South Beach Diet - A little question about Phase 2...

07-31-2006, 01:27 PM
Hi everyone!
I know the weight loss is supposed to be more gradual during phase 2, but I was just wondering what everyone has been averaging on a month to month basis. My friend and I have both been feeling kind of stuck in a rut. I did manage to lose my July goal of 5 lbs., but I attribute the loss to a very stressful couple of weeks (didn't really eat all that well, quantity AND quality!

I would really appreciate everyones feedback. I know the results probably vary, but I'm just curious to see if they are CONSISTENT results!:)
We could use a little motivation!

07-31-2006, 01:46 PM
4boys, I don't think anyone gets consistent results. What we eat, how much we exercise, how stressed with are, when we get our TOM (Time Of the Month), etc. all affect weight loss.

However, if you feel that your loss isn't what you want to see (and you are thinking of a healthy, achievable number, like 1 to 2 pounds per week, max!), you can try changing how many servings of fruit and/or starches you are eating to see if that affects your loss. You can also try using and/or calorie counting to see what's going on with your diet. Are you exercising? Try changing what you are doing and when you do it to maximize the benefits. Try interval training for cardio (short bursts of very intense work balanced by longer periods of less intense work).

5 lbs in a month is GREAT! The most you should expect to lose, healthily, on any plan, is 8 lbs a month. Losing slow not only gives you the chance to become accomplished at your new way of eating so you won't ditch it and gain it all back after you reach goal, but it gives your skin time to adjust and shrink so you don't have a ton of flopping skin when you're done. It's a good thing, I promise. :crossed: