Carb Counters - HELP!!!! Why I have problems Staying on OP

07-22-2006, 08:40 AM
Ok so here I am again contemplating going back to atkins. The first 2 weeks are what get me everytime, but i finally pin pointed what throws me off. I just cant seem to figure out things to take to work for lunch, i have breakfast and dinner down, it is just lunch that i am having issues with. can you guys please give me some ideas, i really want to do this. i want to join the air force, but i just have to make it through the 2 weeks. i am too afraid to weigh myself, i have gained so much already. Please guys I need your help I am seriously drowning. -Sandra

07-22-2006, 10:01 AM
If you have access to a fridge to store lunches, then there are more options. String cheese, sausage links. If you have a microwave, bring some pre-made eggs and just heat them up.
You can do this!!! :hug:

07-22-2006, 10:54 AM
For lunch, how about a nice salad with some tuna on the side. If you have a microwave, some baked or grilled chicken. ( I love my grilled chicken), or maybe even some chicken salad. I sometimes grill burgers at home, take a burger to work (no bun). Just a few ideas of what you can have for lunch. Everyone have a nice weekend!! :)

07-22-2006, 11:03 AM
I restarted Atkins 15 days ago and I've lost 12 pounds. Restarting Atkins is one of the best things that I've done lately. I'm planning to stay in the induction phase a little bit longer. I just love the way I feel and the energy I have. What has helped me stay on track this long is planning. I plan out everything ahead of time. That way, when I want to snack or I'm ready to eat, I have it all ready and I'm stocked up on things I can eat on Atkins. You can do it!! :)

07-22-2006, 11:41 AM
I usually eat a small chef salad for lunch, tuna salad, a sandwich on low carb whole wheat bread, or snacks such as summer sausage and cheddar cheese wedges. I have bought cans of chicken enchilada soup by progresso (I think) and it was tasty and low-carb. I also use low-carb tortillas with cheese and (Tyson) grilled chicken or steak fajita strips for a quick lunch.

07-22-2006, 01:26 PM
Burger King has hamburgers sold as salads (no bread). Jack in the Box has a wonderful chicken salad that has nothing in it with carbs (except the croutons that are packaged and you don't have to eat them, and the salad dressing may have a few), Subway will make any sandwich as a salad, or will serve it to you on a low carb wrap. Where I live you can go to a lot of the local markets and buy fried chicken hot from their deli section (you will need to peel off the breading and the skin part).

If you take your lunch you could buy sliced lunch meat from the deli, say roast beef or ham and wrap them around some cheese, like maybe Rondele, or cream cheese, and take meat roll ups. Deviled eggs are good, with some mayo and mustard and pickles and onions mixed into the yolk and then put back into the egg halves.

Leftovers from the night before can be taken, whatever works for dinner can be warmed up for lunch (assuming you have a microwave).

When I was first doing Atkins I would get RAVENOUS just after work. We would go to the local Safeway market and I would buy fried chicken breast and a package of havarti cheese, and on the way to the car I would be digging them out of the grocery cart. It used to embarrass my husband, that I couldn't even wait to get to the car to get them out to eat, but I was SO hungry just at that time. The chicken would get peeled of all the carby breading and the meat under neath was wonderful!

I know what you mean though, it is much more convenient to just throw together a sandwich. You can do this though if it is what you need. Just by some lower carb bread (Sara Lee makes one) or a low carb tortilla wrap. This isn't usually induction level of carbs, but who says you have to do induction level? It is recommended, but of course, with low carb you can choose what level of carbs you want to do and you can choose how fast or slow you wish to lose the weight. Even if you ate full carbs at lunch time as long as you didn't have an "all or nothing" attitude, you could still lose weight. There is a program out there called "Carb addicts diet" that has you do just that. Low carb meals for two of your meals and whatever you want for the third one. If you chose lunch for that meal, as long as you eat it within an hour it isn't supposed to spike your blood sugar levels that much and you are supposed to still be able to lose weight.

Personally that diet never really worked for me because I couldn't limit carbs to one meal, once I had them I always wanted more, but if you CAN and not feel like you are cheating then it might work for you.