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09-03-2001, 09:55 PM
Hi, everyone. My name is Anne, and I live in Texas. I'm really a displaced North Carolinian - but you have to bloom where you're planted! :lol:

I'm a life time WW who slipped off the wagon. I rejoined last year, and have dropped 17 lbs. I've stopped going to the meetings - but think I need to start attending again to help me stay on track. I'm a real procrastinator when it comes to exercise. I'm always "going to start...."

In the last several weeks, I've just pushed myself out of the door and walked for 20 minutes or so. I recently bought Running in 13 weeks...or something like that. I'm determined - but I also need encouragement and accountability. This morning I walked 2-1/4 miles.

I want to set some reasonable exercise goals - and then have to report on them. For me, it's kind of like making a promise...then you have to keep it!

I'm married, work full time at a very demanding and stressful job, and am involved with my church and the Kairson prison ministry during my non-work hours.

My husband and I have 4 grown children and 3 grandsons, 2 dogs and a cat. This might be more than you wanted to know! :lol:

Thanks for listening.