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07-28-2006, 08:09 AM
Morning Beachers! Up and Ad'em! :jig:

Got to go make the Cawfee, and will be back in a bit :cofdate:

07-28-2006, 08:37 AM
Good Morning to you all!
Schatzi, you beat me to it again today! :) Thanks for merging my thread yesterday.
Yesterday wasn't too bad watching all the kids, but it was a very long day, Audrey and Maggie didn't get picked up until 7:30. Cindy was in a tournament that ended up being a double-header. I was sure ready for some "me" time after that! Carley woke up just before 6am this morning, I think she heard Jake leaving for work, but she went back to sleep, thank goodness! I like to be able to have at least one cup of coffee in peace.
The plan is to pick up the girls and bring them back here, and if the T-storms hold off we can play all day in the pool. I hope it'll be a short day, usually Cindy lets me go early on Fridays, so I hope she doesn't have too many appointments scheduled today!
Did I mention, I'm on vacation next week!!!!!!!!!

07-28-2006, 09:18 AM
Cottage! :wave: my fellow Morning Lark ! oh how you must be looking forward to yer Vacay :dance: I wonder if the weather we had yesterday is headed for Pennsy. We had Torrrrrential downpours, boomers and lightning all afternoon yesterday! My poor Darby was a basket case. :( ....
I'm sooooooo enjoying my cuppa cawfee :coffee: this morn - I'm sitting at the kitchen table watching all these beautiful ruby throated hummingbirds feed at the feeder I have hung right outside the kitchen window... and the bluejays, doves and robins are pecking at the feed I have strewn around the shrubs.

Louren: and Grasshopper Louren, Re: your goal of a 1.6 loss a week seems doable if you are near perfect with eating and exercising... You might want to use to track your calories, nutrients and exercise and weight loss.. You will hit plateaus, but if you are "good" you will see some drops, increases, and holds , but it should average out.. Grasshopper/Louren... There are other free "trackers" out there other than Fitday as well, like nutridairy... Find one that works for you , and if you use it it's a real eyeopener to what you are eating and how much.. I like it to track my exercise as well.

Jessie:cp: on the New House!!!! How exxxxciting!!!!! Tell us all about it !!!!! how many rooms, style, etc.... Wishing you years of happiness and health in your new place! Also, you might be interested to know that 3FC is starting a new subforum for "Whole Foods" not the store ;) but eating organics and unprocessed foods..

Ok..time to finish my morning crossword and have my date with Gilad..that hunky sadist! I did only half of his buns and thighs workout :wl: yesterday... I was tooo tired after walking 4 miles on my dreadmill :tread: while watching Project Runway!!!

07-28-2006, 09:28 AM
Good Morning. I will check out fitday. Still holding at 7.6 lbs lost, but no backslide, and my fancy scale seems to think I lost body fat. Whatever.

DH (who means well) made me an egg this morning, cooked in the skillet after the canadian bacon, using fleishmans olive oil spread. I had one bite in my mouth and gagged so bad at the taste that I had to spit it out and throw the whole thing away. AND he drank my V8 last night, and left me with at most 1 oz this morning. He said "you wanted me to drink it too!" and I said "but not all of it before breakfast when I can't get more before swimming!"

I went to the Y again today, and did 30 minutes on the eliptical. Also spent 3 hours at a friends neighborhood "waterpark" and had a blast running after the kids, but since it was overcast, completely forgot to reapply sunscreen to the kiddos. So ds is a lobster for his 18 month checkup today. Nice.

little grasshopper
07-28-2006, 09:35 AM
Good morning everyone!!!

Schatzi - I looked at fit day and used it one day. Since then I have been running busy and it takes a while to get initial foods in there. I can see how once you get your basic meals into the system it's faster though! Thanks for the tip!

Cottagebythesea- that name paints such a pretty picture...sounds like you still have your hands full! I can understand the need for a moment of quiet in the a.m.

Today is my day off and I'm going to play. First I'm taking doggie to the vet to check his anxiety. He's an Aussie and even when I run him 8 miles a day (mountain biking) he still seems to have some sever anxiety issues of over some things. So dog whisperer be darned - there's something wrong here. He's a sweet and wonderfully behaved dog until thunderstorms hit or windows are moved in a car....then something switches in him. Time to see if we can help him.

THEN I'm going to play!! I haven't had a day for myself in a LOOONNNGGGG time. It's time for one. I'm going to the gym. Cardio and weights today - and then we are probably going to bike tonight....and I'm doing a bit of shopping for the wedding. I'm looking forward to no responsibility today. It's back to work tomorrow :) But that's tomorrow!! No today!!

I'll check in later and catch up here too!!

07-28-2006, 09:52 AM
Good morning!

Cottage You must be SO ready for your break next week. You deserve it!! I am often amazed how tired I can be by the end of the day with my girls- even if we aren't out and about running around!

Schatzi Enjoy your exercise this morning!

Louren My 4 1/2 year old got a bit too much sun on Wednesday. I am usually SO careful about it, but dind't reapply either. Poor kid!

Grasshopper Interesting about your dog..... I guess many of us, animals included, suffer these days.

Me- DD has a playdate today, so I will just have the baby for several hours. I have to go to school for a short bit to meet up with some of the new teachers. Since my role will be different this year, I won't have my own class or grade level. I am going to help quite a bit with the 5th grade team since that is where I have been for the last 9 years. They have 3 new teachers to get up and going. So I will do that in addition to pulling my groups of kiddos. SO excited about a change- it will be neat to work with so many teachers and not just the ones on my grade level.

Eating has been so-so. I do really well for a day and then cheat the next. I am PMSing this week, which doesn't seem to be helping anything! Let's all really dig our heels in this weekend for the July weigh in on Monday. I know I could use some motivation!!!!!!!! :hug:

07-28-2006, 10:08 AM
Mornin' All! TGIF, and one day closer to going to my Chicago vacation (my sweet home town!)

Yesterday was a fun day, my DH had an all hands meeting at our house which really was the equivalent of a BBQ. Again, I made all kinds of food -- including Ghiradelli brownies and there were tons of cookies and ice cream. I didn't touch a thing. I ate a nice, yummy lunch which was a beautiful, multi-colored, multi-veggie salad with a sirloin grilled burger and 1/2 of a skinless chicken breast. I made a fab dressing out of EVOO and Balsamic, using my fresh garden herbs. Later on a had some sugarfree jello which was good. The smell of the chocolate was so good. I said to my DH, too bad I'm allergic to chocolate LOL. So, one more party down, and I succeeded in staying firm with my plan.
While the party was on, the mail came, so in the mail was my present to myself, A pair of padded bike pants and a bike shirt! This left me no room to squirm out of getting out for a ride. So, last night one DS and I went out to ride the trail for about 45 minutes. We got stuck in a downpour, but it was so steamy out, that it felt great! I'll tell you, padded pants are the way to go. I have a nice bike with a great saddle and a an extra padded seat, but when I recently went for ride, my pelvic bones felt bruised after riding a mere 12 miles. Now, it may be just the thing. You'd think I ALREADY have enough padding! ;)
So, I came home and ate dinner at 9 pm, which may have been a mistake. My scale was up a pound AGAIN. At least I know for sure, it wasn't that I cheated. I ate well, (maybe in abundance), and late, but I had no frackin sugar.

Today is going to be another sweltering 93ish stormy heat. I planned on taking my 3 boys to the Baltimore Aquarium today, but I have stuff I need to do before my 15 y/o goes to camp. Still need to paint...
and of course, get out on my bike! I tivoed Gilad, since he comes so highly recommended!!

The weekend is almost here ladies! It's gonna be a great day! I hope you are all blessed and feeling great!

07-28-2006, 10:29 AM
Quick check-in, Chickies. I miss you all! :grouphug:

The Fair is underway and sure is taking up a lot of my time. Yesterday I spent six hours with the baking and canned goods judge as she sampled and evaluated tons of entries. She didn't even seem to get full - skinny little thing! I felt absolutely no desire to taste anything except for one dilled yellow bean that she insisted was fabulous!

We had a major emergency yesterday when Betty, one of the older Directors, had a heart attack! Our on-site med folks were right on the job and took good care of her until the ambulance arrived to take her to the hospital. She was very annoyed that she had to go to the hospital because she wanted to see her grandkids in the Mini-King and Queen contest! What a lady! She is going to be fine according to her daughters and will probably be back at the Fair as soon as she can get out of the hospital!

Anyhow, I'm certainly managing to keep busy and my Girls are feeling neglected! They were on their own for seven hours on Wednesday while I did Homecraft Registrations and the same yesterday! I was so darned pleased to see no puddle when I came home.

Food? Don't want to talk about it. Let's just say it has not been stellar. I'm up two pounds but am insisting it's water retention. I'm trying to drink more but can't take my diuretic because it's a darn long walk back to the Office if I'm doing walkabout and I refuse to use a portapotty - never have and never will!

Anyhow, I just thought I'd check in. I have to get over to the Fair now to do the Baby Show Registration. That's one of my favourite events along with the pet show.

I must have a salad today - if I can remember how to make one! :lol:

07-28-2006, 10:30 AM
Schatzi, I am so proud of all your exercise! You're awesome!!!

Our new home is a two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath townhouse in a brand new condo neighborhood. So everything is brand spanking new. I am SO ready to get over there to my NEW stove and NEW fridge and best of all, big old island in the kitchen! I will actually have room to cook! We unpacked a lot of kitchen stuff last night. I plan on living in the kitchen!!! Our family room has pretty wood floors and a big window and that's about it right now. Just your basic little house, but I am proud of it and so excited to be a homeowner!

Well, I have done like no work this morning and been here for an hour and a half. I need to hit the coffeepot in a major way and get working!


07-28-2006, 12:11 PM
I am not going to even mention exercise and jynx myself. I was certain there would be time in the afternoon to use the treadmill yesterday. NO, we had to have two outages at work and I ended up working late and having to rush to get dinner ready. At least my eating was healthy and I am back down a little today. If I can keep losing until Tuesday, I might just end up where I started the month which is better than a gain. :)

Tonight is Taco Bake which is one of my favorite meals. And tomorrow I'm making Jambalaya but I'm also taking Brian to a birthday party that lasts from 4-8. I'm thinking I should fix the jambalaya earlier in the day so that it will be waiting for me when I get home. That way it might be easier to resist the food that I'm sure will be at the party. If I knew the parents, I would just leave Brian there but I don't so I'm staying.

07-28-2006, 12:32 PM
Just a quick Peck back in....!

Barb: Geez, you really work hard fer yer Money! DH has been doing VO (what you call WAH.. ) and he is up and down all night doing cut overs.. I feel fer ya!

Jessie: Sounds like a beautiful house to make into a beautiful home!

I just finished my session with Gilad.. he is tough! I now have flippers for arms and my legs feel like puddles of jello... but even in this short 2 weeks of getting back to exercise being part of my everyday..I feel a difference already. Tomorrow I think I'll standup Gilad and opt just the :tread:

Have a great day everybuddy! I got to run some errands this afternoon.....

little grasshopper
07-28-2006, 01:33 PM
Just checking in to catch up on my reading...

Scully - be careful with the paded shorts and padded seat. When you start going high mileages on a bike it's easy to get "rub" in your personal parts. You might want to hit your local bike shop, or outdoor shop and look at a chamis cream (my favorite is butt butter - that's REALLY the name of it!). It helps with the chaffing. Also, sometimes if you get too much cushion (usually from the extra padded seat - not the shorts) the cushion will give and move and is more likely to give you saddle sores. I was shocked when I started road cycling that my best saddle was a little bity plastic thing with no padding at all! It was most comfortable. Oh - and the sore bones thing will improve with time! I use to ride between 12-25 miles a day. So in the same mileage range as you - hopefully you won't have any problems at all. I just want you to have information in case you do :) !!

Ruth - my goodness! I'm glad your friend is going to be okay. You're having an active and stressful week, huh? Fair food always does me in!!! It's usually water weight with me too ;) hahah!!

schatzi - still impressed with the galid thing! I'll have to check it out again soon....

jessie - your new place sounds wonderful!! How exciting for you!!!

okay, I guess I'd better get to the gym. Took the pup in today. After talking an hour with the vet he has decided that there is definately something going on with Mac. He is worried that he does have anxiety but that it's been going on for a while and that now his fears and anxieties are kind of growing on themselves. As he asked questions about things that have happened in his life I suddenly started to feel like he's had a traumatic little life! Things like being stuck in a car in a HORRIBLE thunder storm, when he was a puppy. The manager of the store I'd gone in actually went out and got him - but he was running and yanked him from the car and shoved him in his jacket to get him inside. Mac was a little wreck. But he seemed to recover okay. Except that now he's a basket case in storms. Screams and paces and tries to sit as close to my head as he can get. It makes me cry to think about it. They're doing blood work today to make sure he is okay to go on meds for a bit and then we'll do some behavior modification with him. Poor guy. I feel bad that we were trying all this time to obedience train this out of him....

Well better hit the gym while the day is yet young. Talk with you all soon

07-28-2006, 01:51 PM
Little Grasshopper :hug: Do you put it on you or the chamois? :dizzy: Thanks for the info! I am going to look in to it! I appreciate knowing about the soreness going away. The funny thing is, when you're a kid, you never even think about such things - you just ride your bike. I was hoping that the soreness would go away eventually. I didn't get sore at all from the ride yesterday. Well, then again, I'd have to go for a ride to be sure. I'll have to do that.

07-28-2006, 02:53 PM
LOL about the butt butter. They have something for babies called Butt Paste that comes in this huge yellow tube. I always laugh when I see it.


07-28-2006, 04:05 PM
:coach: Well, I just got back from riding my :bike2: bike on the trail for 1 hour! Whew!!! :cheer:


Something tells me that I will be needing the Butt Butter! LOL

07-28-2006, 04:16 PM
Ruth, sorry I missed the part about yer friend... I'm glad she will be okay :hug: Have fun at the Fair..and don't you worry bout a thing here .. We'll be fine !!

Grasshopper: I feel fer yer doggie... I have one just like Mac.. Darby was just a little skittish with thunder.. We would pick her up and talk to her..and I played this "Nature sound" CD one of which is "rain and thunder" and she got use to it.. until, hmm bout a month or 2 ago, we took a lightning strike that hit about 50-100 feet from the house... and well, now she is soo freaked by it again... I hope yer Mac will be okay :hug: My other one, Casey is just a ballsy little broad... I was gonna name her Belle, but after a week with her she is more like a big bad bertha! :lol3:

Butt Butter!! Butt Paste!!!! :rofl: Too funny! You bikers ROCK!!! :cheer: Sorry to say I always hated bike riding... :( ...even as a kid... hurt my butt and my knees even as a little kid! But it is one of the best forms of exercise! soooo RIDE ON GALS!!!!

little grasshopper
07-28-2006, 05:34 PM
hah - I never considered that question! I always put it on the pad. Oh and it's absolutely a MUST that you NEVER EVER EVER wear them twice before washing. I know that's a bit much anyway, but don't ever be tempted. We have a guy here that got a saddle sore and didn't take care of it. It got bad and he still didn't (we're talking SERIOUSLY neglecting his warning signs here - not normal "should I see someone about this - it was REALLY bad) Now he's in a wheel chair. It got infected and he still did nothing and it progressed worse until he got bacterial menengitis or something like that. Anyway he now sells bikes and educates people about the importance of taking care of "yourself" and that's the first step. Keep everything in that area clean as possible. Always, change your shorts as soon as you can after you workout. I usually take a pair of regular shorts with me and change at the car when I get back. (it's a long ride home). I've never had any issues with saddle sores or the like but I did get plain old tender for a bit until I got use to it. Still riding is worth every bit of it! :) :) Just take care of your "stuff" :)

07-28-2006, 05:57 PM
Oh crap. I wore them twice in a row, and THEN sat in them til I got my a$$ in the shower. Well, heaven knows that I will never do THAT again. Going out to get the "butter"...
uh BTW, when I said saddle sore, I meant as in tender, not "boo-boo's". But, I know what you mean though. (no pun intended) ;)

Do you have a favorite wash (for bike shorts) that you use?

07-28-2006, 08:03 PM
You absolutely have to be proud of me. I was driving home from buying a new dishwasher (the trick for this to happen fast after the old one giving up on life is to let dh do all the handwashing for 2 days) and some crazy lady drove into the side of my car. I am fine (I think - a little tension in my neck, but probably just stress and nerves), my poor car will need fixing on my side panel.

But I did not walk straight to Starbucks to buy a frappuccino and espresso brownie (my old "everything is going wrong" standby)!!!

Yay me for staying strong.

At least it is the weekend now!

07-28-2006, 08:13 PM
Tragic news today....

I found out that one of the moms at my daughter's preschool was killed in a car accident last night. Her twins went to DD's preschool last year. There are also 2 teenagers in the family. The mom is more of an aquaintence (sp?), but it is so heartbreaking to think of the family and the kids.

Extra hugs for my girls tonight. :hug:

07-28-2006, 08:56 PM
Kiko, that is such tragic news, so upsetting. I can only pray that her family can get through this awful time and I hope they have plenty of friends and family to give them the support they surely need right now.

little grasshopper
07-29-2006, 08:30 AM
Kiko - wow, I'm very sorry for you all. That's really is horrible news. It's so sad for children to lose a parent.

scully - you're fine :) Just don't make it a habbit. That is more of a "yeast" type issue. I understood the soreness thing. I only mentioned the actual saddle sores because I almost had an issue when I was using a seat too cushy for me and padded shorts together. I didn't know what was wrong until I finally told DF about it and he explained it all :) BTW, Carnari has some Gel shorts that are AMAZING!!! I've NEVER been sore after using them. They're pricing but REI (if you have one) sometimes has them for as much as 1/2 off. I LOVE MINE!!! Ride on!!!!

Louren - if you are sore today, please go get a massage. I work with people that have been in wrecks all the time and it really helps move the sitffness and soreness on out of your body. I'm sorry you had a wreck - even a small one is HARD on the nerves!! Feel better soon - that goes for your car too :)

Well Im probably posting on the wrong page now so I'll stop and go find the right one!