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07-22-2006, 08:18 AM
Good Morning and Happy Saturday to all you fellow Beachers!
I finally got up at 5 am after tossing and turning most of the night. I've had an awful time sleeping through the night for the past several months, must be a menopause type of thing. I can't remember when I last had a solid night's sleep. :?: Oh well, this too, shall pass.
We had a fantastic time yesterday at Dutch Wonderland. I felt great to just be a kid again, and I did things I haven't done in years! Cindy and I took the kids on all the rides, including the roller coaster and the giant water slide, and the kids loved it all. Their were a few rides that Maggie was too little for, but she was content to watch the rest of us crazy people get on them and scream our fool heads off on. The girls went home exhausted but very happy, so it was a total success.
More severe storms are due through our area today and tonight, so we'll probably lose power again. There are still close to a thousand homes waiting to get their electric back since Tuesday's storm. I feel sorry for them trying to cope in this heat and humidity. A lot of people have just gone to shelters for the duration.
We just have our usual weekend shopping to do today, and Monica and the girls may come out later, depending on the weather. I plan to get the laundry done and catch up on some reading. Jake is ready to go now, so he's hounding me to get off the computer.
Ciao for now!

07-22-2006, 08:31 AM
Happy Weekend!!!!! :dance:

Cottage: Glad you had a wonderful day !!! We're in the same boat.. Rain and Thunderstorms for the next 2 days... :rain: It's commin' down in buckets right now.

I have no chores :jig: everything is done ... The house is a sparklin :wizard: Food shopping and laundry done..! Yippee! Tonight DH and I are going to a Chinese place fer dinner.. a friend from Jersey is here so we're meeting up with him there... it should be fun.. I have no clue what is on the menu, but I try to get the best SBD fit.

Time fer CAWFEE!!!:coffee: and my mornin' crossword puzzle :write:

07-22-2006, 09:07 AM
'mornin', Schatzi and Cottage! :wave: southward. We are cloudy but have not had a drop of rain for two weeks! I want :rain:!!! The ground is really dry and my clay soil even has cracks in it. I think Delta must be in a little place like Brigadoon! :lol: We get stuff predicted but it seldom happens.

Well, two furry monsters are on my :censored:list this morning. I wondered why they barked once and then were very quiet for a half hour as I dozed off. When I went downstairs, I discovered a snowstorm in the kitchen! The two brats totally demolished a jumbo roll of paper towels! :mad: I made them wait for breakfast while I got my exercise bending to pick up the bits. Barbara Woodhouse wrote a book called No Bad Dogs ( She lied! :( Actually my two are pretty well behaved but paper towels are soooo tempting.

I have absolutely nothing scheduled today! The Pypers aren't coming up to their cottage until tomorrow afternoon so I don't have to cook a roast beef dinner today. I can't do it tomorrow either as I have a funny sort of wedding thingie to go to. Robert and Sarah got married in England last weekend and are coming here to repeat the vows so their grandma can be there too. Grandma is a summer resident here - she spends winter in England and Tunisia. So repeat the ceremony and then a big party!

Today will be an at home day except for walking up to deliver the bulletins to the Church. I have currants to pick and can do some more weeding and deadheading and that will be it aside from the usual house stuff.

"Wa" time! Wa is Japanese for sum, harmony, peace and is good for the soul!

How is your weekend shaping up? :cofdate:

07-22-2006, 10:38 AM
Morning gals!

Cottage and Schatzers Puh-leez send some of that rain our way! I cannot take it anymore!!!!! Enjoy your days! :)

Ruth Yeah for nothing scheduled for the day! Enjoy some time for just you. :)

Me- We are hanging out at home this morning. I will do an exercise video once the baby girl goes down for her nap. Then I am taking the girls to my mom's while I go to a baby shower for a co-worker. After that, my mom's complex is doing a swim party with a cookout, so we will hang there for the remainder of the afternoon/evening. Hopefully the water will be somewhat cool and refreshing!

I am going to start working on a 3 week rotating dinner menu to implement once I go back to school. I know I won't cook every night, but if there is a framework of a plan in place, I think I will stick to it. I like to eat dinner leftovers for lunch, so that would help me stay on track once returning to school. I actually think my gorcery bill will go down a touch since I won't be feeding the girls three meals a day at home. We will see....

Later gals- have a super day!!

beach bum
07-22-2006, 12:37 PM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Of Whats left of it. Nothing new, going to relax and we lazy this hot:hot: & humid weekend.Went shopping today to make a special pasta:stir: dish I got from the food channels Rachael Rays 30 min cooking show. Its called Pasta Puttanesca,and in Italian Putttane are ladies of the night.So on another board that I post to are making :lol3: fun of my dinner.Saying I'm eating Whore Food.:rofl: I looked over the ingredients I think its beach :beach: friendly.I'm going to use myself as a quinne :ink: pig. I 'll let you know if its worthy to put in the recipe section.

Cottage-My DD and her family love:love: dutch wonderland. They went there several times and you should see all the toys:chin: they have won.She also like Sesame Street Park.Happy :)to hear you had a great time. I'm not into amumement parks.

Schatzi=I have wonderful time with your friend and family at the chinese restaurant.Enjoy a clean home,like I doing right now.

Ruth-Sometimes dogs & children are alike, they can be so naughty :devil: but after they look at you so cutely, you can't yell:tantrum: at them. Relax you had your exercising done for the day.

Kiko-Have fun at the baby shower. I'm doing that now rotating my dinner with lunch. I having dinner right after I finshing posting,grilled garlic chicken and creamed spinach. At tonight supper a sandwich & salald will do.

Have a nice day

Hugs :) BB

mother hen
07-22-2006, 03:21 PM
Good afternoon chickies!

My day started with taking dh to the weekend clinic. You see, yesterday he was at my Mom's and tripped outside. He fell on his arm and his elbow is a mess! We thought he'd just rest it and be better, but this a.m. it hurt worse than off to the dr.'s:( Lucky for him, it's only bruised badly and not broken. They put it in a sling and gave him pain killers:p Poor baby!

As for the rest of the day, I really don't have a plan. I know I have a million things to do, but it's too hot to think about doing them. I'm the queen of procrastination...;)

Beach bum- I'm looking forward to hearing about your dinner! Tell all of those other ladies to:p

Kiko_ :bravo: for making a plan to fit in your exercising! And for planning your meals too! I always do better with a plan of attack as well!

Ruth- I'll trade you!!! I'll keep your furbabies and you take my 4yo and 18mo! Wonder which one of us would bring them back first?:devil:

Schatzi- No fair bragging about having all of your chores done.:nono: :nono: Maybe you should come over and help me instead.;) Have fun eating chinese and watch out for the MSG!

Cottage-I'm sorry about your sleepless night.:( That's no fun. A few weeks ago I would have told you to make sure you eat some icecream before you went to bed.:devil: Hee hee... BUT NO!:nono: Now I will tell you to do a bubble bath and some warm tea! I also applaud you in doing all the scary rides. Not me!

Have a wonderful day, ladies!


07-22-2006, 04:38 PM
Kiko - Where did the rain go that we were supposed to get? I GUESS the cold front went through since it is only 97 but that is still hot!

We're heading to Adventure Landing soon with the scouts. Maybe we can get the kids to do mostly arcade games and Lasar tag but I bet we will end up outside for miniature golf and go carts at least some of the time.

I went and registered Brian for an afterschool program this morning. Now I need to give notice at his current day care center. They had their field trip to the Ft Worth Science Museum cancelled yesterday. They started on the road and pulled to the side because one van was making noise. Turns out one van had a bald tire, one had an alignment issue and one had a dead battery! And I'm trusting them with my kids life on a drive that far! No thanks! This way he will be staying at his own school but I will still need to find something for the summers.

I almost started up the weekly thread this morning. I ended up working until almost 1AM and then got paged around 5AM. Tonight I need to check some stuff out at 11PM but hopefully it won't take long.

mother hen - Sounds like your DH had a painful injury. Hope he feels better soon.

07-22-2006, 10:09 PM
Barb Good for you for changing daycare arrangements. You may find that the after school program you enrolled him has a summer program as well. I know the one in Plano does. I love the idea of the kids extending their day at school rather than being transported somewhere else. My daughter will attend a similar program once she starts school as we will be in different districts.

little grasshopper
07-22-2006, 11:44 PM
Hi all - it is so nice to see the weekend chatter! I was afraid it would all die down as people got busy elsewhere.

I usually work on Saturdays but had today off so this weekend is a special treat! Fiance and I were suppose to be celebrating some good news but it didn't work out that way. It actually became a very angry and stressful situation that we are hoping to fix this week. We woke up today and decided we needed an outlet for the stress so we went on a LONG, hard, mountain bike ride. So lots and LOTS of exercise today!! Hopefully that makes up for the horrible stuff I ate last night! Nothing TOO bad but I've been eating so clean lately that it made me feel disgusting! DF was a little off all day today too.

Now we are trying to figure out what's up with our well. We only have water for 20 minutes or so and then....nothing. We went through this 2 years ago but thought we'd fixed the problem. Here we go again.

Tomorrow is more mountain biking - unless we get rain, and having friends over for a SB friendly dinner. I'm making Italian Farm Chicken. yummy! They won't even know they're eating healthy :)

Have a great weekend all!!

07-23-2006, 09:01 AM
It's a glorious sunny morning here :sunny: and I've already breakfasted, tidied the kitchen, done one load of laundry and picked three heads of Buttercrunch lettuce. :carrot: Church will happen in half an hour and then the rest of the day is for relaxing and fun. I do have a marriage blessing to go to at 2 this afternoon which should be nice. It'll be followed by a garden-party reception so everyone is glad the weather is so perfect.

The Fair ( starts set-up tonight so I plan to rest up for a hectic week. The opening is not until Thursday but the midway rides will be in around midnight tonight. I swear they drive right through my bedroom! Tomorrow we will be dealing with all the niggles about washrooms, water, etc., and the village will start to hum as the population increases by 65 strangers. Lock up your daughters! Seriously, the people with World's Finest Shows are just great and we've never had a problem with them. Now some of our local yahoos get silly but it ends pretty fast when they try to take on a "carnie" - and calling them that is a sure way to start something!

Have a super Sunday!

beach bum
07-23-2006, 09:01 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Its going to another hot one today,we have all the A/Cs on down stairs to keep this place comfortable.

Well!! I made the Puttanesca yesterday for todays dinner. It filled 3 cup container when I finshed cooking it.So now I have two in the freezer for the next two meals down the road. Surprisingly it wasn't hard to make,but I taste something that I never tasted before in tomato sauce. I don't think they were the anchoves,but the olives.

Have to gready for church will post later,

Hugs :) BB

07-23-2006, 09:48 AM
Oh Woe! I didn't make too bad of choices at dinner last night.. The first time we've had decent chinese food down here.. I did ask for no MSG and no soy , and had regular brown rice instead of fried.. but I broke down at dessert..:devil: Ah well, I'll be extra good today and add a little bit more exercise.. It's overcast and about to rain here, so it looks like indoor activities today... so more Cawfee!!!! And finish my crossword puzzle!

Have a great Day!!! :flow1:

07-23-2006, 10:46 AM

Another hot day in store for us here.... it was a bit "cooler" yesterday and is supposed to be again today. Cooler here means that it doesn't hit 100.

Not much on the agenda for today- church here in a bit, and then a quick trip to the grocery store. DH has been working non-stop since last Monday, so we may head over to his hotel to have lunch. He literally hasn't seen the baby in a week. She is asleep when he leaves and asleep when he gets home. :(

Have a super day!!

07-23-2006, 11:40 AM
Well, Kiko and Barb, enjoy your "cooler" weather, ugh! There's no way I could deal with that stuff every day. High heat and humidity just sap the energy right out of me. DO be careful, but I know you gals must be used to it.
It has cooled off considerably around here today, only in the 80's, so we're giving the air conditioners a rest and opening up all the windows. Now THIS is more like what summer should be. I hate having to close up the house to turn the air on, it may as well be winter.
Monica and the girls will be out shortly, she's taking Caitlyn to Millersville University for a week of French camp, so they're picking me up on their way. I'm going to give them lunch first, and we're going to have BLT's made with turkey bacon. After we drop off Caite, Monica and Carley will spend the rest of the day here until they have to pick up Eric at the theatre. Our DS and his family will be here, too, and we're having gnocchi and a big salad for supper. I made 2 strawberry pies for dessert, one regular and a special sugar-free one for me. So the day is going to be busy but fun.

07-23-2006, 12:35 PM
Good morning every one. Well, I actually went shopping yesterday. So today was my first SB breakfast. One 2 egg veggie scamble and 2 slices of canadian bacon with one cup of joe, sweetened with Splenda and a dash of vanilla DaVinci syrup. (SF of course.)

I bought some rasberry davinci syrup to liven up my plain yogurt if I need it. I mostly bought the plain yogurt for sauce mixes.

Anyways, I am armed with a freezer full of lean meats and a fridge full of fresh veggies. I need to go clean my house and finish the laundry so I can start my chicken in the slow cooker.

last night I went to a "Slumber party" which is sort of like a tupper ware party or a candle party except the merchandise is of an adult nature geared for women. There were games and novelties to buy. Enhancers and body stuff, and of course, toys. :o My bridesmaid and I were looking for an alternative way of having a bachlorette party. I don't want to do the whole limo and club thing with people drinking themselves stupid and possibly ruining my night with their drunken antics. (I exclude myself from this possibility as I can not stomach alchohol save for a glass of wine I don't drink.)

My bridesmaid ordered a "Pin the winky on the macho man" and a gigantic :o :devil: Hopefully, it will be a fun time.

Now, on to house cleaning!


07-23-2006, 02:11 PM
Well, I just had a salad for lunch with two HB eggs in it for protein. I also had a lovely hour with my friend Rob on the back deck - with Caesars! Please tell me Clamato is considered fish.

I'm off to the Marriage Blessing thingie and will try to keep myself busy socializing at the reception afterwards so I can avoid the food. (The famous Kay Dean has made wonderful butter tarts! I may have one as I've sworn not to ever eat another after Kay leaves this earth.) Pray for me.

07-23-2006, 03:39 PM
hey kiko.....nice to see a fellow texan here ( houston area here ) i can completely relate to the heat and today after church i had to force myself outside to the garage to hit the treadmill. oh well, a little extra sweat means a few more calories got burned away i guess.

i had posted elsewhere and got lost along the way somehow. has been awhile since i was here last, but am back on the beach after some sidelining
( my own laziness and lack of will power ) but am here to stay until i lose what i intend to lose.

hope everyone has a great sunday afternoon!!

07-23-2006, 04:20 PM
The weekend is going TOO fast! I worked until midnight last night. Looked at and was able to ignore a 4:30AM page and then had to get up when I got paged at 5:30AM. I tried to sleep a little afterwards. We had church this morning and I started planning meals/groceries and then got pulled back into a change for work. I thought I was going to do it Wed night but it turns out it was needed today. Oh, well, that is 2 hours of work I won't have to do then.

I'm ready to get back to planning meals so I can get to the store. I've really gained this month (my ticker is lying right now) so I need to get back to healthy eating and I have GOT to get back exercising. Between work and this poison ivy, I just haven't managed to do it hardly at all!

mother hen
07-23-2006, 09:51 PM
Whoever said that the third day of week two was a :censored: was right. I've had the worse day today starting with waking up mad for no reason (does anyone else do this) and then being the drill sgt. :drill: trying to get everyone to church before it's over...:mad: Afterwards, I just felt guilty for yelling at everyone (especially dh with his arm in a sling:( ) so we decided to eat luch out...OK...I admit that it was chinese, and yes I had some rice, but not anywhere near what I usually have.... I feel like the whole day has been a bust. Sorry for the whining.

On a more positive note, my girlfriend has decided to jump on the sand with us and has recruited 2 friends as well. :carrot: I've told her to come on over and to bring plenty of sunscreen and bottled water.:beach:

Hope you all have a cool rest of the Sunday and I'll see you tomorrow!


little grasshopper
07-23-2006, 10:55 PM
oh, today has been a non stop eating festival. nothing off program but I'm sure I have no business eating this much food. I'm avoiding the scales because I'm PMSing and I gain water weight then anyway and seeing the scales climb right now wouldn't be good.

On the up side, I did get a HUGE amount of exercise in yesterday and a good bit today. Tomorrow morning I'm going to go for my first hour on the eliptical trainer. If I can't get the whole hour out, I'll move to another machine but I'm sticking to my goal of a full hour of cardio. Then 20 minutes on the quick weight lifting cycle.

Today was just hard because it was boring! I was stuck at home - after watching the finale stage of the Tour de France there wasn't anythign to do. Our well still isn't working so no water for cleaning me or the house. I read my books from the library and the house was mostly clean. I watched TV and kept looking out the window to see if DF and his friend were FINALLY finished with the car they were fixing (which was suppose to take 1 hour and was blocking my car in the drive way). It was a long day. I ate a lot of food. I'm proud of myself for not cheating but feel FULLLLLL from what I did eat! I'll be glad when the week starts again tomorrow!