Dieting with Obstacles - Dealing with perimenopause & weightloss

07-20-2006, 12:11 PM
I would really like to hear from other women going through perimenopause or who are postmenopausal. Although hormonal issues can impede weightloss I know that I can still get rid of these 80+ pounds that I've picked up when my hormones decided to leave, lol.

I'd like to hear from others who are dealing with this same issue, have successfully lost the weight during this time in their lives, or even those who are deligently working at losing this weight while dealing with all the emotional and physical aspects of perimenopause.

As you can tell I'm not one of those women who breeze through "the change." I'm having a rather challenging time, but I know that I can do this:carrot:.

BTW I'm exercising, eating healthier than I've ever done in my life, drinking plenty of water and still the scales seems to be stuck or at least moving at a snails pace, lol.

Thanks for any help, suggestion, or encouragement you can provide. :)

08-02-2006, 11:59 AM
I WISH I had suggestions for you! But, I'm in pretty much the same boat that you are. It's HARD, isn't it??? ...Don't be fooled by my ticker, either. LOL! I was at 203 prior to getting pregnant with my now 1 year old. I lost most all of that weight DURING my pregnancy - while my hormones were in a better state. Now that it's been a year since his birth, they've all left town and I'm "stuck" in the mid-180's. *sigh*