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07-26-2006, 10:36 PM
Hello and :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies site, :wave:

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement :high: on our weight loss struggles, :ebike:and we also find time for some chitchatting! :gossip: So please, won't you join us ?

07-26-2006, 10:45 PM
Sassy - hey, you're doing great. :cp: As I said, we'd miss you if you left, and you do brighten my day. Glad to know you aren't going anywhere. If everyone who faltered left, this place would be a ghost town, lol. If I can help you in any way at all, let me know, ok? :hug: About the WW at home, it's very do-able with a support group on line like this. I could have never done it without the Jaded Ladies. Past and present members included.

Kim - I hope you find our challenge thread and pop in if/when you're ready for that. :)

07-26-2006, 11:25 PM
Thanks Jane. Yes I don't think I could do it without your all's help. ;)


07-27-2006, 12:04 AM
Dinner tonight is BBQ boneless chicken breasts (just done in a skillet, too hot for the oven or to even go outside to grill), 1/2 ear corn on the cob, steamed broccoli, red pepper strips, and shredded carrots (with a sprinkle of shredded parmesan once they are on the plate, yum), and splitting a baked potato w/my sweetie (microwaved). Even if I don't break this plateau this week, I'm OP and feeling good. And I've almost finished my second bottle of water for today -- yay!!! :carrot:

I've had a migraine for most of the afternoon :headache: but it's finally easing up. Just relaxing and playing a puzzle game while I wait for dinner to finish cooking...

If anyone has any good easy recipes that are WW friendly, please share them in the recipe thread. Always looking for new ideas!

Shel, I just noticed on the birthday thread that you and I share the same birthday -- small world, huh? :woo:

Kim, I'm going to try zucchini with FF Italian dressing next time I grill. Sounds really good -- and you recommend adding the dressing at the end to keep it from getting soggy? Turkey burgers can be really good, but read the label. Some of them are as high or higher in fat than lean ground beef, but some are very lean. I was surprised to compare labels and find that the turkey bacon has the exact same fat and calories per strip as the good quality leaner center cut pork bacon, so we just started buying that again (turkey bacon was an "ok" substitute, but we like regular bacon much more as an occassional treat). Often I will use the thin deli cut ham -- the brand I buy is 60 cal for 6 slices, and it browns up super quick in a nonstick skillet, nice as a side for breakfast. And I just bought some turkey kielbasa that is really lean -- 70 cal for a 2 oz serving -- so we'll try that this weekend.

07-27-2006, 01:08 AM
Katiecat, Where is the bday thread???? I didn't even know my bday was viewable. lol. Me and my HS best friend shared the same bday. I was only 4 hours older than she was. Small world indeed. :)

Sounds like you had a good dinner, WTG on the water! :cheer:

Cafe Ole
07-27-2006, 09:08 AM
Morning All...

If things calm down here at work, I might get time to do individuals again - geez!

Yesterday I never came back to work, what a mess at home. I couldn't get the tank up to the level (salt) it needed to be, dh on phone was being a turd so I did everything I could. We finally (at 1am!!!) got the thing back up & running like it is supposed to. Even went out & bought $$ top off equipment so that should never happen again. So far, the corals are doing ok (WHEW!!!). I am exhausted.

Have a superb day ladies!! :)


07-27-2006, 09:44 AM
Hey all....feeling a little blue with Elvan's death--it has actually hit me harder than I thought that it would. He was more of a father to me and grandfather to my kids than my own father. When I had a problem and needed advice he was the one I went to. (Jane--thanks for the card BTW) I still have my mom and brother who I have a decent relationship with and both are very good to my kids and very there when needed.

Work is still crazy, the co worker who has been out since April has been released to work from home but unless they can set her up with the system on her home computer it doesn't help that much. Billing today--YIKES!!

The trip down to NC and the $ to repair my car has put me behind on my tight budget but I think I have it re-worked out that I will be okay by the end of August (I get paid on Thursdays so I have an extra paycheck--yay!!!) I wish sometimes that I still had the OT option which helped me through the rough patches before when something came up that wasn't in the budget. I told hubby we will be eating lots of veggies and beans--he says thats okay since they are his fave (he was raised completely vegetarian)

Sorry to be a whiner, but it does feel better to talk about it with supportive friends....

07-27-2006, 11:00 AM
Happy Thursday, ladies, :D

Sassy - a good group like this is like a good bra - you don't know how you ever stayed uplifted without all the support. :rofl: I just made that up to make you smile, lol, but there's a lot of truth to it, right? tee hee

Katie - your dinner sounds de-lish! I never thought to sprinkle parmesan on carrots, but it sounds great. Hope your migraine is all the way gone. I just bought the July issue of Cooking Light, (shouldn't the August issue be out??) and there are a couple of recipes in there that I want to try. If they're any good, I'll share them on the recipe thread.

Robin - yikes, what a dilemma with your fish. Glad everything turned out ok in the end. Hopefully with the new equipment, you won't ever have to do that again. Bet the corals are beautiful!

Julie - you aren't being a whiner! You're just sharing your reality, and we're here for you, hon. :hug: At least you still have your mom and brother, as you said. I know all about budget problems from before I married Neal. I was a single mom and things were tough most of the time, so I know what you mean. At least you'll have things lined out by the end of August, which really isn't that far away. You're welcome for the card. It was the least I could do.

Hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

Today is my body/mind/soul meeting. The leader is back, thank goodness. I chaired it last week while she was out of town, and focused on the Serenity Prayer. Lots to be said for courage, wisdom, and serenity.

I feel like a new person now that I'm back in control of the food. Here's hoping I stay there. :)

07-27-2006, 12:24 PM
Happy Thursday, ladies :wave:

It's finally cooling off! May not hit 100 today, and the weekend should be about 90. I opened up the windows this morning and turned on the whole house fan; it's only 76 in here right now, and I can't remember the last time it was that cool. The newspaper said 3 elderly men died a couple of days ago, in older hotels downtown that had no A/C...very sad. A couple of elderly women have died locally this last week, too. Statewide they are reporting over 50 deaths due to this heat wave. :(

Shel, the birthday thread is at the top, right under the Bios, I think. You and I are both 9/24, and Jane and Angie are both 9/11 -- wonder if anyone else here shares the same day? And Jane is right, this group gives better support than a Playtex 18-Hour Cross-Your-Heart! :grouphug: :lol3:

Jules, you aren't's just tough right now, and we're here for you :hug: I understand about the money thing...I've been off work since 7/6, and still haven't gotten a worker's comp check. Seems they "forgot" to process it in time for last pay period, so hopefully it will be here today. I had to rob Peter to pay Paul last night, as I saw my car insurance was due. Fortunately, I was able to pay over the phone, and some of the other bills I shuffled aren't due until after 8/1...but so is mortgage... I typed "frugal vegetarian" into Google and found a lot of great websites and recipes that look inexpensive and also very nutritious and WW friendly :eating2:

Robin, glad it looks like you saved your tank! :cp: I know that corals can be very delicate -- and expensive! -- I've never had a salt water set-up, but I worked in a pet store years ago. What kinds of fish do you have?

Jane, one of my favorite veggie side dishes right now is broccoli, red pepper strips, and shredded carrots all steamed together (that way the carrots are cooked by the time the broccoli is just done and the red pepper is crisp-tender). Then just sprinkle w/a little salt, a grind or two of pepper, and about a Tbsp of shredded parmesan. I got the idea from the way they serve them at Chili's restaurant. Really tasty and healthy, and very pretty on the plate, lots of color :carrot:

Gotta rest my arm...hi to everyone else :D

07-27-2006, 05:51 PM
OMG Thanks You guys! For making me :lol:. I needed that and what is even funnier? Is I'm wearing a Playtex 18 hr! :rofl:

Have a Great Evening Gals!


07-28-2006, 02:34 AM
Just a quick pop in gals....feeling headachey! I think the weather has finally caught up to me and is making my head hurt. At least it's only getting into the 90's.

I will pop back in, in the morning!


07-28-2006, 06:58 AM
OH I'm SO MAD! :mad:

I had started writing out this nice LONG post and right smack dab in the middle of it WHAMMO! Everything was gone!!!!!!!!! :cry: Gone, gone forever. Never to return! :( lolllllllllllllll.

Anyways. I am not retyping it all and frankly I don't think I can remember half of what I typed now! lol.

So just know that I am thinking of you all.................


Cafe Ole
07-28-2006, 10:45 AM

Murphys Law is in effect I swear it! LOL :coffee2:

Jules... I can relate on that one - when we struggle, my dh works his fanny off & unfortunately everything right now is a financial struggle so he is working like mad & still hard to stay above water. Then of course something dies or breaks & you need a new one and of course it is something you need like a stove! Ours goes in threes without fail. They better do something fast though, I have never seen so many houses for sale here in my life (GM closings & major layoffs here). Folks are sinking everywhere. My dh thinks I was kidding when I told him we will be living in the 5th wheel if something doesn't give soon.

Katiecat... no fishies yet, we wanted to wait until after our trips & we really can't afford the ones we really want just yet LOL. We are mainly working on boosting the corals, it is more a coral reef than a salt water view. Those have more fish, where ours will have much fewer fish - I am going for the WOWZA look :)

Marti... I hope your head feels better!

Sassy... LOL I hate it when my pc does that! or you get timed out - drives me nutso!

Hi to Jane, Michelle, Cristina, Sue, & ALex & anyone I forgot, sorry if I did!

My software here is still not up & running so we are sooooooooooo far behind I am freakin. Either way, in 3 hours I am outta here (thank goodness, I need this break LOL). This will be my last post until I get back the week of Aug 7th. Everyone have a great day/weekend/week!


07-28-2006, 01:05 PM
:carrot: Friday!!!! Hurray it's Friday!!!:carrot:

This week both flew and dragged, if that's possible.

Ok, all week I've been getting up early so I have a couple hours to get ready and relax a bit before work. Wanted to see how I do getting up early.
Well I think I'm ready to do my morning walks! Been walking on lunch breaks at work in the cool halls.....but I'd rather relax on my lunch break so I'm thinking it's time to take advantage of cool morning weather and walk around the neighborhood. I would much rather ride my bike and get better exercise.....but still haven't aired those tires! I think it's time for me to drag that thing out and just haul it to the gas station myself and do it.

I can't remember what all was said in the last thread so I will start from this fresh thread.

Jane--How did your meeting go? Anything that you'd want to share w/us to get us inspired and motivated? I wish the gym gal at my work had group meetings. I'll have to look into it more and see what she has to offer. Now that I'm on days I might be able to make it to something.

Shel--How cool! You and Katie are birthday sisters! :D I worked w/a gal at my last job that shared a birthday with me. She always called me her birthday sister. We still wish each other a Happy Birthday through email even though we haven't seen each other since Sony closed.

Katie--Your dinner sounds so good! Last week James and I had some corn on the cob, he doesn't like eating it off the cob so he cuts it off......thats when we noticed just how much corn really comes off one cob! He said "geez, it's like I'm eating a can of corn" Never realize that. So now I try to eat only half a cob.

Jules-- :hug: :hug: Never a whiner here! You're going through tough times and we all understand. Just know that we're all thinking of you and your family and you can come here anytime to let it out so you don't keep all in. We care about you!! :hug: :hug:

Robin--Wheres my invitation to go on vacation with you??? :D I hope you have a fabulous time and keep in mind how you have a jealous cyber friend sitting here wishing she could go too!:dizzy:

Hello to all you gals out there. Angie, Michelle, Kim, Kathy, and the rest of you!

I think it's time for me to get ready for work.

Have a great Friday!

07-28-2006, 02:30 PM
Hiya ladies,

Katie - wow, the veggies you fixed sound so good, and colorful, too. I like recipes like that where a person can have a good-sized portion w/no guilt. Hope you do get some cooler weather this weekend. We just had a shower and now the humidity is unbearable!

Sassy - hHey, we do what we can to get a giggle around here, lol. About the lost post, , I know what you mean! It happens once in awhile to me, too, and it's so frustrating! Now, I try to remember to hit "copy" after I get several responses done, just in case.

Robin - just in case you're reading this, have a great vacation! We'll miss you. Be safe, and have fun. Send me a postcard.

Marti - I love the meetings! First, we open with a prayer and talk about anything that's on our minds, good, bad or in-between. Then we have a topic for the week. This week it was forgiveness. We also always talk about dieting tips, recipes, etc. I told the group I feel like this is IT for me - that I'm in a good place, mentally, to stay OP. Then we close with prayers. If you suggest it to the gym lady, she may get a support group together, like you said. That would be great!

Hello to everyone else reading this. :wave:

Oldest DGD Mackenzie the 7 y/o is here today because her daycare is closed. She helped me make some fresh fruit salad, and we worked a kid's jigsaw puzzle, then visited Mary and her crew.

Gotta run... bbl.....

07-28-2006, 10:31 PM
Good evening...Was a busy day and am just now catching my breath. Whew! I did all the cleaning early. (as it turned out that was a good thing) I took my computer in for an overhaul. Then DH had me running errands. I was over at the new house 3 times. Had to go buy a mailbox so he can get that together and painted. When I came home I had a message wanting to show the house this evening. They usually give a days notice, but since it was all cleaned up I said ok. DH came home for a quick shower and we left...out to dinner. :)
I shopped a little also, for a gift to send to DGS in CA who is having surgery in Sept.
We have another showing Mon. I hope we can keep the house clean...well, like I won't go over it anyway.

Jane- Your meeting sounds fun and inspirational. You are doing welltoo!

Marti- I am like you...haven't gotten my bicycle out yet. I keep meaning to. Hope you find time to walk. My gal pal said she wants to walk at 8 a.m. so I guess I will get the lead out and do it.

Sassy- I hate that too...the amazing disappearing post!

Jules- I hope things take a turn for the better for you. Have a good week-end!

Katie- I am so glad it is cooling off a little for you. I have younguns out there and I worry about them. One DS spends alot of time in his car driving for his job and I worry about him breaking down and being in that heat. Hope you stay cool. I am glad you are feeling better and stopping by to see us.

I know I missed Robin...but hope she has fun!

The new kitchen floor is tiled. Next week they will do the utility area and bathroom. Then the wood floors. Thought I should tell you that I have looked at curtains and have some idea of what I want. Cabinets will go in next week.
Sorry, no pictures since my computer died and I use it for my camera. :( The computer geek said it sounded like I had spywear and possibly a virus. EEK!

Okay, I need to shut-up and go talk to DD on IM.

07-29-2006, 08:24 AM
Morning ladies..........*cough, hack, sniff* lol.

I think I'm coming down with something. First it started with hub, now I'm starting! UGH! Don't you love when germs are passed around at work? lol. Hopefully it will go quickly...............

Speaking of work............we got an interesting email today. Saying that our VP and Director of our building want to meet for a "Fireside Chat" with EVERYBODY. Whatever that is??????? Everybody is kinda wondering what it is about because its NEVER happened before!

Anyways. I am going to take some cough meds and off to bed for me!!!!!!!

Have a Great Day!

07-29-2006, 09:15 AM you will all see why I hate pictures of me, especially at 214 lbs. This is me, my DD -Teri, my neice -Trish(daughter of SIL), my SIL-Chris, my nephew Ben (who is a twin, on of step-SIL), my psycho MIL- Lee, the new wife Rita and Caleb the son of the Rita and the step-Dad Elvan)

07-29-2006, 09:36 AM
Sassy- Hope your feeling better soon!! Didn't one of the presidents give "fireside chats"?

Sue--can the computer geek get your computer fixed? Hope you get some offers soon. The new house sounds nice..I would bet you can't wait to move in!!

Jane--your little group sounds so nice. I am sure you had a fun day with Mackenzie.

MArti--I know what you mean about the weeks that both fly and drag as crazy as that sounds. I am still a little blue but it will pass.
Robin--have fun on vacation!!

Katie--how has your arm been feeling?? the veggies sound good--I may try them...

I just want to thank all of you for your kind words and how supportive you are!! DH & I are going on the motorcycle if it doesn't rain--it looks like it is going to be nice...I need my coffee so I have to go...

Have a wonderful day to all!!

07-29-2006, 05:55 PM
Hi Ladies.

Jules yeah I think your right about one of the pres. giving a "fireside chat"

Jane - I got your Card today, Thanks! :D

Well its off to work for another fun filled night! lol!

Have a good evening ladies!

07-29-2006, 11:28 PM
Hi ladies,

Sue - you're gonna be in that house before you know it! And I'll be glad to see more photos of it.

Sassy - yw for the card. :hug: Fireside chat? In July? Even though I'm sure it's only symbolic, tell them you want a POOLSIDE chat, lol. :rofl: Hope you're feeling better, toots. And stop coughing and hacking on my computer, tee hee.

Julie - I think you look very nice! Your whole family does. Too bad it was such a sad occasion. Hope it didn't rain and you and your sweetie got a ride in.

I spent the day with the family. Then Neal and I played 500 rummy. I beat him pretty bad, which is justice for him creaming me the other night, lol. Not much going on, obviously, lol, just "summer stuff".

Have a good weekend. :)

07-30-2006, 12:21 AM
Hello gals!

Just a quicky right today, getting ready to watch a movie. But wanted to say hello.

Also wanted to point out the announcement Suzanne has for 3FC. A weigh in for August. Sounds like an interesting thing and a great motivation grabber for the month of August.

Take a peak and see what you think. "Peaking" (

Better get, movie is ready. Anyone see "Fun with Dick and Jane"? That's the movie I'm watching.

chat w/you all later!

07-30-2006, 07:09 AM
Hey Chics! ;)

Jane -- Poolside chat, yeah I like that a lot better. :cool: I'm feeling better today, thanks. Just a little sniffles and some sneezing, but will be sure to aim away from the computer screen! lol..........Also just wanted to add your card really gave me the "umph" I needed today. At least to start out today. I kinda flubbed up for din din but still I give myself a half a star for my first meal of today. :) 500 Rummy........ah now that brings back memories.......of my mom, my cousins, myself and all sitting around, fun, fun........

Marti -- funny you should mention weigh ins. Hub and I were looking at scales (no I haven't gotten one yet.......puts out hand to be!) Anywho, question. Have any of you found any that ummmmmm can weigh people at higher weights? I am going to search the net but thought I would ask you all in case you would know of one right off.

I hope your movie was good, I heard that is a very funny movie. Of course I don't see how it couldn't be funny with Jim Carey in it. lol. You'll have to let me know if you like it.

Have any of you seen Without a Paddle? We're watching it now, seen it before, its hilarious! :lol:

Well ya'all take care and I'll talk to ya later!

P.S. -- I forgot to tell you -- Remember that Stray Mama Cat we have that we didn't know if her babies survived or not? Well today leaving for work, we saw them! She has 4! They were in between the bushes right next too where we park our truck. Two are tiger, one is Tuxedo (like her) and one is all black I think. We asked around at work and we have one guy who said he would take the tiger babies once they are weened. I plan on asking another guy tonight who has a "Soft Spot" for animals. We are very worried that her babies will get ran over because they are moving now. But when we got home from work tonight, she must have had them hidden because we didnt' see them. So maybe she will keep them out of harms least until they are older. Anyways Just thought I would let you all know. We have BABIES! :bb:

07-30-2006, 05:31 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies!!

Not a lot going on today. James got called to work bright and early and then I woke up to no electricity. Have no idea how long it was out, but it's finally back on.

I had a great WI yesterday. I usually WI after the weekend, but I felt the need to do it yesterday. I lost a few pounds and Now...that boosted my motivation. A month of changing little things in my "menu's" sure made a difference! Shocking really because it was only small changes. But I guess that is where it has to start.
So I'm a pretty happy gal. It only has to keep going down right?

James & I went to the farms yesterday to get some fresh veggies. I absolutely LOVE fresh cucumbers and beans from a garden. Got both, and lots of other stuff. I'm a salad junky lately and if I don't have the salad, I just have the veggies that are in them.

Ok...I have some errand to run. I will be back later on to do individuals.

Hugs to you all!

07-30-2006, 11:55 PM
Quick peek in...Hope you all had a good week-end. My computer is at the "geek's" getting fixed as we speak. I hope it is ready tomorrow as I hate this laptop.

Wow, Marti- I would like a surprise like that myself. I am afraid my surprise will be the other way since I wasn't too good this week. Tomorrow is another START day for me...and I will weigh in on the 1st for Suzanne.

Hey..I have an idea..let's make the Jaded Ladies the biggest losers for the month. What do ya think ladies? Even if we all lost a couple pounds this month????
(I better worry about myself, huh?)

See you tomorrow...have a showing of the house, so won't be on till evening.

07-31-2006, 11:27 AM
Hi chickas!

Robin - hope you're having a blast on vacation.

Marti - YAY :cp: for losing a few pounds! I just love the fresh foods from the garden, too. The DGDs are always ready to go pick beans, tomatoes, etc, with grandpa, lol. They even helped plant some of it.

Angie - hope you're having a good day. How's the job coming along?

Julie - did you do anything fun this weekend?

Sassy - aww, I want a kitten! My Mary is allergic, though, so we can't ever have cats around here. There are some wild ones in the shed, though. Little kitties are so sweet! Hope the mama keeps yours out of the driveway.

Sue - good luck with the showing. :crossed: Hope you get your cmputer fixed. I like the convenience of my laptop, but use the other one when I need to print something. Hey, I'm all for us trying to lose the most for Suzanne's challenge. It will be really hard to compete against the groups that have dozens of members, like the 100 pound club, though.

Katiecat/Mary - I just noticed yesterday that in your bio, you said that friends call you Mary. So is it ok if we call you Mary now? My mom's name was Mary, and my oldest DD is Mary. I like that name. :) Of course, I like Katie, too, since my sister and younger DD is named that, lol.

A big hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

The temps here are near 100 today, with the heat index even higher. Ugh! Makes a person feel lethargic even w/o going outside. I plan to get some laundry done, and do some cleaning. How boring!

Take care, and I'll see you on the flip side. :cool:

07-31-2006, 11:36 AM
Hi All--break time!!

Well DH cut up some down trees and I stacked them. We are getting quite a pile. A few more times and we should be set for the winter. DH says there are more than a few down trees that need to be cut up. Didn't get to use the chainsaw this time. He keeps telling me that he wants me to split it with the axe but I just can't get myself to do it. I don't swing hard enough because I have a visual of the axe landing in my shin!!

Sue--hope you computer comes back rebuilt better and faster just like the six million dollar man!!

Marti--losing is always a plus. I love all the farmers markets in the area I live. My tomatoes aren't doing very well but my mom's are so she will be bringing me some. The deers have ate a couple blossums from the squash plants but there are more blooms on it now.

Sassy--my son has a copy of "without a paddle" he likes comedym kung fu and horror movies. I need to go and watch a couple more. I used to go over alot more and spend an afternoon with him watching movies, since his gf moved in they do a lot on the weekend. They hit yard sales and flea markets this weekend.

Jane--we used to play alot of cards growing up. DH's family didn't and I could never get him to get into it.

Well I gotta go!! May BBL!!

07-31-2006, 12:15 PM
Just a quicky as I'm needed to get ready for work.

Got a call last night from a cousin. My grandpa fell from one of his sheds!! (He was on the roof??) Managed to pull himself up and call 911 because his chest hurt.

He broke some ribs, punctured his lung, and has a little bleeding on the brain. But no heart problems.

So....I won't be poppin in tonight, will be seeing him. Sounds like he may be sent home today....seems so soon doesn't it??

Hugs to all!

07-31-2006, 04:40 PM
Just wanted to drop by and say HI! :wave: And send hugs to Marti...hope your grandpa is okay...that sounds bad. :hug: :hug: :hug:

07-31-2006, 05:22 PM
Good morning ladies...well, good afternoon, actually...

Marti, hope your grandpa is ok! I'm so glad he was able to call for help after he fell. When you see him, give him a very gentle hug :grouphug: and let him know your friends are hoping and praying for his speedy recovery. Oh and congrats on the weight loss! What are your favorite things on salads?

This was kind of a strange weekend, part of it was great, and part of it was horrible. :dizzy:

Saturday was great -- the concert was awesome, weather was perfect. The Van Halen band (Hot for Teacher) was good, the Aerosmith band was just ok (Rocks)...but the Beatles tribute band Rain was...amazing. It was magical! I feel like I got to see the Beatles! They looked and sounded dead on -- especially Paul, but :love: George :love: has always been my favorite ;) They play this area once in a while, and sometimes Tahoe -- if they come back in concert, I will NOT miss seeing them. They came out in the British Invasion suits, and did songs like "I Saw Her Standing There", "Day Tripper" and "Twist and Shout", then they changed into Sgt. Pepper's costumes, and did a bunch of songs from that era, then at the long note at the end of "Day in the Life" they left the stage, and came back dressed exactly like the Abbey Road album cover and did stuff from that period ("I Am the Walrus", "Revolution", "Give Peace a Chance") -- then when we all begged for an encore, they came out and did "Hey Jude". It was so wonderful! We ate a late lunch and all I had at the concert was an ice cream cone and a ton of water, and I danced with Tim for pretty much the whole time Rain was on stage. :carrot: :cb: :dance: And the coolest thing was my 15 year old son loved it, too -- it was so much fun to share the experience with him. :hug:

But then Sunday I got a horrible migraine about 11am, and tried to sleep it off, but ended up throwing up all evening -- bleah. :headache: So I didn't eat lunch or dinner least I know I didn't go over my points :rolleyes: But water didn't stay down either, so I feel really dehydrated and need to get back on track with that today. My weigh in Saturday I was down 3.4 lbs (over two weeks, missed WW on 7/22), and I think all the water I've been drinking has helped.

Jules, I love farmer's markets, too, and just found one that opens at the same time my WW meeting ends, and it's right on the way home :D I stopped there Saturday morning and bought green beans, grapes, an avocado, tiny red potatoes, and the sweetest, ripest little strawberries I've ever seen. :T If your son likes comedy and kung fu movies, has he seen "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist"? It is soooo stupid, but really funny.

Shel, I just love baby kittens! I'm glad it looks like you are finding good homes for them already.

Sue, good luck on the showing, as always :goodluck: and hope the geek has your computer up and running better than ever.

Jane, absolutely, you can call me Mary, or Katie, or Mary Kate, I answer to them all, as long as everyone knows who you are talking to :D

I want to participate in Suzanne's challenge for August -- how do we let her know we are participating? Just wait until the 31st, and then post somewhere how much we lost? Or do we have to let her know on the 1st that we are joining in?

OK, got bills to pay and a checkbook to balance, so I'd better quit stalling.

Edited to say: Hi Cristina! You were posting while I was, too :) (It still takes me a while to write, and I stop and take breaks...)

07-31-2006, 05:39 PM
Briefly...loading things on the computer and setting my favorites, etc. The "geek" did good. Set it back to the way it came from the factory. He said I had viruses and spyware. He loaded a protection for each and for pop-ups. Hopefully I am good to go for awhile.
Got home after the showing and got a call for another showing. Soooo, we will see.

Be back later.

07-31-2006, 06:16 PM
Another picture--this one shows me more...

07-31-2006, 08:44 PM
Sue--glad your computer is good to go and hope a good offer comes from all these showings...

Katiecat--yes he has that one and there's another funny one called Kungfu Hustle

Marti--hope your grandpa is okay

Cristina--hey there!!

Brought some envelopes home to stuff so I gotta get....

07-31-2006, 10:39 PM
Good night little chickies!!

08-01-2006, 01:00 AM
Hi ladies,

Julie - you are a very pretty lady! Although you are understandably sad in that photo, I can still see how pretty you are. Yikes, be careful with that ax. Neal has got all our wood stacked for the winter, too. It was leftover from before, and now that we have a fireplace in the living room, we're good to go. Nothing like a real wood fire, is there? Did your family play euchere? I never learned it, but Neal's family were crazy for it. I'm a 500 rummy nut. Also love blitz.

Marti - oh my goodness! How's your grandpa? Give us an update asap.

Cristina - I'm on schedule with you now, going to wally world on Wednesdays, lol. Since I have a meeting each Thurday, I've moved my grocery shopping day to Wednesdays. I like it, since there are less people there then. Don't you think their everyday prices are rising more and more each week? Mary gets so mad about it! I don't always look at the prices, but it seems she knows them all, lol.

Mary Kate - the concert sounds awesome, and I'd love to see Rain sometimes. As I mentioned, we saw a Beatles-wannabe group before, and they were really good, but the group you saw seems better. Aww, sorry about your migraine, and I hope it's all gone. I know what you mean about taking a long time to post here. Seems like a conspiracy to interupt me when I get on the computer. The phone rings, or somebody comes over, or something!

Sue - yay for the Geek, lol.

Well, I'm not usually on here this late, but tomorrow is going to be busy, so I wanted to stop in now and not get so far behind. Madison and I have some things to do in town, and then I've got some bills to pay, and other paperwork to take care of. Sheesh, I need a secretary, lol.

Have a good Tuesday, and I'll see you later. :hug:

08-01-2006, 01:04 AM
For whoever it was that asked about Suzanne's Forum wide Weigh in, here's what she says:

All we want you to do is weigh yourself on August 1. Don't tell us, though! Just write it down somewhere so you don't forget. Then on August 31, weigh yourself again, then tell us how many pounds you lost! You don't have to tell us what you weigh, just how many pounds you lost during August.

08-01-2006, 03:28 AM
Thanks girls!! :hug:

I didn't go see him in the hospital. I did call my parents who did. He'll be in there one more night. Just to keep an eye on him. Apparently he was dizzy and light headed....which is why he fell. So that is what they're checking on....To see why he's feeling like that.

You are all the best. Thank you for keeping him in your thoughts!

Hugs to you all!:hug:

08-01-2006, 12:47 PM
Morning Ladies!!

So is anyone going to do the site WI??? I weighed this morning and wrote it on the calendar. If you're interested.....get on the scale and write it down. Will be interesting to see how much we lose by the end of August!

Ok....I need to get going. I promise to do individuals later tonight when I get home. Need to catch up on that.

Chat w/you all later!

08-01-2006, 04:35 PM
Just a quick one...

Marti - glad your grandpa is doing ok. Sounds like he had a drop in blood pressure or blood sugar. Yep, I'm going to do the weigh in, too. I think it will be a good incentive to stay OP.

Hello to anyone else reading this.

Madison's still here, so I need to get going. :wave:

08-01-2006, 06:16 PM
Hiya ladies...

Meant to get on earlier but didn't happen. Not sure what is wrong...may have gotten too much heat in the last few days. So, will have to do individuals tomorrow.

Marti...glad your grandpa is better. Hope they find/found out what made him dizzy.

Jane...I agree about Wally World Wednesday and the prices. I have noticed they are getting a little higher.

And Jules...can definitely see you better and yes, you are a pretty lady.

I plan on doing the WI...I weighed yesterday but decided to go ahead and do it today also...still the same as yesterday. I've made a goal so we will see how that goes.

Will write more tomorrow, hoping I feel better.

Have a good evening ladies :wave:

08-01-2006, 11:52 PM
Finally put up 3 photos of the new house. Heck in a few weeks I can post the finished product.

08-02-2006, 10:54 AM
Wow, I am the first one here this morning and I was the last one here yesterday. AM I meeting myself coming and going? :) :)

08-02-2006, 10:59 AM
What are your plans for today? I am getting ready for walking exercises since it is still HOT out there. I am home alone today and not much needs done. I guess I will read or sew. I will go over to the new house at lunch and take something to DH if he doesn't come home for lunch. Other than that I am going to try not to nibble all day...and plan to move as much as possible. I am doing the August weigh in and want to have something to report!! AND not in the wrong direction!

Have a good day...I am sure I will be back soon to check on ya'll.

08-02-2006, 12:13 PM
Hi gals!

Sue--House is gorgeous! And how cute to have a lawnmower house!:D

Cristi--Sounds like the extreme heat we were having has moved east. Hope you're able to stay cool.

Jane--How are you doing? How are the grandkids? What are you plans w/Madison??

Jules--You're a very pretty woman. Thank you for sharing. Sorry it was taken at such a sad time.

Marykate--Favorite things on salads? Hmmm...lots of veggies. And I usually have more spinach leaves than lettuce. And imitation crab. Just love a salad w/that. No cheese, or any other fatty stuff, just veggies.

If I missed you....I'm sorry. I got behind here a bit!!

Ok....I was typing like a pro there. I need to get going. I will pop in later if I can.

Hugs to all!:hug:

08-02-2006, 12:32 PM
Good morning!:wave:

Marti - too bad I can't add my 4 pound loss of July 29th to the August WI, lol. Hey, how's your grandpa today? I feel like I know him, from you talking about him, and he seems like such a sweet fella.

Cristina - I hope you're feeling better today. The heat has made me feel so draggy. I went to wally world last night at 10 pm just to beat the daytime heat, and couldn't believe how many people were there. Guess we all had the same idea.

Sue - loved the pics, your home is Gorgeous, thanks for sharing. The lawnmower home would make a great playhouse for my 5 DGDs, lol. Are you going to put drapes or sheers all the way across the 3 bay windows? I can just see something light and breezy all the way across.... Whatever you do will be just beautiful, Sue.

Hello to everyone else reading this. :) If you've been reading, but haven't posted, please join us... the more, the merrier.

One more day of this awful heat, then the weatherman has promised a cooling off period. Over 100 degrees with the heat index is just too darn hot for this old gal.

I got a new color ink thingy for my printer last night at Walmart, and so I'm going to start my new weight loss scrapbook today.

What are your plans for the day?

08-02-2006, 05:17 PM
Hi Ladies...

JANE...feeling a little better today. Don't know what happened...seems like a stomach virus but not sure. Decided to mow the front yard last night since it was a little cooler and the wind was blowing. Was fine until I came in and sat down...thought I was getting a migraine (they always start with me behind the eyes) so had to go to bed with a cold, wet, cloth on my eyes and forehead and sleep it off. Never was a full blown migraine but worse than a normal headache. You know, I've done that before (went shopping late)...and it always seemed like everyone else had the same idea-how dare they, lol.

SUE...your house is purdy! I love the bay windows and the porch. The lawnmower house is cute too! At first I thought it was a play house-don't tell DH that. Glad you got your computer up and running.

MARTI...hope your grandpa is well.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

No special plans for shopping, a couple of errands and laundry. Didn't have much grocery shopping to do so just went to the local store around the corner. I was a little shocked though when she told me the total because I hardly got adds up though. It just reminded me though why I go to Wal-Mart. Their prices may be rising a little, but they are still the better choice, in my mind anyway.

Hope everyone is having a great day! :wave:

joan fay
08-02-2006, 07:53 PM
:flow1: :flow1: Hello Everyone,
Christina - One mustn't overdue - be careful mowing the lawn.
Wallmart sounds like a winner.

Today was volunteer day. 10:00 to 1:00 is my time to assist the street people and those who have more month than pay-check. I usually get there by 9:15 or so and straighten up the shelves and take an inventory of what we have to give out.

The weather is much much better. There is a cool breeze.
Little Lucy is runing around having a fit because I won't let her out to do her lizard hunting. I wouldn't mind but she is very vocal.
Take care everyone
joan fay

08-03-2006, 05:05 PM
Hello hello hello hello .... Yikes, it's so empty there's an echo in here, lol.

Cristina - I like to give the local hometown grocers my business once in awhile, but agree the prices are too high. Our town only has 2 local ones left since Walmart moved in. Sad. Hope your headache is gone now. When I get a sinus headache, they sometimes start behind the eyes, and I know how bad that hurts!

Joan Fay - good to see you again! Yay for you doing a good deed to help out. Is this for a food pantry?

Marti - I'm worried that you not being here might mean that something worse has happened to your grandpa. Say it isn't so....

And Julie - it's been DAYS since you've checked in.... hope all is well, sweetie.

Where is everyone else?? Hope you're all out having fun somewhere. :carrot: Well, we know Robin is having fun!

My meeting was today, and as usual, was a good one. We talked about stress, and I feel very blessed that right now (knock wood) I don't have much of that in my life. There have been times, though, that stress has just about been the end of me, lol. You gals here have helped me through many, many crisis in the past few years. Btw, I invited a new member, Lana, to join us, and I hope she does.

Gotta run, but I'll try to bbl. :hug:

joan fay
08-03-2006, 05:48 PM
:flow1: :flow1: :flow1:
Just got home from bible study. A friend reminded me it started today.
Well, it was the summer session which I had not planned to attend. Normally I would have started in the fall with my walk through the bible sponsered by LOGOS. I'm in my third year I think. Takes about five to seven years.
Anyway - back to the subject at hand - the summer session which lasts a month is about women in the bible. Turns out I think I will enjoy it.

Jane -- My volunteer work with CCSA is a food pantry and a lot more.
Counciling is provided, leads to jobs, help with housing when possible and at our other facilitiy nurshing care for the homeless. Clothings is also available.
It is rewarding and most of the time people are helped. There are those who work the system. But, that's just part of life.

We are having some heavy mist. Can't really call it rain. Just enough to foul up the freeways. Californians don't know how to act in the rain.
Being a native I can say that.
Everyone have a good evening.
joan fay:cool:

08-03-2006, 10:43 PM
Near 50 posts.. see you at Weight Loss and Chit Chat #206!