'd been in the mental health business, (and just how OLD I am) that I'd have my own shame issues tackled. (But then for how much Terrell Owens is making with the Dallas Cowboys, you'd think he could be polite, too.)

DS survived his first 2 days teaching: physics and Algebra II. He said the kids weren't very interested (no real big surprised) AND that some of them didn't have paper on Friday. WHO GOES TO SCHOOL WITHOUT PAPER?

DD is doing so well with weightwatchers that she's bring her "fat" clothes for me to "shrink" into. Mostly things she wore to work. She's way shorter than me... but it might get me through one "buying" season. IF I CAN EVER GET THE SCALE TO BUDGE.

Hope you all get through the 9/11 anniversary well. Watching the kids on 60 minutes who lost parents made me very sad and choked up-- Not to mention my frustration with the self-righteous or self-congratulatory politicians who are capitalizing on pre-election TV air-time. Grrrr.

Peaceout, y'all

suzi in auz
09-11-2006, 04:57 AM
HI all...
I have snuck in a couple of times today. i even thought that I posted once...silly me!
:hug: big hugs to my american friends as we remember 9/11. :hug:

Weekend was good! The play went VERY well in the end and yes i think I did catch the bug. It will be some time before the next one but we breathe a little sigh of relif. i am going to be rather busy with visitors over the next few months. I have worked out that I have quite a few over 4 months. total = 10! wow. Only 1 overlap with my parents and DB and his wife and my little niece. Should be fun!:o
No it will be lovely, just thinking of the dynamics sometimes can be a little worrying. My DB, my Dad and My DH a little like 3 bulls in a paddock!

With all the visitors I should be getting motivated but am a little cross. OUr insurance claim has come to nothing so far. The assessor and carpet man are still arguing over prices! I just want the job done at this stage.
I am feeling a little blue today ...not sure why.
Sent a note to Mel so I hope she can read...\Yes I do know why....neighbour came over just before 3 and was telling me about the "antics" of my children at her place in the weekend. Her son had his first holy communion and we were invited to a special do! my daughter and her son are best friends. DD and her son got into a little mischief while they were play ( as children do!) Nothing serious, just small stuff but neighbour has decided to make a BIG deal of it.
I smoothed things over but feel badly as DD was really made the scape goat. The only thing I could do is eat humble pie.
People can be tricky sometimes. I offered to take my neighbour out for the day tomorrow as I really think all of this has stemmed over from another issue of me getting to know another friend. I think she is a little possessive!

phew. I better leave this for a bit as I am getting all muddled and am getting grumblings from Ds NEEDing to use the later.

09-11-2006, 09:52 AM
Morning chicks.

I changed the time on the alarm but forgot to TURN IT ON. Doesn't work too well that way :rofl: Anyway I am way late. No time to read or post. Will be back tonight. Good to see more of you back again. I was wondering the same thing Shad was but her finger wagging worked better than mine :lol3:

09-11-2006, 10:22 AM
My week was blur of activity. I only slept 5 hours every night to fit it all in. It was hubby's parents 50th anniversary so we were there all weekend but I drove back for hockey practise. We camped there with about 60 others and then there was a big party yesterday.
The kids were "off" on the weekend. They are the only little kids. Lots of strange people, not enough sleep. That was exhausting.
My house is a disaster!!!!!! Such a crazy ,loooong week last week.
Hockey at 6pm today. DS made the A team. They have a great goalie coach working with him one on one. In a shoot out he saved 25 out of 30 shots. He makes it look effortless too. My 15 year old nephew came to watch. he's played net for 11 years, AAA. He thought DS rocked.

Today is all about finding my home under all the piles of stuff. School, canning, hockey, Avon, School Council, church and SS, newsletter writing............................... all have their very own huge mess to clean up. Oh and laundry and beds changed, poop to scoop.......

I went to bed at 8:30 last night, read for a bit and slept til 6:30. It was great!!!!!

I got pickles, jam and spiced peaches all made. YUM!!

I am afraid but I will go face the kitchen!!!!

HUGs and Love to all the chicks!!!

09-11-2006, 10:24 AM
Morning all. This must be the worst ragweed season EVER - so bad that I have broken out in these horrible weeping hives on my hands and arms. I've have had to spend the last couple of days on heavy duty antihistimines, slathered in cortisone cream, and I now have bandaids over the major spots to keep myself from scratching. I'll be very happy to see the first frost this year... oh and did I mention my eyes are itchy????:mad:

Arg, getting older sucks!! I didn't even have seasonal allergies until I hit my 30s.

Anyway, wanted to check in. If the itching allows, I'll be back later to read and catch up and post.

09-11-2006, 07:24 PM
MadCat--sorry you are having to deal with those allergies. I've never broken out in hives due to seasonal allergies just food allergies. Are you sure it's not something you have eaten?

Hi to every one else.

We had some much needed rain this afternoon. It's still kinda drizzling.

Ooh--the health department came this afternoon to grab samples.

Not much else going on.

suzi in auz
09-11-2006, 08:05 PM
HI all...lovely to see some extra posts.

Feeling a little clearer today. Not so foggy. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in anothers problem. DH put ALOT of perspective on everything for me...although he was rather cross at the acusations. Never mind...all over now.
I am feeling better about the day. I am off to my favourite mall to have a really good look around. I have some vouchers to spend and I thought I might get myself something cute for my birthdat tea :gift: :balloons:. It is time for this party girl to get excited. :carrot:

Holly your week sounds huge. Good on you on all the pickling. i love the look of all that fresh homemade stuff in the pantry, how special. The kitchen can wait. it will always be messy! Enjoy your week and I wish for long sleeps for you.

Madcatyou poor dear. :o :hug: hives...ekk! I hope they clear up soon. I know how it can be as when I first came to Aus I was allergic to the HEAT. Not much I could do about it. I seem to have calmed down now and my body is used to it.
Have you thought of herbal stuff, might be worth a go.

Happyohhhh don't you hate it when that happens? You must have needed the rest. Have a great day today.

ShadWishing you a busy productive day with not a minute of time to feel bored.
Meadowwell done on the walking....i will be with you on the early mornings. I need to get motivated too. I think early is good because too much enters the day after the kids are up.

Ceejay:wave: to you have a lovely day'
Painter woman
Nice to see you peeking in. Keep posting those gorgeous paintings. I am guessing they are yours. I love them. You are so creative!

Ok off to seize the day Carpe' Diem

09-11-2006, 09:31 PM
Carpe Diem indeed,
I seized the day, but unfortunately there is not much in it. No calls from maintainers so far. I have a course at 1.00pm and not much to do between then and now. The Citrix computer system has finally come back up and i can now look at the internet and my mail, so I'll sort that out and go shopping for some laundry detergent etc.etc. Things we do!!!

Life goes on in Weipa, same ol' same ol' and I spend some of my day organising accommodation for the bro's 5oth and some drumming up some work. The most exciting thing happening today is that a trolley has gone missing from the 23rd floor in Brisbane - please keep an eye out for it. I doubt that the missing trolley will make for Weipa - there is just not enough for it to do around here. The fleshpots of Cairns or Sydney sound more attractive!!

Suzi - birthday coming up. Hope you have a wonderful time and get lots of surprises, hugs and wishes. Good on you for the visitors. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time with all of them. The trick with the DH, DF, DB is to keep them busy. A list of things to achieve each will keep them out of each others hair. The old bull, young bull syndrome!!!!! Men - will I ever understand them.

Ceejay - haven't seen a drop of rain since I have been here. Apparently they are getting a bit of it in Brisbane, however as per normal, little is falling in the dam catchment areas and that which is is being soaked up by the parched ground and not running off into the lakes. Such is life.

Ooooh Madcat - hope this passes quickly for you. Can't have you, Painter and Mel all suffering from these allergies. Clean air - you can't beat it can you. If powers that be considered clearing the rotten weeds and keeping them under control there would be a vast reduction in the problem, but they don't unfortunately.

Holly - such a lot of things on your plate. 15 minute intervals. Go like mad for 15 and then have a quiet period, go like mad again for 15. It's amazing what one can achieve that way. A list to be marked off is also handy. Makes you feel like you are achieving something.

Happy - how many times have I forgotten to set that damned alarm. Fortunately I seem to wake up in time but it is darned annoying when you wake at about 2am and think I forgot the alarm, you set it and then you can't get back to sleep. Life's a ***** some times.

Painter - loved the sketch. Well done on the walking. Keep going. It will get better I promise. You just have to be very determined to succeed. And I guess it helps to have a goal ahead to achieve. The automotive adventure got fixed better than I had hoped for. I felt such an idiot.

Meadow - good for you with walking as well. It really is the best exercise - sometimes I think I only run to exercise the demons chasing me on assignment. I always seem to be moaning about something or other on assignment.
I didn't ask the hunkies to pose - their muscles would be well concealed. Nice blokes but not in the peak of physical condition.

I gave my bottle of Scotch to Engineer G yesterday. Found him wandering up a stretch of dug up road and pulled over (first checking that I didn't run over anything) and gave him his medicine. He says that I didn't have to do it. I said that I was very grateful and besides I couldn't use it myself and may as well give it to some who could. He said he would have helped out without it and I told him that I knew that, because I could tell he was a very nice bloke and that country people always put themselves out to help. I also told him that I had publicly stated that I would give the Scotch to the first person in Weipa who was very nice to me or helped me out in some way. Well he was it, although if he didn't mind I wasn't about to broadcast about digging myself into a large hole and needing to be dug out. So far it appears that no one who knows me has yet sorted out that I had a problem.

Oh well, I'll buzz off and do some shopping then go sort out for my class this afternoon and then have some more down time. Have a good day everyone and be careful out there.

09-12-2006, 02:11 AM
News around here...

Yesterday Kitty caught and killed a hummer. :cry: I was coming from the garage to the back door on the porch and there she was, all bent and going to town chewing on something. *Sorry if TMI* -- my gut instinct was to immediately start yelling - NO KITTY ooooohhhh ickkkkk yuck - at this point I had no idea what was on the mat but I wasn't too interesting in finding out. I was still making grossed out noises when DH came to the door to see me with my shirt pulled up over my head - I yanked the collar up over my eyes you sillies, not the other way around :lol: and Kitty who is easily traumatized and had no idea what she did wrong was up and over the fence beating a path to the next town. I peeked one eye over my shirt and looked over rather than through my glasses thus guaranteeing that what I was looking at was rather blurry to try and figure out what she caught. It's that I don't wanna look but have ta look, you know...I thought it was the usual chipmunk. I was really upset when I saw it was a hummingbird. DH was trying to go after Kitty to find out what she killed. He didn't see the bird by the door off to the side. I told him "Killer" had to find a new home. He wasn't happy about her getting a bird but said that's what cats do. I said then she can do it somewhere else. She is front declawed so he doesn't know how she nabbed it. She does have jaws of steel tho and when the birds are battling it out, they do fly low. Right place, wrong time. I sincerely hope this will not become a habit as she seems to have become bored with the chipmunks for the most part.

In other news, there was a burglary at the end of my street this morning. 4 guys crowbarred a back door open and stole about $25,000 worth of stuff. Fortunately, one of the neighbors saw them cruising the area, thought they looked out of place so when she heard about the robbery, she was able to give an excellent description to the police who actually caught one of the guys driving around the neighborhood apparently looking for another house to hit. There were 2 cars and they apparently loaded up one car after the robbery and that car took off, while the other car was brazen enough to look for other homes. We've had several robberies of local businesses but it seemed like they were leaving the homes alone. I told J that she was a hero and probably saved at least one other home from being burglarized. The person who got robbed had just left the house for 30 minutes and came back 15 minutes after they had broken in. A couple of lessons from this which go hand in hand with what the police have said in safety lessons - thieves can break into your house and clean you out and be out in 5 minutes. Most thieves don't want to be caught / noticed so they would rather break in when they know no one is around. And finally, along the don't want to get caught theme - they will avoid neighborhoods with a neighborhood watch, where they see people milling about or if they see a police presence. The key is really to know your neighbors - you don't have to love them, just get to know what's a normal routine and don't hesitate to report anything suspicious to the police - like cars driving slowly up and down the street. Don't EVER confront someone suspcious yourself. It kind of gives me the creeps, I told DH that perhaps we need to start locking the back door during the day. Things sure aren't what they used to be...

09-12-2006, 10:27 AM
Good advice Happy about the neighbor watch .

Nothing is going on at the moment. I did get an email from Mel yesterday. She's wants to be back very soon.

More later.

09-12-2006, 08:09 PM
Yep, I'm going home on the 24th September. I'm not counting that day as it is going home day. My last training course is on 23rd. So today being the 13th, it is 10 days to go. Yahoo. :cb: :carrot: :cb: :carrot: :cb: :carrot: :cb: :carrot: :cb: :carrot: :cb: :carrot: :cb: :carrot: :cb: :carrot: :cb: :carrot: :cb: :carrot:

Nothing happening here. I have plenty of time to think and I was working out (strange the way minds work on occasions) that my hourly rate here is astronomical. I figured that the day I worked on 33 minutes I was on a rate of $1300 per hour. Wish that was the case!! I could stay forever then. Or at least until I was rich.

And that is about it for just now.
Happy sorry to hear about the burglaries. My heart goes out to the victims, having been one myself. One needs to take all precautions in this world today. Lock the backdoor, and the side one and the front one and anyother one. You may feel like you are in jail, but that's better than being robbed.

Ceejay, glad you heard from Mel. She is getting better then!!!

Better go and get rid of the last bottle of water and then go get some more. Sorry if that was TMI

09-12-2006, 11:55 PM
The antihistimes and cortisone cream is doing its magic. Even the biggest of the blisters is now just a weird patch of rubbery skin. I should be back to normal in a couple of days. whew! I still don't know what caused them… It could have been a food allergy compounded by ragweed season.

Shad~ Congrats on getting the early pardon! Yay ~ we who have ever been trapped in a nightmare job situation, salut you!! Freedom is just days away. You must be relieved. Gosh, I hope you are working this job on a per contract or at least per day rate! :lol:

Happy~ You words about keeping your eyes open being the best way to keep the neighbourhood safe is so true. Jane Jacobs, the famous urban planner, used to say the best streets were ones where people were watching the streets, sitting on their porches, watching kids play. Many eyes do make a safer place for all. Funny, but I don't recall ever living anywhere where we didn't lock our doors all the time. Joys of the big city. Look what even happened to Shad in her own home…Could happen to anyone. The line between being careful and barricading ourselves in fortresses is a thin one. Be careful but don't be paranoid.

Ceejay ~ thanks for the Mel update.

Suzi ~ Hope you found something really terrific at the Mall. Try not to let other people's parenting styles get you down.

Holly~ You week sounds like a complete whirlwind of activity. At least it sounds fun. Enjoy.

PW ~ Sometimes I think researching health things o the internet is where the saying "A little learning is a dangerous thing" must have started :lol: Not everything on the internet is true, I hear :lol: Don't forget that caffeine is probably also bad for rosacea or other skin ailments. I had a facial a while ago and they used this lovely herbal mix on me that was so soothing. Maybe you could consult a cosmetician to see if they have something that would at least make you feel better?

K, I better get moving . It's almost bedtime. Tomorrow is a non-gym morning, I think, but I may walk into work if the rain stops. G'Night ladies.

09-13-2006, 01:40 AM
Madcat :hug: what an awful time you've had of things! I'm glad to hear you are on the mend but you have all my sympathies. This has been a terrible allergy season - everywhere. Kitty likes to lay down and get a good scratching / kitty massage. This means I am basically bending at the waist upside down. Does not make the watery sinuses feel very good. Everyone you talk to everywhere is suffering. Hope you get a nice dry walk in the rain washed fresh air.

Shad - I too am jumping up and down, spinning round and round in the chair - so happy that you will be going home. It wasn't hard to see that you were not in your element. At least you can get back to doing some more constructive things soon. :dance: :dance: :dance:

We saw an update on the local news tonight. Altogether they arrested 7 men related to this particular burglary. All were in a gang. Disgusting, just absolutely disgusting. Thing is, this will make it much more difficult for the young men who ride around here looking to make a few dollars doing honest yard work. I dropped some welcome packet info off to our "sunshine" lady - we had a good chat, I didn't realize I was there as long as I was.

CeeJay, we got a bit of rain but not much. Stop hogging it up in your part of town and send some down here :rofl: How's the bike riding going?

Suzi - did you have a good shopping trip? We are all anxious to find out what you found...

Painter, I don't think kids today or their parents always make the big too-do about school like we did. At least some of them. Keep making little inroads on a better lifestyle. Every day is a new day to do something good with your life.

Holly, hope you made some inroads in that busy schedule of yours.

Meadow - maybe you can make a date with Leslie after the kids get off to school. Or in between taking one to one end of town and the other to the far end from there. I am not a morning person either so I feel your pain. :hug:

Mel :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Goodnight chicks, I'm yawning so hard I can't see the monitor. :yawn: :yawn: :yawn:

09-13-2006, 01:20 PM
Hello to all

Still nothing new.

Shad--Finally found her bloke. Good for you. Did you share the scotch? I'd settle for $1300 dollars an hour or is that $13.00 dollars an hour.

Madcat--Allergies can be a bad experience. Glad things are getting better.

happy--How frightening that there was a gang who did the robbery!
We have some mean kiddo's that do mischief in the neighborhood. My neighbor called me yesterday and told me that the new shed door was off the hinges. In fact it was leaning up against the door this morning when I checked Don't know if she propped it up for me or not. The lawn mower was still on the inside. Whew, I'd cried if it had not been.

more later.

The Biggest Loosers is starting on the exercise thread on 9-20-06. I'm going to join in this. I've always wanted to be a participant in the show. I need a push.
Brought my bills to work today. I really got bored yesterday. This is one of my Thursday's job at home while I'm not manually doing anything.

My plans for the week end does not include going to Paragould. I'm exhausted.
More later.

09-13-2006, 04:17 PM
Just caught up with everyone!!! HUGS!!!!!!

The house is basically unburied. I may do some cleaning tomorrow. Hockey tonight, Meet the Teacher tomorrow, Gymnastics on Friday, signing a new rep on Sat, Bday party that aft( for kids) and evening( for grownups), church in Sunday and then REST!!!!

I have my first afternoon off on Thurs. Next week will be Mon, Wed and Fri!!!
Been getting my 7 hours sleep every night!!!

Shad~ I do the 15 min thing all the time. I am a flylady devotee. I use my daily control journal and lists every day. Glad you are going home!!

suzi in auz
09-14-2006, 02:09 AM
:D hi all:D
No time for posting the last couple of days but have come in to read!

I am sorted! And proud of myself. I have achieved. I went shopping as I said on Tuesday and no big spends just a little look. I do love those vouchers but haven't seen the ultimate "thing". I had a huge try on of about 50 items and really didn't like any of them on me so i ditched the lot. i wasn't going to settle just because I had vouchers. I will wait.
Last night i came home searched the closet. I tried on everything, it all fit but some things a little snug. I thought "this is it" So I am on the band wagon again instead of sweeping it all under the rug. I haven't gained any of my 4 lbs I lost but not lost anymore. So it's bite the bullet time .....again. I will just try to be good and fit in that exercise. I have just noticed all these flabby bits....ugg.

The floors are finally sorted. I have since had a call from the insurers and theya re settling the claim via a cheque so I went off yesterday to research flooring. We have decided on a floating, solid timber flooring in "forest reds" It's a lovely rich grain with a few native timbers. I know it is going to look great. I have organised the guys to take up the carpet carefully so it can be relaid in the damaged area. All this should be completed by the time our friends come on the 27th ( fingers crossed ) we were going to attack DS14 room this weekend but will wait until we "have " to. I am very pleased as I have always wanted the timber flooring and so it has hurried up the process somewhat but at not too much extra cost! Yaaaay:carrot:

I have bought some annuals to plant out in the front flowers bed.
I exercised this morning with a walk with hubby so the day is redeemed. Tonight it's sushi for tea up at our local jaunt. I am looking forward to that.
DS13 has his surfing lessons after a long break. He will be glad to be back out in the waves.
DD has been home with me this afternoon, she had a nasty headache. I bought her flowers and she loved them.
I have been out with some friends to the local cafe and had a lovely healthy lunch, when we came to pay the bill had already been sorted. OUr "naughty" friend who really can't afford it paid, she is such a sweety, single Mum working hard with 2 kids. What a darling. We were all growling about it saying how she couldn't afford it and then thought..."no" she wanted to do this for us.

Hope you all are having great days. I better go and get something organised for this lot.

Love to all

09-14-2006, 09:21 AM
Good morning chicks,

Suzi - good on yah for the self control in the store. I like that you didn't get just any old thing just because you had the vouchers! And the new flooring sounds beautiful.

Keep flying Holly!

Rest up CeeJay - sometimes it's good to just stay home and chill out and get your enegy back.

Madcat, I hope you are feeling better. :hug:

No post from Shad? :mag: she must be out dancing in the streets - "I'm going HOME , I'm going HOME, didjah hear me, I'm going home :dance: :dance: :dance:

Hellos to Meadow and PainterWoman and Tig and Mel and all others I have missed. Got to jump in the shower, busy day ahead. :wave:

09-14-2006, 10:37 AM
Hello to all, Get well wishes to Mel. This place is just not the same without you. You have been suffering long enough and we need your smilin face and voice. To every one else who is suffering from sickness or allergies... best wishes for a speedy recovery.
The cool wind of fall is blowing this morning and they are saying possible snow showers in the mountains... I am motivated to clean house and get the dead bug out of the windows sills and get the house ready for a cozy fall and approaching winter.
Suzi it is great you did a play. Nothing like facing your fears and stepping out and doing something so fun and enjoyable for yourself and many others. What a talented bunch we have here.
Happy so sad to hear about the robbery but the great thing is they caught them.... that is just so scary. Please be safe. Thank you so much for the pics of the hummers they are amazing to watch... Mine are gone now.
Shad homeward bound soon? Very Good. Then where are you off to? Do you get to stay home for a while? Who is watching the cat this time?
Ceejay I am with you about getting serious again about shedding these pounds. I am still losing slowing since my vacation and determined to continue. When I was home another friend of mine has been losing and so we have a fun party to attend the end of October and we are going to wear something new.
Madcat hope you get to feeling better soon!
Holly I can so understand the hockey mom thing. Jesse is still playing goalie at the college level now. I could never just sit through a game when he was in the goal. Enjoyed those days.... but don't miss the smell of the gear!!!!!!

Ok ladies I have a situation and if you care to comment I would welcome it. I have a friend who is Icare very much about and we had some words that did not go over very well. I have apologized more than once for the part I played in it. Then after that I guess she was offended by something I had no control over so the silence now between us is huge. I continue to write her letters and cards just expressing myself like our phone conversations use to be.... keeping her informed about my life and pets so on and so forth. Any suggestions?

Hope this finds everyone well and moving more and eating healthy..... thanks for just being here.

09-14-2006, 01:50 PM
It's so nice outside. I love fall.

Not much to say.

09-14-2006, 06:09 PM
Regarding your question about your possibly lost friendship. This is one of my all time favorite essays. I hope it gives you some comfort. Sometimes things are not meant to continue, even tho we wish otherwise. I think you are right in trying to keep corresponding, but at some point, accept that the friendship may have just run its course.

Are Your Friends Here for a Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime?


Many of us are fortunate enough to have friends who are a consistent part of our lives throughout all our ups and downs. However, sometimes others we consider friends appear to enter, then depart from our lives for reasons we try to, but don't always, understand. This piece nicely explains the flow of people in and out of our lives.

It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally, or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend, and they are! They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part, or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered. And now it is time to move on.

Then people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn. They bring you an experience of peace, or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done. They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it! It is real! But, only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons: things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person, and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.

09-14-2006, 08:21 PM
Happy thank you so much for taking the time to give me that piece. I appreciate it very much it was well done. It is a difficult place to be in waiting and wanting someone's forgiveness..... the punishment is far worse than the original offense. But I am a very paitent person and am trying to remain hopeful that some communication will exist sometime in the future.
Thanks Happy,

09-14-2006, 10:41 PM
Happy has, I think, said it all in that piece. Although she has quoted Reason, Season and Lifetime previously, I don't think I have ever seen the full article.

The only thing I could add to this is to go see the friend. Explain your reasons, problems, and perceived solutions. Then if she will not accept the facts or has a problem with them or something else about you, accept that the friendship has gone. It's hard but it is not as if you have to ignore her or not speak anymore. The relationship may rekindle if you do not permanently shut the door on her, but it will never be the same. You've done your best, you know there is little else you can do. Move on.

Good to hear from you Holly. Hope it all comes out as planned.

Suzi - well you aren't going to get a call from your credit card provider to see if your card is stolen - not if you don't buy anything. But I hear you with - not going to spend just because you have vouchers. Wise move.
The floors sound good, similar to what I will put in my place when the flooring gets its turn. I'm trying to go for solid timber - it may be more expensive but I reckon it will last longer. Don't need carpet where I am. A rug does the job over tiles or flooring - too hot otherwise.

Not much happening here, again. I've been in my favourite place - out with the blokes working and learning from them as much as they learn from me. Hope we can continue to do this until my time here is run. However the other two tend to get the cream stuff so I doubt that I will have much more to do. Boring.
Still it is only just over a week to go and I will be out of here. One of the people I have trained has invited me out on Sunday for a trip through the bush and up the coast about 70K. I will enjoy that. My co-worker who has given me a fair amount of sh*t wants me to work her shift tomorrow. I may decide to say no as she is going drinking tonight and will probably be in no shape for tomorrow. Sounds nasty but a bit of pay back goes a long way. She hasn't exactly been the milk of human kindness to me. Enough. I'll make the decision shortly.

Okay, I'll catch up with you all later. It's the weekend here shortly and I have a class in about 30 minutes. See ya

09-15-2006, 01:33 AM
You are quite welcome Nae. Good luck with your friend - I hope all is not lost and I can completely understand your comment about the punishment being far greater than the offense. Sometimes we have the unfortunate position of being the last one to tick someone off for some minor infraction and we instead take the heat for everything that has gone wrong in that other person's life that day. And once you flame or ignore someone, sometimes it's hard to mend things. The worst is when someone misinterprets something that was never intended that way. As such, I am trying not to be such a hothead myself.

Therefore I should council Shad here to be a love and take over Miss Priss' class tomorrow when I would actually MUCH rather tell her to wait until about an hour after Miss Not Very Team Oriented stumbles in drunken like and then bang 2 pots together loudly announcing that she has a class in 3 hours. :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: I will phone it into her if you like **mad, evil, giggle - muhahahahahahaha***

I am glad you reported in Shad, I was getting worried. No word in almost 2 days - didn't know if your delicate bum was stuck to a hot railroad iron, if you had gone troppo dancing the roads of Weipa or whether you were down in the mines investigating how to apply the best of SAP process control. Glad to hear you are just your curious helpful self. :D

CeeJay, I know exactly what you mean about the fall weather. It is glorious out there. Should be downright chilly next week. Where did I put those fall sweaters????

I was at the library tonight picking up my next book for book club. There was a ruckus going on. Turns out it was 4 teenaged girls who should have known better. They were all cute. You could easily see that these were the "in click" who were full of themselves, mean, spiteful, thought they owned the world and were probably ruining more than one young girl's high school days. I'm glad I'm not in school anymore. I think the kids are much meaner to each other than we ever were. And it's a breeding ground for low self esteem thanks to twits like that.

I'm tired. Going to bed now before I get myself all riled up. Good night ladies.

09-15-2006, 02:37 AM
Aaaah - I'm one step ahead of you Happy. I thought long and hard and then decided I wouldn't sink down to the lower level and accepted the job. After all I only have one week left. Then with some luck, we will not work together again - after all I have avoided her during the last 10 years, why not the next ten.

09-15-2006, 03:03 AM
It amazes me how so often we all seem to be thinking about the same things, for different reasons. I was reading a book called "Above all, be kind" a bit of a guidance book for teaching one's kids how to respect others. I put together this wp today, just because images have always aided me in crystalizing my thoughts :) I found this picture from a book of Aesop fables about the lion and the mouse, one of my favourites and the quote "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" *Aesop I changed the middle bit to "however small" because the "no matter" bugged me for some reason... childhood regression therapy needed to find out the root of that:p

09-15-2006, 09:23 AM
:grouphug: HONEYS.....I'M HOME:balloons: (or should that be "ies" lol)

:o :dizzy: Wow!! 15 pages!! :o :dizzy:
Catching up with you lot will be like reading a novel! :p WTF!!! I am back but will have to make changes in my lifestyle and take even more time for myself, and make choices about the things I like to do and are important to me. So volunteering is out the window now with a few seasonal exceptions like voting days, arts & crafts, flu shot day etc. These days are fewer and farther apart. :rofl: I have been trying for years now as you well know to retire....:faint: Now I have the incentive to really do eyesight! the entire bldg and office was put on warning! lol
Anything to do with the eyes is limited and if worse comes to worse, he suggested an egg timer. :tantrum: But it might keep me more honest. Other than this..................
Not much is new here. Went to the Dr yesterday and he gave me the all clear to get back on.....also lectures on daily eyecare and the consequences of skipping them.
So it's back to a routine and STICKING TO IT no matter what. No more steroids at the moment either but I will never be "out of the woods" according to him. I believed him too. I can feel it. So this too might not exactly pass as I would like it to but I'll survive :lol3: :lol3:
:hug: Hope you Chicklettes are all well and happy. :hug: I'll read up during the day and see what mischief you lot have been up to.
HAPPY FRIDAY!!! :moped:

09-15-2006, 09:24 AM
Great picture, great thoughts Meadow. I will carry them with me today. Thank you for the reminder. :hug:

You are indeed the better person for stepping up Shad. :cp:

Ok, let me go wreak some acts of kindness today. Guess I can start by letting some maniac pass me on the road ;) On with the show...

09-15-2006, 09:27 AM
Mel is BACK!!!!!

:carrot: :cb: :jig: :cp: :dance: :carrot: :cb: :jig: :cp: :dance: :carrot: :cb: :jig: :cp: :dance: :carrot: :cb: :jig: :cp: :dance: :carrot: :cb: :jig: :cp: :dance: :carrot: :cb: :jig: :cp: :dance: :carrot: :cb: :jig: :cp: :dance: :carrot: :cb: :jig: :cp: :dance:

We've missed you soooooo very much. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

09-15-2006, 01:40 PM

09-15-2006, 02:21 PM
The FDA put out a warning not to buy any bagged spinach. There's an out break of e-coli. Several states are involved.

WhooHoo Mel is back. Welcome home--Should you be reading all this fine print?

Pay check came on time this morning. So now it's time for me to so some errands. I'm extremely hungry at the moment so I may stop by subway and pick up a sandwich.

I'm starting with ediets again for the fitness and menu's. I chose the Mediterrianian diet. I'll start that tomorrow. I need to go grocery shopping.

My aunt called me this morning. She'd been to see my allergy doctor. Think she was impressed. She usually see's another doctor in that group.

Shad--I knew you would not make a hasty decision.

Hello to Madcat, Happy, Meadow, and Nae

09-15-2006, 09:48 PM
Yes, spinach I have been eating on a bag of it all week but I am still here....... what is the deal when spinach can make your sick....... I am still losing weight and trying to eat better. I am doing at least one shake a day then other small meals.
Miss Mel.....yeahhhhh we are so happy to see you! I do hope you continue to improve and come out and play with us more.
Well, we finally got rain and the weekend is cooling off. I am riding my scooter to work but have to bundle up.
Hope eveyone has a great weekend... check ya later.

09-15-2006, 11:02 PM
The Boy and I are having a very nice night. Made dinner – small fillet mignon, cheater garlic mashed potatoes (boiled potatoes mashed with no fat Caesar dressing), and green beans. Probably a good thing there is no cheese cake in the house:lol: Now we're watching the Canadian Football League game from Calgary, and it is snowing there!! BBBrrrr. It's supposed to be 28 or so here by Sunday. There is a reason they call us the Great White North.

Hey, my hives are almost all gone and I'm glad. I'm tired of being semi-stoned on antihistamines. I'm still slightly itchy, but it's manageable.

Shad ~ I forgot to mention that your car story made me laugh out loud. That is a bottle of scotch well-spent, I think. I'm glad your last few days can at least be enjoyable. You know, it is tempting sometimes to make idiots pay for their bad behaviour but there is something to be said for rising above and performing an act of good karma. Your Sunday trip sounds interesting. Sometimes the most interesting things can be found "just up the coast". Take pictures!!

Ceejay~ Glad the new mower was still in the shed and intact. I don't understand the thought process behind random vandalism. What does it prove? We have a problem with that here in our apartment building. I put it down to boredom and lack of respect. I hope you get some much needed rest. I love fall too.

Holly~ How will you squander your day off?

Suzi ~ I know what you need about wanting to find just "the thing". DH and I got a bunch of gift certs as wedding gifts and we haven't used them yet. We sort of feel that they should be used to buy something significant and not just used for any old thing. Good luck getting back on the bandwagon. Now is the time to do something before snug becomes unwearable. I hope your wee girl feels better.

Rose ~ I agree with what the others have said. Really I think what needs to be said does need to be said in person or at least on the phone. Things can be so misinterpreted in print. On the other hand, sometimes if you just let stuff go for bit it may just blow over. The women here are so wise.

Happy ~ You couldn't pay me to be a teenager again – even if it meant I wouldn't have knee problems. :lol: I love your suggestion to Shad – evil. I like it.

Meadow~ Such a lovely sentiment. I agree. Sometimes and act of kindness is its own reward. Even if the recipient doesn't appreciate it, it is still worth doing. Sometimes we have to do things just because they are the right things to do. The lion looks like Aslan from Narnia.

Mel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back. :wave: :wave: :wave: The old joint was too quiet without you. You listen to your nice dr. :angel: :angel:

I have to do some laundry this weekend and figure out what I am taking with me on my wee excursion to New York City next week. I am going with my friend G who I first met my first week of university 25 years ago. G & I have traveled many a mile together. In fact in the years after I broke up with my ex, we went on many journeys. I used to laugh that during those years that I spent more nights in bed with him than I did with any straight man I knew :lol: So this is our silver anniversary trip. I can hardly wait.

09-16-2006, 05:15 AM
Hiya all,
Well my class today was a bit of a fizzer. Only one showed up. Delightful man - now don't start getting the wrong ideas here - but it was nice to have someone who appreciated the effort I took to get him up and running. He has had great difficulty searching for things in the store. It's a fundamental that gets skimmed over on most projects. If you can't find something to fix something else, then how are you going to achieve the production targets set - etc.etc.etc. Anyway the man is now enjoying a dozen different ways to find a 'VALVE, BALL, CS, BALL VALVE FEMALE (3/4IN) T' and he can do it in less than 10 seconds. He can also use the various searches to find materials by old material number, plant materials by description and fuzzy searches. He now recognises the methods used by stores to describe materials and understands that he doesn't have to put the entire description into the line. He gave me a big hug at the end of the class. I gather the time spent was a success!!!!

Other than that I have done little today. I've washed and dried my stuff, been to the library for a couple more books, and generally lazed around. Tomorrow I go out into the wilderness. I will take my camera and I will see what I can find for you lot to see.

Madcat good to see you back without the scratchies and itchies. Have an interesting time on the NY journey. I take it that the DH is more than okay with this. What a charmer - a man with enough confidence to let his missus out with another.

Spinach huh - who'd have thought. I love the stuff. Not cooked mind you but raw in salads etc. Just goes to show you have to be very careful with the food hygiene.

Mel - so good to see you back again. I'll be back on the email tomorrow afternoon and tell you all about my BIG day out among all the other moans I give you to digest and mull over - it's no wonder you have rosacea!!!!

Meadow, Rose, good to hear from you. Teel, it's about time you came out of hiding!!!! And I might be wrong but isn't it time for Linus' CJ to turn 1 already. Can't remember whether it was this month or next. I do wish she would come back and tell us her tales again.

Better go. I have a couple of things to do before the 2 TV programs I want to see tonight. I'll be back.

09-16-2006, 09:10 AM
Well hello at last!
This bloomin' computer has been drivbing me mad for a few weeks as I kept being timed out for no reason at all that I knew of, and when I turned it on again I was connected but unable to find any web pages! So my computer man said he thought the only thing to do was to back everything up and then strip the hard drive down to default level and start again like new....ho hum!!! :mad: :o :( And so a friend of mine came over and proceeded to back up all my files and suddenly the internet connected as if by magic, and lo and behold everything worked!! And has continued to work for a week now!!!:cool: :smug: So we haven't had to strip it all down afterall....I just don't understand what happened but I am eternally grateful for it!!!

And so here I am...

Its Linus' son's first birthday today!:gift: :bravo: :hb: :hat: :cp: that first year seems to have gone by quite quickly...

I went to slimming world with a friend the other night. The friend has done well and over a few months has lost 2 stone 2 lbs.I, on the other hand, went for my second weigh-in after the first week and to my utter dismay, had gained 1 1/2 lbs....!!!!!!!!!!!:kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: The leader said I was not a) drinking enough water and b) not having enough fibre type food like bread and cereals. To say I despaired is putting it quite mildly really.I know I went out for a birthday meal during the weekend but I wouldn't have gained in normal circumstances. I will stick to for a few weeks more and see what happens.

Shad I must have heard your call!!! I always seem to post after you have prodded me with the famous cattle prod!!!

Ta ta for now!!

09-16-2006, 10:28 AM

09-16-2006, 10:28 AM

09-16-2006, 12:19 PM
Good Morning Ladies,

Nice to see so many of you back again.

Mel - a big welcome back to you. Take care of those peepers and everything else that's attached to them! Will be booking our date via email as soon as I'm done with this. :cofdate:

Teel :hug: Sorry for the computer woes. It's how computers get our attention you know. :lol: Wow CJ is 1 already. How time does fly. I MISS LINUS TOO Perhaps you can encourage her to stick a toe back in the water here. As for the diet, well it does take a bit of tweaking and lots of attention to planning and sticking to the plan and measuring and all that not so fun stuff. Just keep at it and do your best.

Shad, I'm glad that you were able to shine the light on at least one poor fellow's brain - after all, that's why you do what you do. The big spinach crisis comes in they suspect with someone using straight manure (e-coli) on a crop that can be eaten raw. A very big :nono: DH and I were talking last night - we remember as kids there were no big crisis like this. Kids ate dirt, picked the scabs on their wounds and left potato salad out for hours at a picnic. The worst thing that I remember was undercooked pork which would give you a parasite / worms :yikes: in your belly. Therefore, Mom overcooked EVERYTHING just to be safe. I was an adult before I first tasted medium rare beef. We got the telephone bill yesterday - our little chat last month was $160US. Good thing DH likes you or I really would have gotten a lecture. :lol: However, he was stern about finding a more economical way to call next time. I thought it might be expensive but nothing like that.

Ah Madcat, is it time to travel with G again? I remember all along the many trips and great fun you have had with him. As for DH being jealous, well there are some friends who are such good friends that they transcend the boundaries of male/female, gay/straight, race size or any other of the things we use to classify and separate. They are as much a part of us like our beating heart. That's G as I would describe him based on what you've written about him. You are lucky - we all need a G in our lives. 25 years tho- congrats on such a long and enduring friendship! Enjoy your trip.

Nae - it's difficult to think that there's a frost coming in the air up by you. But it is a good reminder that the seasons are changing. Get the scooter tuned up and swap out the things in the house for the seasonal change.

We have some orange and yellow zinnias in the yard. We added some white and yellow mums and I have put out some scarecrow decorations. The yard is looking pretty and decidely fall like. It's time to put away the summer whites and dig out the fall lightweight sweaters.

CeeJay - thanks for the spinach warning - it's all over the news now. Even washing it won't take out the e-coli. I have 2 bags to toss. Sorry to hear someone broke into your shed and vandalized it. Get some rest and take a weekend break - sounds like you need it. Sit down and spend a day coming up with meal plans for your new eating plan.

Meadow - have you worked out your hectic tote the kids around schedule? I imagine autumn is in the air by you too.

Hellos to Holly on another busy weekend no doubt.

Run Tig RUN :lol:

Hope I did not miss anyone :o

This weekend will be busy for me. I have an interesting book to read for Book Club - The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. An autobiography of a woman who had extremely eccentric parents. I started reading it last night. It's so bizarre that you have to believe it's real because no one could make up this stuff. I also have to do a thorough cleaning of the house because I am having a meeting of the neighborhood association board here on Monday. People are dragging their feet and we have a general meeting coming up. Either we're going to do something or I am resigning. And then there is the planning for my Mom's birthday party. I think we have most of the details finalized. Those are the big things - of course squeeze in the meal planning, shopping, cooking, laundry and I bought a few new pairs of pants - 3 of which of course need hemming because I forgot to pick up a pair of stilts. :rofl:

Better get busy now. Have a good weekend.

09-16-2006, 01:08 PM












09-16-2006, 01:09 PM

09-16-2006, 01:40 PM
Going to make this post a little easier for Mel to read.

Still not much going on here. I've been enjoying my week end. This is day three and I've not rushed at all to do anything. I've accomplished a lot though. I really needed the rest.

Mel--my thyroid results from the gyn came back on the high side but I'm still feeling draggy. I thought that if your thyroid went hyper you have a lot of energy.

I've been busy making my exercise journal. I thought I was going to hand write my journal also but that just takes up more time when it's a lot easier to type it.

I need to go to the grocery store to pick up a few items to make lunch.

09-17-2006, 10:25 AM



09-17-2006, 11:56 AM
Regarding the thyroid comment - I believe it's the OPPOSITE on the test results. The higher your number, the more hypO thyroid you are - ie. thyroid too sluggish. When it's like .2, that's when you're whrrrrr, whrrrr - everything is in super fast overwound motion.

Be back later...

09-17-2006, 06:02 PM
Morning all,
Quick post as I am out to meet and greet again in a few minutes. Nothing much happening here really. Weather is fine and warming up - not that it ever got cold really (but the natives apparently think so). Yesterday I went up to Pennefather River and Beach. It was fun. 2 crazy characters who never stopped talking and never stopped taking the mickey out of each other, me and their delightful children. We had a brunch out on the beach and cavorted around in the 4x4 bush bashing and sand blasting. Lots of fun. Saw a croc - small only a couple of years old (still not trustworthy), lots of sea eagles, sand pipers, snapes, pelicans and herons, an Emu, a Wallaby and some of the most beautiful parrots I have ever seen. Saw some bush lakes (depressions in the ground which are constantly full of water for the animals etc.) Oh yes and we saw the tracks left by turtles coming up the beach to lay their eggs in the warm sand. Poor turtles - seems everything loves to eat the turtle eggs and the little turtles - man, pig, birds, etc. It is estimated that they lay around 200 eggs at a time but less than 3% survive to adulthood. There are some old WW11 planes (American Kittyhawks) that were crashlanded in the area. Apparently the pilots were on the way to New Guinea but got lost (no GPS in those days) and started back down the coastline into the Gulf. When they ran out of petrol, they had to ditch. The remnants are still there.
We got bogged in sand and belted through a lot of sapling trees. It was a lot of fun. The beach itself is about 40K long and you can drive its entire length to the mouth of the river.

Better go sort out the day. Hi to all. Hello Teel. Nice to see you again.

I'll be back.

09-17-2006, 08:08 PM
Happy--My last test result showed my thryoid level to be an 8 which was high according to the gyn's range of 4.3 to 4.5. On the internist range it would be considered low. Think I'm going to stay with the internist.

Mel--Think I'd rather be cleaning under my bed rather than cleaning out the oven.

Shad--Sounds like you have had a fun time.

Guess I'd better go check on the oven to see if it's ready to be cleaned.

09-17-2006, 08:41 PM




09-18-2006, 09:20 AM
Mel - I'm glad we could have a good time - together yet apart at that. I was watching some show last week where this woman who was diagnosed with cancer said she kept walking around saying out loud - "thank you for my healing". She and her husband would allow no negativity in their home and she rented all sorts of comedy movies and they would sit and laugh all night long. I forgot the exact time period, but say within 6 months, all traces of the cancer were gone. Believable? Not sure but I do agree that laughter is one of the best medicines for the body and soul. :hug: Have fun shopping today.

CeeJay - I see you had some strong storms up your way last night. We got quite a bit of much needed rain ourselves.

Shad - your trip to the beach sounded wonderful. Just what you needed - a little R&R. Glad to hear you had a good time.

It's getting rather quiet here. :( Nothing much going on in my part of town. There's lots of things I want to tackle on the old "to do" list - guess I'd better make me a list before I forget. :lol: Talk to you later.

09-18-2006, 10:05 AM
Hello, I do hope everone had a good weekend. Shad it is so great to hear about the beach and the birds and creatures. It is just such an amazing place compared to the rest of the world, truly nothing like it anywhere. Your time is getting closer for home....yeah!
Mel so nice to visit with you it makes things seems more normal to have you back chatting and helping us all.
Ceejay are they going to give you meds for your thyroid? My number was so off the chart the dr. couldn't believe I wasn't in a bed in a semi coma!!!!!!!!
Ok friends I was having dinner for my friend who just turned 77 and helps me with so many projects and my phone rang it was my estrained friend and she sound just like normal and I was so excited to hear her voice and she promised to ring me back...hopefully tonight to visit. I guess the cute little card with the Yorkie on it says his paws had been bad or something like that melted her heart. I signed it from Teeka and Toby Two asking what they could do to get back in her heart>>>>>> it must have done the trick. Anyway, it felt so good and right I have been praying about it and trying to leave it but I know I can not live especially through a long winter without that friendship to laugh and joke and share life. Thanks for all your help and worked.
Then my other girlfriends who got the tickets for the evening at the Mansion called and we are set to the end of October....yeah I love the fall.
The snow that fell Friday night was so close to my house and it was very cold.... warmed up on Sunday and I was outside hauling rock for my fire pit and transplanting things so the inside... I have morning glories blooming inside the house right now it is so cool.
Hope everyone is well I am going to keep on my diet and exercise this week...want to try be down another 7 to 10 lbs. by the end of October.......

09-18-2006, 10:08 AM
Breezing by... More HUGS!!!!

I need a day off. I usually treat Mondays like a semi day off, when hubby and kids are to work and school and I can catch up a bit here and watch my soap but i have much to do. I need to book appts from the leads I had yesterday.I need to get some cleaning done. Hubby did help with tidying and vacuuming. Thankful. At 1:30 a woman from my business group is coming. She is a realestate agent. She will appraise our house and then we are just visiting, trading business info. The market here has jumped up. We bought in a low market and have done extensive renos. We are curious what the value of our home is.

Just one preschooler here til noon.

Must make lunches. HUGS!!!!!

......Recruited a new guy on Sat and went to the big city fair on Sun and have 8 hot leads to follow up!!!! Feeling excited about the potential.

Need to get some stuff done around here AND make those calls.

.........Kids launched!!!

I am going to make banana bread and then clean the kitchen while it bakes.

09-18-2006, 02:30 PM
Holly--you make me tired just reading your posts. Do take a rest day.

Happy--I only heard it thunder once last night. I must have slept through the rest.We have really been needing rain.

Nae--Good freinds are hard to come by. So glad that things are working in you favor.

Mel--I wish the lab/doctor's would be on the same page concerning the thyroid problem.

T. told me this morning that a new employee has been hired. She will start Wednesday. I will start my 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. shift tomorrow but don't know how long that will last.

09-18-2006, 06:51 PM
Ceejay~ hope this female is more helpful than the other one was!!:dizzy: Drs and lab techs often don't agree!!:(
good luck!! How do you like the Mediterranean Diet?
If you would like the Sonoma Diet book, I would gladly send it to you. I am not using it. Has Mediterranean recipes and ideas in it. The one LindaT bought....... let me know.:D

Happy~ i had a laugh with the to do list. I used to make one every Friday for the weekend and upcoming week. Then on Monday toss it out in disgust! :rofl: Hope you do better with yours. when Jen comes here for a chat, I try to keep our voices even, no yelling and stay calm together. it's something we have tried to keep up with. This way we at least have a haven of sorts with each other. Now get busy wench and tackle that list!:devil:

Nae~ I am so glad things seem to be working out. Enjoy the night you get to spend with her. What is the Mansion? Did I miss something? LOL Inquiring minds need to know!
The morning glories in the house are a real hoot! :rofl: Must seem like living in the outdoors. We had a live tree one year with my DH and it weas the best Xmas we ever had. Lovely smell and great to look at. stay warm!!!

Holly~ :hug:

:sunny: It was absolutely gorgeous outside today. I went to the store and changed my mind. Stayed on the bus and drove around with Willy. Just wasn't in the mood for staying indoors. I can go back another time he said. :carrot: got some good ideas for the Seniors arts & Crafts for xmas though. Going to have them make a peppermint candy wreath for their door and an ornament for the tree in the community room. they are responsible for decorating it. Should be fun. Fran bought the 8" brass rings for me already for the wreaths. then you tie on the wrapped candies with curling ribbon till it's full. the finishing touch is a small pair of kindergarten scissors hanging from another satiny-type ribbon. Very cute. Having a meatloaf TV dinner and then shower. Tomorrow is food shopping and making new plans for better eating. I am 13 lbs heavier since there is NO time to lose!!:faint:
Have a great day tomorrow and Happy Tuesday! :moped:

suzi in auz
09-18-2006, 08:35 PM
Oh i have just had a lovely read. :hug: I love having you all in my day. I have come back to read some more and I will jounral my stuff and comment later.
I have a day at home waiting for tradesmen today...midmorning supposedly, hmmm we will see.
YOu all have been so busy and it's wonderful seeing Mel back safe and sound. :carrot:

The weekend was good. DH and I bit the bullet and decided to join the new health club I was telling you all about, the one down at the beach. It really is beautiful and I know it will be motivation to go with it being so close to the beach.
We went for a trial work out on Saturday together and it was so nice. I hope we will be able to do this regularily , although perhaps with not the breakfast afterwards!
I had my first assessment on Monday and was horrified. I have lost fitness, i know that can be redeemed but I hoped on the scales :o 159!!!! 72.5 kgs.
These are acurate scales. I think I have been fooling myself over the last couple of months with not really taking things seriously. 159 is over 15 lbs more than i was about 1 year ago! Now that is silly. I have allowed it to creep on somehow. Fair enough the trainer suggested that it could be water weight and breakfast plus gym shoes, well that might account for about 2 lbs !!! I will check again today when i go. It hopefully can only get better from here on in. I was glad to see that i hadn't shrunk 176cm still. I looked online to see the "ideal weight for height" I am in the range but still would much prefer to be on the lighter side!
I think my plans of 10lbs before my birthday have somehow slipped out the window with it only being about 3 1/2 weeks away. I might be able to manage 5lbs! fingers crossed!
I am just wild with myself. It's so hard to get back into the swing and I think i am not gettin serious enough, I allow the 'treats' to become the norm!
Anyway.....enough of that boring same old same old. The gym is motivation enough to get into things. The trainer has given me some excellent workout sessions. I am going to be sore. I know because I only did a few things and I have aches. The little electronic key that is used will keep me honest too.
It records everything you do and on the weight machines you can't actually cheat. You have to do as it says or it won't record it. I think the chart at the end of the week will be good to look at. The girl that trained me has lost 36 kgs herself over 3 years and kept it off for 5. She looks fantastic. She is tiny and so 36 extra kilos would have been alot for her to carry. That's 80lbs!!!
I can't imagine that weight on her, she looks like someone who has always been slim.

ok enough talk and more do. It's a great time to get motivated. I am going to give myself a goal of 5 lbs and then a little treat. Not food! The glass of wine in the evening has to go and I think i will keep this for weekends only. It all adds up. Pizza night might have to stop for a while. I do have motivation with all these people coming. I know fitness levels and general wellness can be increased quite quickly. This is my first goal. One thing I was thrilled about was we did some leg work, I mentioned about my knee but it didn't even hurt. It is definitely improving! I will take it easy if it does ache as I will be out for a few weeks if i hurt it but it's a good sign.

Oh dear so far this morning I have had wheat cereal and I am already hungry! I think i will have to keep myself busy.

I will plan my food for tonight and the rest of the week well.

I will get away from me later and comment :) have wonderful days.

09-19-2006, 05:34 AM
Evening all

Have had a good day training today. 14 blokes and me! and funnily enough we had a fire drill just after I finished delivering the safety speech and evacuation methods. We all waddled safely out and were then allowed back a few minutes later. Made for some excitement for the day.
The blokes seem to have enjoyed their class. They all thanked me for it after - even the young bucks who gave me a bit of stick earlier on but then got a bit quiet when I started listing the parts that repair the long haul trucks that they repair themselves and eventually created a work order for them to change out the tail end and also to overhaul the transmission. They now think I know something. (little do they know that I do my homework and find things that relate to them - write it all down and proceed to repeat the job on the spot) It's cheating but it shuts them up I can tell you.

Rose - good to hear that the friendship may be on the mend. What a fun idea sending notes from the pups (were they signed with a paw mark??). Sometimes things just happen. We don't always know why or understand either, it just is. Is that Karma??

I'd better get moving or it will be past my bedtime. :wave: to you all. I'll have more time tomorrow.

09-19-2006, 09:24 AM
Hey there ladies,

It's getting cooler (57 degrees) and dark at 6am in the morning. Very enticing to snuggle in the covers and ignore the alarm. I got up a little earlier today but still the morning got away from me. Just a few little chores and boom, I'm running behind despite my best efforts. Still sleepy even after a coffee. It's going to be a long day at work, I can tell. I have to attend a meeting and give my opinion on something I know nothing about. Love those. Actually it's that they haven't rolled it out to my business division yet, so I have no experience with it. Yesterday I spent chasing about 8 people just to get an answer as to how long they retained historical records in a particular database. It should not have been that difficult and I still don't have my answer. Retirement can't come soon enough. There is so much to be done around the house here - I would love to be home full time and tackle these things. Hard when you're gone almost 12 hours a day.

Shad - why is it that we always have to prove to the blokes that we know what we're talking about? They can "b.s." each other and it's perfectly acceptable yet everything we say they look at with a crooked eye and a cock of the head. :dizzy:

Suzi, welcome to the bandwagon. The view up here is nice but it's a struggle to stay upright some times. Hope you and DH enjoy the new gym.

Nae, good to hear that your friend has warmed up to you again.

Mel - sometimes it's just a perfect day for riding around and letting the wind blow in your hair and see the sights. Glad you had a nice ride with Willy.

CeeJay - I used to have my gyn do the thyroid tests too. Everyone differed in their interpretation of the results. So I got tired of it and went to see an endocrynologist myself. They have never really had me on a dose or brand of medicine where I felt like I used to before the hypo thyroid kicked in. I have just accepted living with controlling the symptoms as much as possible. :dunno: But don't give up until you feel better. Many of the people on the boards here will agree that you have to push the doctors to listen to you.

Never a bad idea to get a house appraisal Holly. The market here seems to be calming down a bit which is good. It was ridiculous for a while.

Ok, let me go see what trouble I can stir up today :stir: :devil: ;) Hello to the rest of the chicks.

09-19-2006, 06:57 PM
Well, I thought I'd posted earlier in the week... sometme inbetween CJ wondering if her oven needed cleaning and Mel still having a clean microwave. Maybe I dreamt it. Or Netscape ate it.. or something.

I am cranky. I'm still keeping a food log... and am now actually trying to face food 5 times a day. Wowqie Zowie... that is scary for me. Two big binges worked so "well" for so long. HA! And now there are supposed to be 5 encounters and NO binges. Hmph. And dividing the nutritionists recommended alottment of food doesn't leave much per "meal." Who hears of eating 2 oz of protein for a MEAL? :dizzy: I didn't expect to be a vegetarian NOW (relatively) after all of those carnivorous years. And 1 1/2 cup of something starchy... for the WHOLE DAY? That's just getting started.
And my joints still hurt from the 45 seconds on the elliptical at Sears. I did take LOTS of advil last night, so at least I slept OK.

No more whining. TTYL