Support Groups - Support for "Low Carbers" 'chit-chat'....just 'kick butt'!

08-31-2001, 07:38 PM
Hi Everyone!

I came to this thread because it is called "clubs." Let's start a club for ANYONE on a low carb plan who is SERIOUS about taking off the FAT SUIT they have been wearing!!!

[COLOR=royalblue]Not a thread for "chit chat" or recipes because there are plenty of those. I am talking about a real KICK BUTT- get yourself motivated - share and care kinda club where we get down to the business of reaching our goals! ;)

I began the Atkins Plan on June 15 after putting on my bathing suit for the first time this summer and about puked my gutts out! Since that day I have taken off 28 pounds and have about 80 more to go. (I plan on being here for the long haul!) I am 5'9" and wear a size 18. I would like to get into my old size 14 jeans. (Anything less will be a bonus!) :smug:

I weigh in every Friday and plan to share my progress with you hoping you will do the same with me!

Please share a bit about yourself. I am a 43 year old happily married mom of two "college boys." (Prayers will be appreciated!) I am an administrative assistant who loves to travel, play trivia games and euchre and enjoy biographies. I have been battling the buldge for most of my adult life and have finally started to win the war!

If you are a fellow "low carber" who is serious about "removing the tonnage".........PLEASE climb aboard the BUS. All passengers are reminded that they are not permitted to depart the bus until the ride comes to a complete stop. (In other words.-.-.-. Until you reach your goal!) :^:

I sure hope you decide to join this "club." We all need eachother. Who better to share with? I want to get to goal! Are you with me?????????? :^:

08-31-2001, 08:51 PM
Hey all,
My name is Pat I have been low carbing since Middle of July. No special plan just limiting my carbs to complex carbs and those from fruits and lots of vegs.

I am married no children and am a counselor in a male medium facility correctional facility. ( the things that I have seen and heard).

I have been overweight all my life. I have PCOS and thru research I it was suggested that maybe I would benefit from this woe. I certainly feel better. More energy, less PMS, Less mood swings.

I have lost over 10 # since the middle of July. It took me almost 6 months to lose the previous 10 #.

25_ hopeful way to go girl.

I will spread the word.


09-01-2001, 10:26 AM

09-01-2001, 11:12 AM
Good morning!

Dana -- I just got the private message about the new location. Thanks! While I intend to keep checking in with the LC group (especially to help support new members and get recipes), I like the more personal approach of this thread. And the lack of criticism because I chose to limit how many threads with which I communicate.

Brief Bio:

My name is Joanne. I will be 38 in February. :eek: I have a step-daughter (13 tomorrow), a step-son (11-1/2), and a son (just turned 6). I've been married to a (usually) wonderful man for 7-1/2 years. I work as an administrative assistant in a manufacturing facility and need just three more classes to complete my associates degree in business management.

I have been obese since I was around ten (just plain fat before that). My mom swears I was a normal weight at birth but, if the pictures are to be believed, that lasted about 3 months. :(

I didn't go on my first diet until age 19 (WW). At one point, I managed to get down to 168 pounds (28 pounds from goal). But to obtain that I was doing strenuous exercise for 1-1/2 hours a day, 6 days a week (didn't exercise on Sundays) and eating ony 1,100 calories a day. I was constantly hungry. As soon as the cooler weather came, I stopped exercising. As I was going to college (took the summer off) and working 1-1/2 jobs, fast food became my meal of choice. Long story short -- I put back on over 100 pounds in roughly 11 months. :eek: :cry:

Under Atkins (when I follow it :o ), I've lost 12 pounds in roughly 3 weeks (took out the days I wasn't OP). That without an serious exercising due to the extreme heat we've had here (I get heat sick in temperatures over 80 or high humidity). When I'm OP, I'm not hungry and I sleep like a log (insomnia is my best friend when I eat too many carbs :( ).

Ok. So that wasn't such a "brief" bio. :o

I hope to be able to share my experiences with other to help them and to obtain support, advise, and, when necessary, a good kick in the pants! :lol:

Be talking to you all soon!


09-01-2001, 06:57 PM
;) Hi There.

I was overweight since I was born. I weighed 10 lb 10 when I was born 36 years ago. I have been fighting with the concept for obesity for my entire life.

I have been on all types of diets - made my hungry just like you. I used to weigh in at WW then had a feed of fish and chips.

But now I can handle anything that may deter me in previous times.

I have no children but a boss like a little child.

My husband is fantastic. He is doing the diet with me occasionally I might give him fries or has browns.

In the last seven weeks I have only brought three loves of bread. I got the seconbd one out the freezer last night.

So shopping is real cheap. A tray of eggs last me about 10 days if I am lucky.

Hope to hear from you soon.


09-01-2001, 07:53 PM
Hi all!!!
I am still OP doing OK. My DH who is also on the plan w/ me enjoyed the zucchini lasagna I made tonite. I still wonder where the man I married is LOL. He wouldn't eat zucchini. He has lost more weight. It isn't fair that men can do that so much easier. I will take my measurements tomorrow. I for got today.

Michelle nice to meet ya.
Isn't it amazing at the amount of energy we get from this woe?I am amazed ,ost of the time

jdoneil1 Way to go on the weight loss so far I am very glad you wandered over here. I missed you and the others. I really enjoyed the low carb support thread.

Dana how are you.
I hope some others you e-mailed come on over.
I posted some invitations thruout the forum


09-01-2001, 10:12 PM
Good evening.

Well, for those of you who read it on The Wagon thread, I had to sit through dinner with my husband's ex in celebration of their/our daughter's 13th birthday today. I was dreading it because the woman has a habit of bringing up "taboo" subjects and causing a scene. She did bring up one issue (our daughter lives with my husband and us now and we set her bedtime at 9:00; his ex agrees with Jen (daughter) that it should be 10:00 and made a major issue of it in the middle of dinner). I finally, firmly told her that while I appreciate her opinion, she is not the one dealing with Jen on less than adequate sleep and that her bed time would stay at 9:00 and that was final. She let it drop -- although I doubt that's the end of the subject. Now even my husband is bugging me to let Jen stay up to 9:30! :mad: None of them are the ones who have to deal with the child in the morning when she doesn't want to get up 'cause she's too tired. Nor does my husband have to deal with her in the afternoon when she's exhausted and I have to nag her to do her homework and her chores. Personally, I think 9:00 is too late. She get's to listen to her CD player for about 15-20 minutes when she goes to bed as it is which means her "real" bedtime (i.e., when she goes to sleep) is already 9:30-9:45. To top it all off, my brother-in-law (husband's oldest brother) was there and he actually told me I was too strict with my kids and I should give them a little more leeway. This from a man who sees his nephews and neice maybe 7 or 8 times a year! And doesn't get to see his own 10-year-old daughter but once a month.

Oh. :o Sorry. I got caught up in the leftover emotions and rambled again.

Anyway. I had the lobster stuffed with lobster meat (scrapped off as much of the bread-type stuffing on top) with drawn butter and about 1 cup of broccoli au gratin. Yum! I do admit to eating a sliver (we're talking really skinny) piece of chocolate cake. :devil: Not too bad considering at that point I was so upset I could easily have consumed the entire cake!

Bright note: I think his ex (Donna) realized she'd upset me because she pulled me aside before we left to tell me how much she appreciated my being their to show a united family for Jen's birthday. Even though she felt I was probably very uncomfortable ('Ya think?!? :rolleyes: ). I remember my manners (Mom taught me well) and lied through my teeth when I said that it wasn't uncomfortable at all and that I'd had a good time. (Oh, well. Mom would be proud.)

Will post tomorrow with the impact of today's indiscretions. Bye for now.


09-01-2001, 10:20 PM
Hi girls I am here!!!! Just thought that i would come on down and see you I need this group.

I am Sue 41 years young and still getting younger everyday ( i mean that litterally ) when i was at my heavieset last year i loked 10 years older and half the energy i do now! I toped 235 and at 5'2" that is a lot i was in size 24's now just over a year (with some serious falls) i am down 54 lbs. and weigh about 181. I am trying really hard to see 170's by labor day it will be tight!!!

I an a diehard low carber and a definate carb addict. if i stay away from the carbs i do great and really can withstand most temptation but give me some carbs and i am lost so i call for help (or the Tape ) when i get weak! I have taken 41 years to realize that i am an addict!

I have 4 kids 16 Tamara 12 Katie 8 Matt 6 Ben. and Tom for a DH, who can be as frusterating as TOM:lol: I have a dog and very old house. I live in upstate NY (not as far up as Pat)

So anyways I am so glad that you all are here, and welcome michelle. Hi Pat and Dena and Joanne.:wave:

I had my BF tested and was losing 4 lbs of muscle:mad: so i must increase my protien, I need to count my foods again. I did lose fat.

I am seeing a trainer to loose this fat suit. and it is working. I am in KICK BUTT mode and do not want to stop. I want to be at goal by the time I hit 42 (December) that sould be about 10 lbe a month.

well enough for my book. I am going to eat some fish

09-01-2001, 10:45 PM
First of all HELLO to you all and glad you came aboard the bus. There are PLENTY of seats grab some buddies who want to reach goal too! :)

my buddy nasus.......GOOD TO SEE YOU HERE! This bus has seat belts...(no need to be duct taped in here) there is no danger in falling OFF the bus! I know I can count on your enthusiam to help keep the bus heading in the right direction as everyone's scales head in the LEFT direction! :cool:

my dear fralick......I know that YOUR enthusiam is contagious I am thrilled to see you here! We can do it girl! (You and nasus have seats up front!) :lol: Atkins buddy! Happy to see you posting here! How are you doing on Atkins? I am still on plan and feeling great. (It works!) :smug:

louvainwhk......Welcome aboard the bus! Low carb IS the way to go! (I wish I would have known that 100 pounds ago! Keep posting and get to goal with the gang! :D

I took my "baby" to college today. (Now BOTH sons are in college so we are officially "empty nesters." I only cried a little. It was a long day....but I managed to stay on plan. When we came home hubby and I opened a bottle of wine we had been saving to "toast" the occasion. It is the ONLY thing OFF PLAN that has crossed my lips since I began on June 15....but I feel this is a SPECIAL occasion. I remember the nurse placing him in my arms 18 years ago as if it were yesterday......and now......he is in college. Where does the time go? :?:

Have a great rest of the evening all! I will post again on Sunday! :o

09-02-2001, 07:33 AM
Good Sunday Morning to you all!!
Labor Day is tomorrow, school for us NNY's starts Weds. And then it will be winter. As you will come to know me you will soon see that I hate winter. Already greiving the summer and dreading the short days of the next season. SIGH........
I didn't do well on water yesterday, unfortunately didn't get it :dizzy: until 7:00pm. And I didn't want to spend all night in the bathroom :o . So today I will try to hydrate myself. And I will not be stepping on the scale today as a result. Food did well. I picked up some fresh vegetables at a local stand and I was thinking that I will miss them when we have to rely on the supermarkets this winter.
I was checking out the Sugar Busters forum . They have a Page that lists the links associated w/ that woe which could be informative to a newbie such as myself. The moderator there certainly has done alot of work over there. SHe has lost alot( I don't remember the exact amout) but currently weighs in the 120's. They seem like a pretty tight bunch. But she should be proud of teh work and effort she has put into that forum. The page is the first reply on there weekly thread.

Maybe that could be a goal for us when we go from misc club/group to official LOL:smug: .

Any way,

Joanne, I too have a step daughter. That isn't easy no matter ho well everyone gets along. I agree that it is easier for those that do not have to wake the child up to side w/ her. I don't think 9:00 pm is to early a bed time. Especially the amount of things that kids have to cope w/today. Good for you w/ your woe. I would have caved on the cake( Ilove cake). My motto is never let them see ya sweat. I think you handled yourself swell.
PS I would put it back on the kid. When she shows that she onl;y needs an alarm clock to wake her like all adults maybe her bed time could be discussed. Then the pressure is off you.

Dana, Oh my goodness girl. All the kids are gone HUH? Time sure does fly. I think you deserved a little wine to celebrate the event, as well as starting the next chapter of your life. You are awesome being OP since June !!!!!

Hey Sue, I missed you. Sorry about job stress. I can certainly appreciate that. I though tof you yesterday when I was picking up my vegs. They had corn :nono: . I skipped. My DH is losing weight faster. Than I of course. ANd has become a little bunny. He was a strict meat and potos guy just a few months ago. Now is salads and lean meat. WHich has made my success so far alot easier.
Michelle How are you doing?
Well I'll check in later

09-02-2001, 07:24 PM
Pat I started to laugh when you said that he had become a little bunny:o till i read down further:rolleyes: I just hear that my corm man is in the hospital and besides the good corn is gone and i am happy so cheating on that is out!

Dana get that seatbelt tight I willneed it tomorow, we are celebrating my MIL's b-day and i have to avoid temptation or i will be lost!!! I think that the bottle of wine is just cause in this case. wow off to college now do not get the empty nest and start making goodies for them and send it to them( there is too much temptation to taste) just buy thenm the cookies packaged!!!

Joanne and michelle how are you guys doing today??? staying OP??? if you didnot come back and let dana strap you in, she has the but up to a good speed!!!

09-03-2001, 07:13 AM
My goodness, I can't believe the number of lurkers viewing our little thread. Please feel free to join in anywhere. This is a new opportunity to share about your desire, trouble, questions and support for low carb woe in your weight loss journey.

This thread is an opprtunity for me to get what I need as I struggle and learn about this woe . I just need help and support in my weight loss journey.

Any way.
Struggled a bit last night with cravings. Coped with legal snacks. But was concerned as I hadn't been eating when I wasn't hungry. I wonder if I got into something w/ some hidden sugar. It hasn't happened in a while. I also might be drinking too much crystal light. Will focus on plain old water today. see if that helps.
Spent some more time over in the sugar busters forum again yesterday.
If you are new to low carb or if you have questions head on over there. They maintain alot of their information. Some of the material is strictly related to the sugar busters woe, however they have articles, web sites, recipes and even words of inspiration all catagorized. Just click onto the weekly thread and the links are included in the first post. Alot of information regarding those w/ insulin resistance. Alot of work on the moderater and other members of the forum !!

Enjoy your Labor Day
Will check in later

Sue- Good luck at the picnic. Just pull your seatbelt a little tighter.

Dana, Michelle and Joanne how are you doing?


09-03-2001, 08:56 AM
Just a quick hi from over at Low Carb!

Isn't that Sugar Buster forum great! It realy helped me last year when I was looking for a break from Atkins.

Because plateaus do happen, and you can get into a rut on thie WOE, I find I can use all the encouragement I can get! So I read any and all I can: here at 3fc's, other websites and just about every book on the market!

I post over at the Low Carb! section here at 3fc's because it's the largest group of experienced low carbers I've found. There is truly a ton of collected knowledge and just plain good ideas for the problem-solving and the tons of little questions that pop up each day with this WOE. And anyone can ask for help, just join in any time!

have a good one, chickies,


09-03-2001, 11:39 AM

Ok. I don't know what's wrong with me (other than PMS). I start each day totally motivated, in control, and OP. By dinner/later night, I'm (just) barley holding onto the bumper of this bus! :eek: :o

I did excellent yesterday. Very low carb. Then I got tied up working in the home office last night. By the time I got down to dinner (DH fixed it), almost all of the garlic-seasoned steak was gone. All that was left was about 2 oz and a huge pile of dill-seasoned carrots. :mad: I was still very hungry after eating steak and 1/2 cup of carrots. Then they brought out the left-over birthday cake. :eek: I'll admit it. I gave in and had a pretty big portion. :o Then I had a bowl of cereal (and not the "healthy" kind either). I was full and feeling mighty guilty. To make matters worse, all that suger kept me up until almost 1:00 AM.

Got on the scale the moring. No duh. Up 1 pound.

Back on track this morning. One piece of 10 carb toast with 2 slices of American cheese and coffee (actually more filling than it sounds).

Anyone care to haul my (sizeable) butt back onto the bus?!? :o

Any and all comments welcome. This is getting to be depressing. I need more control. I know I feel great on Atkins. Maybe it's just PMS. :?:

Sorry for the "me" post. (Yes, I know you told me not to apologize for that but I was raised to believe the talking about yourself consistantly is poor manners.)

Will post later with updates and support to the rest of the group. Need to shake these blues first. :o


09-03-2001, 12:54 PM
But JD, read over your post and you'll see the problem!

You only ate 2 oz meat! with carrots!

don't blame yourself for the evening's cheats, your blood sugar was dropping like crazy and you were CRAVING SUGAR (glucose).
It's really important to keep your blood sugar even by eating small meals often, and not to let yourself get so hungry!

Hope today goes better! Pat yourself on the back, have a few glasses of water, and take a nap.(read a book, have a walk?)

each meal starts another chance!


09-03-2001, 01:03 PM
Happy Labor Day All!

Hope everyone has the day off and can enjoy on of the last "days of sumer!" It is BEAUTIFUL here in Pittsburgh. Sorry I did not check in as I promised yesterday. Hubby and I spent the day getting the house back together after the big double college move! We then went to a rib festival where the group AMERICA performed! A great time! Ribs were yummy and I was able to pass up the fudge, roasted corn and funnel cakes that were whispering my name! (Me soooooo proud!) Next labor day we will all be closer to goal..(or maybe even there for some.).. and we can run around in bikinis eatting an ice cream bar! (Dreeeeeeams!)

OK are now SITTING on my lap in the drivers seat of the BUS! (You ain't going nowhere babe!) Forget about that one pound! Eat a few eggs and some tuna to get yourself back up to high energy and consider yourself back on track! (I saw you hanging on that bumper.......a girl could get hurt!) We all have our bad days. Falling down is not failing........failing to get back up IS!) You know what ya gotta do babe and you ARE doing it! (Me so proud of you1)

hello dottie Are you planning on riding the bus? There are plenty of seats here if you wanna get to goal with us!

my belt in locked, girl! (You will always be my co-pilot...right there in the front seat!) We will get to goal together...don't worry!

:) my are always so helpful with pointing out tips about the other threads! Great job! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and the more we know (and APPLY that information) the better chance we have at success! Keep up the good work! :smug:

louvanwhk.......where are ya babe! Your seat is here. Hope you are on plan and still rolling with us! :cool:

To all you stated above.....we got lots of seats here! Please come aboard for plenty of "fellowship and butt kicking" as we all get these darn "fat suits" off. (How cool will it be to arrive at destination....get off the bus...and have nobody recognize us 'cause we got so skinny!) We can wish it right now.........but DREAMS DO COME TRUE! :p

09-03-2001, 08:05 PM
You are all SO GREAT! Thanks! My seat belt is fastened and I'm back OP.

Actually, I don't have much choice today. First my little one got sick (poor baby) :( Then I started feeling nausus (although I'm starting to feel a little better now). DH is making us burgers for dinner. He's so sweet. He did all kinds of driving back and forth to Massachusetts today (about 6 hours alltogether). Driving like that really takes a lot out of you. He heard me tell Jen that my stomache didn't feel so hot and promptly offered to cook dinner (which was my job tonight).

I did get out this afternoon (neighbor sat with Shane). I just HAD to go to the book store. I found out that Atkins made a companion cookbook to the "New Diet Revolution" plan that I'm following. Got it! Don't be surprised to see some new entries in the recipe threads after I've experimented some. I've only gotten through about 1/3 of the book and there are already about a dozen post-its earmarking recipes. :)


09-03-2001, 10:14 PM

thanks hopeful....I prob wouldnt have found you all and I was having withdrawls......I fell off the wagon but am jumping on the bus.....:wave: (this is me waving my bus ticket hehehe)

So glad to be here with everyone..... I dont have time to post right now but I will be back .....

Take care everyone....tomorrow(tues) I start induction on Atkins ( for the 3rd time)...

see ya later and glad I am here with ya!!!!!

09-03-2001, 11:34 PM
I fell out of the window this morning. I am strugeling not to go back and eat the cake for snack. CARB MONSTER!!!! UUUGGGGHHHH. Dottie you are right the protien will really go a long way to helping stay OP and I did not do that, all morning i said I need to eat breakfast and did not!!! (MY dog killed a skunk, and i had the fun job of trying to wash him) and my stomach was turning from the dog and hunger so when I came inside i dove in to a bowl of frosting that My DD made. well I am grabing at the bumper, and thank god it is made of duct tape as I am sticking to it, I am going to go to bed so I can resist, and start fresh in the morning.

janice the hamburgers souded great, better than the ones i had :( I hope the stomach is better. write down all your foods it really helps and to know that you have to write it dwon helps keep you on target, (like I did not do toady)

Terri glad to see you catch up with us.

25 I know you will be wearing your bikini next year, and I will be right there too!!! I am soo proud of you will power, it is so contagious i should have read this thread thismorning then i would not have been in the frosting!!!

Dottie I love the saying each meal is a new start. you are so right about that. thanks for the words to make us think.

09-04-2001, 07:29 AM
Happy Tuesday All! (But, it FEELS like MONDAY!)

The message for today is BE PREPARED!!! I was a little on the HUNGRY side yesterday.........(spent the day heavy cleaning.....great way to spend the day off!) I did not go off plan... (thank goodness)....but I did grab some extra cheese and 3 slices of hard salami to stop the hunger. (I am paying for it this morning with swolen hands from the salt!) I know believe I was only THIRSTY and should have stopped a couple times during the course of the day and DRANK SOME WATER!!! Also, eating 2 eggs will get the protein up in your body and that is a much better choice than what I did. Live and learn! [

COLOR=coral]How about a GREAT on program day for everyone.....okay??? I already have my meals planned out and have challenged myself to put my kidneys into "overdrive" today as I drink like a fishy![/COLOR]

I see lots of people "lurking" on this thread but not many are posting. How about if you lurkers jump on the bus and get to goal with us??? EVERYONE is welcome!

jdoneil....glad to see you got the book. Sometimes a change of foods is a big help for being excited about staying on plan. (Hope the little one is feeling better!)

tornadoterri....Don't you mean you start induction for the LAST time!!!!????? You WILL be successful this time because you are strapped in here and we will NOT let you down! Glad to see you again my friend...I missed you! PLEASE post a little information about yourself here for the gals who do not know you. We are all getting to goal TOGETHER. I am SICK of my "fat suit." Aren't you sick of YOURS???? Let's take then off together!!!

nasus........YES!!! A bikini would be soooooo awesome! The "bathing suit" I put on this summer (June 15.....remember that day...cause it was the day I GOT REAL about weight loss)...that made me about throw up.....has been TOSSED! I bought a new one when we were on vacation and although I still have about 80 to looks nice on me! I will be HAPPY to toss it next summer for a 2 piece....OR MAYBE A THONG!!!! Woooo hoooooooo! (Sorry about the dog/skunk thing. That really STINKS!! (Sorry...could NOT resist!) Glad to hear you are still with us! (You GOTTA be...we all need eachother!)

How about fralick....michelle and all still with us????
Get on the bus and get to goal all! Plenty of seats and plenty of fellowship to go around!

09-04-2001, 07:29 AM
Alright girls
Do not push the button on the seatbealts !!!!!!
It releases you and lets things happen like falling out doors, windows etc. The carb monsters are lurking on the curbs and in the ditches!! :devil:


While posting that I missed my labor day goal by 1# :( ( over in 100# club) I was reading my previous posts and I realized that I have lost

12 # since 7/17/01
Which is pretty good for me as it took over 6 months for me to lose the first 12.

I stuck to water yesterday and amazingly there were no cravings last night. So I think crysatl light was the culprit.

Did my morning routine yesterday as well as "labored" out doors all day yesterday.

:wave: Dottie , great tips and support. Yes you are right about the low carb forum . Lots of knowledge there.

:wave: Terri , We had a seat on the bus waiting for you.

Joanne, how is your little one? Glad your back on track.

Sue I am telling Ozzioe about the frosting. I don't think a kiss will get you out of what he has in store for you. Back to work today? Hope you have abetter work week.

Way to go Dana !! I hate when "they" are calling your name. I was watchinga Sara Lee commercial last nite and could have licked the screen. Gross huh?

I am on vacation, and would like to lose 2 more # this week. That seems about my avaerage.

Will check in later


Michelle are you still in seat 12 b?

09-04-2001, 07:44 AM
my fralick! We were posting at the EXACT same time! Just wanted to drop you a quick hello and say that I enjoyed your post! (Question: What is more gross..... 1.) Licking the tv screen during a Sara Lee commercial or 2.) Wanting to steal a bit of strawberry shortcake from a stranger sitting across from you at the rib fest we went to? Hmmmmmmm
We WILL succeed! :cool:

09-04-2001, 09:56 AM
Good morning!

This is gotta be quick (I'm at work).

Shane is doing much better. He went to school today.

TOM finally showed up (about 6 days late!). Just like a man! :rolleyes:

Stayed OP last night. :)

Switched to decaf & water after my two coffees this morning. Have added reduce caffeine to my list of "goals".

Our systems are all down here so I'm going to ask a co-worker if she want to "break" early and go for a walk.


09-04-2001, 11:30 AM
Hello Princesses!!!

Once I post, you will probably need to start a new thread. Imagine...I'm thinking this post will be rather lengthy!!! lol

Dana: Thank you so much for creating this thread. I know that we all need one another...those of us who are really SERIOUS about low-carbing and getting to our goals.

I know how you're feeling about being an empty nester. It's like a love/hate relationship, but you will love it sooner than you think. The quiet and personal freedom will be yours, and you will better be able to get your own life in order. After all, you have done a wonderful job with your boys, and it's your turn. You definitely deserved that wine, but now it's time to really kick butt!!!

Good job staying OP!!! You just keep on keeping on!!! Before you know it, we all will be celebrating having reached our goal. I'll be right there with you.

Pat: It's so good to see you here, too. I just love your enthusiastic posts. Crystal Light is so full of preservatives!!! In my case, the preservatives (and the salt) are the culprits in making me have cravings, or hungry. They really do a number to the stomach, too. I'm glad you decided not to have it for a while.

I do have a suggestion for you: When you eat fruits, you are loading your system with insulin...they're full of sugar, and high in carbohydrates. The sugar makes you crave nore sugar/food. Maybe if you either cut down on them, or cut them out altogether, you wont have the carb monsters lurking around so much. Are you counting carbs?

Michelle: Welcome!!! You have come to the right thread. These people are definitely motivated and serious about losing their weight. It's great to have you with us!

Joanne: I am hauling your butt on the bus and tying you down!!! You were probably nauseous from eating all that sugar!! Time to restart induction and get your system cleaned out and back in balance. Carrots are high in carbs and have sugar in them (I'm sure I read that somewhere), so they may well be the culprit in making you have more sugar cravings and kicking you off the program. Maybe staying with green and/or leafy vegetables would suit you better?

As for your slice of bread having 10 carbs, I wouldn't even go there! The carb monsters would really get me. Imagine 10 carbs of vegetables you could be eating...more easily and healthily filling your stomach so that you won't be so hungry...especially so soon . Bread is a real trigger for carb and food cravings.

As for your daughter, you're the boss. She needs to prove that she can be more responsible about getting herself up in the morning before I would allow her to have a later bedtime. Hang in there...I'm in your corner!!!

Dottie: Nice to see you here. There's lots that can be learned from all you have found out. Lots of support and knowledge here. I hope you come back often and checkin with us. We're a great group, too!!!

Terri: Glad you found us. I am looking forward to hearing more about you.

Sue: It's good to see you here, too!!! I'm smacking your hands and strapping your butt down!!! You have done so well, it's time to stay on the bus! You know that you need your have you managed without (or without enough of) it??? This plan is about eating healthy and eating right. Read your book again and get right with the program. You've been a great inspiration to many with your weight loss.

By the way, I also celebrate my birthday in December (the 22nd) and plan to be at my goal by then.

I've been OP for 9 weeks (I think) now. These last couple of weeks have been really bad for me. I was having to take pain medication, and then I ate something that I was allergic to which (between the meds and the allergies) has caused me to have an abdominal (yeast) infection and to gain weight. I am now up to 208 pounds, but I am not disenchanted with the Atkins program. Hubby and I have eaten out a few times lately (he's been trying to keep my spirits up), and I think it might be something that was put in the vegetables or salads that I have been eating. I do fine when I am at home, so we have decided that for at least the next 3 weeks that we wouldn't go out to dinner any more (no big deal...I prefer eating at home).

I (again) share these thought with you from my Journal:

I have really thought about this program that I am on and about reaching my goals. I cheated in the first week of the program, and was really disgusted with myself. I started out my program by sabotaging it!!! Since the second week, I have been faithful to myself, and havenít repeated my mistake. My thinking today is that overeating and using food for rewards while on my program just doesnít make sense. Doing without the things that I enjoy while I am on this program is not a matter of depriving myself. It makes perfect sense. Those things that I am doing without are always going to be there, but right now, they donít fit in with my program. They will cause me to either gain weight, or not to lose. They might make me feel good momentarily, but really make me feel unwell in the long run. I will be disappointed with myself for not keeping to my strong commitment of losing this heavy burden that is extra weight. How can I justify eating something that isnít on the program? Why reward yourself with something that will sabotage your weight loss when the actual reward is the loss itself. How ridiculous can one be?

Please know that I do have cravings for my "other" favorite foods. Tiramisu, apple something-or other, chocolate, and etc. are not all that far from my thoughts at any time; but, what's most important to me is that I lose this "fat suit", reach my goal, and maintain my weight. I know in time that I can have (a little of) those foods...they will always be there. It's just a matter of time and planning.

For those of you who do not know me, you can read my story at:

I know this has been long, but I needed to get back in touch with my buddies again. Thanks again Dana for helping us all to do so. The other thread we had was great, and I was really resentful for the interference when we were all doing so well. We all can and will accomplish our goals...thanks to Dana, we have that much more support to do so!!!

Lee are the daughter of the Heavenly King...that makes you a Princess!!! Feel like one...look like one...carry yourself like one!!!

09-04-2001, 08:51 PM
I STAYED OP ALL DAY! :cool: :smug: :D

TOM arrived (late as usual) today and I struggled off and on with some really nasty :devil: carb cravings. I did NOT give in. I just ate my last meal of the day (beef patty with mushrooms and cheddar cheese and a large glass of water). No longer hungry so I'm sticking to water from now until bedtime.

I even got in a quick 1 mile walk this morning and a leasurely 15 minute "mall" walk (a.k.a., window shopping) at lunch time. Even managed to up my water intake.

I am feeling SO STRONG! And I owe all of the credit to this support group. You all take a bow! You've earned it. Thank you! Thank you! :)

Lee -- You posted almost as long as some of my "books". :lol: Thanks for the encouragement with the program and my daughter. I hope I didn't give the wrong impression. She really is a good kid. She's just typical of her age (13) and not extremly responsible. You know the story -- wants to grow up and get all the privileges but wants none of the responsibility or work that accompanies the transition. She'll make it eventually. Although, I'm not sure DH and I will. :rolleyes:


09-04-2001, 09:10 PM
Of course you and your DH will, are tough. Stick tio your guns and let her shoe you how responsible she can be. With a Mom like you, I am sure she will go far!!!

Congrats on staying OP. Don't let anything dissude you from staying that way!!!

I'm sending all my strength, support and love to you!!!


09-04-2001, 11:05 PM
whew...... day 1 and I barely made it....BUT, I did!!! thanks to my daughter who helped me with dinner choice...actually she ate my serving of mac and cheese which I was about to dive into, knowing full well I couldnt have it , but I had gotten home late, TOM arrived (havent had one since july 1st), so really pms-ing, anyway, she said, are you suppose to have that??? I said no, and she said "Ithought u were starting atkins today?" I said yep, but I wont make it thru first day, so I will start over tomorrow...she said, "well, I will eat it cuz Im still hungry and you can have a hot dog with your salad and she grabbed my bowl and inhaled the mac and cheese:eek: (WHAT A GREAT KID)

SO, thats how I made it thru my first day, after all, I went all day OP , why blow it at night.....

well, a little about myself, I turned 40 last November, so that means I will be uh, um, um,, oh yea.....39 this Nov.... I go backwards now hehehe..... I have 2 step daughters, 27, and 18 years old.....2 daughters....14 and almost 12 (both going on 20),
I work part time at a Credit Union, I used to own a gym, so I know the importance of working out, however I have gotten away from it and that is one of my goals this month is to get back at it...... I have a hubby who has had 3 eye surgeries in the past few months,, (and on the flip side, I have a great ex hubby, he is the girls dad, and I swear we get along better now than ever) and we have a darling cocker spaniel who is our BIG BABY!!!!

I enjoy reading, reading and more reading, I used to enjoy exercising alot and am going to start up now... after taking care of everyone else.... as Dana as mentioned .....IT IS TIME TO START TAKING CARE OF ME!!!!! SO WATCH OUT, CAUSE I AM READY TO TAKE THIS BUS RIDE TILL I REACH MY DESTINATION.....ONLY STOPS ALLOWED ARE POTTY BREAKS;)


09-05-2001, 07:40 AM

Good Day All! I am so glad to see you all posting and giving a little information about yourself! There are still plenty of seats on this BUS TO do not be shy. If you are lurking about..get on board! (PS...Hate to break it to ya terri....but since I bought a bus with 2 lovely restrooms.....THERE WILL BE NOOOOOO POTTY STOPS! We just can't take a chance stopping where there might me vending machines full of "no-nos." The bus has 2 pottys so we can enjoy all our water without "worrying." ;)

As I stated at the start...on plan is the only place to be! You gotta PLAN to stay on PLAN. I have been taking a few minutes each day to have my health food choices ready. You gotta take some time for yourself gals! You do it ALL for hubby and kids....(and even make sure the dog is fed and has water) it for YOU! Just because you put others first...does NOT mean you have to put yourself LAST. That is how many of us got to wear this "fat suit" in the first place. (((By the way....WHO ordered these ugly fat suits????? I HATE MINE!!!)) :s:

I gotta get to work no time to say a friendly hello to each of my GREAT buddies here......BUT..please do us all a favor today and post 1 thing positive or inspiring that has happened to you since committing yourself to this WAY OF LIFE and deciding to DO SOMETHING about fighting the fight!

I would like to share that with 28 pounds gone now..(and still 80 or so to go)....I am starting to RECOGNIZE my FACE again! Yes....I know you understand. That "puff ball" that I saw staring back at me sometimes as I put make-up on or brushed my teeth is starting to change back to "the girl I remember." :^:

I don't know how we all got here.......struggling to get back to NORMAL. (It is like walking all the way around the world to get to your next door neighbors house sometimes!)..but we ARE here......and we have to TAKE CONTROL....and we gotta FIGHT this WEIGHT PROBLEM...and we are gonna do it together! :)

09-05-2001, 09:22 AM
I thought that I would share this with you all this morning:

Your Quick Inspiration For The Day:

The joy is that we can take back our bodies, reclaim our health, and restore ourselves to balance. We can take power over what and how we eat. We can rejuvenate and recharge ourselves, bringing healing to the wounds we carry inside us, and bringing to fuller life the wonderful person that each of us can be. - John Robbins


09-05-2001, 09:47 PM
I STAYED OP FOR ANOTHER DAY. That's 2 in a row! :cool:

I had my monthly Avon meeting tonight. Which I forgot all about until 20 minutes before I had to be there. I hadn't had any dinner because I was making Shane (my little one) his dinner first so he could jump in the tub before bedtime. Luckily, Jennifer (DD) reminded me! I grabbed a 24 oz. bottle of water, ran a brush through my hair, and kissed DH and the kids good-bye. Meeting was very informative. The water helped with the hunger pains. Get this: I did not use my hunger as an excuse to go off OP when I got home! :D I was tempted. :devil: DH didn't make any dinner for himself (wasn't hunger) and the kids had already eaten. There wasn't any food made up. Luckily, I had some sliced roast beef in the frig that I rolled up 4 slices and dipped into Grey Poupon for dinner. Washed it down with another 24 oz of water. No more hunger! :cool:

Gotta go. I am really tired and I still have to remove my make-up, brush teeth, etc. before bed.


09-06-2001, 07:28 AM
Good Morning all
How is everyone?

I am still Op and did a 45 min w/o yesterday morning. What a menatl battle that is as my mind tries and tells me that I have done enough. Not that I can't go another minute. SO I am trying to vary it. Or plan my w/o's so there is somekind of rouitine

I have seen Sue do that when she posts.
How are you doing anyway? I am kinda worried about you. Ozzie or no Ozzie :?: .

Lee, It is so wonderful to see your posts. I love the words of wisdom. Thanks for the quest about carb counting. It made me do an inventory. I keep my fruit choices w/ a glycemic index under 50. There isn't many of them, and the majority from green stuff.

Dana you're absolutly right!!! We are going to do this together!! I have been posting invitations to those asking ques about low carb eating. I hope they jump on the bus!!

Joanne WAY TO GO!!!! Isn't it a great feeling? I feel so much better OP,

Terri Hello, How has your husband made out? He had to have a 3rd surgery????? Congrats on the OPness

Well hope everyone is doing well

Plenty of seats on teh bus


09-06-2001, 07:35 PM
Been kinda quiet around here which makes me sad. Where the heck is everyone????

Not gonna give up on you luekers out there...PLEASE jump on board!

Tomorrow is weigh in day so I will be sure to check in and give my progress. I hope all the goodies I passed up at the rib fest will make the "scale gods" shine down upon me! Keep your fingers crossed for a loss!

Hope everyone is ON PLAN and still fighting the good fight! See ya tomorrow!

09-06-2001, 10:31 PM
I don't know if you are aware of some of the things that have been going on with THE Mother Hens...but wanted to make you aware.

These girls have worked hard and sacrificed for this board. Not for monetary gain, but for all of us. I hope that you will take a few minutes to read their journals and post to ALL if our support going to them. I've been around for quite some time and have gone thru the transformations (which meant sacrifices for them) of this board.

It is my hope that we can all come together for many things, BUT first and foremost to our HOSTS in offering our love and support.

If I've done this right, please click here for the story.

Please join us and others in thanking our "sisters" for this wonderful site.

mamaj aka Janice

09-06-2001, 10:55 PM
Pat Whooo Hooo it sure is exhausting to make the exercise go. Try looking up they have a killer exercise plan for you. it is all done by self and with weights. I found that i did not have what it takes to push my self to the limit but ended up hiring a trainer.and he pushes me. isee changes and that ia really ispiring and really encourages me to kepp going. I also make personal goals when i exerxise, ti hit a certain number during the exercise for calories burned the keep trying to go higher, and that helps, I will say that at first it was to just finish the time frame, the veryfirst time i steped on a machine I DIED at 2 min and by 5 I was panting like a train, now i am panting and sweting up a atorm but I love it, and these last few days I have been so busy i have not been to the gym and am dying for s taste. I am going for 20 min tomorow. so I can get my fix. it has taken me a long time to be able to say that,so keep on pluging. the bennies of exerciseing that way is so great, I will post them another time but I need to catch up on all that has been going on.

Dana you go girl 28 wow that is truly fantastic. I gave you a message back My scale has been bouncing but I am still playing at 179-180 so that is 55 lbs ish I truly knows the feeling when you say that you have found your face. I still stare at mine and can not believe that it is showing, I just stared for hours when i saw my cheekbones for the first time in many years, I am now starting to get a sculptured face, i have some angel to my cheeks and boy it sure is exciting.

Joanne whoo hoo for the control that you had, that is truly great. one step at a time and you will be there at goal before you know it.

Now just a bit to say what i have been up ot. I have had a tough week, monday my dog killed a skunk and well you guessed it, i washed him for over 2 hours on an empty stomach and did not fair to well, i came inside and dove into a bowl of ffrosting that was on the counter, then ate not pig out style the rest of the day but not good either i did have cake and icecream, I have been mostlyu OP after that. then tuesday I found that the endo of the month i am jobless. well that is gong to be tough I am trying hard to find ways of making money without going to wrk in a hospital or nursing home, unemployment is out of the question with this nursing shortage an RN is not without a job!!! but i do want to be picky. I had a dear old man friend die on saturday but did not find out untill tuesday and then a bunch of other things happen so I have been a bit preoccupied but I need to be OP and neeed to have my time with my friends, sso tomorow is a new day and Dana get the superglue out I keep telling myCabana boy that i need to have a killer body by the end of the month so i can make money selling my body:D ar even better yet dancing:D I do not have much rhythem but i do not think they are looking for that:lol:

So have an OP day

09-07-2001, 07:30 AM
The "scale gods" have smiled upon me today! (Passing up all the goodies at the rib fest paid off.) I have taken OFF 3 more pounds which brings my total to 31 now! Whoooooo Weeeeee! :D

I am sad that we have som many lurkers and not many posters this BUS may be coming to a halt. (Not me...or my enthusaim for low carbing, (Atkins here) or my commitment to getting to goal, just this BUS thread. We just do not seem to have enough passengers to warrant a whole thread.

I appreciate those who have "taken a seat" and those who have posted......but it does not seem worth the GAS to drive a big empty bus.

Please check out Jennifer's journal about that negative message. I sent her a pm a couple of days ago expressing my thanks for the web-site and my support. Every one should take a moment to do so. My mom always taught me to CONSIDER THE SOURCE...and that is what I told Jennifer to do. Some people just don't "get it." This Cline person has obviously never had to battle a weight problem. There is TOO much negativity in this world as it is...SHAME ON PEOPLE WHO SPREAD MORE!!!!!!!!!!

To all you regular bus may have to find "another ride." We will see how this goes. I may be walking to goal.....alone.

Have a great ON PLAN day......and let me now if I should park the bus or not. Thank you! Dana

09-07-2001, 07:36 AM
Good morning.

Yesterday was OP . . . IF I was using the CAD program and not Atkins. At lunch time, I indulged in some serious carbs (ate at a Starbucks' Cafe :devil: ) but I consumed them all in a 45 minute period. I had had an OP breakfast and dinner and drank the water. I felt pretty good. Maybe I'll let myself have one of those "reward" meals once (emphasis on the "1") a week. Something to tell myself I have to look forward to when the cravings are really strong.

25_Hopeful -- I wouldn't worry so much about the number of lurkers for this thread. For many months, lurking is all I did. I used the information and the support given to others to motivate me to try (yet again) to lose my fat suit. Some people are just shy. Some are looking for the thread that makes them feel at home. Folks will chat when they are ready. In the mean time, if you want to talk, here I am. :)


09-07-2001, 07:38 AM
. . . Have we settled on a new club name yet? We really need to start a new thread and I'd like to know what it's going to be called.


09-07-2001, 05:27 PM
Hi just a quick note,
I am still here , Op, and devoted to this thread.
Let's give this a little more time to let the dust settle.
I am recovering from my morning procedure and still have medicine head.

Sue I am so sorry about your week. and your job. Big Hugs!!!!!

Dana hang with us
Joanne way to go!!!
I am going to start #2 thread w/ just low carb support club until we can decide what to call ourselves
Pat On teh BUs

09-13-2001, 05:26 PM
Greetings all. My name is Pam ,I am 47 and have been a shut in for about 8 years. I have been heavy since childhood and extremely overweight since puberty. I spend alot of time doing genealogy, writing and crochet. I began this on the 8th of September,2001. I began at 338 lbs. I discovered I had lost five lbs in the four days I spent finding a support group and doing a good bit of low carb research. Boy was I surprised.
Sue has made Adkins my best friend once again and I will weigh on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I know I am losing as the metallic taste is in my mouth. Extra water has helped(bless you Sue) . Years ago I lost 108 lbs on Low carb and kept it off for several years until I was injured at work. A severe spinal injury that caused me to be bedfast for over a year. Several years later the weight kept building and exercise was impossible , Illness followed and so here I am. I will be successful.
I want the me I know to return and I have prayed for those years lost to be rolled away as well. Which means I ask for the hands of time to reverse about 17 years. Well... one can dream you know! I am determined to lose . My goal is 125 as I have small bones ( boy was I mad at the doctor who first told me that) . I have along way to go and support is new and wonderful to me.
I check in most everyday. I am so happy I found all of you. So far so good!!!!!

09-13-2001, 06:13 PM
Pam I am coping this and bringing it over to the thread labeled #2 Ok?? So glad to see you here get ready for a great ride we do like to kick but here!!!

09-19-2001, 04:54 PM
You can move me anywhere you like as long as I am still here! As if you could do any wrong in my eyes SuzieQ. Not possible.

I have lost 20 lbs and holding. I took a carb day as a reward for the 20lbs. I won't do that again for a while. My weight has not dropped an oz. , now Sue I know it is not what it seems but I must get below 300 as quickly as possible. It is my wall of China and it is here I have fallen to the way side over and over again.
Thank to your posting I understand it and will nor stop. If it takes
weeks of plain tuna and nothing else , I will get past this wall. I am surrendering the crystal Lite for plain water aand if you all can think of any other steps I can take feel free to offer suggestions.

I am hanging tough. So far so good.
I will not stop...I am success incarnate!
I have 193 lbs to go.

09-19-2001, 10:49 PM
Pam I do not want you to get lostin this thread. you may want to post in low carb support #2 ro what ever number we are on. that way the others can see you and respond too. there are several of us using this as our kickbutt thread and reallypushing to get the fat off. we love you and your enthusiasm so do not be shy just jump in!!! (I am moving the post over so the others can read it) I posted a repy to the thread up in the 100's. i have a menu thread and exercise thread (combined) here in the miscl group. write your daily food intake and the rest of us can see if there is something that should be changed to get the fat rolling off. Dana has been doing beautifully. she is such an inspiration she has lost over 30 within a few months of being Op for atkins.

well i will see you up there

09-22-2001, 08:00 PM
Wow am I proud of our group! ya'll are doin so well. I slipped once this day and had a biscuit. My husband doesn't get it and brought me breakfast. Eggs, bacon, potatoes and a biscuit with butter and jelly. I held my fungers up like a cross and hissed at him. My down fall has always been breads. I had one biscuit with my eggs and bacon. He thinks you can only lose weight by calories and no matter how I explain it.....well my Taurus is stubborn. It is my only slip and it won't happen again. I am a good kid. So my Mom say's. Really I am just not willing to let go of the vision....the day I reach my goal and Sue You already know mw pretty well......I will have fireworks even if they come from my own soul!!!!!! Love you all.