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07-29-2006, 10:35 AM
I am not exactly frustrated, but more dissappointed than anything. I started SB on July 18th, so that brings me to today being day 12 of P1. I had a few misunderstandings about foods that I was not to eat, like lowfat mayo and too many tomatos and carrots. It's hard to imagine that eating "those" things would stall a weight loss though, I believe it's all about the sugar, right?

BTW, I have been using Red Balsamic and Lemon in my fresh dressing, are those also a no, no for phase 1?

So, if I have been on program except for the above mishaps and I was down 5 pounds, but now it's 4 for 2 days - what are the possible reasons for not losing?

1. My body is hanging on to it's fat for dear life? LOL

2. Too much salt in the food, and retaining water?

3. Exercise makes the body retain water (which is good)

4. My portions are still too big, even though I am not eating bad carbs?

So, I really wanted to lose 10- 15 solid pounds before I go to Chicago for my trip. I leave on August 18th. Is my goal still realistic?

Yesterday when I was on my bike ride, I decided that I needed to focus on smaller goals than the big picture.
The thing that will make me feel really happy in the short term is to get under 200 and join "ONEderland" before the New Year begins. Is that a realistic and achievable goal. That gives me 5 whole months to lose 35 pounds...

You know, people always tell you that when you turn 40, it gets harder. It's true. I didn't believe it, but it has been personally harder for me now to lose the weight than it was in the past. I know it can be done - look at all the women here, and someone famous, like Kirstie Alley who had kids too. I would say Oprah, but she hasn't had children, and IMO, it count's, she's worked hard, but having pregnancies wreaks havoc on a body.

Anyway, I am off on a tangent.

I need some insight. Por Favor. :D

07-29-2006, 10:47 AM
scully, what you need is a :hug:

First of all tomatoes are unlimited now. That was the original book that limited them. Lemon is fine and so is all vinegars. Carrots should wait for phase 2 but I doubt if they or the mayonnaise caused the stall.

Much of the phase 1 loss will be water. Exercise may be causing you to retain water. Make sure you are drinking enough. I find that when I exercise regularly, my weight might be a bit higher but I lose inches and feel better. Even in times when I have had long plateaus (months), I lost inches.

I honestly believe that eating according to the South Beach principles helps us to avoid the cravings that cause us to eat things we shouldn't. But I also believe that we lose weight when we burn more calories than we consume. I would suggest that you track inches as well as weight so you will see progress in one area when you might not be seeing it in another.

35 pounds in 5 months is still a pretty high average. I might be doable but it might not. I often lost more like 4 pounds a month. But the goal should be to get there in such a way that you don't put the weight back on. I've gone from a size 18/20 to a 8/10 and I know it is harder when you are older since I'm 43. You can do it but don't get discouraged if it takes time.

07-29-2006, 11:11 AM
Thanks for the hug Barb! I have no patience...

Looking at your progress is inspiring. Oh, how I long for the days that I weighed 150 ~ and you at 145! sigh

I want to get out of the 18/20's so bad. It's like a nightmare for me. I read somewhere here that someone felt like they had a sumo suit on. Oh, how I could relate! It's so taxing on this precious body to lug around such weight on a 5"3 and 1/2 " - 5'4" frame. I am saved by the amount of muscle I have, but it's hard. I take exceptional pride in the things I've accomplished physically though, and that's what keeps me motivated. Last November, I went with my son and his Boyscout troop, to the Shenandoah mountains and backpacked/hiked 12 miles at an elevation of 2200 feet! And 5 years ago, ( I WAS lighter), I trained for the Avon Breast Cancer 3 day, and walked the 60 miles in 3 days.
I have amazing faith in the wonderfully strong body that God has given me - but it is also very upsetting that I allowed the stess of life to overtake my emotions and turn to eating as a comfort. I feel ready to move past that now and focus on my goals. I just wish that it were easier and faster. I will try really hard to not get too impatient with the progress though. You're sweet. :hug:

07-29-2006, 11:30 AM
I can totally relate to your frustration.
It is hard to lose so 'little' when even the book says to expect a 10 pound loss during phase 1.

I just keep telling myself everyone is different and it will come off.
It will come off:^: