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Happy Canuk
07-23-2006, 01:45 AM
Hi. Just thought a new thread would be better. Not much to add. Went and spent the day at the lake. It is soooo hot here. I am NOT used to this really hot stuff and I feel not so good. I do MUCH better in the really cold, dry air.

Mima - glad you got your house back. It is nice to have company but also nice to see them go. Have fun tomorrow.

Hi Tammy and Joanne.

Here is something for you all to watch. It is really nice.

07-23-2006, 06:56 AM
No rest for the wicked! Everyone left at (:30 and then I madly cleaned-took a nap-got in the whirlpool and heard voices. Brad's grandaughter and her 3 year old came to the party a day early. She and Brad talked while I took care of Isaiah-he's cute but not what I wanted. Did manage to bake while they were there-it's 6 o'clock and no one is leaving. Finally-Brad ate old beans and hotdogs and I ate soup/ The good thing about all of it was that she really needed some spiritual direction-it's that the timing was off. They are coming back today along with 35 others. Party at 2 and VBS at 6-the rest of the week I am going to veg-at least for 2 days. Life is what happens while you make other plans.
Rain again. I think it will clear up.
Thanks for the new thread , Anne, Joanne, I remeber when I was waiting for the rotator cuff surgery-it was awful. Then it;s over. Finished Black-have to have library order Red and White. Too good!! Bye Mima

Joanne D
07-23-2006, 03:22 PM
Happy- that is so nice. I sent off to my son and daughter...Joanne

07-24-2006, 12:39 AM
Mima, you'll enjoy those books too. Hard to put down once you start them.

Anne, thanks for starting the new thread.

We are leaving for Michigan in the morning. Took Kramer to the doggy hotel tonight. We'll be home sometime on Thursday. I have my pedometer out, because I know we'll be doing some walking. Also have pain meds packed just in case!!

Have a great week everyone!

07-24-2006, 07:30 AM
Have a good time Tammy. My son went to Ferris State so I have been to Michigan to his graduation.
Life lesson-even though you put regrets only on an invitation, mostly no one calls to say that but they don't show up. Consequently, you get 2x as much food. Lesson: don't expect people to respond???
Anyhow, I got saved form exhaustion yesterday because I listened to my stress tape in the morning and fell asleep/ Party went well with lots of food left over so I brought some to VBS-gone in a minute-they will get some tonight too-Brad's baby picture on the cake. Brad's grandaughter entertained kids drwaing pics-payback for day before. My son was upset because I wasn't serving real food-just desserts. I guess that's what old people do. Brad was playing a DVD of Gospel music and daughter ran out to Walmart. Guess our lifestyle is different for them . And Brad had a fit because he poured Hazelnut creamer into his coffee-he hates it. Ha!
VBS went well-very fast paced. I had 10 5,6,7, and 8th graders-only to walk to different activities. Good kids.
Not leaving home til I am unwound. Bye for now Mima

07-25-2006, 04:12 AM
WOW ... you guys have been busy.

I went to the Rheumatologist in Nashville today. Same old same old. He wanted me to start Enbrel but I nixed it. Too risky for me. There have been a number of people died from infections taking that and I have a history of getting all kinds of infections. I have mouth ulcers right now just from using an inhaler the doctor gave me last week for allergies. Only 1 in a 1000 was supposed to have that side effect. He said if the Arthritis keeps getting worse, I may not have a choice but to try the Enbrel. I said there is always a choice.

A couple from church invited us over for dinner tonight. I barely made it home from Nashville in time ... came inside for about 40 minutes then left again. I was really tired. When we got there they had invited the pastor and his wife and two other couples. She had cooked so much food and it was delicious. So much for my diet (again today!) and she had peach cobbler and ice cream for dessert! We made some new friends and had a great time. I still can't believe how friendly all the people at this church are as opposed to the last church we went to and how different everything is. There doesn't seem to be any cliques or just one or two people running things. Everybody works well together and gets along like one big happy family. I've been threatening to go to Staples and buy an 'Easy Button' and put it on the table in the foyer! ;) I just hope we get a new pastor & wife half as good as the one we have now! All eight of us that left the other church joined last week so we could vote.

Mima ... I thought it was "no rest for the WEARY!" :p I need your stress tape!!! I envy you reading those books. I didn't want them to end.

I'd kind-of like to go back to MI for a visit. I haven't been back there in years. I need to start walking. Maybe I will when I get my ankle swelling down. Doc. said I need to get off my feet and do that now. It's pretty bad.

Well ... off to bed I go. Loooong day.

07-25-2006, 06:35 AM
Weary is better. VBS is a bit overwhelming. One kid is special ed but he is just active. He and his sister were adopted into this nice family!! But the evening ended with one of them picking up the grate, climbing into the hole, getting bonked with the grate, all the while I am telling him to get out of there. I need to talk to him tonight about his disobedience. Don't know that student but he sure seems impulsive. But we picked Debbie up and I told her she had to ask permission for everything she wanted and she did so I guess she is teachable. 2 more nights-we get home late and I don't unwind so I woke up before 4 am with all of that on my mind. I will do something different tonight. I ordered 2 more Dekker books from the Regional library.
Meme, I am so glad you found that nice church. That's how it should be. Brad wants me to go with him to look at retired pastor's house to put air in-they are the nicest couple-she taught the same thing as me when she worked.
Maybe it will be a 2 nap day. Mima

07-25-2006, 12:47 PM
My house is so clogged with junk. Gonna try to make a dent in some of that today. Hope I have enough trash bags! ;) I had hubby bring some boxes from where daughter moved to put yard sale stuff in. Hope I have enough of those, too. I'm getting down to the simple 'Bear Necessities' of life! :p

07-26-2006, 06:51 AM
That's a great feeling! I am almost ther but then we have 3 places to live, if you include the rv! Which we are taking to the mission conference on Friday-it's going to be hot and there will be no air except in our camper and we won't have to share a bathroom. We need comforts in our old age,
VBS went great-I let the teen helper handle the boy who loves the great-there is a frog down there. Same boy took items from craft room-I made him put them back. Nothing much-but I told him it was stealing.
Going to get my acupuncture treatment. I wasn't achy until yetserday! Mike got back home at 2 am Mon morning-left MA at 9:30 on Sat. One night in a motel!
Picking up a script for Flonase-my insurance won't pay for much anymore. Hey Joanne, you have the most posts. Mima

07-26-2006, 12:59 PM
Mima ... be careful with the little boy. He may come from a home where he isn't taught much and possibly taught by example that stealing is acceptable. I've been teaching in church for over 40 years and I've found that loving a child ... a hug and a kind word is more important than some little something they might take home with them - they probably don't get much loving at home. I agree that they need to be taught that stealing is wrong but we have to be so careful not to do it in such a stearn, admonishing way that it causes them not to want to go to church. They have to come away from church feeling as if they have had a good experience so that when they grow older they remember that and want to go back. When I had rowdy bus children I always tried to keep them with me and give them a 'special' task to do to 'help me out.' That usually kept them out of trouble and made them feel special and needed. I'd say, why don't you sit over here by me and help me do this. I remember one little boy that always caused a disturbance during story time so I'd hold him on my lap and let him turn the pages for me. I'd hold the book so the kids could see the pages and I told him I couldn't hold it like that and turn the pages, too. :p I always just look at these children as a challenge instead of a problem and usually love them into doing what I want them to do. ;)

Christian book store going out of business in town ... think I'll go see what all I can buy! :D

07-27-2006, 07:22 AM
You are right, Meme. VBS is so fast paced I don't have much time to do that but I did last night. I will see him again. They changed activities every 20 minutes so it was mostly transporting them from place to place with a little assistance at their activities. Last night they were extra active because it was the last night but they are such nice kids. I got them good because I joined in their game and got someone out-they said it wasn't fair!!Ha!
Little Debbie was off the wall-yelling at adults-I cannot stand that but she had been to court with her mother and saw her real father and it sure confused her.
A day off-I am going to try to get a massage last minute. My legs hurt but my back is better-acupuncture. We are going to a mission conference tomorrow. Anyone hear of Interserve? Awesome conference and people.
I am reading a John Grisham book about a lawyer who works for the homeless. Really good. Mima

Joanne D
07-27-2006, 11:02 AM
Not much happening here. We are just trying to survive the summer.. It is really hot..In the 90's. We try to work outside but that is no use.. I walked to the beach the other even ing. Too hot.. I felt like I was floating on the way back. Good thing I took my phone. I called Louie and he came after me. I did get 2 miles though.
I had to break down and make an appointment with a podiatrist.. I have a couple toes he will probably take the nail off.. They may grow back but I don't know for sure.
Tonight is Tops night. I am up a pound. I have to try harder. I think I have actually lost a couple,but, still out of leeway.I told Eleni I was just going to bite the bullet and get on the scale. I was hoping to lose it and then get on. That hasn't helped.I hate the scale!!!I got on the T/M 3 times this week. I was thinking last night ,that, a couple years ago I was walking about 25 miles a week. Now, I am luck to get in 5 miles. Not good..Got to do better..

07-27-2006, 12:11 PM
We have a lot of kids at our church. Many of them come from broken homes and some are even practically homeless, living at shelters or with aunts who don't really have room - or elderly grandparents who can't take proper care of them. They don't dress the best in the world and often wear shorts or improper T-shirts but we accept them any way we get them and don't say a word. I think that's why they come ... they know they will be accepted there. They are not rowdy, though. Most are teenagers looking for spiritual guidance. They sit up front, go to the altar and pray and they get up in the youth group and sing. We had over 50 go to a teen youth rally in Pigeon Forge a couple of months ago. Our church is not that big but the pastor's heart has been set on the youth. I don't know where we are going to find another like him. He gets out in the parking lot and plays basket ball with them with his good clothes on! (Or he did before his Parkinson's got so bad.) The upstairs at the church is being given over to the teens as an activity center with a kitchen just for them. A place where they can come during the week to just hang out, play games and talk ... with adult supervision of course. They are going to put a ping-pong table and stuff up there for them ... have snack foods and just make it a home away from home. Their aim ... keeping them off the streets. Like I said ... I love that church!

07-27-2006, 10:32 PM
Mima, we had so much food at Tim's graduation party just in case people showed up. We had soooooooooooooo much left over. Interserve sounds familiar, but I have no idea why.

Meme, I want to come to that bookstore and go shopping!!! What your church is doing for the youth is wonderful!!

Joanne, I know you aren't walking as much as you used to, but at least you are doing it sometimes. I'll be getting weighed in the morning since we're home from our trip. Not looking forward to the scales.

Our trip to Michigan was nice. I overdid it on Tuesday, and I've paying for it ever since. Too much walking and climbing hills that were on the island. I haven't slept much, so I'm hoping that being back in my own bed will help.

I read The Note by Angela Hunt on our trip. It was so good. I think someone on here was reading one of her books. I wrote down her name and found this one at the library. I am really enjoying all of the reading that I've been able to do this summer.

07-28-2006, 02:28 AM
Tammy ... that was me. Read 'The Novelist' next. You won't regret it! I couldn't put it down.

07-28-2006, 08:55 AM
Now if I can remember those books when I go to the library.
Meme-they are doing those same things at Brad's church-they have this great Teen leader named Katie who works with them. You should hear her preach and she never went to seminary. And people transport these kids to Bethany. The kids are our future. Brad's former church didn't have a program for the kids.
I had the best massage yesterday ! But I am still hurting. Must be the humidity. It's easy to pack for this weekend-just put stuff in a clothesbasket and put it in the camper!
Ever heard of Cure-they operate on handicapped kids overseas-and Vision Trust-who operate schools in poor countries. We sponsor a little girl named Iliana from the Dominican Republic. i sent her a picture of us and she said she wanted to meet us and tell us how beautiful we are. We do want to go there next year. I would love to meet her.
Time to put the rubbish out. Mima

07-28-2006, 02:47 PM
Meme, I went to the library a while ago. Couldn't find a place to park even remotely close. I wonder what's going on? Anyway, I'll go back later today and see what I can find.

Mima, That would be so awesome for you to meet Iliana!!

Getting caught up on laundry. Picked Kramer up from the doggy hotel. He has had a bath and his blankets and bed have been washed. He's laying here on the floor beside me. He started crying when he saw me. Tim was driving, thank goodness. The dog wouldn't come down off my shoulder. Of course after our lounger trip to Florida, I picked him up by myself. That was interesting driving home with him on top of me.

Joanne D
07-29-2006, 10:45 AM
The trip to the podiatrist made me feel like I was there for nothing.. One medication she said would cost 1000 dollars, another 100 dollars copay and another over the counter is a ? mark.She said the nail would grow out and to come back in 12 weeks.What a waste. I should have just gone to the drug store.Saved a trip out of town.
IBS is giving me a fit..I was in the mall and forgot to go to the health food store..I will try the peppermint caps when I can get them..
We got 2 good days of rain!!I hope we get more.
Have a Good weekend everybody...Joanne

07-29-2006, 04:56 PM
Joanne ... that's exactly the way I felt my last two visits to doctors. When I went to my regular doctor he gave me that inhaler and it made things worse. At least the mouth ulcers are getting better but I still have the breathing problem. Hubby wants me to call him and get something else ... I said I'll just keep my breathing problem. At least it's just ONE problem! Then the trip to the Rheumatologist in Nashville just yielded refills of the same meds. The BIG conversation with hubby about the building ... went nowhere as usually. Still nothing. We went building shopping that one time and it has been dropped. Just as I figured it would. I haven't mentioned it since. One day this week I woke up feeling really bad so I just didn't answer the phone. I went back to bed. There were several cars that came in the driveway but I just stayed put ... didn't even get up to see who it was. I told him that, too. He just looked at me kind-of funny. I figured if he thinks he is losing money, maybe he'll figure out something to do about it. He hasn't said any thing else about a building. I'm leaving it up to him. If I don't get to feeling better I don't really care what he does. I'm just going to quit selling them. If someone calls I'm going to tell them to call back after 4 and talk to him. If I didn't know better, I'd swear I'm pregnant!

I usually feel better when I'm on a very restricted diet with high protein and little or no 'white' foods or sugar. So, that's what I'm going to do for the next couple of weeks. I have to do something to get in shape ... I have 2 tiresome trips coming up in two weeks back to back. The wedding in NC is the 10th thru the 13th with the rehersal being the 10th and the wedding the 12th then ending with me singing at my aunt's church on Sunday, the 13th. Then, the next weekend, our Sunday School class is going to Gatlinburg for a 'fun-filled' weekend of 'shows and shopping'. I think there are 23 'Mountian Toppers' booked for that (name of our class). Only about half the class is going. We're leaving at 8:30 Fri. morning (18th) and coming back late Sat. night ... right now hurt so bad and I'm so tired all the time I don't think I can do all that!!! I found a plan that requires you to eat 6 egg whites and a dish of oatmeal for breakfast (they said a pack of instant), a low-carb protein shake mid-morning, chicken or tuna, salad & rice for lunch, low-carb protein shake mid-afternoon, chicken or salmon, salad & rice for dinner and a gallon of water a day. You do this 6 days and then if you want to do it longer you add other meats, other veggies and sweet potatoes in place of the rice sometimes. I started this morning. Hubby was impressed with me eating the eggwhites sans/salt! I hate eggs! Oh, you have to limit your salt intake ... 0 is best! If you don't want the protein shakes you can substitute 4 egg whites ... not me! And the salads are unlimited with oil type dressing. The exercises are very slow belly crunches done only with raised shoulders and with bent knees, and slow walking. You are supposed to lose 5 or 6 pounds and inches off your belly area in 6 days, have unlimited energy and you're not supposed to get hungry. We'll see. Shouldn't be hard to do and eat out, I should be able to get a chicken breast and salad anywhere we go! I'll keep you posted ... if it works for me some of you may want to try it. :p

Joanne D
07-29-2006, 08:20 PM
Meme- I know these Dr's are out for the money.. I may not keep the next appointment.. we will see.. Let us know how the diet works. I know if I would just eat protien and salad I would lose the 5 lbs I need too. Just doing it is the thing. I don't seem to have the will power anymore..I eat egg sub. all the time(egg beaters). Now and then I crave a real egg. It is the junk foods that are getting to me .And bread...Bad habits.. I would just keep at the hubby to get the building.. Or like you said tell them to come back after he is home. He will get tired of that in a hurry...Joanne

07-30-2006, 03:00 AM
I did great today. Stuck to it!!! Went to the store and got what I needed for the next 5 days. We went to Ryan's to eat tonight before we went to the store because I didn't have what I needed for dinner. If you don't have a Ryan's it's all food bars. I got a huge salad ... mostly lettuce with some other veggies like tomatoes and stuff and a little free Italian dressing. Had some baked chicken, baked salmon and rice and was full. Then we went to the college and walked for 20 minutes. That was hard for me but I did it ... very slowly with my ankle! Got most of my water down. I have peed every 20 minutes. Hubby said he didn't know how I was going to make it through church tomorrow. I have to play the piano ... I'll be saying, hold that song ... be right back! ;)

07-30-2006, 06:48 AM
Joanne, I can't believe those prices for the meds! I'm glad that you finally had some rain. I know you've needed it. No willpower sounds like me.

Meme, I think your hubby is going to have to realize sooner or later that the building is important in your lives. You can't go on like this. You losing the weight by the wedding and me losing that 5 pounds before Tim leaves for college. I think you are going to make it. I just keep making excuses about not following a healthy eating plan. I don't think I'm going to hit that 5 pounds. Your diet sounds interesting. I almost gagged thinking about eating egg whites though. I have trouble eating eggs in the morning. I need to reread the SouthBeach Diet book. I keep saying that, so why don't I DO it??? Keep us posted on how you are doing. I feel like I'm always looking for a bathroom, so I'm sure all of the water would make it interesting!!

I'm having some withdrawal problems about Tim leaving for college, and he doesn't leave until Aug. 11. I sat and cried last night. Glad I was the only one home.

Joanne D
07-30-2006, 03:38 PM
Tammy- The empty nest is no fun. I went through it twice.. And they were married..Just the thought of them leaving town was hard for me. I cried every time I left my daughters house. She lives in Madison, Fl.( North Fl.)I don't cry any more when my daughter comes or leaves or we leave her house,but, I feel it.I guess this is just what happens when we are so close..
I know the feelings of guilt ,because ,I am not eating like I should.. I had a greek soup for lunch. I have a pork loin in the crock pot for dinner. our son and his wife coming over. Now if I can just eat a salad with the meat I should do ok..I pray about this battle every day...Joanne

07-30-2006, 03:58 PM
I am not motivated to diet either, We just got home from the conference-as usual it was great. The guy in the kitchen made me something special for Friday -they were having lassgna-and then Sat noon when they were having pasta. My stomache hurts a little but not bad.
Call a few places about the peppermint capsules, Joanne. Fat is the worst thing for me. I hope you feel better.
My skinny daughter just came in-talk about motivation. She does WW on-line and she lost 4 last week. She looks great!! Mima

07-31-2006, 02:52 AM
Did great again today! Talk about a good plan. Wouldn't want to stay on it like it is forever but you could modify it and it would work. I didn't much like the egg whites yesterday ... I boiled them ... but this morning hubby scrambled them with cooking spray and they went down just fine. That's the worst of it and I can do that for 6 days. I lost 2 & 1/2 pounds yesterday. I even got down the whole gallon of water today. Now, I know if I can drink that much water and if I can stick to a diet like that on SUNDAY and eat out twice you can, Tammy! We went to Logan's after church and I had Teriyaki chicken breast on rice and a salad with just a little Italian dressing. Then tonight we went to Cheddar's and I got grilled salmon on rice and a salad & only used a little It. dressing ... just enough to taste. Had my protein shake before church tonight ... only had one instead of two today. This really is more than I'm used to eating. Tomorrow I'm going to have tuna for lunch and bake a chicken for dinner. Tuesday I'm having our son a FORTIETH :eek: BD dinner. I was worried about that. Hubby and I put our heads together (he's all into me doing this) and came up with BBQ ribs on the grill and BBQ chicken in the crock pot, potatoes & rice, green beans and a huge salad so I don't have to cook much and I'll also have the stuff I need to eat. I already feel a little better today ... I think that's why hubby is so into me continuing on - he said he could tell a difference in me already. He told our friends tonight when they were asking the forever question after church "where are we going to eat?" that they should ask me because we had to go somewhere that I could get what I needed. :p I said I would adapt. I may stay on this another 6 days after the first 6 so I'll figure out something each restaurant has to accomadate. The doctors aren't going to help so I'm going to just have to figure out some way to help myself! It's not so much about losing as it is feeling better (but the weight loss is a nice bonus!) :D

If anybody decides they want this, give me your email. I have it in my computer, I'll email it to you. My best friend wanted it so I scanned it in from the magazine and copied it off for her.

07-31-2006, 06:40 AM
That's great, Meme. I'm allergic to egg whites and can't eat salad but I sure eat a lot of chicken.
I have been awake since 3:30-it's a 2 nap day. My legs hurt like crazy-did a lot of stair climbing over the weekend.
I ate a couple of things this weekend that I don't usually eat and my stomache was good. I am going to keep up the accupuncture for the IBS because I think it's working-plus the peppermint capsules.
Next weekend I will stay with Auntie-her family is going to FL for 2 weeks and she was not sure she could stay alone. I will keep my eye on her. If you knew how good she was to me when I was growing up and in my early adult years, you would see why I am attached to her. And she is my father's sister, and he was the one who abused me. I don't know if she knew what was going on and I am not going to tell her.
I know what you mean about finding restaurants that can accomodate your eating needs.
Fell better Joanne . have a good day guys. Mima

07-31-2006, 09:03 AM
Joanne, I know that Tim will be ok. We are very close, and I feel he'll stay in touch as he goes out into his own life. I feel like we're closing a chapter in his life and moving into the next one. I guess since I love to read, that's a good thing!! lol

Mima, I have several friends who do WW but not online. That's nice that you'll be staying with your aunt.

Meme, I really should give it a try. I have been getting more water in than I did for a while. Also drinking less pop. I'd love to have the information that you have about what you are doing. I'll PM you with my e-mail.

All kinds of errands to run this morning, and then we are headed out to buy Tim his computer for college. My nephew works at Dell at the mall, so we're going to get one there from him. We figure if Tim has problems with the computer, he can contact his cousin for help. He graduated a year ago, went to school, and got on part time with Dell. Now he is still in school, working full time (salary plus commission), and just got his own apartment close to where he works. He's growing up! I know it makes my brother feel old. His daughter just finished her first year of teaching in Pittsburgh, PA. They have one daughter left at home, and then they'll be in for the empty nest thing. He'll probably handle it better than me.

Prayers please. I don't remember if I told you that my cousin's daughter was having problems with her pregnancy. Twins were due in Sept. They were born last Sunday (July 23) with an emergency c-section. The babies are doing better (one at 3 pounds, 1 about 2 1/2 pounds). Anyway, my cousin (the mom of the twins) is having lots of problems. Headache, temperature, infections that they are having trouble controlling, depression. Please keep Kelly in your prayers. She needs lots of them.

07-31-2006, 06:43 PM
Praying for the babies Tammy. That's very small but there have been smaller babies born that have pulled through. As for Tim ... you never really lose a child ... mine are living proof of that. And especially as close as your family is. Our family is close like you and your son. My kids are through with school and have kids and we are still close but different. Life changes and goes on and changes some more. You don't lose your kids, they change and you gain more family members and learn to share them with others and they grow and in doing so, you grow a little yourself. But it isn't always easy. Sometimes we mothers have more growing pains than the kids! ;)

Mima ... I have an aunt like that. She's in a rest home now and doesn't even know me. I'm not sure if I will vist her when I go to NC next week or not. It hurts me to see her like that.

I sent the article to those of you who asked for it. Pardon if you get it twice. Just don't open the first one because it will probably be huge. I tried sending it as is and my browser said 1 of them didn't send so since I don't know which one, I resized it and sent it again.


Basically, what it is:

6 egg whites either boiled and separated or scarmbled with cooking spray
(I tried both and prefer the scrambled)
1 pkg of instant oatmeal
coffee or tea

1 low-carb protein drink
or 4 egg whites

8 oz. chicken breast or tuna
Unlimited mixed salad
1 TB olive oil
Seasoning to taste
(I've been using just a little Free Italian dressing)
1 cup cooked rice, preferably brown

same as above

8 oz. chicken breast or salmon
unlimited mixed salad as above
1 cup rice as above

Drink at least 8 8oz glasses of water
they want you to drink a gallon - every day

Do 30 abdominal crunches every day - slowly
just shoulders off the ground to a count of 10 -
then shoulders back down to a count of 10.

And walk for 20 minutes at least once a week.


I started on this Saturday ... 2 days in now. Lost 4 pounds in 2 days. You are supposed to lose inches so I measured this morning to see. In 2 days I lost an inch off my waist, an inch off my belly and an inch off my hips. Don't look so skeptical ... I didn't believe me either so I measured me again. It's true! Hope it works as well in the next 4 days as it has in the last 2! ;) I may be buying a new wedding dress. The size 10 may be too big!!! :D

Happy Canuk
08-01-2006, 12:12 AM
MEME - send it to me!!!! I'll give it a try, but if my heart starts going wonky I'll let you know lol The South Beach Diet was just NO good for me. After 2 days, my heart was missing beats like crazy, and this went on for 7 days, when I FINALLY added carbs and that seemed to take care of the problem. The Cardiologist said diet can throw out the electrolytes and that was the problem.

I am willing to give it a try, however.

TAMMY - it will be ok. It's supposed to happen this way. I missed my kids, but knew that they had been raised right and it was time to spread their wings. They were both well adjusted and made a good life for themselves.

MIMA - That is really good of you to stay with your aunt. I'm sure she appreciates it as well.

JOANNE- glad you got some rain. That was nice for you, I am sure.

It is so much cooler here - only 66 degrees for a high today, but it felt like heaven. You can all keep that hot weather you all love. I don't mind it for a day or two, but a week + is far to much for me. It is just physically draining.

I have Ashley staying with me this week. That is always a fun time.

Hope you all have a good week.

08-01-2006, 07:29 AM
It's not as good as it sounds staying with Auntie-they have 2 spaniels who bark at any slight noise-she doesn't get a lot of sleep and I suppose I won't either. She thinks I will only have to stay one night. Her other daughter is around-I will keep my eye on her. put her in God's hands.
My friend invited me to her pool-I am going. It's going to be 94. I'm sure Brad will get service calls-3 yesterday!!!
That's a great diet-no carbs. But I can't eat salad.The rest is good.
That's fun taking care of Ashley, Anne.
Went through 3 kids going away-I guess last one was the hardest. But she came home all the time because she wasn't far away. But sure was difficult and I was a widow, You will get through it. It's also exciting!
Dog is panting all night long-keeps us awake. We need to keep door shut.
Bye for now Mima

08-01-2006, 10:15 AM
Meme, I think you are right about the growing pains of the parents. Thanks for sending the article. 4 pounds in 2 days is great!!

Anne, I know what you are saying about our kids is right. I know we have done a good job raising Tim, and I know he'll be fine. 66 degrees sounds nice. We've been in the 90's. Enjoy your time with Ashley.

Mima, I'm hoping that Tim won't locate too far away.

Went for blood tests this morning. I go to the doctor on Monday.

08-01-2006, 01:01 PM
Joanne, I wanted to tell you that peppermint candies-ones that say they are made with real peppermint oil can help too. I got mine in the dollar store. I have had IBS since I came home-can't seem to go away!! Mima

08-01-2006, 02:51 PM
Mima ... I know what it's like to be kept awake by an animal. Hubby let the man in back of us turn his cattle in the fields behind and beside us and the bull kept me awake for two nights. I told him the thing fluctuated between screaming and growling all night. He was just the other side of our driveway which is right outside my bedroom window. Hubby is on the other side of the house so he didn't hear him. He said, bulls don't growl. I told him ... well THIS one does! ;) I told him if he keeps it up I'm going to shoot him. Like in DEAD! He said to wake him up next time and he'd go out and run them down in the lower field. And I will, too. Can't stand a barking dog let alone a growling bull!!! :p About the diet being no carbs it actually does have carbs. The salads, oatmeal and the rice & then the low carb shakes, too, after you get the milk in them. You get just enough carbs coupled with all the protein to keep your sugar level.

DOWN ANOTHER POUND AND A HALF TODAY!!! That's 5-1/2 pounds in 3 days.

Giving son a 40th BD dinner tonight so gotta get moving. Have to go pick up his BD cake. Choc. with choc. icing ... for the kids with the tangled fisherman on top (for him because he loves to fish). I made him a banana pudding ... his favorite. A lot of work these Birthdays ... but, bless his heart ... he's over the hill now! :devil:

08-02-2006, 07:26 AM
You are right, Meme-I forgot about the rice and oatmeal. My stomache seems better. I went to visit my girlfriend and we swam in the pool for a long time. I was so tired I couldn't go to prayer meeting last night.
It;s going to be 100 today. I am going to acupuncture and then to aunties for lunch. She doesn't want to go out. I am so glad she is in new house with central air. She has asthma!
Angela said the 2 children are going to be dedicated in 3 weeks, I am going to take care of Keith on Sunday when I do nursery. I can't pick him up from the floor though! There will be someone else-I think Debbie goes in the other room/
Way to go meme on your weight loss!! Mima

08-02-2006, 09:45 AM
Meme, you are doing great!!! I was down 1/2 pound since Monday, so I guess that's moving in the right direction. I made pudding yesterday, the kind with bananas and vanilla wafers in it. That's Tim's favorite. I remember when I thought 40 was ancient! Now I'm 51, so that is very young!!!

Mima, I think we'll be close to 100 again today too. I'm supposed to go away on Friday to do shopping in a town with lots of antique shops with a couple of friends. It's supposed to be in the 80's that day. If it would be in the 90's and up, I think I'd have to cancel. One of them is bringing a wheelchair just in case I need it. I have resigned myself to the fact that I can't do what I used to do, so I might as well be comfortable and not put myself into days of pain afterwards.

I think I am doing nothing outside today. A load of laundry and maybe sit and read a book. Nap???

Happy Canuk
08-02-2006, 12:14 PM
Meme - is it like Boost shakes that you drink, or what. It sounds doable for sure. Kill the bull. I have to put up with some kind of darn machine thumping away all day. They are doing parking lot renos at the hospital. Starts at 7:00 a.m.

Tammy - we can do this. Of course, not if you are making pudding lol

Mima - glad your tummy is feeling better.

Hi Joanne

Not much going on here. Took Ashley swimming last night and will take her again today. The wave pool will be open today. Last night they had it closed for whatever reason, but she had fun playing in the other pool with the slides etc.

Joanne D
08-02-2006, 12:17 PM
Mima- I thought about the peppermint candy but then I said too much sugar and calories.. I have had Ibs all summer so far. No fun.. the cramping just keeps me sick. You would think I would lose the weight..
Meme- You are doing great with your weight lose. Sound like it is mating season for the bull. I hear them when we go to my daughter's. They raise cattle. They have sold off a lot of land but still have acres around their house with cattle. They have a few hundred acres to roam ,but, seem to like it close to the house.
Tammy- I love banana pudding,but, I don't make it.. My hubby would eat the whole thing alone. not good for the scale. I try to stay away from things I can't resist.Have a good time shopping. I love to do those days too. I get real sore when I do.
You girls are moaning about age. Wait till you are 73 going on 74.I wish I was in my 50's again sometimes..
My hubby is almost 81 and I see a big change in him from a year or so ago.
I have a busy day ahead. I already have been to the grocery and post office and next is hubby's Dr. appointment and W/M..

08-02-2006, 10:38 PM
Anne, I only had 1 small serving, so I was pretty good. And I wrote it down in my food journal. Enjoy your time with Ashley!

Joanne, I've seen a big difference in my hubby too. He was in a car accident 3 years ago this month, and he has really changed. He'll be 59 in September.

08-03-2006, 07:14 AM
Good morning-move over ladies-I have lost 6 lbs on my wonderful can't each much diet. I do drink generic insure from Walmart when my stomache is not good. 250 calories. Joanne, I have dicoclomine for cramps-it also calms down your stomache. Also called bentyl-your stomache needs rest from cramping.
Auntie says she doesn't need me to stay over-she slept good being alone-I will go over Sat pm and we will go to church and then out to eat. I was really worried about getting sleep over there. But I will be on call.
Supposed to get storms today and we are going to the former pastor's house for Brad to give him advice on air. We also are going grocery shopping and to Target to get storage units. I want to put 3 in the den so I can hide all my clutter. One of my favorite shows is Mision Organization on HGTV.
I read a book last night-got Red to read so I need to finish other book. Mima

08-03-2006, 11:42 AM
6 pounds is great!! I'm down a pound since the beginning of the week, and I'll take it!!
Hiding clutter sounds like a good idea.
I just read House by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. Oh my! I started it yesterday morning and finished it last night. I really like both authors, so I knew this one would be a good one.

We decided last night that we were going out for breakfast to Bob Evans this morning. We rarely do breakfast out, so I was looking forward to it. Bob has been so negative about things lately, and this morning was no exception. I was almost in tears by the time we left the restaurant. Nothing was right. The meal he wanted didn't come with toast, so instead of ordering a side order of toast, he completely changed what he wanted. He wanted a small orange juice. They were out of small glasses, so they brought him a large. Still charged for the small. He had his eggs over easy, one was broken. His bacon slid into the broken egg. He thought he picked up apple jelly and it was apple butter. I didn't finish my hash browns, never do. He said if he would have known that I wasn't going to eat them, he would have eaten them. Got the bill. He thought the price was wrong for what he ordered. He thought mine was too expensive. Said that's why he never goes to Bob Evans. Any advice other than smack him?

Joanne D
08-03-2006, 02:42 PM
Tammy-My hubby has his negative days ,too. I feel for you. Only thing I do is say "cut it out or I am going to kick ***."Sometimes it works.. Today he plugged up the toilet and it ran over when I flushed it. He would not admit for the world he did it.. I had to mop it up and wash the rugs.. He almost got the mop on his head.. He got out of my way...I am not feeling so good so he better leave me alone. My B/P has been acting up again.
Hey Happy- I thought you were through working for awhile.. I wish we had some of your weather down here. It is really hot and humid.
Meme- I am trying to get back on my S/B food plan. It was easy. I don't want to be cooking all day.. But,Good for you..
Mima- Take care of yourself.. Sleep is very important. I know on nights I can't sleep the next day is not good.
I planned to clean my Bedroom good today,but, think I will just put up with the dust one more day..Joanne

08-03-2006, 04:52 PM
Well, there's not much cooking on this diet for sure! Lost 6 pounds in 5 days. Measured again today - lost 5 inches: 1/2 on top, 1-1/2 each on waist, belly and hips. Anne ... the shake that I'm using is slimfast. They said to use skim milk and a low carb shake. I couldn't find a low carb shake but I'm going to go to the health food store this weekend and look. I only looked at Wal Mart. I had a whole gallon of 2% milk that I needed to use and then I'll buy some skim. I bought the slimfast powder and found that it tastes best if I put it in the blender with the milk and some crushed ice. It's almost like a choc. shake. Another thing that my friend and I did. I've been drinking a lot of green tea and was wondering how I could get that AND the water in. I found these Mega T green tea pills. They are great. They are all natural and help curb your appetite, give you energy and stop water retention (which I have a lot of.) My friend and I are both taking them. I didn't say anything about them before because I wanted to see if they caused any side effects. I have heart arrhythmia for one thing and I wanted to make sure it didn't make that worse but it's all tea & herbs and it hasn't caused any side effects and I've been on it since Sat. I'll have to say I've had a lot more energy. It's Mega T. You can get it at Wal Mart.

Way to go, Mima. What ever works is what I say!

As for the men folk. I guess they have their ups and downs just like us but I can't take the bad behavior when we're out. There's no sense in that. Hubby is pretty good about behaving with the waiters and waitresses. He acts up with me when we're with our friends sometimes. Says some stuff in front of them. I usually tell him where to get off. It used to bother me a lot and still does some and I used to take it but not any more. I tell him off now and most of the time I don't wait until we get home. The older I get the less I care. I don't let others treat me badly like I used to and I don't tolerate bad behavior in others like I used to. I just tell them to grow up. Don't get me wrong, if I get terrible service, I will complain and get it straightened out, after all, I'm paying for service as well as food. But I do it in a nice way if I can. But a busted egg and bacon sliding into it ... please. That's not the waiters fault. You leaving your hashbrowns is your business. That was your food to do what you wanted with and how could you know ahead of time you weren't going to eat them. My husband used to rag on me because I would (and still do) order a meal and only eat half of it - he said I wasted all that food. It would cost maybe $15 - $20 but I couldn't hardly get a 1/2 order now could I? I finally told him (in front of friends) "Look, I ordered what I wanted, just like you did. I ate what I wanted, just like you did. My meal cost the same as yours. What's the difference?" He didn't have an answer. Now he leaves me alone. Perhaps, if you brainstorm, you can find a way to 'handle' your husband, too! ;) (If not ... just do like Joanne and 'kick his ***'!) :p

08-03-2006, 09:06 PM
Joanne and Meme, thanks for the hubby advice. I was reading your posts and seriously laughing out loud!! The dog was just kind of looking at me like I was nuts. I needed to laugh.

This afternoon we went to visit my aunt who is 93. She is hard of hearing, very stubborn, and very contrary. We were having a very nice visit. I was actually starting to relax. Then it hit. She swears up and down that my parents borrowed a ladder years ago and never gave it back. She wants it NOW. My dad passed away 9 years ago, and my mom passed away 10 years ago. I know my dad had plenty of ladders so they wouldn't have needed to borrow one. She brings this ladder up to everyone who visits. I am so tired of it. Today she called me a liar and a thief and told me I'm going to **** because of that. I was in tears. I really needed the laugh about the hubbys.

My brothers keep telling me to forget it, but we bought my parents house so we are the ones that she is accusing of stealing the silly thing or selling it when it wasn't ours to sell.

08-04-2006, 03:39 AM
OK ... solution to ladder problem. Go buy the old Auntie a new ladder. Appologize for the confusion about the ladder making SURE you call it 'confusion' about the ladder telling her you have no idea where her's wound up but you wanted her to have a replacement since she seemed to need it NOW. This way you have: #1. cleared your parents name so she can't talk about them any more #2. Stopped her from complaining to everyone else and embarrassing them and you, but #3. you haven't actually admitted to you or your parents doing anything wrong. It will be well worth the price of a ladder.

08-04-2006, 07:12 AM
If someone is negative like your aunt, not sure if anything could fix it but it might be worth a try. Brad's mom was a bit like that-my mother too-never could let go of the past-couldn't forgive. It's hard on other people-you didn't need that after your breakfast out. I wonder if your husband is feeling bad about Tim going away. Anyhow, I think the that's enough statement is good. I say that to Brad and he keeps going-he can reduce me to tears although it's not very often. And he knows what he is doing when he does it -he goes too far with what he says. Men!!!!
We bought 2 tall cabinets and 6 drawers at Target. I opened a charge and got 10% off. And they were on sale-Have to put them together but frirst we need to get bureau out and get rid of it. And large air cleaner and maybe filing cabinet.
My stomache is weird-almost lost it-Brad felt like that Sunday=I think it's a virus. But not a bad one. Just tired too.
It's only going to be 73 today-yeah!! And they are forecasting less hurricanes.
We went to Retired Pastor's house yesterday-Brad is figuring out a bid for air. And give him a break. We had a nice time.

08-04-2006, 10:56 PM
Buying a new ladder is not an option. We tried that. She wants HER ladder. My cousin called and talked to her last night. She mentioned my name, and my aunt told her that I hadn't been there in ages. Amy questioned her, and she swore at Amy telling her that we hadn't been there during the day. I think we are out of luck with anything that makes sense.

Mima, I kind of wondered if Bob is getting grumpy since Tim is leaving. I show my emotions about him leaving by crying. Maybe Bob is just getting grumpy when he thinks of him leaving. Glad you found storage units! 10% off and on sale! Way to go!!!

Today was beautiful here. Low 80's. Went shopping with friends. Bought a few things, but not much. Butterfly pin, a book (Dave Barry), soap, lotion.

08-05-2006, 12:25 AM
Joanne and Meme, thanks for the hubby advice. I was reading your posts and seriously laughing out loud!! The dog was just kind of looking at me like I was nuts. I needed to laugh.

This afternoon we went to visit my aunt who is 93. She is hard of hearing, very stubborn, and very contrary. We were having a very nice visit. I was actually starting to relax. Then it hit. She swears up and down that my parents borrowed a ladder years ago and never gave it back. She wants it NOW. My dad passed away 9 years ago, and my mom passed away 10 years ago. I know my dad had plenty of ladders so they wouldn't have needed to borrow one. She brings this ladder up to everyone who visits. I am so tired of it. Today she called me a liar and a thief and told me I'm going to **** because of that. I was in tears. I really needed the laugh about the hubbys.

My brothers keep telling me to forget it, but we bought my parents house so we are the ones that she is accusing of stealing the silly thing or selling it when it wasn't ours to sell.

Does she have Alzheimers? My grandfather is just like that! He swears up and down my mother stole all of his papers like the house and land deeds and car title when my grandmother died. Really, I'm sure he just lost them. That place had 50 years worth of papers stacked in closets all over the place, some completely useless like Sears reciepts from the 60's! But years after my grandmother has been gone, he still says, "I don't know why she took those papers from me, I need them because [fill in the blank, usually something rather crazy and incoherent]. Did you get them from her yet?" I keep telling him there's nothing to get and my grandmother died years ago! He can't even remember my name, and doesn't know who I am on the phone (only in person where he can see my face and sometimes not even then, I have to explain to him who I am) but he remembers the tale of the "stolen" papers like it happened the day before!!! :?: :shrug:

He gets very angry too. We'll be going along just fine and suddenly he'd bring it up and then start wringing his hands and shaking his head and that mood will continue through the rest of the visit. I told him to call his lawyer and let his lawyer take care of it for him... but noooo, he wants the originals! There is no talking rationally about it, so I avoid the topic and tell him "I don't know" and try to change the subject.

Part of me feels really sorry for him and part of me really hopes that crap isn't hereditary! :lol:

08-05-2006, 08:32 AM
I agree with Madscientist. I think you need to take a step back and see it in a different way. Not take it personally. It's like talking to someone when they are drunk-it's never going to make sense. Glad you went shopping Tammy. Men do not handle their emotions like we do.
It's beautiful here too. Going to try to start putting drawer pieces together. I put my computer desk together and half of an entertainment piece. It's good for my brain. Brad will start on rest this pm. he has a job this morning. I am taking Auntie to church and then we are going out to eat.
Have a good day everyone. Mima

Happy Canuk
08-05-2006, 02:30 PM
Tammy, don't let it bother you. It sounds like she is having some sort of dementia problem and it probably is Alzheimers, especially when she told your cousin she hasn't seen you for a very long time. Time means NOTHING to people who have Alzheimer's. They can become fixated on something and it will stay with them for a very long time. The thing is, if you gave her back her OWN ladder, she still wouldn't remember it and the story would remain the same.

Go visit her, stay a short time and dismiss the Tale of the Ladder!

Mima - enjoy your day. It is cool here, only in the 50's. A little tast of Fall. Heading back to hot next week. It won't be long before we see the start of Fall, with the color of the leaves changing. Usually sometime in mid August it starts. Hopefully, we will have a nice long, warm Fall. My favorite time of year.

Meme - good going on the weight loss. I need to pick up some protein shake stuff . That is a whole lot move food (and calories) that I normally eat, but I'll give it a whirl.

Joanne - I am working casual now, however, last month, I worked all but 4 days - not very casual. I am going to learn to do Drug Screens on Wednesday and Thursday, so wish me luck. At least I can still learn and retain information - sometimes better than the younger ones.

Ashley and I had a fun week. She is now back home and everything here is back to normal. Love those little people, but boy,they have way too much energy!!! Especially when mine is low:dizzy:

Hope you all have a good weekend.

08-05-2006, 11:46 PM
I talked with another aunt today, and she feels like the older one is having dementia problems. She hasn't been to a doctor in years, and I know she won't go now. I need to put it out of my mind, because I know there is something wrong with her that she can't help.

Anne, it's hard to believe it will be fall soon. I love the leaves changing color. We have a small woods behind our new house, so I'm sure it will be beautiful in a couple months. Glad you had fun with Ashley.

I went with a friend to play Bingo tonight. It was a fundraiser for a local fire department. We laughed so much! fun!! We even booed people when then won! Aren't we bad? I won 2 times, and people booed me too. Even my friend that I went with. lol

08-06-2006, 09:04 AM
That sure sounds like fun, Tammy.
Anne, when we work , we say we are trying to keep our brains functioning. I always feel better when I am done, knowing I can still function.
Put together one set of drawers, took me 2 hours. Brad did a closet in a half hour-oh well!!
Took Auntie to church and ran into an old friend-we are going to get together for breakfast with another person. we used to work together.
I love the fall-we will probably be around til almost middle of November so we will see it. Brad is getting busy with work. We need a roof so that is good!!!
I am scheduled to go into the Nursery at Brad's church. I can't lift anyone heavier than Keith but a 6th grader will be with me. They sure shouldn't put me in there again. I thought it was preschool. I have to get busy for the Fair at my church next week-gotta solicit!!! I have all the flyers out-just have to go collect.
Have a nice Sunday. Mima

08-06-2006, 06:12 PM
Mima, sounds like you are getting pretty good at putting things together! I'll know who to call, won't I??? Yikes! You shouldn't be in the nursery! I know how I feel after lifting things, let alone wiggly children. Hope it went ok.

Church was nice today. The minister talked to Tim a while about leaving for school. Gave him a hug, etc. He told me that parents do survive. Their son left last fall, so he has experience.

Bob called from the old house. He was mowing, and a car pulled in the drive. The man got out and was asking questions about the house since he saw the sign. He and his wife currently live in New Mexico, but their families are around here. Bob ended up taking them through the house, and he said they seemed to like it. Anyway, while Bob was telling me this, I was thinking about a couple at church whose daughter and husband have been here from New Mexico visiting for a few weeks. It's the same people! They are going to contact the real estate agent, so hopefully we can get it sold. There have also been several people who have gone through it recently. We dropped the price to $148,900 from $155,000. Compared to other homes in the area, it's a steal. Not much is selling in that town right now though. The real estate agent ran an ad yesterday with the details about the house. This is the first time the ad has said attached 2-car garage plus another 2 car-garage with 2nd floor storage. Thought that might bring some calls. The only downfall is one bathroom. We had talked about turning the computer room into a master bath right off the bedroom, but never did. The man from NM mentioned doing that! Great minds think alike! lol

Joanne D
08-06-2006, 08:09 PM
Tammy- My hubby had a aunt like yours. Except she accused me of stealing her jewelry and some pieces of ratty fur.. well ,I was in her bedroom, at her invitation to help her with a dress, and say the things on her bed but didn't touch them.. She would yell at my hubby and sister-in-law for them to make me bring back her things.. This went on for months until she found them between the wall and her bed.. think how long it was until she vacumned the floor.Needless to say I never went into her house again. Her family put her in the Nursing home on the floor where I was charge nurse. She yelled for me daily till she died..I would go into work at 6.30 in the morning and hear her calling me.. I can tell you the other staff got tired of that.
We don't have the leaves changing colors so much here. I do love the cooler weather though. Just where you can turn off the a.c. and open the windows and air out the house.
Stll having a B/P problem. The Dr. doubled my med but it hasn't kicked in yet.
Hello Everybody...joanne

08-07-2006, 01:31 AM
Joanne ... the aunt story is too funny. Had me laughing - I needed a good laugh!

Mima, how ever do you do all you do? I thought I was busy at times but seems you just stay busy all the time. Taking care of small bodies wears me out. Even now that my kids have gotten bigger they make me very tired. 'Course, about everything makes me tired lately. I've had a little more energy since I've been on this diet, though. Not sure if it's all the protein or the green tea pills (they're supposed to give you energy).

Tammy, that would be great if you could sell you house to someone at your church. Good luck. You sure did reduce it a lot.

Anne, I know it's a whole lot of food and I can't eat all of it, either. I usually don't. I wind up leaving off one of the shakes or some lunch or something nearly every day. Today I left off the afternoon shake. I didn't have any egg whites this morning because I ran out of eggs (that's easy to do when you're eating 6 a day). Hubby made breakfast so he made me a couple of pieces of bacon. I figured I've already lost 8 pounds so I fudged a little this weekend. I had some nachos and a diet coke at the fair last night - still lost 1/2 pound this morning. That was the first thing I had eaten or drank that wasn't on the diet in 8 days ... but that and the 2 pieces of bacon was as far as I went. I still have that wedding looming ahead next weekend!

Where the heck is Candice? Hey Candice ... I really like the Omega 3 stuff. I got a box of it from the Vitamin place you sent me. It's time for you to check in!!!

08-07-2006, 09:06 AM
Good morning-I survived Nursery=I did it to help out my SIL but wondered why. The only good kid was Keith-what a doll. Bell wouldn't stay-Andre came in with his sister -he was sick and cried-I told her he shouldn't have been in there. Isaiah came in for a whileunder protest but he settled down. Then in came Sam-11 months-Dad said he would be ok but he cried and cried-I had to lift and hold him . thank God Dad saw this and went to get the Mom who stayed with him. So it ended up with one on one-had a wonderful 10 year old helping. Anyhow-I survived-not sure that is where I am supposed to be. SIL said next time I am scheduled I probably would be in FL.
Got half my storage units in br. Old bureau is in lr. Gotta clean out files and put the cabinet in attic or give it away. We put the air cleaner out on the deck and it rained-wasn't supposed to.
Brad's grandaughter got laid off from her job-she has a 3 year old. After she asked for prayer, after church people went over and handed her money etc. What a church. Plus I am sure people have contacts. Brad is going to use her to help him -she is strong and he hasn't been able to get someone to clean out cellar.
Gotta get busy. Mima

08-07-2006, 11:40 AM
Joanne, I hope your medicine starts working and helping soon. Take care.

Meme, we've talked about lowering the price a little bit more on the house if those people want it. Not too much though. We just want to get it sold. That diet is certainly working for you!! Keep it up.

Mima, glad you survived the nursery!

Not much planned for today. I was up at 6:00, went back to bed about 7:30, and woke up again at 10:15. I think I needed the sleep. Need to go to the post office. Seems like I'm there alot. Bob is finishing up the mowing at the other house, Tim is packing. I think I'll take some snippers and go out and snip some dead parts off of a couple bushes. It isn't really hot out yet, so I think I'll be ok. I meet with my Emmaus Share Group tonight at 6:00. If the whole meeting revolves around the one woman and her marriage problems, it is my last meeting with them.

08-08-2006, 06:21 AM
Good morning-don't blame you about the Emmaus group-sounds like they are off track. It would be really great if you sold your house, Tammy.
We got the furniture all together and in the br. Now I just have a huge bureau in the lr.
Brad's grandaughter is coming to help him today-she just got laid off so he said she could work for him a bit-she's stronger than me, that's for sure. My daughter and her new bf may come to church with us on Sunday. Yikes. Oh by the way, this is another new friend.
Going to Gyn. and Chiro today. I think I will have an adjustment but also treatment for IBS=it MAY be working. Mima

08-08-2006, 09:56 AM
The Share Group was much better last night. When the one woman started to monopolize the conversation, the others spoke up and said we needed to stay on topic. I felt good when I left.

I'm sure your grandaughter will be a big help to Brad. You don't need to be doing that stuff. Hmmm. another new friend,huh?

Off to the bank to order checks for Tim, then to the bd. of educ. office to discuss how my checks will be this year since I'll be retiring the end of Feb., then to the grocery, then who knows what else.

08-08-2006, 05:37 PM
Everybody still busy I see. It's almost to hot here to do anything. The heat index at noon was 101! :eek: I put my poor dogging in the garage, her tongue was hanging nearly to the ground, bless her heart. I can't breathe when it gets like this. I'm just thankful I haven't had any customers today. I only have one student today, too. My afternoon ones cancelled for dentist appointments. Now I have time to finish my housework and iron.

Hubby is semi-mad at me because I bought him a suit yesterday. He needed a new black suit ... for the wedding (at least I felt like he did!) ... he didn't. He wanted to wear black pants and a sports coat. I want him to wear a black suit. The colors are fuschia and black. He is supposed to run the sound equipment. He has a lot of suits and sports jackets, etc. He always looks nice ... but his black suit is old ... so I got him a new one. He said I never do what he tells me ... So I told him to sue me! The jacket didn't fit ... he took it back last night (by himself) and got one that fit ... notice I said he got one that fit and not that he returned it! :p

As of this morning I have lost 9-1/2 pounds. Tried on the dress and it's actually a little loose. I went back to Penny's to see if they still had them. I was going to try on an 8 and if it fit I was going to see if they would exchange. They don't have them any more. They have all their fall stuff out already. Oh well. I guess I'll just wear the 10 and be thankful it isn't too tight! ;) For some reason, I'm dreading all this!!! Maybe because it's all family?

I got my new glasses, too. Progressive lenses. They are almost making me sea-sick. I want to be used to them by the weekend but I'm not sure that's going to happen. Do any of you have those kind of lenses? They are smaller and different than anything I've ever had. I love them! Hubby said they make me look a lot younger. I'm not sure that's a good thing! He told me last night I have to stop doing stuff to look younger ... I told him I got plenty of wrinkles, he just wasn't lookin' in the right place!!! :devil: Wish I felt like a teenager instead of 90.

Happy Canuk
08-08-2006, 07:20 PM
Hello to all of you.

Mima - Yikes, preschool, carrying all those kids around. I don't know how you did that! Glad Brad is busy, and has help, especially if you need a new roof! In a house, there is ALWAYS something and some expense. Don't miss it one bit!

Tammy - When do you start back to school? I hope not until the end of this month, but thinking it might be earlier. Well, I don't know what an Emmaus meeting is, but perhaps your group could direct this women to somebody to talk to. I am sure she needs support, but there is a time and a place.

Joanne - It is hot, hot, hot here. I am sick of complaining about the heat, but I really don't feel good when it's this hot. It's only 90 but for here that is almost unbearable. Some summers we never get to that temperature even. I would literally die if I lived in the Southern States.

Meme - good for you getting into a size 8. The thing I found was when I was in a size 10 I had a LOT of trouble getting stuff to fit, as I am 5'8". Either the waist was to short, the jackets sleeves to short. I always did best in a `12. Was that size for many, many years.

Worked this morning, and tomorrow, I am taking a training course for Drug Screening. That will give me a few more hours. I don't know I am excited about this or not. It's PEE and some angry people at times!!! I don't really know if I need this! I will see. If I don't like it, I won't take the shift.

Hope you are all having a nice afternoon.

Happy Canuk
08-08-2006, 07:28 PM
Meme I forgot to put this in my post.

I have had progressive lenses for about 5 years. I am on my second pair. I got the rimless ones and I love them. They are so light. I went right from my reading glasses to the progessive, so I wasn't always looking for those darn glasses. Also, used to wear them on a chain around my neck when I was at work, or they were somewhere else when I needed them.

Happy Canuk
08-08-2006, 08:35 PM
Meme, have you had salt on anything at all. I don't mind eggwhites, but I hate any egg without salt and pepper. Just wondering. I CAN do it, but would prefer not to. Restaurants use a lot of salt and you eat out a fair bit, so just wondering.

08-09-2006, 02:12 AM
No ... and it hasn't been easy for me, either. I was using so much salt. My friends would literally take it out of my hand at the restaurant. They have even put it all the way on the other side of the table to keep me from using it so it has been very difficult for me but I've only reached for it once in the last week and a half and that was from habit. As soon as I started to 'shake' it I caught myself and set it down. I was bad to salt my food before I even tasted it. I'm eating the eggs without salt but I wouldn't think just a little would hurt. Maybe you could use lite salt on them. That's what I always use at home anyway.

Tonight I had salmon with the rice and salad and it was really good. I've never made it in the microwave ... we always grill it. There was a little lift off sticker on the package with a cooking tip that said to slice it in 2 equal portions, pour Italian dressing over it then put it on a microwavable plate and put it uncovered in the microwave for 10 minutes so I tried it. It was delicious.

08-09-2006, 06:37 AM
Yum!! i love salmon-Brad doesn't-I have to order it out. Wow for you and the dress!! Post a picture. My glasses are trifocals and have lines-maybe I'll try the others someday.
Tammy, way to go on your group. It seems to me that that is exactly what you needed to do-focus. I agree with Anne, she needs to get help or talk to someone privately.
Anne-you are going to be so smart learning a new skill!!
Leah and Brad did so much on the cellar-we are getting a dumpster.
PTL-daughter and boyfriend are coming to church Sunday-and then we will take them to brunch. She says I will love him. He already seems so different than the others.
I really think the acupuncture is working on the IBS. I am not in constant pain-just a twinge once in a while.
Need to walk-get up too early in the morning. That's the cure.
Bye for now-Mima

Joanne D
08-09-2006, 11:25 AM
Hello Everybody- I have been on the S/B diet for the past week and half. It hasn't kicked in yet as far as my scale says.I know I eat too much salt. I say a piece in the paper the other day that said that the food industry puts too much salt in the foods we buy. It is really hard for me to lose.I take a lot of medication. I haven't exercised as my B/P has been really high. When my head hurts and is a little dizzy I don't get on T/M.
We will go to our daughters tomorrow for the weekend. It is her 50th birthday..It is hard for me to realize our little girl is going to be 50..
We finished our Bible study last night with a pot luck. I knew there would be little I could eat there so I ate a little before I went.. It was nice but I can understand why people have so much trouble with weight.
I like salmon too. In fact I like most seafoods. Living on the coast of Fl. it is usually easy to get fresh seafood.The hubby isn't too fond of it so I usually have to cook different for him.
It is hot here too. This time of the year I am looking for cool weather..It will be at least another month before we get much relief.
Have a good weekend Everybody...Joanne

08-09-2006, 07:03 PM
Anne, I'll have teacher work days on Aug. 24 and 25. The students start on Mon., Aug. 28.

My Emmaus group that I meet with is a Share Group/Bible study group that I joined after I went on my Walk to Emmaus. Some people call it a retreat, but it really is just a 3 day walk with God, and it was awesome! Anyway, after your walk, you are encouraged to join a Share Group to help to keep you accountable.

The woman in our group has seen 2 different counselors about her marriage. I think she likes being the center of attention, and one of the other women kind of eggs her on. We've already had a couple woman drop out of the group, and I honestly think I might find another one to join. We have a "service card" that we are supposed to use to guide us through our meetings. Monday night was the first time in ages that we have gone through the card.

I rarely use salt. We have a lite salt that we use when we do use salt though. The salmon with the Italian dressing sounds delicious!! I had a shrimp quesadilla for supper tonight. Yummy. Love seafood!

08-10-2006, 02:34 AM
Well ... I'll be leaving tomorrow morning ... not sure I'll have internet service there. We're staying at the Baymont and they told me they had wireless internet service in their rooms but it's North Carolina ... need I say any more? Hey, if you are from there, don't rag on me ... I once was, too, and I'm just sayin'! :p

So, if I don't get back in here ... 'see' you all next Monday.

08-10-2006, 08:15 AM
Watch out Meme-we will rag on Tennessee!!!!Have a great time at the wedding.Take a picture!
I guess if you stick to the cards, it will be ok but I guess the purpose should be to grow spiritually. August 28 and 5 months to go. When I retired, I hadn't planned it til Oct and then I was gone in DEc.
Brad and his grandaughter are dismantling the apt-lots of stuff done. Maybe we will get it finished so we can rent it before we go to FL.
Going to Auntie's -have to get her and us something at Walmart first. They are putting in a freezer there. Hope they have Blue Bunny ice cream for Brad.
I fixed my sewing machine yesterday-one hour-I thought it was the bobbin messing things up but it was the top that I had threaded wrong. I miss my old machine. I am making Red Hat scarves for the fair-purple on one side and red on the other. Fleece. I am doing the edge in a blanket stitch.
Hope your bp gets down. Joanne. Actually the exercise would probably help but I sure can understand why you can't. I have been fortunate in that dept.
Bye for now-Mima

08-10-2006, 04:19 PM
I can't exercise either. Have a lot of problems with that. I've been doing those stupid belly crunches but ... H E L L O ... not helping ... still there!!!

Made it to NC. Internet service is slow and funky but works. It is NC, after all. Hey, Mima, when you get ready to rag on TN let me know and I'll help you. I'm from so many different places I don't really have a home so I can rag on all of them! :D


08-11-2006, 06:21 AM
Let me tell you about MA-it is so liberal! I will not say more!!
PTL for the UK stopping the terror plot. What a scary world we live in! All the technology but when it is in the wrong hands, it's bad.
Daughter and boyfriend are going to kareoke with friends tonight-one of them is a professional singer-wish I was there. Darren opens for stars like Kenny Chesney etc, Hope he makes it. He is my d best friend's boyfriend.
Something is blooming around here-sinus headache.
What colors are you wearing to the rehearsal. Meme?
It's only going to be 72 today. I need to go out and get some things donated to the church. Got up at 4 so I will have an early nap. Or 2.
Bye for mowand hi to all. Mima

08-11-2006, 06:08 PM
Mima, you retired rather quickly, didn't you? I had an email from the new principal. He's meeting with different groups of teachers, so I'll be going in next week to chat with him. He's aware of the health issues, and that I won't be able to be there everyday. I shouldn't have gone as often as I did last year. This year I won't be making out plans for a sub though since they won't hire one for intervention. Those scarves you are making sound neat!!

Meme, I think only a knife would get rid of my belly.

Took Tim to college today. I did great. Didn't cry till we pulled away. He called a while ago before he went to supper. They had percussion conditioning all afternoon. He has decided that he sucks and he won't make it on any of the instruments. I tried to be positive, but I don't know if I helped at all. Tryouts start at 6:00 tonight.

08-12-2006, 07:52 AM
Oh Tammy! The only one I really felt bad about going away was my daughter-but then she came home all the time. How close is Tim? I'm sure he's nervous-what a great job you did bringing him up.
Don't feel 100%. It feels like sinus and allergies. But I don't have to take Auntie to church because her grandson was coming. I have been so busy for a month and a half-I am tired! Leah was here all week-except they went on a job yesterday-that is tiring too. Plus I think it shakes up dust and gets upstairs. I mean the apt. demolition.
Today is the wedding!! Tomorrow I meet Suzanne's new beau. Maybe there will be another wedding. They already talk about the future. I was engaged to Brad in a month but I already knew him.
I really think the acupuncture helps the IBS-not sure about the fibro. Have a great Sat-the weather here is fallish. Mima

08-12-2006, 09:44 AM
Tim called us at 8:40 last night to say that he didn't make snare or bass drum. He wasn't giving up. He was going to audition for the "pit". That's the section that is usually in front of the band at football games that has xylophones, other drums, and who know what all. At midnight, he called to say he made the pit. He'll be playing field drum, which he says is like a snare only with no snares. The section leader told him that she had seen him at his tryouts on snare and bass, and knew he'd be a good addition to the section. That made him feel good. He missed making bass by one, and he wasn't sure about snare. BUT he's enthused about the pit!!

He's already up and at practice this morning. Oh, by the way, his room is great! Big, plenty of storage, and an air conditioner! His roomie has requested an AC because of his allergies. He hadn't heard anything, so he assumed they didn't get one. Nice surprise yesterday!!

I've been having that sinus/allergy thing too. I told Bob last night that I thought I might have an ear infection. Balance seems to be off. Keep us posted on the new guy in Suzanne's life!! It's cool here too. Nice.

08-13-2006, 08:18 AM
I felt better yesterday=put my almost thrown out air cleaner in lr. What is the name of Tim's college?
I am nervous about meeting Suzanne'sn bf. Never was before.
Nice quiet day yesterday. Had pics taken to renew my passport. We want to go to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip/ when the dog is gone. He is not going anywhere yet. it seems. Brad thinks we will have to bury him in Fl in Mike's yard-they have other animals there.Ha!
Cool here. I went to my church last night and retired Pastor was saying the Mass. Poor guy-they are so short of priests he can't fully retire.
I will let you know how today goes. Mima

Happy Canuk
08-13-2006, 11:39 AM
Hi Tammy and Mima.

Tammy - glad Tim is settled in and getting the show on the road. It's good he got into the "pit". Is he attending the college on a music scholarship, or he just enjoys playing?

Mima - glad you are feeling better. I too must get my passport going. We are planning on going to Europe (Denmark) next May. I have lots of time, but I seem to be slowing down with getting stuff done!!

Meme - Hope you are having a good time.

Joanne - Hello to you, and I sure hope you are feeling better. Hope you had fun at your daughter's birthday party.

We are off to a family reunion today - hope the weather co-operates. If not, there is a Hall we can use, so we can be inside. Just more fun for the kids if they can play ball and play in the playground.

Hope everybody had a good day.

08-13-2006, 06:39 PM
Mima, Tim is going to Ball State in Muncie, Indiana. It takes us a little over an hour to get there. I don't have a passport. I don't think I'll ever go any place where I'd need one.

Anne, Tim just loves music. Marching band is his favorite. He likes concert band, but the excitement of the marching band is number 1 in his book. His major is criminal justice. When he was scheduling his classes he had trouble getting into some of them because they meet at the same time as the band. He decided he'll just take them 2nd semester or possibly next summer.
Hope the family reunion was fun. We had one in July, and we all had a great time.

Mima is going to the Dominican Republic. Anne is going to Denmark. I'm not going anywhere!

Dentist appointment Mon. and another one on Wed. Tomorrow she is taking out a filling that is loose and putting a new one in. Not looking forward to it. Wednesday she is filling a little cavity before it gets to be a big cavity.

Happy Canuk
08-13-2006, 11:15 PM
This thread is getting long. Starting a new one for you.