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07-20-2006, 10:29 AM
Hi everyone,

If I'm in the wrong spot, I'm sorry,

I am a little confused. I was a former Atkineer and I have been through Atkin's "induction" many times. Very, very strick. You can hardly have any veggies during this period. Now, I am reading the SB book and I finished it last night with some concerns.

The phase I has much more food in it than Atkins does. Like, day one's recommendations are two servings of vegtables at dinner alone, on top of the veg juice/snacks/and what-have-you. I am a bit confused simply because the food on phase one is normal food. No fruit or refined carbs, but still mostly normal food and it's not lacking in quantity.

How, exactly, am I supposed to lose weight? I know it works, I can see the results on my Aunt and read all the success stories here. I'm just curious to see if it will work for me. I can see why Atkin's works, but this phase one is no extreme at all. LOL..SB Phase one is more like Atkin's maintenance.

Also, on Eggs:

I love eggs and they are easy to make. I can make my breakfasts in advance and then pop them in the microwave for a couple of seconds. Why can I not have eggs every day? Why can I have eggs one day and then fake eggs/whites another? It doesn't make sense to me.

The book doesn't really verify how much I can eat, other than till I'm satisfied and as long as it's on the list of phase 1 foods. (Save nuts) I know this doesn't mean make a dish of faux-tatoes and eat the darn bowl, and that nitrate/saturated fats are limited to..2 slices of turkey bacon? I am just supposed to eat low "bad" carb/low "bad" fat until I'm not hungry and I can move on?

I'll still try this WOL, but I'm just a little skeptical. It's like it's too good to be true. Phase 1 is a walk in the park compared to Atkin's Induction. My Atkin's teachings are clashing with SB teachings, so please bear with me while I sort them out.

Thank you, Chicks, for all your help and wisdom,


07-20-2006, 11:14 AM
I'm sure others will chime in's my 2 cents .. :)

I wouldn't try to compare Atkins to SBD...SBD focuses on unrefined /unprocessed whole foods. The focus is on SLOW carbs not Low carb. Slow meaning the effect of a food on your blood sugars. Frequent eating and slow carbs serve to steady your blood sugar levels -- not one with spikes and crashes that highly processed foods causes.

The focus is on healthy fats, no trans fats, low sat fats. Hence the limits on things like turkey bacon (that as you point out also has nitrates in it..)

The jury is out on eggs.. years ago eggs (the yolk primarily) was considered unhealthy and contributed to High LDL Cholesterol. Now I read that that is not necessarily true. I have eggs, and I have egg beaters...

I'm not sure I follow the bad fat analogy.. and agree that the SBD books and info are very unclear on what some of the terms like "Limited and Very Limited" mean-- and on portion sizes. I use the portion sizes listed in the Good Fats and Good Carbs guide as my guide. I also watch my calories.. cause although I am trying to eat "clean", I could easily eat tooo much of a good thing.
Some of us do combos of things.. WW with SBD eating, SBD and Calorie Counting, some do a modified phase 1 instead of full blown phase2. But SBD is a way of eating, a way of making healthy food choices for life.