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08-09-2006, 05:46 PM
I'm curious as to how many people have adjusted their goal weight up or down, or got to their goal and went lower. Because I am a Weight Watcher, I can set my goal anywhere from 135 to 169 based on my (advanced) age and height (5'9"). Since I haven't been 135 since I was in elementary school and several inches shorter, there's no way I'm going to get to the lower number. But if I set my goal at 169, which means I can quit paying that pesky weekly meeting fee, I worry I may just stop, even though I so want to lose 100 lbs. Plus I've noticed that the more I exercise (which includes lifting heavy weights), the more I'm not losing weight, although I know I'm shaping up. I gained .2 lbs. the other week following WW strictly and really giving it my all at the gym. This week, I was ill, didn't get to the gym for five days although I ate on plan--and I lost 2 lbs., which is a big number given how much I have left to lose.

Thoughts, experiences?

08-09-2006, 05:55 PM
Hi Sheila,
that's interesting, I've never heard anyone ask about it! Myself, I've just picked the weight that was suggested to me when I did a body assessment at the gym a long while back. But I haven't gone through any major changes so I think it should still apply. I feel like I have a lot to lose that I haven't given it too much thought, but I think I'm going to base it on how I feel in my own skin, my fitness abilities, and I guess also how I look. I've checked weight charts and with a 140lbs weight for my frame I'd be in the upper portion of my height group, same goes for the BMI scale. But I think I'm also somewhere between middle-larger boned. I'm not very large in height (5'5, 5'6) but I definitely don't have thin bones and I think I pick up muscle with some ease. But in the end it'll be on how I feel about everything combined.

As for gaining and losing weight, it's funny how our bodies work sometimes. I can't explain it, but I can say that regardless of what may happen in a particular week, if you are taking in less calories than you are putting out you will generally see a weight loss in the long run. :) hope that helps :)

P.s. I just saw your goal tracker... I'm at where you were when you started! Ohhh I admire you!!

08-09-2006, 06:12 PM
A good place to start might be using the Ideal Bodyweight calculator (http://www.halls.md/ideal-weight/body.htm). I am amazed at closely it has mirrored my own "predictions" about how much I think I should weigh.

08-10-2006, 12:30 AM
Hey Robert...thanks for the website!

08-10-2006, 12:47 AM
Sheila, I didn't know what to set my goal weight when I started. I'm 5'6" and I should be 140 or so. I haven't been that weight since I was in the Army. I didn't want to set my self up for failure by setting an unrealistic goal. I was able to look good for many years at 160lbs. So that's what I set. I have the choice then to quit or keep going, but I'll decide that when I cross that bridge. Just don't quit. Boiaby is my step daughter and she lost 190lbs. She is my hero. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here. We are all here for you. Can't diet any more. Thread water. Maintain. Catch your breath, stay in contact and start again. We'll all be rooting for you whatever you decide to do.
Norma aka harkeyvalley

08-10-2006, 10:54 AM
Good question Sheila.

I'm getting fairly close to my goal now. I know that I will change it from 135 to 130 but for now I just need to focus on getting to that original milestone. Being at 135 puts me at the top weight for my height/age etc (I'm still in the overweight category right now) and since I want to maintain within a 5 pound range I decided to make 130 my goal. I kind of feel that if I stop at 135 and maintain within a 5 pound range, I may in reality always be closer to the 140 mark - and 140 is awfully close to 150 and 150 is close to 160 etc, etc. I know that there is a world of differnce between 140 and 160 but we all know how those scattered pounds here and there quickly turn into a monster.

So yes, I will be changing my goal from 135 to 130.


08-10-2006, 11:46 AM
eeew....according to that site my ideal range is 111-146. I know for me, I looked good and felt fantastic at 143.. My parents and husband thought I was getting on the "too thin" side of things (if there ever is a "too thin"). I think I would look like a malnourished waif if I went to 111.

Shelia-- I've been around you long enough to know that you'd continue on, with or without your WW person.. Its programmed in your brain now... I think if you went off kilter even a little, you'd guilt yourself back on track! :) I also think that ranges are given due to the fact that each body is diferent. Different in how they carry their weight, different in where the weight is (in my case the breasts!) and overall how you want to look.. Maybe change you WW goal to the 169 see how it goes for a month and if it looks like you still need the meetings to continue, go back and set your goal down 10 lbs at a time. It may take a little longer to reach a lower goal with this method but at least you'll know where you stand in relation to being "on your own". I am so excited for you... almost at goal! You go girl! I might also add that I was browsing through the pictues on the progress pictures thread to refresh my memory and whooo hoo... you look stunning, gorgeous, FANTASTIC!

08-10-2006, 05:50 PM
Based on the Ideal Weight site, I'm changing my end goal to 199....

08-10-2006, 08:51 PM
I just checked the Ideal Weight site and it says my weigth should be 177. I know in the past when I was actually 175 I was looking pretty darn good. My HS graduation weight was 160. I have my current goal at 150 by July 1, 2007 but I will adjust the goal either up or down based on how I look and feel as I get closer. I would like to be a size 10 and go on a big bad shopping spree next summer for new clothes in the states. I purposefully did not shop because I was tired of being limited to the big girls. I want to shop at Bannana Republic next summer.

08-29-2006, 06:27 PM
The problem with that website is that it doesn't recommend what your healthy ideal is, it recommends what most people view as their ideal weight. And so many people have an unrealistic number in their head.

Personally, I believe it's good to set-up small goals and go from there. You'll be rewarded a lot quicker and you'll be able to assess your individual body, rather than using someone elses standards.

08-29-2006, 10:57 PM
The problem with that website is that it doesn't recommend what your healthy ideal is, it recommends what most people view as their ideal weight. And so many people have an unrealistic number in their head. For me it gives the "Peoples Choice Ideal Weight" (167) as well as "Medical Recommendation" (121-160) and some other numbers too. I'm very far away from anything close to an end goal, but I can see that it probably will not be 150 on the button? Probably a little higher since I do have a large frame. Who knows! I just want to get to Onederland first!!!:carrot: Small steps...

08-30-2006, 02:35 AM
My original goal was 162 - 100lbs lost, but based on BMI, 140 would be just in the healthy weight range. The ideal weight calculator says 116-146. No way would I ever want to go under 140 - I'd be too panicked about maintaining it. I just want to be healthy ---- I'm already happy with what I've achieved so far.

08-30-2006, 05:46 PM
My WW range says 132-164 and when I get to 164, I'm going to be very happy to be there. My mother has already asked me how many more pounds I want to lose and I said, "50" and she said, "ARE YOU SURE, you don't want to get too thin." So, I am ready to get to the high end of the range and stay there. If I happen to lose a few extra, that will be OK but I'm not going to get too worried about it.


08-31-2006, 09:39 AM
I originally picked 150 because... well, it's a nice round number, it's just a little higher than the "ideal weight" of the BMI charts, it seemed do-able and maintainable, and I haven't been that weight in over 20 years.

I'm not really even worried about my goal weight until I get closer to it. I have a LOT of fat, and have had it for a LOT of years. I know I'll have saggy skin and all to contend with. So the final number on the scale is less important and concrete to me than to some people. It's just there to anchor the lower end of my ticker. It may change as I get into Onederland.