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07-24-2006, 12:16 PM
Weekly Challenge:

Another chance at doing a challenge!:) This one may be an easier challenge for some. And since it got the most votes this is what we're going to try.

It was also borrowed from the support forum. (Gotta give credit where credit is due) I was a part of this challenge way back when I first started and really enjoyed it....and I think some of you may enjoy it also.

What does it involve? Well let me tell ya.....

Each week you choose something that you really have a hard time doing and you do it for the week.:hun: :lifter: BUT--the difference between this and the 21 day challenge DON'T have to do this every day of the week! (The week consist of Monday through Sunday----yes weekends too!)

Say for really want to cut down on sugar...but you know you can't last for the full 21 days:no: (as in the 21 day challenge) but you know you can at least work it in some of the days in a week.:yes: You can choose how many days such as 3 or 4 or 5.....(but no less than 3 please) and then commit yourself to it. doesn't have to be all in a row either!:cb: You may decide to not eat sugar for 4 days. So on Monday you have no sugar, but on Tuesday you can have some, on Wednesday none, then Thurdsday...(you get the idea) As long as you complete the amount of days you committed yourself to.

So what do you think? Think we can commit to doing this?:high: Let's give it a try!

07-24-2006, 12:17 PM
I'm committing myself to exercise 4 times this week. It's a hard thing for me to get any in, but I need to do it. So that is my challenge!:)

I'm hoping to up the days I workout to more than 4 as time goes on.

07-24-2006, 03:39 PM
Thanks for starting the challenge, Marti. What kind of exercise are you focusing on? I know you can do it!

My challenge for this week is to stay within 1600 calories every day for the week. That may sound high to some of you, but at my current weight, that is about right. I messed up last week by trying to go too low. I thought that a week of 1300 calories a day would show a good loss and get me started. What it did instead, was make me so hungry, I quit.

Also, my 1600 calories will be made up of (mostly) healthful foods. :yes: Tonight's dinner is tossed salad, lots of tomatoes, baked tilapia, beans, and mixed veggies. I planned all my calories for today last night, and I allowed 120 calories for 1/2 cup ff frozen yogurt because I need it to stay sane. :dizzy: Yes, I know it's full of weird stuff with unpronouncable names, but at this point, that's the best I can do.

I want to stop wasting time, effort, and energy worrying about my weight instead of doing something about it. Hopefully, this accountability will help all of us.

Who else is on board?

07-24-2006, 03:58 PM
Water for's been so hot here, and some days before I go to bed I realize I haven't had ANY water!!! :o :( :?: Don't know how I manage that...

Anyway, my goal for this week is 48 oz of water every day -- we buy sport top bottles with 25.3 fl oz each, so 2 bottles each day and I am over my goal. I will make my goal for 4 days this week.

07-24-2006, 11:46 PM
Marti, I will do the same as you...4 days of exercise. I hope for more, but should be able to manage at least the 4. I haven't felt well and have really gotten lax. Tomorrow will be my first day since I didn't exercise today.

Thanks for starting this!

07-25-2006, 11:33 AM
Any kind of exercise is good for me. Walking, lifting, jogging, gazelling. Depends on the weather if I go out or not.

I got my first day in already. I walked. :running:
Now, to get three more days of exercise!!

One down three to go!

07-25-2006, 12:00 PM
Got my water in yesterday...starting on my first bottle for today! :coffee:

I know, I know, that smiley is for drinking coffee -- we need one just for drinking water...I could use...


but none of them are quite right...:rofl:

07-25-2006, 07:36 PM
I did fine with the calories yesterday - not too hungry - actually went under goal. So far, today is very good, too.

07-25-2006, 11:28 PM
I got exercise, just not much. Tomorrow will be better. I did eat better today. Every little bit helps.

07-26-2006, 10:24 AM
Wow, you gals are doing great! I love the "water" smilies, lol.

I did OP with the food yesterday, and have today's menu all written down. I've been saving some calories for around 8pm, and I think that's helping me.

I think I may begin a whole new weight loss scrapbook. That seemed to help me last time, plus, it will give me something to do with my hands besides eat. :dizzy: I have a current full-length photo that was taken in Owensboro that I can use as a start.

07-26-2006, 10:53 AM
Whoo hoo, day 2 drank my water! :hat: Probably helps that I started this challenge during this heat wave :sunny: We broke the record for the most days in a row over 100...

07-26-2006, 02:08 PM
Nothing today.......not yet anyway. I have plans to do an arm workout. So that is the goal for today. I will let you know how that goes.

Great job girls!! :carrot:

07-26-2006, 05:26 PM
I completely fogot about the challenge, oops! I will definitely jump on board next Monday...not getting much exercise in at all and that is my one thing I need to work on again. The heat is killing me and zapping my energy.

Keep up the good work ladies! :carrot:

07-26-2006, 08:06 PM
Mary Kate - yay for getting your water. I guess I'm just lucky that I like to drink water. It grows on a person.

Marti - do you have a tape for the arm workout, or what? I do some piddly arm exercises on my own, but haven't noticed any change.

Cristi - I was just wondering where you were for this challenge, and I'm glad to hear/read that you'll be joining us next week.

Sue - how'd you do today?

Angie - I really wish you were doing this with us. It's not the same w/o you. When you're ready, jump in, ok?

I have done great again today so far, knock wood. I know it's probably too early to say this, but I feel in control and think I'll make it this time. If nothing else, I should get points for enthusiasm. :carrot: PLEASE let this feeling last!

07-27-2006, 12:32 AM
HI...better late than never. I didn't do the WATP exercises today, but I did put in time weeding the flower beds in the heat. Nah, I won't count that as exercise, but will try to do better tomorrow. Eating needs to be better, but I am getting there. I just have to get feeling better and get my strength back to normal. Allergies are kicking my butt.
Nice to hear that you are all doing so well. Keep it up!

07-27-2006, 07:57 AM
I know I am starting late BUT, better late than never - Again - hope I am doing this right - my challenge is to do at least 10 minutes of exercise (of some kind) each day - what is the weekly frame? (Sat. to Sat., etc or something different?) I am also new here but I put a bio in the jaded ladies bio section! Good luck everyone!

07-27-2006, 11:15 AM
Sue - hope you're feeling better.

Kim - glad you found us. The new thread starts on Mondays. I like how we can all set our own challenges here, don't you? Good luck. :)

I was OP again yesterday. I think saving more calories for evening is helping a lot.

07-27-2006, 08:55 PM
Got my water in yesterday and today, so met my goal for the week, but I'm gonna try to keep doing this every day.

I've been so good this week with my water, and have stayed OP, but don't think the scale has least not in the RIGHT direction. Just gotta keep sticking with it, though...

07-27-2006, 09:35 PM
Well I did get my ten minutes of exercise in today - Walked at the zoo - didn't walk as much as I thought I would but hey! I did it! Hopefully I will be able to do this tomorrow - thinking about walking up the street and back ...I have to start somewhere .....

07-28-2006, 02:32 AM
I did some walking the last couple days so I'm three out of four!:D

Kim glad you found us!
Cristi, next week we'll meet!
Jane, Sue,'re doing GREAT!!:carrot:

07-28-2006, 09:03 AM
Well, last night after the raw chicken episode I kept craving SOMETHING - So I tried to banish the need with a healthy bowl of cereal - unfortunately it didn't work - so I ended up having 6 sugar cookies - here come my flex points - so does my smilie stay the same for food?

Everyone here seems to be doing great - gonna work today on healthy foods to kind of push down the junk from last night!

07-28-2006, 02:07 PM
Good morning to the challenged, lol,

Katie - yay for drinking all the water. You know that if you keep staying OP, the scale will budge in the Right direction sooner or later, so don't worry, ok?

Kim - good for you, doing the walking. Not sure what you mean about the smilies, but good for you planning healthy foods for today.

Marti - yay for 3 outta 4.

I'm still OP!! So I'm 4 out of 7. I was going to take my oldest DGD to the movies today, but don't want to be challenged yet with the popcorn, etc, so Katie is going to take her, instead. Once I make it through a couple of weeks, I will be able to handle the movies, but not quite yet. No use just asking for trouble, right?

Can I mention a NSV (non-scale victory)? Last night, the family was outside in the yard, and Mary made ice cream cones for the kids and whoever wanted one. So I snagged a Whole Fruit no-sugar added popsicle for 30 calories and had that instead.

07-29-2006, 11:22 PM
Yay Jane...great job. I bought Fudgesicle brand no sugar added fudgies..40 calories. I told DH he could buy ice cream..just not the flavors I love. No problem as he like a few I don't.
I walked for 50 minutes this morn and it was HOT out there. I know I sweated a ton. I haven't done well this week...but am feling some better. Food has been my downfall. I just have to do better...'nuff said.

07-29-2006, 11:37 PM
Sue - like you, I get stuff for Neal and Katie that I don't particularly care for, lol. For example, they like toffee flavored stuff, and I wouldn't walk across the road for a tub of it. Well, at least you're feeling some better. That's good. YAY for the exercise!

Katie, Kim, Marti - hope you are doing ok, too, on your challenges.

I am still very OP with the food. I had to adjust some of my calories today, but I like that option about calorie counting. And most of the time, I'm eating healthy stuff. All the fresh produce is really helping out. As of today, I've got 6 of 7 done.

Next week, I'm going to allow 200 extra calories on Sunday. I forgot to do that in this challenge, so I'll stay with what I said, but I used to save some WW points for a treat on Sundays, and want to do that with the calories, too.

Toodles, :wave:

07-30-2006, 12:26 AM
I had a successful week. Got all four days in!!:carrot:

Will make it something different next week so I don't drive myself crazy doing the same thing. I may do something about food.

Anyway....GREAT WORK GALS!!!:carrot:

Now to go watch that movie!:dizzy:

07-30-2006, 06:51 PM
I think I actually got my water in every single day! The heatwave helped, I'm sure. I'm going to continue with the water for my challenge through this next week (and maybe even the week after that, we'll see) because I really want this to become an automatic habit. So, week 2 is the water challenge again for me -- at least 2 24 oz bottles for at least 5 days this week.

Great job, everyone!

07-31-2006, 10:28 AM
Happy Monday. My challenge this week is to keep a food diary and make good choices. I know I won't walk in this heat, so I will work on the food for now. It does seem that when I am eating better I tend to WANT to exercise more. SO let's attack the foodie stuff. :) I don't actually count calories, but I know portion sizes and what I should eat and what I shouldn't. Just have to DO IT and write it down.
Breakfast was an english muffin with light Country Crock (and I use a smidgen, don't lather it on) and a banana. I know I am supposed to eat 1/2 banana, but have errands to run and they are showing the house so I can't get back in here until after 1:30.I am afraid I will get too hungry and be near a Mickey D's. ha...I am taking a pack of peanut butter crackers with me to stave off the munchies if needed.
Good luck to all you challenged...(Jane, I liked that. :) )

07-31-2006, 10:30 AM
Ummmm, no, I am packing a Clementine and a crackers. Every little bit helps!

07-31-2006, 11:04 AM
You gals are doing so well. :cp:

Katie - even if the heat makes it easier, still, you're doing great with the water.

Sue - yay for making a better snack choice.

Marti - what will your challenge be this week?

Angie, Kim and Cristi - are you in?

Anybody else who wants to join this challenge, just pop right in. :yes:

I got 6 of 7 days, so that's really good for me. :carrot: Yesterday, I went over my calories, but I'm good to go for another week. My challenge will be the same as last week, with 200 added for next Sunday. Don't know why I need that, but I think it's a psychological thing. :dizzy:

Let's do it, ladies!

07-31-2006, 12:12 PM
I can't figure out how to move your post girls....

But lets close this one and start w/the next one.