LA Weight Loss - LAWL Losers and Friends - August 2006

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08-01-2006, 12:27 PM
New month, new resolve, chickies!

Here's to a few more POP days than last month. Vacations are wrapping up, and most of us will be back into a routine again.

Repo girl
08-01-2006, 01:22 PM
Morning everybody! I'm with you Cassie, here's to a new month! We only have 2 months till the reunion, lets really blast away those pounds!!

08-01-2006, 01:23 PM
ohhhhh Cassi I love your spirit! New me! So far so good today. I didn't eat until just now..i know it's bad..but it's been a busy morning! School starts in two weeks.....and I'm not sure i want to go But until we close on our new house i have to be there!


08-01-2006, 01:34 PM
I thought you guys might like this for some motivation the next time you go grocery shopping. Every few weeks when I go with DH, when we hit the produce, I go over to the potatoes and start handing him bags that correspond to my weight loss. When I lost the first 10 pounds, I handed him the big bag and he was like, "WOW, I don't always see it because I see you every day, but that's cool." They also have 3 and 5 pound bags too. Last week when I hit 31 pounds, that was my 2 1/2 yr old DS weight. DH said I finally lost my baby weight (LOL).

Anyhoo, if you're feeling like hitting the chip aisle, hit the produce aisle instead, pick up a new fruit or veggie to try, and then pick up your lost weight in potatoes to hold for a few minutes. You will never want that back on your body again.

08-01-2006, 02:13 PM
Cassi, that is awesome! What a great idea! I carried a 50 pound sack of dog food into the shed the other day and I was all - I can't believe I was packing this much extra stuff around - all the time! That sack was HEAVY, man! The visuals like that are really helpful. I also have a graph that I update every Friday (my official weigh-day, in my mind) and keep on the fridge. It's nice to see that downward trend every time I think I need ice cream!

Lea Ann - so, do you get to wear gym clothes to work, or what? Could you rub it in a little more? I say, as I sit here, at work, in my jammies.....;)

Princess Heather - sorry 'bout your aches. Kids'll do that to ya! You are just soooo amazing - foster kids, and foster foster kids, foster respite care, and now running other people's kids around? Good golly miss molly! If they gave an amazing woman of the year award, you'd win, hands down.

Ok doke, guess I'd better go shower and then finish up my hockey jersey mess. I am just sick to my stomach - I got the jersey order confirmation from the company we ordered from in late June. I okayed it, and we got our order on Friday. WHAT WAS I THINKING????? I guess I didn't look at specifics, but the summary numbers matched up, so I was good to go. Well, I have waaaay to many small things, not enough big things and now have to pay to ship things back and probably a restocking fee (we're talking HUNDREDS of items here). Probably a $300 error for the hockey association. Yikes. I am just sick about it. I'm hoping I can get it resolved quietly and cheaply, but still.....:(

08-01-2006, 02:47 PM
I know what you mean about the dog food! I carried a 17 pound bag about 5 aisles in walmart and about died! I can't wait to lose 17 and then try it again. At my WI yesterday it said I lost 1 pound, but that's weighing in a different outfit, and so this morning I got on the scale in my birthday suit, and I was down 4 pounds from the same type of weigh in last Friday morning. Which one do I count - the COD or home? I guess I'll wear the same outfit Friday to COD and see what their scale says.

Keep up the good spirits!

08-01-2006, 03:04 PM
Hooray for a new month!

Classes start, I get to meet my clinical teacher and my students, my friends are moving to Greenville, and I have a kitchen!!!

Mini goal: 10 pounds lost by September 1!!!

Repo girl
08-01-2006, 03:27 PM
Well I finally decided to go show my face in my center since I have not been there in over a month. I was down 3 lbs from last time. The big news is that she measured me and I have lost....drumroll please.......27 inches total!!!! That made me feel so dang good. She also said that I should not be on blue, that red is really right where I ought to be, so I switched back. I saw a really good counselor named Dora. I would love to see her every time. Anyway, my goal with her was to split up my food so that I am eating every few hours throughout the day, and to get protein anytime I eat carbs. I promised to make it in once a week to weigh, come **** or high water! I am tired of gaining and losing the same 3 lbs. It is really time to buckle down and get serious. Throw some of that willpower dust my way, would you all?

08-01-2006, 03:28 PM
Happy August! I really hope things get easier when school starts! I need the schedule in my life. Got the girls registered today, got some new T-shirts, and the blood donation went off without a hitch--I love getting "good pokers" LOL. Unfortunately, besides the free T-shirt we also got a box of girl scout cookies--yikes--better that last time when we got ice cream.

Lori--I don't even wanna hear it!! You lucky dog--geez--does it get any better? Bummer on the hockey deal--hope it all settles without too much heartache on your part. What a good mom you are.

Hello to everyone today--here's to a great month.

08-01-2006, 03:31 PM
Katie--that's great. I am really focusing on the inches this next few months since I started the 90 exercise program. I want to get measured halfway in then again at the end. Since my scale refuses to cooperate I am gunning for the tape measure! I HAVE to go in weekly--I need the "fear factor" to keep me in line.

Repo girl
08-01-2006, 03:34 PM
Hahaha, fear factor. I need that too!

08-01-2006, 03:46 PM
HI everyone! This is my third day on LAWL. Lost 3 pounds on TO. I love the idea of checking in 3 times a week. Also, the fact that you all are here for support. I have about 75lbs to lose. Will be here for awhile but love the program so far.:o

08-01-2006, 03:48 PM
welcome startingovernow--and good luck--you'll do great on this plan!

08-01-2006, 03:52 PM
Welcome staringovernow. Just jump right in if you have any questions!

Katie - Congrats on the 3 lbs. I'm with Lea Ann. I need the fear factor too. But I still go 3 times a week. Every Mon, Wed & Fri at lunch during work. It helps me stay OP if I know another WI is tomorrow.

Lindsey - Glad the move went well!

Lori - So sorry about the hockey jerseys. That really sucks. Think of it as great training for next year's order!

Where is everyone else???

HeatherPP? Sherry? Evette? Joan? Erin? Debbie? And everyone else I've forgotten... Come out and play with us!

08-01-2006, 05:30 PM
Cassi I’m with you to a few more POP days this month. I’m been allowing myself to get way out of control and I need to focus back on why I want to lose weight. Great visual with having your spouses hold the same weight you’ve lost. I don’t think many of us realize how much the weight weighs when we lose it. Thanks.

HeatherP I can understand trying to get everything down and get your food in when your suspose to also. My trainers always on my behind because I don’t eat every couple of hours. Hope this week goes easier for you.

Lori I hope the company will be able to work with you and maybe cut you some kind of break. Good luck.

Jenni I usually weigh in the same clothes as I weigh in at the center. I usually see only a small amount difference from me weighing on my home scale in the morning to the evening scale at the center. I would suggest doing the same and see if the difference is closer together.

LindseyLea I’m sure you’ll be able to meet you goal. Good luck.

Katie congrats on losing 27 inches that’s great. I think we can all use more will power.

Lee Ann glad you blood donation went well. I think I would have left the cookies there:)

Startingovernow congrats on losing 3 lbs. Welcome.

Kristi I’m with you would rather ignore them then admit I’m doing poorly. Here’s to both or should I say all of us, gaining more motivation and keeping it. I’m also tried of bouncing back in the 190’s when I should have been in the 170’s by now. Hang in there is has to get better.

Go Mommy Go!
08-01-2006, 07:28 PM
I'm so glad that I found this site. I've already learned a few things that will be VERY helpful. I do have one question.....I went to WalMart today to look for the Super Omega Complex that is suppoed to be a substitute for the center's EFA. I couldn't find it. Does anyone have other suggestions? I picked up the One A Day Weight Smart for now.

Thanks for all the welcomes in roll call. :flow2:

I'm sur eI'll be chatting with you all again soon. I'm off to eat my snack - I think I'll try the lemon bar this time.

08-01-2006, 08:03 PM
Here's to a new month....I know it doesn't sound like much, but I think I'll set an August 31 goal for myself of 159...that means I've got to lose 6.6 pounds...that means I really gotta hit the gym since just eating right doesn't seem to have a lot of scale affect for me.

For all those that need it, I'd send you some Will Power Dust, but I can't figure out how to!!!

D'Ann and Startingovernow- welcome aboard and good luck

08-01-2006, 08:48 PM
Joni--it may not sound like much to you but at your current weight it's a lot! I don't know how much you work out but starting was a killer for me because the scale went UP. Not to worry--it's worth it.

Barb--they are in the freezer til company comes next week--they'll eat'em!

Repo girl
08-01-2006, 09:16 PM
Man, I have been cooking all afternoon. It is Mexican night at Biggest Loser tonight. I made fresh salsa with tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro, lime, and avacado. I also made carne asada and homemade fat free refried beans. Good thing I saved a starch. I hear there is all kinds of good stuff coming. At tonights weigh in someone will win the June pot. Wish I could say it was gonna be me, but I'll bet my cousin gets it again. Next month baby, next month!

08-01-2006, 09:20 PM
Katie - Mexican sounds soooo good. I just demolished a bag of crackers.
Albeit low fat - I ate the whole bag:o
You chicks that can stay POP - I salute you!

I was hungry because I just trotted up the mountain - made it in 50 minutes today...yaaa.


08-01-2006, 09:23 PM
Hey Everybody! :wave:

It's been sooo hot here today. I spent as much time in my pool as I could. Ran to a couple of stores at a couple of different times to get a cold blast of air conditioning! Now I'm sweating again, but the bugs are coming out, so I don't want to be out there.

I'm with you all. New month, new me. I have got to get back into the routine again, and not let the bad food take over!! :kickcan:

Katie - :carrot: :dance: congrats on your inches lost!! Here's some :dust: for you!!

Lindsey - having your own kitchen will make the program so much easier for you!

LOL - fear factor. I ran out of that. Instead, I have a million excuses of why the scales not moving right now!! Although, I do fear getting the manager of the COD. She always keeps me in there forever!

startingovernow & D'Ann- :welcome3: you're both gonna love it here. There's plenty of support & motivation, so ask away!!

:wave: to everyone else!!

Here's to a new month, New Everybody!! :cheers:
and some :dust: for everybody!

08-01-2006, 09:24 PM
Katie, 27 inches is GREAT!!! WOW! :-)

Lori, I do the graph thing, too! I have an Excel spreadsheet with a page where I chart each WI, and a page for each Monday, and a page for each month on the 20th. (My job has turned me into a total Excel geek - sorry!)

I'm kind of happy (and embarrased!) to admit this but, as of today's WI, I now officially weigh less than my boyfriend! It has been a big goal for me, so I'm happy to be here. The next biggie is going to be ONEDERLAND!

Here's to a good August for all of us!! :-))))

08-01-2006, 09:35 PM
Hello ladies - I've been reading your messages for the last week or so after joining LAWL at the end of July. Ya'll are so encouraging to one another and this is such a great site. I have about 50 pounds to lose and the plan, so far, has been surprisingly easy. I'm a WW lifetime member, but I just can't do anything on that plan at the moment. I'm very hopeful that LAWL will be what I need.


08-01-2006, 10:53 PM
Welcome Patty and glad you found us. I agree - this is a great find for anyone doing LAWL. I, too, am a WW lifetime member, but like someone told me when I first joined here...if you always do, what you always did, you'll always get what you always got so making a change was good for me. Last time I did WW, I lost about 9 pounds in 3 or 4 months. I had the WW points system down pat (e.g., 5 Bud Lights = 10 points!), but I was lacking nutrition and never really developed the good eating habits I've already picked up with LAWL after only 6 weeks.

Michelle - Onederland will be here before you know it...keep up the good work.

Katie - hope Biggest Loser night went well. I used to think your Biggest Loser night was amongst your family (husband, kids, etc.), but it sounds way more fun that that. I'm sure you'll report the results to us tomorrow and I'll be rooting for you for the August prize!

And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!” Dr. Seuss

08-02-2006, 12:08 AM
Happy August to all of you!
It's been over a month since I stopped in to read all your good stories and helpful hints. I went to center today and was up 4 lbs. :( She said it was because I wasn't eating?!? How does this work. Anyway, she suggested the slim down shakes if I was having a hard time getting everything in, I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a cheaper substitute as I have a hard time paying those prices for 4 shakes. Also, I have read that some of you substitute Luna bars for the lites, what about the Pria bars that are the carb selects? Are they anything I could use or are they too rich for our blood?
any way I have to keep in mind what you were saying earlier about looking at how much we have lost and put it in perspective. When you think of 5 lb bags of sugar and adding them up its kind of cool.
thanks for your inspirational hints and support. Paula:)

08-02-2006, 12:33 AM
Paulakaay I used to buy their shakes, but yesterday I went under and looked under their low carb shake, which is 190 Cal. 9 fat, 200 sodium, 8 carbs, 2 sugar & 20 protein. It is a lot lower in almost all things then LA Slim down, except they have 4 more in fat. I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $5.96 for a pack of four and they also have vanilla. I haven't tried them yet as I forgot to take them to work. I did also buy the Akins bars, but I wasn't impressed in them. I'm almost the last one to talk, but try and stay focused and look at the big picture. Good luck!

08-02-2006, 08:45 AM
Good morning ladies! WI today (yikes)! I have been POP the past two days, but I think with all of the hormonal fluctuations last week, the 2 lbs on Monday was a gift. I am expecting a gain today as my body adjusts to normal hydration levels (TMI... had to use a little store bought help to get things moving after the steroids which left me dehydrated for Monday's WI) ... but then I think everything will be normal from here.

Sending the willpower dust to everyone who needs it!

Katie - Congrats on the inches. That's so awesome! And your cooking post left me craving mexican!

Paula - You can use the slim fast optima shakes for the slim downs. As for bars, try Luna, Kashi Crunchy, Pria Complete.

Michelle - Keep going -- onederland will be here soon!

Joni - Congrats on the 10 pounds. Keep up the good work.

Patty - Welcome!

Sznn - Your time is getting awesome!

Sherry, Barbara. D'ann, HeatherPP, HeatherCP, Britt, Julie, Evette and anyone else I missed - Good morning!

08-02-2006, 09:32 AM
Hello everyone!! :wave: I'm here, but have so many things going on right now. Many things going on with family. My brother just found out that he needs surgery because his bladder is shot! (stressing over that one) He's has have to have this surgery called the "indiana pouch" performed or else he's gonna be on kidney dialysis. So, we're all stressing out. To top that off, just yesterday he found out that a company that he's never heard of, "Netspend" took out a total of $1998.95 on his Visa debit card!! He went to the bank yesterday to clear this up and as he was sitting there talking to the credit counselor another $1990.95 was taken out. OMG! Drama!!

I just want to say "hello" to you all. I miss you guys. I'm doing well.....still here at 157. I'll be checking in once in a while, but I wish all of you POP days. Take Care!

08-02-2006, 09:43 AM
Good Morning Everybody! :wave:

Michelle - Congrats on your loss! You will be in onederland before you know it! :)

Patty - :welcome2: Glad you found us here.

Cassi - :goodluck: at WI today.

Well, ladies, I have a class this morning, then off to WI. I will check back later.

Hope everyone has a great POP day today.

08-02-2006, 10:42 AM
Morning all-

Evette--hope everything works out for your brother--he has too many things going at once--poor guy. He is lucky to have such a supportive family. :hug: Surely his debit card company will straighten this out for him.

Katie--keep us posted on biggest loser night. Mexican is my pitfall--yum.:devil:

Sznn--way to go on the hike--it's just keeps getting faster. What's your goal again?:bravo:

Sherry--I bet you are tan, tan, tan! We are having fly problems and they are making us all crazy.:dizzy:

Michelle--congrats on your losses--hey--whatever motivation you need--we all understand. We have celebrated a lot moving into onederland and we'll be here to celebrate with you, too!:woo:

Patty--welcome--you'll do great--sometimes you might just need a change. We have a lot of former WW gals.:goodluck:

Joni--love the "if you always do...." quote--can I steal it for my classroom??:flow2:

Paulakay--welcome back! looks like barbara already gave you great information.:D

Barb--good to see you.:wave:

Cassi--GL @ WI. I don't think we believe in TMI--we all have problems now and again. I swear the magnesium is working for me--daily. It may take a short while to get your body lined back out--nasty steroids.:mad:

Well, I hate to jinx myself but yesterday I finally broke back into the 150's--(barely) at 159.8, then this morning at 159.2--we'll see if I can hold on to it til WI tomorrow. :carrot: I hope it's not from the blood loss--I think it was Deets that mentioned a long time ago about how much a pint weighed. I was afraid I would be up because of the extra protein--I was proud that's all the extra I had--normally I would have made that an excuse to have more everything. Guess we'll see. It was just nice to see that my stupid scale isn't broken! Haha--I wish I had such an excuse.

:dust: :dust: :dust: enough for EVERYONE!!!

08-02-2006, 11:31 AM
Good morning everyone!

I got back from Colorado on sunday but I have been mentally unavailable until today. Not that I haven't been paying attention to my food intake and my weight, I just haven't been strong enough to deal with it outwardly, if that makes any sense. My vacation was terrible on my diet, though a lot of fun. I was good at the wedding and only tried two bites of wedding cake, but I did drink some wine. I snacked in the car on low salt nuts and we did stop for dairy queen once on the way up and I had an ice cream cone because it was 105 degrees outside. My choices, in general, for dinner, lunch, breakfast, were good choices, but they were unpredictable at what time and what would be available. I did not get almost any fruits or vegetables in unless they were accidentally at the dinner. It's just the way it turned out.

On the plus side I drank a ton of water because it was so hot during the trip. I totalled up something like 15 Dasani water bottles between the trip up there and the trip back.

Still, I jumped from 281 to 288 the day I got back. Some of it I know is from TOM which came. I've been really depressed about the gain which is why I've stayed away from here. I just wasn't able to face it yet. Now I'm facing it, but I've also dropped it since sunday to 283.2 as of this morning.

Right now I'm enjoying some watermelon and a low carb wheat tortilla with laughing cow garlic and herb cheese, turkey and spinnach. It's a weird breakfast, but I was starving and this sounded good.

I've also taken great comfort in my new blog where I'm archiving everything that happens to me. It's at if anyone is interested.

I missed you all a great deal. I'm glad to be back in your company.

08-02-2006, 11:34 AM
Sommer--so glad you are back! You'll be back on track in no time and once you get rid of all the extra water and sodium you'll be just fine.

08-02-2006, 12:02 PM
Sommer, we missed you! You know what, life happens. We can't always control what food is around us and when. You mostly made good choices, and that's what matters!

Michelle - I am an excel geek too. I use it for EVERYTHING. Must be something about those nice neat lines and columns and my rigid type A personality.

I bought from the Schwan's man yesterday. I don't do it very often, who needs all that temptation laying around. Hopefully the kiddos will have it gone soon.

I thought I'd bring this over to the August thread so that everyone gets a chance to see it. We have quite a few folks signed up, but the more the merrier!
New LAWL fun
I know that posting this on a weekend will probably bury it, but hopefully we can spread the word.

One of the other message boards I belong to is holding it's 3rd annual holiday ornament exchange, and I thought it might be fun to organize something like that here.

Good grief - am I talking about December already? Gross! But, it does take some planning, so here goes:

It works like this. You PM me your real name, your real address and what type of ornaments you like. Then in October, I will send you the name and ornament preferences of an exchange buddy via PM. You would go out and buy or make an ornament for your buddy. Put a holiday card in it with your real name and 3FC name. All gifts must reach the person prior to a predetermined day in December. Then on a predetermined day in December we all will open our ornament. We will post a description of what we got and thank the sender.

We send the packages anonymously (no hints in the return address), and don't open them until the big day. The anticipation of looking at the mystery box and wondering who sent it, is almost as much fun as getting the ornament! Last year I got an ornament from Australia! And the year before, from Boston.

It doesn't have to be expensive. Just something you really like and think they would. It can be homemade or store bought.

I believe past participators had a great time with it. If you are interested please send me a PM.

Ok, gotta go WI - I've been fighting these 2 pounds for the last 3 weeks. PLEASE be gone today!

08-02-2006, 01:48 PM
Hello all just checking in for a bit! My new little one is sleeping and DFS#1 is singing as he drifts off for his nap! LOL Not much to report...School starts again in 10 days. I'm not too sure I'm excited about going back to work....i've really gotten into this stay at home mom thing...But as far as my eating it will do me good. Not much else tor report today...I was you think I could do two meal replacement shakes in a day..just for a couple of days??? not sure if it's a good idea or not, wanted to get some feedback from you chickies! later

08-02-2006, 02:03 PM
Heather - If you remember the original "slim fast" plan or go to the website, it was a shake two times a day. I wouldn't get hooked on it, but if it's just for 2 or 3 days because you know something is coming up, I would go for it. Believe me, your body will let you know if that was the wrong thing to do.

08-02-2006, 02:17 PM
Went to WI today lost 6.2 lbs total in 4 days I tried to switch from purple to blue to increase the food intake. I exercise 5 times a week however my counselor wants me to wait at least a week. She thinks purple is working for me. We'll see. I'm getting really sick of LA Lite bars already. How can people stand to eat two a day for an extended amount of time?
How do I move my tracker to reflect more weight lost?

Repo girl
08-02-2006, 02:18 PM
Hi All! Well, I lost Biggest Loser again. Came in second though, behind that amazing cousin of mine. This is my month, dang it! I am GOING to do better. I had to help DH with a massive problem at his shop last night. I did not get to bed until 5:30 am, then up at 7:30 for daycare to start. He is sleeping now. I am going to wake him at 2:00 and he is going to babysit daycare for me so that I can sleep until dinner. He offered to let me sleep first, but he is so tired, emotionally shot, and feeling crappy, that I insisted he sleep first. He is so stressed right now. We found out yesterday that our landlord at our shop is making us move into another shop near ours because the business next to us want to expand into our building, and the rent is going up $75.00 a month. Then our bedliner machine breaks down last night. DH is talking about throwing in the towel, closing the dang thing, and being with it. After last night, I kind of wish that he would.

Sommer- Big hugs going out to you sweetie. Those lbs will gone soon, and you can focus on lots more losses and victories.

08-02-2006, 02:34 PM
Princess--I miss the singing to sleep--so sweet. No idea on the 2 shakes per day--try it and see. Just make sure you are getting enough calories all around.

startingover--You are doing so great with the plan you are on I wouldn't try anything new just yet. I was on Gold from Dec. 30 until just about a week ago when I started exercising. I personally love the lites and have no problem eating 2 per day--just me--love my treats. If you are on Purple you are already getting the extra 1/2 protein I get because of the larger portions, so the only difference is on blue you would get a starch whereas on purple you get an extra veggie. Good luck!

Katie--August will be your month to win. Sounds like a rough night--glad you will get some sleep soon. Hope everything works out with the business, building, and machinery--you have a lot on your plate right now.

IF there is a downfall to this site it's a case of "overinformation" instead of just letting the program work for you. I am grateful for the tips and tricks but sometimes I wish I didn't know some of the in's and out's--too much time for regret on my part. Oh well--the check was written long ago--I have to deal with it. I doubt I could have done it on my own anyway.

08-02-2006, 03:41 PM
Hello All

Just touching base. I have been crazy busy, went to see the In Laws for a long weekend (6hrs away). I kept OP fairly well, not perfect but okay.

When we got back we found we had not had electricity a majority of the weekend. It was a good thing we were gone, as it was sunny and 112 with the heat index! Unfortunaltey, our freezer foods had to go bye-bye and our pool was green with algea! Oh well, not much we can do about that.

I think I need to get some bars, Luna maybe. I have been using fitday and I am around 1100 calories a day without the bars. For me personally I think that is to low to lose weight. I haven't jumped on the scale for since Thursday, so I guess we will see tomorrow.

Congrats to all of you "losers" out there.
Good luck to all of the beginners, you will find your way

Have a great day

08-02-2006, 04:05 PM
So, did ya'll hear the big WAHOOOOOO from southeast Washington? Finally, finally finally the scales have moved. I am officially half way there! My COD was shocked, I lost 3.6 pounds between today and Monday. I think all the booze finally left my system! Off to move my ticker, lah lah lah lah

Repo girl
08-02-2006, 04:41 PM
Yahooooo Lori!!! Good for you chickie! Now you get your fire pit too!

08-02-2006, 04:44 PM
:hug: :woo: :dancer: :cloud9: :high: :balloons: :cheers: :cheer: :jig: :bravo: :cp: :hat: :dance: :flow1: :goodvibes :faint: :goodscale

08-02-2006, 05:12 PM
Hey all, just checking in. THANKS for the encouragement this week. You guys are the GREATEST!.

The good news is I'm down 3.2 today. Wooo Hooo!:dancer: :dancer:

The BETTER news is the pair of jeans I just bought is a 7/8 WOOOO HOOO!:eek:

08-02-2006, 05:44 PM
Way To Go Lori And Joan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:carrot: :hug: :bravo: :cb: :cp: :dancer: :woo: :encore: :cheer:

08-02-2006, 06:23 PM
Had WI earlier. I am up 1.2. I hate to see what next week's scale will look like after my trip to Buffalo this weekend. I can't wait for me to get back into school again. Then I know that the weight will be coming off again because it will be easier for me.

Lea Ann - Congrats on getting into the 150's!

Sommer - Great to have you back! It sounds like you had a good time in Colorado. It sounds like you are right back on track again today! :)

startingovernow - Congrats on your loss! :dancer: :dance:

Katie - I hope you were able to get caught up on some sleep today. I don't know how you do it -- being up all night and then taking care of everybody else's kids for daycare.

Lori - Congrats on your loss!!! Wahooo!! :dancer: :cheer: :dance:

Joan - Happy dance! :dancer: :dance: :dancer: Both scale and NSV!!

Well, my COD asked (as usual) if I was getting in both bars every day. Told her no, that I was out, and wasn't in a position to buy any. She asked if I was substituting anything. Said no (I'm having a hard enough time getting in what I'm SUPPOSED to, without adding any substitutions). And I asked if I should be. She said no, but she was referring to how some people use power bars, etc., and how that's not good, not the same nutritionally, :blah: :blah: :blah: I just agreed, and said no I haven't been.
Well at least now I know how my COD feels about substituting products!

She was very supportive though. She said she's there, and will do her part, and for me to try to get back on track. Understands about the heat, etc.

DH & I stopped at McDonald's after WI. The Assistant Manager from LAWL was there. I guess it's a good thing I ordered a salad & fruit, instead of the double cheeseburger that I really wanted!! LOL

Hope everyone had a great day!!

08-02-2006, 07:22 PM
Sommer - enjoyed your blogspot....I wish I had half your writing talent; I wish I could find a full time job reading blogs!!

Evette - Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Take care of yourself so you'll be there for others! I now know why I don't have a debit card; at least my Discover card people call me when there is unusual card activity. Hope things got cleared up; that's the last thing he needs to be worrying about.

Heather - the offical LAWL program book says to limit yourself to 1 meal replacement per day. Personally I agree since I think the long term goal here is to learn to eat real food in balanced proportions. BUT, if circumstances are such that your life would be easier or less stressed and/or you'll stay on program doing 2 meal replacements, then go for it.

Startingover - I love the LA Lites - I've eaten 2 a day for over 6 weeks and haven't tired of them yet. On occasion I slightly melt one on top of a lo-fat graham cracker for about 12 seconds...I've melted one and put strawberries and FF whipped topping on it; and although I haven't tried it, the COD suggested I melt one on top of a rice cake...I do, however, have a major sweet tooth and this is my sweet fix. Perhaps you don't have that problem.

LeeAnn - Have NO regrets about signing up for this program. I was one of the lucky ones and think I got a good deal, but even if I had not, the fact that I've adopted these fabulous habits was well worth the money paid...I AM worth every penny I put into this program. If I hadn't spent the money at LAWL, I would have had to spend it buying clothes in larger sizes.

Katie - well, good luck in the next Biggest Loser challenge; we know you can do it. I hope things work out for the business; I can only imagine how frustrating everything can be for you and your DH; no one likes to fail at anything...but it's part of life.

In closing, here's some good advice from Henry Ford: Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.

08-02-2006, 07:48 PM
Lori, YIPPEEEEE!! Do you have the fire pit picked out yet? :-D

08-02-2006, 07:51 PM
Joni--you are right--I am worth it. DH gets so aggravated at me because I second guess EVERYTHING!! I liked it better when I didn't know I had so many options. But when I think what I spent on LAWL (and we did get a good deal so I shouldn't whine) compared to buying bigger clothes and compared to all the fad diets I bought into--it's really just a drop in the bucket! Plus--to feel the way and I do and love the way I look (most of the time!) every penny was well worth it. Thanks for reminding me--I needed it.

08-02-2006, 08:09 PM
Hi Ladies,

I too think that LAWL is so worth the money. Like some of you said, I would have had to spend much of that money on new clothes to start the school year with. Also, I don't think I spend as much money at the grocery because since I'm not snacking as much, neither are my kids. We're all healthier in the process.

Joni - I enjoy your quotes you share.


Go Mommy Go!
08-02-2006, 08:20 PM
Had my Personal Success visit today, so I guess I am official. I told her that I didn't plan on using the LA Lites because with me not working the $$ just isn't there to spend on them and I refuse to put them on the MC. When I explained that I had found other nutrition bars (LUNAs) that were the same as far as protein, starch, fat, sugar, etc...she still said that I couldn't use them and that they needed to move me from the purple plan to the red. She tried a couple of other ways to discourage me. So now what? :?: I still plan on following the purple plan and subbing the LUNAs for the lite bars.....what do I tell the COD when they check my diary? I hate feeling guilty over this, and I don't want to be hassled every time I go in.

Congrats to all you "losers" and :dust: to those that need it. Sorry not to congratulate, etc... seperately but the baby just woke up so I have to run.

08-02-2006, 08:49 PM
D'Ann, I had the same problem about 2 months ago. I was telling the COD that I was buying off ebay, really eating Lunas, and the manager finally told me that they couldn't let me do that, since I wasn't buying from them, they had no guarantee that I was doing them, therefore couldn't guarantee the program. They too bumped me from purple to red. I asked what I should do with all the lites (lunas) I still had. She said "Fudge your diary on the days you eat them. I don't want to see them in there. 2 lites = 1 starch and 1/2P Basically she gave me license to lie - a bad deal for me. So, on the days that I eat them I don't eat one S and 1/2 P and just write down like 3/4C Kashie + 1C soy milk. That way I know what I ate that day, but their diary looks good to them. I was really mad at first, but now I've weaned myself off them, and only eat them when I'm on the fly and forget to plan ahead.

08-02-2006, 09:09 PM
I had my Personal Success visit today too. I went to bed last night with the most awful headache, and it was worse when I woke up and I was so nauseous! I for one HATE those nasty LA lite bars. I think it's the whey protein... I've never been able to stomach it. :barf: So, I went today and told them how sick I felt, and that I basically had to force down the bars and even them could usually only do 1 - 3 bites, and they were like, "Well we have shakes and soups too". So I said well, since I have "$0" in my checkbook, I think I'll try them once I get past the coke withdrawels. (cola not powder - lol)

Good new was, I also got my TOM this morning, but when I did WI I was still down 2 pounds! That's a total of 3 since last Friday, and I think with TOM that it's friggin' awesome!

I di by some of the BBQ LA twists, and those I DO like. Oh, and since they realized there was no way in heck I'd be eating the lites, they bumped me from Regular red to red 1. :D

I'm really proud of all of us for sticking through this crud, and My hat's off to all who have overcome the sugar/caffeine demon. :devil: He's kicking my head in.... :headache:


08-02-2006, 09:54 PM
Good Evening All

Congrats to everyone that is OP and losing, WAY TO GO!
Today seemed to go better and show that I have lost 2 of the 4 I gained, anyway, I agree that I like the plan and it works for me. Since January, 60 lbs gone, so yeah I like it. Still another 30+ to go before I hit their goal but I really want another 50 gone.

Katie-how many kids do you watch each day and boy if it's more than 2 (my boys are more than enough) I give you so much yeehaw's. I also know how difficult it is to have a self employed DH. until 2 years ago it was always soooomuch fun to have to deal with all that stuff.

Hope you all have a great night. Paula

08-02-2006, 10:03 PM
Go Mommy Go- I wanted to let you know that I found Omega Complex at GNC, here in upstate NY they were only 14.99 and you take 3 a day. I was having trouble with my hair falling out and a friend recommended that I take this. Anyway, I brought it to center and they looked at the ingredients and said they were similar to the EFA's. Just another thought.
Good Luck

08-02-2006, 10:05 PM
Me again,
I forgot to ask, does anyone have a substitution for hot dogs? I tried soy dogs and yuck! I really miss my hot dogs!

Repo girl
08-02-2006, 10:28 PM
Paula- Hebrew National Light hot dogs are dang good. I usually have between 10-15 children a day including my own. I had 12 today. They were really good today, luckily for me!

Congrats to you new girls. Sounds like you both hung tough at your CODs!

08-03-2006, 09:38 AM
Katie - Guess you deserve a medal not only for weight loss but for patience..."10-15 kids" would not survive too long under my
At first I thought your thread said you ate 10-15 Hebrew Lite Hots dogs at a time...I need to learn to read slower. What do you count that lite hot dog as??

I sent the following recipe to Aphil to put on the Dessert thread. This was in the Hungry Girl email this morning. I would count one serving as 1 S, 1F. This will probably be even better when it's not 100 degrees outside.

Apple Pie Pockets
(1 pita-half pie - 139 calories, < 0.5g fat, 207mg sodium, 35g carbs, 5.8g fiber, 16.5g sugars, 3.5g protein)

4 apples; sliced and peeled
One half tsp. vanilla extract
1 tbsp. brown sugar substitute (or any calorie-free sweetener) (Splenda makes one)
One half tsp. cinnamon
2 tsp. cornstarch
2 Western Bagel Alternative Pitas (*or any reduced-calorie pitas); halved

In a small covered saucepan, cook sliced and peeled apples in 1/4 cup of water until tender (2-3 minutes). Remove from heat and drain water. Into 1/4 cup of COLD water, mix vanilla, no-cal sweetener, cinnamon and cornstarch. Cook and stir until thickened to a caramel-sauce-like consistency (adding a few drops more water if it gets too thick). Remove from heat and stir apples into mixture. Stuff 4 warm pita halves (30 seconds in the microwave should do it) with mixture. Serves 4.

*Nutritionals may vary if you use a different type of pita.

08-03-2006, 09:54 AM
Good morning ladies!

Lea Ann - My post got lost yesterday. Congrats for getting to the 150s!!!!

Katie - Congrats on the inches! You can win the pot for August - stay strong!

Sommer - Glad you're back. We've missed you.

Evette - So sorry to hear about your brother. He's lucky he has such a supportive family.

Jenni and D'ann - Be firm with your centers. If you are not going to do the lites (especially for health reasons) they need to bump you up to the next plan so you get enough food. If they keep giving you a problem, have your doctor write them a note saying you can't have the chemicals or something.

As for me, at WI yesterday I was up 1.6. But COD counselor and I agreed that it was just me getting re-hydrated since last week. We're thinking this is the end of the 2-4 pound fluctuations every two days. So.... whatever I WI at Friday should be down. I'm just sticking to the plan and will let the scale fall where it may!

Hope everyone has a POP day!

08-03-2006, 10:03 AM
Cassi--great attitude about letting the scale fall where is may--I have to remind myself that all I can contro is what I eat and what my activity level is--the rest will eventually fall into place. I WI this morning and am sure hoping to stay in the 150's--you guys will be the first to know.

08-03-2006, 10:18 AM
Lea Ann - I had pretty much prepared myself for it, and I knew I was POP. Now, if I hadn't had all the fluctuations in the last two weeks, and knew there was a medical reason, I don't know if I would have been so OK! But sometimes we just need to let go of the number, and focus on being POP and let our bodies work itself out.

Good luck today! Sending lots of :goodvibes :goodvibes :goodvibes your way!!!!!!!

08-03-2006, 11:42 AM
Thanks for the encouragement-
Has anyone tried to use the $25 summer coupon for losing 5lbs? It almost seems too good to be true. Is there a catch?

08-03-2006, 11:44 AM
Good Morning girls-
Sorry I havent been present either on plan but life goes on...
Yesteryday I went to my oBgyn and had a bunch of issues to deal with...but their scale said 172 and that kind of made me happy...we all know how dr. scales work! So on my scale says 170 and that is what i am sticking with for now...maybe next week will say 165 then i will be a happy camper...

So much school work and work work to get done! At least i took the day off yesterday to get emotionally stable to come back and DH and I had a wonderful time at the beach and at the pool... We are currently under a marrital vacation ...heheheh ( I LOVE IT!) I sleep at my parents and come home when i feel like it and he does the cleaning and the dishes...My parents live really close to my college so its really convinient when i am getting out of school at almost 11 a night! So it all works out...

08-03-2006, 01:05 PM
Startingover - I've earned three of the coupons, and I used one. The only catch is it's not good for sale prices. So... regular price for bars, etc. But I used mine and got two packs of the jetstart and some pasta twists. I figure I'll use them to try some stuff I wouldn't normally spend the money on.

Rebeca - Love the "marital vacation"! You must be exhausted with school right now. But sometimes I would love to run home to mom, and away from DH, DS and DD!

08-03-2006, 01:34 PM
Ok, chickies, I know I haven't posted here in a few days, so sorry if I am talking old news here.

Stepped on the scale this morning to a nice surprise. Hopefully it will stay for WI tomorrow, and then I will celebrate!!!:crossed:

HeatherCP- How are the aches doing? Hopefully you are not too sore.

Startingovernow-D'Ann-Patty- :welcome: to the group!!

Paulakaay- We did a thread a few months ago about the slimdown subs, I brought it back up if you are still interested in the comparisons.

(http://www.*************.com/)Evette- Sorry to hear about your brother. Hopefully his surgery will fix the problem and he will be fine. Also, bummer about the charges. I would freak if I had that big of a charge, on a debit card no less. I had a $500 charge from a website on one of my credit cards and they called me right away since I hadn't used the card in 6 months. Whew! I hope it all works out for the best for him.

Lea Ann- WTG on breaking into the 150's. You'll stay there this time!! We have a bio life center here to donate plasma, but I am really hard to get blood out of and I am chicken. They usually give me more bruises than I give them blood. My DH on the other hand is AB negative and once the hospitals and blood drive centers find this out they hound him pretty bad to donate blood. They love his blood!! I commend you for donating! It is a good feeling.

Sommer-Welcome back. Glad you had fun at the wedding. Where was it again? I grew up in Colorado Springs.

Sherry- Glad you are enjoying your pool. It has finally cooled down here to a tolerable temp. Maybe it's moving your way!!

Lori- I heard that Schwan's had a sugar free or no sugar added ice cream now. Did you see that?? WOOHOO on the 50 lbs.:encore: :high: :woo:

Krystal- Major bummer about the power and losing the freezer. Our's iced up once and we lost over 200 lbs. of meat. That hurts! As far as the calories go, you should never go under 1200 calories for more than a couple days at a time. If you do, your body starts to go into starvation mode. Love the puppy avatar BTY. cute cute cute

Joan- Awesome on the loss and the pants!! WTG

Jenni- I hope your headache is better. It will go away in a few days. About 7 years ago I did low carb and I went cold turkey on the sugar and caffeine. I was a monster for about a week. It does get better, I promise. I personally wouldn't waste my time on the powdered lites, you can make some good stuff with them, but if that is all you are taking for your lites, you are going to get bored with them really quick. Just flat out tell them you are not going to do the lites and have them put it in your folder to not ask you again.
Everybody else :wave:

All you lurkers and MIA's- Pop in and say hi. Let us know you are still around!!

08-03-2006, 01:50 PM
Hi all--I am happy to report the 150's stuck--I weighed in at 158.4--I just have to be really good and hang on to it! I am pretty sure this is the lowest I have been since May--I was either at .4 or .6 back then. I am praying the exercise is paying off. They didn't say a word about buying weeks so that was a relief. Honestly, how can they make me? I am such a worry wart.

Anyway--hope all is well for the gang today--taking Mik and a friend swimming (indoors--I am a wuss) this afternoon. Check in later today.

08-03-2006, 01:57 PM

Jenni - When I started, I had the caffeine withdrawal headache from ****. It lasted five days, and no amount of advil would take it away. But I stayed strong and stuck to my 2 diet cokes a day, and even though I may have three in a day, it is certainly better than the 6 or 8 I was having. Stay strong and it will get better.

Repo girl
08-03-2006, 02:58 PM
Hey guys, busy day here. Payday always is, LOL. I was holding steady this morning, as usual. I am really hoping for a loss this week. Tonight is DHs company picnic, so I don't have a clue what I will be eating. I will bring my own water so that I do not have to drink pop.

Lea Ann- Great about the decade, now stay on plan come **** or high water, and you will keep it!

08-03-2006, 03:14 PM
Hi-I posted this over in the BOOST thread-but wanted to check in on everyone over here and I'm too lazy to write a new post!-JM

Good morning ladies!

I took my nephew home yesterday so now I can catch up and check in . . . .

I've done great the past few days-with the exception of not quite enough water.
But considering all the stuff I've been doing and eating out-I'm quite happy and the scale is still going down.

My NSV-hiking Multnomah Falls! The trail to the top of the falls is 1.2 miles uphill-no breaks. It's 45 degree switchback trails the whole way. Anyway-back in Feb i did it and had to stop at least half a dozen times to rest and catch my breath. I did it the other day without stopping at all. I was pretty stoked. It's always cool to see a measurable gain in fitness level like that.

Besides hiking-we did OMSI and saw Pirates and attending my Neighborhood Nite Out which was a lot of fun. Games and prizes (pinata!) for the kids.

He was really good for me-but he has a lot of energy and is extremely loud. He's also quite violent. He annilhilated the pinata-yelling DIE! DIE! -I could hear him clear across the courtyard.

But he loved Toby -they're best buds now. Toby was quite bummed when he didn't come home with me last nite. Roxie was relieved though-she didn't mind him petting her but I could tell she was worried he'd try to pick her up and cart her around too. She spent the last few days on my bed . . .

Well-I suppose I should get some work done now . . Hmm . . .

08-03-2006, 03:55 PM
Hello Ladies,

I just went to weigh in to end my 2nd week. I lost 1.6 for a total of 10 pounds in two weeks!! I was thrilled, but more excited that I've followed the plan perfectly for two weeks. I guess now the "honeymoon" is over and I'll have to not expect to see those larger loses each time I go. I can get so scale obsessed so I need to follow one of your bits of advice and remember that I can only control what I eat and my exercise.

One of the counselors had a suggestion about the bars. I told her that I felt I was eating too many sweet things - yogurt, fruits, bars. She suggested cutting the bars into about 12 pieces and just snacking on it throughout the day. I'll have to give it a try.

It sounds like ya'll are all doing well on your weight loss and NSV - congrats.


08-03-2006, 04:12 PM
Hiya chickies - Well, it sounds like everyone is getting back on track - well except for me - I've been totally POOP the last few days - I don't know what has gotten into except for the fact - that I'm craving everything....I haven't totally gone crazy - but I'm not doing good either. I broke down yesterday mentally with everything - just concentrating too hard on dieting and exercising that I feel like I'm not even enjoying life itself. I'm so freakin' concentrated on everything I eat and how many caolories I burn and what I weigh. I know - you guys are thinking - don't do that - but I have been and now I think I've burned myself out. I'm going to back up a little and keep working out - but not as intensely all the time -

So needless to say - gals, I need some motivation - support something. I'm really down about this whole thing. The scale shows up a few lbs - and part of that is definitely TOM - but I really need to get back on track......

I've missed you guys and I'm sorry I hadn't posted alot - I've just been biding my time I guess. I was going to attempt to get out of my rut and do TO this past monday and tuesday - but then the microwave here at work was broke and I just didn't have everything I TOM and I didn't figure that was a best way to begin. So I'm thinking of next monday and tuesday - or maybe even the weekend would be easier for me ?? anyway - I know several of you have been through the same thing lately with vacation and having time off any advice would be more than welcomed!!!

I'm back - my sunshine is there b/c I feel better today - but it is still being blocked with a few clouds.

on another note - wow - is is great to see that most of you are doing so well. I noticed some that had kind of plateaued are started to move the right direction. You go girls - some of you are doing so awesome!!!

08-03-2006, 04:36 PM
Heather - Good to see you're back. I know things have been real stressful for you lately, but just keep plugging along and you'll be back to your old sunshine self! We're here for you for support, and a kick in the pants if that's what you think you need.

I think that when we stop posting is when we seem to get into more trouble. It's like this board helps us stay on task. It seems whenever one of us doesn't post for a few days, it usually means we've been POOP. So... here's the deal... and this is for all of us regulars... we need to be called out by each other, or even PM if we're not posting as regularly as we normally do. Maybe this will help.

Anyhoo... hang in there. If you want a TO partner, I may be able to be convinced to join you on Monday.

Repo girl
08-03-2006, 05:09 PM
Okay, we seem to all be needing a little boost. I am going to start a thread to help, lets all get into it and get motivated!

08-03-2006, 05:22 PM
Do you guys remember thebefore and after photo thread? Maybe we should have Aphil sticky it up at the top for motivation too!

08-03-2006, 05:27 PM
Cassi - Thanks dear and I definitely might need a TO companion. I haven't totally decided NOT to do it this weekend, but if I don't - please please join me monday and tuesday....

Kristi - Girl - I'm here. Maybe we can help support each other since we are in the same boat. I do that to - start following on plan and then "something" happens......just enough to throw me off task - just like yesterday....I did good all morning. then went to lunch with DH and got a roast beef on wheat - they served it with chips. I should've ask them to not put them on plate.....but I didn't - they did and I ate every one of them. I know most of it is TOM and just being a "diet rebel" anyway - after that I just broke down - and got back serious today - I've done great so far - and I'm having a spinach, chicken strawberry salad tonight - so I should be good for today - hopefully that will get me back on track...

Katie - Girl yes, I need a boost. and you are so wonderful - you've helped me soo many times - I and everybody else around here appreciate you and all your knowledge!!!

08-03-2006, 05:28 PM
You guys are bringing my sunshine out!!!

08-03-2006, 05:44 PM
Hi Everybody! :wave:

Rebeca - :wave: good to see you!

Deb - Good to see you again too!! I sure hope the cooler weather comes this way soon! I'm enjoying the pool, but it's like bathwater. Today was only supposed to be the high of 90°, but it got up to 97°. My house has no air conditioning, and it is so hot. It looks like it's going to rain (supposed to thunderstorm), but sometimes that makes things worse!

Lea Ann - WOOHOO on the 150's sticking!! WTG!!

Katie - Have a good time at DH picnic!

JM - WTG on your NSV!! Now, go drink your water! LOL

Patty - Congrats on your loss so far!! You're doing great! :dance: :dancer:

Heather PP - here's sending some :dust: your way and some motivation for you to get back on track!!
I'm in your boat too, which is why I need to get back in school! DH and I spend alot of time eating out, and I'm not making the best choices, and some are nowhere POP at all!!

Cassi - :wave: I'm one of the guilty, more lurking lately. And not totally POP. I'm hoping this will be my last "bad" weekend. We're taking a trip back to Buffalo from Friday - Monday (so I won't have easy access to a computer), and I know I won't be POP. But, I will try ...

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll try to hop on before we start our drive out tomorrow, but if not, I'll chat next week!

Here's to a new start, for all of us!

Repo girl
08-03-2006, 05:46 PM
Well, I certainly hope so! Sorry you are struggling Heather. Seems like this summer has been pretty tough on many of us. I am glad for August to be here already. Soon things will start settling down a little. I know it is hard not to get stressed out over all of this stuff sometimes. My family plays cards every week. Things often get pretty heated and wild, in fact I have had an ugly bruise on my arm from my sister pinching me at cards 2 weeks ago. Anyway, my dad's favorite thing to say when we are all getting rowdy is "It's just a game, it's not your life." We have all thought that was pretty funny, and it has come in pretty handy other times. So to you I say, "It's just a diet, it's not your life!" You have a darling darling daughter, DH, friends, family. You are a beautiful person inside and out, anyone who has gotten to know you around here can attest to that. You are doing a wonderful thing here, not only helping yourself to be more healthy and fit, but with your sparkle and infectious enthusiasm around here.

08-03-2006, 06:58 PM
Afternoon girls!

Today I was down to .5 lbs above pre-vacation weight. I managed to shake and shimmy out of the 7lbs I gained while on vacation in less than 5 days. I guess my body hated them as much as I did.

Next tuesday, the 8th, is my 27th birthday. We're celebrating sunday by going to a Japanese Steakhouse. It's my favorite place to eat and I only get to eat there once a year for my b-day. They use probably too much fat in cooking the food, but there's no breading and no heavy starches unless I eat some rice, and lots of veggies. I'll be having a half order of chicken and a half order of calamari. They serve it with onions, mushrooms, bean sprouts and zucchini. I'll plan accordingly for fats.

I've also opted not to have a cake and instead we are going to stop at TCBY on our way home and get a sugar free yogurt parfait with sugar free whipcream and just a splash of sugar free hot chocolate. Mmm!

I also signed up for Power Yoga next semester, which actually starts August 21st. It's twice a week for an hour and combines yoga and pilates. It's something I have to go to every week and they actually give me college credit for it. Man, I love losing weight.

08-03-2006, 07:02 PM
Sommer - my DD birthday is on the 8th as well. Sweet 16.
DH works 2nd shift, so we will be going out as a family on the 12th for mexican food. (She's 1/2 mexican).

08-03-2006, 07:04 PM
Deb- Thanks for the welcome back! The wedding was in Littleton Colorado, but we spent some time in Denver too. I forced the boys to go to the History museum and see a planitarium show with me. It was fantastic!

Heather- I love your new pic and I'm really glad to see you. You're always such an inspiration. I've been hiding too, I just couldn't motivate myself to post and I'm still trying to nudge myself on. It feels good to read what everyone says though. It really does.

Sherry- Happy birthday to her then! We've got an excellent birth day if I do say so myself.

08-03-2006, 07:32 PM
Happy birthday, Sommer!

A Japanese steakhouse sounds like a very healthy choice! I love Japanese food, too. Is it one of the ones where the chef does the slicing and dicing right on your table? That's so much fun! And the miso soup is so good! I guess it's high in salt, but you can always double down on the lemon water later. ;-)

Your blog is great! I've bookmarked it.

08-03-2006, 07:44 PM
Hey ladies-
I came across a word recipe book template that I had so I started getting all my LAWL recipes in order. I posted a bunch of them in the recipe threads, I haven't personally tried any of them out yet. I don't cook much in the summer, so when it cools down I will try a bunch of them out. If you try any let us know how they are.

Go Mommy Go!
08-03-2006, 07:50 PM
Joni- I think what you said about you being worth the money you spent at LAWL was great. I have to remind myself of that.:D

Lori- Funny, my DH suggested the same thing…tell the COD I’m buying off E-bay or that my sister (who did LAWL) gave me a bunch of her leftover stuff. I think for now I will go with that. We’ll see if they give me the same hassle they did you.

Jenni- Sounds like you and I are at the same point in this. I was also down 3.6 pounds since last Friday. I hear you on the sugar demon:devil: . I have a headache every night since I started. I’m sure that will end soon though once my body is adjusted to the new foods.

Paula- Thanks for the tip on the Omega Complex. I’ll be checking GNC this weekend.

Cassi- good luck with WI tomorrow. I think not worrying is the best way to go. Stress = Cortisol retention = Belly fat retention.

Juliemarie- Hey, we’re neighbors! I just live over the bridge in Vancouver (aka Vantucky, The ‘Couv… My DH and I spend as much time as possible in Portland. Living in Vancouver has everything to do with property taxes and the custody arrangement for DD with my ex-h. We would so live in Portland if we could. We are planning on a hike at Multnomah this weekend.

Patty- Congrats :cp: on the 10lbs in 2 weeks. I am hoping for that kind of result at the end of my first 2 weeks.

Sommer- I keep hearing from so many people that Yoga:yoga: is really great for so many things including weight loss. Best of luck!

Well, this is day 7 for me of being POP.:dance: I’m pretty proud of myself. Now, if these pounds would just melt……I’m visualizing leaving little melted, buttery trails behind me as I walk. LOL

Repo girl
08-03-2006, 07:52 PM
Sommer- I just finally took a few minutes to read your blog. Big, big thumbs up. Totally loved it. You really have the right attitude, I have no doubt you will see your goal.

Go Mommy Go!
08-03-2006, 09:05 PM
Kristi- Wow, small world. That pic is from Christmas. Dawson was born in December.

Go Mommy Go!
08-03-2006, 09:15 PM
This is a little more current. He was about 2 weeks old in the other photo.

and this is big sister, Emily. She is 7:

08-03-2006, 09:20 PM
I wonder why we tend to stay away, just when we need this place the most. There are some pretty bizarre things about the human psyche... Sunshine, Sommer, Sherry, Kristi... keep at it, ladies!

Not too much new going on - am crazy busy trying to get hockey registration stuff completed for the big day in 1 week. So many of my key contacts for getting stuff done are out of town, that I am spinning my wheels. No wonder I try to do everything myself!

Lea Ann - way to hang, girl! Keep toughing it out and those last few pounds (less than 10 now!!!!!!!!!!:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: ) will come right off!

D'Ann and Patti, you are doing so well! :high:

08-03-2006, 09:38 PM
Deb - I read through the recipes you posted and some of them really look good. I do try to cook throughout the summer so I'll try some during the next week and let you know how they were.



08-03-2006, 09:51 PM
Hi Guys- I am here I have just been lurking too. I am up a few pounds and can not seem to get rid of them. I also can not seem to get the right food in the house. We are on a really tight budget the next few weeks and I have learned that it is expensive to eat healthy.

Lea ann, I am so happy for you that you have finally broke into the 150's. I am sure you will stay there now.

The kids go back to school the 21st and I am just biding my time until then. I know I am just using them as an excuse, but I will be able to concentrate so much better on my eating and get my exercise in once they are back in school.

08-03-2006, 10:30 PM
Well all, another small NSV. Went to the doctor today...on his scale I was 156.6 but better yet... we're cutting my BP medication in half. YEAH. He was really impressed with my WL.

08-03-2006, 11:05 PM
Geez, ya'll went through 3 pages before I could get back! I can't remember everyone who gave me pep talks since my last post, but THANK YOU ALL!

Heather and Kristi - I know I've only been on plan 5 days, but PLEASE don't wait any longer to get back up! I've done so much "Next Week" or "I'll just wait until my TOM is done" or "Well, just wait til after my birthday, Christmas, Easter etc.) I can give you 2500 excuses I've used to put it off just a little longer, and you know what I have to show for it? almost 100 pounds of fat on me! So stick to your guns ladies!

As for my headache - much better today so far. (Well, not counting the 5 younguns screamin and hollerin in my house... lol).

One thing for those of you who say prayers for people, my DF is at the hospital right now with bad abdominal pains. He's thinking kidney stone, but his older brother's gall bladder exploded when he was DF's age, and so we need to make sure what is going on. I'm home with our younguns, goin crazy and trying not to stress eat, while his mom is with him up there, and NO PHONE CALL since they left for the hospital 3 hours ago. :stress:

I am POP as of now, and it's time for my PM snack.

Many hugs,

08-04-2006, 12:24 AM
Evette thank you for sharing with us about your brother. I know that has to be hard on you. Glad you’re able to be there for him.

Sommer hang in there it has to get better. Glad you posting again. It’s also great that you’re planning ahead for your b-day dinner.

Lori that’s great so happy for you. I’d be say wahoooo also

Joan another woohooo for you and a size 7/8 to boot great job.

LeAnn I’m also very happy for you also you’ve worked hard. Have faith and stay strong and you’ll keep those 150’s and move quickly into the140’s.

Lottame your recipe sounds yummy. I’ll have to try it sometime soon.

Patty congrats on losing 10lbs that’s great.

Heather so sorry that you’ve been feeling down. It seems like we can’t ever lose the fact that we will have to watch what we eat and exercise the rest of our lives. You’ve done so great. I want you to reach down into your heart of motivation and tell yourself all the great things that you share with each on of us, when we are down. I hope TO helps you get back on track and you lose those few extra lbs.

Cassi you are so right most of us tend to stay away from the board when were being poop. I think it’s admitting that we have failed again. Thanks for calling us out and bringing it to our attention.

Go Mommy congrats on being POP for 7 days that is great news.

Joan that is a great NSV I can’t wait till I’m off the BP meds also great job.

Jenni glad your headache is better. So sorry about your DF I hope they figure out for sure what is wrong with him and the pain goes away.

There are so many posts it’s hard to get to everyone. That’s the other bad thing when you’re not on the boards that often.

I went to the COD yesterday and was at 190.2, but as of today I’m down to 186.6. I decided to not change my tickler as I plan to get below 185 very soon. I brought an empty slim fast can to my center and asked them to compare it to their meal replacement. Once she did I told her now you know why I’m now going to drink SF instead. I told her about the SF website and how they plan out your meals for you and it’s FREE. She seemed cool with it and just wants me to concentrate harder to get to my first goal and I agree. I’m still working with the trainer and I really am seeing some small results. Off to chat with my DH who just got home from a long day at work.

08-04-2006, 08:11 AM
Good Morning Everybody! :wave:

Thought I would send a quick post before leaving for my trip.

D'Ann - Congrats on being POP for 7 days! I tried viewing your pics, but the page gave me an error. Not sure if anyone else had this problem?

Lori - :wave: I'm here -- in and out. Too hot to eat, and too hot to sit at the computer all day long. Although I will be MIA this weekend, and will post again on Tuesday (maybe Monday night).
Good Luck getting the remainder of your hockey stuff together!! :)

Lisa - I know exactly what you mean about healthy foods costing more money, and using the kids/being home/summer as an excuse. I go back on Aug. 29, and I'm looking forward to it. It was so much easier for me to stay POP when I'm gone out of the house all day, and not going out for lunch with DH.
BUT -- summer IS almost over, so back to reality and weight loss for both of us!! Hang in there, and keep posting!!

Joan - WTG!! That is a GREAT NSV!!!

Jenni - :hug: :hug: to you. Your DF is in my prayers. I hope by the time you hop on and read this that the doctor has figured out what is wrong with him!!

Barb - :wave: Which Slim Fast did you take in, Optima or something else?

Hope everyone has a great POP weekend!

08-04-2006, 09:23 AM
Joan - great news on reducing that BP medicine. Keep up the great work.

Barb - your COD must love you...bringing in the SlimFast can like that. I should do that too, just for a good laugh and to see how they'd react. Cheap entertainment. Hope your PT stuff is going well. I've procrastinated checking into the program at my gym. I'm re-reading my Body for Life book for exercise motivation. I want to eat LAWL style, but feel there is a bit more science to the exercise part and it would be great for my pocketbook if I could figure it out on my own.

Sherry - have a great, safe trip.

I love rhyming quotes and found this one...I think we can all relate:

You are the person who has to decide. Whether you'll do it or toss it aside; you are the person who makes up your mind. Whether you'll lead or will linger behind. Whether you'll try for the goal that's afar. Or just be contented to stay where you are.

08-04-2006, 10:19 AM
Good Morning everyone! Happy Friday. I just wanted to give a shout out to each and everyone of you for being there for me! I really appreciate all of you. Thank you.

And on that note....I hope everyone is doing great. I'm a little behind on my reading, so I don't have any personals. I hope everyone is trying their best to be POP. As for me, I'm stuck here at 157 exactly! I want it to move already. 5 days at the same weight is toooooo long for me!


08-04-2006, 10:47 AM
Good morning all. Day 5 not doing so well. I started day 3 and TOM same day. No weightloss, only gain. I feel so unmotivated. BUT....self pity isn't going to get me any where. Hope everyone else is having a better day. It really helps to come here and see other people doing well.

Repo girl
08-04-2006, 11:18 AM
Morning everyone! I am soooo glad to see that it is Friday already. I do live for my weekends.

Sherry- Have a fun trip!

08-04-2006, 11:24 AM
Thanks Michelle and Katie! I really enjoy doing my blog, it feels so important even if only to me, to keep notes of all the things I've learned so that if I have to later I can return to them and say "Here look see? It wasn't so hard when you knuckled down and did it." Thanks for reading it though. I hope it didn't sound like self-promotion when I mentioned it, I'm just so proud of it. I feel like I'm finally being honest and tolerant with myself.

Yeah the japanese steakhouse I'm going to comes out and cooks the food right there in front of you. They do the onion volcano and flip the eggs around. I wouldn't even know where to begin measuring up the meal, but I'm just going to make the best possible choices and say "Oh well! We'll drink lemon water tomorrow." And be done with it. I think I'm going to skip the miso but eat the salad and all my veggies to fill up on before I get to the other stuff so that I'm not as hungry for the other fat and oil saturated foods and rice. But I am going to enjoy the heck out of it.

08-04-2006, 11:34 AM
Way to go on your victories Joan and Barb! That's pretty fantastic. I'm so proud of you!

This morning I'm back down to 281.4, exactly my pre-vacation weight. Weird! So I weighed in sunday morning at a whopping 288.2, and before my vacation I was 281.4. It also came at the same time as TOM so my hyperventalating didn't last too long. But six days later and I'm back where I want to be, that means that my monday weigh in will break the bottom weight and soar into the 70s like a crazy girl.

I've also started painting watercolor again, tons of it all over my apartment. I don't even know what I'm going to do with it all. Give as gifts perhaps. Everyone should have beautiful watercolor trees in their home. I've also started on my halloween cards. I know it sounds crazy to start doing halloween cards this early, but when you plan to do like 100 of them, you have to start early. I'm hoping to make enough so that I can send some watercolor halloween cards out to any of you who'd like one :-) I'm crazy about gift giving my art.

For everyone who is struggling this summer, don't let it beat you. There's something terrible about the heat and the weird schedule changes and our preset social idea that summers are for relaxing and not caring and not stressing out and eating grilled BBQ food and having fun. And here we are trying to not have a normal summer. Don't fall behind and don't give up. You want what is ahead of you and it might just take a while but you don't have to fight it all alone. We're all here to help pick you up by your bootstraps. It's never all or nothing, ever little change improves your life that much more.

08-04-2006, 11:39 AM

Sommer - can you PM me the link to your blog? I'm just too lazy to dig for it. I should have bookmarked it when you posted it. And... Happy Birthday! Enjoy your dinner!

Joan - WTG with your little self! both the nsv victories are awesome!

Sherry - Have a great weekend!

Everyone else, good morning!

As for me, WI at noon today, and then we are going to see Brad Paisley tonight. I am saving my starches for some pre-party tailgating beers!!!!! Until then, I will be a hungry girl today. But I will take my carb blockers tonight and hit the lemon water heavy over the weekend. Hopefully Monday's WI won't be so bad. But, we very rarely go out, so I'm going to "moderately enjoy".

08-04-2006, 11:43 AM
Good Morning Everybody! :wave:

Thought I would send a quick post before leaving for my trip.

D'Ann - Congrats on being POP for 7 days! I tried viewing your pics, but the page gave me an error. Not sure if anyone else had this problem?

Lori - :wave: I'm here -- in and out. Too hot to eat, and too hot to sit at the computer all day long. Although I will be MIA this weekend, and will post again on Tuesday (maybe Monday night).
Good Luck getting the remainder of your hockey stuff together!! :)

Lisa - I know exactly what you mean about healthy foods costing more money, and using the kids/being home/summer as an excuse. I go back on Aug. 29, and I'm looking forward to it. It was so much easier for me to stay POP when I'm gone out of the house all day, and not going out for lunch with DH.
BUT -- summer IS almost over, so back to reality and weight loss for both of us!! Hang in there, and keep posting!!

Joan - WTG!! That is a GREAT NSV!!!

Jenni - :hug: :hug: to you. Your DF is in my prayers. I hope by the time you hop on and read this that the doctor has figured out what is wrong with him!!

Barb - :wave: Which Slim Fast did you take in, Optima or something else?

Hope everyone has a great POP weekend!

I'm using the low carb one, which is higher in protein then the Optima one & to me it's not that bad tasting. Have fun on your trip:)

08-04-2006, 11:47 AM
Joan - great news on reducing that BP medicine. Keep up the great work.

Barb - your COD must love you...bringing in the SlimFast can like that. I should do that too, just for a good laugh and to see how they'd react. Cheap entertainment. Hope your PT stuff is going well. I've procrastinated checking into the program at my gym. I'm re-reading my Body for Life book for exercise motivation. I want to eat LAWL style, but feel there is a bit more science to the exercise part and it would be great for my pocketbook if I could figure it out on my own.

Sherry - have a great, safe trip.

I love rhyming quotes and found this one...I think we can all relate:

Joni Oh I loved it, she couldn't try and talk me out of it, when I was proving I was right and their product couldn't compare. I told them I had bought the Atkin bars and would have switched to them, but they were nasty in flavor. I told them they need to really work on cutting down on the sugar and sodium. Hey I say do the same thing and see what you center tells you. It's kind of hard for them to argue with you:) If you do let us know how it goes. I haven't heard of Body for Life, but I hope it gives you that motivation your looking for. I know it took me many years of not wanting to exercise, not that I do now either, but I need to:) Happy Friday!

08-04-2006, 12:17 PM

You are pulling me out of my lurking bat-cave to tell you how much I enjoyed your blog. You are a great writer with a lot of raw wit. I enjoyed it immensely! Thanks for putting a bright spot on my otherwise trying day.

08-04-2006, 01:03 PM
Happy Friday everyone!

DF has a kidney stone (Thank God it was nothing else!)

Kelly- This is day 6 and I have WI shortly. It's my TOM too, so I'm probably going to have gained as well. It's been 1 week since they first weighed me and so I wore the same outfit. I won't officially have been doing it a week til Sunday AM though.

Hugs to all!

08-04-2006, 01:07 PM
Sorry I have been MIA since my family came in last week it has been run run run this weekend is super busy as well. I have my big test tomorrow wish me luck. I am also leaving monday afternoon (working half day) to go on vacay so I wont be back till Aug 14th. Everyone have a great week or so and I will see ya when i get back!!!

08-04-2006, 01:56 PM
Thanks for the shake breakdown thread, I am off to BJ's to see what they have and pick up a blender too!

08-04-2006, 02:00 PM
You guys make me blush! I'm glad you enjoy reading it, it really helps me keep my focus. I encourage everyone to try it if they need a little internal focus.

And I'd do anything to get you out of your bat cave! I love hearing from you!

Alright, I'm about to burn some calories cleaning. Here goes nothin'

08-04-2006, 02:03 PM
Good morning ladies!

Don't have much to say-just wanted to pop in and say hello to the many newbie's we've aquired in the last week or so.

Barb-you crack me up! I've often been tempted to go into the COD with a Luna bar . . . .magic soy protein that melts fat, my a$#! Hee hee . . .

HeatherPP-how are you doing? Keep your chin up and enjoy life! How's the exercise going? Still with your trainer? I'm thinking about asking for sessions for my birthday or Christmas.

Sommer-Happy Birthday! Enjoy your nite out! PS-love the blog . . .

Cassi-Sommer blog address is in her sig . . . .

Gotta go-darn work gets in the way!

08-04-2006, 02:15 PM
hey there, everyone! Not much time, but wanted to make a few quick comments...

Sommer, I also LOVe the blog! Very witty humor you have!

Welcome to all the new losers! You will love it here!

Britt, you are doing so well! Losing quickly this time around, congrats!

As for me, down 4 from the last WI. It's been 2 wks, so that's right on track. If I can pull off 2 more lbs by Friday, I will hit 90 lbs before I head back home the following week! I can't wait to see the family! They will not believe the WL!

Okay, ladies, I'll try to write more later! Talk to you soon!

08-04-2006, 02:29 PM
PS, Katie, I LOVE the "A Year Ago I was" thread! Great idea!

Repo girl
08-04-2006, 02:37 PM
Erin, I LOVE what you wrote. Thanks for sharing!

08-04-2006, 02:46 PM
Hi guys!

WI sucked. I am up .8. I had an extra string cheese yesterday, and 1/2P. But I know it was 'cause I was hungry, not just mindless eating. I've been extra hungry since switching to purple. Anyhoo... I wasn't prepared for .8. And tonight we are going to the concert, so I am REALLY trying to plan.

I discussed the concert eating with COD counselor today. I got the manager today, I really like her. I told her I wanted to use my 2S for lt. beer since I know I will be out. I told her I didn't know if I should pick a carb craver and bring a sandwich, or what. She suggested that if I go out to pick up food that I could get a single burger and take off the top bun. Basically, she gave me a license for an extra starch. So... I think I will get Applebees car side to go and get the tilapia with salsa, broccoli and rice. It's a WW meal. The book says 1P, 1S, 1Fr, 2V. I'm thinking that if I have this and then the 2 beers, it won't be too bad. Salads kinda suck with beer, and I want to be satisfied so I don't hit the snack bar once we get inside.

Does this plan sound OK to you guys? Any other suggestions?

by the way... Katie, I love the other thread!!!

08-04-2006, 03:16 PM
Hey gals! I've been MIA for too long & wish I could be here more frequently but due to cruddy issues I can only pop in on the rare occasion. I've been doin semi-ok. Had a wedding to attend mid July and was 1 pound from my mini goal. Gained a pound or 4 (lol) then it was my 15th anniv. dh's b-day & my b-day the 27th, 28th & 29th also had a funeral, financial & famiy issues so considering all that I am now only 2 pounds up and trying to regain some NSV. Like having an interview and altough the scale was up my dress pants were quite loose! Anyhoo, I'm catching up by reading post.

Repo girl
08-04-2006, 03:21 PM
Hey Trish, Welcome back!

08-04-2006, 03:37 PM
Hiya - chickies!!! (thought I disappeared on you again didn't you? ) No way my friends - I'm back - I'm really back. I had a meeting most of the morning and then went to training and just finished lunch.This is day 2 of POP so I feel back on track - still "planning" to do TO monday and tuesday.......but that is not quite finalized yet.

Sommer - I have the blog up - just getting ready to read it...It sure sounds intriguing from what the other girls have said!!! Glad you are posting - I know all about getting in the rut - so just come back with the rest of us - your doing wonderful - don't stop now!!! Here is your nudge - I'm just passing it along - I've had several from you chickies too!!!

Katie - Wow - what do I even say to your response yesterday - Thank you girl :hug: - You are so totally awesome - !!! You ARE OUR INSPIRATION!!!!
I love the saying from your dad - I will definitely have to remember that !!! I saw that thread - just haven't gotten over there yet!!!

Jenni - Thanks for the words of wisdom and that is so true - and that is exactly why I decided not to wait till monday - at least to get back on track.....I didn't want to depress myself anymore with the possibility of the scale going higher - then actually make me eat out of depression!!! Glad your DF is okay and it wasn't anything too serious!

Julie Marie - Girl, I'm doing better - thanks for asking !! How are you - still staying busy I'm sure. Have you found another BF yet? Still talking to the old one at all?

Boo - You know I just can't let go of the Boo!!! Well congrats to you girl - wow - that is wonderful success you are having!!! I'm so happy for you - I know you have struggled a little lately to start moving again!! Your brain must be concentrated on those 8's now eh???

Joan - You just keep going and going like the energizer bunny - Wow - you are disappearing on us!! Congrats on the wonderful accomplishment of the BP meds - that is great!!!

Cassi - sounds like you have a great plan! Girl, just enjoy yourself - don't stress about that .8....and just drink lots of water after the salsa and beer!!!!

Erin - Wow - you are disappearing faster than anyone!! Wow - has your family seen you at all since your journey started? If so, what stage did they last see you at? They will be so shocked!! I'm sure all the wonderful compliments will just boost that motivation and self esteem!!!

Hey Kristi - My partna' in crime!! I hope your TO has major success for you!! Let us know how the weigh in goes!!!

Christie - :wave: Hey girl - come on out of lurking - we are all back here!!!

Barbara - Look at you hot mama!! I'm sure you will be right back down to the 185 very very soon!!! I hear ya being bold and brave and taking in that can to the COD - that is wonderful for you to stand your ground and I'm so glad to hear that they supported you the way they did!!! Sounds like you have some counselors you can depend on now since your fav one left!!!

D'Ann - welcome to the boards!!!

Deb - Hey girl!! Hope your doing good as well! thanks for posting the recipes - Yea, I have a word doc with all the recipes that were in the thread that were of interest before aphil made the new threads....

Lori - Wow girl - you are overloaded with the hockey stuff - Slow down and breathe chicky!!! Did you happen to get that shirt order corrected without too much problems??

Lisa - Hey girl - glad you are posting - don't worry there are alot of us going through some hard times right now....I totally understand about all of it - the few pounds sticking around, the food being $$ - but it will get better - after the schooling starts life will get back to normal!!!

To ANYBODY I MISSED - :WAVE: I'm really doing my best to catch up around here -

08-04-2006, 03:38 PM
Thanks Katie....this forum is missed very much!

08-04-2006, 03:41 PM
Barbara, Dolphn, Lottame, Sommer, Cassi, thanks for the WTGs. I'm a bit nervous as cutting the water pill in half is going to make me rebound for a few days. We'll see what happens. :shrug: I'll just be happy if I can get OFF this medication... for Good! :dance:

Congrats to ALL who have lost this week WTG! Keep up the good work. I'm crossing my fingers for a favorable WI tonight.:crossed: :crossed: :crossed:

08-04-2006, 05:59 PM
Trish, Welcome back!

Katie, thanks! I really liked your thread, and I think it helps a lot of us remember that we have had so many more victories than scale-only.

HeatherPP, thanks :) My family last saw me at Easter, and at that time, I had lost 48 lbs. It was a big difference, but not NEARLY the difference I am at now. I think it took me hitting about 60 lbs before people really started complimenting me and really noticing. Some were more observent and complimentary throughout, but when you have so much to lose, 20-30-50 lbs doesn't show all that much to the person looking from the outside (even though those closest to us, and we, notice).

Speaking of, if I hit 90 lbs on Friday, I am going to do another avatar update!

08-04-2006, 06:28 PM
Hi all--just a quick pop in--you guys have been busy busy! Had another "new" training--ugh--nothing I haven't heard but oh well. Going from a teacher to an aide seems to really be affecting my self esteem today so I have to make myself get over it. Mini-pity-party over here.

Welcome to all the newbies--I hope you all get as much from this site and especially these gals as I have over the months. Congrats to all the losers--if you need a kick in the butt then here it is--haha. I am going to have serious withdrawals when school starts and I can't chat with you guys.

PS--Heather--NO--I am fairly sure that even if (wait--not IF--WHEN) I make my goal that I will still NOT be an 8--I must be built weird because I can't even consider it. I have to remind myself daily that everyone is built different, carries weight different, and wears their clothes different!! It keeps me sane.

Anyway--off to a BBQ with relatives. Tough day to be OP when they served fried chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and cobbler for our luncheon and there I sat pulling all the breading off my chicken and a glass of water--I hate luncheons where I have no control over the menu. Luckily I had packed a Kashi bar and snacked on it during a presentation.

Okay--geez I was gripey today--sorry. I will catch up tomorrow! Have a great evening--Cassi--I am jealous--I love Brad Paisley!!

08-04-2006, 09:00 PM
Lea Ann ~ Don't worry about the clothes sizes. I'm one of those Curvy ladies who even when I'm super hot and thin, I wear a size 12! No one believes me, but I just have the J-Lo thing going on I guess. I mean, if you could see what's BEHIND me, lol! You don't need to tell people what size you're in. The fact is, if you look hot, then you ARE hot! ANd all of us are going to be hot if we keep sticking to our plans and helping each other out.

I've officially lost 3.2 pounds since last Friday - the day I decided it was finally time to take control of my weight and my happiness.

Good luck to everybody this weekend! Hang in there and we'll have no worries at WI Monday!


08-05-2006, 01:14 AM
Evening chickies- Welcome to the weekend!!

Todays WI put me at 200.8!!! I tried everything but stripping down to my nekkedness!!

State Fair is going on, so tomorrow we are going to go the the farmers market in the A.M. and the fair in the P.M. Montgomery Gentry is playing tomorrow night and I am still trying to talk DH into going. I bet that is gonna be one rockin concert. Bad thing is state fair food, ya'll know what I mean!! My fave counselor has gone to the concerts every night and has been scoping out the food. She was really surprized that they had so much healthier food this year. I told her indian tacos were my downfall. She said "Go for it! Just don't eat all of the breading part!" COOL!! She even said there was a booth selling some awesome salads. WOW!

Jenni- Awesome on the 3.2 lbs. So glad that it was a stone and nothing worse for your DF.

Cassi- You are probably enjoying the heck outta Brad Paisley right now!!! Hope you are having an awesome time!!

Sommer- I love watercolor too, unfortunately I haven't had time to do it lately. So relaxing. I get lost for hours when I do paint-or bead-or scrapbook-or scrollsaw-or sew-or get on this wonder my house looks like it does. I have too many hobbies!! NOT!!!

Erin-Are you talking today Friday for your 90 lbs.? Did you make it?? Of course you did, or will, you are awesome!!:cb: :cb:

Kelly- Keep your chin up. TOM will go away and the whoosh fairy will pay you a visit!! I'm saying this to myself too cuz TOM showed up here yesterday.

Sherry and Britt- I know you are probably already gone, but have fun on your trip.

Lea Ann, Barbara, JulieMarie, Britt, Christi, Kristi, Joan, ninacali, HeatherPP, Katie, Paulakaay, Evette, Joni, Lisa, Patty, Lori, D'ann :wave:

All you other lurkers and busy people, Have a wonderful weekend and pop in and say hi sometimes. :D

08-05-2006, 02:00 PM
Good day chickies!
Man, I woke up feeling so hungover! I didn't even drink! Must be the sugar/caffeine demon again!

I'm taking the kids to birthday party at 5 at a pizza place, so this will be my first real test I guess!

Hope everyone is hanging in there too!

08-05-2006, 03:01 PM
Evening chickies- Welcome to the weekend!!

Todays WI put me at 200.8!!! I tried everything but stripping down to my nekkedness!!

I told her indian tacos were my downfall. She said "Go for it! Just don't eat all of the breading part!"

Awesome, Deb! Next time get a hair cut and trim your nails! (what wise woman on the boards said that not too long ago?

Don't eat the bread? What on earth good is an indian taco without the bread???? Is she insane? Yeesh!

Lea Ann (and the Purple Sunshine is right, Boo's is hard to stop typing - I have to change it every time!) - you know what? I have no idea what size clothes I will wear when I get to goal. When I was the shape I want to be in, lo those many years ago, I wore Levi's 501 in a 32" waist and a medium shirt. All these sizes in numbers just confuse the heck out of me. Clothes sizes are like that stupid evil scale. We get sooooo hung up on the numbers.

Jenni, hang in there! That nasty ol' caffeine will be gone soon.

My hockey jersey mess has gotten itself straightened out, and relatively painlessly. Thank goodness. Now I have a huge registration mess to deal with, and then I should be mess free for awhile - yeah, right!

Have a great day, everyone!

08-05-2006, 05:06 PM
Wow everybody must be busy enjoying the weekend.

Lori- She didn't say I couldn't eat it, she just said don't eat ALL of it. I could maybe handle that. Funnel cakes were the other thing. She said have DH order it and just nibble on it. And then there is this place that makes the most awesome huckleberry ice cream. Maybe they will have a sugar free version.:crossed: She said "You're gonna cheat, and you know it cuz I cheated too. Just make the best decision of the worst foods and go from there. Just remember that you want to be under 200 on Monday." Gee thanks for the guilt trip now!!!!

If I cut my hair to lose a pound I'd be bald!!!:yikes: When I got on the scale this morning in my t-shirt-- size 4x and looks like a bedsheet on me, but it's comfy and I like it. It read 197.6. I thought about throwing on some clothes and running in to WI, but it's 15 miles away and I changed my mind pretty quick.

I'm glad that you got that hockey mess straightened out and still have your sanity.

Jenni- It does get better, I promise, and when it does you will feel so much better!!!!

08-05-2006, 05:12 PM
OOOHHH-- NSV going on here. I wore a pair of dress slacks (size 20W) yesterday that I have only worn twice and they were too stinking big. Today, I tried on some 18W jeans, they slid right on and the zipper went up with no problem. YAY!! I am officially out of plus size in tops. I can wear XL's now. Now if my butt and thighs will get the picture and follow suit, I will be a very happy girl.

08-05-2006, 06:07 PM
Me? I'd dump the toppings off the indian taco and eat just the bread!;) I don't know if I could only eat SOME of the bread. Of course, I may pass on the taco to get fresh huckleberry ice cream. Ohhhhhh I want to live back in Montana. No such goodies here! I do buy some huckleberry syrup in St. Regis every time I go through.

Wahoo on the clothes!:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: Doesn't it feel great!?

08-05-2006, 09:12 PM
Hola everyone! Okay, TOM=cheat. I feel sooooooooooooo guilty and ashamed. I made a new vow to stay POP starting tommorow. So now I am going to set a mini goal. I want to lose 8lbs between now and August 27th, My 16th anniversary.

Deb...Thank you for the encouragement. It is very disapointing when you see 2 lbs gone then 1 lb back just because it's TOM....hence the cheating. But I can't let that be an excuse. are like a ray of sunshine everytime you post, so full of enthusiasim, and well wishing.

Jenni...hope the pizza place test went well. Congrats on the weightloss so far.

HeatherPP...your postings give me hope, you seem so with it!

Heather...My goodness, you are an inspiration, being a mother, foster mother, diet demon...;) I don't know where you find the time but keep it up. I hope you recovered from your accident last week.

Boo...Congrats on resisting the temptation that your OP gave you. I hope you had fun at your BBQ.

To everyone else out there have a great weekend. Stay positive, and POP...


08-06-2006, 09:40 AM
Hello all,

I'm relatively new to this forum, but I'm going into week 11 on LAWL. So far I had lost 22 lbs. Last night was the first time i went OP. Big steak, baked potato with butter, a yeast roll and salad. Oh was it good. got on my scales this morning after lemon water and bam...up two lbs. :mad: Now mind you my scales aren't the most reliable, but I just am so mad that one meal OP made me gain! Oh well, I always tell my daughter that life isn't fair...:(

08-06-2006, 09:54 AM
Martha- First of all, welcome! Your gain, while it seems like a really big deal, has a lot to do with the fact you had red meat and a high starch. They work together to slow down break down and you tend to "keep" more of what you eat when you combine red meat with a big carb like that. Give yourself another day or two on plan and you'll see it go away. Don't get your hopes down. This is my second time on the diet (there were almost 7 years in between doing it) I noticed something important after I was done losing weight. Your scale will go up and down depending on your choices. You learn better ways of cooking here, and if you keep implementing that the scale fluxes will be small and it won't be a major problem unless you just gorge yourself during maintenance. Don't worry though! It's an easy shift between weight loss and maintenance.

08-06-2006, 11:45 AM
Hey gang ;)
Well, I cracked at the birthday party. The party was for my son's friend from school (My kids are on scholarship to a Catholic School here in Pensacola). ANYWAY, I'm not catholic and not married. The other parents there were all talking about their skiing vacations and this and that and I'm sitting there feeling like the only single parent and feeling very poverty-fied and out of place, and there was a spinach pizza right in front of me. And NO diet drinks. So I ate a slice and drank a glass of pepsi, and THEN had my daughter grab me a slice of cheese pizza. THEN I ate her crust which included about a 1/2 inch of pizza, AND HALF of Her pound cake. :sumo:

I came home and ate a bowl o fruity pebbles and 1% milk to finish the binge.

So, this morning I"m looking in the book and in the red plan under carb cravers (Which they told me not to have any of for 10 days), anyway, Pizza is listed as being able to have 2 slices.... That doesn't seem right?!? I'm going to have to ask about it tomorrow. SO far today I'm POP but I"m out of fruit and can't go to the store til tonight. I DO have some 100% apple juice and it's listed as a fruit so I guess I'll have that instead.

I hope everyone else is doing ok..

Kelly - I'm TOM too, so maybe that's the reason for my party binge. I'll be thinking of all of us who went a little crazy on Monday at WI

Martha - I'm sure Sommer is right about the weight gain. There's probably tons of stuff to make you retain water no matter how much lemon water you drink. I noticed even before I starte LAWL that if I ate a lot of red meat (Which was probably marinated in something salty, and the butter on the potato, etc., It'll fake you out with the gain the next morning. After my pizza fiasco last night, I didn't even get on there this morning because I knew it would be up from too much sodium.

Deb~I am so excited for you! I remember the first day I shopped at a plus size store, I thought to myself, "Oh well, at least I'm the smallest girl here" NOw I'm inching on up to the middle range and thinking what a fool I was! I can't wait til I can cross that fat to skinny line at Cato's. I don't know if you have a Cato there, but their clothes have always fit me just right, and it's hard not to notice all of the cute stuff on the skinny girl side of the store. I'll see you on the skinny side soon!

Be good girls today!


08-06-2006, 12:22 PM
I've been out for a few weeks at meetings, etc. and haven't been able to check in here, nor have I been able to be POP. I was at a conference for a week and there was not much choice in the food. I tried to be careful but I stilled gained 2 pounds that week. I lost it plus one more this past week, but it is still aggravating!

I am doing LAWL on my own and I know others here are too. Is there a separate thread for those who are doing it on their own? Since we don't have WI's 3X a week, it would be helpful for me to WI online 3X a week, but I'm not sure this thread is the best place.


08-06-2006, 03:40 PM
Hi Ladies!

After being away most of July, we came home last Tuesday -- of course we came home with my dd having 103.6 fever, strep throat and a cold. She's just now fever free, but its been a rough week.

I went back to LAWL Wed and they gave me take off, but due to my crazy week, I did one day Perfect, but then only 1/2 day right thursday so when I weighed in Friday I had gained 5lbs for the month of JUly (not bad considering I ate whatever I wanted, didnt drink my water and truely enjoyed ham sandwiches while on vacation (NOT on program). So my counselor told me since I still had 1/2 bottle of juice, to use it as juice and do another TO -- so thats my plan for Mon/Tues and I weigh in again on Thursday.

They are having open house 8/14, 8/15 and she said they usually discount everything 30% -- I just need weeks. They didnt count the month I was gone towards my weeks so I was happy.

My gym membership is up thursday 8/10 -- and with football season here, and school still out, there is no time to go; I'm thinking about taking a month off, exercise at home -- just walk and do some free weights -- and see what happens to my weightloss. I'm also torn between rejoining my gym or the other new one in my town; mine has a pool but is $20 more a month . .. decisions - plus my work has a gym I could use if I wanted to.

Hope everyone has a POP day! Mine has been good so far (as was yesterday); hopefully my 5lbs will come off easy and I can be <250 for the first time in 2 years! Sad how you work so hard to loose 30lbs, workout, etc -- yet many dont see it / notice it yet

If anyone has some good meals for TO please feel free to post; I'm doing a stricktly chicken & fish TO -- no beef.

08-06-2006, 05:25 PM
Hello Everyone,

I've been away for a few days - went to the annual sister's garage sale. I had two great NSV. I was POP even though we ate out and I tried on a smaller sized skirt and it fit - not ready to buy things now but I will be ready soon.

My sister fixed Morning Star sausage links this a.m. and I was wondering if anyone knows how to count them on plan. I saw the veggie burgers in the vegetarian part of the plan, but it didn't include the sausages.

Let me know if anyone else knows.

Hope everyone out there is doing well!!


08-06-2006, 05:28 PM
-- I just got a sheet of modifications to the book and they were on there -- I believe 2 are 1P -- the sheet is in my car, I'll post later if I am not correct

BTW, what is NSV?? Havnt figured that one out yet

08-06-2006, 05:35 PM
Hi Sue

It took me a few days to figure it out. I think it a non-scale victory (NSV).

08-06-2006, 05:55 PM
sue- non scale victory

08-06-2006, 09:14 PM
Deb - Hope all went okay at the fair today and you kept things under control as best you could. Talk about pressure....we'll all be holding our breath waiting for Monday's post!! I know I'm anxious for my scale to break out of the 160s, but at the rate I'm going I don't expect to see that until September 1.

It's almost the start of another new week. I remain inspired and motivated and have all you chicks to thank....Sommer, Cassi, HeatherPP, Evette, D'ann, Lea Ann, Barbara, JulieMarie, Boo, Deb, Katie and many others.

My goal this week is to get my butt to the gym at least 2 days this week and do a PUSH DVD two times. Exercise is still my biggest challenge. I don't need Will Power Dust, I need Will Power HAIL to fall on my head and knock a little sense into me....sitting on my behind in front of a computer is NOT exercise. I need to MOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEE.

08-06-2006, 09:15 PM
Hey there, everyone! Hope you had great weekends!

Debbie, we used to do WI threads when I first joined, but there wasn't a whole lot of activity, from what I remember. It can't hurt to start a monthly WI thread, and then if you don't get much participation, you can decide whether or not to continue. Good idea!

Sue, sorry to hear about DD, but glad to hear her fever's down! I know what you mean about people not noticing. I mentioned the other day, people really didn't start complimenting me until I hit 50-60 lbs. But I started a lot heavier than you, so I had further to go. Congrats on the 30 lbs! You'll be less than 250 in no time!

Patty, congrats on the NSVs!!!! Great job!!!!

Lea Ann, you didn't sound gripey! Don't worry! Hope you had a good weekend! I'm with you. With my large bone structure, I tend to carry my weight better than many, which is good; but the flipside is, I wear larger sizes than most people think, and definitely weigh more than people think Not sure what size I'll end up at, but I'm thrilled to be 5 sizes down so far! :)

Jenni, congrats on the loss!

Deb, I'm shooting for 90 lbs next Friday (the 11th). THanks for the vote of confidence! You are definitely going to hit onederland!!!!!!! Great job!

Lori, glad to hockey jersey situation has worked itself out. Great job!

Kelly, don't be too hard on yourself about the cheat. Just get back on the horse and you'll be fine!

Martha, don't fret going off plan. You'll be back on in no time! To make it 11 wks complete OP is amazing! Good for you!

Sommer, FYI, I'll be in Omaha the week of 8/14 visiting family! Can't wait!

08-06-2006, 10:58 PM
Hope that everyone had an excellent weekend. DH and I relaxed, we will have family visiting us for the next 3 we needed to DO NOTHING.

I will be doing TO tomorrow. It is time for me to get out of this slump I am in. My goal is to be POP till August 18th. It used to be so easy, the first time around to stay POP. I need to get back to that mindset.

Thanks to you all for keeping me motivated!

08-06-2006, 11:05 PM
Kelly- Don't worry about the cheat. Life happens. Just get back on plan and if you have a gain, just drink some hot lemon water and you should be fine in a couple of days.

Martha-Same with you. Like Sommer said, when you have beef and taters in the same meal, it takes longer to break down. Red meat takes a couple of days to go through your system. You'll be rid of it very soon.

Sue- Welcome back. As far as TO, I usually go as basic as it gets. Either grilled chicken or shrimp and veggies. I'll usually have a salad for lunch and heated meat with cooked veggies for dinner.

Patty- WooHoo on getting into a smaller size. It's so inspiring!

Joni- I hear ya on the exercise thing. I am so bad about doing it. I have all the desire in the world, but when it comes right down to it, I find something that is way more important at the time. It's not like I don't have a bowflex or a treadmill or my firm workout thing or that pilates tape or that denise austin tape........get the picture.

I did pretty good at the fair. There is a local BBQ place here that I have been wanting to try. I got a meal in a bowl. Beans on the bottom, pulled bbq pork in the middle and slaw on the top. YUMMY. They did have that yummy fresh homemade huckleberry ice cream there and DH and I split a small scoop. I had 2 bites and let him have the rest. We walked through every building there so I definitely got my walking in for the day. Up a little today, but probably from the sodium. A little hot lemon water and I should be good to go.

I made a yummy dessert today. Very refreshing. I took a container of vanilla yogurt and mixed in some crystal lite lemonade until I liked the taste. Then I crushed up 2 LF graham crackers and added 1T. lite butter to it. Spread that mixture on the bottom and poured the yogurt on the top and stuck it in the freezer. Had half of it and it was 1/2D,1S, 1/2Fat.

08-07-2006, 09:29 AM
Hiya chickies!!! Well, I started TO yesterday - I figured it would be easier to do it at home than at work - so today is TO day#2!! I did okay, I used the oranges, had a slight headache - but I did really well., There were several times where I could see myself getting ready to eat something, but I didn't. My DH actually did it with me - but he didn't quite make it all day. We had some friends over to the pool and well - he decided to have 2 beers - he ended up gaining a pound - but I told him - he drank more beer than water - what did he expect>? I ended up losing 2.5 on the first day - I know alot was water retention, but it was still nice to see either way!!!

I don't have time for alot of personals, hopefully I can catch up later.

I'm going to go ahead and fix my breakfast......eggs and orange - yummy!! NOT!! but oh well - I'm going to do it this time - I'm going all the way girls - HOpefully I will see at least a decent loss!! and get rid of these cravings!!!

As for the discussion about the pants. I don't think I would ever go any lower than a 10 myself. An eight would be a miracle for me with my shape, but you know - I'm fine with a 10 - that makes me happy. Just to be comfortable and consistent!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!

08-07-2006, 10:00 AM
Good morning chickies! I'm at work this morning, so no time for personals, but I wanted to check in. I did TO Sat and Sun too after my concert on Friday. I WI today at lunch, so I'll post after that. I'm starting the 21 day boost, so if anyone wants to join me, let me know!

08-07-2006, 10:26 AM
Deb - that dessert sounds yummy. I threw out my generic brand low fat graham crackers (they were awful) and need to get some good grahams and I'll be making that dessert for sure. Guess mine will be pink though because I have the pink lemonade...good idea mixing it in the yogurt.

Heather - keep up that great motivation. Hope your DH doesn't do the typical guy thing and wind up losing 5 lbs today.

Cassi - congrats on a successful TO - such weekend discipline.

I'm excited because a friend has committed to doing the Couch to 5K program with me and we've scheduled a 5K run for October 14. I've made a nifty chart to watch my progress and I'm going to do this. It looks sooooo easy on paper ... LOL. For those that don't know about this program, it's outlined at
Oh well, gotta run (literally!!).

08-07-2006, 10:57 AM
Cassi - Congrats on getting the TO over with. I'm kind of dreading today - but I can do it - Hope your WI is very successful!!! Please remind me what the 21 day boost is - I might join you starting tomorrow - I know it was similar to the challenge , but not sure about the diff?

Joni - Thanks Girl. I'm trying...I am going to back off the exercise just a little. I'm not as excited about it and I don't want to get totally burned out - I think 3 days/week will be enough and then on the off days and weekends - I will play in the pool with DD - that should be enough to keep me burning some calories!!!

EDITED to say - NO, I don't think DH will end up losing the 5 lbs. I think he has just decided to try to cut back or just follow the regular plan. If he would just switch his pepsi with water and quit eating MCD #3 combos - he would be okay!!

08-07-2006, 11:44 AM

When you do TO with the oranges, are they replacing the juice?


08-07-2006, 11:55 AM
Heather - My DH is a #2 Wendy's combo guy with Dr. Pepper. Pretty sad when we know their number request. I refuse, though, to get the large size he requests and I'm often tempted to get him the side salad instead of the fries. It really would help him and ME out, since I don't think I'd be too tempted to stick my hand in the bag and grab a handful of lettuce; but it sure is tempting to stick my hand in the bag and grab a hot french fry (just one!)

Repo girl
08-07-2006, 12:04 PM
Morning friends, I am trying to get back into the right mindset, just struggling a little. I am staying pretty well POP, just feeling a little blue. Hopefully TOM will be easy on me and I will be feeling back on top soon.

08-07-2006, 12:10 PM
I am here for my 20 lashings and to be shamed into getting back to OP. Don't know what's wrong with me but I had a POOP weekend (think Pizza Hut and Schlotzsky's in the same weekend--yikes) Anyway--today is a new day. I don't WI until Saturday so I just hope to break even by then.

Morning all--cleaning day--again. My folks are bringing DD home tomorrow then staying for a week to watch them here while I start my new job. Still have a bad attitude about the aide thing--it seems everytime I see one of my bosses they have a new thing they've added to my list of duties--all stuff I KNOW they would never ask an aide without a teaching certificate to do. I certainly don't mind the "teaching" parts of the job but it would be nice to get paid for it.

08-07-2006, 12:12 PM
Yay Erin how neat about being in Omaha! Just yell if you want to get coffee or something!

My birthday night was very good but I'm just going to pretend like the weekend didn't happen and jump back into my weight loss today as if nothing ever happened. I'm not even touching the scale again until later this week. I *feel* bloated. I had a couple of drinks last night which kind of ruins the fact I didn't have cake. It was wine, some very good wine. Positive attitude though. It was my birthday. It won't be here again for another year and no one elses birthday is nearly as interesting as mine so I won't be tempted to splurge like a crazy woman again. The end.

I hope everyone is having a good day. No time for personals, I have a slight headache and a serious need to study for my last Astronomy test which I go to take in an hour.

08-07-2006, 12:20 PM
Sommer - Great attitude, girl! Just get back on the horse!

Lea Ann - I know what you feel like. It sucks when you're overqualified for a job and it feels like they're dumping on you 'cause you're low man on the totem pole. Hopefully paying your dues in this school will pay off! And we're all here for you if you want to vent.

Heather - I got the 21 day boost from the post from Debbie last month. A few others started doing it (see the thread somewhere), but I thin they may have fallen off the wagon. Anyway, here's what the post said:

Days 1 & 2: TO
Days 3 & 4: Regular Program
Days 5-9: Slimdown in place of 1P and 1S
Days 10-11: Regular Program
Days 12-17: Slimdown in place of 1P and 1S
Days 18-19: Regular Program
Days 20-21: TO

(I don't know what button combo I just hit, but it posted this, so I'm editing)

08-07-2006, 12:24 PM
Hey Katie!

What's up, girl? You need a little reminding of how much you've accomplished, how unbelievably motivating you are to all of us here, and what a kick-a#% person you are? Well-you have and you are! However-I do understand the downer days. I treat them with a shopping trip! My poor, poor credit card . . . .I've can't seem to say no to new clothes (they are all on unbelievable clearance prices!)

Today I'm pretending I'm 18-with a camo skirt that's got the ripped bottom and gathered/ripped thingie on one side, with layed tanks in white and camo green and a cool white studded belt low on my hips. So-I'm 34-who cares? It's cute! (And the skirt is a 16-go me!)

Although-there was this report on the news about "vanity sizing"-so maybe it's not really a 16 . . . . .whatever.

This weekend I completed my first 20 miler of the season. It took quite awhile cause I was paired with this amazing 70 yr old woman who has emphysema and all the hills were hard on her. We had to stop a lot so she could catch her breath. And at the 16 mile mark-our coach sent us up Mt. Tabor (those of you in the Portland area will know it). It's 1 mile uphill and worse (for my knees), 1 mile downhill. It was also a gradual incline for the 3 mi prior which was hard for my walking-mate. So-again-it took forever. I was really proud of her though. She could have skipped the 1/2 mile up to the summit, but she wanted to do the whole thing.

So-we started at 6:15am and finished about 3:15-3:30ish. The last mile was tough-it had gotten pretty hot and there was no shade. But I felt pretty good-although I'd gotten a blister on my little toe before mile 10. I just tried not to think about it;) I named it Pierre. (I get to know my blisters very well.)

I think I'm going to be really ready for this marathon. We have 2 more 20 milers planned and I'll do several 1/2s and 16's before oct 1st. Woo hoo!

08-07-2006, 01:02 PM
G'morning girls!

I'm not going to WI today. My home scale was the same as Friday, and I feel all bloated too. WHne will this dang TOM end?!?!

DF did not do his grocery duty and I have no food left that I can eat. I just ordered a fruit salad and a cobb salad from McD's. They are in the book and I won't be going home til about 7:30 tonight.

We've got meet the teacher at 5:00 and them I'm going to WalMart and get my own dang food. SOmetimes I think DF wants me to stay fat. In fact, we had an argument this weekend in which he stated "You could do worse" when it came to me being with him. To me it sounds like he's saying I'm too fat to get anyone any better.


08-07-2006, 01:54 PM
Good morning ladies, just a real quick hi to everyone before I go weigh in. Talk to you guys soon.......POP to everyone.

08-07-2006, 02:07 PM
Good afternoon chickies!

WI went well! I am down 2.4 from Friday's WI and .4 from last Monday's WI. What COD doesn't know is that I am really down 4.6 from Saturday morning after the drinking at the concert Friday! TO was my friend this weekend!

Katie - Sorry to see that you're feeling down today. We all have those days, and I know you mentioned some work/warehouse issues w/DH. But on the plus side, try to remember that you are such an inspiration for so many of us here, and we're all here for you if you need to vent. Also, you have such an amazing and supportive family. I'm sure if you need to talk to someone face to face, DH or your sister, or someone else will be there for you. Just remember your post from the "a year ago I was" thread!

Julie - WTG on the walk! You are another inspiration for me!

Kristi - WTG on the POP weekend! I know what you mean about going out. DH and I had that discussion this weekend. I told him that I can't go out to the sports bar with him for dinner like we used to because it was just inviting me to fail. I told him to PLEASE go with a friend, that I didn't mind if he did stuff without me, but for now I needed to focus on me. Sometimes we just need to remove the temptation to move forward. I know you'll make your goal this weekend. Keep your eye on the prize!

Jenni - Good job sticking to the salads at McDonalds! I can't do that - I won't even go near the drive through. I'm just not that strong! And I think Kristi is right about DF. He may feel threatened by your impending changes, even if he won't admit it. Maybe if you keep the communication open with him and tell him that you need him in your journey you will get the support you need. If not, then you know we are all here for you!

Hope everyone has a POP day!

Newbies, welcome!

Lori, HeatherCP, Evette, and anyone else I missed between this morning and afternoon, HI! Hope your weekend went well!

08-07-2006, 03:27 PM
Hello Chickies!!

Well, it's that TOM for me also and it is kicking my butt! Cravings are haunting me. I've been eyeballing someone's Doritos in our cupboard. I did cheat, not with the Doritos, but with 4 cups of Orville Reddenbachers's smartpop pop corn. I added up the calories and it was only 60 calories,so I didn't feel too bad. The scales have been good to me. I'm down 1.5 pounds from 2 days ago and have held my weight at 155.5 for the past 2 days. So, I'm happy.

Katie: So sorry that you're feeling down! Please cheer up sweetie....after all you are my inspirationl

Julie: Great job on the walk. You "walking machine."

Kristie: I'm so happy for your POP weekend.

Cassie: Great job on the weight loss. Whoo-hoo:carrot:

Where are all the rest of you? I hope everyone has a wonderful day! :hug:

Take Care!

08-07-2006, 03:46 PM
WTG Evette! You will be at your goal in no time! Shopping for any holiday party is going to be fun for you this year.

08-07-2006, 03:49 PM
Hey y'all!
Howz things. Hockey for me is going to **** in the proverbial handbasket... Can nothing ever go smoothly???????????????? Sheesh!

WI was the same this morning as last Friday, but when I stepped on my scale this morning it was down 5 lbs! Hmmmm something fishy going on here - a-ha! The lip of the rug was under the scale at home. Rats! I really liked that 5 pounds!

JM - you so totally rock! I am sure you were very supportive of your walk buddy. How neat! Hi to Pierre.... ;)

Evette, nice loss! WTG, Girlie!

Sommer - you crack me up. Of course, no one's birthday is a interesting as yours.

Katie, sorry you are feeling blue. :hug:

Lea Ann, you can come do my house next. I am the same way. Mom won't care if there are cobwebs in the corners and dust on the tv, but I gotta get rid of it. It's too early to start decorating for Halloween! Mom'll be here on Friday.

Hey Sunshine! Hopefully TO will be kind to you! Ratted men.

Hey to everyone else....:hug:

08-07-2006, 04:24 PM
Cassi- WTG on the WI! Keep it up!

Lori-it seems weird to think about hockey in August! Then again-I don't think much about hockey at all;) It doesn't seem all that popular around here. I'm sure there are youth leagues though . . . .

Evette-way to resist the Doritos-those and cheetos are my downfall . . .

Jenni-sorry about the DF issues-I'm not in a relationship right now, but I'm sure that others here can commiserate with the less than supportive husbands and boyfriends. He's just insecure-you'll have to keep reminding him that he's the one for you.

HeatherPP-as I just said above-no, no BF yet. No bites on my eharmony either. Sigh-dating is just too exhausting. I can see why some men order mail order brides. Gets the whole dating thing out of the way;) I'm doing my 2nd day of TO today too and will be starting the BOOST again tomorrow. I rather like the shakes for dinner-especially when it's hot and I've worked out after work. I'm too lazy to cook!

Kristi-WTG on a POP weekend! I unfortunately went shopping whilst hungry on Fri evening and made a couple of poor choices. Could've been worse. Supposedly walking 20 miles burn about 1200 calories or so . . .Too much sodium though. Even my lips are dry:D

Lea Ann-sorry about the job stuff-I'm also the kind of person who gets a lot of extra duties dumped on me with no compensation. Now-about the 20 lashes-can't say too much as I screwed up too this weekend. I suppose we could just smack each other.

Sommer-good luck on your test and I'm glad you had a good birthday.

Joni-I've heard about the couch to 5K-awesome! I'm glad you've got a buddy to help keep you motivated. Keep us posted on your progress!

Erin- You're amazing!!!! nuff said.

Deb-love the dessert idea-Of course I would just be lazy and use my lemon yogurt or maybe the key lime flavor- mmmmm, that sounds good.

HI to Kelly, Krystal, Sue, Patty, Debbie . . . and anyone else I might have missed!

Boy-I don't do personals like this very often (takes awhile!). Hats off to those of you who do it all the time! My memory isn't that good . . . .

08-07-2006, 06:11 PM
Oh yeah-I forgot-somebody posted an idea about an ornament xchange for Christmas. I'd be interested!

08-07-2006, 06:14 PM
JM--PM Lori (hockey lori) about the ornament exchange--sounds fun huh? Anyway--I bow down to you--20 miles is crazy!!! You are awesome--you can certainly justify the weekend splurge with that kind of calorie burning. I am going to bust tail on the DVD's this week and hope to break even by the weekend WI.

08-07-2006, 07:03 PM
Boy it's quiet in here today. Come out and play!!!!

Can you tell I've got a lot of time on my hands today? Boss is in Australia for 3 weeks . . . .. .

Lea Ann-thanks. I've PM'd Lori. What DVDd's do you like?

Katie-how you doing, girl?

08-07-2006, 07:11 PM
JM--I am currently on day 20 (of 90) of the Beachbody Power90 series. It's 2 DVD's with 2 levels of cardio/abs and strength/sculpt and you just alternate everyday for 6 days then have 1 day off (thank goodness!). I can do the 2nd disc of strength training but still on disc 1 of cardio/abs--everything gets faster with more reps on disc 2--getting close though. I am determined to do the entire 90 day program. I am at a point where eating right (most of the time!) is no longer cutting it. I also have the Beachbody Slim in 6 series and like it too--just like the Power90 better. Anyway--probably more info than you wanted--LOL. How many miles will the marathon in October be? I am so impressed.

Repo girl
08-07-2006, 07:12 PM
I'm here, lurking. Just feeling off I guess. Drama with the inlaws really has me down. I just need to tell them all to go to **** and get it over with.

08-07-2006, 07:22 PM
Lea Ann-

i have some Beachbody DVDs too-Yoga Booty Ballet and a couple other ones. Not like the series your describing though.

The marathon is 26.2 miles-I could've done that on Saturday-but I would've been *****ing the last 5 miles or so. Our coach has us so prepared for the marathon (doing 3 20 milers), so we can really enjoy marathon day and be ready for anything.

08-07-2006, 07:22 PM
Yay!!!!!!!!!!I lost 2.2 lbs on my w/i. TOM over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:carrot: I would like to let all of you know that this is because of you. I really didn't have the will power and reading all the threads gives it to me. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!

Deb, that desert with the yogurt, sounds yummy. What about w/flavored yogurts. The book says you can have?

Jenni, like you told me TOM will soon be gone. Just remotivate. Sorry your DF doesn't help too much. My DH went out and bought me a George Forman grill and rottisarrie (my god, I can't spell). I made a Turkey breast and It was fabulous.

I also love lemon, but here in Indiana fresh fruit goes bad soooooooo fast because of the humidity, so I found this product called True Lemon. It is so good in your water and in place of salt too on stirfry and veggies. COD said okay to use like seasonings that have no salt.

Again Thanks everyone...............

08-07-2006, 07:32 PM
Congrats Kelly!

08-07-2006, 07:41 PM
Thank you. How long have you been at this?

08-07-2006, 07:43 PM
Forever . . .

Just kidding-since June 2005. It's taking me awhile. Not all of us can melt away and have the unbelievabe discipline that Erin has.

08-07-2006, 07:50 PM
Katie - sorry to hear your family (in laws) are getting you down. Can Dr. Phil help (

Juliemarie - Way to go on the training. I trained for a marathon in Alaska one year, so I relate to all your stories. When the marathon was over and I had my Saturdays to myself, I was at a loss. It was all sooooo worth it though. We had some steep training hills in Atlanta, but no mountains to climb!

Evette - you're sure doing great.....I want what you're having....popcorn that is! I haven't had that nor Baked Lays in over 6 weeks. I actually don't even miss it.

Tomkyn Sommer - Happy belated bday to you as well.....Hope you enjoyed all your fruit servings (aka red wine). The water colors on your blog are great. I'm jealous because my artistic ability is limited to poorly drawn stick figures.

Kelly - congrats on your lost......and your DH sounds really sweet to buy you those cooking goodies.

08-07-2006, 08:01 PM
Hi Everybody! :wave:

Wow. Too much to catch up on, so I'm not even going to attempt personals I will start fresh! :)

We had a fun weekend. It was good to see everybody. although the whole family didn't show up, it was still fun. Too much food (mostly hamburgers & hotdogs), too much beer, and not enough water, fruit or veggies. So, back POP tomorrow (Tuesday). I don't dare step on the scale yet. :eek: I have official WI on Wednesday morning, so maybe I should suck up the lemon water tomorrow and pray!

Hope everyone is doing well!
Congrats to all the WL Losers, and :welcome2: to the newbies!

Repo girl
08-07-2006, 08:38 PM
Sherry- Good to see you back, glad you had fun! Pray off a few lbs for me too, would ya?

Sommer- Happy belated birthday!

Joni- Thanks, that was a great article. Tells me that we are doing the right thing.

Kelly- Way to go!!!

JM- So we get you for 3 whole weeks?

Kristi- That is what we are trying to do, they just won't let us.

Repo girl
08-07-2006, 10:40 PM
I made the Cauliflower Chamomille Soup in the recipe thread for dinner. It was great. I am going to take it to the biggest loser dinner tomorrow night, too. We are doing soups this week.
08-08-2006, 12:01 AM
Hey Cassi, Thank you. I found it. I need all the help i can get. Again thank you.

08-08-2006, 01:35 AM
Hello all! I don't even have time to go back and read all the pages I've missed. I am about 70% on plan has been really crazy! Then to top it all off....we got another baby! IT's A GIRL!!!!! We picked her up at the hospital and she's three days old! She's a sweetie! So for those keeping track and other's who just think i'm plain insane (don't worry it's already been said!) I have a 20 month old boy DFS#1, he doesn't like the new baby...won't even look at her I have another boy who is 5 months, DFS#2, and now...DFD who is 3 days old! I've said it before...but our house is FULL!

I'm off to sleep for a few hours before her highness wakes to be fed! OHHHHH I have another princess in the house! Whooooo Hoooooooo!

I'm not giving up..just adjusting to life around here...I'll check in as I can!

08-08-2006, 01:58 AM
Heather, you ARE insane, but I am thinking we should change your name to Angel Heather. What you and your family is doing is remarkable!

08-08-2006, 09:55 AM
Good morning all!

Katie - Good Luck at your family weigh in tonight! I know you'll do great!

Heather - Lori is right - you are an angel! Good luck with your group. You are an amazing person.

HeatherPP - How did Day 2 of TO go? I'm on day 2 of regular plan, and then tomorrow I will sub a shake for a P and S.

DH grilled shark last night for diinner. It was the first time I had it. It was DELICIOUS!!! No fishy taste or texture at all. If anyone wants the marinade recipe, let me know.

OK... off to work. Here's to a POP day to everyone!!!!

08-08-2006, 09:56 AM
Oh Heather--that is so exciting--I am so partial to girls--LOL. And a newborn to boot--your lucky you get to experience that! You are awesome and if you can only be 70% OP then who cares? Those babies need you and are so lucky to have you, so just do the best you can--LIFE comes first. I would be so tempted right now to make a run for the border--haha (no, not taco bell--Canada would be nice)

Repo girl
08-08-2006, 10:01 AM
Wow Heather, how cool is that? 3 days old! I love newborns. They still smell like heaven.

08-08-2006, 10:30 AM
Okay--I need confirmation from you wise women--I am up to 162 this AM!!!!! I know I was bad this weekend--as far as OFF plan eating I had 2 pieces of pizza and a bread stick (Sat), then a small turkey sandwich at Scholtzskys (Sun)--how can I be up 4 pounds?!?!??? I paid for it yesterday because all I wanted to do was munch. I went over in foods but they were all OP foods, 1 extra starch, 1 extra protein, and an extra fruit. I have got to find my control today!! I have an appt. next month with a gyn. for my annual and I want a full blood workup. I am so lethargic and I thought surely with eating healthy and daily exercise I would have MORE energy (I did until about a month ago). I hate to hope something is wrong but I hope there is a reason I am soooo tired lately. And of course I start work on Weds. I have until Saturday morning to buckle down and get this extra off before WI.

OK--I'm better--just had to whine a minute. My DD is coming home today!!!!! Haven't seen her in a month so I am just itching to get my hands on her. My parents will be here for a week but I already have our menu planned so I should be able to stay OP. I am really pinning a lot of HOPE of losing again once school starts--being home all day is not good for my eating.

Hope you all have a great day

PS--Katie--ohhhh.....I can almost smell that baby now that you mention it--sigh...

Repo girl
08-08-2006, 10:36 AM
Lea Ann- Are you taking a multi vitamin? I started feeling that way a while back, and after running some #s on fitday I realized that I was only getting about 35% RDA for iron. I had totally gotten away from red meat, and I was paying for it. I started back on a multi and added red meat 2 or 3 times a week, and started feeling better fast.

08-08-2006, 10:56 AM
You know--now I wonder because I was taking the LAWL multi vitamin up until a few weeks ago then we were running low and I started taking my One-a-Day weight control multi--(as well as OTC calcium and omega 3) that's the only difference I can think of--you'd think they would be the same but maybe not. Thanks for bringing that up. Maybe I should go back to the LAWL vitamins exclusively and see if that helps. I usually take the multi in the AM but the One a Day I have to take at night or I get sick to my stomach. I hope it's something as simple as going back to the LAWL pills--maybe my body just got used to them and didn't like the change.

Repo girl
08-08-2006, 11:27 AM
Wake up East coast!

Repo girl
08-08-2006, 11:56 AM
Okay, Miracles never cease. My DH just made the bed before he left for work. I see my training is paying off.

08-08-2006, 12:29 PM
Good Morning everyone-Ok its almost noon here... I have been sooooo busy and have missed you guyz a lot!

Katie-Sorry you are feeling down!
Cassi- Great job girl, you going down down baby!
JM- I am so proud of all of these obstacles that you have gone through physically, i have never been in a marathon but i know how challenging it can be and i am proud of you for doing it!
HeatherCP- You are a miracle in these kid's life, God is going to give you all and more than you are giving them!

I would like to share some pics of me during these weight loss, since we look in ourselves everyday in the mirror we dont notice a difference but when i got a glance at these pics i definally grin at myself!

08-08-2006, 12:37 PM
Heather, I second the motion....I will call you angel heather from now on too!:angel: I love babies. I miss having them in the house. My ds and dd are now teenagers.:devil:

Lea Ann, try taking super B complex if you dont go back on the lawl vitamans. They give great energy that you might be missing. I hope you enjoy the week w/the parents. Hugs to your dd:hug:

Katie, how great was it that your dh made the steps;). Good luck on the W/I today. The soup sounds great.

Everyone out there stay motivated, so I am sending out will power dust to everyone.
:dust: :dust: :dust: :dust:

08-08-2006, 12:56 PM
23301 Before Lossing Weight
23302 During Weight Loss
23303 (My brother and I) Most Recent Pic I have...

08-08-2006, 01:26 PM
Rebeca: You look wonderful! I love the new avatar. Wowee!

08-08-2006, 01:40 PM
Rebeca - hubba hubba!!!!

Lea Ann, hope the vitamins help. If only all of life were that simple! Bet you are excited to see DD.

Angel (heather)- give that baby's head a sniff for me. Nothing like a whiff of baby-head to make everything seem alright!

Katie, wow. No one in my house makes the bed (me included, I am sad to say...)

My hockey stuff is slowly resolving itself, but I think I am going to have an ulcer by Friday morning. Everything that can go wrong with registration plans (I am the registrar) has, or has the potential to. The sort-of plus side is that my son has a really good chance of making the Elite team in the age group above his natural one - he's 10, and would be playing with 11 and 12 year olds. DH and I talked with the coach last night, and realistically, he's a bubble-kid (number 6 out of 6 defensemen chosen), but this coach also likes to take young talent and develop them - think how good he'll be for the team for the next two years. This coach, although I don't always agree with the way he runs things OFF the ice, is an outstanding coach, and DS would benefit greatly from being on the team. We haven't said anything to DS yet about making the team, but he knows where he stands out there and wants it really bad. I hope no super-stud comes out of the woodwork to bump him over the edge!

Well, better get off here and get cracking on registration details....

08-08-2006, 02:06 PM
You guyz are too nice....but when i looked at that first picture compared with now I coudlnt help but be proud of myself!

Repo girl
08-08-2006, 02:09 PM
Dang straight! You should be proud, you are looking amazing!

08-08-2006, 02:10 PM
Katie- Are you feeling better sweety?

08-08-2006, 02:13 PM
Wow today has been such a good day. Our 20 month old keeps looking at the baby and looking back at me as if to say "now what have you done?" Currently all three are napping! and to add to this wonderful day I am staying on plan.

Rebecca: you look fabulous!

Katie: If my DH made the bed I would faint dead away! But then again I'm not really good about it either.

Thanks you all for all the kind words...I've said it before and I will say it again...these children are giving us so much more than we could ever give to them...we love them and take care of them as if they were ours.....but for God to allow us to have the blessings of them each day we have them it's amazing!

08-08-2006, 02:19 PM
Rebecca--you look terrific--but I thought you already looked super in the first photo! Good to see you.

Lori--that is great about your son playing up in hockey--hope it works out for him. My niece plays "up" in volleyball and I think it has made her a much better player. DD and parents will be here for dinner--YEAH!!!!

Katie--bedmaking is DH's forte--now if I could get him to pick up a few more chores! Keep cracking the whip.

Kristi--WTG on the losses--that's great! You need a real ticker--love seeing the progress. Have fun at your get together. GL @ WI on Sat--that's when I go back, too.

Kelly---thanks for the advice--I wonder if I can add the B's in with the LAWL vitamins--can you get too much? I need the extra energy--especially with going back to work tomorrow. I am so ready to see my girl!

Well--I made it through phase 2 of my workout video--a first on the cardio disc--I feel pretty great now--not nearly as bad as I did when I got on the scale this AM!! stupid scale. Off to the grocery store so I can feed the fam.

08-08-2006, 02:23 PM
Hiya chickies - here I am - (1 of us few east coasters) - Sorry, I've actually been busy working this morning.

Cassi - Day 2 of TO went well - .....until dinner (sigh) - I didn't do too bad, but I had been fighting a horrible headache for two days and I did give in to one slice of bread - no big deal - I'm still back on track, so HOpefully that is what counts. We went out with some friends after gymnastics and it would've been almost impossible to stay OP(TO).... I think I'm going to follow the boost too - this would be day 1 normal for me - I guess I will always be one day behind you....

Katie - Wow chickie - not used to you feeling blue. :hug: you are always the one helping us. We are there for you if you need to vent. I'm so sorry for the neverending saga with the in-laws - ours stay at a distance - so we don't have to deal with them much !! Sending you lots of virtual hugs your way - If you need to chat - I hope the BL weight in goes well tonight ( or was that last night) - ....

Lori - Wow - such a busy woman - glad the hockey stuff is starting to wind down for you!! I dread the days of today - gymnastics - tomorrow - softball - thurs - this and friday - that....but I'm sure it is coming. Right now it is only 1 day a week - that is enough for me - and to try to be the coordinator or registrar - wow - you go girl!!!

JM - Wow - girl - you go with your bad self and your 20 miles!!! That is so totally awesome!! and I'm sure you burned off that little slip up you had so don't even worry about it!!

I'm doing okay -down a total of about 3 for TO - wanted more - but I will take it..... still having a few cravings, but I will get over them. I've relaxed a little on the workouts. I do go to personal training tomorrow and will do at least 1/2 more days with cardio. I was just getting too burned out and wasn't enjoying myself much. - (that is not a good sign) -

way to go for all those that are losing!! I hope to join you soon!!! hehehehe

Rebecca - Wow girlfriend - you are looking wonderful - of course, I thought you looked great in the before picture too - That brazillian background you have gives you a sexiness that is hard to achieve for alot of people - Girl - work it !! You're looking great!!

Kristi - you're doing wonderful. Glad you are feeling so much better. Stay strong girlfriend...

Boogirl - Hey chickie - i went through that too and although I didn't figure mine out - I think it was iron or lack of sufficient vitamins as well. Both vitamin world and GNC carry a great women's vitamin - I'm sure you can get some at target or wal-mart too!! Good luck I hope you are having more energy soon and cograts on the workout dvds....

Repo girl
08-08-2006, 02:29 PM
Yeah, I am. It seems my inlaws have been busy spewing as much poison about me as possible recently. Friends and family alike have been seeking me out for a few days now to tell me about the smear campaign. They all act like they feel obligated to tell me what was said, but really, I wish that they would just let it be. I don't even want to hear it anymore. My friend Gina was here just this morning to tell me all about what my SIL said to her about me. I have done NOTHING to these people. My DH got so fed up with them being mean to me that he has totally written them off, says they cannot see the kids, we will not come to family functions, and somehow, it just gave them more ammo to blast with me with. I even printed wills off of the internet this morning for us to sign with some witnesses tonight. If anything ever happened to us, I cannot stand the thought of those evil people getting ahold of my kids. Somehow though, even in the face of all of this crap, I am feeling better and stronger today. I have a great life that they have no place in. I have a good marraige, great kids, a decent income, a good job, lots of friends and family that I share a lot of love with. There is no room in my life for all of this negative stuff. It is up to me though, to stop it. I have decided to tell all involved that I do not want to hear anymore derrogatory stuff about them. I not going to answer the phone if they call, I will let them leave a message for DH. Sometimes it is easy to get wrapped up in all of the drama, but this drama is getting me down, making me feel really sad and mad all of the same time. So, no more. I am willing myself not to talk about it, think about it, or hear about it any longer. I owe myself that much.

08-08-2006, 02:34 PM
Katie- You are absolutaly right! You are too wonderful to have time to deal with this bs!

Katie-Thank you girl! You are an inspiration to me!

Repo girl
08-08-2006, 02:38 PM
Rebeca- Thanks girlie!

Purple girl- What? Busy working? Those rude employers. You need to file a report about these sorts of conditions. I mean really, working at work? Unheard of! Hehe, I am working right now too, can you tell?

08-08-2006, 02:42 PM
Thanks for all the birthday wishes but no one was belated! My birthday is actually today, 8/8 and I'm presently 27 years old and eating an On Plan version of turkey meatloaf that is pretty good. And then I'm off to Algebra class. For three and a half hours. This is why I celebrated my birthday on sunday because today I knew I'd be cramming for tests and going to class and that's no way to spend a birthday!

So thank you so much and I"ll catch up with everyone tomorrow!

Repo girl
08-08-2006, 02:43 PM
Oh, I see! Well happy birthday now, and btw, I loved your artwork!

08-08-2006, 02:48 PM
Good morning ladies-

I took the day off today-so I'm at home dealing with the annoying dial-uo. Not sure how long I can stand the slow-loading pages. I'll be at work tomorrow (I think!) so I'll be a bit more prolific then.

HeatherCP-a newborn! That's awesome! Those kids are so lucky to have you.

Rebeca-thanks for the kind words. I love the new avatar and your pics look great! What a great motivation to keep going!

Katie-yep-3 weeks. Of course, since I'm not at work today-I won't be on much. But when I am at work-unless I get slammed, I'll try to post more often. I'm sorry about the family drama-it's so tough, because the kids are the ones that suffer. I don't want to get on a soapbox and I don't know these people personally-but be careful about keeping the kids away from their grandparents. You see this on talk shows all the time-maybe you could see a family counselor so their is some objectivity? I don't know-I'm sure you're spending a lot of time thinking about this. I'm sure you'll make the right decision. We've had similar issues in my family. It's so difficult. Sorry-I'm done . . . . . .

Lori-sounds like you're having a rough time with the hockey stuff-hang in there! It's bound to calm down soon!

Kristi-congrats on the loss! Keep it up girl!

HeatherPP-3 pounds for TO is great! I finished yesterday too-so for the first 21 day boost I lost 3 lbs. Not that impressive-but I'm happy. I've hit the 85 lbs mark. I went into the COD today-and the counselor told me I was the biggest success story she's personally seen. That was cool. Of course-she can't stand that I don't bring in a journal anymore. Whatever.
So-I'm hoping to do even better this time around.

Well-I'm going to read the other threads now . . .

08-08-2006, 02:59 PM
Heather- The bad thing about being brazilian is that its so easy to gain weight when we move to the us... but thank you! you are an inspiration to me with all of your workout, being a mommy and wife, i dont know how you do it! Thanks!

08-08-2006, 03:38 PM
Hi to all from Virginia (another Easterner). I'm new and I must say, a little overwhelmed by this thread. Just wanted to tell Katie that I know what you're going through. For some reason, after a few years of marriage, my FIL decided to "hate" me to all his family and get them to join in. The only two that didn't were my wonderful husband and my MIL. Suddenly, I was doing things, saying things, NOT doing things, etc. that were totally absurd and anyone that knew me well would know it was crazy.
Well, many years later, my FIL is in his casket and his best friend is telling me how much he loved me, respected me, appreciated the wife/mother I was! I thought I was going to faint. It seems that to all his friends, I was an awesome SuperMom. He only wanted to keep the family torn up and unfortunately, it has affected my DH's family even now.
Katie, what I learned is that my family is MY FAMILY! My husband stood beside me like yours is doing. My husband and children ARE my family and there is no one more important to me. Keeping my focus has made us a closer, united front even now to face whatever comes.
You are only responsible for your words and actions. What they say and do are not your problem! So keep on keeping on! And thanks for the welcome!

08-08-2006, 03:45 PM
Thanks Kristi!

Do any of you chickies work in an airline? We are trying to get to Brazil for New Years and the tickets are costing 4K!!!!! I havent seen my family in 7 yrs so i am really excited but that is too pricy!!!

08-08-2006, 03:53 PM
Rebeca - Thanks sweetie - I think each and every one of us have special qualities!!! I enjoy all of the ones you mentioned - so that makes it easy for me.....and trust me - I totally understand the gaining - and I've lived here all my life - hahahaha!!!! We are a bad influence hunh?

Katie - Wow - they really need to get out of high school. It sounds like they are trying to bring you down to their level - but you are strong and have made all the right decisions!! I won't talk about it since you have vowed to let it be!! You can do it - you have a wonderful family and a DH that will stand behind you - Go girl!! and as far as those work conditions - yes, I need to really file a complaint!!

Sommer - Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you !!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

08-08-2006, 05:16 PM
Hi Everybody! :wave:

I've been working on my DH computer all day, trying to get it reconfigured and ready for him to listen to our hometowns radio station for when football season starts (which the first preseason game is next week). I now appreciate my cable connection so much more, after dealing with his dial up. I think we will have to invest in a router for him to enjoy the speed! ;)

Katie - good luck at your family WI tonight!
I am so glad that DH is standing up for you! As difficult as it may be, you are both better off without people who can't be nice.

Lea Ann - you're probably still retaining water. It will disappear before you know it!!

Rebeca - Love the new pics! Can definitely see a difference! Good to see you back again!!

Sommer - Happy Birthday!

Prazteam - :welcome3:

Congrats to all the WL losers!

:wave: to everyone I may have missed!!

08-08-2006, 05:19 PM
Sherry - The only reason we have DirecTV instead of our local cable company is so we can get the NFL Sunday Ticket. I am a HUGE Steelers fan, and DH is (unfortunately) a Jets fan. We were spending way too much $$$ going to the bar to watch, and when we had DS, we had to choose who got to watch their game. I love getting every game now.

08-08-2006, 05:20 PM
Hiya Sherry - Poor you - working with dial up - I don't think I would have a computer if I didn't have cable modem - I would never use it!!!

Welcome Praz!!!

08-08-2006, 06:19 PM
HeatherPP--sooooo glad you are back and sounding chipper again. I hate what that stupid sclae does to our mood! I picked up the sublingual B-complex today at Walmart--we'll see.

Katie--sorry for the trouble. You are too good for them and they know it.

Sommer--Happy Birthday! Hope all your tests go well.

JM--e n j o y y o u r d a y o f f!!!! Was that slow enough for you?? Can you do some research on my head and figure out why I can't lose weight??

Kristi--THANK YOU--YOU JUST MADE MY DAY AND DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT!!!!! I am slowly learning to enjoy it more and not stare at the countdown clock the whole time--that has to be a NSV in someone's book. I am so glad your mood is back on the ahppy side, too. Seems many of us went into a funk for a bit. No more. I'm going to have to check out the tortillas--my downfall--among so many other things!!


Rebeca--wish I could help you on the airline thing--that really stinks. Just tell everyone in your family your want airline $$ for your Christmas present this year--and birthday, and next christmas, and on and on. LOL.

Sherry--hey girl--from your lips.... I've been too busy to eat much today and now I am behind but don't want to start cramming stuff in, either. Vicious cycle.

Cassi--go COWBOYS!!! I AM a Texan ya know!! LOL--just had to razz you.

Hi to anyone I missed!

08-08-2006, 06:26 PM
Hi Everyone - I too am crawling out of my bat cave to say hello and congratulate all of the successful losers.:carrot:

Rebecca - your pics look great. You look fabulous.

As promised I took some pics after my new battery arrived
Here are a before and after - sorry too lazy to resize.
Took the bottom one last Wednesday before my big interview.

08-08-2006, 06:28 PM
Sznn--you look terrific!!! What on earth is behind you in the first photo?

08-08-2006, 06:28 PM
Blonde on a Diet

A Blonde is overweight, so her doctor puts her on a diet.

He tells her, "I want you to eat regularly for two days, then skip a day, and repeat the procedure for two weeks. The next time I see you, you'll have lost at least five pounds."

When the Blonde returns, she's lost nearly 20 pounds.

"Why, that's amazing!" the doctor says. "Did you follow my instructions?"

The Blonde nods and answers, "I'll tell you, though, I thought I was going to drop dead that third day."

"From hunger, you mean?" asks the doctor.

"No", replied the Blonde, "From skipping". :o

08-08-2006, 07:15 PM
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: "From hunger, you mean?" asks the doctor.

"No", replied the Blonde, "From skipping". :o

08-08-2006, 07:16 PM
Katie - you're more brave than me - chamomile cauliflower soup..ewww. Perhaps there was something in that soup that made DH make the ya think?

Sommer - Never tried shark're brave too. But the bravest of all -

Heather...enjoy your latest bundle from above!

Lea Ann - aren't you the one doing Power90? That would make me pretty tired too!... I'd either do the LAWL multi or some other good multi (Centrum is a good one). I'd also suggest maybe just changing one thing at a time. And definitely get your iron level checked as long as you're at the docs. Your joke cracked me up!

Welcome prazteam and anyone else joining in today. This has been one busy board today!

Kristi - you have way more willpower than me...not sure I'd be able to entertain the evening before WI...but actually, when I entertain at home I'm so busy running around, I don't think I eat nor drink as much as I do at someone else's house.

Heather/Purple Pirate - what a lovely singing voice you have!

08-08-2006, 09:41 PM
Ok I'm back on track now. I went "carb crazy" for the last two days. It all started with that darn pizza with the kids. I know now I have to stay away from pizza for now at least. I ate pizza for about two days straight. I was only up 1lb today. Thank God! BUT I had a great day OP today exercised and although TOM is here I'm feeling better already.

08-08-2006, 10:21 PM
Sherry - The only reason we have DirecTV instead of our local cable company is so we can get the NFL Sunday Ticket. I am a HUGE Steelers fan, and DH is (unfortunately) a Jets fan. We were spending way too much $$$ going to the bar to watch, and when we had DS, we had to choose who got to watch their game. I love getting every game now.

Oh, I knew there was a reason I really liked you! (other than the obvious!;) )
You should see my birthday present from last year.... a limited edition Steelers letterman's jacket, with all the superbowl patches and stuff. Of course, now it's out of date and I need to see if I can get it updated, but it is still WAY cool!

08-09-2006, 09:33 AM
hello chickies !! and Good morning - !!

Joni - How sweet you are!! Caught me off guard for a minute or so!! I do my best hahaha - of course, my best is when I'm in the car by myself!!!

Boo girly - Hope those new vita's work for ya - being tired all the time just makes you feel so helpless - I know!!!

Katie - :hug: today is going to be a better day!!

Sznn - Wow - look at you - you can tell a huge difference in your face. That almost looks like a pier that washed up on shore? So don't keep us guessing!! You are looking absolutely wonderful!! I don't know why you even worry about those last stinkin' two pounds!! Were you really 182 in that first photo? if so, you carry your weight very very well - you looked good there too!! Of course, you are HAWT now!!

Barb - Hey chicky - where are you? missing you but we know you are busy!! Hope the PT is going well!!!

Lori - Wow - that jacket sounds totally awesome. Speaking of Steelers - is Rosenburger(sp?) coming back this season?

Kristi - Good to have your positive spirits back!!!! What brand were those tortillas? I found some whole wheat ones yesterday - but that are more of a flat longer bread - they count as 2 - but I'm thinking I could half them....

Sherry, Somer, Deb, Cassi, Rebecca, Praz, beanie, heather (and anyone else my memory is not serving up right now)- :wave: Good morning!! here's to a POP day!

today is a good day - keep you guys fingers crossed for me - I'm waiting on some good news - I'm very excited about the possibilities!!! Anyway - it may be a few days...but say a prayer for me that things work out for the best!!!

08-09-2006, 09:42 AM
:wave: Everyone! :welcome2: Newbies!

Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone! It's still TOM for me, so unfortunately I'm moody!! I feel so bad for my husband! I hate it when I'm like this, but what can I do. I'm down another 1/2 a pound :carrot: (oh yah!)

HeatherPP: Glad you're back to your cheery self! Missed you posting!

Lea Ann: That joke was hilarious! I don't know what's going on with your weight loss....all I can say is, "Muscle weighs more than fat!" You're working out and feeling good...that's all that matters. But, I know how we all want that darn scale to just MOVE!!

Sommer: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Hope you had a good one! Don't study too hard!

Cassie and Lori: Hi guys! I'm not a big football fan, so.....that's all I gotta say!

Katie: How'd the weigh in go yesterday? I'm glad to hear that DH is behind you. Hope you have a good day today. Smile!!

To the rest of you that I missed :hug: Take Care!

08-09-2006, 09:46 AM
SNNZ- You look soooo tiny!!!! I am so jealous!

Leah ANn- Too funny!!! Great thought about the gifts i will seriously start to make some phone calls tonight!

08-09-2006, 10:23 AM
Good morning, ladies! I'll try to catch up on a few personals. I may not hit everyone this time around!

Rebeca, you look amazing! I LOVE that new avatar! I thought you looked stunning before, but now, HUBBA HUBBA!!

sznn, you looked great for your interview! By the way, you are so little! Congratulations!

evette, congrats on the 1/2 lb! Esp during TOM! Good job!

HeatherPP, sending good thoughts your way. I hope your news turns out the way it's supposed to, and that it is all positive!

Lori, the jacket sounds nice! What a neat gift -- to get something you could really use, and that means a lot at the same time.

Sandie, welcome back! Up 1 lb isn't bad -- esp during TOM. You'll be back down in no time!

Joni, I've never tried shark either. Sounds ... interesting! But I'm a chicken. I'm getting better about trying SOME new things, but definitely not trying LOTS of new things.

Lea Ann, how funny! Cute joke! (No offense to the beautiful blondes in our group :))

Cassi, Sherry, good morning! Hope you are both doing very well!

Kristi, I have been looking for those kinds of tortillas, but have not had any luck. I'm going to stay on my search! Thanks for the brand name -- that will help!

prazteam, first of all, WELCOME!!!!!! Second of all, sorry to hear about your in-laws. But do know, your REAL family loves and adores you.

HeatherCP, loved what you said about the kids giving back to you. Only a true mother would feel that way. Congratulations, and thank you, for the wonderful work you and DH are doing! (PS -- how did you manage to get 3 little ones asleep at the SAME time???? You are a pro!!!)

Katie, I am SOOO sorry to hear about your IL's acting like that. That is truly awful! No one deserves that -- especially not our Katie!!!!!! But I'm so glad to hear DH is behind you 100%. And I loved your positive take on the whole thing, with a great marriage, job, income, etc. Good for you!!!!

Sommer, happy belated birthday :)

JM, dialup is the WORST!!!!! Congrats on the 85!!!! Your COD sounds like mine -- they LOVE to nitpick the diaries... When they try to give me "Advice," I generally tell them that I have been successful doing what I'm doing for almost 7 months, and i would keep doing so.

As for me, I am doing my first TO today and tomorrow. I'm using cantaloupe. So far so good ... though it was interesting convincing myself that 3 oz of cold chilled chicken breast in the morning and 1/8 cantaloupe was a "normal" breakfast :) (I could't bear the thought of hot chicken in the morning.) We'll see how the rest of today goes. For lunch I have 3 oz chicken breast, 1/8 cantaloupe, and 1 cup lettuce. I plan to squeeze some lemon juice on it to "help" with the no condiments. Wish me luck!
08-09-2006, 10:33 AM
Hey ladies, How is everyone today. I have a questions for everyone. Does anyone take the supplements/do they help. and what about exercise. I think that would help with my weight lose. I gained 1.6 pounds monday and ready to weigh in today, hopefully i will be down. Keep your fingers crossed. Thanks everyone for the welcomes i have gotten and all for help for you guys.
Thanks Stacy

08-09-2006, 10:35 AM
Erin- Thank you! But look at you!!! 88lbs! Wow, thats a whole child weight out of you! That is amazing! Good luck on TO, next time i do it i will do it with eggs because that is the only thing that worked for me, but right now i cannt even smell them since last time!

Repo girl
08-09-2006, 10:53 AM
Morning ladies! Weigh in was not very good. For some reason, nearly everyone was up at least a pound if not 3. My sisters both say that their scales at home showed them with losses, so we are wondering if the scale we are using is very accurate. I was up a lb, but not too suprised since it is TOM right now. This weekend will be a challenge since we are camping at a family reunion from Friday night til Sunday afternoon. My sis and I are going to get up early and go huckleberry picking Saturday morning. I am excited about that. I am not sure how to count them, I am guessing about 3/4 cup= 1 fruit? I do love huckleberries though, in cereal, pancakes, in smoothies, with cool whip, I am so excited to get some. They sell for $50.00 a gallon around here. Gotta go feed the troops, see you all in a while!

08-09-2006, 11:14 AM
Good morning everyone! I hate when I'm not ar ound much for a couple of days because I get so behind on personals. So many people to say hello and congrats to!

Every since my vacation weight loss has been yuck. I mean I have lost everything I've gained, but I haven't gotten any lower than my lowest weight at 281.4 from before vacation time. This has everything to do with my birthday and my attitude and vacation. Strangely I am not real sad about it, I figured I should be more depressed but I'm not. Maybe I've internalized the responsability because it is my own fault.

In any case today is better. String cheese and a V-8 Fusion because I had no access to fruit this morning. I'm about to go get my starch and protein in a little bit here. Life is doing pretty well.

Thanks for all the kind words about my watercolor art. If anyone ever needs a new piece for their home, I'd be happy to make one, no charge or anything! I like doing it. I'm mostly into doing trees right now for some reason, but I can do the color scheme to fit anyone's decor!

This is a little uncomfortable question, but do any of you take fiber pills or chewable tablets? I'm always so tied up inside sometimes and when I go it's very irregularly timed. I figured maybe some extra fiber can get the waterworks moving again. Any advice?

Be good and happy my friends!

Repo girl
08-09-2006, 11:29 AM
Hey Sommer, Fiber works pretty good, so do essential fatty acids. I like the fatty acids myself. You can get the walmart brand for about 6 bucks a bottle. I think they are called Omega Complex. Take one or two, morning and night.

08-09-2006, 11:42 AM
Sommer - So far I don't have a problem in that area. The only thing I have trouble moving is my body/doing exercise. On occasion I use FiberSure...the powder stuff that has no taste. I put it in my flavored yogurt and cannot taste it at all.
Okay - for those chicks that haven't read Sommer's blog - you need to check out her leg shaving secret....I'm all over this beauty tip -- even did it for the first time this morning. I think Suave needs to give you a kickback for this little known secret!! Sommer's Weight Loss Blog-

Finally, Denise Austin had a little tip that I also plan to incorporate - she says that everytime you hold in your tummy tight for 5 seconds, that this is the equivalent of 1 sit up. Hey, if Denise says it, it's got to be true.

I had WI yesterday and was up 2/10ths of a pound and since I was good on program, I just didn't care. I had some new person/trainee as my counselor that day that I could tell needed a challenge, so for the fun of it, I started firing off questions relative to the program. She tried to BS her way through the answers, but eventually had to go get the smart counselor to help her out. It was a fun way to start my day. I can be evil, but it was better than her critiquing (sp??) my menu which I wasn't in the mood for.

08-09-2006, 11:49 AM
Good morning all,

Boo's, HeatherPP, Rebecca, Erin - Thank you so much for the lovely compliments.
The item in the background of the before shot is the remainder of a shipwreck on the Queen Charlotte Islands.

I've been on a steady path of overindulgence for the past 3+ weeks. Have to hop back on the wagon and smarten up. I'm up to 144 this AM.
I'm thinking I may have to do T/O every two weeks for the rest of my life to keep things in check.
Just makes me nervous when the weight slowly creeps back on - as I've lost this same 40lbs before and it all came back:(

Everybody have a great POP day.


08-09-2006, 11:52 AM
Good Morning ladies!

After returning to work to a stressful week (okay 3 days), two of them TO, I feel I've done very well. My scale isdown and I hope it stays down for wi tomorrow. I can say I've never gone to the bathroom so much! lol, hopefully thats washingall the fluid out of me from vacation. If my scale is right only 1more lb before I lost all my vacation weight! buttomorrow will be the true test.

My gym membership expires tomorrow; I'm debating if I should take a month off from the gym (either use work one or walk while my son is at football). I know getting to the gym right now will be very difficult, if not impossible until school starts. Wouldnt it be ironic if I start to loose more again if Istop the gym -- but I need to get moving on this weight loss thing.

Enjoy the day -- hope everyone is POP!

08-09-2006, 12:09 PM
Joni you crack me up! My boss came to check on me because I was making such a laughter racket. I don't even remember where I got the idea. Someone MUST have told me to try it, but I can't recall. But I love it. I'm glad you found it to be just as fun as I did.

I wonder if that Denise thing is right. I could certainly give it a go since I sit on my butt for 8 hours 4 days a week and 6 hours of class 2 days a week. I think they need some kind of min-bike you can have under your desk that you can pedal when you want to do something while you're working. That would be excellent.

08-09-2006, 12:09 PM

You are so funny!! I bet you got the trainee all rattled. I've noticed two new girls at my center and I've only been going for a few weeks. Once you've been at this a while, I would imagine getting a trainee is a joke. The client probably knows more than they do.

I just did 3 situps as I typed this - thanks for the "Denise Austin" tip.


Repo girl
08-09-2006, 01:17 PM
Joni- You go girl! Give em' ****!

We had soup night at biggest loser last night. We had some truly excellent soups. My sister made Carrot Corriander that was to die for, also served was White Chili, Veggie Sausage Chowder, Hamburger Veggie, and Cauliflower Chamomile. I will share the recipes when I get them all. It is really cooling in the evenings and mornings already. It feels so good. I am all snuggled up in a sweater right now. Makes me want soup. DH and the housework was short lived. He threw his dirty clothes on the floor right next to the hamper TWICE yesterday. I could have choked him with them.

08-09-2006, 01:36 PM
Hey Chicks.

Hope all is well with you all. Trying to catch up on posts today. Just wanted to mention that I started a new daily menu thread. I think it might be helpful to some of the newbies and help me keep accountable. I am back to being POP and also looking for some different ideas.

Congrats to all the Losers!
Hang in there to all those who might be struggling WE CAN DO THIS!
Welcome to all the newbies


08-09-2006, 01:40 PM
I've been thinking about quitting my bars. I don't eat them regularly, I don't think about them, and I'm getting a little tired of them. I'm currently on Red with bars, what's the change rate for not using bars anymore? What do I incorporate into my diet to make up for it and when do you recommend the extra stuff get eaten during the day ?

Thanks guys!

08-09-2006, 01:42 PM
Beanie- I think that's a great idea, the daily menu thing. It'll help some of us get back on track and hold us accountable. We can't use any excuses when the truth is written in the menu!

08-09-2006, 01:43 PM
Are you on the regular red? If so you would be bumped up to red 1 which is 2 1/2 p, 4 v, 4f, 4s, 2d 1 fat

Repo girl
08-09-2006, 01:55 PM
Hey Beanie, good to see you! We went to Jackpot a couple of weekends ago. We stopped at a Sinclair in Burley to use the potty on the way home. I watched for you!

08-09-2006, 01:57 PM
Sommer- Great BLOG!!!! the shaving secret is sooo cool!

Joni- My tummy went from relaxed to completely tight as i read your post! My mother has a beautiful figure and she says she has done it for so long that its just natural to her now... why didnt i listen to her earlier hun?

Kristi- I am a sushi lover and i know how hard it is to run from them, but at the SOHOs where i live they have a cumcumber salad with lots of seafood on it that is just great! Maybe you could have that instead! Come on, dont stay home just because you cant eat like they do, sooner or later you will be looking so much better than them that they will be eating lettuce while you are having a california roll!!!!

08-09-2006, 02:00 PM
Katie - Fun! My dh and I are thinking about going to Lynrd Skynrd or Montgomery Gentry. We went down there a couple of weeks ago for my bday! Had fun! Free Dinner! Was it off exit 208. Its less than a mile from my house I live by Wal-Mart!

Repo girl
08-09-2006, 02:22 PM
Beanie- Yes, it was, how funny is that? We were there the weekend of Montgomery Gentry, we did not see the show, but we did see them sitting in the snack bar right next to the buffet in Cactus Pete's. Later that night Gentry came walking out of the Mexican restaurant in the Cowboy. He got mobbed by a bunch of fans and ended up leaning up against my dad who was playing blackjack while he signed autographs. Billy Ray Cyrus is there this weekend, I would love to go to that one.

08-09-2006, 02:26 PM
We ate at the Horseshu mexican restaraunt for my bday. Played blackjack there I love the one pit boss he is so funny. I can't remember his name. I had these really good spinach and portabello mushroom enchiladas....MMMM....

Repo girl
08-09-2006, 02:40 PM
Beanie- We had breakfast there. I had an amazing omlette. I love blackjack there too. There is a dealer there from Last Chance named Sally. She is the best dealer, funny, nice, doesn't yell at you if you make a mistake.

Repo girl
08-09-2006, 03:38 PM
I just posted my french onion soup recipe in the soup thread if anyone is interested.

HeatherPP- Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

08-09-2006, 04:38 PM
katie - Thanks girl!! It's really looking good so far.

08-09-2006, 05:30 PM
Wow this board has been busy this week. Congratulations to all of you!

I finally jumped on a scale today Woo-Hoo I am down 4LB's. I will take it!

TO was not too bad, work kept me very busy. My headaches and cravings were not terrible...I could function ;) For some reason it is much easier for me to do TO with fruit. I think it's that fact them I am actually chewing on something, not drinking it away.

Hope that you all had a great hump day, the weekend is around the corner.

Repo girl
08-09-2006, 05:40 PM

08-09-2006, 06:26 PM
Hey everybody! :wave:

Just popping in to say HI.

Had WI this morning. Up 0.8 Not too bad considering the weekend of starches, beer, more starch & more beer! Back OP today (for the most part -- at least it's better than the past few weeks!) :kickbutt: Time to get back POP full time and get this weight off!!

Congrats to all the WL losers!

Heather PP -- any news yet? Keeping my fingers :crossed: for you. I don't know what news you're waiting for but it sure sounds exciting!!

Hope everyone had a great POP day!

08-09-2006, 07:48 PM
Hi everyone
I had to stop eating the lite bars because of the soy. Today I went to WW (shhh-I felt like a spy) and bought point bars. The nutritional value is similar and it took care of my sugar craving.

Erin thanks for the encouragement-I viewed the pics post yesterday, you look great! Keep up the good work!

Joni-thanks for the tip I have to remember to hold my stomach in not my breath

08-09-2006, 08:13 PM
Hey guys. I'm back...sort of. Things are falling apart here... Rapidly.

The good news is that I'm down again. Dr. told me to drop the BP meds and stick with the water pill for now and see what happens... sooo...But I had a GREAT WI today. At least I have some good news.

Congrats to all who've lost, and to those that haven't, its only a temporary set back... the weight will come off.

Bless ya all.

Repo girl
08-09-2006, 08:18 PM
Hey Joan- Glad to hear you are down, sorry other things are not going well. Big hugs coming your way!

08-09-2006, 08:57 PM
Hey all--just a quick hello--just caught up--HeatherPP--the suspense is killing me!!

First inservice today and I am wiped out from getting up at 5:45 to exercise (yes, a little self-back-patting going on) We'll see if I can keep it up! My folks are here for a week so I am pretty computer absent--but I do miss chatting!

Have a great evening!

08-09-2006, 09:21 PM
Hey all! Just a quick note to say howdy. Things are moving at a break-neck speed right now.... but they are all falling back into place, and I've adopted an "oh-well" attitude. Registration will happen, if nothing else does! Tonight is the only night for the next 15 days (yikes) that we don't have SOMETHING to do or SOMEPLACE to be. So, a real dinner, a pay-per-view movie and some quality family time is in order.

I probably won't be back on here 'til Friday.

Stay strong!