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09-03-2001, 09:25 AM
Morning chicks ;)
Tommorrow is MOVING DAY!
am i Packed at all ? hmmmmmmmm no lol I had a good weekend
Sunday went to a Ren fair with some friends who i havent seen in a few weeks I wasnt OP but they are Kosher so I didnt eat much lol
Sad thing is last night when I got home I found out that my aunt (my grams sister ) was in a car accident on her way to a wedding
shes fine just a little bruised and scratched up
My gram was supposed to go up early (she was going to go to PA while we were away) and go to the wedding
Thank God she didnt
So now I'm worried about my aunt and about where we're going to have gramma stay while we are away
she doesnt like to stay alone so things aer very hectic at the mo
but they will work out
anyway gotta run before mom comes up with the evil eye

09-03-2001, 10:26 AM
Kierie - i can't believe you are moving tomorrow - wow!! i've sent you an email. is this the big move to dublin!? do get in touch once you're all settled in and we can arrange meeting up. cool. hope you have a fab flight over and manage to get some packing done! hope your aunt is ok.
Kim - sorry to hear BF is being more than useless on the apartment-finding front. If it is any consolation, so is mine!
Lolly - i've read white teeth. v good. she wrote it when she was 23 i think - and it won a big prize. clever girl that zadie smith.
belle - i tried to bank up my exercise points and not spend them on food. i think they usually got spent on nights out if i went out for dinner at the last minute or drank too much. i never planned in advance how to spend them.
i had a fab weekend with my friends but my liver is almost dead i reckon, so no more booze for me for at least a week...
BIG HELLO to everyone else, gotta go do some work.
speak laters,

09-03-2001, 10:41 PM
Just wanted to pop in for a quick hi. Was surprised by how few posts there are! I'm off from work today for Labor Day, but I've been laboring. I've been working at home, writing a story on my laptop. I keep getting distracted by the TV, by my dogs, by whatever, but I'm finally just about done with the main story. Then I just have two sidebars to write! Eek!

Spent Saturday apartment hunting. Looking for a place to live on Labor Day weekend is not the best time. I still haven't gotten a callback on a house I really want to see. The duplex I looked at the other night? We came in second, to a family with kids, not dogs. Grrr. But we looked at this little house in the country and filled out an application for that. So we'll see. We're going to see another house tomorrow.

I did manage to make it to a Labor Day barbeque Saturday night, but I haven't done anything else social. I keep telling myself I have to work on this story. I need to get it done if I want to leave Wednesday to go to Vermont for a few days to see my sister. I'm worried about going without a place yet, but b/f promises he'll keep an eye out. And I'll be back Monday, in time to scour the Sunday classified.

OK, I better get back to work. I hope more people are around Tuesday! Hi Kierie, hi Kirsty! Kierie, good luck with the move and I hope your aunt is feeling much better.