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08-02-2006, 10:25 AM
As we get time over the next month or so, the MODs are going to tidy up the recipe forum. We will be removing posts and closing threads. If we have time, we will consolidate pertinent suggestions into the original recipe but comments such as "Yummy" and "Yick" will be removed for the sake of clarity. If you wish to comment on a specific recipe, just do a post in Fat Chicks on the Beach.

Please do NOT post a recipe until you have tried it. Serving size is a MUST and nutritional info is nice to have. If you are unsure about a recipe's suitability, PM one of us and we'll take a look before you post it.

We're doing this to improve readability and make searches more efficient. We may even rename some of the recipes. Some of the more popular ones will be stickied.