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07-27-2006, 11:01 PM
G'day all,

My big news is that I am getting a second monitor which will work in conjunction with my current, I will be able to have photos open etc and drag them to the monitor next to the one I would work on.
We tried it yesterday with dh's monitor and it worked a treat! We have now bought another 19 inch monitor on-line so I can have them both set up permanently:carrot::carrot:

I am amazed how much the price of flat screen monitors have come down:)

My book is at the printers and I am starting on Matilda's first year book.
I also have to attend to some customers so I am being kept pretty busy which is good!


Karen L
07-28-2006, 08:47 AM
Maria You amaze me as to what you can do on a computer. I'm still thrilled that I can turn the darn thing on. Are you going to let us see Matilda's book?

To day is the day I see the doctor on the knee thing. Wish me luck and hope I don't have to have surgery. I'll see you later.


07-28-2006, 04:28 PM
Maria, my boss now has three monitors. How you can keep all this going is just way beyond me, but he loves his and his assistant has two and loves her.

Karen, here is hoping to no surgery!

I get my last therapeutic massage today at 5:30. Looking forward to that.

07-28-2006, 08:28 PM
It has been so hot sometimes I think I am melting. It finally rained last night-it has been so dry here. I can't believe that summer is going so fast and it is almost time for school to start. We have be there the 18th and classes start the 23rd.

Took a friend out for her birthday lunch today. I took them to an old schoolhouse that is a restaurant. The menu is written on the blackboard. It is really cute but way out in the country. Found out that mapquest isn't reliable. Good thing I sort of remembered my way around. Didn't realize that lunch is served family style like dinner. They brought bowls of food and placed it on the lazy susan's in the middle of the table. It seems like all I have been doing lately is eating. We had canasta club last night and I won the booby prize as usual.

Slavika join that gym and go with Trudy. You will have fun. It will be good for you to get out. My sister has been a widow for a long time. She volunteers in the hospital gift shop, tap dances, helps out in a flower shop. She is always busy doing something. Hard to believe that she is 78. But she says the evenings can be lonely even with her kids near her.

Karen good luck with the knee. Here's hoping that there's no surgery.

Maria you amaze me with all your computer knowledge. Can't imagine how you can keep track of more than one monitor. I would have the biggest mess ever. Congrats on being a grandmother again. You are going to be busy putting together books for all of them. That's exciting.

Have a good weekend. Glenda hope that massage relaxed you. I have go call dil. P might have to have some tests for juvenile diabetes. I have to find out what that is all about. I wasn't home when she called last night.

07-28-2006, 10:32 PM
G'day all,

Nice to 'see' you Peggy, I still don't understand why some emails of mine get delivered and others don't. The ones that don't get delivered are not much different then the ones that do:?::dizzy:
Sounds like you had a nice lunch, I like the idea of a lazy susan and everyone helps themselves.

Glenda wow 3 monitors!!! the two monitors is just fantastic and contrary to what you might think, it really is quite simple. DH is now thinking that he could have use for 2 monitors to his computer!!!! I won't tell him about your boss with three monitors!
All it really means is that you have more workspace. Especially when doing a book, to be able to drag the photos you think you may use to another monitor and still have a full screen will be great.
With the book I just did, I have everything VERY small to fit it on the screen.
My daughter had an 'Hawaian massage' whatever that is, she said she just floated out the door.
I hope you enjoyed your massage.

Karen of course I will share Matilda's book with you all. It will be a while yet before that is completed and I thought I would do it in 10 pages at the time. It won't be that much to download for you all to have a look and give me feedback.
I hope your trip to the doctor went OK.

Whilst doing a bit of research for the book, I came across a baby book and the parents had kept the frontpage of their newspaper on the day of the birth of their child. They also included what the top 5 DVD's were on that day and the TV programs for that day. A bit like a time capsule.
I contacted our newspaper and got the front page of the day Matilda was born.
I am also thinking of using Matilda's first 'painting' as a faded background to the pages of the book.

I went to see a customer yesterday, a lady our age who has no idea about computers. She recently did a trip to Africa, got a digital camera and now really wants to learn how to download the photos to her computer etc.
She was very nice but petrified of the computer.
She has taken some magnificent shots of the wild life. I have never had a desire to go to Africa but after seeing her photos, I have sort of changed my mind.

Lovely area Inverness Falls Trudy. I can understand you would be exhausted after though.

Have a great weekend everyone,


07-28-2006, 11:41 PM
My goodness- After vacation and then taking time to get settled with laundry etc. I had a lot to catch up with. And of course I read all the posts and don't remember too much of what was going on with all of you. So I'll try.

Karen: I hope that today was a good day with your Dr. and your knee. My granddaughter had a cartilege transplant some years ago, and she is great now. I hope you won't have to have surgery. We'll be waiting to hear.

Glenda: Thyroid difficulties? I hope your medication will help. And losing weight would sure be a bonus. You have had your share of HOT weather. I guess it has been unreal all over the midwest. some places hotter than us here in Florida.

Slavika: glad to hear that you are cooking some for yourself now. And the new grill sounds great. I have the old one, that has to be washed. I have discovered that if I used my dishcloth or wet paper towels in the grill, and close it up for a while, that then it cleans very easily. It is non-stick, but the moisture helps to make it come off better. The wellness/fitness place sounds like a good idea. And getting a digital camera will be fun. I think Maria's idea about being the official photographer for the dance studio would be good. Your hot dog caper sounded exhausting, but satisfying. You sound to me like you are doing very well. Grief takes many forms, and tears sure do come unexpectedly sometimes. Just some little thing.

Gloria: It sounds like you had a lovely party, and great for you to assist. Your times with your friends must be special, and I'm sure that your friend who has had the stroke, is happy to have you there. You probably lift her spirits a lot. I think depression goes with a stroke. The getting used to the limitations. My DH brother had a stroke, and I remember how he was. He never swore before this, but with the frustration came anger and his language and temper changed a lot.

Maria: I do love your photos. There were so many great ones, it was hard to pick any favorites. I'd love to be able to put the water lily one on my computer as wallpaper. so guess that must be one of my favorites. Sounds like you have been busy with Matilda, and dealing with teething is tough.
Getting used to retirement is an ongoing growing. Of course, when you were on your great safari, your DH was busy and challenged all the time. So there just aren't those kind of challenges at home. Can he do any of his consulting at home with the computer? Do you plan to be around for the birth of your new Grand daughter? Two monitors? I have all I can do to manage one.

Trudy: Slavika is lucky to have a great friend like you so close by. Your teatimes sound like a great time. And how nice that your :angel: had such a good time with you. And glad you could make your DD feel better, and that your hadn't highjacked your :angel:s effection.

Peggy: We used to go to the Amish country in Pennsylvania, and they surely are good cooks. You made me hungry with all the great places you have been eating. You have had really hot temperatures too. Are you ready to go back to school?

I've been thinking about Lily as I read about all the problems in California. I hope she hasn't been affected too badly.

Our vacation was fun. We had a great time with our kids. Did shopping, eating, just having fun together and probably all together too much eating. haven't been to WW yet. Can't go tomorrow, as our Norwegian GS is coming to visit.
We went on a boat ride around Hampton Roads harbor, and it took us by the Norfolk Naval Station, and we saw 6 Aircraft Carriers tied up, as well as several other types of ships. The next day two of them were sent out to pick up evacuees from Lebanon .

I think I am back in the swing again, and hope I won't have to read 3 threads to get caught up anymore.

Good night all. Ann

I am getting so I hate to read the newspapers any more or listen to the news. This whole Middle East thing is going to have long repercussions, I am afraid.

07-28-2006, 11:48 PM
p.s. I forgot to say hi to Keya. I hope things are going well with your daughter, and that you arent feeling guilty any more. And that you have been able to quit the guilt eating. Good luck with your weight loss. Ann

Karen L
07-29-2006, 12:56 PM
Surgery it is."Knee Arthroscopy" Won't be having it until next month on the 28th . but it is on the books. I was given the go ahead and can walk on it as the damage is done. I just have to only do what I can. The Tear i have is in the back of the knee and Doctor says it like a frayed mop. So what will be done is it will be trimmed up smooth also as long as he is in there he will take care of the little bit of arthritis that is in there too. isn't that just ducky!. It was of course my call i could have just gone on limping along but that's is no way to have a life right! I sound like recover time isn't too long. Gloria Is that what Your DH had??

When we got home yesterday I put those darn crutches under the bed. where Neither Sprout or I have to look at them for a while. I was able to take the golf cart and Sprout for a solo ride for the first time last evening. Free! free! I was free! Today i went out and did a bit of bush clipping. about 15 minutes . Just enough to make it look a bit better out there. It's been buggin' me every time I look out the window. DH is not the yard guy that is me. And I'm not really the yard guy either.

Ann good to see you back on the board. Sounds like you had a good trip. Funny you should mention Lily I thought about her this morning too. When i first woke up. Hope she is OK. I wonder if she still visits 3FC boards at all?

Slavika. I forgot say good for you on maybe joining Trudy's wellness club. Thanks for the info on the grill.

Peggy. School starting already! sure rolls around fast doesn't it.

Glenda Hows the headache's gone I hope.

Hows the book going Maria. The back ground of Matilda's first painting is a good idea.

Time for lunch


07-29-2006, 08:59 PM
Karen...Yes that is what DH had. For him it was a breeze. We were at the hospital at 6 AM and the operation started at 8AM. the Doctor came out to say everything was great at about 9:30AM. We left the hospital about 11:30 AM and he was home sitting in his favorite chair at 12 Noon. He never had a single pain, then or afterwards. He had pain medication and never used it. He had a bandage over his knee and a brace and was told to ice it for a couple of days then take off the bandage and then he could shower. He went upstairs the first night to get to bed....leaning on me for help and the same in reverse in the AM.
I can only hope you have as easy a time as he did. His only problem is that his arthritis is so bad that he is bone on bone in some places. However, the doctor said as long as he is not in pain and can get about as he wishes he is not a candidate for knee replacement. Good news!

It is hot, hot here and we are told that the next 3 to 4 days will be over 90 deg.....an official heat wave.

Ann Welcome back and glad to hear you had a good vacation!

Maria Two monitors....you are really a computer person but with your great photography you really need the extra screen.

PeggyIt is just too hot to think of school being back in session. I think your dates are very similar to the back to schoold dates of Nick in NC.

Slavika I agree, being the official photographer for the dance school would be fun.

I know I haven't talked to everyone but it is too hot to be sitting in this corner so I will go and sit in front of the fan.

Stay cool.....Gloria

Karen L
07-30-2006, 10:11 AM
Thanks Gloria, for the encouraging news about the knee thing makes me feel better about it. I'm getting around better today. After 2 weeks on the crutches my calves are sore. Sorry about the heat wave. Stay close to the fan.

I'll be back later.

07-30-2006, 04:02 PM
Karen: Sorry about the surgery, but it sounds relatively easy. HOpe you do have a very easy time of it. As I shared, my GD had a cartilege transplant. At the time she was the youngest (16) to have the surgery. She was born with insuffecient cartilege. And now you can't keep her down. I bet you are glad to be free of the crutches.

Our Norwegian grandson was here for the weekend. What a nice young man. He is going back to Norway next week, and will study for his Norwegian flying certificate, and European certificate. His desire is to become a commercial pilot.

I think the heat wave is pretty much all over. Yesterday was a hot one here, and we went to the pool after a scorching trip to the flea market. We just got in the water, and it started thundering. I have a very healthy respect for the possibility of lightning, so we got right out again. Hopefully I may make it today.

Back later. Ann

08-01-2006, 12:35 PM
To all of you who think 90 degrees is a heatwave, Oklahoma yesterday was 115 degrees and there is no end in sight! We are all burning up and blowing away! We had two weeks straight in July broken up by one weekend and then back to the furnace! Everyone is just bummed out, as you can image. Just wanted to let you know how well off you are. I would so gladly trade my heat for yours!

Okay, now that I have officially had my pity party, I did want to add to Karen that when my son had this surgery, it was just not a big deal either. He has had two and I don't remember the first that well, but the second just was not a problem at all and he immediately felt better. And the free, free, free thing I so relate to! Even now I can barely move without hubby coming with me, but back when I was sick, he was superglued at the hip, I think, because he was afraid for me to go anywhere alone. Suffocating to say the least!

Maria, your pictures are all so good. Matilda at the computer should just be an ad for kids of today! I sent this website to my kids so they can play these games. Our grandchildren should grown up with calluses on their index fingers from pointing and clicking.

All, I too am just sickened by reading the paper. I think I am having a bit of a depression too from the weather, but the news is just deepening it all a little. I was determined to buy a funny book to read and I bought a book by Terry McMillan, a black author. I was kind of in a hurry and did not realize it was more from a black woman's perspective, but I am getting into it. I just need to laugh and be light-hearted for awhile.

Ann, you had a good time with your family. Thanks for your help with that horrible email. I had nightmares!

08-01-2006, 06:28 PM
G'day all,

Sorry to hear you have to have surgery Karen but when I read about Gloria's dh's experience it doesn't sound too bad and you will be painfree afterwards for a long time to come.

Glenda you will have had a good laugh by now after receiving the funny emails from Peggy and Slavika. I know we get many funny emails but these two really tickled my fancy, I am still trying to forward Peggy's email to 144,000 people, thank goodness i have 70 minutes to do it in;):D:D

Ann good to hear you had a good vacation and enjoyed your time with your children. I agree the bad thing about going away is the piles of laundry etc. on return but it never takes quite as long as it would seem.

I have to agree with Glenda about the state of the world at the moment, I am becoming more and more cynical about it all, in the meantime it is the innocents that wear the brunt of the politicians madness:mad::mad::mad:

I wander what sort of summer we are going to have with the heatwaves experienced in America, Canada and Europe:dizzy::dizzy:
Our winter has been very dry and quite a bit colder then usual. Spring is not far away, my favourite time of the year.

Have a great day all,


08-02-2006, 09:39 PM
Hi all: Just got back from a fun experience at our church. during the summer there is a special musical program for the kids, and then it culminates with their putting on a production. I'd say there were abour 60 kids, and they did a great job. The show was a racing theme, and there was some Nascar race footage that fit into the script. It is such a pleasure to see children having such a good time and being willing to work so hard to put on a show that points up the importance of believing in Jesus. They put their whole hearts into it. There was also a dance team, and did a great job. Slavika: Your DIL would have enjoyed that part.

Not much other things of interest around here. Reading the paper and listening to the weather news from other parts of the U.S. it seems that FL. is one of the cooler places. This summer heat has surely done a 'number' on everyone and especially all the crops in the Midwest. What do you bet that the price of cereal will go up substantially.

Karen-When will you have your knee surgery? Has a date been set yet? We have to go over to Plant City next week to see Dr. Clayton.

It will soon be time for "So you think you can Dance" Tonight it is down to 6 dancers. I was truly surprised at the girl that was voted off last week. There are some good dancers there, and I understand that the 10 finalists will go on a tour. So even if they are voted off, they still have other options.

Keep cool. Ann

Karen L
08-02-2006, 11:03 PM
Ann , surgery is August 28th. It's a long way off. I did a big shopping(commissary run) today and a number on my knee it is twice the size it should be. So have been sitting with ice on it. DUMB! DUMB! I always think I am super woman. Sometimes I think I need a brick knocked against my head!
What day are you going to be over here?

I has been so hot all over. Took Sprout out for his ride this evening and stopped to chat with a friend and the sweat was running while we just sat there. Needless to say didn't chat for long.

Have a doctors appointment tomorrow. My B/P has been running too high again the bottom number has been in the low 90's not good. Any way I need to talk to the doctor about what to do. Can't exercise. At least not right now. You know it was just fine until my insurance company decided not to pay for the medicine I was taking and I had to switch.

Have to go to bed.


08-03-2006, 01:51 PM
Ladies, I have a question for you. We are all very hot this summer, except Ann, I guess. I just read about the high temperatures in the Northeast. They said it got up to 98 degrees and sometimes 100. I know that is hot. What I don't understand is why that is so bad for the Northeast, yet we have 115 degrees on so many, many days. Is it a different kind of heat?
Gloria, you can probably answer this the best.

You all, keep the funny emails coming in. As it gets hotter and hotter, the things that happen everyday that I consider bad just seem to grow in proportion.

Karen, just slow down Superwoman. You don't have to do everything yesterday. Baby that little knee.

Peggy, hope you are staying cool. I know you are getting excited about the start of school. My principal son started back to work on Monday. He said he had had enough bonding with his boys. Certainly is funny hearing your children say the same things you used to.

This heat is bound to end eventually. I cannot wait to see a real rain cloud.

08-03-2006, 02:18 PM
I'm new here and have no idea what I'm doing. I'm 54 so I'm not as technologically savvy as most younger people. What I DO know though is that I've been overweight for almost thirty years and I'm SICK of it. I weight 235 lb. ( I'm 5 ft 4 in). I also suffer from depression (although I'm on the mend.) I've downloaded the Fitday software and I'm going to limit my calories to no more than 1600 per day. I'm also going to try to start exercising again. ( I went to Aquafit yesterday). Is there any hope for me ???

Karen L
08-04-2006, 09:09 AM
First of all let me say hello and Welcome to BlueIris. And yes there is hope for you . We have all been when you are. I lost 50 pounds more than 12 years ago now and kept it off 10 years then DH retired and we began to do the retirement thing of going out eat and lay around . Plus the added stress of having a DH around 24/7 and My Father being sick and passing away eventually . Anyway I regained 16 pounds and my B.P went up and I have a family history of cancer and diabetes so my doctor was on my case big time last fall. It took until April of this year for me to get my head together enough and finally go back to Weight Watchers because that's what I know works for me. So far I've lost 14.8 of those 16 pounds. It's been a struggle these last 3 weeks just to stay on track because I was on crutches and now I that I can walk again I can only do so far until after I have surgery. I know 16 pounds sounds trivial to some one with a bit more to lose. Been there. But Believe me when I say we still have the same highs and lows. BlueIris you can do this all you need to do is believe YOU can. Off my soap box.

Glenda I think the reason the heat is so hard on the northerners is because they don't know how to handle it. Also their blood is thicker and the heat is harder on them. Also some of them are not prepared for it because it is not a common thing to have happen like a blizzard. Glad your Email buddy was not on the list.

Anybody watch Big Brother. I don't like Janey! I want her gone!!!!!

Gotta go

08-04-2006, 12:51 PM
BlueIris, you are so welcome here. Every single one of us has been where you are and are doing the lifetime struggle of getting or keeping weight off. You are a bit younger than most of us, but I am so glad you found us. We are a diversified bunch of ladies who have learned a lot about each other and our special part of the world. The one thing to remember is that it is never too late and that any little bit you can do will make you healthier and less prone to disease. So glad to hear you are going to Aquafit. Weight Watchers is such a good support group. I hope you can find a group in your area. Only is the first meeting hard to make. After that, you realize how many people are in your "boat." I hope you are able to share more about yourself when you can.

08-04-2006, 05:44 PM
May I add my WELCOME to Blue Iris! You won't find a nicer group of ladies that the group we have here. I have been where you are and I am again struggling to lose some weight. I lost 60 lbs. 22 years ago and then gained half of it back. Lost that 8 years ago but now need to lose again. It never ends. I will be satisfied to lose 30 lbs. by next Summer....that is a very slow loss but maybe with a slow loss I can make it.

It has been hot, hot, hot here! We had a 3 day heat wave of over 90 deg. and on Wed. it was close to 100....I know, GLENDA, that is not as bad as you get but the humidity was over 72 so we really felt it. Glenda...it isn't the heat it's the humidity.
We had planned to visit the Cape on Wednesday then looked at the weather and it was going to be just as hot there so...with the sun glare & reflection from the sand and water...changed our minds. DD#2 is at Martha's Vineyard for the week and we have her dog, again. She offered us her home here in town any time we needed relief from the heat, she has whole house AC....we took her up on it Wed. It was beautiful and the dog just plunked herself down near the air register and basked in the cool breeze. :) DH has a hard time sleeping anywhere but in his own bed so he went home and I stayed over. It got so cool during the night I had to turn off the Ac in the bedroom. It was a good thing that DH went home as we had left all the windows open and just about 4 PM a thunder, rain storm came thru....ugh hate to think of the water in those open windows. The rain did cool us down a few degrees but today we finally had the real 'back door cold front' come thru and it is really a cool, lovely day.

KAREN, Sorry to hear the knee is acting up. DH had that same problem before the surgery when he tried to do too much. Since the surgery it has happened only once and then he really had gone overboard. However, now, he can even mow the lawn without a problem. That is if he only does the front lawn and leaves the back to the GS.

In the midst of planning the summer get-together with all the kids and gks. Trying to think of easy make ahead items. The older I get the less I like to cook!:) Maybe I will just work on the main course and let everyone else bring the sides and dessert. That would work for me!!!!!:D

Stay cool, all!


08-05-2006, 01:07 PM
Welcome BlueIris: and good for you in making the first step- the committment to lose unwanted lbs. As the other gals have said, we have all been there to one degree or another. And I agree that if you can find a WW meeting near you the program and support there would be very good for you. Karen has the right idea, as she was a WW leader before she came to Fl.

I never said that I wasn't hot, but I think I am fortunate, that usually the heat doesn't bother me as much as some folks. The humidity does made the difference. We have had some very humid days.

Got my hair cut yesterday and I told my beautician that I wanted something radical. I wanted my hair really short and spiked. She said 'are you sure' and I said 'yes'. If I don't like it, it will grow out, and if I do like it so much the better. Well- I like it, and she did too when it was finished. My DH says what are you trying to do - look younger? I took that as sort of a compliment.

Today went to WW and found that I was 2.6 heavier that when we went on vacation. So You all know the drill. Finally I know that the WW program is truly a lifetime change of the way of living. Learning to deal with my metabolism and not giving in.

Thursday I spent a stressful afternoon at the Dr. being evaluated for osteoporosis changes, and xrays and blood work and being told about a possible medication called Forteo. Don't know if insurance will cover it. New and expensive. So what did I do - I had to go to the grocery, and as I was checking out, bought a package of peanus M&Ms and proceeded to eat the whole thing. :D:

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. We have had a lot of Thunderstorms and so I haven't exercised as much as i like. Maybe today will be the charm. Keep happy. Ann

08-05-2006, 05:49 PM
Hi Ladies. I used to post here a few years ago. Not sure if any of the group is still here.

I am having a heck of a time losing weight. I lost 35 lbs on WW. Eventually gained it back. Then I tried SouthBeach. Lost 35 lbs. Eventually gained it back. Now I'm at my highest weight. I did WW for a month, exercised 6 days/wk and lost 1/2 lb. That discouraged me.

I started the program, once again, about a week ago. So far I've gained almost 2 lbs. I don't go over my points. I want to just cry. I did 2 miles today. Maybe that will jump start the pounds. I've been tested, thyroid is fine. I know the older we get, it seems like it's harder to keep the pounds off.

I'm 56, soon to be 57. Should I post this someplace else? 3fatchicks has changed a lot since I was here last.


p.s. I noticed the ticker tape. That is old, and I have to figure out how to remove it.

08-07-2006, 01:38 AM
Pam I think I do remember you. Were you a postal carrier at one time? I won't be surprised if I have it all wrong. Welcome back!
BlueIris So nice to have another person join us. The weight issue never changes. We gain, we lose, we gain again.
Karen you explained the inability of us Northerners to cope with the heat very well. We have had the hottest, dryest summer in recorded history. We had some rain Friday & Sat, the first time this summer. Unfortunately a tornado went through cottage country, just north of us yesterday, and that cooled us down last night. The tornado went through Gull Lake where our Slavika is visiting with her friend. I called her cell, but she didn't have it turned on. I am assuming that all is good or we would have heard something. It is the Civic holiday and she won't be home until Monday night.
Ann I would be interested in knowing more about FORTEO. I am taking Fosamax like so many of us now, but I am really concerned about Osteonecrosis of the Jaw. My dentist said he has never seen a patient with the condition... YET!! Is it a bis-phosphate?
Gloria I agree with you that it is the humidity that makes it so hard to bear the heat. It seems like we walk into a brick wall when we leave the comfort of our air conditioning.
Maria As usual, Matilda's pictures are just beautiful.

It is my DH's birthday tomorrow. Because my little :angel: allergy, I have baked a cake instead of buying one. I used my Mom's recipe for Chocolate Chiffon cake. Her's used to be 6 inches tall, mine is an embarassing 2 1/2 inches tall. Oh well! I cut the cake into 3 thin layers and propped it up with the Chocolate Whipping Cream Icing. It is supposed to sit in the fridge overnight and I am hoping it will be ok. Maybe no will know the difference.

Bed time.. bye for now

08-07-2006, 06:34 PM
G'day all,

I have been 'missing in action' the last 4 or 5 days with a horrendous chest infection that was bordering on pneumonia:(:(:(
I am now on antibiotics, sleeping in the spare room due to me coughing all night and keeping dh awake.
I am slowly coming good, boy I hate being sick:mad:
All I can say is thank goodness I gave up smoking some 20 years ago, I would hate to think what my cough would be like if I still was smoking.:dizzy:

Nice to see two new ladies join our group, welcome to BlueIris and Pam!

On the heat front, we are having already beautiful spring weather, 22 degrees today:)
I also hate the heat with high humidity. Our Adelaide summers get very hot but usually without any humidity which I find much easier to tolerate then heat with high humidity as is the case in the tropical and sub tropical areas of Australia.
Having said that I am pleased we do have a fully airconditioned house:D;)

I have enjoyed all the emails as usual eventhough I may not have commented on many.


Karen L
08-07-2006, 08:12 PM
Maria, Sorry to hear that you are sick. That is just the pits.

Pam Welcome Back to the group. When it comes to weight loss we are all in the same boat. Sometimes up sometimes down. Let us know what we can do to give you a hand.

BlueIris you have gone MIA hope you didn't tire of us already!

Trudy I'm sure the cake is great. Have a good time tomorrow.

DH and I are meeting Ann and her Hubby tomorrow for lunch so I'll get to see her spikey-du. I got my hair cut today too. Looks so-so. At least it looks better than it did. You know I think it gets to long like over night!

I forgot to tell what the doctor said about my B/P on Friday because naturally it was good when I went in to see him. He said it was probably the pain from my knee that was causing the high readings the last 3 times. So he suggested we get a monitor and keep track at home for a while because he really didn't want to mess with my medication until he was sure it was climbing . Did any of that make sense.

Was able to walk a little farther today. Hope to do the whole walking tape tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me.

Talk to you later

08-07-2006, 08:34 PM
Hi again ladies.

Yes, Trudy, I am retired from the post office. Good memory.

Hello to Karen and Maria. I'm really bad with names, so excuse me until I get to know all of you.

Karen, you are in Florida? We have a place in Beverly Hills, for the winters. Right now I'm in KY. Where do you live?

Seems like there used to be an Ann that lived in LA or NM. Is this the same person?

Is everyone pretty much at their goal?

Thank you for the warm welcome. I'll try to stop by when time permits.


08-07-2006, 08:58 PM
'Is everyone pretty much at their goal?'

I wish........


08-07-2006, 10:55 PM
Goal weight ? I wish- me too.

Welcome back Pam. I'm a Florida gal too. I may be a different Ann than you remember. Not sure. But glad you are with us once again.

Where are you Blue Iris?

Karen- I hope you weren't waiting for us, since the appointment is the 22nd. By then I hope to be able to manage my spikey do. It takes a little getting used to.

Maria: So sorry that you have been sick. I'm glad that it didn't get to the pneumonia stage. Serious business.

I had good news today. Went to the Retina Specialist for a check up on the eye. And he is happy with the results of the laser, and i don't have to see him for 6 months. He's happy -- I'm happy too.

Went bike riding with my friend tonight. Manage 7 miles. Last night we tried it and got caught in some rain, then started out once more and then the thunder started. Boy did we ride fast to get home before we were zapped.

Trudy: YOur cake sound yummy.

Nothing exciting happening here. Just trying to stay on track and within my points. Reading a good Nora Roberts book 'Blue Smoke' A sort of mystery as well as the romantic angle. Going back to it now. Hi to everyone. Ann

Had good news today

08-08-2006, 12:13 AM
Pam If you had asked me that question last year at this time I would have responded with a loud YES, but alas that is not the case this year. I am pudgy this summer. As for my memory, it comes and goes...
Maria so sorry to hear you have been ill. I noticed you weren't around, but thought you were busy with Matilda. From what I have gathered you didn't see the doctor but put it off until you got really sick? Why do we do that, I have been guilty of the same thing.
Karen I have heard that constant pain, or trauma can make the blood pressure rise. I know Slavika has a monitor at home. After losing David her BP was all over the place.
The birthday party is over, the house is sort of cleaned up and I am absolutely pooped.
'Night all..

Karen L
08-08-2006, 08:45 AM
Nope Ann didn't wait. Checked in here this morning and saw it is the 22nd see you then.

08-08-2006, 10:53 AM
Mystery explained about the weather. I was reading about New York and how many people were treated for heat exhaustion. The article said that the high humidity is the cause. I think too that lots of places have no need for air conditioning most of the time. That is one thing that is very different here. We all have central AC and heat. Then when it is hot, we might peak out the door and that is about all.

Pam, I might remember you too. And goal weight? Hmmm...that would be about 8 pounds from where I am now. I have almost given up. I can be perfect on program and lose .2 pounds in one month. I just had a cardiologist check up, the whole works, and found that thyroid was very, very low. Would be nice if this is the culprit. I have been so frustrated! My sister who is at goal and works at it all the time takes a lot of heart medicine and she preaches that we can give up and balloon up or even with medication interference we can work at it and be successful. I hope she is right.

Ann, I think your DH's comment was a compliment. I wonder why they are so backdoor with their compliments?

Trudy, so did your cake grow in the refrigerator? Glad the party was a success. I hope Slavika is okay. This summer has given the environmentalists and Al Gore a lot of ammunition on the theory of global warming.

Gloria, see, the idea of not having AC is so foreign to me, but I guess this is just a regional thing. We all have what we need to live in our part of the world. And cooking? This is something I vaguely remember.

Karen, my BP has gone way down with this thyroid pill. It is now 103 over 69. My doctor is very pleased, but I just wonder if I couldn't do without one of those pills. I know any kind of stress will raise the numbers. And pain does qualify.

08-08-2006, 01:10 PM
Hi Everybody: I sure had a lot to read on the board this morning, it's been awhile since I was here. At the end of July I had ANOTHER birthday, and my birthdays usually last about about one week and require that I eat lots and lots of birthday cake. OYE VEY :D :dizzy: After all that eating I went out to the lake and my good friend there made a lovely birthday dinner for me and invited my family too. She ordered this two layer Carrot Cake with cream cheese icing inbetween the layers and about 3" of icing on the top and sides of the cake. I have to say it is the most WONDERFUL cake I have ever eaten and every once in a while my friend orders me one. I think it weights about 15#, and even giving away some, I am sure I ate 10# by myself, little by little, but I managed to get through most of it and then had to freeze some.
I noticed that I had some bubbles in my urine and I also know that is not a good thing for a diabetic and can affect the kidneys. Of couse my doctor was away on holidays and I saw his partner and she sent me for some lab work. There was some small amount of protein in my urine and my blood sugar levels were up too.....I'm sure that eating that carrot cake had nothing to do with it :?: . I have an appointment with my own doctor on the Aug. 17th.
On the 3rd I went to the stage production of Wizard of Oz that my little Princess is in along with the whole famiy (it was opening night). Her part was small but of course she was wonderful. I bought her a small pair of "Hot Diamond" star shaped earrings with a tiny, tiny, little diamond in the middle of the stars. She just loved them. She put them on back stage where the party was for the performers and family members and I heard her say to a couple of her friends, that her "Grandmother" (not Baba) had just given her these DIAMOND earrings. hee hee :hug: Tonight I am going along with a whole group of family members and friends to see the performance again. Soon I will be able to play the part of Dorothy. LOL :lol: :lol:
I am in the midst of having new "teeth" made for those implants I had done 4 or 5 years ago. It seems like they should just give me a room somewhere in the office I am there so much. This will lower my bank account by about $4000.00. I hope my dental plan covers some of it. A lot of it will not be covered because it is considered cosmetic dentistry.
My son booked my flight to Maui and I will fly out with my friends from the lake. This year I had extra points so I bought a coach ticket and then upgraded to first class using some of the points. I leave on the the 7th of January and will be gone for 2 months. Somewhere in that two months Son and family will come out and stay with me for a couple of weeks. I will likely be flying home myself, but that's ok, I've gone enough times that I am sure I will be ok.
On Friday of this week I went to the lake to stay with my friends for the long weekend and on Saturday we had a tornado. It landed about 1/2 mile from my friend's cottage. It skirted the lake and came ashore at the public beach where lots of people have trailers and motor homes. Trees, trailers, cars trucks were all thrown around like they were children's toys. Much of forest in the the surrounding area was destroyed by the tornado just uprooting the trees or flattening them. It was just a horrible thing to see. We were all fine and not so much as as couple of leaves on the grass was all my friends got. My family was two cottages over at dil parents and they were fine too. We had a lot to thank God for. It's hard to believe that one cottage can be totally destroyed and yet the one next to it be perfectly fine.
HI PAM, :wel3fc: I do remember you. I think you have two daughters and a rather old dog that you love. I am miles from my goal weight, so don't feel bad, you certainly have company. How have you and your family been dioing?
MARIA, I'm sorry you were so sick, but happy that you are on the mend. KAREN, it seems like most of the gals know something about the surgery you are going to have and everything sounds like it will be just fine. Big welcome :welcome2: to you BlueIris, glad to see a new face on the board. We all have to pull up our socks and try harder (especially me) to make our goal weight. Well gals it was nice chatting with you all, but my ironing is calling my name. Bye for now. :carrot:

08-08-2006, 04:33 PM
Wow I have a lot to catch up on. Welcome BlueIris and Pam. Weight is a never ending battle for all of us. Pam where in KY are you? I am just over the bridge in Cincy.

It is hot here but not as hot as where Glenda is. We were near 100 last week. I was just working out in the yard and I had to come in. I am soaking wet. It is the stupid humidity. I have been buying some perrenials now that they are marked down.

I had to watch P last week. Seems he got the chicken pox even though he had the shot. He wasn't sick but wasn't allowed into daycare. We have had a lot going on with family stuff. The India niece is on her way back after being here for a few months working, baby showers etc. Seems like it is never ending.

Karen my dh had a torn somthing ligament and had knee surgery. At least with the scope you just get a little scar instead of a big one. Now take care of yourself and don't overdo.

Ann your vacation sounds like fun even though there was a gain. You can lose it no time. You are dedicated. Have a fun lunch with Karen. It is fun to meet. How far apart are you? Glad to hear that the eye checkup was good.

Trudy I have to laugh. Your cake making experience sounds like me. Any time I have to make a cake for show it never works out right. Make one for no reason it is great. Now I mostly use a 9x13 pan when I make a cake. Bet they didn't know the difference and it disappeared.

Glenda how was the book? It is nice to just chill and read. Hope you are staying cool.

Maria I hope you are feeling better. That sounds serious. Take care. Your new customer sounds like me.

Gloria I didn't realize that it got so hot there. It has been a long time since I was in that area. I remember the beach and the ocean was always too cold for me. I would love to go back there sometime. The dog sounds like mine. He likes to sleep by the ac vent.

Stay cool everyone.

08-08-2006, 10:41 PM
Hi all:
I am getting better at managing my spikey hair. I wish I could do it like mu beautician did. But I'm getting there.

Maria: Hope you are feeling better now.

Karen: So glad you didn't wait for us.

Slavika: What an exciting weekend you had. A tornado that close must be really scary. Hope when you see your own Dr. you will have the Carrot Cake out of your system. Isn't it terrible that such yummy stuff can be bad for us!!!! Your Wizard of Oz show sounds like fun. I enjoy seeing what kids can do.

Peggy: What kind of perrennials did you get? Chickenpox is not fun. And hard to keep a little one from scratching. It probably would have beeb wirse without the shot. I was an adult when I got it, from my daughter. :mad: And I was really sick.

Didn't get to exercise tonight- rain, and I was also having a love affair with 'John" Hopefully that might make me lose a little.:D:

Nitey nite. Ann