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07-31-2006, 11:50 AM
Where is evryone....I miss you all! How was the weekend? I did eat the cake I made for the anniversary party...fortunately the cake I made looked better than it tasted (it sucked) so I only had one piece!

Otherwise it was a fun, hot weekend! Today's gonna be around 105 degrees!:cool:

Highest weight 209#
Today's weight 156#:carrot:

07-31-2006, 01:44 PM
*slinks in...hanging head in shame*

Blew it again. ack!!!!!

07-31-2006, 02:20 PM
Hey girls, heads up... today's a new day.

Persistence wins the race, not perfection :hug: :hug:

07-31-2006, 02:34 PM
:lol3: I love your avatar Brenda!

07-31-2006, 03:04 PM
Don't hang your head; you're doing this for you, not us, so you're the only one hurt by it. *hugs*

And yes, the avatar is perfect!

07-31-2006, 04:22 PM
Hi everyone. Well, after my dumb decision to shampoo the carpets yesterday, I was so sore that I couldn't even use the TV remote. Ouch. I feel better today after the ibuprofen and long hot showers. Floors are looking good now. I kept wondering how my labrador is not bald. I picked up so much dog hair that it clogged the sink, then I had to use drano to clear the pipes. All in all, it really sucked.
On another note, I got dressed pretty decently today and my 2mo old grandson just puked on me. Lol, things gotta get better.
Hope everyone has a great day.

08-01-2006, 12:08 AM
I must be the sickest and unluckiest person alive. Anyway, while digging in the freezer tonite for chicken breasts, I had a huge , long, pack of ribs fall and hit my left ankle. It has a baseball size lump and big skin tear on it. I don't think it's broke, but it sure is hurt. There goes my grand plan of exercise for the night. I am sitting with it propped up on pillows, and ice bag in place and 2 hydrocodone in my tummy. Yes, I am a klutz.

08-01-2006, 12:12 AM
Oh, I have to share my good news. My MIL and Aunt both started Atkins last Monday. They reported to me today that they lost 6 lbs. and 7.5 lbs. They are on cloud 9. I am so proud. It was great hearing how pumped up they are about Atkins. They know this is how I lost weight and finally decided to give it a go. Yeah!!!!

08-01-2006, 10:52 AM
Good Morning

Lily~ sorry to hear about the ribs, and your ankle. Im so happy to hear about those following in your foot steps!! Good luck to them!

Dd and I are suppose to go to the beach today, but the clouds dont seem to be going away yet.

I took a big flip down the deck stairs yesterday, dd and I were horsing around throwing water and generally having fun.........til I dented my butt!!! I have some serious bruising across my upper butt :( Ended our fun thats for sure!

Im having a really hard time with this heat....Im a winter kinda girl! I dont know what we are going to do today if we dont hit the beach. Maybe a movie?!

Keep cool ladies........have a great day.

08-01-2006, 11:12 AM
It's sort of nice to hear someone else is a klutz. I'm always doing stuff like that. Must be something you are born with. I usually read your postxs, Lily. Hope your health is doing ok.

08-01-2006, 01:24 PM
Thanks , I am up and hobbling around this morning. My ankle is still sore and swollen, but not as much bruising as I thought there would be.
I was supposed to go to the waterpark with my step-daughter and 2 yr. old grandson today. It is fun. I can't go, now that I can barely walk. So, we're going to weight til my ankle is better.
Robin, hate to hear you had an accident too. Hope you are healed quickly.
I am ready for winter and I hope it snows, snows ,snows. I miss the snow. We used to have long , snowy winters when I was growing up. Now, we hardly ever get even a light dusting of snow. I am definitely a winter person too.

08-01-2006, 04:09 PM
Dh and I signed up for kayak lessons today!! :eek: Im so excited....especially since he said he would go with me!! We go next wednesday morning.

08-01-2006, 08:46 PM
Robin, that sounds so fun.
I just found out today that my DH is getting to switch to day shift. I am excited. We have always worked nights. I am so looking forward to us being able to grill our dinners outside together, take walks together, do yardwork together and go fishing together. We will be able to go to bed like "normal people" instead of at 3AM and sleeping half the day. It will take some adjustment, but he starts day shift this Thursday. Yeah!

08-01-2006, 09:14 PM
Even in WI the winters aren't what they used to be. We would frequently get snowed in. The drifts on the road were 5 ft. high so you never had to worry about running off the road. I miss it, too. Winter means rest.... not so much work and activity.

08-02-2006, 09:28 AM
Sorry I've not been here. I've not been feeling well. Started out with the carb withdrawal headache and now TOM is kicking me down. Eating is OP but water intake is pretty much non-existant. I'll try to get online more when I'm feeling like a human and not a pile of dog dung.

08-02-2006, 11:09 AM
August Exercise thread is a sticky :hug:

08-02-2006, 01:41 PM
Hi everyone. My DD got her first paycheck yesterday from her waitressing job. She is 14. She works 15-20 hrs. a week. She was ecstatic. After taxes she earned $188.18 and is proud of every penny. I am scheduled to take her to the mall to shop tomorrow. We took a picture of her first paycheck. LOL, just something for her scrap book. When I picked her up last night, she said "I am hungry". I explained that I hadn't brought my purse, but I would take her to sonic if she wanted to go. She said "no, way, I'm not wasting my money on food, we have food at home." I was laughing. She would definitely have wanted to go if mom was paying for it. LOL, so we came home and I cooked her a grilled ham and cheese sandwich on LC bread. She immediately got on the phone and called all of her friends to tell them about her paycheck. It was a memorable day for us.

08-02-2006, 03:38 PM
Lily thats so sweet!
Lily, I have a question for are you keeping op in this heat?

I am having such a hard time...I dont want to eat anything and then when I do, its something quick like a sandwich or 1/2 a watermelon :rolleyes: I just do horrible in heat!

08-02-2006, 07:20 PM
Hi everyone. My DD got her first paycheck yesterday from her waitressing job. She is 14. She works 15-20 hrs. a week. She was ecstatic. After taxes she earned $188.18 and is proud of every penny. I am scheduled to take her to the mall to shop tomorrow. We took a picture of her first paycheck. LOL, just something for her scrap book. When I picked her up last night, she said "I am hungry". I explained that I hadn't brought my purse, but I would take her to sonic if she wanted to go. She said "no, way, I'm not wasting my money on food, we have food at home." I was laughing. She would definitely have wanted to go if mom was paying for it. LOL, so we came home and I cooked her a grilled ham and cheese sandwich on LC bread. She immediately got on the phone and called all of her friends to tell them about her paycheck. It was a memorable day for us.
What a great story!!

08-02-2006, 10:02 PM
yay me.

Took my kids out for pizza and I didn't eat any. I ordered porkchops, veggies and a salad.

yay me.

- Jux

08-02-2006, 10:56 PM
Robin, thanks. She is a sweet daughter and smart too. She didn't want to waste her hard earned money on food. I told her she could buy some school clothes if she wants. She said "no, you always buy plenty of those". She is going to use her money to redecorate her bedroom. DH and I are going to help her paint it. Plus, she is buying some skateboarding shoes and a purse that she wants.
As far as staying on program, most days it isn't too bad. Yesterday I had 42 carbs which is a little high. It seems that I go high on days that I eat a sandwich even on low-carb bread. I also had Oats which are a little higher in carbs. I know what you mean about the 1/2 of watermelon. I love it and could eat that much too. I usually cut me about a 3 inch wide slice and put the rest away. I can and have eaten 1/2 of a fresh pineapple at one sitting. I know the fruit is higher in carb, but don't tend to gain weight with it. I have eaten quite a bit of fruit all along. Today I had 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon and 1 piece of sausage for breakfast. Lunch was chicken salad and green salad with ranch and Dinner was a scoop of chicken salad. My total carbs so far today was only about 13. I am going to have LC ice cream or some cantalope tonite if I get hungry for a snack.
Yes, the heat is horrible. It seems it is always over 100 degrees here. It drains my energy. I try to stay inside in the A/C as much as possible. My ankle is better today and I plan to get on the treadmill again. I haven't been walking outside much, it's just still hot all the way til dark.
Juxtapose, great job on turning the pizza down. Under the LC entree section there is a recipe for pizza that I want to try. I will let you know how it turns out when I make it. Pizza was one of my biggest comfort foods that I used to totally pig out on. We used to eat it every Tuesday night, from our local pizza buffet place and I always ate at least 4 slices.

08-03-2006, 10:44 AM
Great job on leaving the pizza alone, not an easy thing to do, you should be very proud of yourself:carrot:

yay me.

Took my kids out for pizza and I didn't eat any. I ordered porkchops, veggies and a salad.

yay me.

- Jux

08-03-2006, 11:07 AM
Good Morning

Its finally cooled off today! Its below 80!! :cb: I can clean the house today, maybe even do a bit of bulk cooking :cb: Its so nice to be able to move and breath without sweating. Lots and lots of sheet lightening last night. Dd and I were driving back from the sporting good store, and the lightening was freaking her out a bit....she doesnt mind the other stuff, but she said this kind (sheet lightening) is the kind that is in scary movies :lol: She kept her head ducked most of the ride home.

Dd and I made a deal this more toys until christmas. Any "toy" we buy will be something playworthy and something that gets us exercise. So far we have a new badminton set, and last night we picked up a basketball. She seems really excited about thats good.

Ive realized a scarey thing yesterday....Ive been gaining weight at the same speed I gained after I had my daughter. I hadnt been eating competely op, but I wasnt eating to gain the weight I gained either. BUT in this heat I dont move much!! I wont even go for a walk its too hot. After talking to my mom last night, I realized what was happening. Ive always been able to eat the junk, gain a few lbs, but never have the weight creep up so high and so fast. Its because Im not moving!!

Im going to make a concious effort to move more....even in the heat. Unfortunately I dont have a/c in the entire house, just the bedroom. I'll have to think of something tho.....if I keep this up, I'll be back up to 300lbs before the end of the summer.

Thats about it for now........have a great day ladies!

08-03-2006, 12:39 PM
Robin, I know how you feel. I haven't been exercising either. I am taking DD to the mall today for her shopping spree. I am going to buy me a pedometer and wear it everyday. I am going to challenge myself to get more steps done. It would be miserable without the A/C. Mine went out last summer in July. I went and stayed at a hotel until it was fixed. With my health problems and the med's I take, I absolutely can't go without an A/C. Plus the fact that I was obese at the time and having breathing problems. My DH knows that if our A/C goes out , he can find me at the Holiday INN. Luckily no problems so far this summer. We had a brand new indoor and outside heating and A/C system put in last summer. I think we just now finished making the last payment on it. My electric bill is running $300.00 monthly right now. I had to shift some Doctor payments to $20.00 monthly instead of the $50.00 they were getting just to afford to keep cool this summer. It is over 100 degrees here every day now. The only good thing is the grass has about all died out, so I won't have to mow as often now. I hate the heat. I do love to swim and plan to do this on Saturday to cool me off. My tan is now gone, so I will be very white at the beach.
Good luck with staying on program and getting some movement in. I ended up with a total of 19 carbs yesterday and I was happy about this. I am going to do the same today. I am only weighing twice a week, so I'll see how I am doing on Tuesday.

Ms Spotdog
08-03-2006, 01:19 PM
Robin - Recently we had a record breaking heat wave here (11 days straight!) and it was horrible. Eating was off, not moving much, etc. and I was very upset to see that even tho I was drinking TONS, I wasn't peeing much and had the sausage fingers and toes and the scale was up aa few pounds! We finally broke the heat wave (thank goodness - 128, or something like that, died state-wide) and the water finally drained of me. But I do agree with you: if you are moving everyday, you can get away with more unclean eating.

Lilybelle - Enjoy your daughter's shopping spree! My tan is fading also. I've still got brown shoulders from working in the yard but I don't have the bown legs I usually do from sitting out watching baseball games as that has been hit and miss this year. And now every spare moment home is taken up with house organization as it went on the market today! Hopefully it will sell fast.

Have a great day all-


08-03-2006, 04:02 PM
Just checking in and seeing how everyone's doing this week...I have been on program, but not losing or gaining. I have a full week of trainings with the Crimes Against Children week should slow down and I'll post more often then. I am going school shopping with my DD at the Mall of America this weekend! I love shopping! Take care everyone!

08-03-2006, 05:37 PM
We just got some news about a fellow that served in iraq with my of the fellas that lost an arm and a leg in a road side bomb was mugged after leaving a restaurant in maryland!! Im appalled and disgusted with the 5 men that did this. Im heart broken, I just cant believe someone would do this!

08-04-2006, 02:57 PM
Robin , I saw about that mugging on TV this morning. That is deplorable. Some people take advantage of people who are already misfortuned. This is so sad.

Well, I barely survived the shopping trip. My ankle (that the ribs fell on) is 3 times it's normal size after all the walking. It hurts so bad. It feels so tight from all the swelling that I can't hardly bend my foot. I am keeping it iced and elevated today. Anyway, DD bought the shoes she wanted (skateboarding shoes - ugly in my opinion, but she used her own money). She got her new undies, bras and socks and a purse also. I bought her 3 pr. of jeans and 3 shirts for school. I also bought myself 3 pr. of jeans, a pedometer and 6 pr. of socks. I wasn't going to tell DH about my clothes I bought. I just hung them up and figured he wouldn't know the difference. But, No, Lacy ratted me out. LOL. She showed him what she got new and said "now, MOM, show him your new jeans". So, I put on 1 pr. and showed him, then the little sneak said "show him the other 2 pr's , he won't care". He just busted out laughing. He said "honey, I don't mind if you buy clothes, yours are getting too baggy and you deserve to have nice clothes whenever you need them". He is such a keeper. I bought 2 of mine at American Eagle and this is the first time in my life that I could fit in their clothes, so I couldn't resist. They fit great when I tried them on and I just had to have them. We do need to go back next week and find Lacy some more shirts and her school supplies. I think I'll just take enough cash for her items and leave my purse at home. I saw too many things that I wanted.

08-04-2006, 03:01 PM
Lily, you know what I say? I say you worked hard to get that weight off and you deserve all the clothes you want...Good for you!!!!

08-04-2006, 03:58 PM
Thanks Ladean, that is the principle that I have been going on. LoL, Dh is so happy with me and he really is supportive if I buy myself things. I spent so many years not caring how I dressed. It just didn't matter because whatever I did have would look terrible on me anyway. I definitely love to shop now that I can fit into the new, cuter, stylish clothes.

08-04-2006, 04:23 PM
I feel the same way..I used to buy clothes because they fit, not because that's what I really wanted to wear..But now I can buy clothes that are in style and I like them..It's a fun reward for all our hard work...I am on day 3 of Atkins, and so far so good, and the great thing is I'm never hungry.

08-04-2006, 08:29 PM
To me Atkins has been a lifesaver. I couldn't do the calorie restricted diets. I would get too hungry and over-eat. I never feel hungry now and I am glad that you don't either, Ladean. It really has worked best for me. I tried plenty of other diet plans over the years and without strong diet pills and feeling completly "goofy" from the pills, I just couldnt' stick to it. I know a lot of people lose weight great from calorie counting, it just didn't work for me. I think the extra protein is what keeps me full and I will eat this way for life.

I do have a new love in my life. It's not a man, it's shopping. LOL

08-04-2006, 10:15 PM
Lily~ nice going with the new cloths!! Im glad your hubby enjoys seeing you with new things. Kids do, do that dont they?? Mine rats me out a bit too often too :lol:

Today was a great day, dd and I went for a bike ride, then spent most of the evening playing badminton with all the other neighbourhood kids.

Food was bang on, exercise in....things are falling back into place.

08-05-2006, 02:06 AM
Does anyone have any experience with pedometers. I bought one yesterday at sporting goods store. It doesn't work at all when it is on my beltloop. So, I put it on my shoe and it worked. Well since I am a SAHM, I dont' wear shoes all day. It had counted 350 steps this evening when I put it on for 3 hrs. Then I decided to take my shoes off and put it on a strap around my ankle . (My DD said I looked like Martha Stewart , Lol, on house arrest). Anyway it counted 600 more steps while I was not moving. What's up? Does anyone Know? Did I get a faulty one? Where do I need to put it? It wasn't cheap, I paid $18.00 for it at the mall. I was trying to get 10,000 steps and now I will never know. Help please.

08-05-2006, 09:33 AM
Lily, I don't have my Atkins book right now, I loaned it out and never got it back, so I need to purchase another one, but in the meantime can you tell me if I am right or wrong, about meats and cheese, can we how much we want? I ate a whole chicken breast last night, something I haven't done in a long time...And I also ate4 good slices of cheese with lunch yesterday...Anyway, when you get a minute, could you please give me a quick run down on what and how much is ok..I know in the beggining NO carbs,,what about fruits? and veggies?

08-05-2006, 10:16 AM
..I know in the beggining NO carbs,,what about fruits? and veggies?
You start with 20 carbs, for the first 2 weeks. No fruits, but salad veggies are allowed. I would suggest you delete your email from your post, before some spammer gets it. Pm Lily instead with it if you like. Its just safer.

Ok, either I looked at the scale wrong the other day, or I dropped 12lbs in the last 3 days :dizzy: Which could very well be. Suddenly my jeans are alot looser, and I can twirl my rings on my fingers again. I know I was holding alot of water.....but Im still wondering if I was reading the scale wrong the other day!!

Not alot planned for today....playing outside with the kids Im sure.

Have a great day ladies.

08-05-2006, 10:51 AM
Robin, thanks for the info, opppps I've been eating veggies the past 4 days, no fruits..Ok salad veggies, are we talking just lettuce? What about Avacados, I can't remember if they are allowed or not, I'm sorry for being such a pain....And thanks for the heads up about putting my email in my post, that was a dumb thing to do...WOW 12 pounds? I lost 6 pounds in 2 days before, I'm sure it was all water weight for me...Just watch it the next few days and see what happens, hey 12 pounds is 12 pounds, that's awesome...LILY: I don't know anything about them sorry, but I do want to get one, so I am curious as well.

08-05-2006, 11:04 AM
I used to be disappointed when dh didn't notice that I had something new. Then I realized it was a blessing in disguise because I could get something and he wouldn't even notice!! My teenage dd tells on me lots, too. Ha!

08-05-2006, 11:08 AM
I'm starting to feel better. I'm hoping that when I start drinking water on Monday (and hoping I'll feel up to doing the WATP tape) I'll get rid of the bloated feeling. I've not cheated so the bloating came with TOM...and isn't leaving too fast. I've not had this bloating this bad before, so it's something new. Gotta love changing bodies!! I should be back full-time next week and be able to keep up with personals. :) Keep up the great work everyone!!
WTG Robin on the lost weight! AWESOME!

08-05-2006, 11:13 AM
Acceptable Foods

These are the foods you may eat liberally during Induction:

All fish,
including ...
All fowl,
including ... All shellfish,
including ...
All meat,
including ... All eggs,
including ...
salmon turkey mussels*
pork fried
sole duck duck lamb poached
trout goose clams bacon** soft-boiled
flounder Cornish hen squid veal hard-boiled
sardines quail shrimp ham**
herring pheasant crabmeat venison omelets

*Oysters and mussels are higher in carbs than other shellfish, so limit them to four ounces per day.

**Processed meats, such as ham, bacon, pepperoni, salami, hot dogs and other luncheon meats—and some fish—may be cured with added sugar and will contribute carbs. Try to avoid meat and fish products cured with nitrates, which are known carcinogens. Also beware of products that are not exclusively meat, fish or fowl, such as imitation fish, meatloaf and breaded foods. Finally, do not consume more than four ounces of organ meats a day.

You can consume three to four ounces daily of the following full-fat, firm, soft and semisoft aged cheeses*, including:

* cheddar
* cow, sheep and goat cheese
* cream cheese
* Gouda
* mozzarella
* Roquefort and other blue cheeses
* Swiss

*All cheeses have some carbohydrate content. The quantity you eat should be governed by that knowledge. The rule of thumb is to count 1 ounce of cheese as equivalent to 1 gram of carbohydrate. Note that cottage cheese, farmer’s cheese and other fresh cheeses are not permitted during Induction. No "diet" cheese, cheese spreads or whey cheeses are permitted. Individuals with known yeast symptoms, dairy allergy or cheese intolerance must avoid cheese. Imitation cheese products are not allowed, except for soy or rice cheese—but check the carbohydrate content.

You should eat 12-15 net carbs a day of vegetables. These salad vegetables are high in phytonutrients and provide a good source of fiber:

* alfalfa sprouts
* daikon
* mushrooms
* arugula
* endive
* parsley
* bok choy
* escarole
* peppers
* celery
* fennel
* radicchio
* chicory
* jicama
* radishes
* chives
* lettuce
* romaine lettuce
* cucumber
* mâche
* sorrel

Other Vegetables
Within the 12-15 net carb daily vegetable requirement, these vegetables are slightly higher in carbohydrate content than the salad vegetables listed above, but they also provide important nutrients and add variety to your daily food intake:

* artichoke
* celery root
* pumpkin
* artichoke hearts
* rhubarb
* asparagus
* chard
* sauerkraut
* bamboo shoots
* collard greens
* scallions
* dandelion
* snow peas
* bean sprouts
* dandelion greens
* spaghetti squash
* beet greens
* eggplant
* spinach
* broccoli
* hearts of palm
* string or wax beans
* broccoli rabe
* kale
* summer squash
* Brussels sprouts
* kohlrabi
* tomato
* bean sprouts
* leeks
* turnips
* cabbage
* okra
* water chestnuts
* cauliflower
* onion
* zucchini

If a vegetable, such as spinach or tomato, cooks down significantly, it must be measured raw so as not to underestimate its carb count.

Salad Garnishes

* crumbled crisp bacon
* grated cheese
* minced hard-boiled egg
* sautéed mushrooms
* sour cream
* Spices
* All spices to taste, but make sure none contain added sugar.
* Herbs
* basil
* garlic
* rosemary
* cayenne pepper
* ginger
* sage
* cilantro
* oregano
* tarragon
* dill
* pepper
* thyme

For salad dressing, use oil and vinegar or lemon juice and herbs and spices. Prepared salad dressings without added sugar and no more than two carbs per tablespoon serving are also fine.

Acceptable Fats and Oils
Many fats, especially certain oils, are essential to good nutrition. Olive oil is particularly valuable. All other vegetable oils are allowed, the best being canola, walnut, soybean, grapeseed, sesame, sunflower and safflower oils, especially if they are labeled "cold-pressed" or "expeller-pressed." Do not cook polyunsaturated oils, such as corn, soybean and sunflower oil, at high temperatures or allow to brown or smoke.

Butter is allowed. Margarine should be avoided, not because of its carbohydrate content, but because it is usually made of trans fats (hydrogenated oils), which are a health hazard. (Some nonhydrogenated margarines are now available.)
You don't have to remove the skin and fat from meat or fowl. Salmon and other cold-water fish are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Remember that trying to do a low-fat version of the Atkins Nutritional ApproachTM may interfere with fat burning and derail your weight loss.

Artificial Sweeteners
You must determine which artificial sweeteners agree with you, but the following are allowed: sucralose (marketed as Splenda™), saccharin, cyclamate and acesulfame-K. Natural sweeteners ending in the suffix "-ose," such as maltose, etc., should be avoided. However, most sugar alcohols have a minimal effect on blood sugar and are acceptable.

Saccharin has been extensively studied, and harmful effects were produced in the lab when fed to rats only in extremely high doses. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has removed saccharin from its list of carcinogens, basing its decision upon a thorough review of the medical literature and the National Institute of Science’s statement that there is "no clear association between saccharin and human cancer." It can be safely consumed in moderation, meaning no more than three packets a day. Saccharin is marketed as Sweet'n Low™.

The Atkins preference, however, is sucralose (Splenda™), the only sweetener made from sugar. Sucralose is safe, noncaloric and does not raise blood sugar. It has been used in Canada for years, and the FDA approved it after reviewing more than 100 studies conducted over the past 20 years. Note that each packet of sugar substitute contains about 1 gram of carbohydrate, so don’t forget to include the amount in your daily totals.

Acceptable Beverages
Be sure to drink a minimum of eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day, including:

* Filtered water
* Mineral water
* Spring water
* Tap water

Additionally, you can have the following:

* Clear broth/bouillon (not all brands; read the label)
* Club soda
* Cream, heavy or light (limit to two to three tablespoons a day; note carbohydrate content)
* Decaffeinated or regular coffee or tea*
* Diet soda made with sucralose (Splenda™); be sure to count the carbs
* Essence-flavored seltzer (must say "no calories")
* Herb tea (without barley or any fruit sugar added)
* Lemon juice or lime juice (note that each contains 2.8 grams carbohydrate per ounce); limit to two to three tablespoons

* Caffeine can cause cravings or blood sugar spikes with some people. If you’re one of them, you should drink only decaffeinated beverages. If you don’t have a problem with caffeine, you may drink one or two caffeinated beverages a day, because evolving research indicates there may actually be health benefits to a limited amount of caffeine. However, if you have a true caffeine addiction, it will be best to break it during Induction, because any food addiction can cause problems if it isn’t taken care of. Once you’ve broken the addiction and moved on to OWL, you can carefully try adding caffeinated beverages back into your food intake, as long as it doesn’t trigger the addiction again.

Special Category Foods

To add variety, each day you can also eat 10 to 20 olives, half a small avocado, an ounce of sour cream or three ounces of unsweetened heavy cream, as well as two to three tablespoons of lemon juice or lime juice. But be aware that these foods occasionally slow down weight loss in some people, and may need to be avoided in the first two weeks. If you seem to be losing slowly, moderate your intake of these foods.

Convenience Foods
Although it is important that you eat primarily unprocessed foods, some controlled carb food products can come in handy when you are unable to find appropriate food, can’t take time for a meal or need a quick snack. More and more companies are creating healthy food products that can be eaten during the Induction phase of Atkins. Just remember two things:

1. Not all convenience food products are the same, so check labels and carbohydrate content. (See the Online Store for Atkins brand products.)
2. While any of these foods can make doing Atkins easier, don’t overdo it. Remember, you must always follow The Rules of Induction.

08-05-2006, 11:15 AM
OOooops.. lol

That was a bit of a mess. Just trying to be helpful. ;)

Okay ladies.. I'm off to San Diego for a week of rest and relaxation. whoo hoo. I'm gonna do my best to stay on program.

Have a great week all!

- Jux

08-05-2006, 11:24 AM
Jux, thanks so much, I really appreciate that...Ok, other then the veggies, I think I've done ok so far...Have a great trip! Be safe.

Ms Spotdog
08-05-2006, 12:27 PM
Thanks for posting that, Jux. It was a great reminder to me what I should be doing. San Diego is my favorite place on the planet - Carlsbad, specificly! I LOVE the beach. The boys and I were there last year at this time for some 'beach time'. The sound of the surf, warm sand under my feet, the ocean breeze - somehow these things sooth my soul. I hope you have a great time! Shouldn't be hard to get your exercise in.

I just knew it was bunches of water weight, Robin, caused by the high heat you all were having. Congrats! You are doing it now, girl!

Hi, Brenda. Yeah, I need to kick by butt in gear too. What with court crap, selling the house, etc. I've been doing waaay too much 'oh, poor me' eating. Why can't I be one of those people who don't eat and loose tons of weight when they are stressed???

Lily - I hope your ankle is doing better today.

Have a good day all and don't forget to do something nice for yourselves today -


08-05-2006, 01:46 PM
Thanks Jux!! Im going to print that off and tape it on the inside of my cupboard. I get bored with the same ole thing .....this will spark some imagination :lol: Have fun on your vacation!! :beach:

08-05-2006, 03:35 PM
Jux, thanks for posting that foods list. I don't have my book anymore either. My oldest step-daughter borrowed it and that was the end of it. I have looked to buy another one and can't ever find one. I did get the Essentials book and Maintenance book and have them.

08-07-2006, 10:27 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

Well, I had cake yesterday....after seeing another 4lb loss, I succumbed to the cake :nono: I wont do it again today tho!!!!!!!!!!! If my dd lets me Im going to toss the thing after lunch when she has her last piece.

Eating except for the cake has been good....I need to figure out how to get in more fibre without alot of carbs.

Dh and I need to focus a bit more on the business....we get sidetracked a bit too easily. So that's todays job...get some work done!!

Not much else happening...dd and I have started back to school shopping. There isnt alot out there that she likes, so its making it quite difficult! She's only 9! :dizzy:

Have a great day ladies!!