LA Weight Loss - About The Recipe Sub-Forum: Please Read!

07-20-2006, 08:54 AM
Hello everyone,

There have been a lot of postings of many different recipes that can be used as part of the LA Weight Loss plan-but up until now, keeping things organized and making it easy to find has been the challenge. The biggest complaint was that the recipes in threads were too hard to find-because you had to search through pages of general chatting to get to them, and then they were not in any particular order.

The new format is as follows:

Recipes are being separated by category, edited, and are being placed in "Sticky" threads. These threads are for recipes ONLY-not for chatting about making it for an upcoming event, or how good it was, etc. ;) I am closing the Sticky Threads to all comments, so that the recipes will no longer be bogged down with that chat-and they will stay easy to find.

Feel free to start a regular thread in a particular category if you have a question about a particular recipe in that section, or you are searching for a particular recipe, want to discuss how a recipe you tried tasted, etc . They will just be in a regular thread on their own-while the recipes themselves will stay uncluttered in the categorized Sticky threads.

If members have a recipe that they would like to be added to the Sticky recipe logs-please pm the recipe to me, or post it here in a regular thread-and I would be glad to add it into the Sticky recipe log for you.

Keep up the wonderful work-I plan on trying a few of your recipes myself. :D