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08-02-2006, 03:07 PM
It's bloody 101 here with a humidex "real feel" (that somehow doesn't sound right..ewwww) of 114 :yikes: :hot: :flame:

I must have been projecting a face of distrust as I swiped my debit card to pay fer groceries today.. I usually shield the machine whilst I plug in my secret PIN ... Aherd of teenagers behind me were overheard to say somethin like: oh look, black kids, better hide my number..she think we're gonna steal it!"
I retorted: I wouldn't care if you were the Pope " and you should protect yer numbers too...

I was hoping to sweat away the pounds...

We've been lookin fer land... I have many a tale to tell... however, I must go now... I promise I will take pics if we pass some of these "landmarks" that I will be describing to you... Oy!

Must Clean Crack house

08-02-2006, 03:24 PM
"Cows in heat"? No bull? ROFLOLPIMP!

08-02-2006, 03:38 PM
When I saw "cows in heat" on the main page, I was like WTH? But then when I clicked it and saw you...I just started LMAO :D

I've had that same experience with the debit card as well. But the best one was where there were some LARGE ladies crowding me at the machine and I finally had to ask them to step back. The leader made some comments about "what, afraid we'll steal your number" and my grandma (who was shopping with me) stepped in and said "she's not worried about her number. She's asking you all to step back because someone obviously didn't put their deoterant on today."

The looks on their faces were priceless and there was some discreet sniffing going on as we left the building. :lol:

08-02-2006, 06:30 PM
I am just posting to make the thread easier to find.

Now, I'm going to watch Gilmore Girls.

Cherry Cow
08-02-2006, 08:06 PM
Humidex is really a gross word.

08-02-2006, 08:15 PM
Har har, Schatz---- sorry you're melting away --- too bad it's only figuratively, huh? Seems like putting up with all that heat should earn you a couple pounds off. It's blessedly perfect weather here - low 80's and sunny. It's what I put up with the rain for.

I've been at the accountants. I hate going to the accountants as much as going to the dentist. Which, by the way I did on monday b/c one of my molars broke. Can you believe it? I need a $1000 crown. Durn. Anyway, I always feel soooo dense when they pull up the balance sheet and start asking questions. The problem is, I find bookkeeping extremely boring. Extremely. You have to be a special person to enjoy accounting.

We're thinking of taking a road/ferry trip to Friday Harbor. I wish Sugar would come here and tell me how close that is to her folks place.

08-02-2006, 11:08 PM
I think Sugar should come the yellow brick road and meet Wabby. I met Lush and see how well that turned out?

I have a headache, stomacheache, runny nose, tension. A cold in other words. I watched Gilmore Girls and turns out the episodes I rented were about Rory going to Yale and Loralei standing all alone in her house. This is not a good thing to be showing me. Can I just make him not go? He can work in a supermarket all his life.

I think "humidex" sounds smart. I have a new Humidex 4500XL. It operates on .4 liters of fuel and has an automatic on/off switch adjusted to sense phases of the moon and differentiate cat movements from falling piles of mail.

Bookkeeping is horrible. It gets in your brain and twists around and doesn't come out straight. I hate it.

08-03-2006, 11:58 AM
It's 10:00 and I intend to post every hour today until I'm done. I have called in sick. I am just stressed out and a cold has turned to a cough and I don't think cashiers in food stores should cough.

This morning, I have washed a load of colored clothes and sheets are in the washer now. This is not as good as Luch's lists but I ain't no Luch.

Did I tell you about the Englishman who showed me a Canadian penny and said, "Ths is a penny. Yes?" I keep thinking about his dream that American had slipped the queen's picture on some of our coins.

Ok. Bye.

08-03-2006, 01:41 PM
No. It's your job to push him out of the nest, Peach. Sorry. :hug:

3 of my last 4 mornings have been spent cleaning up doggie diarhea.---- I thought a long time about how I could state that more delicately and I just couldn't come up with anything. --- I couldn't be mad at them b/c they were sick, but lordy, that isn't a good way to start a day. For the next week they're just going to have to sleep out in their kennel, just to make sure they're all better. I think they must have gotten into the neighbor's compost pile, which they put everything in, not just veggie scraps. For some reason I just had to share this with you all.

I've never heard of humidex. I'm so sheltered.

08-03-2006, 02:00 PM
i am back. I have slept and accomplished nothing.

I hate Wabby's neighbor's compost pile. It is full of germs and will attract rats and bats.

Here is something I learned yesterday in school district orientation. True story: kids are allowed cell phones in the school as long as the phones are turned off. During class, phone rings and teacher asks boy to give her the phone. He does. Later, teacher opens phone, sees seminude picture of his gf, also a student, flips through all the pictures, takes it to the principal who calls the kids' families or something. GF's mom is an attorney and she brings all her buddies down to the school and sues them for invasion of privacy. Turns out, teacher had no right to look at the phone.

DS and I have identical phones and can not tell them apart without opening them. Open him and you see lcp. Open mine and you see him.

So I ask what if phone got misplaced or someone needed to see whose it was and opened it. This instructor guy kind of yelled at me, "I AIN"T BUYING THAT." What you're supposed to do is label the phone with the kid's name and NEVER OPEN IT>

Does that seem crazy or what? Like there's not enough to worry about in school and teachers must carefully label cell phones and put them in a safe place so one will look at them. Anyway, he yells good so he must be right.

I never heard of a humidex either. Bet I could lift one though

08-03-2006, 02:35 PM
I retorted: I wouldn't care if you were the Pope " and you should protect yer numbers too... Good for you. Way to go getting all "teachery" on them too. I love doing that now and then. One of the benefits of being middle aged.

I know a family with 4 girls and 1 boy. The boy is number 2 and the only kid the grandmother who lives across the street acknowledges.My cousins put up with that. There were 5 in the family and the grandmother (not mine, the other one) who was very wealthy and lived in a big mansion, would only allow the oldest boy to visit her. Occasionally the rest of the kids were allowed to be brought over by my aunt to go swimming in the pool, as long as they didn't set foot in the house. And then she died and the whole family spend scads of time in the house while my aunt and uncle sorted out the estate. My brother and I went there too. haha on her.

Gotta go, I have a dr appt.

Nice title, by the way. Still beastly hot here too. Supposedly over 100 yesterday with the heat index thingy. Thank goodness we spent the whole day in the a/c car and the a/c mall. Otherwise I would have been here complaining.

I'll come back later and read the rest of the posts and tell you all about the latest digit-reducing accident. Can hardly wait, eh? It's not about accounting.


08-03-2006, 05:33 PM
I'm back and feeling better. Less stressed. Among other things, I have been upset over lcp's state of health and what that means to ds. She has cirrosis of the liver which is often caused by hepatitis-b which is very contagious. However, I just talked to a nurse who told me that 7th graders are required to take hep-b vaccines (yes) and a blocked gallbladder will cause scarring of the liver. So I'm better. A weight is lifted. Now I'm hungry.

Wabbo, whacha doing about the compost? It needs fencing. I worked with a woman whose husband shot their dog because neighbors moved in and the dog wouldn't stay out of the neighbor's unfenced yard. So he shot the dog. The sweet little dog. Men are so ... so ....

But DS is acting very sweet. This is either:
1) his own anxiety about leaving me
2) the influence of lcp.

Either way, it's nice.

And guess what? A man showed up and cut my grass. He asked if I wanted it cut and I asked him price and he lowered the price when I said no and he did a greatttt job and I paid him extra.

Someone else talk now.

Cherry Cow
08-03-2006, 05:34 PM
Yep, my inlaws make up for my mom-- they only really like DS17, out of all of their four grandkids.

Peachy, that's an interesting story about the cellphone. Here, when someone leaves behind anything electronic, we try to get their identity from it however we have to. I'm not going to just hand over an expensive piece of equipment to someone without verifying that it's the right person. (That's better than NY, though, where some districts are banning cell phones altogether because they's just a convenience to the parent and they help kids cheat. Argh!)

Still doing WW, still being good, eating mostly grains and legumes. Fruits and veggies have been nasty lately. Too hot? Too humidex?

Hit a new low in my kgs- 86.6. Woo! Down one tenth of a kilo! And I haven't been able to run because of the heat. Did you know sleep deprivation can make you more susceptible to heat stroke? Only a couple more weeks of sleep deprivation, though. I sadly had to give notice at my job that I've had for six years. :-( Just couldn't take the lack of sleep any more. And they'll be wanting a lot more of my time in the doc program.

Peachy, are you feeling better?

Hi to everyone!

Cherry Cow
08-03-2006, 05:36 PM
Kiwi, wait. Digit reducing?

08-03-2006, 05:41 PM
One of the benefits of being middle aged.
--- I know, Kiwi, I can hardly wait until I'm officially a geezer, then we can act horrendous and blame it on old age.

I hope you're not going to the Dr. b/c you've reduced one of your digits, Ms. Kiwonk.

Peach, you're sick. You're not supposed to accomplish anything. Has it been so long since you had any leisure time that you've forgotten how to rest???? Rest. Get better. --- that story about the cell phones is ridiculous. There should be a school policy that any cell phone or bag, etc. brought onto school property is subject to search and seizure. These are kids, not full grown adults. They don't get the same privacy levels as adults have. They need help growing up into decent ppl. That's our job to help them with.

Hi Cherry! we must have posted at the same time. This grandchild favoritism thing just makes me crazy. I mean not every kid is the same, but I think it's up to the grandparent to make the effort to find something in each kid to develop a bond with. After all, supposedly the grandparent is the adult. Grandpa Jim is famous for his favoritism. He has one grandson who is his golden child - the thing is, it was always hard for the favored kid b/c all the other grandchildren hated him for it and it wasn't even his (the grandson's) doing. ---- way to go on eating well and also for knowing when too much is too much and quitting the job.

08-03-2006, 11:20 PM
i am sooooooooo tired -----summer is seeming too long this year----and shock of shocks---it's actually been nice weather here---why it was even really hot yesterday`!!! today we had a nice ocean breeze but it was still warm and the market is ungodly hot--they don't have air conditioning and those machines humming all day are deadly {pop machines,pizza ovens etc} my shop is between two restaurants and their big ovens back onto my walls!!!gross!!! the tourist season has been decent,much better than spring that's for sure!!---dh finished up his vacation and is all bummed out about getting back to work--the CBC is cutting back--like everyone and he is the only reporter in our end of the province most of the time. i have been freaking out at these teen/young adults who are living in my home this summer---for the mess they still leave and the hours they keep and their insistance on driving around in the middle of the night coming home on the damn moose highways. Last night THREE teenage boys were killed in a car crash----they think they were avoiding an effin moose. that's what the radio report said--------how horrifying is that. sometimes i think i should have been a nun or at least celibate. here is my question for the day-----last month my plague was early---this month it is late----AM I GETTING THE MENTAL PAUSE???? I HOPE SO CAUSE I AM SICK OF GETTING THE PLAGUE EVERY 28 DAYS-----------------lush hated such talk but she ain't here so help me out hotcows-----------------maybe we are in heat cause we are having flashes???? fill me in ,tanks!!

08-03-2006, 11:29 PM
Are you saying that for the past 57 years, your plague has come always on time, every 28 days? That is too weird. It's supposed to change. You're supposed to adjust to other women around you so maybe it's the battallion of teen girls you keep in your attic.

I have knitted today. I finished a sock and it is adorable.

08-04-2006, 07:35 AM
Weather Forecast fer NC Today: 99 with a "realfeel" of 116. :faint:

ewwww hot flashes in 100 degree weather.. How to know if it's really a hot flash...Discuss.

hmmm: Bagz is going Mental... This should make fer interesting posts in the coming years.. Pre-mentapause, peri-mentalpause, mentalpause, and postmental pause... to many phases to this .. I would say you are entering the preperimentalpause state.

so after looking at over 20 properties we hit on 2 possibly 3 that look like candidates.. We shall revisit them on Saturday... We also have a BBQ /Pig roast to go to ..hopefully a "real one" --apparently what I call a Pig roast, is called a Pig Pickin in these parts..who knew :shrug: Dh may decide against this pig pick due to the unbearably hot weather... such a wieny..

Apparently yard adornments are big down here. We looked at a property where the neighbor had decorated the front lawn with old rocking horses and bowling balls. Another was adorned with what looked like old doll heads placed on top of garden gnomes...and Dan's Appliance Store is out doors... apparently all unwanted broken dryers, fridges,washers and stoves circa 1970 - 2000 end up scattered about the property. Another property had sat between 2 roads. It was oddly shaped on one side, like it went straight and then curved in and then out again.... Road 1... nice...folks are already clearing land fer their homes... Road 2 where the loopy cut out was... we ran into an old boat, purple jacuzzi, rusty trucks and cars, and a band of gypsy/squatters in pop up trailers. We pulled up and watched a guy pump the contents of his trailer septic thingy out into the woods... he grinned.. and pointed to A big sign posted on a boat: NO TRASPASSING. YOU WILL BE SHOT.

08-04-2006, 10:55 AM
Shotsy, don't move there. Keep looking. You will get hepatitis from the sewage if nothing else. I am sick thinking about it. Oh, I'm sick anyway but this makes it worse.

08-04-2006, 12:18 PM
Kiwi, when does your dd leave ????? I'm down to Two Weeks and I am a wreck. Bagz needs to chime in on how easy it gets.

08-04-2006, 01:54 PM
Peachez, didn't you read Bagz's post???? She's telling you how hard it is when they come back!!!! You'll get used to having your home to yourself and when they come back the chaos (although you love them to bits) will drive you nutz.

I'm puppysitting DD's weiner dog this weekend. She is not trained at all. She barks incessantly, she runs away from you when you call her, she pees in the floor when she gets excited. I can hardly wait.

Schatzy, don't get in a hurry. Find the perfect property.

Bagz, it sounds like the mentalpause to me. I'm in the same mode. Just when you think you might be all done with it, you wear white pants and blam! Aunt Flo stops by for a visit.

08-04-2006, 02:03 PM
NONONONO Bagz is saying the stepdds who are still babies (there's more than one, right?) are in her house. When her dd's left, what did she do????? What???? I can feel currents of stress running through my body. I'm supposed to be looking for a job and losing my baby at the same time. How unfair!!!

However, I would not want a peeing puppy.

08-04-2006, 05:33 PM
OKAY!!! WABBY IS CORRECT!!! AT FIRST IT'S TERRIBLE WHEN THEY TAKE LEAVE!!! IT'S SAD AND YOU CRY AND THEIR ROOMS LOOK SO SAD-----HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-----when they return they are different people---they are not used to being "MONITORED" {as i was loudly reminded this week} and they do whatever the blazes they want and come in and out as they please and never clean up {never did anyway,what's new here} and they are still adorable ,interesting people BUT YOU GET USED TO YOUR OWN SPACE AND IT'S NOT SO BAD AT ALL!!!!!---- this summer i notice it even more----dd20 definitely wants her own space and i think i bug her more than she bugs me. As for the steppers--they are not babies at all {they are 20,18 and 16} two of them will be in university this fall bringing the total to FOUR dd's at college--------------did i mention we are broke!!!!!!!!-----

08-04-2006, 08:23 PM
They are not working their ways through college by flipping hamburgers? Or Timmy-burgers? Well, you have made me feel better and I love you and have been surveying my sock yarn thinking what you would like. I am on Sugar's second sock because now that school is over I have time for this sort of thing.

DS is making dinner. It's his idea and involves potatoes and leeks. I am ordering in bbq just in case the potatoes and leeks don't fill up my ample gut. Do you think Lusch is still made because of the turkey carcass remark?

My DS had to get a new tire. They just the other 3 were fine but the one had a lump. So then he says it pulls to the left and I made him go back. They adjusted it and now it pulls to the right. He doesn' tmuch want to bother them. So I called and they have some confusing stuff to say about a belt being crooked in "one" of the tires (perhaps the new one?) and they'll have to put it on the back until it works that out. I think the new one was put on the front. I will have to take care of this? I don't want to. This is one of those guy things ...

Speaking (loosely) of guys, I may have said that I saw Herbie and the woman he dumped me for at a play. Herbie looked like he'd lost weight and didn't look good. The woman I only saw from the back but she was wider than before and has this evil hair cut (closecut short wavy) that the mistress of an orphanage in an impoverished cousntry would have. She had one of her dd's with her. Adorable, of course, but with a very long torso and very short legs and an attitude of being fed up with the whole scene.

08-04-2006, 08:31 PM
I have a great big whine that is worse than kids leaving for school, or coming back from school for the summer --- DD lost her job 2 1/2 months ago. At first DH said help her out ---- we wouldn't want her to move back in! --- now he's saying exactly how much is this costing??? I'm stressed b/c I don't know how much to help and how much to let her handle her own problems. I do know that this month after month of paying all her bills is really straining my budget. I want her to get back into school and do something other than bartending --- she says she'd like to, but can't afford it -- but since I'm paying her bills anyway, I don't know why not. I think she should get a part time bartending job, get a student loan for her education, and DH & I could help her out with the rest of her bills. When I try to talk to her she gets all emotional and disolves into tears and we never get anything settled. I'm not really asking for advice, just a hug. :(

By the way, Bagz, here's a hug for you :hug: 4 DD's in college??? argh!!!!

08-04-2006, 09:06 PM
I will hug you Wabbo. :hug:

And I was thinking ... if the five dd's all get married and have little bagzettes, how broke will Big Bagz be at Christmas time then? Will this put a dent into the Christmas Display fund?

I have been home all day and want go to on the Bob Barker Show and win a car.

Cherry Cow
08-06-2006, 04:14 PM
:grouphug: for everyone!

08-07-2006, 12:58 AM
That cellphone thing has me thinking: what do you suppose the parents of the half-naked girlfriend thought of the whole episode? Maybe they were durn happy the teacher ratted the kid out! I know our local schools have a policy that any kid's backpack or locker, or even car parked on school grounds can be searched. The schools make it crystal clear, so the kids shouldn't think they can get away with anything.

The digit that got reduced belong to DDbf's little brother. He works with his carpenter dad every day and last week he had an accident with the table saw. He had a piece of wood kick back on the saw and drag his thumb through it -- cut off the end of it. They were not able to sew it back on, but they hope to save the use of the thumb (just shorter). Poor kid has been in a lot of pain. Fortunately it's not his writing hand. And he doesn't play the piano like BF :eek:

We've been sailing this weekend with the various visiting people. The Oregonians went back home today. We had a gorgeous weekend and actually got out there and sailed for a change! Beautiful. DD went camping with all her friends, including BF. 10 kids, 2 tents. She says they slept under the stars last night.

Bagz, you've got a ways to go before you get rid of the plague altogether. Might be the beginning of it though. Takes months or years.

DD leaves on the 24th. Her BF wants to drive her to school. We are thinking of letting him. Hard to believe, eh? Actually the first week is an optional orientation program she signed up for where she will be in a community service group and not at the campus for most of the time. She won't be able to get in her room until the 30th. That's when we'll drive down with all her stuff and meet her. She will have to be all packed before the 24th though -- all we're going to do is load it into the car. So I say now. I anticipate several phone calls of more things to find and pack for her during that week...

So anyway, less than 3 weeks. I'm in denial.

Dd's roommate (and her family) is moving from Penn. to N.C. a week and a half before she starts college. Sounds like really bad timing, doesn't it?

Heehee nice Herbie sighting, Peachie.

Bummer about DD's difficulties, Wabbit. Of course you want her to be independent, but how can you not try to help too?


08-07-2006, 01:42 AM
Kiwi ... we need to start a support group for mommies whose kids have forgotten what good care we took of them and who now are going off to make new friends without grey hair.

It was the mommy of the halfnekked girl who sued the school for invasion of privacy.

You also need a support group for friends of yours who have digit-mishaps. This is strange.

Tomorrow I take a middle school comprehensive test. If I can do the math as ds has taught me, I will pass. Everybody say good luck and yay.

08-07-2006, 01:19 PM
That's just twisted. About the stupid halfnakedgirl's parents. Instead of blaming the teacher, the school ought to be threatening to expell the girl and her boyfriend for indecency if they insist on suing. :p It's odd, actually, that the teacher supposedly had no right to look at the phone, because in our schools the kids are told that their lockers, backpacks, everything they bring onto school property could be searched, even their cars I think.

Good luck on the middle school test. I feel sure you can do middle school math :luck2you: (Mouse over that smiley for a message!)

I think it's something about living in this area that makes people risk injury while working. We need more desk jobs for the fainter of heart among us. Personally I don't want to run either a snowblower or a table saw.

Should be start an Empty Nest Mommy Group? DDbf's mom is enlisting me for impromptu drives south to visit the kids. She will have 3 in school, 1 at home (with a big bandage on his hand...). I'm sure DD will be thrilled to see us.


08-07-2006, 04:06 PM
Peachie!!! Mooooocho luck to you on yer test ... I will mind meld you all my knowledge of algebraicness compound fractions and other stuff I hardly remember.

Kiwi: yer weekend sounded puuurrrfectly deeeelightful! I hope DDBFB keeps the nudgieknucklette on his thumb.. they do miracles these days... I remember in the days of yore when I volunteered in the ER the amount of kids that would come in the summer with slashed up fingers from those old metal blade fans :fr: I saw a doc clean up the top of a thumb and do a flap procedure over it using the left over skin and a smidget taken from the web.. The next few weeks will be hairy and emotional fer you I'm sure.

Wabby: ah the properties we liked are nixed.. One was already taken and the other while beautiful required a spray irrigation septic system. I'm new to this stuff, but it seems like about 10 grand to install, and then the poop and whatnot gets watered down and sprayed acrossed the land... not into the poop spray-- you rural chicks tell me if you know anything about all these septic systems ?? I thought the only method was into a tank, chemicals and pump it out once a year or so...What is with this poop spray method? ....
Now we are having 2nd thoughts... I'm having a devil of a time getting a job in my I may opted for a lesser intense job as a office manager or receptionist in a medical or dental office... Thought about going back to school, but I have not even a bachelors so at this age... I dunno...
Weiner dogs are notorious yappers...

Cherry hows that woggin goin????
Bagzilla, 4 kids in college and 1DS at home... I say you need a margie!!!

08-07-2006, 05:14 PM
Today's my day to tawk to myself... hmmm...letsee, it's raining here and a clammy 97 degrees... Thunder in the distance and poor darby is only happy if she is laying on my feet ... so I had to stop mopping, and sit at the sad fer me :lol:

Got a call from a "placement specialist" who says my resume is tooo specific...that I should replace dental and HMO stuff with "healthcare" :?:

Traisping about in the woods looking at land yielded 3 immediately found ticks... and 2 more found blood sucking me 2 days later.. I hope they are not deer ticks.. I was sitting here and felt a sting under my bra clasp in the back last night and asked DH to look and Sho nuff.. TICK... Totally skeeved I headed for the shower to scrub and low and behold another one under a fat roll..I have been hivey for the last few days..I wonder if this is the cause?

I forgot to say that there is another piece of land I think 6 acreas in this area where there will be about 10 more homes nested, it abuts up against a river where I can just put in my kayak... and its 10 mins from Jordan Lake that has a beach and trails... I'm keen on it...DH not so much.. he thinks its too pricey.

Thunder and lighning is moving closer... Darby is now whining... must go ...

08-07-2006, 07:18 PM
Go for the pricey but perfect land, Schatzi. DH is making me crazy as now he says he just wants to find an already built house b/c building would be too stressful. This is my one and only house. I want eggsactly what I want. Did you know that we have no ticks here, west of the Cascade mountains? If you go to eastern Oregon they do, but not very many. No poisonous snakes either. It's a garden of eden.

Never heard of such a septic system as the poop sprayer, Schatz. Here it's either standard or sand filter.

My friend and I took her grandkids to a parade in the next burg south. It was Homer Davenport Days there. If you didn't know, Homer imported the first Arabian horses to the United States. Anyway, it's a really cute little town called Silverton. The whole town turns out for the parade and the Davenport races the next day. At the parade I sat next to a seemingly nice woman. She was nice until she started talking to her kids and then she turned into an evil, horrible lady who berated and shamed her kids the entire time. It was all I could do not to tell her to knock it off. She had her little 4? yr old crying b/c she didn't get out and grab candy aggressively enough. Ppl should have to have mental evaluations before they're allowed to breed.

Belated good luck on your test, Peach!!!!

I bought a $2 raffle ticket at the Homer Days so I expect to win a red Mustang convertible. I won't be needing to talk to Bob Barker about a car.

I have a brand new temporary crown and a numb tongue. :p

08-07-2006, 08:00 PM
I took and passed the test. Still no job though .. not that a job follows the test. Kitty still sick. Boy still going to UF. Kiwi, what are you purchasing? You know how when you have a baby, some pamphlet tells you it costs $200 billion to raise one ???? Well, part of that is buying a trash can, shower bucket and dishes for the dorm room. I found nice cheap microwavable ones to Target. If he doesn't like them, I will. Girls need more though, right? I don't know what but I'm told they do. What blanket thingie is she taking? I really want to know.

08-07-2006, 08:16 PM
well, miss peachpot,dd took WAY too much stuff and was giving us stuff to take back with us the next time we dropped by!! she took a duvet,several pillows,a feather mattress {dorm mattress was too hard} her BIG tv,camera,computer,dvd player,a hotpot,microwave, dishes,utensils,glasses,bar fridge,laundry baskets,laundry deterget, {a phone card!!!} a cell phone, mp3 player,enough clothing for ten people plus winter clothes,boots ,tons of shoes,books,cosmetics,photo albums,posters,blender,lamps,a FAN since it was hotter than **** with no airconditioning plus plus plus---we FILLED the van to the rafters and it's an eight seater {you were in it,remember how big it was} .This time will be worse cause she is living off campus with friends in an apartment and needs to bring her bed and dresser and all the other crap. INsane i tell you!!!!====now,does that prove to you that boys need less stuff !!!!!==== i gotta go,i smell my soup burning

08-07-2006, 08:47 PM
We had some rain and I didn't see the posts by Shotsy and Wabbsy. Too much rain, I guess, orrrrr I forgot to turn the page. Anyhow, I writed this

p.s. I was wearing my adorable PUFFIN earrings yesterday when one of the Russian girls said, "I know what that is." "You Do NOt," I answered in my ugly American way. "It's a penguin," she said. "No, it's not," I replied. "Oh," she said as she flipped one with her finger, "it's (phonetic spelling) papa-guy." Isn't that adorable. Bagz, when you get Russian tourtists, remember papaguy.

I never knew there were so many kinds of people in the world. They are fascinating. The Russians said they were from the Europe part of Russia and I thought it was just that they didn't know to tell us where their town is THEN this precious little Asian girl shows up from the Asian part of Russia. Same language. We also have a guy from Malvo who was quite impressed that I knew it was formerly part of the USSR. (I had just asked a guy from Bulgaria where in the heck Malvo is.)

and saved it to the puter because I could never spell all those words twice.

Bagzy, DS can rent a fridge with a microwave in his room and not have to move it. I'm for that. How big was this room? She pretty much took what Ds will take .. not that he's interested but I am. It's nurturing you know. But next week I'll be all alone and will romp nekked thru the house and eat entire cakes and watch The Sopranos which I will not watch with him in the house.

08-07-2006, 08:48 PM
I love Bob Barker. Wouldn't you rather have a jar of Rolaids from him than a Mustang from Homer?

08-08-2006, 01:19 PM
Mustang from Homer. Bob Barker got in hot water for sexually harassing the women on his show. Not the contestants, the models.

I have a headache, but I take my posting duties very seriously so I am here.

DH & I visited Miss Adorable aka Kayden yesterday. DH had already seen her yesterday but he wanted to go back for a 2nd helping of baby smooches. I'm so glad they live 5 minutes away from our house.

Moving kiddos to college sounds exhausting. Physically and emotionally.

08-08-2006, 01:34 PM
You think Homer's Beautifies haven't been harrassed? Actually, I think Bob was forcing one of them to do certain things. At least, I think that was her claim.

I need a hug. I have to put down my kitty. I am so sad. To do the medical thing would be hundreds of dollars .. not a few hundreds, a bunch ... and he's maybe 10 years old. He is so sweet and the other cat is not sweet but we don't get to choose. But this ON TOP OF ds leaving and job situation is too much.

08-08-2006, 01:47 PM
you rural chicks tell me if you know anything about all these septic systems ?? I thought the only method was into a tank, chemicals and pump it out once a year or so...What is with this poop spray method? ...I have heard of that, but I thought it was mainly an industrial method of using processed waste. Hard to believe that spraying poop on your own land would be sanitary even after processing. Anyway, ick. I take it this is because the ground can't absorb the waste in the normal manner. Ours is an old cesspool system. I don't really know much about it, but it only has to be pumped out about every 4 or 5 years and you don't have to add anything. But then again, it's in the woods and was installed in the dark ages. If we rebuild (haha) we would be putting in a typical septic system with a leach field. Got a call from a "placement specialist" who says my resume is tooo specific...that I should replace dental and HMO stuff with "healthcare" :?: Do they mean you are being too specific in your desired job areas, or when describing your experience?

Argggh Ticks! arggh! Never had one attached to me, but have pulled many off dogs and cats. Yecccch I hate them!

I'm very excited to know about Homer Davenport! What a name, eh? That poor little kid. For a second I thought you said "She had her little 47 yr old crying" which was strange. I have old eyes. And a crappy monitor. I need a new monitor and I don't want a new computer unless I get a laptop.

Peachie, you ask a lot of questions. Let's see. DD is taking all her usual bedding to college apparently. She is something of a bedding fanatic or maybe I should say she is bedding-eccentric. She sleeps on a featherbed, which has a cover, and regular fitted sheet over it. She refuses to use a top sheet; she uses a down comforter which usually has a cover on it, plus she also has several fleece blankets (especially the giant red one the bf gave her for Christmas) and numerous beautiful quilts that her aunt has made for her. And somewhere between 2 and 4 pillows. I had to buy extra long sheets for her dorm room and an x-long mattress cover (cheap one because she is taking the featherbed). She likes jersey knit or flannel sheets, but of course only the bottom sheet. Sounds nuts, doesn't it? I guess she will have the down comfy, a fleece and a quilt for warmth. She also has been given a lot of things for her room -- a foldup "butterfly" style chair, a laundry basket, hangers, a few tools and school supplies. She also has a fan, a phone, her computer, a desk light, a trash can, a stereo. I don't know about dishes and stuff yet, she hasn't said if she wants any (she is required to have the full meal plan). Her roommate is bringing a dorm fridge. They will probably look for a rug together. DD will also have 2 guitars, probably an amp, her ipod and recording device, a cellphone if we ever figure which one to get her. Oy. I'm going up in the attic one of these days (there are bats living there and I'm not looking forward to it) to find her a trunk which she'll be able to keep under her bed to lock things in and store out of season clothes I guess. Fortunately her room is 20 x 9 or 9.5 feet I think. But unfortunately her roommate will be set up in there a week early because of the particular orientation program she is signed up for. DD said she is kind of shy sounding though, so maybe she won't be the type to dominate the room. She is a biology major with designs on med school so she will probably be a serious student. yay. DD's not taking a TV, a printer, a hair dryer, a microwave (although she would like one--apparently they are not allowed unless you rent the micro/fridge model from the school), or any other appliances. Who knows what else she'll need that we haven't thought of :shrug: It's a good thing we are within driving distance.

I would rather have a Mustang from Homer. Bob Barker is sweet old f**t, but really woman where are your priorities? I need me some 'stang.

My high school mascot was the Mustang. My brother had a dark green Mustang. And I had a very sexy white Mustang with a black landau roof. Unfortunately it was a FixOrRepairDaily and I dumped it when I moved to Maine.

It was hot though. :cool:

Do you have anymore questions? I'm debating whether DD needs to take her winter clothes with her. Definitely the warm clothing, but I'm not sure about coats, hats, boots, etc. This is not a problem Peachboy will have. Probably he will have to decide whether to bring a bathing suit or not.

Oh yeah, she has an umbrella too. Or as she used to call it, an umbrelala. I'm going to be a wreck in a few weeks, aren't I?


08-08-2006, 01:50 PM
Did I miss what is wrong with Kitty? What is the procedure they would have to do? I'm so sorry you have to make that decision, that is just too hard. :hug: Poor kitty and peachie.

08-08-2006, 02:24 PM
I also do not use a top sheet. However, we're told repeatedly that we must buy EXTRA long sheets. Is her regular bedding gonna work.

The kitty is in a "Cat Clinic." They do only cats and should be experts. As experts, they have not volunteered any diagosis that will be proven wrong at any point. They said he has not eaten for more than 2 days. (I saw him eat every morning and afternoon.) They think he got into the house plants. (Ain't got n'ern.) They asked if I wanted to be there when they euthanize him. So I called DS and asked if he did cause I'm all crying already. He's gonna go talk to them and offer to pay for it himself. I told the cat is not young, there's no guarnatee he won't just come home and die, cats can't tell you what's wrong with him, it's too much money. He's gonna go talk anyway.

There is an online group for people who own this breed of cat. I went there and found it's mostly people discussing their cat's health problems at the moment. Liver biopsies, etc. I don't think they'll buy into my idea that one should not spend allllll their money on a pet.

There's a place where where they sprayed poopy-stuff on a field and it got all fertilized and the poopy ran into the lake and grew algae and all the neighbors got bad. The field was city owned and city poopy sprayed. Big poopy uproar. We have a septic tank. Not supposed to add chemicals. Can have it cleaned out but I think that if you don't dump a lot of grease down it, it'll do better.

08-08-2006, 03:34 PM
Hi, all. Just got back late last night from Philly, NY, Albany, NY, Philly trip. Ungodly hot everywhere. Came into house with ac broken, house a mess, dh on warpath, giving orders, not doing anything, ds decided on trip that maybe he will go to college (he's a sr this year and had refused to take sats or even think about college apps before this.) Don't know why he decided now when he could have waited until jan. think i'll kill him. ds1 in la got great job....

have laundry and cleaning up the wazoo. wasted 1 hour playing match magic. better do somethhing real.

08-08-2006, 05:36 PM
Welcome Back Frappberrypie!!!! ah you were close to my ole' stompin grounds... I was conviently located 45 min from NYC and Philly... smack dab in sardine can Somerset county ... :rollpin: DH on the head!!!! What is Magic Match??... I wish to play

Peachetta: I hug you from afar darlin' :grouphug: None of what these Vets makes sense as to the cause of Kittycat's problems...If you've seen DK eat perhaps take her home..any chance their Dx is wrong?????
Kiwi: Luv the inventory of DDs college listofthingsImusttake :lol: perhaps a topic later on..I'm sure we all have idiosyncratic bedding issues and sleeping positions.. fer example, it wasn't until about 5 years ago that I would /could sleep on a pillow. And I get ready to sleep on my stomach and like I'm climbing a tree...
I am perplexed by DD not taking a printer...won't she need to print out papers and what not??? And what about one of those GO phones... no contracts,minutes etc..
My resume... Good questions Obi Wan KaKiwi..too specific in describing my experience..where my skills are / or could be "generically" categorized, I've described them in too literal of context.
Anyway,DH has been pressuring me to getajobgetajobgetajob and wehavetobuylandnowwehavetobuylandnow...and IhatemybossIhatemyboss..that today I just Exploded.. and we are calling a truce to regroup on what is important.. I hate when he gets "on a mission" and it involves me... I would like to just go along fer the ride at this point... (Caution: :soap: rant follows) for years in our marriage I was the primary or only breadwinner.. and , yes, I would like to go back to work, but I don't need to be pressured, badgered or stressed into it!!! Does this make sense to anyone??? :?: (Rant over).
Wabb: I think Bob Barker is swarmy... and am wary of this Homer Davenport character :rolleyes: Do you have recent pics of Cupiedoll Kayden to send?

08-08-2006, 07:11 PM
Hi Frappe, sounds like a hairraising trip. And as far as leaving the college thing till now, it's not at all uncommon. But I suppose you'll be the one scrambling to get it done in time, that's always the way. One of DD's friends decided that he didn't want to go to the school he was planning to, and started over last month -- for this September! He managed to get into U. of Maine, and it apparently is all set. Bet it's costing his family more than it should though. I thought you only had one DS and 2 DDs? I must have miscounted.

Re: extra long sheets: I had to buy extra long sheets for her dorm room and an x-long mattress cover She can use her featherbed and comforters; the difference in length is only 5 inches. If a person wanted to do it on the cheap, they could use Full size flat sheets and tuck in the excess. We bought long bottom sheets at Lands End; they were having a sale on the kind DD likes.

I have had vet advice like that, they don't seem to really know what's wrong but they're willing to do stuff if you want them to. What were they proposing to do with kitty -- just a whole lot of tests or did they want to do exploratory surgery or something? I suppose some people have scads of money to throw at that sort of thing, but it isn't necessarily sensible to do it just because it's possible. Best of luck on getting through it, Peachy.

Hey Schatzi, I totally get your feelings about going back to work. I think my DH is at the same point. I can't seem to get him to talk about it and he's not visibly doing anything about it, but I'm pretty sure he is working on it just the same.

Here's what I'm doing useful: I started tuning my piano. I haven't tuned a piano in, let me see, at least 20 years. So it's taking a bit of work to get back up to speed (if ever that happens). But the benefit is 2-fold: I told DD's BF that I would show him how to do some tuning so he can touch up pianos with the kit we gave him for graduation. And who knows, maybe I will hire out. It's good money, and lord knows there are no decent jobs around here, so maybe... Truth is I don't want to go out and try to get a job. Haven't done it in 20 years and don't really want to start again now. Or at least as long as we live here, anyway.

All you Philadelphia-ites, have you ever heard of Ambler? That's where DD's roommate comes from. Except that her family's moving to Raleigh in a week.


08-08-2006, 07:21 PM
I went home and took a nap so my headache would vamoose, but it's still here.

Just thought you needed to know.

08-09-2006, 12:13 AM
Who is dk and dx? The latest on kitty is that he's still at the vet's and ds is paying for him to spend a few days there to see if he improves.

Ds is not taking a printer. Surely they have printers there. At the local college, all students can print all stuff from the puter for free.

08-09-2006, 02:47 PM
Who is dk and dx? The latest on kitty is that he's still at the vet's and ds is paying for him to spend a few days there to see if he improves. DK = Dear Kitty
Dx = diagnosis

Well, I'm pulling for dk; I hope this isn't just a way to prolong the inevitable.

DD is not taking a printer; actually I think she will have to pay for printing pages at school, but it's very little and I think it's probably worth it to avoid the expense and hassle of the printer/ink/paper. We'll see. Her dorm is right across from a Computer Center, perhaps that will even make it convenient to print there. I think we've almost got a cellphone lined up -- her cousin has a family plan he's willing to add her to. DH and I both have Tracfones because we're cheap and don't use them much, but DD wants to be able to use hers daily.


08-10-2006, 01:35 PM
I don't like people. I don't like being a business owner.

My headache is gone.

Bunco is this coming Saturday. I'm not driving. I plan on imbibing.

My temporary crown has a sharp spot and it is cutting my tongue.

08-10-2006, 02:09 PM
I don't like people. I don't like being a business owner.

Peopole are nasty. While you are not allowed to be rude to them, they also are not allowed to be rude to you. Or are they? I have that problem, too.

My headache is gone.

Gave it to a customer, I hope.

Bunco is this coming Saturday. I'm not driving. I plan on imbibing.

I disapprove.

My temporary crown has a sharp spot and it is cutting my tongue.

How temporary is it?

Kiwi, punkinhead, how does that cellphone work? They add her to their plan and minutes are added just for her so she doesn't use up theirs?

Ds had a minor thing (fuse) fixed on his car. They wanted to keep it as they were busy so he had lcp come get him. Once in LCP's car, she pulled out in front of someone and her car is now "tore up." All people are ok.

DK is better. Is eating. Is rambunctious (they say .. I don't think he's the type).

I have signed up to be a sub teacher. yay. I feel gooder about this now.

08-10-2006, 04:07 PM
Kiwi, punkinhead, how does that cellphone work? They add her to their plan and minutes are added just for her so she doesn't use up theirs?Right now they have 3 people on the family plan and 1000 minutes/month with free nights/weekends and to each other. What they are considering is to upgrade the plan to a national plan (no roaming charges+free long distance) and the total minutes would go up to 1400, with free nights/weekends etc. It's not that 400 would be set aside for her, the 4 (or it might end up being only 3) of them would share the 1400 minutes, but I think they don't use them up every month now, so they think that would be plenty. They're family, they'll all adapt.

DH is swearing in the living room. He's trying to make a video into a DVD. I think I'll stay in here...

I'm glad to hear about kitty. Maybe he'll recover from the unknown malady.

I'm also glad you are feeling better about the teacher situ. And I'm glad it was lcp's car and not DS's. Well, that sounds mean, doesn't it? I sorry to hear it was "tore up". That sounds like something my brother would say. "Thing was all tore up."



08-10-2006, 07:07 PM
While you are not allowed to be rude to them, they also are not allowed to be rude to you. I was rude to them, but they were outrageously rude to me first. I told them to please do not come back to our business. Would that be considered rude? --- I said please.

My temporary crown will be replaced w/ a permanent crown on the 21st. I'm going in to get the temporary crown smoothed off today. It huuuurts. I didn't realize it was sharp until all the novacaine wore off, then I figured it was sore b/c of getting a needle stuck in that area. It took me a couple days to figure out what the problem was.

Good that lcp and ds weren't hurt. Cars can be fixed. Ppl are harder.

Speaking of which, my brother fell off a ladder on monday, broke his hip & cracked 3 vertibrae. He's at the hospital and in for a long recovery. He had some major back problems to begin with.

Maybe DK will be alright??? hope so.

Nice relatives to be adding Kiwiette to their plan, Kiwonker.

08-11-2006, 02:28 PM
Thinks I am stressed about: 1. ds is leaving; 2. ds was in an accident; 3. I don't know what ds sees as his responsilibity about the accident; 4. cat is at vet's; 5. I have called vet's office (NOT VET) all day and have heard that they will speak to her about his coming home and let let know; 6. No one called; 7. She called and said she could not answer every phone call and if I will speak only to her, I will just have to wait; 8. I told her blah blah; 9. I hate this fat stupid guy at work who is an a**h*l*; 10. and so on

08-11-2006, 03:17 PM
Things I'm stressed about -
1. DD is unemployed.
2. One of our employees quit this week, right before we start several big buildings (after we kept him employed during our slow time).
3. My brother is in really bad shape at the hospital. I worry about his mental state as much as his physical state.
4. I continue to gain weight.
5. I got into another argument with my father last week. He is the most narcicistic person in the world.
6. My house is sold, but I won't know until the November ballot if it gets annexed into the city, if it doesn't then it will go on the May ballot, and if it doesn't then, it goes onto the following November ballot, and it could go on until 2008, at which time our contract runs out with the developer.
7. I don't know where I'll move if it does get annexed in November.
8. I have to go the the dang rodeo next month and I can't fit into any of my rodeo duds. I promised the wife of our friend who was killed that I would drive her there, because they're doing some kind of memorial to him, so I really can't not go to this one. (I know that's a double negative - so sue me)
9. I'm getting mean in my old age.

Peachy--- why would DS be responsible in any way for CP getting in an accident? he was just a passenger, right?? sorry your kitty's vet is not nicer. should I take offense to the fat stupid guy comment? can't he just be a stupid *ssh*le? why do jerks have to be fat and stupid? why don't ppl like fat ppl? fat ppl are nice and cushy to hug..... and jolly.....fat ppl are jolly.

08-11-2006, 04:39 PM
but fat ppl can be annoying if they bug peachers at work,otherwise they are delightful and they live at our forum ,that is why we are here,we are the nice fat people. WE HAD A TWO HOUR THUNDERSTORM MONDAY NIGHT THAT KNOCKED OUT OUR COMPUTER AND DAMAGED OUR PHONELINES. we couldn't get service til today so i will have to read all the posts and comment and disect everything---i will also post a list of what is bothering me as i see that has become fashionable,chow cows.

08-11-2006, 05:17 PM
I don't know what ds sees as his responsilibity about the accident
Personally I don't think that DS is responsible for that accident, except in the moral support way. Just because she was doing him a favor by picking him up doesn't make him monetarily responsible for that. If it were me, I would encourage him to help her get it fixed in any way short of money. DH would probably disagree with me. But I think that's what insurance is for.

We had a similar incident last winter: DD and BF used our car to deliver some food baskets to cancer survivors for a local organization. He was driving our car and managed to hit and knock over a light pole (a small one) in the apartment complex where they were delivering. He considered it entirely his fault and didn't want to involve us at all, but DH insisted that we split the cost of repairing the pole. If DD had been driving, I don't think there's any reason BF should have helped pay, but I suppose he would have insisted, too.

Our Painty is quoted in the newspaper! (

Wow, I thought I was stressed out about a whole lot of things, but now that you've added those lists, I'm stressed about all those too. I've got to go do something about something. :stress:

Wabbit, you were absolutely not rude, you were assertive. Good for you. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother's accident. That sounds like a very difficult road ahead. Back problems are a nightmare.

I'm P-O'ed at your vet, Peachie. I think she would do well to remember that there are other vets in the world and keep her *****iness to herself. Apparently the staff is so abused by her they lied about your phone calls to keep her from *****ing at them. If I were you, I'd look for another vet.

Good news -- I'm not jolly therefore I am not fat.


08-11-2006, 05:22 PM
Hi bagz. We had that storm some too I think. Or was it a different day. I have no idea. DD'sbf's family went to Connecticut today to take the bftwin to college. I got up early to go with her to say goodbye to him (of course she was really saying goodbye to BF -- good lord they won't see each other for 3 days...). We stayed for like an hour and a half. I felt a little awkward hanging about, but they made me feel it was absolutely wonderful of me to come over. Crazy people. They would make good inlaws.

08-12-2006, 02:27 AM
You are all so wunnderful. The vet is a cat vet only and it's a neat place to go to. There are cats everywhere. She knows cats. I will be tolerant of this. She said she was giving discounts on the treatment as she didn't like to see DS so upset. I have no details about that as I didn't pay the bill but it sounds nice.

The guy at work is not nice at all. If he were nice-looking I wouldn't have said the handsome jerk at work so maybe Wabby is right. But it's just that he's offensive that his physical pressence is repulsive so he couldn't be good looking. See what I mean? His nose is ugly. His hair is ugly. His shoes are ugly. Fat is just a short word to use and I shouldn't have done it. "The stupid jerk at work who barely picks up his ugly white shoes when he walks really po'ed me off." How's that sound?

CP has some story about her insurance not covering the accidnet because she drove more than she was supposed to. Makes no sense and unlikely as she only drove around the close area UNLESS her family members drove the car. But even then, makes no sense.

Painty is a star. We are all so cool. Wabby needs a new moomoo with fringe and piping to wear to the rodeo.

08-12-2006, 10:35 AM
I have been pouting and feeling sorry for myself.. but I came here and got perked up. Noooooo, not because you all are just as miserable.. you all just write funny stuff ;;:lol3:

Wabby: How terrible about your brother! I hope he recovers quickly. And I agree, you were assertive --just cause they are a customer doesnt give em the right to poop on people. And I say go out an get new duds with that thar fringe and piping..Enjoy yourself and time with your friends ...pudginess is secondary! This house sale thingy ...I didn't know that it was also contingent upon annexing... 2008 seems far away... and I know how unsettling Limboland can be :hug:
CowP:must find out what transpired with DS and Vet ... Dear kitty seems to be improved, yes? I don't understand either why DS would be responsible for LCPs accident... This insurance issue... does your state have a graduating license program for teen drivers... some restrict night driving...maybe your state has a driving perimeter..I dunno :shrug: sounds odd to me too.

Bagaroo: so glad to see you back on line dahlink!!!!!

Kiwi: Crazy nice people make the best kind of friends...
:cp: for our star cow Painty... !!!!
I came prepared to make my list... but think I'll save it fer another day.. We are off to explore the Triad area today... it's closer to health insurance operations.. and DHs Coworkers love the area... so off we go!!!!!!!

08-12-2006, 11:14 PM
So... I figure I'd pop in after a very long day drivin about the "Triad" area and looking for homes... DH drove acourse, yet I was exxxxhausted :dz: go figgure.. We stopped at his fav "waterin' hole" and had a few beers..acourse, totally diet verboten.. and it has taken me at least 10 minutes to write this .WHHHEEEE...

08-13-2006, 09:18 AM
I surprised myself. I thought fer sure I would be nursing a headache..but I'm fit as a fiddle...just got in from weeding and watering... it's THE BEST MORNING I can remember in a looooong time.. It's 65 and low humidity.. heavenly DH and I are taking the kayaks out this afternoon... must take advantage of the lovely weather and weekend before DH has to work on weekends again.............

MooooWha...kisses !:turkey:

08-13-2006, 02:06 PM
She knows cats. I will be tolerant of this. She said she was giving discounts on the treatment as she didn't like to see DS so upset.

Fat is just a short word to use and I shouldn't have done it. "The stupid jerk at work who barely picks up his ugly white shoes when he walks really po'ed me off." How's that sound?

CP has some story about her insurance not covering the accidnet because she drove more than she was supposed to. Makes no sense and unlikely as she only drove around the close area UNLESS her family members drove the car. But even then, makes no sense.

I'm glad the cat vet gave DS a discount. I hope it wasn't out of guilt... :s: Yeah, pay no attention to me, I'm highly suspicious.

I don't have a problem with calling fat people fat. It isn't the fat part that makes him objectionable, otherwise we'd all be one ugly bunch, eh? Too bad it's always considered a negative. Maybe we should change that: Look at that adorable fat little baby. What nice fat cheeks you have. I just love the way the fat swings from your upper arms when you talk. :lol: Okay maybe it's not going to work.

Wow, lcp has the worst luck. I think there is a provision when you buy auto insurance where you specify how much you will driving the car and for what purpose. It's monumentally stupid to only be insured for minimal driving when you're having to drive a long distance back and forth to school or whatever. She should not take that claim rejection as the final answer. Insurance companies have wiggle room from my experience.

Yes, Wabby, get some new duds! They will be fabulous, you'll have a great time! It's always better to have something that fits.

Hey Schatzi, is the triad area the same as the research triangle? I'm not up on the latest NC developments. In fact I seem to be stuck in the dark ages.... Excellent about the mild weather, I must say. It has actually gotten kind of cold here -- in the 50s yesterday. We finally had to turn off the window fans. I'm not complaining. No bats since the weather changed about 10 days ago.

I got sap in my hair yesterday. Silly me. We had a great day, went to the annual Wooden Canoe festival nearby. Took Jet with us, it was great for her -- she met lots of other dogs and kids and various people. Great socialization, and I was pretty happy with her. She did tend to jump on everyone she could so I had to keep after her, but she was great with the kids. Under a certain size though, she seemed to think they might be little dogs and she would try to play bow and "dog play" with them which really won't work with toddlers (and scares their mothers) so I had to rein her in a few times. It rained off and on which was a little annoying, but there was a good crowd, a couple of our friends were working the registration desk so we hung out with them.

I went over to the "Race for the Cure" table, which was really nice, all dolled up with pink table cloths and neat stuff to buy. I stopped to buy some yogurt covered pretzel sticks (mmmmm ) and Jet thought the ladies there looked like really nice people so she put her very muddy paws up on the pretty pink tablecloth. Arrgh. And then she put 2 more prints next to them before I could juggle my stuff and her leash and all. How embarrassing. I handed her off to DH and went back and tried to scrub off the mud with napkins. The woman behind the table was someone I know a bit. She rearranged some stuff to cover the lovely brown stains, but I don't think she was very impressed. I'm a mess sometimes....

Well, have a good sunday all. See you later.


08-13-2006, 09:18 PM
Kiwi.. We currently live in the Triangle Area (Raleigh,Durham, Research Triangle Park..) .. The Triad is the Greensboro, Winston Salem Highpoint area.. We're looking to position ourselves in between these two major areas...

We went looking at that area yesterday.. and I found a house that I really like.. I'll email a pic... so I'm going to call the realtor tomorrow, see if its still available and make an appt to see it.. In the meantime we are dodging the landlords, as our lease is up... they just want us to sign the new one -same as the old...but we are thinking that we want a month to month... especially if this property is all that I think it is...

08-14-2006, 01:36 AM
shots, I'm still trying to open the pictures you sent. My puter's fault, not yours.

Y'all need to visit my blog agin.

08-14-2006, 01:46 AM
I want to try to better Kiwi's sap in hair. This woman bought a bunch of stuff including a large jar of spaghetti sauce which exploded in my hand. It went all over me, over the people several feet away, left pieces of glass in my clothing, etc. I couldn't think what to do first. I just stood there thinking my thumb is bleeding (scratch), I can't use the scale as it's full of spaghetti sauce, I'm ignoring the customer, All of my clothes are covered in this gunk, the glass needs to be picked up, the sauce needs cleaning up. Luckily other people took over and all the customers were nice about having this mess on them or being detained. I was given a new uniform and had something to talk about for a while. Now, I have spaghetti sauce phobia.

08-14-2006, 11:34 AM
ohhhhhhhhhh good stories!!--- i put a pot on to boil on high and didn't put any water in it--when it started to smoke i took it out to the porch and set it on a rug and the rug started to smoke,so i set it on another throw rug and it started spewing fumes in my face,so i ruined two rugs and the bottom of the pot has plastic rug crap and is all black. and the water is not boiled.---------shatz---your house is GORGEOUS!!!! buy it!!!----kiwonkers,glad to hear the bats are at bay!!!!---and PEACH!!! i can totally relate to doing nothing as you stand there covered in sauce---it's like----just beam me up now and get it over with!!! home today cause ds is constipated--going to make bran muffins .bye bye

08-14-2006, 01:12 PM
Wow, you got me beat there, Peachie. What a mess. I wonder why a jar would just explode in your hands, that sounds really dangerous! Maybe someone had dropped it and put it back on the shelf.

Nice job on that pot, Bagz. :eek: I always seem to be melting things. Last week I brought home a huge quantity of roast pork from the sailing weekend. It was in this nice 9x13 plastic container. I melted it. On a burner that had been turned off. Fortunately we ate the leftover roast first. Phew. :crazy:


08-14-2006, 02:53 PM
Poor Peach! I would have just stood there, shell shocked too. Never realized spaghetti sauce could be so dangerous.

I luuuurv Schatzi's house too. I love the setting.... and the pool, and the kitchen, and the big windows....

Bagz, take DS to McDonald's for lunch. In my experience, McDonalds is the fastest acting laxative there is.

We have an appointment to see a house tomorrow. I don't know why... DH seems to think we could make a crazy offer contingent on our house closing next spring. I don't think so, but I'm humoring him.

08-14-2006, 02:57 PM
I saw an out of focus picture of LCP.

08-14-2006, 06:39 PM
AH well, we have returneth from looking at the house... and, well, It was definitely a man's house. Although it looked nice in the pics... It was ok, but fer that kinda money it should be spectacular.

Lets see -- all the rooms were smallish.. The den where all the windows are had no real walls or area to put furniture like an entertainment center... The dining room was really part of the kitchen.. so you could put a table and chairs in there but not really anything else.. The kitchen was okay, but I dont understand why he put a cook top on one counter and then acrossed the kitchen 2 build in ovens.. and one of them islands...and then there was this odd cabinetry that had no door just shelves that faced out to the hall way.. The main level bathroom had the plasticy insert bathtub that was wayyyy small... The 2 bedrooms on the main were okay... now we go up stairs, a big walk in closet was very nice and a separate dressing thing.. there were all these odd shaped walls where you really couldnt put furniture and then a strange fireplace that was inserted into the wall,,not the floor... The bathroom stymied me.. It had a pedestal sink and a cart like cabinet for stuff... and a big shower with 2 shower heads - one on each side... - no tub... The second bedroom had no access to the bathroom.. I guess you could make it an office... the basement was very cool, it had a fireplace too, and a small kitchen and bathroom.. The screened in back porch was real nice too, and it goes to the pool which was loverly, cept all the concrete around it needs to be replaced as does the deck..and all the landscaping has to be redone. No matter how much we talked about it and what we would have to do to get it to our liking it would cost a whole lot.. and for 350,000 which is our absolute limit we could get a very nice new construction... so Bummer! But something will come along...

08-15-2006, 02:18 AM
That house was really cool looking, but I agree, for the price, it should be perfect inside too! Shows you the dangers of over-customization. It sounds a little like what we did years ago when we renovated the little log camp we lived in then -- I customized the kitchen for myself, with counters 3" higher than standard, a gas cooktop with a separate electric oven, custom sized drawers and stuff. We also put in an oversized shower but no tub. It was fun and I loved the place, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone else would think it was a little weird. Frankly I wish I still lived there!

Wow, we had some good spareribs tonight. DH went to the grocery store with me and insisted on trying pork ribs, so he was in charge of grilling them. I did suggest a few alterations to the typical "throw them on the grill, cook 'em on high and take 'em off" method he favors...and they came out totally delicious! My suggestions (which he actually took -- what's that all about? :lol: ) were to parboil them a few minutes first, and also to wrap them in foil after they looked done and leave them on the grill for a while. :drool: mmmm! Had DDbf over for dinner; they hadn't seen each other for 3 whole days, don't know how they survived... They are so freaking cute together--they took at least 3 separate opportunities to go off on errands together over the course of the evening. Quite hilarious.

The dog and the cat had a swatting match right here next to me a little while ago. They are both demented. The cat (this is my mental midget cat) lets Jet lick her ears and then Jet wants to jump on her and get her to play, so the cat swats at Jet because she doesn't like being jumped on, then Jet paws her back because she thinks this is how cats play. Somehow they end up doing this ridiculous slow motion pawing thing at each other. :rolleyes:


08-15-2006, 11:45 AM
hey!!!!!!!!!! kiwonk--we had pork spareribs too---except i simmered them for an HOUR!!! and then marinated them in sauce for several hours--they were FAB as well---the sauce has 1/2 cup ketchup,2 cups of brown sugar, ONE cup of APPLESAUCE!!!,lemon juice,cinnamon,paprika and garlic----very sweet and deeeeeeeeeeee lishious on the barbeque====i have gained TEN pounds this summer and combined with the wierd plagues i am having i feel like a bloated pig---i am going on a plant diet---i am only eating plants. that's it.plants only. i just ate a pint of blueberry plants for breakfast.{ i did have milk on them}yeah,plants and low fat dairy,that's it,that's what i eat now. this ten pounds feels so slobby and gutty and apron-y. i hate it. plants. i am a plant eater.

08-15-2006, 12:39 PM
Hey, y'all. I'm back in NC. Worked long late hours from the moment of return. Peachy, I'm with you on customers....agree with SNL skit about how the store was better before they put in doors. We've had the most obnoxious customers all week....people who come in at 9 (closing) and wander around for an hour, oblivious to the fact that we are now vacumming!!!! Horrid mother who let her 3 little (under 10) kids go to the bathroom alone and is now complaining to upper management because we took her to see the incredible mess they made (peed on floor, pooped and didn't flush, threw towels and tp all over, emptied trash can, etc). Another b****tch who left the dressing room for 20 minutes and then had a tantrum because I cleaned it out.... Retail would be time if it wasn't for the customers. How can people be so rude!!!!!

I'd post a stress list but I'm too stressed.

Glad cat is better, sorry to hear about brother, kids accidents, glad to hear about phone plans, sorry to hear about house woes, fat issues, bad weather and basic life cr*p.

Have to spend morning cleaning house, doing laundry, going to gym and grocery and get to work this afternoon.

love frappe

Cherry Cow
08-15-2006, 12:42 PM
Baggzie, I'm on a plant diet too! Funny enough, the weight is not just flying off. Hmmm.

Kiwi, you should get video of the cat and dog playing. That would be hilarious!

Peachie, now I'm afraid to handle spaghetti sauce.

Schatzi, sorry the house didn't work out!

Hello to everyone else! I'm still not getting enough sleep- three more shifts. After that, I will be alert and able to post to everyone and concentrate on stuff for more than a couple of seconds.

Hi Frappe!

08-15-2006, 02:24 PM
Hi Cowsies!

Cherry, I don't know how you keep up with everything thats going on in your life and still manage to focus on diet. Good girl.

Hey there Frappe, you too --- all that and the gym too??!! atta gal.

I want an atta gal too - I called my former walking partner and asked if she'd like to get back on the wagon. We started this morning. We're not walking quite as fast as we used to, and not quite as far, but we have big plans on amping up a bit after we get back into it. It's kind of nice to be hitting the streets by 6:30 am. At least I feel like I've gotten something done early in the day... so if every thing else hits the fan, I accomplish at least one thing.

According to the real estate agent, this house we're looking at today has had lots of abuse. The owner lives in California and his son lives in the house and has apparently not taken real good care of it. I think we'd probably be looking at a total kitchen and baths remodel, plus all new floor coverings and casework. That's the bad part. The good part is that the house is relatively new (1993), is well built, is on 17 acres of the best soil in this area. I could grow anything there. It has a huge shop/barn and a commercial greenhouse, plus irrigation for the entire acreage. Also has some mature trees and a pretty little creek that runs through part of the property. It's only 20 minutes to our work and is close in to shopping. I'm not getting too excited. I have a feeling that we'll be looking at a bunch of places before we find our spot.

MMmmm. I love me some ribs. Lately I've been grilling chicken that I've brined for an hour before cooking. It makes the yummiest, moistest chicken you've ever tasted. I'm getting hungry and it's not even close to lunch time yet. :hungry: I'm thinking of having a big bbq bash about the 3rd week of September. One last blast for the old place. At this point it's only a thought.

Kiwi, do you ever worry that Jett will hurt the kitty? Our Dotty dog loves to play w/ DD's weiner dog, but I worry that the weiner will get hurt. She's so small boned and delicate and Dotty is big and strong. I know she'd never intentionally hurt the weiner, but they kind of get carried away when they're playing.

08-15-2006, 07:04 PM
Ribs. I wil plan for ribs.

I know Wabby has visited my blog but I am not getting cheerful messages there. I deserve better.

Kiwi, here's a quote from a letter sent to my by UF. "we know the risk to first year students concerning the misuse of alcohol is high. National studies show that the first six weeks of a college student's experience are critical for building the foundation for success and developing a lifestyle as a student at a university." Then they refer me a webpage.

Hi you little Cherries and Frappies.

08-15-2006, 10:42 PM
we got step dd her meningitis innoculation the other day----i hope it's covered cause we get free medical care but we buy drug coverage. the shot cost 180 bucks!!!---they are recommending that first year students get a shot--have you guys heard this??? OKAY WABBY--WHAT THE **** IS BRINING??? YOU PUT YOUR CHICKEN IN A SALT BATH BEFORE YOU EAT HIM,IS HE A PLANT BY ANY CHANCE?? DO YOU BBQ WITH SKIN ON OR OFF AND WHAT CUTS DO YOU USE---ARE THESE CHICKEN HOOTERS YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT???

08-16-2006, 08:37 AM
Yes, Florida kids are required to get that shot before going to college. DS paid for his own and it was $18 I think at the health department. They also sell them at the university for quite a bit more money.

I am worried about Sugar. She posted on Aug. 6 that she'd be gone for a week. Wabby ... can you go look for her?

08-16-2006, 02:59 PM
i thought sugar was my country--is she back to europe already???i am posting to tell peachers to get packing for ds-- i got some boxes for dd today at work and now i am about the move a bunch of her junk out of my treadmill room---i like looking at it all lonely and empty and begging for someone to walk with.i am also harvesting lupine seeds out in the greenhouse--those americans always buy them,hoping to grow them but i think they need FOG!!!!---i decided to harvest my own seeds rather than buy them and resell them myself!!!----sooooooooooooo my dd's will be departing soon for school and middle school starts up soon,---i may have my dump back yet!!!---now i have to go pack for dd=-----i was supposed to help paint the Dragonboat for the market---the race is next week and we have a five hundred pound boat that will be hanging from the ceiling of the market!!!

08-16-2006, 04:14 PM
Bagzie, I don't understand why the dragon boat will be hanging from the ceiling - don't youz race the dragon boats there??? Sugar is in your country, but on my side of the continent. Last seen going to Lake Osyoos or something like that. She was supposed to be back at her parent's on the 13th.

We were only able to see the outside of the prospective house yesterday -- seems the owner's brother is living in the house and was totally snockered when the agent knocked on the door.... we checked out the exterior and land only. The place has a few issues -- needs new siding b/c the original is LP and is all warped, needs new roof, back of property has been used as a garbage dump. Piles and piles of nothing but garbage dumped there. However, DH has fallen in love with the d*mn shop --- but I don't live in the shop!!! We see the interior of the house on friday. I don't want to buy a place that needs total remodel, unless we can get it dirt cheap, which I seriously doubt.

I'll be back to tell you all about my chicken, Bagzie. It's time for lunch.

08-16-2006, 04:21 PM
No wonder I'm confused. Wabby and Shots and looking for houses ... Kiwi and Bagz have been instructed to leave messages at my blog and neither has ... DS is getting boxes for moving EVEN THOUGH he can only take what fits in my Buick .. annnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddd Bagz is racing boats on the ceiling? Is it just me? Maybe.

08-16-2006, 05:26 PM
ohhhhhhh,they race the boats up the river for sure but we have to advertise and suppport the race so a local carpenter shop made a replica and we are hanging it for the festival---i will take a pic for you and send it around later.I WANTED THAT CHICKEN FOR SUPPER WABBY AND SUPPERTIME HERE IS THE SAME AS LUNCH TIME IN YOUR LAND!!!--- i am reading 'THE GLASS CASTLE' BY Jeanette Walls---anyone hear of it----wierd book,strange characters.---probably wouldn't read it at all but it's the book club pic for September. i have to go post on a blog---but i have to find it first!!!!----wabbby----can you get rid of the garbage dump??? you don't want rats roaming around i am sure of that!!!

08-16-2006, 06:05 PM
OK Bagzie, here is the recipe, just in time for supper tomorrow.... 5 C. cold water, 1/2 C. salt, 1/4 C. sugar, stir to disolve.... soak boneless, skinless chicken breasts for 1 hour. Pat dry and pound each breast so they are somewhat even in thickness. Schmeer some veggie oil or olive oil on each and season w/ whatever you like, I use a spicy chicken seasoning, but you can use lemon pepper or whatever. Grill on bbq until chicken feels firm when you squeeze w/ tongs..... it doesn't take long, maybe 10-15 minutes. You can also finish off w/ bbq sauce or teriyaki. This doesn't make the chicken taste salty, it just makes it very moist. Try it, it's worth the extra hour, and you can brine it ahead of time and then pat dry and stick in the fridge for later.

We would ask the sellers for an environmental report and require them to haul off their junk if we were to buy it.

I loved Glass Castles! the characters were amazingly weird, considering they were her parents. Fictional characters would have a hard time measuring up to that amount of weirdness. I'm reading The Red Tent. Veeerrrry good.

I left a message on your blog, Peach. I quit writing in mine b/c I was sooo boring I was putting myself to sleep..... and I didn't feel like I could write about or post pictures of my sweet Grandbaby.... and besides that, I didn't have much to say. I don't knit.

I walked w/ my friend again this morning. I think I deserve extra dessert for that.

08-16-2006, 07:59 PM
I lovvviiiedd the Rent Tent. Ain't heared of no Glass Castles though.

Wabby you were good. You posted without a scolding. Bagz has now posted so she's sort of good. I am worried about Sugar though. This is weird .. did they go into the wilderness and get lost?

I knit socks because in Florida people wear socks but not heavy sweaters too much. Heavy sweaters are pretty but you have to take them off quickly when you go inside or when the sun comes out. I am just explaining this. I also knitted some scarves and plan to knit a sweater that's not heavy.

Meantime, we are packing. Any hints????? Pleaseee give help.

08-17-2006, 02:11 AM
I'm alive and back from Osoyoos which was not as hot as we thought it would be. Did you know that Canada has a desert with rattlesnakes and sagebrush and Nk'Mip indians? Have taken more travel brochure pictures for Peachie. No time to post with all these people looking over my shoulder all the time. Saw my gorgeous, smart, cleanie best friend who (whom?) I have known for over 40 years yesterday for lunch along with two other gals I graduated from high school with 25 years ago. Whee! There were shrimp and avocados and lemon squares and vanilla lattes. Yum. They are going to have to drag me back kicking and screaming.

Will catch up with y'all later! :ebike:

P.S. Am still fattish but a bit more tanned.

Cherry Cow
08-17-2006, 09:50 AM
Welcome back Sugar P!

I want to read Glass Castles. I got to meet the author at that conference in June. She seems really nice and down-to-earth. Also, very pretty and slender-- the kind of person who would normally totally intimidate me.

I'm tired. Haven't slept well all week. Fat lot of good giving up caffeine has done. Of course, I also haven't gotten back into the swing of exercising, either. I'm barely averaging one run a week. Of course, this week, I ran, had bellydancing class, and went for a bike ride, so I'm doing a bit better. Maybe tonight we'll swim. Gotta get back to lifting weights, though.

Plant diet is going well. Maybe my weight is going down finally? I'm making an effort to eat a variety of foods and try interesting recipes.

Blah, blah, blah, enough about me.

Peachie, how's the packing going? Baggzie, are you packing too? I was on campus yesterday and saw lots of people with way too much stuff. They had more stuff than I took to Korea for a year, and I had a TV! Oh, well, I guess if it fits in their SUVs and their parents are willing to wait for an elevator...

08-17-2006, 10:23 AM
what did they take Cherry? What does he need to take?

Welcome Home to Tan Little Sugar Pi.

08-17-2006, 01:16 PM
There are too many posts. I cannot deal. I am still in my pjs at 12:15 PM. eek. Anyway. Hi everyone. Good wishes to all and commiserations to those who need them.

Seriously everyother word I type is misspelled. I think I'm under some sort of stress.....


08-17-2006, 01:20 PM
Oh yeah, Bagz, we are thinking of having a bbq for DD and her friends on Sunday and will not be able to fit all the ribs on the 'q at once. I'm thinking your method might work better than mine for this -- how long did they need on the grill after marinating? Just a few minutes on each side to char 'em good? :flame:



Kiwi the Harassed.

08-17-2006, 06:04 PM
are you still in your jammies, Kiwonk?

08-18-2006, 03:21 PM
What about it Kiwi?? Jammies or no jammies.

Did I tell you I'm not looking forward to today, tomorrow, next day, any day? DS has gone to the beach with lcp. He has some stuff in the trunk of my car. I think he has it all together but isn't taking many clothes. I bought him things like a stapler, toothbrush, paper/graph paper and he bought himself the same. Let this be a lesson.

I would like to be in my jammies.

08-18-2006, 05:38 PM
are you still in your jammies, Kiwonk?uhhhhhhhhhhh, that was yesterday. I can't remember yesterday. :dizzy: I must have put clothes on, we went out and nobody pointed and snickered.

Last night was the last time DD will play and sing here in town before she leaves for college. A friend of ours opened up a neat little shop called Thirteen Moons a couple of months ago and asks people in to provide some music every week. DD performed during the week they opened as well. Yesterday she got paid for this. She played for an hour, which I think is the longest she's performed solo in a long time, and she was paid $25, plus people added tips of $10. Not bad for an hour's work, eh? Of course that doesn't count the preparation time. If only she could have performed a couple of times a week for the whole summer... Anyway she had a rapt audience the entire time, a bunch of kids from the high school (apparently she has a fan club :shrug: ), BF and his parents, and a few other people. More than one person commented when she finished that she couldn't believe it had been a whole hour, it went so fast. Cool, eh :cool:

Oh yeah, she performed last Friday too, at a fundraising music festival they put on locally. There were about 8 acts, quite a variety, from DD and one other teenager, to middle-aged torch singers, to ancient scruffy guys with long beards and goofy stories to tell before they performed. Everyone was extremely good, although not all were to my taste. :tape: The event was so well done -- the sound system was perfect, the announcing was good, the lighting was good. DD got to do 5 songs and she just did the best job ever on every one of them. We recorded her performance and hopefully DH will get around to making DVDs of it and finally I will have something that will make sense to share with you all (you didn't really want bad video of her high school band concert, now did you?)
Kiwi, here's a quote from a letter sent to my by UF. "we know the risk to first year students concerning the misuse of alcohol is high. National studies show that the first six weeks of a college student's experience are critical for building the foundation for success and developing a lifestyle as a student at a university." Then they refer me a webpage..Yeah, we've had that letter too. DD had to go online and take a little survey/test about substance abuse. Actually it wasn't so little; it took a long time. She had to do some parts over because she don't score well enough to count as done :dunno: -- apparently she hasn't had enough experience with drugs and alcohol.... :rolleyes: Or perhaps more likely she wasn't reading the info before she answered questions.

Kiwi, do you ever worry that Jett will hurt the kitty? The cats are very good about running away and escaping from her relentless chasing, but when they are cornered, only one of them really fights back consistently. She will probably never get hurt by Jet, but the other one isn't so smart and might well get pawed to death. well maybe not to death... Jet is not a gentle puppy.

Kudos on the walking -- how's it going?

Sugar, I had no idea there was a desert in Canada. Glad you have returned from no man's land and are having a good time.

Here is how I feel about packing DD for school: I want to scream NOOO :no: OOO :yikes: OOO :faint: OOO :stress: OOOOOOO! :bb:
Not that I am doing any of the packing at this point. She has color coded computer printed lists that she is using and I am mostly good for saying things like "sure, go ahead and take that. And that. And that. Don't worry we'll buy some. No, no, I'll pay for it." I woke up at 4 AM this morning and couldn't get back to sleep for an hour because my brain is screaming.

Today I am attempting to clean the house enough for DD's friends to come over for a BBQ tomorrow (has been moved up). I would not even bother to do much cleaning, but BF's parents are coming and she has never been here before and the place is embarrassing enough as it is without it being filthy too. They are lending us a giant grill to supplement our POS one (think Piece Of S...).

I can't seem to finish this post. Somebody make me post it.

Oh Peachie, did I tell you we ended up buying DD a printer? I had looked at how she would be able to print when at school, and it didn't seem that bad to me. Basically she would have to pay 10 cents a page, but she'd have to take her zipdrive to the library or another place to do it. I think it would have fine if just for papers and stuff, but she does a lot of music printouts too and I have to admit that would be a big pain not to have a printer handy. So anyway we got all-in-one HP (scanner/copier/printer) at Sam's Club for $90. It has a kind of low, flat profile so it can be stashed on a shelf or under a bed or even stack stuff on top of it. I can't believe all the stuff she's going to have with her. Just like you said Cherry, it's nuts. Get a load of this list:
2 guitars, clarinet, violin, laptop, printer, 2 lamps, phone, wastebasket, laundry basket, a butterfly chair (folds up), a trunk, 2 underbed drawers, she wants to bring her big guitar amp which is the size of a trunk, not to mention all the school supplies, bathroom stuff, clothes, linens, small electronics etc. She's not bringing her stereo or a TV, thank goodness, or a hairdryer or iron, but good grief.

Oh Bagz, don't forget to tell me how long it took to bbq the ribs the way you made them! Thank you darling.


08-18-2006, 05:44 PM
I have a secret list of "other stuff" to put together for DD if she doesn't think of them, that I'll tuck in her things when we bring them (she will already be there when we show up with her stuff). I'm contemplating adding "a few fashion accessories." (


08-19-2006, 05:57 PM
oh my lordy loo kiwonk---we were in halifax and i didn't get your request--i hope it's not too late but it likely is!!!----THE RIBS TAKE HARDLY ANY TIME TO COOK CAUSE THEY ARE BASICALLY SIMMERED FOR AN HOUR!!!--THAT IS QUITE LONG ENOUGH TO COOK THEM I AM SURE---so you just barbeque them to your required char-ness---did you marinate them in MY sauce????---you people are making me sad and nervous for your babes leaving the nest---it's no picnic but the stress of moving all that crap can take your mind off the pain!!! that is the one thing i am NOT looking forward to=---this time we have to bring down stuff for THREE people and i think we may have to rent a truck or a trailer or a cube van!!!!----i need to start excercising more--i think this oldness is Getting the best of me---i feel creaky.----cherry----start bugging us to join you ----WABBY,CONGRATS ON THE WALKING--I AM JEALOUS!!!!

08-19-2006, 11:12 PM
My baby (shown displaying his early interest in books) has been delivered. I told him I wanted to leave yesterday, get a motel and arrive at the U early. He wanted to leave late and spend time with lcp. So we agreed on 6:00 and about 5:45 I called him and told him to take his time, we'd leave in the morning. LCP called me shortly after and invited me to a file with them. The film was "Accepted" which they may have liked. It was sweet. DS held my hand when we climbed stairs in the theater and waited for me and LCP surprised me with iced Chai from Starbuck's. So this morning, he drove all the way to Gainesville and did well. Once there, he didn't like the congestion and wanted to stop driving. Still, he wants his car there. We got a dolly from the dorm, hauled the stuff in and I couldn't get away from him. His roomy is arriving tomorrow, a day late and I said over and over that I wanted to get on the road as the drive is long, the night is dark and the mommy is alone. Still, he didn't budge. So we went out, got Cuban food (delicous) and I dropped him off at his dorm. It left me with a good feeling. He wasn't rushing to get away from me. Not clinging but hanging on a little. But now I'm home and the place is reaaaallllllllllllly quiet.

08-19-2006, 11:36 PM
OH PEACHERS!!!-- good for you--that sounds perfect!!!! especially sweet was the handholding in the theatre---i remember when we were in the parking lot of some mall
in Maine and he was leaning up against you and giving you a hug---he was the age my ds is RIGHT NOW----that seems like a minute ago,so i can imagine how it feels. the drop off was great too---just like you said----not clingy but just enough for you to know that he still loves his mom----does LCP go to the same school ??what did you think of the dorm rooms??? i know your place is quiet but you and ds can talk on msn,----dd and i do that as well as on the phone====after a while you just get used to it,but it certainly is a big change-----thinking of you and kiwonkers and feeling for yas alot----xoxoxo

08-20-2006, 12:23 AM
lcp goes to school about 3 hours farther down the road. I wish she was at his school so they wouldn't want to travel. His dorm is much more expensive than any other dorm at the school but it's the "honors" dorm so he doesn't have much choice right now. It was nice. The beds were really high. His was about shoulder height to me meaning lots of stuff can be put under it. Everybody has a desk and a little dresser and there's a sink in the room. Four boys will share a bathroom. There are GIRLS on the floor. I guess that's normal but seems odd to me. You need a key to get into the building, the same key to get on the floor and a different key for the room.

You know what ... I have this 7 year old cat who has never curled up by me .. til tonight. It came onto the sofa and lay next to me. !!! Weird. Then it saw I was knitting and attacked. That's not so weird.

I'll tell him we can talk on msn. He probably does that with lcp.

08-20-2006, 04:30 PM
My baby (shown displaying his early interest in books) has been delivered.Oh my god Peachie delivered a baby! And the baby is sad to leave his mama! Why must every silver lining be full of cloud?

By the way DD wants that rug for her dorm room; when can you send it? That is an adorable pic.

I can't believe they charge different prices for different dorms! That's mean! It sounds a bit like DD's dorm, except for the sink. She has to share a bathroom with 3 or 4 other rooms, I think. And the floor is coed as well -- pretty much all of them are, some by room, some by wing or floor.

DS is lucky he gets to move in first probably, can set things up to his preference a bit before the roomie gets there. DD will not be able to. Almost all the freshmen have to wait until the 30th to move in, with the exception of a few kids who are in one particular special orientation program. And of course DD's roommate is one of those. So I guess she'll be there for several days before we can move DD in. She'd better be a nice accommodating girl or Mama Fierce will arrive with the trunks and crates...

This is going to be so weird because DD will be with her orientation program for 6 days before we get there with her stuff and move her into her room. I have a feeling she will be sort of "already gone to college" before we get there. The BF is driving her there Thursday for this program, and I'm really starting to feel crappy that we aren't driving down twice. But that's insane, right? This is going to be the week and a half that lasted a million years.

I think we ended up with a good phone plan for DD, although I don't care much for the cost :rolleyes: -- all her incoming calls are unlimited, and the # is local to us, so we can call her for free any old time we want. She'll have to wait until 9 PM to talk endlessly to BF because he doesn't get free incoming calls until then. That sounds perfect eh? :s:

Had an excellent party yesterday. Thanks for the suggestions, Bagz, we thought we would need a different method of grilling the ribs because our grill wouldn't hold more than about 3-4 servings at a time. But BF's family lent us their giant grill (also a tarp tent arrangement because it was pouring), some chairs, and even their "fire pit", not to mention 4 able-bodied young men to lug the stuff around (well, minus one bandaged hand...). Plus bf's twin was home for the weekend and made caesar salad for us all (he's in culinary school). Just about the time they arrived with their grill it clouded up and started to pour, which went on for over an hour, so DH started the ribs under the tarp. But shortly after the rest of the kids got there, it cleared up and we were able to eat outdoors. Twas fun, and the ribs were primo!

Oh, and I got the porch cleaned up nice enough to enjoy being out there (:cheer:), plus the house was more or less presentable...


08-20-2006, 04:33 PM
Place I will be trying to stuff a bunch of junk into next week. (

Her room is right next to the RA. :smug:

08-20-2006, 05:04 PM
Rooms cost differently because some have no a/c; some are actually apartments; etc. How is kiwiette going to live there without her stuff? It is quiet here. The cats are not even fun.

We got our phone plan based on lcp's phone plan. All calls to her and between us and .. I think .. to everyone else with cingular are included in the monthly fee.

DS is planning on fetching his car Labor Day. I'm suggesting NO but he's staying with YES. Must go talk to insurance guy.

08-20-2006, 10:31 PM
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh you guys !!! it's all happening at once!!! the dogs and cats better start becoming more social!!!---the one thing i DID learn is how much FUN they will be having and missing us is quite low on the list,although it does happen a bit. how exciting for everyone. and exhausting. and life's a weird time of life. the good thing is,they DO return and make their messes and whatnot ,so don't despair----glad the ribs worked out kiwonk--your party sounded wonderful---as did your evening with dd singing!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY DVD!!! THIS IS EXCITING NEWS!!!!----peachers----one thing i would like about ds having his own car===that means he won't be travelling around with any old drunk driving student who can provide a ride!!!or taking the bus on dank evenings---it could be a good thing.

08-20-2006, 10:34 PM
How is kiwiette going to live there without her stuff? She won't be living there that first week. They will be staying in church basements or people's homes or something. Be afraid.

We got DD on a family plan too. Just not our family. That makes a lot of sense, eh? DH's nephew has a family plan with his wife and mom (my SIL) so it worked out for her to join it. We would have done the family plan ourselves, but it cost so freakin' much compared to what we have now (Tracfones) we decided not to. The really sensible thing would have been to put her on BF's family plan, but there is no room on it; you can only have 5 phones on a plan. Then last night DH came up with a brilliant idea, unfortunately way too late: her friends were sitting around the fire talking about cellphones and 2 of them have tracfones and might be changing. It would have been perfect to put 4 or 5 of them on a family plan. Then they could have called each other to their hearts' content, day or night. Oh well, hindsight.

I made homemade chicken nuggets for dinner tonight. I was in the kitchen making dog biscuits (yes, really) and thinking about what to make for dinner when I realized that I could be making things that DD really likes before she goes away. Duh. DD has happy. And BF had seconds.

Of course I had seconds too. When am I going to learn? :sumo:


08-20-2006, 11:14 PM
hey will be staying in church basements or people's homes or something

I had to read that twice because I thought it said she staying in church salads. What is wrong with me??? Honestly, I pictured her next to a cherry tomato and a piece of celery. It was a chef salad.

DS is not calling me. I am not informed about the roommate. I do not know what he did today. The cats are not more social. And so on.

Got my first call for substitute job and had to turn it down as it ends at 4:00 and I work at 3:00. Must speak to my boss tomorrow.

08-20-2006, 11:43 PM
You crack me up. I do the exact same thing, read something so entirely inaccurately that I can't even figure out why you saw it that way. Well, don't wait for the kid to call you -- call him, eh?

Bummer about the sub job -- you hate to be turning down jobs right off the bat, I'm sure. Life is so complicated...


08-21-2006, 09:02 AM
Yikes Empty Nest Syndrome in Cowland... must be such a time of mixed emotions fer youse :hug: Kiwi... What exactly happens on that 3rd floor in the dorm? What exxxxactly is this "healthy living" designation? Peachie, I think you need to organize a social event fer the kitties.. Time to give em left over yarn balls to coax them into playin with you..

08-21-2006, 12:43 PM
What exactly happens on that 3rd floor in the dorm? What exxxxactly is this "healthy living" designation? not sure.. I think the floor decides themselves what it means. I have mixed feelings about it -- I can imagine them "voting" to be vegetarian or something that really should be a personal decision. On the other hand, it might just mean that they pledge not to smoke or drink, which they cant do in the dorm anyway.

Everytime I try to type an apostrophe, this ******ed computer takes me to the "find" window. There is just no end to the adventure of modern technology. I also have no left and right arrow keys right now or Home and End. :dunno: Go figure.

My dopey cat is sitting next to my keyboard touching me with her paw, then rubbing her head on the edge of the desk. She almost did a flip over the edge. The dog heard me talk to her, so now she's here to sniff and annoy her. Fun with pets. That's what you need, Peachie, a dog to liven things up. haha.

T minus 3 days and counting.


08-21-2006, 07:24 PM
Sorry all you mama cows are having a hard time letting the little ones leave the pasture. They'll come back. :hug:

I'm recovering from summer food syndrome. Lots of bbq and drink. Friday was Pina Colada night w/ friends. Saturday morning was county fair w/ DS, DDIL and Kayden, Saturday afternoon was BBQ at my friend's DD's house, then our neighbors came over for margies in the evening. Sunday was more bbq at DS's house. No wonder my scale was up another pound... plus I'm tired out. It was in the mid 90's all weekend and I melt in the heat.

DH is off fishing this evening so I'm on my own. I should go buy some clothes in the next size up. :( Lord knows I wouldn't want to actually start controlling my weight. :dz:

08-21-2006, 07:58 PM
Yes, dogs are endlessly entertaining... My 2 have developed a laundry fetish...
I folded a load of whites this morn, and was quite perplexed over the number of single socks...more than the obligatory 1 or 2 that we seem to give up to the Laundry God... so, I went a huntin, and under the guest room bed there was a mound of socks and unnawear.. apparently Casey has been pilfering socks to make a nest...meanwhile Darby has taken to jumping in the hamper each night... which grosses me out slightly so I keep throwing a clean towel over the growing mound so that at least she can sleep on clean cloth...

I've decided that I really started my diet at 235 pounds.. it makes me feel better.

08-21-2006, 09:36 PM
Just called a psychotherapist to “get help” with my weight.

I AM PISSY. Got so upset I thought the AC had gone out. HOT HOT HOT. DH is sweet about it but hopes for warnings if I start “spewing.”

Food has been my most steadfast ally.
What else is there?

Please PM me with forgiveness for being absent, cattle prods for being a fat lazy butt, or whatever. It is 7:20 pm and still 96 degrees. And THAT's not a hot flash.

08-22-2006, 11:03 AM stray cow :hug: I hope this psycho can help you darlin'

Is it time fer a new thread...I dooooo believe I have the Puuuurfect Title...

08-22-2006, 11:27 AM
Now I am feeling so dumb. I have been looking for the new thread for minutes and minutes and minutes. Yes, it's time Shots. Go make it. Go. Now. Run. I am chasing you.