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08-10-2006, 08:27 AM
Good morning girls! It is an old story, but it is still steamy here. That seems to be the norm for awhile and we still can't get any rain. The first of the week there was literally rain all around us, but the metro area to about 30 miles out each direction had no rain!

Gloria: I see where Paula's two sons now have a traveling food show they do. I think the one, not Bobby but the other one, just got married a few months ago. I agree her stuff is loaded with fat and sugar, but that is southern cooking for you. I have been tempted to take a couple of her recipes and fool with them. She loves butter, I'll tell you that. She puts butter in everything! I have to take one of those tests about every other year I have an exam. I go two weeks from tomorrow for my yearly. They put you through the paces with tests and stuff and I really like our eye dr. He is a younger guy, kind of quiet, but really nice. One thing that gets me though is they charge $50 for contact fitting even if you don't change contacts. I have had the same prescription for 3 years and have to pay the darn fee every year anyway and all she does is hand me my boxes. This year because of the insurance screw up, I have to pay for the whole thing out of pocket so I am just ordering one box for each eye then the rest on line because they are almost $10 a box cheaper.

I try and be really careful when I clean my bathrooms as they have no outside ventilation, but I inhaled chemical fumes yesterday and boy did I get sick. I think what happened is I had to spray the inner shower curtain for mildew and then when I washed the tub, the stuff I used cast off fumes and the two fumes together made me sick. I didn't mix the chemicals to clean, but obviously it doesn't make any difference. I had the fan going but it wasn't enough so from now on I think I will put a portable fan on in there when I am working to blow out the fumes. The bathroom is pretty tiny and that probably doesn't help either. Unfortunately, I cannot find anythig to work on mildew but a clorine product and I have used every product, including natural stuff like baking soda and water, etc for the tub ring that Jack's "work" causes and nothing works but Kaboom. It is supposed to be all natural, but that has to be bologna because it and the Tilex combined odor that caused me problems. Live and learn I guess. Like I said, I have always been so careful with the stuff that I think it shocked me too.

I got an email from our son yesterday and he said his new job is going well. I teased him because his title is "sales engineer" and his email has his title, company logo etc etc on it. I told him he would be too high and mighty for his parents pretty soon! :lol: If you knew Jay, you would know how really ridiculous that statement is. If there is one person who is down to earth, it is Jay. He never meets a stranger so I imagine that is why he is so good at what he does.

I guess I better go and get the bed made upstairs and do the dusting. I never got it finished after cleaning the bathrooms yesterday and I want to get the vacuuming done upstairs too and it is going to be another horribly hot day so I need to get it finished early.

Have a super day gals and if we don't see here before the weekend, have a great weekend!


08-10-2006, 01:42 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It was raining when I got up, the sun came out, and now it's cloudy again. Such weather! It's very humid so the air conditioner is humming away. I've picked up the downstairs and hauled out the garbage; Bob called about a half hour after he got to the office and said he forgot to take the garbage out . . . yeah, I noticed! :) I pull the kitchen wastebasket out so he has to go around it to leave, but he must have gone around the island the other way.

I took "Mom" to the vet yesterday. She has been itching, digging, scratching, and had a strip of bare hide on her back by her tail. The vet was convinced she had a flea, but he couldn't find it. He combed and combed which she likes. Since she doesn't go outside nor is around other animals it's anyone's guess where she would find a flea. He ended up doing a flea treatment just in case and also gave her some sort of shot which he said would stop the itching. She is acting much better this morning. I thought you'd all like to know that piece of information about my fur child! :D

Gloria -- I haven't seen them, but understand that Paula has written cook books. I just like to listen to her and watch her; I think she is a neat gal. Do you suppose our not sleeping well has anything to do with it being a full moon? :spin: Bob claims that farm animals react to a full moon. I don't know if that is true or if he is pulling my leg. :lol: I HATE doing the Vision Field Test and haven't had to do one in several years. I suppose the next time I go in it will be my turn again. :( For awhile it seemed like I was doing them every year! The lady who administered the test was an old hag who used to sit at the receptionist's desk where you picked up your new glasses or had adjustments done. She was a crab and happened to grump at all four of us within a short period of time several years ago. I mentioned it to the eye doctor and he thanked me saying that if people didn't tell them, they had no way of knowing. That's when she got moved into the little "test" room. She must have retired because she isn't there any more. :cheer:

"Gma" -- I don't think the Clean House Detectives are in your neighborhood today! :lol3: I hope you are back on your schedule! I have to use Clorax in Bob's shower too . . . hate the smell, but it's the only thing that cuts the muck. He does have a window so I open that. Thanks for starting the new thread today. I hope you slept better last night. Since I have been on a new bp med, I have been getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I feel like I just get back to sleep and it's time to get up again. Makes me grrrrrrry for sure!

Well, I need to keep moving. I have another Goodwill box started and want to fill it up. I have saved 'dead' electric blankets over the years and they are going. Maybe somebody could find a use for them.

Have a great day and smile . . . the choice is yours! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-11-2006, 08:08 AM
Morning girls! We finally got some rain. It is raining pretty hard this morning and Fortune discovered he was NOT going to get wet just to go to the bathroom so he charged out and charged back in! :lol: We keep puppy pads on the floor in one of the rooms just for such occasions so he went ripping in there and went.

Jean: I noticed Butterscotch has a lot of dandruff like stuff and he never has before so I suspect it is this hot weather. Mom may be having the same trouble. It was suggested to me that you put some flaxseed oil or a capsule of vitamin E on their food to help inprove the dry skin. B has been losing more hair than usual too and I think it is this horribly hot weather. I got highly amused by the trash can story! :lol: Jack will let garbage pile high on the can before he will gather it up unless I ask so I mostly do it myself. I do "put things in his way" so to speak if I need him to do something though. If I need him to run by the post office on his way to work, I put the stuff on top of his wallet so he sees it. It is kind of ugly to say he is trained, but I have finally gotten him trained in some regards. He used to lay keys down when he would come in the door and then not know where he laid them, but Kelly and Tom had a two pronged brass hook right by the back door when they lived here so I left that up and encouraged putting the keys on it and so now it is routine for him to do it. I have also finally gotten him to bring down any dirty clothes he has when he showers in the morning if I have already come down with the basket. Before he would just dump them on the floor where the clothes basket sets and I would go upstairs and find a bunch of dirty clothes that didn't get to the washer. He also doesn't leave his underwear or socks dropped on the floor, but my pets taught him to pick those up. Fortune would take off with his underwear and B took his socks! :lol: I guess I even have the pets trained to help me! :) I hope the farm animal reference was not suggesting we are pigs or cows....:D :rofl: I do wonder if the pigs have something on us about keeping cool though! :)

Jack took off today to have his PT so we are going to the dreaded commissary afterwards as it is out in that direction. I hope this downpour of rain that I can hear has stopped doesn't make the humidity even worse. I hate shopping in extremes of weather, especially heat. You go into a store sweaty from walking from the car, get cooled off then repeat the process leaving. The car by this time is hot from setting so you roasted until the AC cools it off.

I guess I better go and balance the checkbook before we go shopping today. It is one of the things I have trained myself to do everyday. At least if someone tries to steal our identity, they will only have a one day head's start. I keep on top of the credit cards and our bank account daily.

Have a good day and a good weekend!


08-12-2006, 08:36 AM
Good morning everybody! It is a bit cooler here and is only supposed to get up to 89 today, which any other time would be a heat wave but for us is a relieve. It is supposed to spike back up though on Sunday and go back to high 90 temperatures.

We are taking Thomas to see The Ant Bully tomorrow so that will be fun. His mom called us yesterday to tell us we could take him on Sunday. His dad is in Miami with some friends for his birthday and she has errands so it is a perfect time for us to go. Jack's friend at work has a boy a year older than T and he took Alex and said the movie was boring he fell asleep watching it. I imagine Jack won't enjoy it, but I did give him an out that he didn't have to go, but he wants to see Thomas.

Today is a stay at home day after all the running around. I begged off on the luncheon and will go to the Sept combined group. I did an awful lot of running around yesterday and am wanting to get some stuff done at home today.

Jack has been busily making CD's from Napster cards to take next month. I think he bought three this time so that is about 27 songs he can burn to the CD's. I want to get him an I-Pod for his birthday, but I don't know if I am going to be able to get it before his birthday to take on the trip or not. It is around $300.

I seem to be babbling to come up with things to talk about so I am going to go. Have a good Saturday everyone!


08-12-2006, 01:34 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is trying to decide whether to shine or hide this morning -- it is humid so I hope it hides. We didn't get home until almost 10:00 last night and I headed for bed. I started the day early with an eye appt. and then wrapped Maddy's gifts. Bob came home and we left for Sioux City. We had a couple things to get at Menard's and ended up with a few more things in the cart as usual. Next we went to the mall. Bob was looking for work boots and I headed off to see what I could find to start school with and he headed to MIL's to pick up a couple of items we forgot to take with us when we packed up the apt. I was surprised at the rack upon rack of summer clothing yet to be sold. Evidently the Ridiculous Day/Sidewalk Sales didn't do very well. My favorite store has racks of party/wedding/church type dresses in dark colors so I assumed they were new as nothing was on sale. Otherwise more summer stuff and jeans, jeans, and more jeans! I did find a couple of blouses and a sweatshirt with a cat on the front. :) For casual the color turquoise/aqua must be in; I haven't shopped enough this summer to know "in" from "out." Today is laundry, picking up the clutter, vacuum the fuzzies, and another Goodwill box to fill.

"Gma" -- I don't remember exactly what I said about the farm animals, but in no way meant it in reference to us as :ink:s . :o I don't think "Mom" is scratching as much today as she has been. I am not seeing the fur hunks as much so the shot must be working. Leonard used to love Vitamin E tablets! If I would drop one on the floor he'd have it gone by the time I bent over to pick it up! :lol: I haven't heard about nor seen any ads on The Ant Bully so will be curious to see what you think. You will have a good time with Thomas regardless. How is first grade going?

Well, I need to keep moving. I'm sure the washer is done by now and ready for the next load. Have a super-duper day and smile while you are at it -- you will feel better!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-12-2006, 06:08 PM
Morning gals! It was quiet around here yesterday afternoon. We were just hanging out reading and watching tv. I found a cute series of books and I just finished the first one called Bet your Bottom Dollar. It is about a small southern town and the residents and the Bottom Dollar Emporium, which is a dollar store. Jack plays hours of Risk, which sounds like a yawn a minute to me, but he will play it on the computer for hours.

Jean: I was just razzing your about the farm animals! I haven't looked at clothes at the stores only the catalogues and online, but aqua does seem the new "blue" this year. Lots and lots of it. I happen to look very good in it so I am not opposed to it. I like the website ULLA POPKEN because they have larger sizes. I told Jack I am going to buy me a couple pair of blue jeans this year. I have NEVER had a pair of jeans that fit me and that includes back to high school. I don't like tight clothes so they are going to have to fit well. I don't remember, when did you say you have to start back to school?

We watched some interesting programs on food this afternoon called american eats focusing on salty snacks, soft drinks, ice cream and something else I can't remember. They talked about how they were invented etc to modern day and it was pretty interesting. I love to watch shows about manufacturing etc. Al Roker has a show called On the Road I think that is interesting as does John Ratzenburger, which is more about things other than food but still interesting. Mainline tv is so boring and has so many reality shows I rarely watch it. I noticed this year seems to be less reality and more supernatural stuff and detective, missing type shows. I am look forward to my CSI and my LAS VEGAS to start next month.

I guess I better go and finish up the morning chores. We are supposed to meet Kelly to pick up Thomas at 11:45 for the movies. Have fun today and be good to yourself!!!!


08-14-2006, 12:28 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! We spent most of the day at MIL's; drove in :rain: to get there and then it was hazy/foggy until just before we were ready to leave when the sun came out. Jason, Amanda, and the kids came so they livened the place up. :D MIL is not feeling the best . . . her innards are being scrunched together is the only way I can describe her problem. She is shrinking at the base of the spine and has alot of back pain. Her doctor put her on 3 new meds all at the same time and she broke out in a rash so she quit all 3. Her bp was sky high to boot, but she isn't sure how accurate her machine is. *sigh* On the way home Bob said he felt like he'd spent the afternoon in General Hospital! :lol: I just hope we can get her back to AZ before she completely falls apart. She keeps saying if she had her way she'd check out, :rolleyes: but she has no control over the man up above.

"Gma" -- How was the movie with Thomas? I thought about you when Zowie and I were rock-a-bying. She wasn't too sure she was ready but I finally got her to shut her eyes for a 45 min. nap. She hates to give up and miss out on anything. ;) Good luck with the blue jeans! I've had better luck buying denim slacks that are part of an outfit than getting regular blue jeans. By the time I get them to go around my waist, the butt and pant legs are way too baggy. I did find a stretch denim pair that I liked, but have never been able to find them again. :( I need "short" and they are a rare commodity! Our whole district workshop days start on Tuesday. New teachers had to go last Friday and the certified staff meets tomorrow for curriculum mapping. They get paid "extra" because it is beyond their contract days which will cost the district big bucks in the end. I am plain and simply NOT ready for school to start! :cry: I didn't get done all that I wanted to at home and that frustrates me. I plan to run a couple of errands tomorrow morning and then spend the afternoon working on another Goodwill box. I found a box of Jason's stuff so will repack that and add some more to it for him. Beth has her pig collection and 3 different sizes of oak shelves still here. I'm afraid to give them to her and have them end up on a garage sale. :yikes:

I am going to head off to bed. :yawn: Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-14-2006, 08:38 AM
Good morning gals! Haven't been outside this morning but I imagine it is hot and sticky. It is a sad same story with us.

Boy, the pool is a mess. I got a call from one of the board members last night saying the pool has to remain closed for another day or so. I guess Friday night a bunch of people TORE DOWN THE BACK FENCE to get in and had a party at 3 AM. I don't know how they got caught. Our bedroom is on the back side and we use small fans at night so we don't hear much. On top of that, they ripped out the underwater light and no one can go back in until it is fixed, hopefully some time today. {{{SIGH}}}

We had fun with Thomas. The movie was really cute. Just to give you a little insight into my dd's family.....I asked Thomas if he'd had lunch yet as the movie started at
12:10. He said no so I told him we would get him a hot dog or something. He told me he wanted...SUSHI!!!!! :barf: They have different kinds of sushi at this movie theater so Thomas got California rolls, which I believe is rice rolled around seaweed and veggies like cucumbers or avocado. He had sushi and lemonade! :lol: I think there were 6 or 8 rolls and he gobbled all but one of them right up. Jack wanted some candy so he ask me if I wanted anything and I said junior mints and Thomas said no he was full. Well, I think I got about 6 of the junior mints and Thomas ate the rest. I held the box between us and he kept dipping his hand in. When we met up with his mom she said she thought he didn't like the junior mints and I didn't hear what he told her. Guess Nonny's mints must have tasted different! :lol: We were supposed to meet her at 2 at the Ben and Jerry's, which was just a walk across the parking lot, but she was at the theater early and was waiting for us. We went to the ice cream store and Thomas wanted a scoop of "Phish Food" so he asked me if I would share and I said yes, so we shared a scoop of ice cream and I slipped him a $20! :D His mom asked him if he ASKED for the money and I told her absolutely not. She didn't believe me, but I kept at her that I gave it to him. She said, "You two are so bad." Jack said, "Kelly, he is our only grandson." She said, "Yeah, but you are still bad." I was talking with Thomas about Ben and Jerry's and he told me Phish Food was the only kind he had ever had because it had to be chocolate. I told him I had tried different kinds, but I liked Phish Food too and we could always share because Nonny only liked the chocolate kinds too.

Bless her heart my dd has this horribly rare case of an eczema type disease that has this long name that starts with an "H." It appeared about 2 years ago on her left thumb and has gotten progressively worse; all over her hands, on her feet and on her back now. She was just diagnosed and it is basically untreatable, cannot be cured, she cannot eat a ton of foods, no fish, shellfish etc of any kind, whole grains, anything that has a tinge of any kind of metal in it, no canned products at all most fruits and juices, no caffeine, soft drinks, coffee, tea etc is out and the list goes on and on. They gave her a shot of steroids, she has cortizone cream and takes some kind of pill form I think. She has to see a therapist about her stress too as it makes it flair up worse.

Jean: I have the opposite problem of you with jeans. I have to get them to fit my behind then the waist is huge on me. I think I am going to get a pair to take to Indiana in case it is cool in Chicago for the game. I dread stuffing my big behind in those little tiny seats at the ballpark though.

I need to get chores done and start my cleaning for the day. Have a good day girls!


08-14-2006, 04:37 PM
Good Afternoon! It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood . . . low humidity, 79 degrees, bright blue sky, and sunshine. I love it and wish it would last! I've been to town to run a couple errands, cut back some wilted flowers and dead leaves in my pots outside, started a load of laundry, and now I'm ready to chat with you all. Today is my last day to do as I please so I plan to stretch it out as long as I can. :)

"Gma" -- It's too bad someone didn't hear the pool destruction going on and call the cops. Vandalism seems to be at an all time high and the punishment doesn't seem to phase the kids, at least around here. :mad: Having the pool closed punishes those that use it and respect the privilege to do so. Suggest that they install an electric fence! :lol: That is too bad about your daughter! Instead of giving her a list of what she couldn't eat, they should have given her a list of what she could eat. If they figure out how to avoid stress let me know please! :dizzy: Do you have fresh fruit and vegetables available year around? When we lived in Ohio there were greenhouses that raised both so we enjoyed fresh all year. That is the thing I missed the most when we moved back here.

I need to start another load of laundry. Have a nice "rest of the day" and a terrific Tuesday tomorrow! The choice is yours! :)

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-15-2006, 08:40 AM
Boy it seemed hot this morning when I got up. The AC is going fine so I guess it is just hot and muggy outside. I haven't put my nose out yet.

The board member called me yesterday and said the guy had come and fixed the light and she opened up the pool again so it was ok to go back over there. She said our maintenance man hasn't fixed the wooden fence yet though. I told her we NEED to do something but I am not sure what. My opinion is we need to send out a flyer to every household asking for volunteers to sign up for pool duty for a couple hours a day. Tell the residents that to get into the pool you need something with your address on it proving you live here ie driver's license, electric bill, etc to show to whomever is on guard so to speak. I think we should cough up the dough and hire security during the summer at night to patrol then send out feelers to security companies to bid on getting the contract. If they upped our fee $10 a month for each condo that would cover the cost for the three months it is opened each year. I would certainly be willing to do it if it meant we could have our tables and chairs with the umbrellas back out and not have to worry about scum that don't live here being at the pool. Of course, you have to have reliable people stay at the pool too and I can see where this might go. First off, I can't see the renters volunteering and secondly I CAN see some of them inviting their no account friends over while they are watching the pool. Ahh, well, it was a thought.

Jean: Someone DID hear them and called the police, who arrested them. It is just they destroyed stuff in the process and will try it again to be sure. They think they have the right to use this pool for some reason. I think the only REAL solution is to gate the whole complex and make it key in key out no matter what the cost, but with so many renters, they aren't going to do that. We have fairly good fruits and veggies a good portion of the year then the stores get them from like Chile etc and we pay an arm and a leg. What I miss is good tomatoes in the winter months. You have to buy vine ripe and they are like $4 a lb.

Jack made himself a sausage biscuit for breakfast so now the house smells like sausage! ICK! I have lighted candles, but it takes a while for them to work. He swears he turned on the exhaust fan, but knowing him, it was right before the sausage was finished so the aroma had already seeped all over the house.

Tomorrow he has to limit himself to milk, water, or juice to drink and after midnight, nada except water for his stress test on Thursday. I know he has to be dreading that.

Believe it or not, they STILL have his PT billings screwed up. We got two more yesterday and when I called she said last weeks have been turned back too! She let me talk without interrupting unlike the last old bat, then said to wait and I could hear her clicking away etc. She came back and explained she couldn't fix it. I asked her WHY they were billing it under my son, who was not only not the patient, he was not even eligible. Come to find out (this has taken 6 phone calls by now to get this simple answer) the birthdate that is being transmitted is 10-10-2000 instead of 1949. Ahhhhhhhhhh, the game is afoot. I called the PT place and no one answered but I left a long detailed message including the fact THEY were the ones that had put it in incorrectly because the lady at Tricare said if it had been fooled with by them, she would have been able to change it to the proper date and she couldn't. So, if they want their money they better get this fixed and pronto.

I guess I better get off my behind and get some work done. You ladies have a great day! Chin up, Jean, Labor Day is close by!!!


08-15-2006, 10:38 AM
Boy, Faye, you sure have been having a long hot spell. Hope things change soon. That is too bad about the pool but with the renters I doubt the condo managers will be able to do anything constructive. Hope they prove me wrong. Good luck to Jack on the stress test.

Jean: You must be starting school soon. Did you get most of your cleaning done? Too bad about your mil and her meds. They should have told her to start one at a time to find out if they agreed with her.

It is raining here today and it has cooled of beautifully. Today was an interesting day. I have had a growth on my right eyelid and the last time I saw the eye DR. he recommended another Dr in the complex that does surgery. I saw him today. He said it was benign but as it has grown a lot in the last year and in the last two days had developed a black speck in the middle he suggested removal. It took just 15 minutes and was not painful at all. He will send it out for biopsy and I will probably be black and blue for a few days. The best thing is it is done....and I didn't have to spend time worrying about having it done.

Gloria in MA....going to put a cold compress on the eye to take down the swelling.

08-15-2006, 02:34 PM
Good Afternoon! I am home alone for lunch! Some of the special ed. teachers were going to go out, but I didn't feel like listening to all of the complaining about schedules and class lists. We are meeting with the special ed. director this afternoon so I'm hoping the schedule will look better afterwards. The principal did the scheduling his way because he likes to be in control; no special ed. representation/consideration there at the time. Right now I am scheduled for 4 BD study halls, speech, and no math -- I wasn't hired for BD so it could be a VERY short school year for me! I only have to give 2 weeks notice and I'm out of there; we'll see how it goes.

I will be back later to read posts and reply! I suppose I should regroup my attitude and head back to school. We start in again at 1:00. Have a great "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-15-2006, 05:15 PM
Hello, ladies...been AWOL a long time. Took Stan to surgeon this morning. He said the foot looks bad but he wants to try debriding it one more time and at the same time do a bone biopsy to determine how far the infection goes up the leg. I'm so upset with the skilled nurses who come to the house - they keep telling him all he needs is the wound vac and neosporin and it will heal - they say they had a lady whose foot was worse and they have healed it. Dr. says osteomylitis is almost impossible to cure in even someone who is young and has excellent circulation let alone an older person with vascular problems. I know it is discouraging to my husband and I'm sending a letter to the agency and telling them to follow the docotor's orders and keep their medical opinion to themselves. When I tried to say something to the nurse about it over the weekend she asked me if I just wanted them to amputate his leg so he would be dependent on me! I'm also sending a copy of the letter to Social Services so they know how these people are and quit recommending them.
The fact that my husband has already been on the wound vac and IV antiobiotics for 34 days with no improvement doesn't seem to since into their pea brains.

We got a little rain and some respite from the heat - down into the low 70's for 3 nights, but it's right back up in the 90's today. I'm afraid to look at the electric bill when it comes.

I officially become an old person next Monday - have an appointment to sign up for Medicare. Gads - now I actually have to read that enormous book about all the plans. Actually I have Optima PPO now and they have a Medicare Plan that covers Part B and Part D and lets me have all the benefits I do now so I'll probably go for that. I'm not going to draw on Social Security. until June when I reach 65 and 9 official date to get full benefits.

Faye, is Jack's birthday really 10-10? Mine is 10-9. Which reminds me that I have to renew my driver's license this year...and get the car inspected next month. DH always used to take care of the car for me.

Just one thing after another.

08-15-2006, 10:35 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! Well, the schedule didn't look any better this afternoon than it did this morning. :( I told Bob I will give it 2 weeks and if things don't change or are to my liking, I'm out of there. I wish I could find something part-time with no nights and no weekends. Wishful thinking!

"Gma" -- If they would charge the owners a fee for the pool, the rental owners would just tack it on to the tenants' rent. Obviously something needs to be done, but I don't have the answer. Good luck! :cheer: I hope you get Jack's PT billing straightened out soon. It would be nice if you could always deal with the same person and they would fix it the first time around so you could forget about it. Tell Jack "good luck" with his stress test!

Gloria -- Bob talked to his mom yesterday and she said she was feeling 100% better than when we were there on Sunday. Part of her problem is that she doesn't take her pain meds on a regular schedule. Instead she waits until she hurts and then wonders why it takes so long to kick in. No, I didn't get all of my projects done that I wanted to. I did send quite a bit to the Goodwill but have quite a bit more that I need to sort through and get rid of. I'm glad you had no discomfort from having the eyelid growth removed. If anyone asks about your black and blue eye, you can just point at your hubby and grin. :D

Susan -- I feel so badly for both you and Stan. Please explain to me what debriding means and what osteomylitis is. I'm not familiar with either term. You mentioned waiting until you were 65 and 9 months to collect full benefits. Is the 9 months part of your company coverage? After today retirement is looking pretty darned good to me. :yes:

I need to pick up the clutter and figure out what I'm wearing to school tomorrow. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-16-2006, 08:45 AM
Good morning gals! Same ole same ole here. Hot and humid. Supposed to be 91 today. I am sick of this heat now and ready for a little fall coolness. NOT cold, just in the 70's would be nice.

I got a call from the board member that keeps me up to date. I went to the pool yesterday morning, it was locked with the lock inside the gate and a typed sign stapled to the clubhouse that said the pool was closed due to vandalism and safety. She said they voted night before last and decided to close it for the year so no more pool for me. It is way too hot to go out even in the morning and walk right now so I am just going to bide my time until it gets a bit cooler than buckle down for fall and winter and spring to lose my 100 lbs for vacation next year.

Susan: Those nurses ought to thank their lucky stars I am not the patient's spouse because I would have let them have it. You are a nice gentile Virginian and handle things through channels and I am a loud mouth Yankee and I would have given them what for big time. Hope you can get things straightened out so they don't put encouragement where there is none. Not that they shouldn't be encouraging, but to tell him his leg is going to be fine when that is not necessarily the case is dead wrong. I know it has to be so difficult on the two of you to go through all this. We are here for you! As for the Medicare thing, I didn't know you were old enough to go through the Medicare mess. I thought you were closer to my age and had a few years before you had to go through that. I dread it! Not the getting old enough for Medicare, just wading through the mess to make sure we have done everything right. Jack isn't taking his SS until he is 66 I think he said. He wants to work until then so his pension is more. Yep, his birthday is October 10th. It is funny because my grandpa's birthday was the 8th, his grandma's the 9th and his the 10th. Our son's is the 22nd because the huge thing refused to be born on time. He was two weeks late and back then they didn't induce you unless their was a problem. There was a problem alright, he weighed nearly 10 lbs and was 23 inches long and I was in labor 26 hours with him!!!! :lol:

Jean: I would tell them to take a hike too! I can't believe they assigned you 4 study halls this year. How awful! What is BD? I sat here yesterday and kept trying to think about what you do and the kids you work with and figure out what BD is, but no luck! Your mil is such a character. I know tons of people who wait until the pain is unbearable before they take the drugs prescribed to them. My dd has migraines and I know she doesn't always take them as quick as she should.

Gloria: Your black eye reminded me about the Lucy episode where Ricky tosses a book at her and hits her in the eye and no one will believe he didn't hit her. Hope the eye gets to feeling better real soon. I have my eye appt a week from Friday. Have to go through all those goofy tests but the eye exam itself only take a very few minutes.

Well gals, I want to get the upstairs bathrooms cleaned and the dusting done so maybe I will get started. Everyone have a good day today!


08-16-2006, 07:15 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It has started to :rain: in my corner of the world; the day has been cloudy and humid although not hot. I'd rather have the hot than the humidity. I spent my day at school sorting through books and cleaning out the teacher's desk -- she must have enough post-it notes, pencils, pens, markers, and paper clips to supply the whole school! :dizzy: I think she just opened drawers and threw stuff in without ever organizing and cleaning them out. I may have a drawer all to myself yet. :D

"Gma" -- It is really too bad that your pool is closing so early since your corner of the world will still be warm enough to swim outside for quite awhile yet. :( I knew I would be doing study halls which is no problem as that is what I have done in the past. I am mad that I won't be going into algebra because they have new books this year and I would like to be there in case I have to help someone in study hall. The study hall problem comes in where I have to go to the BD room. BD stands for Behavior Disorder . . . most of these kids have normal intelligence, but they can't behave themselves. When they were younger they acted out they ended up in the BD part of special ed. In my humble opinion the district should kick them out the front door when they throw their temper tantrum or whatever. They can go work in the packing house and learn life's lessons the hard way. Most of them have been in trouble with the law and are court ordered to attend school which makes it worse for those of us who have to put up with them. There are two who have a form of Asperger's (sp?) and have had one-on-one aides through the elementary and middle school, but we don't do that at the high school. It's a big shock for them to get dumped into the halls with 700+ other students let alone handle a class of 25 - 30 students on their own. The BD aide will be going into some classes with these two and that's why I am stuck in their room for study halls. The BD teacher is also in there for a couple so I'm hoping if there are only 2 or 3 students I can opt out and go somewhere else. My schedule is not a definite for the first week or two. The BD teacher was a BD student herself and a piece of work herself. She likes to argue with the kids and you just can't do that with BD students. Beth has migraines also, and her doctor just put her on a low dose of bp medicine. She has low bp anyway so I don't know how that will work.

I should head downstairs and see what there is for supper. I told Bob it was his night to cook! :lol: We ate out last night and I had a margarita with mine. :T Have a nice evening and a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-17-2006, 07:34 AM
Good morning everybody! I got up after having one of those toss and turn nights. I was ok until around 1 AM then yuck! On top of that I have a queasy stomach this morning, don't know what's with that other than not enough sleep. I will go in and get some soda crackers and that should do the trick.

Jack has his stress test this morning so no food or drink until he gets finished. He didn't get his decaf tea yesterday either only water or milk or juice. He had OJ with dinner last night which I am not sure how that tasted. I fixed rotisserie mutant chickens as Jack calls them (cornish hens) and they were pretty yummy. I did it in the oven in a dutch oven with my rotisserie spices and used ff chicken broth to baste them. Cooked them for 5 hours on 250 degrees and they were just fall apart good combined with a b potato and salad.

My son is out in Torrance CA this week for his international Jujitsu tournament. I think he is stopping tournaments after this one. My sister emailed me wanting to know his belt color. Since he switched about a year ago to a different type of jujitsu, I have no idea what it is. I emailed my dil, but haven't heard back yet. I think my sister was planning on attending and surprising him. She is the one going to be surprised. Brazillian jujitsu doesn't look like other martial arts. It is a combat style and combines a lot of different things. Looks a lot like wrestling to me. Most people think of it like Karate with the kicks and stuff and it isn't like that. It isn't a defensive but offensive style of martial arts. I don't know what possessed him to ever get involved in it, but I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of him in an alley. My nephew, who is close friends with Jay, told me awhile back that he (my nephew) could hold his own in a fight, but Jay would kill him if they ever fought. He said, "I would never make him mad enough and be stupid enough to think I would come out of it ok." Funny thing, he is my little hippy boy, loves the world.

Our darn dvd player in the living room is acting up and it is part of a surround sound system. I tell ya it is always something. We tried to put a movie in while we ate last night and all it would show was it was loading and not get past that point. I told Jack to just bring down the one from our bedroom as it is brand new, but he decided just to watch tv so we watched Cash in the Attic instead.

Jean: I KNEW BD stood for something akin to "hooligans." :lol: These stupid judges don't want the kids on the streets selling drugs so they shove them into classrooms where they are belligerent because they don't want to be there. I agree with you. Put the brats on an old fashioned chain gang picking up garbage on the highway out in the heat and cold. My opinion is if the kid can do the crime he can do the time and make it as unpleasant as possible. They barely slap their wrists anymore. That is why the jerks did what they did to the pool because they can get away with it and know it. They get slapped with tresspassing, a misdemeanor, and they just come back and do it again when they can't get in to swim.

Well, I need to clean the litter box and feed the animals. Put away the dishes in the dishwasher and start the day. I have to take the shaggy dog to the groomers this morning and they want them there before 8 AM.

Have a great Thursday!


08-17-2006, 11:08 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It is VERY humid here and I stick to everything I touch! I was miserable at school even though some of the rooms with cross ventilation weren't too bad, but where I was had no such luck. Tomorrow we have our district wide breakfast and "how great you all are" lecture from the super. I've heard it so many times I could probably recite it by heart. *gag*

"Gma" -- I hope Jack's test results are good. :yes: Remind me of this hot humid weather when I complain about the snow and cold this winter. :lol: I guess if there is nothing else to complain about one can always blame the weather! Since I've been going to school I have been sleeping better. I think I am so tired when I finally get there that I just fall asleep. I do get up to go to the bathroom, but not on a regular basis. I will have to be up and at 'em early tomorrow in order to get a parking spot close to the middle school building where we all get together. Even parking close, we still have to walk 3/4 of a block and it is always windy there. I hope you are feeling better tonight. We have been having trouble with our VCR; it records ok (I think) but when we play the tape back it will roll or the picture is distorted. I accused Bob of hooking it up wrong. :rolleyes: I probably could use some new tapes if they are still available. Good luck with your DVD player. I happened to run into a gal my age who subs for special ed. She did a two week stint in the BD room last year and said she would never sub in that room again. ;) I guess there is a new kid coming up who is a real challenge -- mainly mouthy and has a smart remark/comment about everything. Someone will clean his clock first thing. Maybe his mother should come and follow him around. :lol: There was another drug bust this week, but so far no names have been released. We can't hold juveniles locally so pay big bucks to have them sent to their own detention center. If the tax payers only knew the half of it all, they would revolt!

I need to pick up the disaster zone -- went to WM after school and the sacks are still on the counter. (no food -- just "stuff") Have a fantastic Friday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!