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07-19-2006, 06:14 PM
here it is. now we have new pages. if ya'll get a chance, hop up to "ww core members" "new to weight watchers, new to..." and meet momu.

07-19-2006, 08:16 PM
Hi Chicks! I ran errands all afternoon and just got home from dinner. We went out to have healthy food and when we walked in we learned it was a smokey bar. It was a new place we were trying. So we ended up with veggie pizza because I was starving! Oh Well. My eating has been great and it's just one meal, right? Anywhoooo, I'll make the cola chicken tomorrow night.

Melissa, :hug: take heart! I'm sure it's just hormonal. You are one the cutest, sassiest chicks I know! I sure would wave a magic wand over your head if I could.

Niki, I LOVE the dress. My 5 year old Great Niece would love it too.

Kath, you do sound depressed. Vacation can't come soon enough for you, can it?

Frouf, Saundra, Sandra, Melissa, my light and love to you too!

Thanks for all the support you guys. I'll be back to my normal annoying long posts in a couple of days. :D

I've got to run. No pool for me today. I've got to go call my GF. I couldn't reach her all morning and I'm a bit panicky.

07-19-2006, 09:07 PM
Oh no, I'm hormonal! :lol:

Vickie, I hope that everything is okay with your friend. Please let us know how she is doing. Is there anything we could do to help? I know you are super busy but you sound like you're in good spirits and that you are gettings lots of good food and exercise. Good job! :D

Sandra, you're probably out paddling in the water. I know you're having fun! Thanks for being worried about me, but I'm fine. I'm learning to deal with what God has given me. I should say I'm learning to be grateful.

Niki, what a beautiful dress!! She will definitely be feeling like a princess. I think that's a great idea. Oh, I don't know if you need dishes for adults or children, but I made the taco salad (dip) on our board the other day and it was awesome. I layered ff refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, shredded mexican cheese, shredded lettuce, and picante and had tortilla chips and scoops for dipping (yeah, not core!!). Anyway the dip was really awesome and held up well.

Kathy, :hug: We miss you and hope all is well. I'm looking to your vacation for you! :beach:

Well I haven't been home too long so I'm going to get to either doing something or relaxing! Which do you think will win? ;)

07-19-2006, 09:51 PM
Here I am!

Melissa - hope you are recuperating from your day and can do something nice to make yourself feel better? I have had a few of those 'days' myself recently - just stay positive and try and count all your blessings!

Vickie - glad your pool (and you) are getting a workout! Veggie pizza is probably not such a bad choice - hang in there!

Niki - the dress is adorable and I'm sure your dd will look like a real princess! How's your weather today?

patti - holy crow - you were pretty close to the action I guess? We saw the warning banners going along the bottom of the tv about tornado warnings - which is such a rarity - glad you all came out of it okay! How was your ride home?

Kathy - hope you do get some time to unwind if possible - 12 hours days can't be fun!

Sandra - did you go to water aerobics today?

I had another 'database nightmare' day - but at least things are getting fixed - each day we 'play' with it - then the developer comes by to 'fix' things - then of course we 'play' again - find other bugs...and so it goes.

My manager and I spent most of the morning together in the IT office going over and over everything - and ended up with 6 pages of notes on all the bugs and changes needed - reminded me of the 'good old days' when we were doing our MBA (okay not really that long ago - 2002) - and had to work on projects together (Did you know my 'manager/boss' and I are school colleagues - met while doing our MBA part time - did many projects together - a very good team (she is very bright) - then I was off to another gov dept and she kept calling me and trying to recruit me to Health Canada - and the rest is history!).

Anyhow - we shall again be trying out the database tomorrow - hopefully getting closer to the pink champagne!

Had no breakfast (too busy as per above), early lunch (had a 12 noon mtg w/consultant) and left at 2:30 pm for dentist appt - so day felt very hectic.

I am proud to say that I did go the gym after the dentist (stopping on the way to get a nice fresh bottle of water) and then home for dinner - I think I again ate a little more than necessary - have to definitely work on this.

Got some of my packages from my ebay purchases - I am obviously too short to wear long skirts! One of the skirts (peasant style) works - esp if I roll up the waist a bit - but there is a lovely knife pleated chiffony black one which is way too long: If anyone is interested in this skirt let me know and I will send it to you! It is a very generous 1x or 2x (elastic waist all around so very flexible fit) - about 35 inches long (not good for 5'3 froufies!).

Now another problem - I bid on a 4 piece quacker factory weekender outfit - and only 3 pieces came!!! I DON'T THINK SO - have written to seller to find out what happened? Anyway - that skirt is too long for me too - lovely black pique cotton material - very generous 1X (again all elastic waist) - with tiny red lobster print around the bottom - anyone want this (again you should be taller than me!) - let me know! (scroll down to see pic of striped t with the skirt).

Tomorrow's issue - so cruise buddy and I are practicing our trivia skills so we can win many trophies on the ship. So I (stupidly?) suggested going back to that pub (where dh played last weekend) cuz they have those bar/trivia game things gonig on there and I thought it would be fun (also while this is a bit of a drive for me -she lives very close by). I told her probably thurs night but now I am stressing cuz of the food there.

If you recall my weekend fiasco at this very same pub (greek salad, ds' leftover fries, fried zucchini with dip) this is a dangerous place. Most menu items are not diet friendly at all! I presume we will order something? So what to do? Cancel? Go and try not to eat anything? Other option is "east side mario's" (my neck of the woods) - I think they also have those game things - but again is the food any better? (well probably?). All suggestions appreciated!

And I think I shall skip the gym tomorrow? Should I be going every day? I was there 3 days already this week - and today I did feel it a bit - not that it was super hard - but my muscles felt kind of tired? Might take a 'break' tomorrow and go on Friday - what do you think? ( or am I just wimping out?)



07-19-2006, 10:15 PM
This stinks, I read everyones post and was all caught up and my post vanished into thin air.

07-19-2006, 10:32 PM
Ds now wants to wear a pirate costume for his sisters birthday since the theme is Princess & pirates, I think that will be cute.

Melissa I am also feeling very hormonal today, TOM will be here any minute, feeling all bloated & crampy, hope you feeling better. Thanks for the recipe sounds delicious, I am looking at recipes for adults, I am going to check out Krafts also they sometimes have easy quick dishes.

Vickie glad you are enjoying your pool and getting exercise at the same time. I hope you got in touch with your gf and all is well.

Froufie the weather today was beautiful, I believe it was around 84 degrees. Why don't you check out the menu for East Side Marios and see if they have better choices, or maybe they could make you something a little closer to core friendly even a Greek salad is not too bad if you have the points for the cheese and use oil & vinegar. Just a thought:D

patti wow, what a frightening storm, we had a really bad one last night and there were trees uprooted all over the place in different towns, my front yard had broken branches and my hanging plant ended up in my vegetable garden, so I should count my blessings. Glad you are all ok

Kathy bet you can't wait for your well deserved vacation.

Sandra Hope you are enjoying your evening, did you go to WA today.

Saundra hope you enjoyed your day and got some rest, we did go to the lake yesterday. We went at 10:30am And came home aroung 12:30pm before it got too hot, the kids had fun.

07-19-2006, 10:33 PM
froufie the skirts are real pretty but I am barely 5'4, they will probably be too long for me also :(

07-19-2006, 10:35 PM
Niki, that would be so cute, your son dressing as a pirate. :D I like Kraft's recipes too, they have some great ideas.

Frouf, another manic--well, Wednesday! :) I hope that you get everything at work figured out soon. And a big :bravo: on going to the gym after your busy day!! I'm really very impressed. It's going to pay off for you in a big way.

07-19-2006, 10:37 PM
Sandra, thanks so much for starting! I have closed the other thread.

Where to start? OMG, I have had such a freakin' DAY! Just now got home and I will try hard to get back by 5:30 tomorrow morning. I must STEADILY work 12 hours tomorrow at as fast a speed as I can ... and hopefully I'll get it all done. I am working Friday morning too, but now we have decided to leave Friday afternoon instead of Saturday morning. We will drive halfway and spend the night in Amarillo, then continue on Saturday morning to Colorado Springs. Judd's brother will still have to work next week and so we wanted to spend as much weekend time with him that is possible. We will leave next Thursday morning to drive home. I'm campaigning for a stop in Santa Fe, NM because they have a Trader Joe's and it's only 3 hours off of our route. Listen to me ... ONLY 3 hours! :lol:

Let me go read for a while and then I'll be back.

07-19-2006, 10:41 PM
Kathy, I hope that you will be able to enjoy your week off. Heaven knows you (over) deserve it! I hope that you will be able to let go of work and enjoy yourself. Leaving straight from working so hard, it might be difficult. Or it might make it really easy!! ;) We'll miss you while you're gone, btw.

07-19-2006, 10:50 PM
What a sweetie you are! I'm taking my laptop and Judd is taking his -- we should be able to check in because his brother is supposed to have his internet hooked up by then. They aren't as addicted as we are. Good grief, and I think I'm bad? Judd goes to like 4 different boards! :lol:

Well nothing for me for dinner. I am just too darn tired. I made a shrimp fettucini thing for dinner for the rest of them. It's one of the Bertolli dinners and smells just terrific, but I am not hungry.

So here's what I'm thinking. After I get back, I'm going to do an experiment. I will probably be around 145-146 after vacation (hopefully not more). I'm going to make myself the "Almost to Goal/Trying to Break a Plateau and then Maintain" guinea pig. I think I'll make a sticky thread and post my progress. You know, as the mod for the Core board, I should be a better example for the program and I am SO not! Anyhoo ... it would be so near to the first of August that I think I'll start then and go from there. I'm thinking about doing two weeks of strictly Core with no exercise (what's new, huh?) and then two weeks of strictly Core with 30 minutes of walking at least 4 days a week. We'll compare and see what happens.

I must go check my other areas for a bit but will be right back!

07-19-2006, 10:53 PM
I think you'd be a fantastic guinea pig. ;)

07-19-2006, 11:24 PM
Hey, who are you calling a pig?? :rofl: Okay, nevermind. I said it first, and I think being a guinea pig is different than being called a potbellied pig, don't you think?

So I might have big news. Shaun just told me there's a chance he might go next week. Wouldn't that be awesome??? He would start basic but finish three weeks early, and go on to Pensacola where his school will be. He would then just "hang around" ... they would put him to work in an office somewhere to pass the time. My fingers, toes, legs, and eyes are crossed in the hopes that it happens.

Off to potty dogs and water outside plants on the back patio.

07-19-2006, 11:29 PM
Hey Chicks! I'm off to bed but wanted to stop in and tell you all that I reached GF and she is feeling a bit better. They no long think it was an infection so she's off all antibiotics but is now on steroids. They think it might be "sweet" syndrome and/or something else with a long name she couldn't remember. Bottom line is that it was her own immune system attacking her own body where they were injecting her with the chemo and where they were trying to insert needles for IV's. I know.....TMI. I made her laugh and cry tonight which is pretty typical for us. We're the girls who cry at the Folger's commercial every year. You know the one where Peter comes home and surprises the parents. Anyway, I'm now exhausted and I'm going to bed.

07-19-2006, 11:35 PM
Sweet syndrome, also known as Febrile Neutrophilic Dermatosis.

Sweet syndrome is a rare skin disorder characterized by fever, inflammation of the joints (arthritis), and the sudden onset of a rash. The rash consists of bluish-red, tender papules that usually occur on the arms, legs, face or neck, most often on one side of the body (asymmetric). In approximately 80 percent of cases, Sweet syndrome occurs by itself for no known reason (idiopathic). In 10 to 20 percent of cases, the disorder is associated with an underlying malignancy, usually a hematologic malignancy such as certain types of leukemia. The exact cause of Sweet syndrome is unknown.

07-19-2006, 11:38 PM
Wow! Sheesh, you know a little bit about everything. Thanks, cause I was sure too tired to look it up tonight. It sure makes sense give that they believe she is a hearbeat away from full leukemia.

07-19-2006, 11:40 PM
Google is my best friend. I put in a few key words and came up with that.

I hope she's much, much better each day and continues to improve. And by the way, I believe in miracles.

07-19-2006, 11:44 PM
Ok....ya got me crying now. She told me that she had her husband bring my healing angel to her in the hospital. She said the angel is sitting on her nightstand beside her bed. Every morning she sees the angel and her wings are all glittery and beautiful. She says the angel is working and she's sure that's why she is recovering. She believes too.

07-19-2006, 11:46 PM
How else could we get thru life without our beliefs? I don't know how non-believers do it. I'd be so lost.

07-19-2006, 11:51 PM
I told her tonight how much I admire her strength and her beliefs. That's one of the times she cried. I'm so scared for her.

On a program related note, this is a dangerous time for me. I'm trying really, really, hard not to stress eat. Tomorrow I'm going to walk on the treadmill and try to stay Core. Even if I eat a bit too much, at least it will be Core. All I really want to do is go to Culver's and eat a double butter burger, with fries and a turtle sundae. Not good, huh?

07-19-2006, 11:56 PM
vickie, i'm looking forward to reading your longer posts. hurry up, please. we need you.

melissa, you're a steel magnolia for sure.

frouf, curves folks used to tell us to go every other day. that way you give your muscles time to mend. when you're doing the weights, i think you're tearing down your muscles. but what do i know?

i did go to w a tonight. we played with a small ball using it as a weight under water. that club sounds like it has really good food. your post made me hungry.

nikki, we'll need photos of the pirate costume, too. sounds like a fun party.

kathy, sounds like you're getting excited about your trip. makes me smile. i'm glad you're leaving earlier. there used to be a bbq place in amarillo that brought out biscuits in a cast iron skillet. of course that was in the 1960's. your plan sounds good. we'll all be watching your successes. you'll be our own private (well, guess this is a public board) guinea pig.

vickie, that's good news about your gf. be strong tomorrow. if not, get right back op afterwards. let it be only one day.

07-20-2006, 08:36 AM
Good morning ladies, yes I am up bright & early, dd got me up at 6am.

Sandra here is the pirates costume. QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

07-20-2006, 10:35 AM
Good Morning Chicks! So far so good. It's storming here pretty bad and they expect it to last through late morning. So may be no pool for me. I'm going to try to get myself on the treadmill but I'll see how time holds out.

Jim has PT today and I'm going to do a short trip to Walmart. I'm trying to go more often than once a month expecially since I have to do it myself. I guess I'll go make my list and eat breakfast. Yesterday I got pretty messed up by sleeping through breakfast.

I hope you all have a great on program day. I'll try to be back later.

07-20-2006, 10:52 AM
Nikki, your kids will be just adorable. I must admit, when I see the princess dress, I sure would love to have a little girl to buy one for.:) Glad you got to the beach yesterday.

Melissa, your posts get so much better after you leave work. It seems to be the source of your stress, time to think about a change? Have a wonderful day sweetie.:hug:

Vickie, you are such a wonderful friend. I think of my best friend, and shudder at the thought of illness. I remember when Adam had strong steroids for his MS bladder shut down, and that's what got him back to normal. They can do great things now, and it's so much better to be optomistic. Good for you to be thinking of core eating on top of everything else that is goin on.

Frouf, how nice to get along with your manager. Ds seems to have lucked out at Agriculture. He's going into French training soon, and is very happy about that. Last time at East Side Marios's I got the chicken cattiatore with ww pasta and it was really good. I find that I eat half and take the other half home. I also ask for the romaine salad with oil and vinegar. Hope you have a fun time.

Kathy, your count down begins. I hope you get your very well deserved rest and have a good time. I'm sure that just getting into the car will be a relief. When will Shaun be taking off? It sounds good. Btw, I don't know what we did before google.:D

Sandra, you're sure into a routine gal. Good for you. The lecture the other night sounds interesting. We rarely have things like that around here, but then we don't look hard either.

Time to get ready for designer. I'll let you know what she said. The painter came for estimate yesterday, and will call me soon with price. I think it's going to be more than we originally thought.:dizzy:

07-20-2006, 01:30 PM
Lunch time checkin - but need to eat too cuz I have a meeting at 1 pm!!! In another building!

Vickie - just hang in there - one meal at a time - you can do it! Hope you get a chance to walk on your treadmill too!

Niki - love the pirate princess thing you have going on - very creative!

Kathy - definitely you MUST STAY CONNECTED - who else will be monitoring and fixing up all our thread mistakes? ha ha ha Hope Shaun ships out early - that would be amazing!

So decided NOT to go to gym today (altho gym stuff in the car) - I agree with you Sandra - I think my muscles need a little time off? Also made a hair appt for sat (very spur of the moment) - I counted off the weeks to the cruise - want to go around 2 weeks before for final color/cut so need to go now as well so I will not be off schedule - decided to get my highlights redone now rather than closer to cruise (so they can settle down and hair won't be as fragile?)

No pub for us - turns out it's 'rockin' thursday' at the pub - some musician - very good of course - but I think we want a more quiet atmosphere. Andrea is calling the two east side mario's to find out if they both have the 'trivia game thing' going on - we are now decided whether to go straight from work? or go home and meet up afterwards - at least I can get something semi-healthy there? (they do have whole wheat pasta! and roast chicken).

Dd coming home after lunch? (now?) and will start messing up the place I"m sure.

Dh and I had a TERRIBLE NIGHT and big ds is in big trouble. He is fond of cooking very late at night - which we don't like to begin with (lots of pots/pans banging around) - anyhow seems he really burnt something last night - so we wake up to this horrible burning smell wafting into our bedroom - NOT GOOD. Of course dh goes to investigate - big ds asleep in the 'smokeless'basement - and we suffer all night and are up from 3-4:30 am trying to air the place out - opened all the upstairs windows.

In fact this morning I noticed my water bottle and work bag which are usually by the front door also have a horrible smokey burnt smell to them YUCK!!!!

New rule about to be instituted - NO COOKING AFTER 10 PM (microwave/toaster only and THAT'S IT!)

Time to heat up my lunch!



07-20-2006, 06:31 PM
Thought I would make myself known here. Was on the new members bit but its a bit lonely up there.

I'm Lauren, I'm 21 from a place called Kirkcaldy in Fife, Scotland. I've not long graduated from university with a BA in Stage Management and theatre production. Was great fun. Just started the WW No Count (british version of Core) and had my first weigh in losing 4lbs.

Not sure how I will do this week as TOTM is approaching I'm sure. Feeling not quite right.

Oh well.....ONWARD!!!

Loz x

07-20-2006, 06:53 PM
nikki, the pirate costume is awesome!!

the grands are here. i'm still going to w a in a few minutes. grandpa will be in charge. tomorrow we're going to see pirates of the caribbean. (after i go to ww) i'm trying to stay in my routine. the girls are big enough to leave with grandpa. they like to play with the lincoln logs. i hear them in the living room now.

vickie, i guess you had fun at walmart. i need to go to costco for a few things.

saundra, how did it go with the designer?

frouf, burnt smells are awful. i can imagine how tired you and dh must be from dealing with it. when is your cruise? i can't remember for sure.

sorry this is so short. i need to get off the puter and be grandma. i'll talk to ya'll later.

07-20-2006, 06:55 PM
:welcome: hugme. it's good to see you here. congratulations on losing those 4 lbs. i am very proud of you. i am really glad you decided to post here and look forward to reading your messages.

07-20-2006, 09:49 PM
Geezalou! I'm finally home from work and Zuki is gone! :cry: Judd's dad came and picked him up. While I'm happy for Zuki getting to go to "camp", we're really going to miss him. I know that MIL/FIL will take good care of him though.

The motorcycle is loaded in the back of the truck, and all snacks and drinks are ready to go. FIL brought over a case of wine each for Judd's brother/SIL, and sister/BIL. We're supposed to deliver it all to them. She also brought candy bags for the grandkids and we have to watch them so they don't melt. Sigh ...

Now I'm doing laundry (what else is new, huh?) and getting ready to pack all my stuff up. I'll get to work at 6 and probably stay until 12, then will come home and finish packing, go to the grocery store to get food for kids while we're gone, to the bank to get money for us and them, and then we'll be off!

Gotta go do some stuff but I'll be back in a while.

07-20-2006, 09:53 PM
Hi everyone. Another long day here. After work I did my volunteer time at the food bank. I got home, ate, put away laundry, loaded the dishwasher, etc. and now I just want to go to bed. Dirty Dancing (a fav, of course) is on tv and I'm thinking about lying in bed and watching it until I fall asleep. Of course I have it on dvd, but for some reason it's fun to watch it on tv. :)

Saundra, you are right of course. And trust me, I have tried and tried to find another job, but it's just not been happening.

Loz, welcome to our little chat thread. Congratulations on the 4 pounds lost! That's great. We hope you'll join us often here.

Vickie, I hope that you've had a good day. I'm thinking about and praying for your friend.

Sorry to be short, but I'm so tired. I hope that you all have wonderful evenings.

07-20-2006, 09:55 PM
Kathy, I'm so glad that you get to go on vacation. I hope that you and Judd have a fabulous time!!

07-20-2006, 11:20 PM
Hi there!

Welcome Lauren - congrats on your FABULOUS 1st week results - good for you! So do you have a genuine scottish accent? (I couldn't tell from your post :D:D).

kathy - talk about being busy - try not to get too stressed out - good luck getting everything packed up - DO NOT FORGET THE LAPTOP! Hope you can at least relax on the drive! Have a wonderful vacation.

Melissa - hope you are cozy in your bed watching tv!

Sandra - hope you enjoyed your WA and good luck at WI - I'm sure the grands will have a 'grand' time with grandpa - and will LOVE the movie!

Went out for dinner and 'trivia' w/my cruise buddy! East side mario's - it was lots of fun - we played about 4 games of trivia - at first there was on old guy (Vic) playing as well (and drinking LOTS OF BEERS at the bar) - but then just the two of us - I was usually in the lead but as the time went on I got slower and slower - ha ha ha. Too tired I guess.

Ate a bit too much but still okay - gf ordered some calamari - had some of those - diet coke, bread w/ butter (!!) small plate of salad w/small drizzle of dressing, then the goat cheese chicken (chicken breast with a bit of goat cheese), veggies and LOTS of potatoes. I ate one small breast, some of the sides and packed up the rest to take home for lunch tomorrow! Gf ordered some brownie concoction w/ice cream - of which I had a few spoonfuls but was too full to eat too much! (and decaf coffee of course).

Got home around 9 pm - windows all open - STILL TRYING TO GET RID OF BURNT SMELL - and told dh to test the smoke detectors tomorrow - it seems to be given the smell we have that they should have gone off? Just closed windows and turned air back on - it is very hot and muggy out there - we are expecting thunderstorms!

Off to bed pretty soon!


07-20-2006, 11:26 PM
Yuck on that smell! I know exactly what you mean though about that late-night cooking. Oh and get this: 5-6 years ago we were asleep in bed and Shaun starts banging on the door. The doofus had caught his shirt on fire while cooking and instead of just putting out the fire, he ran in here to us! Well ... uh ... what are we going to do? Go put yourself out!! :lol: We still talk about that. Oh and the time he was going to do dishes but we were out of dishwasher detergent, so he just put liquid soap in it. We were flooded with bubbles for days. What a dork!

Anyway, I hope your smell goes away soon, especially before the storms start. We are still way over 100 degrees here thru tomorrow, and then a cold front is coming thru and it will be mid-90s.

I think I'll get dressed and take a trip to Walmart to get driving snacks and kid food. It'll be better than trying to do it all tomorrow afternoon.

07-21-2006, 12:17 AM
vickie, your friend is in my prayers.

frouf, your evening out sounds fabulous. i enjoy reading your adventures. however, i don't envy you the burnt smell at all.

kathy, it's going to be 100+* here this weekend. did you get a lot of good snacks? i love eating on trips. but i love eating anytime, don't i?

07-21-2006, 11:00 AM
Slow day for us! I got to work at 6 and will be here until noon, then off to run the rest of the errands. Judd wants to try and leave town around 4. Hotel tonight won't have wireless internet so it'll be tomorrow afternoon before I check back in.

So don't forget: behave and no linking to porn sites!! :rofl:

07-21-2006, 12:06 PM
Good Morning Chicks! I slept until 9:00. I've been so tired. Fatigue is just one of the old girlie symptoms, I hear. Anyway, the Niece woke me up with her phone call letting me know that we don't have to come over so she can shower. Life is tough with a newborn and two other small kids. She's going to see Bon Jovi at Soldiers Field tonight. She's a big fan.

So that leaves me with a bit of an easier day today. Not good weather for swimming so it's my intention to get on the treadmill. Of course, I can't even eat breakfast until 10:30 so it will be after that. Jim and I had already decided that we are going out for dinner tonight to my favorite Italian/Core restaturant. I've a hankering for some good red meat. So tonight will either be a filet or whatever great steak they have on special. Yum!

I'll be calling my GF after breakfast this morning. There's a slim chance she is coming home. It all depends whether or not she stays fever free. The steroids are the treatment but her immune system is so compromised they don't know how long they can leave her on them. Sigh.

I'm going to go see what you've all been up to.

07-21-2006, 12:24 PM
Saundra, I hope you had a great time with the designer and that it doesn't come out too expensive. I need to do the same but I'm just not ready yet. We have to buy a new fence for the yard first and I'm not done paying for the furniture and the TV yet. Jim just finished paying for our phantom car from our car accident. Once he finishes paying for his medical bills then we can move on the fence. I hope your painter was reasonable too. There is nothing as good as a nice fresh coat of paint.

Frouf, it's even hard for me to treadmill every day. I would think that the gym every other day would be perfect. You'll tax yourself and still give you muscles a chance to rest in between. I'm glad you had fun last night. It doesn't sound like you were really bad with your eating. It's not easy in those kinds of places. I don't go to them anymore because it's a slippery slope for me. I believe that you still have that burnt smell since it doesn't go away quickly. What about one of those rooms sprays that is supposed to remove rather than cover smells?

Lauren, Welcome! I think you'll like it here. We all try real hard despite the curve balls that life throws us!

Sandra, I hope Grandpa did great while you were gone yesterday and also that you had fun at water aerobics. I'm guessing you'll enjoy the movie today. I never saw the first one but obviously a lot of people like it.

Kathy, I hate it when my animals are not here. It just seems so wrong. I'm really happy that you are getting out of town. You need a break really bad so I hope you have a ton of fun. Don't worry about us. We promise to behave. ;) :D

Melissa, I hope you rested instead of working last night. Every girl deserves a break! I love Dirty Dancing too. It's one of my favorite movies. It makes Jim run from the room!

Alrighty then, I see that there is no menu thread for today (believe it or not!) so I'll go make one. Have a great day. I'm off to eat breakfast, call the GF and treadmill!

07-21-2006, 12:46 PM
Just a quick hi to all. I've got a hair (colour) appointment. I'm going to get more streaks, as I'm in a blond mood.

The decorator visit went fantastic, and I already went and got the 18x18 chips of most of the colours. The ones that they didn't have, I made myself (good job too) and it was fun. Now, we just have to make some final decisions and get the price.

BBL if I can...

07-21-2006, 12:58 PM
Almost lunchtime - I am kinda hungry and looking forward to my doggy bag from last night!!!! Luckily the scale stayed the same - but I am still hovering and not losing any more weight - need to really stick to it and watch more carefully what I"m eating.

Yes the burnt smell is still there and very gross - good idea on the spray thing- I think I have some febreze somewhere and will give it a try when I get home.

Dd is home and already looking at ordering clothes off the internet - her father is giving her $300 in lieu of having taken her on a trip with him - of course I told him I would need to 'manage' that and approve of all her purchases! Big ds was doing laundry TOO LATE last night - but was all excited as he and his dad are trying to plan a weekend trip - for all I know he could be off to Nassau by tomorrow!!! (and yes I did agree to give him an extra $100 for his trip - I'm such a suck!).

I am planning to go to the gym after work today - not sure about tomorrow morning tho? Depends what time I wake up - have my hair appt at 11:45 so will work around that!

Kathy - have a safe trip- hope you get everything done before you go and we look forward to your checking in with us. (I can't believe Shaun set himself on fire and then came to see you!!!!)

Vickie - sounds like you are going to have a lovely dinner! Hope you gf is doing better and able to go home soon!

Melissa - how's your day going?

Saundra - so what color(s) did you decide on? My living room is painted burgundy - it was a big leap but I now LOVE IT!!! We have cream/white colored sofas and a white lacquer piano in there and it looks so good against the dark walls!

Sandra - movie review please! How did the grands like it? I think there is some kiddie movie opening this weekend and I'm sure we'll be taking little ds!

Also trying to plan little ds' party - we have been very negligent - his birthday is on the 25th - but probably party on the 29th - just family and some close friends!



07-21-2006, 04:54 PM
Just came home to pack a bag. I'm staying with Natan tonight as the "kids" went to Montreal until tomorrow night. I pick up my guy at daycare at 5:00 and then we'll go out for a bite.

Hair looks good, so that's it for a while. It seems too hectic, but that's because I will be busy for a while starting on Tuesday. I'm working three days and then we're off to Tremblant, Quebec for another weekend away.

Sorry, I can't stay and chat, but I better get going....

07-21-2006, 04:57 PM
Frouf, are you freakin' kidding me?? I remember when he had his birthday last year and it doesn't seem like so long ago!! Sure enough though, I went and looked it up and yep ... we were talking about it! Guess what else we were talking about then? Terry got her BABY! I wonder how they're doing? I can't believe it has been a year!

I'm waiting for Judd to get home. MIL went to Central Market and stocked us up on ranier cherries, some weird apples and oranges, wasabi coated green peas (blech), trail mixes and dried fruits and candy and drinks. She brought it up to work along with a pair of shoes that she picked up in Fort Worth for Judd. The Arlington store didn't have any but Fort Worth did, so she got them and brought them to us. That helped out a lot. So now I'm doing the last load of laundry to take, have already gone to the store, lectured the kids, packed my suitcase and bathroom stuff, lectured the kids, handed out money, kissed the dogs and lectured the kids, and am now watching TV. As soon as I'm done here, I need to go lecture the kids.

Don't you know they'll be glad to see me leave?

07-21-2006, 05:09 PM
They asked me to tell you to stop....lecturing!

07-21-2006, 08:45 PM
hi there. grandpa did well with the grands yesterday. thank goodness! we all went to golden corral for lunch today before heading on to the movies. it was good. sort of long for the 9 yr old, but we all enjoyed it. now grandpa's in the livingroom talking bows and arrows with a guy we just met. we're staying in now cuz it's h-o-t. 104* according to our thermostat on the jeep earlier. it's in the 90's now. well, i guess you can see my temp thingee here.

kathy, i miss you already. okay, i promise--no porn. today, anyway. :lol:

vickie, i had a blast at w a yesterday. i have met a new gf there. she came to ww this am so we could be in the same class. i really like her. it's going to be great having someone at the meetings with me. i gained .6 this week but know what caused it. it'll come off next week. we're snacking on watermelon today instead of those ww 1 pt cake things.

saundra, you sound excited. keep us posted on what you decide.

frouf, the movie was pretty good but i think 9 yr old grand got a little bored. it was probably over her head. also, it was very very long. it started at 12:30 and ended close to 3.

today seems like saturday to me. is it really friday?

07-21-2006, 09:13 PM
Wow! Quiet here....I just talked to my GF. She's home. Yipee!!! She was eating dinner so she's going to call me back. She sounds really good. She has such a positive spirit. My world would certainly be darker without her in it. I'll be back later if we don't talk too long.

07-21-2006, 10:06 PM
that's good news, vickie. what a blessing! i know you're feeling much better now.

where is everyone? it's very slow here tonight.

07-21-2006, 10:10 PM
Sandra, don't make it Saturday! That would mean I don't get to sleep in tomorrow! ;)

Vickie, I'm so glad to hear that your friend is home. I know it's been hard on you too. :hug:

Kathy, hope you are having fun!!

Saundra, glad to hear things are going well with the home renovations so far.

Frouf, I remember last year's bday too. Good luck with all of those plans!

We took a client to treatment out of town today, so we were gone all day. Gotta love being out of the office all day. And ( :crossed: ) I think the boss will be out of the office at the beginning of next week. Then, I am going out of town to a training the last part of the week. :p I hate being away from home.

I hope that you all are having a fabulous friday night. I'm off to relax!! :D

07-21-2006, 10:19 PM
Good evening, I took the kiddies to see the movie Cars today, it was really cute, I enjoyed it:D and I think they did to. DD started to get a little antsy half way through, I think it was a 2hr movie which I thought was pretty long for a kids movie.

Vickie so glad to hear gf is home and sounding good.

Sandra what movie did you see? glad you made a gf to go to ww with

Kathy have a wonderful vacation.

Froufie, my dd' birthday is on the 31st but we are having her party on the 29th also, I am also having family & close friends, but our immediate family alone is pretty big, between dh and I there are 7 siblings.

Saundra glad you like your hair, i can't wait for mine to grow out so I can get it fixed. Have fun with Natan

Hope I didn't forget anyone, kids are running amock so I am doing this real fast, i will come back on when they are in bed,

07-21-2006, 10:22 PM
GF's condition is pyoderma gangrenosum. wonder she couldn't remember it. I'm going to ask Kathy's friend Google about it now. I hope there are NO pictures. I'm not a scientist but the word sure sounds like rotting flesh. Yuck! Good news is that she sounds great. She is sad that she cannot go with her Son to New Orleans tomorrow. She normally goes one week each year to her church's work camp. They go to underprivileged areas and help people repair their homes. Obviously, she's too much at risk to go this year. I told her to plan for next year.

07-21-2006, 10:29 PM
okay, melissa, today will stay friday till midnight. :lol: you sound more like yourself this evening. makes me smile.

nikki, we saw the new "pirates" movie. it's long, too.

vickie, i wouldn't want to see pictures either. there's a reason i'm not a nurse. i'd be fainting for sure.

07-21-2006, 10:32 PM
Oh, forgot to tell you all that we saw "Lady in the Water" today. It was GREAT, if you like that sort of thing. I know that it's not everyone's cup of tea but it was so unpredictable and imaginative.

Great job today Sandra! :D

07-21-2006, 10:34 PM
Thanks for the review Melissa I am dying to see that movie, glad to hear it was great.

07-22-2006, 12:41 AM
Not me, Melissa! No way. I could barely watch the coming attractions when we went to see Superman Returns.

I'm going to bed. I've got a sore throat and swollen gland.

07-22-2006, 01:37 AM
Oh, forgot to tell you all that we saw "Lady in the Water" today.
NO WAY! Is that the commercial where they are whispering the whole time? I have to tell you that I turn down the TV when it comes on ... it scares me! I don't like that sort of stuff.

Well we got to Amarillo around 10:15 and went to Cracker Barrel, where I had a nice vegetable plate (although it was corn, fried okra, pinto beans and cole slaw) and a coke. I ate about 1/4 of it. Just wasn't hungry, probably because of being tired. Then we got to the hotel and there was a sign outside saying "high speed wireless internet". Woohoo!! We're both on our laptops (geek alert!) but I will probably go to sleep soon.

We listened to the White Sox/Rangers game on the way, talked to the kids a few times, Judd's mom called with some Zuki stories ... wait til you hear this. He won't eat unless she feeds him by hand. I think he's milking this "poor pitiful me got left home from vacation" thing. :lol: What a pouting brat!

Did anyone happen to watch Dateline NBC tonight? There was a story about a woman (Jennifer Dibble) who faked having cancer. She's from Fort Worth and we know her. Her husband is a friend of Judd's thru a former co-worker but I've only met her once about five years ago. Here's a link to the story:

It makes me so mad that people do this kind of crap. And she has the nerve to be mad? She told her ex that she didn't take as much money as they're saying she did ... well, excuse me, but I think making up a whopping story, and even telling your own kids that you're dying, is horrible enough. She was going to the gym, tanning, shopping ... all the while telling people she was having chemo, radiation, dialysis. Read the story -- it'll make you sick, especially since there are REALLY people who need help. Ugh.

Okay, enough of that. I hope everyone's doing well. Vickie, I'm so glad your gf is home and feeling in good spirits! The power of prayer is an awesome thing!!! :hug:

Sandra, sounds like a fun time with the grands! I hope you cool off soon.

I'll be back tomorrow afternoon.

07-22-2006, 02:11 AM
melissa, i like that kind of movie. we'll prob rent it and watch it in a few months. we don't go to the theater very much. it's too expensive.

vickie, i hope you're sore throat is better in the am. maybe that's why you've been exhausted.

kathy, it's good to see you here. i didn't know judd was as attached to his laptop. that's an awful story. i can't believe she did that to everyone. i guess she's ruined herself around the metroplex now that it's aired on tv.

we just finished watching "the family stone." it was sort of corny but good. i also rented the first "pirate" movie. i may watch it tomorrow. we saw it when it first came out but need a refresher. at least i think we need one. curtis doesn't know if he wants to watch it again. but i know him. if i put it on and watch it, he'll join me.

night night, all.

07-22-2006, 09:12 AM
Hi all. We went out and saw Superman Returns last night. It was a bit unbelievable, but hey, it's Superman! :lol: I enjoyed it.

Today I'm headed up to my older sister's to play cello in a summer street festival thingy. She teaches violin and piano, and needs someone to play along with her and her students. Thankfully, they're beginning/intermediate level, and they play slowly...otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep up. :)

My eating has been atrocious lately...oh well. I'll get back on the wagon soon, I promise. :lol:

Later, ladies! I hope we all have great weekends.


07-22-2006, 10:39 AM
Good Morning Chicks! Well, I had a pretty good sleep. My throat is no worse this morning and may even be a bit better. We'll see how the day goes. I don't have much to do this morning; just a little laundry and some wiping up.

We have a birthday party to leave for at 3:00 this afternoon. It's for another of my Great Nephews who is turning 6. Did I ever tell you all that I have 7 Great Nieces and Nephews? I see 4 of them regularly and the other 3 I never see since they are the grandkids of my middle Sister. It will be a nice party today since my Nephew lives close.

Today is my Dad's birthday. He would have been 86 if he had lived. He died of lung cancer when he was 58 and I was only 22. I STILL miss him. It's also the 16th anniversary of my quitting smoking. I quit on my Dad's birthday in his memory. I look alot like him and was afraid of getting lung cancer too. He never drank alcohol so my Sister and I are going to toast him today at the party with iced coffees from Dunkin Donuts. He LOVED his coffee....and a good party!

Sandra, that's so cute how you describe Curtis! I think Jim and I must have a similar relationship. Jim won't read fiction. I keep telling him that I'm really enjoying the Da Vinci Code and I think he'd like it but he just won't read fiction. I told him that I'm going to rent the movie. He'll watch it while it's on with me. He watches movies that are fiction so I don't get why he doesn't read fiction. Oh well. To each their own!

Kathy, thinking of you and Judd in the hotel room madly clicking on your wireless laptops makes me giggle. I'm glad you're checking in because we'd miss you if you didn't. Talk about laughing, Zuki sure is milking it for all he's worth, isn't he? I don't blame him. I'm sure he really does miss you guys. The Rangers kicked our butts last night....but then everyone is at the moment. We know the Sox have potential to win again but it seems like they don't want it very much at the moment. I'm wondering if Detroit is the team of destiny this year. I sure hate what that lady did, lying about having Cancer. You know, I think she's probably given herself some pretty bad karma. I wouldn't want to have to be judged on THAT behavior when my time comes.

Angela, I hope you'll have a great time with your Sister and her students. I think you're being modest about your talents. I know that you'll get your eating under control. I know you don't want to go back where you were. I'm holding on to my loss as tightly as I can. I need you to help me get to my goal.

So, time for me to go start a menu thread since I don't think I saw one. Dinner is impossible for me to predict today. I'll be perfect at breakfast and lunch just in case.

What do you all have planned for today?

07-22-2006, 12:29 PM
Good morning,

Natan and I just came home. I do like being at my own place. We had a good night and fun morning. He's watch his show now, loving it.

Vickie, so glad that gf's coming along. Thank god for the drugs of today. You sound so much better too. Have a great day today at the party. My dad would have been 93 on the 20th. He died on the 30th, in 1985. Lots of memories

Sandra, I've also heard that Pirates is long. We don't seem to enjoy those movies anymore. I guess when Natan is a bit older, we'll start seeing them again. I enjoyed the Family Stone, even though it was contrived.

Frouf, better get cracking on that party planning. What's with this cool day? I'm glad Bernie is working this weekend, at least he's not missing anything. It's a good day for you to get the planting done.

Kathy, we don't turn on laptops when we check into a hotel room.:cb: Hope the trip is going well. I'm sure the kids and the dog will be just fine!

Melissa, sounds like a busy time for you. I'll have to check out the movie. Btw, Dirty Dancing is one of my all time fav's. How far are you going for your course?

Nikki, glad the kids liked Cars. It's so much fun to share their enthusiasm. Natan talked to me about wanting a baby yesterday. Oh, how I wish it would happen. They're doing a fertility clinic now. I know how much it hurts for them.

Okay, time to check in on my guy. I'm not sure what to do for dinner tonight, but I better start planning for it.:)

07-22-2006, 12:55 PM
Okay, okay...I know the previews look scary, but it isn't nearly as scary as they make it seem (Shylaman's movies never are). It is more like a fantasy-type flick. It was very good. It's probably still too scary for Vickie (there are some intense moments!) but overall it's more like a mystery/sci-fi sort of thing. Kathy the commercials really freaked me out too, but DH wanted to go. We hit the matinee to save $. I did the same thing with The Village (another of his movies)--I was so freaked out by the commercials I wouldn't go the the theater...then we rented it and it was awesome, not that scary at all. Anyway, just my two cents. :D

Would you all believe that I just got up about 1/2 an hour ago? I've really started sleeping a lot on Saturdays. I know that I need it but I also miss having time to do things in the morning. DH has been up since about 5:30...I really think he has some sort of anxiety problem. He wakes up thinking he's having a heart attack or something. He is so stubborn and it's driving me crazy. I want him to be proactive but it's like he'd rather just be anxious. Sorry for the rant, but it's driving me INSANE.

Vickie, I hope that you have fun at the party today. That is a lovely way to think about your dad today. :hug:

Kathy, so glad that you checked in. I hope that you are relaxing and having fun! That is so disturbing about that women...I'm not really sure what would drive a person to do that sort of thing.

Saundra, glad that you had a good night with Natan. I'll bet you're a fun grandma!

Sandra, how's the plan working? You still doing fantastic? I'm still, as always, trying to get back on track. I have some cooking out planned for this afternoon, got some corn and other veggies, even bought an eggplant at the farmer's market and don't know what to do with it. :lol:

Well I better get moving girls. Have a great afternoon! :beach:

07-22-2006, 03:25 PM
good morning. we are heading out to do some practicing in a bit. it's hot today so we won't be doing much outside except maybe some watering. speaking of water--i miss w a. i didn't go yesterday and won't go again till monday. guess i'll do some biking (inside) later. i could go to the club and do my own w a by myself, but i don't think i'd get much of a workout. i'd be lazy.

angela, keep dusting. you'll get back op soon. just think of me having to relose 40 lbs.

vickie, i see much love for your dad in your words. he must have been a wonderful father to have a daughter like you. i'm proud of you for quitting smoking. that took strength. curtis won't read fiction either. isn't that funny? i think our men are a lot alike.

saundra, have fun with natan. my movie choice has changed a bit, too. also, my going to the theater has changed. i used to go a lot. now we mainly rent. (and use subtitles)

melissa, i like scary movies, too. how am i doing? well, i'm eating a little more than i was 3 weeks ago, but i still weigh 185. i go back to the doctor tuesday with my ww card. maybe he'll give me another pep talk and i'll start moving the scales again. how are you doing? are you more rested? sounds like you have some good core foods to grill. try dredging eggplant slices in some cornmeal/salt/paprika. then pan fry it in a teaspoon of olive oil. that's pretty good. i have some eggplant, too, and need to cook it. also, there's an eggplant parmeson recipe somewhere. i don't know if it's on this board or not. it's good with pasta.

i started this post earlier. now we're back home from the archery center and have had a core taco salad for lunch. we're in for the day. i need to hop over and post today's menu. talk to you later.

07-22-2006, 03:45 PM
Good afternoon, boy am I tired, have been trying to get my house in order, cleaning out more closets & toy chests, my kids have way to much stuff and dd' birthday party is next week which means more stuff. I will probably do heavy duty cleaning on thursday so I can cook for the party on friday. I always say it is a waste of time to clean before a party because your house just gets trashed with all the people in & out, but I have to clean before hand so at least it is clean when they arrive. Please keep your fingers crossed that it does not rain on Saturday, right now the forcast calls for rain, I really don't want to have 30 people in my house I would rather have them outside.

I can handle scary movies, i don't like movies that deal with the devil & possesion, they really frighten me. When the exorcist was released again a couple of years ago I would have to change the channel real quick or I would be spooked all day.Don't like them, but I do like a good thriller.

I am feeling kinda crabby today, I know it is TOM time, I wish it would come already so it will be over before the party :(

07-22-2006, 03:47 PM
Yeah, I just checked the forcast again fro July 29th and the chance of rain dropped from 60 percent to 30 percent.

07-22-2006, 06:41 PM
we're not expecting any rain either. just hot temps.

07-22-2006, 07:04 PM
Is that temperature on your signature correct Sandra? That is Hot! It's really cool here today.

Niki, I do hope the 28th and 29th are good, cause we'll be at a resort on a lake.

07-22-2006, 08:34 PM
saundra, i'm sad to report that it's correct. we're holding up in the basement. well, curtis did paint the swingset and i pruned rosebushes earlier. the temps are supposed to be cooler after sunday. i'm glad you're having cool weather.

07-22-2006, 10:36 PM
Evening chicks,
Just been trying to get the house back in order these days..catching up on housework and laundry. My brother invited us to his house for supper last night and it was so good.....fresh fish, rice , salad and corn...very core*ish*. Got back into my dvd again...Hows it going with you Niki?? this morning I turned the dvd volume down and turned up the radio on the worked so well..and I can enjoy some music I like to exercise too.
Melissa Ive never tried eggplant so Im no help..but Sandras suggestion sounds good. Sandra we never go to movies..there is no theatre in my town...we always Im always behind in watching them. When I see the cost of movies theaters though I dont mind.. ouch. Saundra , Im glad you and Natan are having fun...what a special grandma you are..hes very lucky! Vickie thats a great idea you and your sister share.. Kathy you are on holidays..put the phone and pc away and relax ,,you deserve it!
I need to look for more core recipes...Im getting tired of my old ones. Vickie I want to try your Core fried chicken but I was wondering if your cornmeal is as coarse as mine ...its the only kind I can find here...seems to me that it would be very gritty if I used it. ?? is there different types of cornmeal??
Ive discovered pumpkin seeds while I was away...I love pinenuts but they are very pricey...well I tried roasted pumpkins seeds in my salad and they are soooooooo good...and about a quarter of the price. (sodium free ones) Nice crunch to my salads..(and apparantly very good for you)
Ok off to check out some more recipes.....
if anyone has tried something new recently...let me know please?

07-22-2006, 10:44 PM
Sandra - hope things have 'cooled' off for you by now!!! Yes the pirates movie was a long one!!

Saundra - glad you had a fun time with Natan! and I'm sure you're looking forward to your upcoming weekend away! I love Tremblant! (are you staying in the village/resort? or elsewhere?) Today's weather was a nice break actually but those big dark rainclouds hovering over us all day looked a bit freaky!

Niki - wish I had the cleaning bug like you! Little ds has a huge toy chest that I don't think he has opened in maybe over a year? Get the picture? Wonder if hew grandnephew baby would like to 'inherit' it? (and maybe what's inside too?). At least the cleaning lady comes this week (wed) so I hope all shall stay clean until sat!

Vickie - hope you had fun at the party - and what a lovely tribute to your Dad! I am so glad you stopped smoking too (dh's father passed away from lung cancer at age 57 when dh was just 16 - what a terrible loss). My dad passed away on July 22, 1996 - OHMYGOODNESS - I can't believe it's already 10 years - is that even possible? I will go to synagogue to say a special memorial prayer next saturday - light a candle next sunday evening! I still miss him a lot too!

Melissa - I envy you your wonderful sleep in - hope you are well rested and that Aaron is no longer driving you INSANE!! No way would I want to watch that water lady movie - and dh even less - he gets freaked out by supernatural sci-fi stuff (could barely sleep for nights after seeing Signs!)

Angela - I'm sure you will do great at the concert! As for sticking to it - just look at those great before and after pictures - amazing! Hope you have those stuck on your fridge!

kathy - glad you are plugged in and able to 'visit'. I was appalled at that cancer scam story - I can't believe someone would have the audacity to do something like that to her family and friends - unbelievable!

Last night ended up going out for japanese food w/dh and then to a movie! (you me and dupree - funny in a juvenile way). I KNOW I ate beyond satisfaction - but the food was soooo goood (and I was so hungry). the good news is I was so full I didn't need any popcorn - altho dh did get a VAT of diet coke - which he mostly consumed.

So now I'm up at 3:30 am - cuz dh has a stomach ache and feeling nauseous (he does not do well with lots of pop or carbonation). And big ds is packing to leave this morning at 4:30 am to St. Louis (yes he's there now for the weekend with his dad!). I wander down and talk to him while he is packing, dh is wandering upstairs between washroom and bed, dd wakes up cuz she wants to say bye to her dad when he shows up to pick up ds - so we're all up and about at the crack of dawn.

Ds finally leaves around 4:45 am - I try and sleep - fitfully - up around 10 am - decide I am SUPERFROUF and must go to the gym (esp after weighing in at 210.4 this morning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) )....rush home shower fast - and off to 11;45 hairdresser appt. Decided not to do highlights today - we shall wait til closer to cruise time - so had roots done and a golden toner put in my hair - turned out very nice!

Then took dd and little ds to the mall (dh was off doing a gig this afternoon) - she needed shorts for camp next week and of course got her a new skirt and top and jewellery as well. Then off to see Monster House - pretty scary kid flick - big house eating people (and in some places it's in 3-d!). Yes I did have some popcorn, but barely ate all day so that is probably why!

Home now - doing laundry and guess I should try and get to bed early tonight? Tomorrow is planting day - but first need to do some major weeding - can't wait to finish it off - need to get some mulch too when we're done!


07-23-2006, 12:40 AM
hi, patti. it's good to see you back. your dinner at your brother's sounds yummy. you're right. movies cost way too much now. and the concessions!! it was $2.50 for each box of candy. curtis bought each grand and himself a box. that's pretty expensive. i just had some popcorn last night when we got home. i also had some tonight while watching tv. i usually try to just eat popcorn once a week but i was very very hungry tonight. i guess popcorn was a good choice.

frouf, i just saw on the tv where st louis is having some blackouts. over 400,000 homes/businesses are without power. when my ds was young, we'd go to the movies a lot. reading about you and yours going reminds me of those times. i remember when the first superman movie with christopher reeves came out, we sat on the first row in a balcony n a theater in ft worth.

we're watching discovery now. a show about global warming. it's interesting. part of the talk we went to the other night was about global warming. i did 10 minutes on the exercise bike while watching. that's it for exercise today. i'm in withdrawal with no w a to attend. i may have to go down to the club tomorrow and tread water a bit. seriously. i'm thinking about it.

07-23-2006, 09:17 AM
Good Morning Chicks! We had a nice time at the birthday party but came home during a huge and very threatening thunder storm. Tornadoes form quickly around here in the Midwest but it kind of petered out. We watched 4 episodes of 24 last nigh and as you can imagine neither one of us slept very well! We are watching season two where the nuclear bomb went off. Not easy stuff for a scaredy cat like me to watch.

I wasn't able to be Core at the party. Sometimes I get so tired of fighting it. People just do NOT eat healthy. I did what I could by eating veggies and fruit. I had a couple of meatballs and some potato salad too. Back on the wagon today.

We only had 6 hours sleep. I have to go grocery shopping and will be cooking dinner later too. I'm really wiped out. I feel like I'm in a state of perpetual tiredness!

Ok, I'm off to make a menu thread and see what's been up with all of you.

07-23-2006, 09:37 AM
Saundra, Jim and I are nesters. You and Bernie go out and about way more than we do. But when we do it is always nice to come home. So what did you guys end up doing last night? It's so nice that you have Natan to enjoy.

Melissa, I understand completely what Aaron is going through since I have anxiety attacks myself. It gives us control to be able to work through the least it does me. My Doctor won't give me any medicine but I understand that there is some great stuff out there. Can he eliminate what is causing the attacks or at least minimize it? That would surely help. I'm glad you're sleeping when you can. Don't worry about what you aren't getting done. The sleep is very important!

Sandra, thanks SO much for the kind words about me and my Dad. I always tried to be a good daughter. My Daddy's last words to me were to please take care of my Mother. I stayed with her until I was 34 when I moved in with Jim. I made sure she had everything she needed even after that. I feel like he would be very happy with the way I carried out his wishes. I know how you feel about missing your water aerobics. I miss being in the water too. It seems like I'll be able to swim later next week. I'm glad you reminded me about taco salad. I have a fabulous recipe and I keep meaning to see if it would be made Core.

Niki, I'm with you on the movies. Don't work too hard on the house but I'm just like you so I do understand. My fingers will be crossed that you can send everyone outside. I heard Long Island was worried about Beryl. Did you have any trouble from it?

Patti, cornmeal is gritty. I buy Quaker Oat brand. I'll go look and see what it says on the box. Well, the box is round and the cornmeal is yellow. There are no details about the coarseness. But it is dry and coarse. That's why the recipe calls for the addition of a little parmesan cheese. The coating is a little dry but it tastes so good and the chicken is SO juicy that we don't mind the dryness of the crust. It's especially good cold the next couple of days. It's great for picnics!

Frouf, my goodness you have an exciting life! Tell me more about this golden toner. I'm going back to my Stylist on Tuesday. My highlights are too white and I'd like to look more golden. Of course, my roots look horrible against the very light blonde hair. Sigh. Good luck with your planting today. Maybe you can show us some pictures!

Alrighty then, my tummy is growling so I know it's time for breakfast. I'll go make that thread now. I'll try to be back later.

07-23-2006, 09:42 AM
Good morning to all,

Kids came home at 6:00 last night, so we all met at Zola's (reliable, good) for dinner. I ordered ww pasta with marinara veggies and salmon. To my dismay, she brings regular pasta, and says no ww to be found. I was surprised and annoyed. It looked so good, but I just didn't want to eat regualr linguine. I sent it back and wound up with grilled salmon and steamed veggies. Enough of my complaining, it was okay. We watched Must Love Dogs (Bernie slept through most of it). It was cute, but that's all.

I slept till 8:15, which is a lot better than 6:45. Although, Natan came into bed with me until 7:15 yesterday. Bernie's working again, so it will be a quiet day today. I finished reading Looking for Petyon Place yesterday, so I'll try and find something else to start today. Funny, I always had a hard time reading at home (too busy), but lately it's been good. I hope that I've turned a new corner. When I'm on holiday, that's all I do, go figure!

Guess it's time to go down for coffee, later

07-23-2006, 10:43 AM
Good morning ladies! The concert went fine, and as an added bonus, I shopped the sidewalk sales afterwards. :lol: I got 2 bicycles for $20, training wheels included. I'm pretty happy, because my 5 year old has really been vying for a bike of her own. my oldest has one, but now they all 3 do! The little bike is so cute...a tiny little thing.

It's my 2 (soon to be 3) year old's birthday today, so it worked out perfectly. Of course, they're second-hand and don't look super, but I'm a firm believer in making do with what we have. They'll work fine.

In fact, I hear the birthday girl calling now, so off I go!

Later, laides.


07-23-2006, 11:58 AM
Good morning, I got to sleep till 8:30am this morning, that is a nice change from 6am. Our neighbors invited us over to dinner today which was very nice, she is doing WW points, so dinner is Steak, roasted potatoes & vegetables. Dh bought a Boston Pie cake for desert, but I am going to be good and make a pumpkin pie for myself and my neighbor to enjoy and just count points for the crust. I really need to get out in my gardens and weed again, with all this rain they are out of control and I haven't been able to do any yardwork. A little each day before dd's party should get it under control.

Saundra glad you had a fun with with Natan! I hope it doen't rain for us this coming weekend!

Froufy I really don't have the cleaning bug, with the two little ones I have to stay on top of it everyday or else it looks like a war zone:dizzy: :D My ds has toys from last christmas & his last two birthdays that have never been open, my basement has more toys than Toys R Us :D Monster house is playing in 3D here, I don't know if ds would get scared, he says he wants to see it.

Vickie glad you had fun at the party. I miss my dad to, he passed away a week after my 36th birthday, I am sure your dad is smiling down on you the way you took care of your mother. Beryl caused some high waves but did not effect us much except for some rain, I believe New england got hit with it.

Melissa glad you had a great sleep yesterday, hopr you are feeling well rested.

Angela happy birthday to dd, your dd is 8 days older than mine. Amazing before and after pics. Hope she has a great b'day.

Kathy I cannot believe that woman created that whole scam and put her children, friends & family through that. My biggest fear is dying and leaving my children, what a sick, sick woman.

Patti, I only got to do the watp one time this week, but I am planning on doing it at least 3x starting tomorrow. Glad you had a corish meal at your brothers.

Sandra I hope it cools down some for you. I don't know why I thought being in Montana that the weather was not that hot in the Summer, shows you what I know:D, how are your winters?

07-23-2006, 01:36 PM
...and it's sunday ...too soon!

Well I am so out of shape it's appalling - and you would think going to the gym for 5 weeks would help? Got up this morning (around 9:30 am - and seems we had a power outage last night as all the 'lights' are blinking), had breakfast and out to the garden by 10:30 - remember today was PLANTING DAY! Now it's warm and sunny out - but not super hot - and there is a light breeze.

First hour was spent weeding - lots of tiny little weeds and grass - not hard to pull as they were all surface - but lots of them. So I am bending over puling out weeds and feel water on my head - now I think it's water from the plants? but that's not right - it's water dripping off my head - cuz of me bending over in the heat? Can you believe this? The rest of my body feels fine (as in warm but not sweating or anything) but my head is dripping and sweat pouring into my eyes!

I go in and get a washcloth from powder room - and now every few minutes I go to shade of the car in driveway and 'mop' myself. I think I am getting some kind of a heat stroke? Get water bottle also.

Finish the weeding - then time to plant. Now dd and ds are out so I give them jobs - dd wet the pots/plants, while ds digs the hole, I pour in the bone meal, place plant, then ds fills it in. At this point I start sneezing like a maniac - and now I am sniffling and blowing my nose like crazy - probably allergic to something in the garden?

Finally come in around 12;15 - my face is beet red and very warm - still dripping, I now have a cold washcloth to back of my neck - using lots of tissues for my nose too! So what's up with this? Am I such a blob I can't weed and garden without passing out?

Next step is to go get mulch and spread it around garden - garden still looks very sparse - missing plants I guess which will have to wait til next year - and I know these will all spread and grow - eventually! I think I shall have to wait til sun goes down to spread mulch? so I don't pass out from that activity? Other priority is getting groceries.

Niki - good luck with your weeding - guess you don't have the issues I do!

Vickie - sounds like you did pretty good at the party. Back on the wagon today - I am up again - guess that 210 I saw yesterday was just a teaser? maybe the salt from the popcorn yesterday is causing the gain?

Saundra - sounds like a lovely dinner out - and a nice sleep in too! I need to get back to the library - a frouf without a book is a very rare thing.

Sandra - definitely go tread some water - you will feel better - and get to cool off a bit!!

Angela - great job at finding those bikes. Happy bday to your dd - hope you all have a lovely celebration.

Dh is now out mowing the lawn and he even fixed the underground sprinkler valve that was on the fritz (and saved us big bucks by doing so!). Need to shower and go out for groceries soon. Must stock up on all my favorite core goodies (and corn on the cob finally on sale for $1.99/doz - YIPPEE!!!).


07-23-2006, 01:47 PM
Froufy, I get like that when it is real humid and I am doing yard work, to look at me you thought I ran a marathon. Guess what it started to rain so there goes my plans today to do yard work and the count down starts!

07-23-2006, 05:46 PM
hi there. we went out to lunch today but are back home in the a/c now for the rest of the day.

vickie, let us know if you tweak the taco salad to core. i understand what you mean about people don't eat healthy. i remember hearing about a caveman's diet (something like that) where you just eat meat, fruit, and vegetables and nothing else. or maybe you also got milk. i'm not sure. people have gotten very creative since caveman days. we put a lot of things into our bodies that our bodies really weren't made to hande (llike cheetos) --yet they keep working. our bodies are amazing machines. just think what would happen if we poured syrup into our cars' gas tanks. i'm rambling here, aren't i?

while i'm rambling, i want to tell you something else i've thought about. when we are out in the woods, i have been noticing animals. they are eating every chance they get. (no news here, eh?) anyway, it got me to thinking. maybe we overeat because of training that goes back to the caveman days when humans had to eat every chance they had just to survive. if food were harder to get, we probably wouldn't be overweight. (am i making any sense?) food is readily available nowadays so we don't have to spend as much energy finding it. yet i keep eating like i'm going to starve if i don't keep putting food in my mouth.

so? can i blame my eating disorder on nature? (it's handy, and a poor excuse is better than none at all.)

saundra, i'm proud of you for sending the linguine back. that took strength.

angela, happy birthday to little dd. she will love the bike.

nikki, winters here can be severe. curtis and i usually go south part of the time so i've not experienced too much cold. the high country has more severe weather than we do here in the valley. i have been here since 97 but have only been here 2 whole winters so i don't know too much.

frouf, i get like that, too. just be sure to drink plenty of water. i may just ride the exercise bike instead of going to the club. i'm too lazy to drive back to town.

just got a notice that i won a pair of sas shoes on ebay. life is good.

07-23-2006, 05:47 PM
I'm disappointed. I bought a Rival ice shaver (snow cone maker) and it doesn't work. I called the store, and will bring it back tomorrow. Maybe I did something wrong?

Frouf, I find the bending of weeding hard work. Last week, I used a pad so I could go down on my knees. It took me half an hour to clean up a very small area.
We're going to Club Tremblant. It's across the lake from the village. We took a package with meals included, trop cher.

Hope you are all having a good day.....:)

07-23-2006, 08:34 PM
Hi again,

Still super exhausted - even tho I ended up having a nap this afternoon! Was waiting for dh to shower and get ready to go out - so I lay down for a few minutes - and that was that!

Ended up having lunch at 3 pm - going out to get the mulch, yes found some more plants (creeping phlox for border) and edging. Then off to groceries around 5 pm - I was so tired pushing that cart around - and so loaded down with EXPENSIVE groceries. Had to get a water bottle and drink it right there as I shopped..... Home now but more tired than hungry - guess I shall eat when I feel like it? (altho everyone else has had dinner!). i can't believe it's back to work Monday tomorrow!

Saundra - how disappointing about the ice shaver - let me know if it works out and how your 'snow cones' are! My sil and niece stayed at Club tremblant a couple of summers ago - I know it is tres cher - but she LOVED it. We will stay at the village if only for a weekend but I love the peacefullness of the lake too - and we have stayed at Grey Rocks and Le Grand Lodge which is quite nice with lakeview and small kitchen area so we can do our own thing if need be!

Sandra - yes if only we were sitll eating grass and weeds we will all be thinner. I think we do have 'internal' urges/needs for certain foods but this has been corrupted with modern society's introduction of things which are not good for us - and alas most of us have succumbed.

So now my allergies are really bad again just from being out in the yard for a few minutes w/dh - and some sort of a hive on my cheek - I am obviously not an outdoor frouf.

I suspect it shall be an early bedtime?


07-23-2006, 08:47 PM
saundra, i'm sorry your snow cone maker is on the fritz. mine needs the blades sharpened. either that or it's on the fritz, too.

frouf, i hope your hives are gone. i need to get back outside to move the sprinklers. i'm not much of an outdoors girl either in this heat.

07-23-2006, 10:30 PM
Evening chicks,,,,
Frouf I wish I was there to help you in your garden...i bet it looks nice though. This is the time of year to find perennials..they are all on sale..keep looking.
Saundra,,,my girls had a snowcone maker from years ago that worked real well..I gave it away though but now I wish I kept it. What kind of flavoring do you use..we used to use Koolaid. I love snowcones...
It was pretty cool here today,,,some sprinkles but not much . We are under a fire restriction now..
Got some baking done for dh today...Im going to try those muffins tomorrow for me andthe cornmeal chicken..I like the sound of it. I found one for pizza too I want to try...I can make these things while dh is at work and im not making two differnt meals. He dosnt know it but he eats core when hes home..haha...I just add different sides to his stuff.
off for the night...
see you all tomorrow chicks..have a great night

07-23-2006, 10:32 PM
Hey gals, just checking in so that you know I'm still out here. ;) We've had a busy day (sort of). After church we bummed for awhile, then we went to my mom's and had dinner. Sandra, I thought of you while I was sitting on her back porch watching the hummingbirds. Her farm is so peaceful.
I hope that you all have wonderful nights. I've got a case of the Sunday night blues and I'm going to try to rest it out. :lol:

07-24-2006, 09:43 AM
Good morning all,

Got a call from ds, Natan has a bad tummy. I didn't offer to stay with him, because I'm working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so I need a day for me.

My sister wants us to come to the cottage, now that their deck is complete. It looks like it won't be until the Labour Day weekend, cause we're just too busy until then. She said that the hummers were really busy on the weekend. They added a second feeder.

I went to my computer to send a note to a friend in Michigan, when low and behold one was already there from her. That is totally weird, because it had been a couple of months. She's a busy lawyer and also has a place in Aspen. She really wants to visit, and it looks like she'll come here in September. Geesh, I need a calendar! My other (best) friend in Windsor is coming for a few days in October.

I'm off to take my machine back and I'll let you know how it goes.....

07-24-2006, 11:08 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I slept late again. Wow! So this is retirement. I've got a crazy busy week coming up; just a million appointments and errands every day. Today Jim has PT and I have errands and a haircut and color today. I'm supposed to be cooking today but I'm not sure if I will. I'd love to swim today but there just may not be time.

Saundra, sorry to hear Natan wasn't feeling well. I understand your needing a day for yourself. You're going to be busy too. I bet they won't give you any trouble at all. I bet the Davinci and Torani SF syrups would make fabulous snow cones. I can't wait to here what you use.

Frouf, what you described is exactly why my yard looks like it does and why I don't have a garden. It's great exercise but I'm always afraid I'll have a heart attack in the heat! I'm sure your yard looks wonderful and all the effort and exertion will be worth it.

Melissa, I hated the Sunday night blues and had them every week. I think that's why I never liked 60 minutes because it always reminded me that work was around the corner. I hope you get out of your place soon. Is all well with Aaron at work now?

Patti, I hope you like the cornmeal chicken. We love it and I'll probably be making it soon also. It's been about 3 or 4 weeks since I made it. I always use my GF grill and make plenty for LO's. I think it's hysterical that your DH doesn't know you're feeding him healthy. In this case what he doesn't know will HELP him!

Sandra, I think your musings are right on point. We are way too obsessed with food and if didn't taste so darned good maybe we wouldn't be overeating. I need to continue to work on my stress and social eating.

Kathy, I hope you're having a great time.

Niki, was the party this weekend?

Gotta go make a menu thread and make some banking phone calls.

07-24-2006, 12:10 PM
Hey, there! I can't stay because I need to get the kitchen cleaned up. Judd had to work on their wireless internet yesterday and Saturday evening and finally it's working. We went to Garden of the Gods yesterday; not sure about today except the SILs want to get out of here so the guys can watch the kids. The guys went to play golf yesterday and while the SILs didn't mind so much, they were late getting back so today is the "make things even" day for them. Of course, the guys don't realize this yet.

I am watching my food very, very carefully. This morning I had a whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese and some natural applesauce; they had biscuits, gravy, bacon and scrambled eggs. I refuse to go home having gained, vacation or not. It just can't happen that way. Last night we grilled chicken but I only had about 1/4 of a piece, and no sides. No lunch, and I had almonds and a banana for breakfast. So far, so good. I'm not hungry anyway because I'm so tired due to the sleeping arrangements here, which I won't get into right now. It's not bad, just makes for some bad sleeping.

I will come back later and read; just wanted to give the travel update. Happy days to you all.

07-24-2006, 01:03 PM
Kathy - remember you are on VACATION - this means taking things easy - having fun and relaxing- hope you have a great 'girls day out'!

Melissa - as for the sunday night blues - I think I am also seeing a pattern - the sunday night feeding frenzy - boy if it wasn't nailed down I was eating it? Not sure why - I was not that hungry - just stressed I guess? NOT GOOD - need to find an alternative way to deal with this! (and my scale is way up this morning - how NOT surprising!). Trying to get back on track today.

Saundra - definitely a visit to the cottage on Labor day sounds like a good idea! ...and your calendar is filling up quickly! Let us know how your first sno cone turns out!

Vickie - good luck with all your errands - hope you get some time for yourself too! Wish I could have a sleep in.

Yes I was up from around 2-3 am - sweating hot (and we have a/c!!) and just couldn't get comfortable! Picked up a couple more plants for the garden and the mulch which we have to 'throw on' soon so all those pesky weeds don't come up again.

Definitely heading to gym after work cuz I sure pigged out last night and feel badly about it. Problem is tomorrow - seems I may be eating out twice! We have the farewell lunch for my employee ( - fabulous restaurant - great food! But it is also ds' birthday and he now wants to go to the japanese grill place where the other kids go for their birthdays! Go figure - I don't have the heart to say no - altho the food is not that bad there but I will probably eat too much? Plus don't forget the party on saturday - very hard to lose weight when life gets in the way don't you think???



07-24-2006, 03:59 PM
Kathy, I do hope that you are having a good time. Vacations are so short, enjoy!

Fruf, I can't believe that there's a restaurant that we haven't tried yet. I must ad Junipers on our list. It looks great.

We went to a bath place this morning and I'm getting a faux marble counter for my en suite (my bathroom). It's a one piece burganday with an off white sink. My tiles and floor are white ceramic with a hint of pink, so it will look good. The unit is a floor model, so 40% off original price. However, the installation will be nearly as much as the counter top.

My ice crusher is working fine. I didn't see that there are lines in the back that must be aligned for it to work...oops! I added DaVinci raspberry syrup and it's very nice.

Vickie, good to have a hair day, enjoy. You might as well go out for dinner, since you'll be all dolled up.:)

Patti, glad that you're cooking good stuff for dh. Bernie knows that it is healthy and actually enjoying the fact. Of course, he has his special treats that I wouldn't touch.

Sandra, the animal world is sometimes so much smarter than us. Mind you, some of the moms eat their young....I'm really enjoying the healthy choices. I mixed my YoChee with ff ricotta today and added a very sweet peach, very good!

Melissa, ever since I was a kid, I hated Sundays (even before 60 minutes). I must admit, now that there isn't work on Monday, Sundays are just fine. Hope your day isn't as bad as anticipated.

Niki, I don't buy nearly as many things for Natan and Brayden as I used to. I pick things that they will use now, not put away for later.

Looks like the clouds are coming. We do need the rain as the grass is getting brown. As long as the sun comes out for Friday....

07-24-2006, 04:01 PM
Good afternoon ladies! I hope we are all having Core-riffic days. :) I know I'm not...darn birthday cake. But at least it's gone now. :)

So you all remember how I keep having this sinus infection? And how last time the doctor gave me steroid nasal spray in addition to my allergy medicine? And how he said that if it came back again, I'd have to go in to an ENT guy and get my nose scoped? Well, guess what... it's BAAACK! :p I swear, every time I get under 8 hours of sleep/get stressed, I get stabbing pains in my cheeks, behind the bridge of my nose, and in my forehead. So I called the doctor just now, and am letting him figure out what to do, so I don't have to go back in and pay another $20 to get yet another round of antibiotics. I'm just sick of it... It's just such a small thing, yet it's so annoying. At least dh is off work today and tomorrow, so if I do need to get into the doctor, he can watch the kiddos while I go.

In happier news, my dd's 3rd birthday was very nice. She loved her presents, had a great time, and was spoiled by all.


07-24-2006, 04:11 PM
Angela, I'm so sorry that you are sick again. But I'm glad you were able to enjoy the birthday celebrations.

Gals I know I'm way behind here. I can't stay on long at work. Just wanted to update you--I think I am going to become a pampered chef consultant! I'm very excited. I think I'll really enjoy it. And if I don't, I can do it for a few months, earn some free stuff, and then drop it without being out anything. It is set up really nicely. Anyway, I'll be sure to link you with my personal website so that you can all order things whenever that time comes. :lol:

I hope that you're all having great op days! My eating is way off, but at least I'm not eating a lot of it. I plan on having a fresh veggie supper tonight! :T

Kathy, don't forget to vacation while you're gone! Let someone else clean the kitchen for once.... ;)

Gotta get back to work...

07-24-2006, 04:14 PM
hi, girls. i don't have much time here today so i won't be able to post to everyone, but i am reading and am thinking of all of you.

angela, i feel for you and your sinus infection. i hope the procedure is easier than it sounds.

hope your monday is going well. i'll be back later.

07-24-2006, 04:17 PM
melissa, good success with the pampered chef. that sounds like a good thing especially if you're a new mommy. my eating is all right. my only problem is i ate some mushrooms at lunch. i thought i'd picked them all out of my soup, but i missed a few. i'm allergic to them. now i'm not feeling so good. i should be better in about an hour. i am still planning to go to w a tonight.

07-24-2006, 04:42 PM
Still way behind but I thought I'd come back for a minute or two. The SILs have gone to Home Depot to get a ceiling fan for niece's bedroom. Judd took nephews to the movies and I'm here with the little girls. We're eating most meals at home and so there's lots of cooking and cleaning. I'm taking turns, Melissa, so don't let your imagination run away with you and think I'm slaving at someone else's house!! LOL! I do my fair share of sitting and watching other people clean up.

Enjoy the Pampered Chef thing! I'm sure you'll be great!

Time to go stop someone from jumping on the couch. I'm sure her mommy wouldn't be happy if she walked in and saw it.

07-24-2006, 05:28 PM
i'm back. thought i'd live. i don't think it was the mushrooms making me feel bad. whatever it was, it's over now.

melissa, i was just wondering if there's a ww meeting nearby you could attend. going to meetings has really helped me stay op. veggie soup sounds good.

it's still too hot for me to cook. i'm thinking of cooking lunch early in the am after i get back from the doctor and before the temps rise too high. we've been eating out almost every day at lunch lately. that's getting expensive.

07-24-2006, 06:40 PM
Hey Chicks! I'm back from all my errands and don't feel like cooking. It is too darn hot, even for the rotisserie. I'm not sure what we'll do yet. I feel a little sick in the stomach. I don't even want to go into the pool. I think I'll go lay down for a while.

I'll be back later.

07-24-2006, 10:43 PM
Hi gals! I'm so excited. I spoke to the lady who will be my pampered chef director tonight and I really think I'm going to do it. In fact I'm going to get started on my paperwork tonight. Anyone want to host a cooking show? :lol:
I'm really looking forward to getting started.

Sandra, thanks for the encouragement. Sorry you ate those mushrooms. That has to be a hard thing to constantly avoid. Thanks for encouraging me to go to WW. I guess I'm just not willing right now. I hate meetings in general and I also don't want to spend the $ on it. I know those aren't good reasons, but they're the honest ones. ;) I hope that you're having a good evening.

Vickie, I hope that you are feeling better by now. I'd hate for you to miss time in the pool.

Kathy, I'm so glad that you aren't slaving away! :) I was worried about you. Have fun!

Frouf, good luck with all of that eating out. We've been doing waaaay too much of it and for no good reason other than laziness. :D

I'm going to get started on my new business!! :D I'll talk to you all tomorrow...and I'm remembering that tomorrow is a new day for eating as well. :)

07-24-2006, 10:54 PM
Hi everyone, just a quick hello I am ready for bed. Was cleaning the backyard all afternoon then took the kids swimming, came home cooked dinner, bathed the kids, did dd's birthday goodie bags & filled the pinata and cleaned up my house. I have alot to do before the big birthday bash for the princess :D I will catch up tomorrow, hope everyone had a great day!

07-24-2006, 11:31 PM
Congrats Melissa on your new 'job' - sounds exciting and I'm sure you will do well! I am of course willing to host a party! :D:D

Niki - I am tired from just reading your post! We are having a mini-party tomorrow for ds - out for dinner with just the family and then a small cake/candle celebration....and presents of course.

Can't believe he's turning 8 - he is still so funny - and we are almost sad to see him grow up and lose some of his innocent charm. This morning I'm in washroom getting ready for work and dh is there too - little ds shows up but says he can't come in because of his 'allergy" and he will start sneezing! What allergy we ask? He points towards the bathroom window? We still don't get it? What are you alelrgic to? Sun dust he replies? Sun dust - yes he says - look into the sunshine and you see that dust - it makes me sneeze and I'm allergic to it. So don't come in I say (trying not to laugh) - doesn't matter he says - I've seen that sun dust all over the house!!!!!!!!!!!!! too funny!

'Vickie - hope your rest did you some good and that you are not catching something!

Angela - how goes the nose biz? Hope it's nothing serious and no scary things need to be done to your sinuses! Sounds like a great bday for dd!

Sandra - hope the mushrooms did not affect you too much? I have a splitting headache now - and it may be from the 'peanut butter' I tasted tonight? Yes I am allergic but can usually get away with some - not sure why I am suffering tonight? (unless headache is from something else?)

Saundra - DEFINITELY need to try Juniper - very classy and excellent food - I'm sure you will love it! I am looking forward to the lunch - altho now have a meeting scheduled at 1:30 so will have to probably rush back (may need to take my car even tho it's only a 10 min walk away!).

Well I did not end up going to the gym cuz by the end of the afternoon I could barely WALK! Forgot to mention the pain shooting up the backs of my legs due to the bending/weeding fiasco of yesterday. Woke up a bit sore - but noticed it getting worse thru the day - esp after sitting at my desk for a while - getting up was like an old dried up machine creaking to life! Every step hurt - so I ended up getting some groceries and heading home.

Dinner was okay - it was the tortilla chips and dip I shared w/dd after that was not required - I am not doing that well - I think it is all the eating out that is demotivating me - but I don't want to give in and give up! Just a blip right?

Dh gone out to friend's, ds back from St. Louis - sounds like they had a hard time getting thru customs? His luggage never made it of course - but the box of chocolates he bought me did :D. DD on computer with loud music coming from the den......and little ds sleeping - I told him it was a special magical night cuz he was going to bed being 7 and would wake up being 8 - and he would stretch a bit in length and his head/brain would get a bit bigger and smarter! Really he said - big incredulous eyes!! Can't wait til he wakes up tomorrow morning!


07-25-2006, 01:58 AM
melissa, i understand your not wanting to go to meetings. i don't really like to either. i'll be waiting to read about your pampered chef adventures. i think you're going to do well.

frouf, i hope you're feeling better. we're a pair, aren't we? guess we'd better be more careful what we put in our mouths.

vickie, i hope you're feeling better. sounds like you, frouf, and i are falling apart today.

i did go to w a this afternoon. i guess i'm going to live.

niki, sounds like a lot of work today. the party is going to be a blast.

sorry this is so short. it's late. i'm calling it a day.

07-25-2006, 11:20 AM
Good Morning Chicks! Today is mega busy. I've already been out to drop off Cassie for her bath and haircut and it's only 9:00! Early for me. I'm due breakfast now but I can't linger. Jim has PT, I have errands, and a pedicure today at 3:45. I think it's a crime that a retired person has so much going on in one day! ;) :D

Melissa, I think Pampered Chef is a great idea for you. It'll take up some more of your time but should bring you great rewards. I'd be happy to know your email address. I LOVE kitchen gadgets.

Sandra, I hope you're feeling better this morning.

Frouf, you are definitely experiencing just a blip. It's not easy to eat out. You always have to fight the temptation to say that it's a special occasion and I should just eat what I want (which is usually bad for me). I go out to eat alot so I've gotten to the point where I order everything Core or I don't eat it. Now I'm sure that there are a few mistakes along the they put in an ingredient that the shouldn't...but by and large it's possible. So just be more forceful when you order. Restaurants want your money so they are usually willing to accommodate special requests. And....stay away from the gym for a couple of days. You don't want to hurt yourself.

Niki, I hope you got some rest. You answered my question about the party date. You are still in full preparation mode!

Kathy, I hope you're having some fun.

Saundra, I'm glad you figured out your icee machine. I bet I would love one.

Angela, I'm sure they'll give you twilight while they do the scope. It sounds gross but maybe it will make you stop getting these horrible infections. I would brave the scope if I were you.

Well, I feel hungry and queasy at the same time. What's up with that? My stomach hasn't been right since yesterday. I must have some kind of a bug. I didn't swim but went out to dinner with the Niece/NIL and the kids. I had a grilled chicken salad and a baked potato. I just picked at it becaue it wasn't very good. It's supposed to rain here for the next 5 days. We'll see. I'm going to a ballgame tomorrow so I really don't want any rain then. What it means is that it will horribly hot and humid. Ugh.

Gotta go.

07-25-2006, 12:00 PM
Good morning all! My doctor phoned in a prescription for more antibiotics for me yesterday. But, the nurse who called to tell me made no mention of being referred to an ENT or whatever. She just said we'll see what this round does for you..blah blah blah. Like it'll be any different than the previous 8 tries? Anyhoo, I'm happy to have the medicine, because it does at least give me a few weeks of relief.

Melissa, I've hosted a Pampered Chef party before, and it was a lot of fun. It'd be a heck of a commute, but you can host a party here any time you want. :lol: I have the Pampered Chef ice cream scoop, and it's very nice. Not that I would know though, because, of course, I don't ever eat ice cream. ;)

Vickie, how is Jim doing these days? Is he taking it easy on his shoulder?

Our garden is looking beautiful this year. We've got lettuce and zucchini, and expect beans and peas any day. And, can you belive, some of our tomato plants are almost taller than me? We should have tomatoes coming out of our ears in a little while. Too bad I can't share them with everyone here.

I think I'm going to lie down and rest for a bit now... later!

07-25-2006, 12:29 PM
What a morning! I was suppose to be at ww at 8:40 to do a meeting. Bernie decided to take my car in for grease and oil, so I was to take his car. Got out of the house, to discover that my key wasn't on the chain. When he had the body work done, he put my key with his. I called the office and they said to take a taxi ($8) for which I would get reimbursed. It took 15 minutes for the taxi to show for a 5 minute ride. I'm not charging them, cause it's our fault. Luckily the leader had things unde control and there was 10 minutes to spare. When she drove me home, she told me to have a glass of wine and a bubble bath. :D Needless to say, Bernie was real sorry and now promises a "gift" on our weekend away.....Okay, that's off my chest.

Angela, apparently the baked oatmeal done with zucchini is very good. I guess that you'd replace the same amount as the banana. BCB had something on it and also added cocoa. Hope you're feeling better real soon.

Melissa, you sound pumped, and that's a good thing. I know that you'll be a real asset to the Pampered Chef folks.

Sandra, how's your tummy? It's scary having food allergy reactions. Is the heat wave still happening? We had thunder storms last night, and it's getting muggy here, not good for the hair.

Frouf, have fun tonight, and wish ds a "Happy Birthday". Your baby is getting older, but hey, mine is 31 and will always be my sweetheart.

Vicky, sounds busy for you, but some good stuff happening. I do hope that the rain isn't too bad this weekend. What are we going to do in the room???:D

Okay, I think I'm going to have a latte to soothe my nerves.....

07-25-2006, 02:35 PM
Afternooon Chicks,
lost my post yesterday,,not sure what happened. Back to work today after being off for two weeks,,,,mind you two mornings a week is like beign on holidays still..I got lots of hugs from the kids this morning..awwwwwwwww
I think I did my dvd in my sleep this morning...hah
Saundra, eeeks,,,you had a rough morning didnt you.
Melissa its so nice to hear you excited about something....I love kitchen gadgets too...there are some cool ones out there.
Sandra sorry about those mushrooms,,,
Frouf, did Ds Measure himself this monring??
Angela I would love to see your garden..any pics??
Make time for the pool Vickie,,you know its going to make you feel better.
Have fun with the princess party Nikki...I miss those days..
Well off to the grocery store ,,trying a new recipe tonight and tomorrow Im making the cornmeal chicken Vickie,,,

07-25-2006, 05:00 PM
hi there. we're home from running errands and i'm waiting to go to w a later. i went to the doctor this am with my ww card in hand. he was very impressed with my loss. his scales usually weigh me heavier that my home scales and ww's. they showed one lb higher than what i have on my tracker--so i'm happy. i go back to him aug. 25 with ww card in hand again. life is good.

vickie, i hope you're feeling better. i agree. retirees shouldn't be obligated to do anything. we're sort of spoiled to leisure, aren't we? we'll take some of your rain. we don't care if it will make things humid and hot. we are super dry here now. can you bottle some and send it? i do hope your ballgame isn't rained out. that would be the pits.

angela, i'm impressed with your tomato plants. that's amazing for them to be so big. do you have a lot of tomatoes on them? i'm picturing beefeaters (if that's what the big ones are called.)

saundra, it sounds like the missing key worked out to your advantage. let us know what surprise bernie gets you. thanks for asking about my tummy. it's embarassing to say but it turned out to be constipation instead of an allergic reaction to the mushrooms. my doctor told me the pills i'm taking caused it. i need to up my fiber intake. all this is probably tmi. sorry.

patti, let us know how your recipes turn out. what are you making besides the cornmeal chicken?

07-25-2006, 05:34 PM
Hi Chicks! I see I'm behind since this morning. I'm off to get my toes done and then we'll go pick up dinner. I hope I can go in the pool after dinner with my toes newly painted. I'm going to ask the pedicurist what she thinks. It's really hot here and no sign of the rain they threatened for today. I need to go check tomorrow's forecast. I do not want rain at the ball park. This is our first game since game two when we went to see them get their rings in April! I want a great day.

07-25-2006, 08:02 PM
vickie, i hope you and jim have a great day and a wonderful time at the ballgame. i know how you enjoy your baseball.

07-25-2006, 08:22 PM
Sandra, don't be embarassed, I have that problem all the time. The whole grains were killing me until I found Benefibre. I'm so glad that your doctor is supporting your WW efforts. You're really lucky, it's hard to find a doctor that cares anymore.

Vickie, I'm crossing my fingers for good weather tomorrow. As an ex Tigers fan, I'm really impressed with them. Hope you got a swim in. We had quite a storm here. The neat thing was that the sun came out while it was pouring. There was a beautiful rainbow.

I've got potatoes roasting and corn simmering. They're the sides for Farm Boy chicken thighs. Oh, and I've got to make a salad too.

Okay, time to check on everything.

07-25-2006, 09:28 PM
Checking in quickly while the internet is up! I really do like this area though and Judd says he wouldn't mind living here.

So anyway, I'll probably get home with about 150 pounds. I'm a little bummed about it but am just going with the flow for now. We have eaten nonstop, drinking til midnight, chips and salsa out all the time. Breakfast is the only time I have control and I've been having a low-cal/carb bagel with light cream cheese and fruit, either banana or applesauce or grapes. Then it goes downhill from there.

I got my hair cut yesterday at a day spa and salon and it is just toooo cute. It's choppy straight with bangs to the side, and I love it. I went to Sallys today and bought yet another flatiron (my 4th, I think) but this is a keeper. It's what will make the difference.

Okay, guys are back with dinner -- Chinese tonight -- so I'd better jet. I'm coming back tonight or tomorrow though to read. We're going into Denver to a Rockies game and I'm excited about that because I've never been to Coors Stadium. I've seen the Rockies play when they come to Texas for interleague play, but never in their own stadium. It'll be great.


07-25-2006, 09:54 PM
Kathy, you sound great. I can't wait to see the "do". Don't worry about the eathing, you'll be fine when you get back home. Have fun at the game tomorrow.:)

07-26-2006, 12:43 AM
Hello friends! I'm SO sorry that I haven't been a good friend lately. I'm so very far behind. I don't have time to catch up now either. Just wanted to say hi/bye since I'll be away at training for the next couple of days. I should be back online Friday night or Saturday morning. I hope that you all have a great rest of the week!!

Oh, and thanks for the encouragement about pampered chef. I'm really, really excited. I got more info today and can't wait to get started! :D

07-26-2006, 02:17 AM
thank you, saundra. i am now taking metamucil. it didn't taste so bad today. guess i am remembering how i felt yesterday.

kathy, sounds like you're having a great time. enjoy every minute. we'll be waiting for details later--and photos of the new "do."

melissa, you are always a good friend. have a good time at the conference.

07-26-2006, 11:03 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I'm rushing around like a crazy woman. I've got to leave for the ballgame in 2 hours and have nothing done yet. So, I'm off to eat breakfast and get ready. I also need to pick up the house a bit since the dog walkers will be here to take care of Cassie. The weather looks crummy but we'll go anyway. I've got a small hope that the weather will clear up before the ballgame starts. Keep your fingers crossed that no new storms form.

I'll be back later. I hope you all have a great on program day. I'm sure there is a kosher dog in my future....and a fruit cup of course!

07-26-2006, 11:59 AM
Have fun at the ballgame - hope you get everything done and have a relaxing break!!!

Melissa - have fun! I'm sure you will do well with the Pampered Chef initiative - can't wait to hear about your parties and results!

Kathy - sounds like you are having a fun time - I agree - don't worry about the eating til you get home - glad you love your 'do' - and await pics!

Sandra - if you don't like the metamucil try the benefibre as Saundra suggested - just chewable tablets - my gf takes them all the time!

Well my 'blip' is hopefully over - I had a big eating day yesterday complete with two pieces of chocolate birthday cake - it was like that 'last meal' mentality - like I would never have it again? ha ha ha - back on track today and looking forward not back!

LUnch out was excellent (moroccan glazed chicken breast w/spiced yogurt dip over veggie bundle - but I also had some fresh french bread w/butter!!! YUM). Was starving by dinner time - japanese grill place - lots of food - and i ate it all! (miso soup, salad, rice, veggies, shrimp and steak and orange sherbet...then the cake!). Ds had a great time. He also lost a tooth yesterday - and I told him I was sure the Tooth Fairy leaves an extra special bonus if you lose a tooth on your birthday.

He was thrilled to find $5 under his pillow last night! and came to show me immediately upon awakening..oh ya and yesterday when he woke up he came to tell me he did feel 'different' - says his 'brain stretched' a bit - and didn't I notice a bit of a difference in his nose and eyebrows? TOO FUNNY! We now gear up for the 'weekend party' - thankfully cleaning lady coming today - challenge will be to actually keep the place clean for a few days - not an easy thing to do!

We have already ordered the cake (Cars theme - lightning McQueen cake - too cute!)...and I am not fussing at all as I am planning to go to the gym the next 3 days after work - and sat morning I am at synagogue (get home at noon and party at 2 pm) I shall get dh to pick up some veggie/dip and fruit trays at the grocery store, some soda, and probably salsa and chips as well....that should do it? If we do have stragglers to dinnertime will probably order in some pizzas! Hope to be able to relax on Sunday???

Dr appt this afternoon for bp check after diuretic prescription - guess it's been around 6 weeks now? May ask her to weigh me - as she did when I was last there? (altho I am still up a bit from my lowest 210.4). Wonder if the pills are helping? (actually I may be 'confusing' the results as I am also losing weight and exercising too - and these might also affect the reading? - at least I hope so!).



P.S. BIG NSV - so today at work one group had a cupcake cookoff - complete with judging and cupcakes for sale - $1 each for fundraising! So our work group went off (we are a bunch of sugar addicts I guess?) to check it out - ended up buying FOUR gorgeous cupcakes - BUT NOT ONE SHALL PASS MY LIPS! There are on a table in my office and I have called dh to bring ds later on and come pick them up - and/or gorge themselves!

07-26-2006, 12:49 PM
We're about to leave for the ballgame in Denver so it'll be later before I'm back on. I still haven't read -- have NO idea what everybody is doing except Vickie is also going to a game today (I can skim the short posts in a hurry) and Angela got more medicine. :hug: Poor girl, I hope you feel better very quickly. This has got to be getting on your nerves in a big way.


07-26-2006, 04:03 PM
vickie, i guess you're out having a blast at the game. enjoy your dog.

frouf, thanks for the tip. i have a whole can so guess i'd better use it. i may change to the benifiber afterwards, though. looks like this is going to be very very long term. can i come to the party? that cake sounds good enough to eat. congratulations on passing on those cupcakes. you are a focused froufie.

kathy, you have fun at the ballgame, too. i'm soooo glad you're enjoying yourself and getting some kickback time.

we visited and did some shooting at the archery center today. we're home for the afternoon. i'll go to w a later. i am really having a good time meeting new women friends there.

07-26-2006, 05:15 PM
It's been a busy day doing nothing much. I dropped in at the WW centre and wound up staying and chatting there for an hour. A lady that I signed up when I worked in April came in and it she's lost 22 pounds since. I felt great knowing that I had given her the orientation.
I then went the pharmacy where I used to work and stayed there chatting for another hour. Finally did a little shopping and came home. I'm working another meeting tonight. We'll have dinner when I get home. (salmon, egg and tuna salads with the fixins).

We moved things around in the bedroom, and it looks great. I'm also starting to declutter, and that feels very good. This decorating thing has got me motivated.

Vickie and Kathy, hope you both enjoy your games and that your teams win.

Sandra, glad you had time for fun and I know how you're looking forward to w.a.

Frouf, which Japanese restaurant did you go to? We used to take our kids to Laurier street for their birthdays. Maybe that was the influence for ds to find a Japanese wife.;)

Okay, time to put everything together.

07-26-2006, 06:51 PM
saundra, your day sounds like fun. i'm glad you got to see the ww that you gave orientation. 29 lbs is amazing!

07-26-2006, 10:45 PM
Whew, what a day! It took us two hours to get home from Denver due to rush hour traffic. These day games are nice, but you end up hitting a lot of traffic while leaving. Usually it's me trying to leave work when the Rangers day games are getting out, because I work in shouting distance from the ballpark.

Anyway, the Rockies lost but it was a good game. It started raining in the 8th and got really hard, so people left and we moved down right behind home plate for the rest of the game. We were soaked but it was fun. Oh and some drunk dude ran out on to the field after the game and they took him down hard. What a dufus.

Tonight we're just watching Rangers vs Yankees, putting the kids to bed early, maybe watching a movie, and that's it. Tomorrow is some sort of arcade place, mainly for the kids and guys, so I'll go along but just sit and watch. We are leaving early Friday morning to go home and are driving it straight thru instead of spending the night in Amarillo.

Zuki is starting to get mad at Grandma because she locked him in the bedroom while she went somewhere, so he ate her wooden miniblinds. Oopsie! Judd told her to stop locking him up, and instead just put a doggie gate up so he can at least walk around and see out. She's a realtor and is in and out of the house all day, so she's never gone for very long at a time anyway. I know he thinks he's been abandoned.

Shaun and Erin seem fine and probably don't miss us one bit. I'll know when I get back if Shaun's going early because if he does, it'll probably be on Monday. That will be good (for him) but we'll have to hurry up and get all his things together.

See you later. It sure is quiet around here lately!

07-26-2006, 11:12 PM
Saundra - we usually go to Ottawa Shogun on Carling - have been going there for years. Glad your 'redecorating' and decluttering are going well! I could certainly do some major decluttering myself.

Kathy & Vickie - hope you had fun at your ballgames!

Angela - how are your sinuses doing? Hopefully this next round will do the trick?

Went to the dr appt - my bp is still borderline high altho a teeny tiny bit better than last time - she did weigh me and was very pleased with my loss, the fact that I was eating better and going to the gym! I am to continue with my 1/2 pill and come back in two months - she says we need to be patient and is hoping for further improvement!

Went to the gym afterwards - however I am in PAIN - weirdest thing - if you remember after sunday's weeding/gardening I had pain up the back of both legs - probably due to all the bending/stretching. On Monday I did not go to the gym and was in pain. Yesterday I felt much better - a bit of pain with certain momements - did not go to the gym cuz of ds' birthday plans.

Today I am in BIG PAIN but only on back of left upper leg? How weird is that? I almost feel like I have a constant muscle cramp? Any pressure on the back of my thigh hurts - as I feel it now as I sit in my computer chair??? (and it's padded!). Also feels a bit puffy at the ankle? Went to the library tonight and walking thru the parking lot hurt - as did some of the machines at the gym - not using them but actually just getting on and off and I put pressure on back of leg?

It makes my leg feel very 'tired' - like I've been using it all day or walking alot? I sure hope it's nothing serious - gym girl thought I may have pulled a muscle or ligament - but I did not do anything to cause it? It felt better yesterday and I did no exercise since then?

I sure hope I am feeling better and can walk normally tomorrow!

Eating was basically okay today - altho I had a bit of a meltdown when dh said he put the chicken in the oven at 5 pm instead of 4 pm as instructed - yes this frouf MUST HAVE her dinner on time when she gets home - I explained that if my dinner is not ready and I am hungry I will graze and eat things I'm not supposed to! I got some veggies/dip at grocery store after gym (along with some other supplies) - so I was able to munch on those while waiting for the chicken and preparing the sides. I did eat a slice of bread tho - which I guess isn't too bad!

I am full of liquid today - just finished a 500 ml bottle of crystal light which I now realize was not such a good idea as I will be visiting the bathroom tonight.

Wonder if I should take something for the pain in my leg???


07-27-2006, 12:45 AM
kathy, the day at the game must have been a blast. have fun at the arcade tomorrow. i'd play some games, if i were you.

frouf, i'm glad you got a good report at the doctor's. you made good choices tonight eating veggies/dip. you get an attagirl.

i wonder how vickie's day at the ballpark went.

07-27-2006, 10:12 AM
Good Morning Chicks! Whew I was busy yesterday. The heat really knocked the wind out of my sails! We left the house at 11:00 and didn't get home until after 6:30. I showered and layed on the couch like a lump. We had a great time at the ballpark except for the fact that we lost/got swept. I've been through bad times with my team before. It'll be ok. I've been a fan through thick and thin since I was a little girl going to the games with my Daddy.

Today will be busy again and I'm hopeful there will be a lot of swimming in my future for the next 5 days. We are expecting a heat wave. If it hits, I won't be around much. Right now it's gray and rainy but that is supposed to pass. I hope you all had great days yesterday. I ate VERY non-Core but not large quantities. I had a kosher on a bun with sauerkraut...that makes it Core, right? I also shared some nachos with Jim. The rest of the time was just water and the cherries I brought with me from home. Dinner was Core except for the roll. I need to be a really good girl today and get back on program. I also need to stop procrastinating about going back to meetings. I need the accountability.

Okey dokey...I'm off to see what you were all up to yesterday!

07-27-2006, 10:14 AM
Good morning ladies, boy do I need to catch up. I have been so busy, I was working on the house and yard for 2 days, yesterday I cleaned my house from top to bottom from 10am to 6pm and I still have a few things left to do. I want to dedicate friday for preparations & cooking, so it is a good feeling to have most of the cleaning done. I am having 20 adults & 12 children at the party, and there is no rain in the forcast, but it is suppose to be 92 degrees, very hot & humid. I want to go to BJ's which is a wholesale club that you buy in bulk and get the party supplies & food. My mom, sil's & friend offered to make some food so that helps out tremendously.
Hope you guys have a great day, I will try to come back later and catch up.

07-27-2006, 10:28 AM were all busy too!

Frouf, I hope the pain went away. You should do things at the gym that don't tax your legs. You've had that sciatica thing before. If you push too much then you won't be able to exercise at all. It's really wonderful that you had such a great loss and some improvement in your blood pressure. It sometimes takes a while for the medicine to work and also sometimes requires trying several different types of medicine to see what works best. I actually forgot to take mine the other day. Not a good thing. I can't remember the last time I forgot though. Congratulations on not eating those cupcakes!

Kathy, we got caught in rushhour traffic too but we were at the beginning of it at least. I love to check out new ballparks. Sheesh, couldn't the Rangers have hung on to beat the Yankees? We are in such a pennant race over in the Central. We can use all the help we can get. I hope you had a relaxing evening at least! Wow, Zuki is MAD at you two! That sounds like a really long drive to drive straight through. Are you in a hurry to get home. I'd stop someplace and enjoy our last night of kid free living!

Saundra, you day yesterday sounded like the perfect retirement day! I need to declutter more. I feel a little out of control since Jim's things are piling up. I have to force myself not to notice or I'll feel too guilty to go in the pool.

Sandra, I'm sure the fiber stuff will help you but I have another tip. Since doing Core, I've had to drink more than 6 eight ounce glasses of water every day. I religiously drink at 8 and try to drink more if I can. For some reason, the water seems even more important on Core to help me lose AND to keep me regular. I think it's because we are eating so much fiber. If I drink enough water, I'm ok.

Time for me to go eat breakfast girls and start my day. I'm doing some laundry and Jim has PT today. I'll be running errands while he's there.

I'll be back later.

07-27-2006, 10:29 AM
Niki, you are going to have a spectacular party! Try to leave some time for yourself before everyone arrives!

07-27-2006, 10:59 AM

I am at work - altho in pain - I have to sit at the edge of my chair so the back of my left upper leg does not touch the chair - cuz that still hurts. And I'm sure I'll end up with some other pains (back pain) from sitting like this all day?

I just took a couple of muscle relaxants w/ibuprofen in them - hope they work while I'm here (not supposed to take them while driving) - and wear off by the time I go home! Sleeping was a bit of a problem as my legs still felt funny all night - I don't feel rested at all.

Packed my gym stuff for after work - but will see how I'm feeling before I go.

Vickie - sounds like you did pretty good yesterday to me? Just a couple of blips - but you do have to enjoy life a bit - and the ball game is an important part of your life! Glad to hear you're back on track tho - and I know you're looking forward to using your pool more often!

Niki - I bet your garden looks great! Our weather forecast says 30 for saturday - which is over 90 degrees - so I'm sure everyone will be indoors for sure - too hot outside! Trying to keep our house clean for the next few days!

Kathy - have fun at the arcade - sounds like you are having a good time! Poor little Zuki will be glad when you come home I'm sure!

Sandra - guess I am not as patient as my doctor? and was expecting better bp results - I am sure if I lose more weight the results will be even better right?

And big scene w/dd last night - lying on the floor outside our bedroom just a crying and a wailing (and yes she is 14!). Came to see me around 11 pm as I was going to bed to ask if she could go to this concert with gf and gf's mother in Barrie (like 6 hours away - past Toronto!!!!!!!). Seems it is during the time my brother and sil are visiting so I said no - my reasons were a) you are too young b) I don't want you driving with someone in a car there and back for 12 hours (the mother was not staying overnight??? but going to drive there attend the concert and then drive back at 11 pm for 6 hours!!! - how insane is that?) - not safe c) your aunt and uncle will be here and we hardly get to see them (and she was whining the other day that she would be in camp during the day while they were here and wouldn't get to spend enuf time with them!).

So I close my bedroom door - and lock it - and she proceeds to stay out there crying and then starts banging on the door!!!! Just looking for trouble. We did great I think and managed to stay calm and kept telling her she was NOT being reasonable.

Of course told me I was mean and stupid - and she was being so good - why couldn't she go? I told her again - it had nothing to do with her behaviour - she would have ample opportunity when she was older to travel to concerts - it was unsafe, and family was visiting. I ended up taking away her Zen (ipod thing) and some of her new clothes (from her dad's trip) as a punishment - she just wasn't going to let us sleep! Kept lying at our door kicking it with her foot.

We never really yelled or raised our voices but you can bet I wanted to! She finally gave up - went to her room - and then lots of LOUD music for a while. We shall suffer the fallout today I guess? Of course took me a while to calm down and get to sleep - probably not good for my bp either?


07-27-2006, 11:34 AM
Frouf, I'm so sorry you're still hurting. I wouldn't go to the gym if I were you. That's so sad about DD last night. She certainly made you all suffer including herself. I'd be suspicious that the mother is even going to be there. No way would I have let her go either. Congratulations for sticking to your guns. That couldn't have been easy. You are a great Mom even though she won't admit it for a couple more years.

07-27-2006, 01:02 PM
Vickie, sorry about your WS -- I can't believe we were both swept! We were SOOO upset over that game last night; the back and forth was killing us but we just couldn't do it. If Buck doesn't start acting sooner, there's going to be trouble. He will wait until it's too late to pull a pitcher like Cordero. Oh well, it'll either get better or not.

We just need to get on home so I can go to work Saturday, but want to be here tonight. The Montanans are also leaving in the morning but they have about a 15 hour drive (also driving straight thru with 3 children). At least they have the DVD player and lots of movies and games. They're good travelers.

Here's the lineup so I don't have to spell it out each time:
Montana SIL is Judd's sister Ellen
Montana BIL is Ellen's husband Kendal
Kids are John, Casey and Lauren

Colo Springs BIL is Judd's brother Brad
Colo Springs SIL is Brad's wife Amy
Kids are Ainsley and Shelby

Kendal's grandma lives here so they're all about to go see her. Amy and I are going to Super Target and Judd is watching Ainsley and Shelby. Tonight Judd and are cooking dinner for everybody: steak, mushroom, onion and pepper kabobs, chicken and pineapple kabobs, shrimp kabobs, rice (hopefully brown) and a salad. We brought them a bottle of Chateau Nuf de Pape for a housewarming gift (and a Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner!) so we're going to have that too. We'll go to the arcade after Montanans get back from seeing (great)grandma.

Niki, what a huge party!! I hope it goes well and the weather cooperates with you.

Frouf, good grief girl! I didnít even see what happened! Is it a gym injury? Do you need to go to the doctor? It sounds like Emily has a raging case of PMS or something like that! Youíre a better woman than I am, because I sure think I would have barged out and lit into her. Your method was probably way more effective in the long run.

Sandra, as you know, Hamilton is small so if you move there you will definitely be meeting the family. Ellen works at the high school and Kendal is a PhD chemist who works for Glaxo Smith-Kline. The kids are involved in sports and all are big hunters, campers and hikers. Iím sure Curtis and Kendal would get along famously!

Angela, I hope youíre much better and Melissa, Iíll place an order!!! Pampered Chef is the best stuff around! Saundra, thatís great about how much the lady has lost! Iím sure you were a tremendous influence on her.

I am really not happy about a gain but will start whittling it down starting on Saturday. And remember that Iím going to do a personal challenge starting Monday, which will run for the month of August no matter what! I will be now shooting to get back to 143 where I was before we left. GRRRR! Iím going to try for 2 pounds a week and hopefully can get back down there and then some. It all depends on what I weigh on Saturday morning.

Okay, Amy and I are leaving for Super Target now. It sounds like Judd is trying to back out of the babysitting so Iíd better start yelling at him.

07-27-2006, 03:36 PM
vickie, i was wondering if you were going to meetings. you're one of the main reasons i'm going to meetings now. they definitely help. i love reading about your and jim's outing at the game. i'm a cowboy's fan just like you're a sox fan. we have to help them when they're in slumps, don't we?

i'll go get a glass of water right now. thanks for the tip.

nikki, you're really busy. we don't have a bj's up here. we do have costco, though.

frouf, i'm not using any of the weight equipment (land stuff) at the club. i'm afraid i'll get injured. i hope you haven't injured yourself. are you going to the doctor to see what's up? that episode with dd was definitely not good for your bp. next time could you tell her to wait till the next day at a decent time to discuss things. right before bedtime is never good. nobody can get to sleep easily afterwards. (am i being a bossy know it all here? i apologize.)

kathy, did judd back out? how young are the kids? thank you for telling us about your family. we may be moving to victor about 10 miles from hamilton. bryan is drilling for water now. we'll know by the end of this week if he hits a good supply. if he does, he's selling us a piece of the land. tell ellen it's up sweathouse creek. wayyyyy up. bryan will be the last one on the road. we'll be just before his house. what does she do at the high school? i was talking to curtis about how i might want to see about signing up to sub if we move. i'm not sure yet if i will. well, i'm not sure we'll be moving. :lol:

i weeded 2 rosebeds this am before it got too hot. now i'm in till i go to w a. my weight is down this am. i was worried because i had a fuzzy navel malt cooler last night. i couldn't find pts for it anywhere in the companion book. i did find wine cooler. that would have been 4 pts. i'm thinking malt cooler is probably close to that.

a gf called today. she has an appt at the club and may begin w a soon. she'll mainly go in the am before work but she and i can meet on fri evenings to have our own w a. there are no scheduled w a classes then. life is good.

07-27-2006, 05:34 PM
i got this at ww last week:

"Sometimes it's not good enough to do your best; you have to do what it takes." ----Winston Churchill

and here's another:


and one more:

"Don't you see what a mistake it would be to throw it all away?"--C. Oddbody

07-27-2006, 05:37 PM
Sandra - congrats on the weight down - I think the malt cooler helped and you should definitely have a couple more! :D:D

I agree that before bedtime is a bad time to get all riled up - but for whatever reason that seems to ALWAYS be the time when things happen - and of course with everyone being tired late at night it sure doesn't help! I tried very hard to remain level headed and not freak out too much cuz I knew that wouldn't help the situation at all.

And yes Kathy - my first instinct was to just open my bedroom door and kick her! How awful is that? I can't believe how immature and childish she was being.

Hope Judd fulfilled his babysitting duties and that you had a fun shopping experience! Did you get anything new and different?

Vickie - thanks for the kind words - it is hard to think I am doing the right thing when dd is more than happy to let me know how mean and stupid I am! I try not to let that push my buttons and keep my fingers crossed - my mantra is "...and this too shall pass"....(like when they were little - I kept muttering under my breath 'it's just a stage, it's just a stage.... :D)

I have decided NOT to go to the gym today - while my leg feels slightly better (might just be the drugs I took!) - I don't want to do anything at all that might slow down the healing process - so home and maybe put my feet up? At least I am not limping as much now.

EXCITING NEWS - remember those nasty awards I was trying for - having to fill out all sorts of paperwork and provide documents and all? Well my manager calls me into her office today to show me a letter she received saying CONGRATULATIONS - cuz my project/unit has been chosen as a FINALIST!!! (yes my database project made it - under National Awards - Information Management). How amazing is that? Of course she called an immediate meeting of our 'group' - for the announcement and everyone was very nice and congratulatory - now of course the news is making the rounds.

Now the letter was addressed to her - and I sure hope I GET TO GO TO THE GALA AWARDS DINNER ON OCT 23RD to see if we won (I think only 2 tickets are provided?). Don't really care if we win - being a finalist is quite exciting in of itself (and I hear it's a really great party!)

Hmmmm - guess I should tell dh so he can arrange some sort of special celebration? right?


07-27-2006, 05:41 PM
frouf, i could use a malt cooler now, but we're out and are trying to stay on a budget. maybe in a week or so. :lol: i'm proud of you for staying kewl. i know that wasn't easy. i'll bet your heart was beating fast.

a celebration is definitely needed. have you called dh yet? congratulations on being a finalist. we'll be waiting to hear what you won on october 23. you better get to go.

07-27-2006, 05:43 PM
it's lonely here today. i have a question for those reading but not posting. is it helping you to read posts here? if so, we'd love to hear your success stories. if not, we'd like to help if we can.

07-27-2006, 10:29 PM
Hey chicks,
its been too hot to sit and post on here lately. ..I have the fan blowing directly on me while I type now. ahhhh feels good. I can't get movitated to do my dvd this week,,,I plan to tomorrow and get back into it. Its been too hot for me...(ok enough whining)
vickie I have to thank you for that core chicken recipe..its sooooo good! Nice and crunchy too. I used the breasts though , I didnt have thighs, and I baked it in the oven. yum yum yum I tried something new with my potatoes as well,,,,I cut them into chunks, added my allowed oil, then sprinkled a spice of roasted red peppers and garlic seasoning on them. Covered them and nuked them in the microwave...omg they are sooooo good! THe seasoning isnt core but I use so little I dont count the points for it. Only a few shakes. Very tasty and something new.
Congrats on your excellent work Frouf! Crossing my fingers you get to go. You deserve it.
Kathy sounds like you having a blast on your holiday..
Sandra, before I started posting here,,I lurked..and it helped me. This is where I first learned about Core.
Angela how did the party turn out?

Is anyone watching RockStar:Supernova??? I love this show...I loved Rockstar:INXS last year and couldnt wait fo them to do it the heck out of Canadian and American Idol. (imho)
Well I think Im going to hit the couch and read with the fan on me...haha..can you tell I like my fan.
Have a great night everyone

07-28-2006, 12:09 AM
Hey Chicks! Sorry I couldn't be here today. We had errands and PT earlier today. Then while I was cooking dinner around 3:30/4:00 we had tornado sitings and were warned to go to the basement. I am SO afraid of storms and tornados. All is well but I think some hit down North and a bit east of us. At one point they were due to come right through my town. I'm very very tired from being so nervous.

I've eaten all Core today. Now tomorrow I hope to be able to get into the pool before we go out to meet our friends.

Sandra, I'm sorry you were lonely here today. I've had those days when I could be here and no one else is around. It's a bummer! And....I know you're right about the meetings. I don't know why I'm stalling. I think this menopause thing is freaking me out. I don't seem to be able to figure out how to stay motivated to do the program AND exercise to get the weight off. I just feel all out of sorts. I guess I need to start doing some reading. I've held off on the evening primrose and other natural remedies because of the prescription medicine that I take. With all of Jim's appointments, I haven't wanted to add any of my own. He comes first for now.

Patti, do you not have air conditioning? I think I'd die without it given my extra poundage and my hot flashes!

Frouf, I'm glad you didn't go to the gym. Let it rest and then you can get back to it. If you injure it worse then it might be a week before you can get back. Huge congratulations on your database being picked for the finals. I really hope your boss lets you go. Maybe you should tell her you'd really like to go before she decides to go herself. Play innocent and excited. That shouldn't be too hard. You should be very proud of yourself and your team. I remember how hard and frustrating the paperwork was for you!

Kath, I can't believe your coming home and going straight back to work. That really stinks. I know that exercise AND doing the program is the approach that is going to make the pounds come back off instantly. Maybe you should try that one first. Maybe I'll be motivated to do it with you.

Melissa, we miss you. Hope your training is going well. I know you are missing Aaron and the Murphster.

Well, I'm all worn out from worrying about the weather. I need to go to bed. Jim has an early ear doctor appointment so I probably won't be on until later tomorrow.

07-28-2006, 09:30 AM
Just a quick hello before I go and pack. Bernie is out for a run and we plan to leave by 10:00.
I worked yesterday and it was uneventful, which is good. Last night, we took some LP's to a fellow who's going to convert them to CD's. Bernie has a huge jazz collection that he's getting done.

Vickie, I hope you got in the pool yesterday. I'm sure hoping to be in the pool in Tremblant, but I'm not sure how warm it will be there (in the mountains). Congratulations on you core day.

Speaking of contgrats, good job Frouf. You worked hard, but it paid off. I do hope that you get to go to the awards gala and step up to the podium. I've been a lower back sciatica person from way back, and it's miserable.

Patti, hope you've cooled down with the fan. We are spoiled with our air conditioning here. I remember in Windsor (humidity capital of Canada) growing up with no air conditioning. We didn't know any better.:)

Kathy, you've been a busy gal. Have a safe trip back.

Sandra, it's funny that when I'm home all day, all I want to do is sit at the computer. Now that I'm a little busier, it's harder to get here. Of course, I miss all of my buddies.

Nikki, have a ball at the birthday bash. I'm looking forward to pictures of the princess and her pirate.

Melissa, hope the course went well and that you have a relaxing weekend.

Okay, off to get ready for the road.....

07-28-2006, 10:20 AM
good morning. i've been up about an hour already. now isn't that something? i have already cut a bouquet of roses for a friend we're going to visit after ww this am. speaking of ww, i think that's why i'm up early. i'm excited and anxious to hop on those scales. i didn't weigh beforehand today so i'll be surprised. please send blinks for a good surprise. i've worked hard this week and am hoping for a payoff on the scales. if i don't get it, that's all right because the payoff is coming in other ways. i'm in clothes now that have been "hanging around" for quite awhile cuz i couldn't get them on my body.

patti, your potato recipe sounds good. nuking them is a good idea for during this heat. thank you for the idea. thank you,also, for answering my question about people who come here to read. i'm soooooo glad it helped you learn about core. that makes my day. it's hot here, too. we're expecting temps to cool down beginning sunday. i hope we're over the hottest part of summer. (we probably are.)

i'm not watching rockstar:supernova. i don't know why, but i just haven't gotten into it. i am a reality show fan, though, and watch a lot of other reality tv.

vickie, congratulations for making healthy choices. you're probably right about menopause. i hope you can get yourself back to your old self soon. did i thank you yesterday for helping me make up my mind to go to meetings? that's what i was intending when i posted to you. you're sooooo right. going to meetings is very important even with all the support we get here. my leader told us that nobody wants to go to the meetings. and that, if the meetings weren't necessary none of us would be there including her. i do hope you get back to your meetings soon if you can. i'm sure you are being missed by a lot of folks.

when i was a little girl, my parents (mother especially) would wake my bro and me up in the middle of the night if a storm was coming and we'd head to a cellar. we'd go to my grandparents and stay close to their cellar with my gmother and mother watching the clouds. if they got close, we went down. those were not my scariest times during storms, though. when i was a 4th grade teacher and was responsible for 30+ children at school, we'd go to a big hallway with other classes. the kids would duck and cover. my son was there, too, with his class. one time while they were ducked and covered, some other teachers and i stood looking out the window at the clouds. i saw a big tail moving close to the ground. it was moving about a mile or so west going south so i knew it wasn't going to hit the school. but it looked like it was going to hit where my home was. it didn't, thank goodness. we had many many trips to that hallway. it's so hard to stay calm with all that going on, but we (teachers) had to because of the children.

about 10 years ago a tornado hit cleburne, texas just a few minutes before i left to drive to alvarado to teach. i guess i was right behind it. there was debris (buildings and trees) blocking one of the main streets that i was to drive down. i had to take an alternate street through downtown. electricity was out and all traffic signals were off. this was unnerving. the thing is my siamese cat, macy, had stalled me a few minutes. i was ready to leave and she was out for the day. when i went to the door, she was literally screaming for me to put her in so i put her in and got her some water and food for the day. if she hadn't slowed me down, i really believe i would have been in that twister. my mother never liked macy and didn't get along with her, but after that day she made a special attempt. she and i both gave macy credit for my safety. i definitely understand being afraid of storms. i am, too.

saundra, have a good time on your holiday. i love it how you and bernie take trips. that will keep you young.

i will be on the puter again later this afternoon. i'm going to ww then we're visiting a friend and going on to cracker barrel for lunch. have a great--op!!--day, everyone.

07-28-2006, 11:40 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I can't stay since I have to get dressed to drive Jim to his appointment and run to the grocery store.

Sandra, I just wanted to send some good luck blinks for you even though I'm sure you don't need them! ;) ;) ;)

I'll be back when I can. We have another full day. I MUST get into the pool this afternoon. Since we have dinner with friends out tonight, I only have this afternoon before I have to shower and get ready.

07-28-2006, 12:58 PM
Sandra - I'm glad Macy was there to save you - all those tornado stories do sound pretty scary to me! Never really been close to one - only seen them on tv or movies. Waiting for the WW report!! Have a nice visit with your friend.

Vickie - hope the pool is being used? and you are not all busy with lots of errands again - some time to relax (esp when retired) is also nice! Congrats on staying core yesterday!

Niki - good luck w/the party - also would love to see pics of the 'guests' - bet they all look fantastic!

Melissa - are you home yet? Hope you had a good time and I know you are glad to be back?

Kathy - safe driving home - hope the trip is uneventful - I also think going back to work tomorrow sucks!

Saundra - have a wonderful time at Mont Tremblant - weather should be nice and hot so I know you will enjoy the pools!

Patti - my ds is avidly watching supernova (watch out if you are watching anything else while it is on!) - and is a big fan of the rock star shows! As for the seasoning is there a reason why it would not be core???

Hot and muggy today - kinda gray out - we have had clouds hanging overhead in this heat for days - and even a smog warning - which is kind of rare!!!

Good news is: my leg feels much better today - no drugs at all! Took 2 muscle relaxants before bed last night and my left leg almost feels normal today - I am considering getting to the gym after work.

Bad news is: dd was up late last night - big lights blaring - woke up dh - the ultimate of light sleepers - as she is very inconsiderate - so I had to have a 'talk' with her at 8 am this morning before going to work - yes I made sure to WAKE HER UP so she would know what it feels like! She is still in a pretty foul mood given the incident of the other day! Dh is also in a foul mood cuz he is a major insomniac - I am now telling him to try sleeping pills or something? He says he can't even catch up on his sleep during the daytime!!!

I did get into a bag of potato chips last night - but tried not to overdo it! Scale is still okay today - trying to drink lots of water tho. Getting ready for party tomorrow - dh has list: veggie trays, fruit trays, soft drinks, paper goods - cake gets picked up tomorrow! Need to do some minor cleaning up before guests arrive!

Will check in later - lunchtime and I'm starving!!!


07-28-2006, 02:27 PM
Just checking in here before I head off ...
Frouf the seasoning has a litte sugar in it so im guessing its not core. (Its Club House brand Roasted Garlic and Peppers)I just went to get the bottle to check it out and there is a recipe on the side Im going to have to try now.
4 tbsp seasoning
4 tbsp water
1/2 lb pasta
1tbsp oil
Cook your pasta, mix the ingrediants together and dosnt that sound yummy and core. (with whole wheat pasta too..and VIckie no tomatoes!!)
Tonight Im trying the core pizza with polanta...have to use up this cornmeal in my cupboards haha. Vickie I have tons of chicken leg and drumsticks in my freezer that are now calling for the cornmeal coating.
off to get some stuff done now...
have a great weekend everyone!

07-28-2006, 04:02 PM
Hi gals! I'm home! I'm very tired though, and been missing my sweetie, so I'll have to catch up with you all later. It may be tomorrow. But I just wanted to say hi! :D

07-28-2006, 07:08 PM
drum roll please............................................ .............

i stepped on the scales at ww this am weighing 3.2 lbs less than last week. (look at my tracker) i checked my old ww cards and see that my weight's the lowest it's been since april 9, 2004. i don't have records here at home for prior to that. i am sooooooooo excited!! ::encore:

vickie, thank you for the blinks. i could use some more next friday if you have any handy. have fun tonight with your friends. we are home for the day now. we took the grands and my mil to cracker barrel for lunch. mil and i split a plate of fish. i won't be doing w a today but may go in on my own sat/sun to just do my own exercise in the pool. it's addictive.

frouf, that's good news about your leg. did you go to gym today? i'd wake up dd, too.

hi, melissa. i'm glad you're back. i missed you!!

07-28-2006, 10:51 PM
omg Sandra,,that is fantastic!! look at you go

07-28-2006, 11:36 PM
Sandra, congratulations girl! That is awesome news!! You have really worked hard and it's certainly paying off!

We're home now -- it took a little over 11 hours. We met Judd's parents in Fort Worth to get Zuki. You should have seen his little face when he spotted us! It was priceless! MIL said he started shaking when they pulled into the parking lot; I guess he knew something big was about to happen.

My coworker called the cell today while we were on the way back to say that nobody was going in to work tomorrow but they're going Sunday afternoon from 1-5 so I'll go then. Tomorrow will be laundry and the grocery store and getting all my Core foods re-stocked.

Tonight before I took a bath I hopped on the scale, even though I know I shouldn't do that (especially at night) and would you believe it? 145.8. I was surprised but very happy. That's very incredible given the way I didn't watch anything, but then I realized that the foods I was eating were actually all good for me so I guess that's why there was no damage done. It could have been a whole lot worse, I'm sure.

Well, I'm pretty tired so I'd better see about going to bed. We watched that Dateline special from last Friday night that we had TiVo'd and it was just as disgusting as I thought it would be. What a stupid woman...

07-29-2006, 11:20 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I woke up at 4:15 and didn't think I'd be able to go back to sleep but I did. :D I've got to get my breakfast eaten and get dressed before 10:30. LaZboy is finally coming to repair our sofa and loveseat. This is good. That's all I have on the calendar today besides swimming and dinner.

There isn't a cloud in the sky and none are threatened so I'm sure I'll be frolicking in the pool all that I want today. I did get into the pool yesterday for 2 hours and it was SO amazing. I cleaned it out and then I talked on the phone to my Niece for 57 minutes. I walked fast the entire time. My little legs are VERY tired.Actually we have heat predicted for the next 5 days. I'm guessing at some point I won't have to put the solar cover on any more. :dizzy:

I ate poorly at dinner last night. My stomach is still upset so at least that's a good thing. I'd hate to eat bad food and have it not bother me. I learned a big lesson. I now know that I much prefer Core food to my old way of eating. That's a huge epiphany for me because there are times when I really miss or think I miss my old way of eating.

The service was horrible and the orders were all messed up. The place has only been open a week and our waitress was on her first night, no one was working with her, and we don't think she was ever a waitress before. Sigh. We laughed it off and had a good time anyway. We were with our baseball friends so we figured out how to cure the White Sox. We'll be sending in our suggestions! :D

I know I'm a little behind but I have to go eat and get dressed now. The window for the repair is 10:30 to 1:00. I'm guessing I'll have some time to kill and that he won't show up exactly at 10:30.

I'll be back!

07-29-2006, 01:34 PM
Good morning ... er, nearly good afternoon! I think I'm rested and so it's time to get busy! I have to go to the grocery store because I didn't make it there last night; Judd ordered pizza but I didn't have any. I just had a few cherries and a bottle of water because I was too tired to eat.

Vickie, I hope you get lots of pool time in. We'll be having temps over 100 for the next week so that sounds good. However, looks like I'll be back to working 10-11 hour days but that's okay. It's stuff I enjoy doing and since everyone has to be somewhere, I might as well be there. If I were home I'd be working here too -- just not getting paid! :lol:

Amy gave me a set of Arbonne NutriMinC RE9 ( to try and if I like it, I'll more than likely get some. The set is $266 but if I buy it from her (although she hasn't signed up yet to sell it but is thinking about it) she said I could get her 35% discount. She and Ellen have both been using it for a while and like it a lot. I might even sign up under Amy to sell it but would just buy from myself; also if anyone else around here like MIL or people at work wanted it, they could get it from me too. It's just a thought.

Okay, if anyone needs anything from the grocery store, let me know ASAP otherwise you'll be out of luck! ;)

07-29-2006, 01:52 PM
Here I am....LaZboy is gone and I'm not a happy girl. All 4 mechanisms have to be replaced in addition to the whole left side of the sofa...upholstery and all. They swear it will match. They didn't bring the oak casters like they were supposed to. It'll take 3-5 more weeks for the parts to come in. I've called the store manager who isn't back from vacation. He gets to call me back first day back from vacation. Lucky man! I'm also grumpy that I'm paying for furniture that hasn't work since the day it was deliivered. I'm hoping he takes some money off when I tell him that. Double sigh. I'll definitely be running off some of this energy in the pool today.

I can't go out right now because the neighbor's landscaping guys are outside. I don't feel THAT secure in my bathing suit! I need to figure out a light lunch before I go out anyway.

Now let me go catch up with all of you.

07-29-2006, 01:56 PM
HI!!! Okay, I have to admit that I've been missing you all! :D I hope that you remember me and let me jump back in. :lol: I'm so sorry at how behind I am. If I'm honest I doubt that I'll be able to catch up and respond to everything the way I would like to. But I will at least catch you all up on me.

I'm getting so excited about Pampered Chef. I officially booked my first show last night with a friend of mine. I don't mind asking people to do shows because they get so much free stuff. It's very worth their while. It's a great opportunity and I'm excited. I know I won't even make that much money, but it's just something that I can put my energy towards, with work not being what I want it to, etc. So I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.

The conference I went to was okay. I had fun with my friends from work, we went shopping and out to restaurants. It was a good time.

Vickie, I can't believe that they are just now coming to fix your furniture! I didn't realize that it hadn't happened yet. I hope that you get to spend lots of time in the pool today.

Kathy, Glad you're home! :D I had an old friend who just recently introduced me to Arbonne, but I haven't bought anything. I've heard good things though. Let us know what we should buy (from you, if you do it!). :)

Sandra, I did manage to read that you lost some serious poundage!!!! CONGRATS!! You're leaving me in the dust and I'm so happy for you. You go girl!!!

Well gals I'm so sorry but I need to go do some things....I think I might mow the yard if it isn't raining yet. IL's are coming over this afternoon to help with the shelving project (FIL) and then we're going out to Texas Roadhouse for supper. :T If I don't get back I hope that you all have GREAT days today!

07-29-2006, 01:57 PM
Vickie, I'm so sorry that you are having so much trouble with the furniture. I can't believe that you have to go through all of that. They should replace it completely or give you all of your money back! I hope that this at least translates into some good exercise for you in the pool. :hug:

07-29-2006, 02:03 PM
welcome home, kathy. and congratulations to you. you are a true example of how eating healthy is good for us. after reading your post the other day about kendall working at the high school, i've been thinking of applying to do some subbing there if we move next year. that would be a great way to get to meet the people of hamilton. curtis and i are already discussing it and will think about it some more.

thank you, patti.

i did go to w a this am. it's 9-10. i don't plan on it ahead cuz i don't always get up in time. we had a blast!! all the ladies were around my age. we exercised to old time rock and roll. lots of everly bros and ricky nelson.

vickie, i couldn't go back to my old way of eating either. i still have my ups and downs but i've changed a lot of habits. even when i'm not op, i don't order like i used to (cf steak/gravy, fries/etc.....) i guess we are making some headway, don't you? have fun in the pool.

07-29-2006, 02:08 PM
Sandra, I know you give me credit for your going back to meetings. I know I've always been a proponent of the meetings. You had to be the one to go and keep going though so you should take all the credit. I remember duck and cover all too well! It always scared the living daylights out of me. I also remember the disaster drills in the 60's. I lived through a tornado in Oak Lawn, IL that was the next town where I lived. It nearly leveled everything. I think I was about 8 and it left a frightening memory on my brain!

Sandra, OMG!!!! I'm reading posts in order and I see your weigh in results! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :bravo: 3.2 pounds in one week is just utterly amazing! Well, if you aren't the poster girl for working the program and exercise really working then I don't know who is. :cp: :cp: You inspire me to return to meetings and get back to exercise. I would just give you the biggest hug if I could see you right now! :hug: You don't need blinks for next Friday, GF, you just need to keep on doing what you are doing. Imagine how proud your doctor will be of you! :carrot:

Frouf, I'm so glad your leg is feeling better. Actually, I'm hoping that you didn't go to the gym last night. It couldn't hurt to let it rest one more day. I rarely have trouble sleeping but have developed a bit of a problem during menopause. I've taken tylenol pm sleep vanilla stuff (can you tell I can't remember the real name) a couple of times and it really seems to work. It's something harmless for him to try before a Doctor visit and prescription. What time is the party today? It seems my schedule is clear. How long to I have to get there?!

Patti, that spice and recipe sounds great! I've never heard of the brand though? Is it a store brand? I hope this isn't something that only you lucky Canadians can buy! I buy a cannister of cornmeal at least once a month for all my recipes. I just found a recipe for Core chicken parmesan. I'll be trying it one of these days. If it's good, I'll share.

Melissa, Welcome Home! I know you were missed by all....certainly by us. Hope to hear about your trip soon.

Kathy, I'm glad you two made it home safely AND that you don't have to go to work today. I wish I could have seen Zuki's face. I know what you mean though because I've seen that joy on my own doggies faces when we come home. Nothing like unconditional puppy love! I'm not surprised at all that you weight is not out of control. You know what you need to do and by and large you do it. I do plan to be in the pool alot. I'll be in this afternoon. I'll come in to shower and go out for dinner and then I'll probably go back in after dinner. It's what I live for all those other months when it's cold or rainy! I could use some bottled water if you'll have room in your car!

07-29-2006, 02:09 PM
What stinky news about that furniture!! My parents bought from LaZBoy and had nothing but trouble too -- so anyone reading these sagas who is needing furniture, I'd probably pass up the LaZBoy folks. Totally not worth the irritation!!

But, as Melissa said, maybe you can work out your frustration and get lots of good exercise from it.

Melissa, I know you're really going to enjoy your new adventure! Even people who shy away from giving or attending home parties will flock to Pampered Chef because the products are so good and last forever. And who doesn't love kitchen gadgets! I have loved every single thing I've ever gotten from them and I think the prices aren't bad plus the quality is extremely good. I hope you have a great dinner tonight! I have $25 in giftcards from Red Lobster and since we didn't use them yesterday on the way home, I think I'll see if I can get Judd to go later on today.

Okay now I *really* have to get to the store!

07-29-2006, 02:12 PM
Melissa, consider yourself caught up as far as I'm concerned! We miss you and welcome any time you can spend here with us.

Sandra, so did the water work out on the new property? Will you be moving for sure?

Kathy, I'm going to look at that link. I never even heard of it before.

07-29-2006, 02:12 PM
Sandra, Kendal is the PhD at Glaxo and Ellen works at the high school. I told her about you and she said you should definitely consider it. Apparently there are some really good kids at the HS there; she loves it. Her degree is English but her teaching certificate lapsed so she'll have to re-do it if she decides to teach. She's been home raising kids for the last 11 years so didn't care about keeping it current.

07-29-2006, 02:13 PM
Don't forget my water!

07-29-2006, 02:15 PM
Okay, I found her on the internet. She's the Family Resource Coordinator for the high school.

:rofl: Vickie, don't worry!

07-29-2006, 02:59 PM
Thanks Vickie! I miss chatting with you all and hate being behind.

Kathy, thanks for the encouragement. So far it seems like getting people to do the shows will be pretty easy. You get so much free stuff! Today I have to convince MIL to do one. I know she will, just to help me out, but she hates being in charge of those kinds of things. She worries about everything too much.

Sandra, Vickie said it, you are really an inspiration. You are proof to all of us that exercise works!!!! Good going gf! Are you moving for sure? I missed that I guess.

I just got done mowing (well, all that I am going to mow anyway) and now I'm off to the shower.

07-29-2006, 03:17 PM
vickie, how about contacting laZboy directly to tell them what's going on? that's a reputable company. they might help you. wouldn't hurt to contact them.

melissa, it's so good to see you here. i have missed you a bunch. you sound so much happier now. pampered chef is going to be good for you. i can tell.

vickie, i wish i could give you a big hug right now, too. thank you so much for your kind words.

there's a huge forest fire in the bitterroot right now. it's been on national tv. bryan called yesterday and said that yesterday the men (well drillers) were at the site he's wanting to buy with the machinery in place ready to start drilling when a forest service guy showed up and told them to leave the area. it's extremely hot and dry here. fire danger is elevated and many areas are closed. that area is one of them. there's public land beyond where bryan's going to drill. there may even be a fire up there (mountain) already. (this is hard to explain in text.) there are many many restrictions now to help prevent more fires.

temps are supposed to be in the 80's starting tomorrow and there's a possibility of rain. when the okay is given, bryan will send the guys in to drill. till then we're all just waiting. i honestly can't imagine there wouldn't be water below ground. there's a large creek and a couple of streams running through the entire length of the property. i'll let ya'll know as soon as we find out anything. i am already surfing for deer-resistant plant ideas. i have liquid fence that i use here in town on my roses, but i'm afraid to use it out there. it would attract bears. :yikes:

kathy, does ellen have a mt or tx or different certificate? my masters degree is elementary education, but i'm certified secondary for english and theater arts. (i am a rebel and won't use capital letters when i'm on the puter.) is she currently working at the high school?

07-29-2006, 03:20 PM
Wow, Sandra, those are some impressive credentials! My big Sister is a teacher with a Masters. Not me. I just pretty much went to work and clawed my way up from the bottom and went to school at night. I'm impressed!

07-29-2006, 03:28 PM
thanks, vickie. i was married during my freshman year. it took me 8 years to get my bachelor's degree and i was already teaching 4th grade for 3 of those years. (i started teaching on an emergency certificate when i was a college junior.) i went back to school after 12 years teaching to get my master's. a few years later i returned to get secondary certification with english as my field. i was teaching all this time so i did a lot of night school and summer courses. i did "test out" for theater arts. i taught 4th grade 13 years, middle school for 6 years, and high school for 10 years. the last 4 years at high school i headed an at risk program.

07-29-2006, 03:57 PM
Hey chicks,
Welcome back Kathy and Melissa,,,sounds like you had a great trip.
Vickie, I can see me buying lots more cornmeal in my future....made up another batch of chicken this morning and its sitting in my fridge waiting to cook. (drumsticks this time) for a shortcut I took the cornmeal, parmesean cheese and garlic powder and thru it all into a plastic baggie. Gave it a good shake and poured some onto a plate for chicken...but kept the rest int he baggie for next time. (Like a make your own shake and bake coating)
I also tried the muffins this morning....oh my they are sooooo good. We dont get lemon pudding here (ww) so I used the white choc with blueberries and I used wheat bran insted of oat bran. Its what I had in the cupboard. Turned out so nice...and the pudding made it very vanilla*y* . YUM YUM YUM
Had two on my patio this morning for breakfast with a bowl of fresh fruit. Dont you just love summertime!!
Im heading back out there to relax and read..its a perfect day for it.
Sandra are you drilling for water on the property you want to buy?? im confused sorry..dosnt take much does it..haha by the way thanks for the references to bcb site..Ive found some more yummy recipes there. thanks
Ok off to the patio..

07-29-2006, 05:42 PM
patti, it is confusing. i'm sorry. our friend is drilling on the land before he finalizes the deal to buy it. he had until this coming monday to drill for water and finalize but because of the fire, his time is extended. if he buys the land, he's going to sell us a piece to build on. i'm glad you're finding a lot of good recipes. i like your idea of making shake and bake.

07-29-2006, 08:18 PM
Sandra, her certificate would be a Montana certificate, I suppose. She graduated from Montana State Univ. at Bozeman while Kendal was getting his PhD there. They lived in Belgrade. After his graduation, they moved to Schenectady for 4-5 years, then he went to work for GSK and they moved back to Montana. He was raised in Colorado so prefers Montana to New York, of course.

Judd decided to go with me to the grocery store so we did a lot more than that. First we bought the groceries, came home and put them up, then went to drop off a lot of stuff at Mission Arlington (, then went to buy produce. We got a ton of stuff -- lettuce, squash, red potatoes, purple onion, a few white potatoes (at 99 cents a pound, I refused to buy very many), really big radishes, strawberries, and green beans. Then off to Target because Judd is wanting a new ice tea maker. They didn't have one but we managed to spend $100 anyway. How on earth does that happen??? We got a bottle of red wine, a new corkscrew, a bottle opener, honeydew melon, some raspberry tarts for Erin, trail mix for Judd and a Target gift card to send to Brad and Amy with a thank you card. They were really great hosts for having lived in their house only three weeks! The place looked like they had been there for years though; everything was put away with pictures on the wall and all knick-knacks out. Now we're home and pooped.

Tomorrow is mowing, weeding flowerbeds, and I will work 1-5 tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow night I'll make the salmon and vegetables.

Patti, enjoy the patio! It's 102 outside right now and I'm enjoying the air conditioning -- not going out unless totally necessary.

07-29-2006, 08:47 PM
I'm going to try something tonight and will let everyone know how it goes. You might have already seen this. I saw a sample menu and it had a dessert of baked pineapple with LF (I'd use FF) sour cream as a topping. It sounds sort of icky but might not be. I think you just bake the pineapple rings until they start to caramelize.

07-29-2006, 08:47 PM
Hello chicks! I swam for 2 hours and got TONS of exercise. I only floated for a little while at the end. We went out for dinner and I was going to come home and swim more but I'm too pooped. So I just came in from covering the pool. I'll go in early tomorrow. I didn't feel like having to shower again today to get the chlorine out. I have to do some things around the house, garbage and a load of laundry and such before I settle down to watch TV. Tomorrow should be an easy day.

Here's a question for all of you cooks. I have red potatoes and need to cook them somehow Core into something that will go with Cornmeal Chicken. I don't want to make mashed potatoes but I will if I have to. Mashed doesn't seem to go with the cornmeal chicken. Jim doesn't eat potato salad so that's out. Is there any way to fry them in just a little bit of Core oil?

I'm off to see what you are all up to.

07-29-2006, 08:55 PM
Wow, Kathy, I hope you're doing yardwork early so you don't pass out in the heat. I'd be interested in grilled pineapple. I've never had it but I'd be willing to try it.

Very quiet tonight.

07-29-2006, 09:05 PM
vickie, i think you could fry the red potatoes. another way i've eaten them is to chunk them and put them in the saucepan with green beans. just an idea.

kathy, i went to walmart today and kept my bill under $75. i was surprised. of course, i didn't buy much.

07-29-2006, 09:18 PM
Sandra, do you chunk them raw before you fry them? I'm going to try to google a recipe. I've never made home fries or anything like that.

07-29-2006, 09:19 PM
I forgot to tell you the most important part. I'm trying not to turn the oven on. It's going to be too hot.

07-29-2006, 09:20 PM
Vickie, you should be able to fix them in a frying pan with some onion and a little bit of olive oil. I usually boil them and then the kids top them with sour cream and cheese, but you could do the same with FF if you wanted.

After $120 at Walmart and $100 at Target, I think I'm ready to stop spending money for a day or two.

Melissa, I have a PS question! Do you know how much the cherry/olive pitter is? I am finding them on ebay but don't know what the regular retail is. I need one because I love cherries but am sick of those pits.

I think I'll go put the sheets on the bed and get in it. :D I'm tired.

07-29-2006, 09:22 PM
Vickie, you could cut the potatoes into chunks, season and roast (bake). Or I have done this--cut them into pieces, boil, then mix with some melted smart balance and seasoning. Very tasty.

Patti, glad you are enjoying this weather. Your cooking ideas sound good!

Kathy, our church took a trip awhile back to Mission Arlington. In fact they were so inspired that they have now begun Mission Lexington here. So far we have a few smaller mission sites but have most recently started a dental clinic.

We just got home from dinner so I'm off to take care of a few things. BBL.

07-29-2006, 09:24 PM
vickie, if they are large, i would chunk them raw. if they are small, i'd add them whole (raw) to the beans and season them to taste. another way to make them is to fry them in oo like you said--and maybe add some onions and even bell peppers.

have you made new potatoes? i peel small potatoes either white or red and boil them in water till they are soft. i drain some of the water out. then i add a mixture of salt/pepper/ff milk/butter buds (or other butter/margarine) to about a tablespoon flour. whisk then add the mixture to the water and simmer very very slowly. it makes sort of a gravy/potato dish. i was raised on this. (wonderful with polenta)

07-29-2006, 09:24 PM
Kathy, they are actually discountinuing the pitter as of 9/1. The retail is just 12.75 (plus tax, s/h).

07-29-2006, 09:26 PM
vickie, that is a top of the stove recipe. do you have an electric skillet? i am keeping mine on the back deck and cook a lot out there to keep from heating the kitchen.

07-29-2006, 09:26 PM
Hi Sandra! :wave:

07-29-2006, 09:27 PM
Yikes! I'd better get one in a hurry, huh? Could you throw one in your next (first?) order and I'll send you a money order or check or whatever you want? Pretty please with Splenda on top? :lol:

07-29-2006, 09:27 PM
:lol: melissa, i just read your post and wondered what in the world you were talking about. i looked to see what kathy had asked and it makes sense now. :lol: guess i shouldn't be so nosey, right?

07-29-2006, 09:28 PM
Well of course I can! Whenever I get my kit in the mail I'll place the order. I'll PM you with the details--when I know them! :lol:

07-29-2006, 09:30 PM
Sandra, you aren't nosey! I guess it is a funny thing if you didn't know the question!

07-29-2006, 09:33 PM
I think I have an electric skillet somewhere........

07-29-2006, 09:51 PM
vickie, sometimes i take my toaster oven out there, too.

07-29-2006, 09:54 PM
melissa, you are much better spirits. i can tell pampered chef is your thing for sure.

07-29-2006, 10:01 PM
Melissa, thanks! Just whenever you know something, let me know.

Sandra, you're too funny! :rofl:

07-29-2006, 10:25 PM
Vickie you can nuke them first till soft and then pan fry them..wont heat your kitchen either. I find homefried potatos cook and taste much better when I use cold boiled potatoes left inthe fridge overnight. Kind of dries them out before you fry them. Use olive oil,,garlic (powder), onion and peppers..yum

07-29-2006, 10:29 PM
sounds yummy, patti.

07-29-2006, 10:36 PM
melissa, you are much better spirits. i can tell pampered chef is your thing for sure.

Thanks Sandra. I guess I'm surprised at myself really. I'm not a salesperson at all, but I'm really excited about this. It's just that I can get cool things, make money, and hook people up with free items (when they host a show). It's a reputable company and I think (hope!) it will be a good experience.

Patti, thanks for the ideas! They sound great.

Vickie, let us know how it goes with the taters.

07-29-2006, 10:58 PM
I know it will be a good experience! I'm serious when I say that people are crazy about this stuff.

Vickie, did you see our big trade? It's funny because the day after I complained about Cordero, he was traded. We lost Kevin Mench too and I love him, but got Carlos Lee and that is HUGE. I'm hoping it makes a big difference. Of course we're currently losing to the Royals but there's still time.

We got a pizza at the store and Erin was cooking it and I guess didn't set the timer or watch it, and she burned it pretty badly. Now she's hungry so Judd has gone to pick up a pizza for her. What a nice guy!

07-29-2006, 11:06 PM
Thanks Kathy, that's good to know! Oh and btw, I guess you are my first official "sale." :lol:

07-29-2006, 11:18 PM
:D PLUS it's something I really want and can use, but can't find in the store. I guess I could go to Linens 'n Things or somewhere like that, but I try to stay as far away from the mall and surrounding area.

Did you all see the latest announcement at the top? If not, check it out.

07-30-2006, 10:25 AM
Good Morning Chicks! Today will definitely be a pool day for me. Woo Hoo. I'm doing some laundry now so that I can go out to the pool right after lunch. My plan is to also go back out and swim some more after dinner. Dinner is a bit involved so maybe I won't feel like going back out. We'll see.

Jim got up at 6:15 this morning and woke me up. I tried for an hour to go back to sleep but no luck. I still feel a bit tired. 6 hours is not enough for me. Frouf last night. I wonder how the party was. Oh Froufie.......

I've never had nor been to a Pampered Chef party. I only have one piece of their product but I love it. It's a teeny tiny bent spatula. I love it because it gets small pieces of cornbread or bars out of the pan very easily. Not that I'm making pastry/cookie bars anymore! I didn't know they had a website where you could buy products. Melissa, I'll be checking your site out when it comes up.

Patti, I like your idea. I didn't make the potatoes tonight but I could boil them this afternoon before I go out to the pool and put them in the refrigerator. They won't turn black, will they?

Wow, it was a really quiet night here again last night. Almost time for my breakfast! :D

Hey Angela, you aren't posting your food. Are you doing ok? Shall we have Sandra haul you and me back up onto the wagon? I hear she's a strong woman so I'm sure she could help us both!

07-30-2006, 11:00 AM
Yeah, I think BMW Sandra will need to haul me back on the wagon. :) I have been battling this sinus infection, and not feeling much like eating well. But my round of antibiotics is done now, so I should start feeling better soon.

We enjoyed our little camping adventure...we decided to just pitch the tent in the back yard this time. It turned out to be a good idea, because my 5 year old was having a very hard time falling asleep in the tent, and ended up going inside to her bed at about 9:30. :lol: But my oldest dd spent the entire night out there, which is more than I could say for myself. The tent was slightly mildewy, which I'm really allergic to. So I only made it to around midnight. Luckily, my sister was willing to stay out there with dd so she wasn't alone. But we made s'mores and sang songs and did all the important camping stuff. Maybe in a year or two, we'll try it for real.

I'm debating whether to go to church today or not. I'd dearly love to stay home and sleep, but I don't feel super bad. I would be fine if I went. Hmmm.


07-30-2006, 11:16 AM
Angela, I'm glad that you thought of the backyard first. It was a great idea for your test drive. You'll get back on the wagon and so will I. Sandra's already motivating me.

07-30-2006, 11:21 AM
Morning chicks!
Home from church...we are supposed to go to the lake today with some people from church but it is cloudy and icky outside. I'm really hoping that we don't go. It's been a busy week/weekend and I want to rest. Not to mention do the laundry, grocery shopping, etc. Oh well, either way it will be fine.

Vickie, you can view all of the products at Pampered Chef's website but you can only order through a consultant. I probably won't have my website up for a little while, but if you ever see anything you want you can just let me know. I'm sorry that you didn't get to sleep enough last night. I hope that you get to swim as much as you want today!

Angela, what fun you all have! I'm sorry that you are still battling the illness--do you have to have the scope? I may have missed that. I hope that you get lots of rest today.

Speaking of getting back on the wagon, I weighed myself this morning and it was not pretty. I don't know if it's just a flux from eating out so much this week at the training or if it's "real" weight. Either way, consider me to be clawing my way back onto the wagon. I've got to do something different.

I'm off to do some laundry and maybe rest a little before we go.

07-30-2006, 12:58 PM
Good morning! I'm sorting laundry while watching TLC, and about to go boil my rotini for pasta/tuna salad. I got a call this morning from someone saying the classified network is down and so that means I can't go to work. I'm pretty bummed because I really need to go; this means longer hours during the week in order to get 48 hours in 4-1/2 days. Oh well, I've done it before.

My weight is cooperating pretty well. This morning was 143.8 so I guess I'm back on track. Eating has been good and all Core with no snacking except for nuts and dried cranberries, which I count points for anyway. I'm all geared up for August 1 but will probably officially start my August challenge tomorrow, a day early.

I guess I'd better get to my laundry. I'm trying to get all the indoor chores done before 7 tonight so I can go out and do the flowerbeds in the shade, then will take Bindy for a 30-minute walk.

07-30-2006, 04:10 PM
I've had lunch and done all my laundry but still haven't been able to get into the pool yet because we have this thunderstorm that just won't move through. I'm trying to prep for dinner so that I can cook quickly when I come in. Harumpf.

I just got off the phone with the Manager from the LaZboy store that we shopped from. He's ordering us brand new furniture. And....he's having it checked out at the warehouse before they even send it here. This Manager has been the bright spot in this whole process.

How is everyone? It's quiet still.

Kathy, the greater power is trying to tell you to rest a bit. At least you're resting before you long days next week. They should be easier to take on rest. Not that you know how. What did Shaun hear? Is he leaving early?

07-30-2006, 04:12 PM
Oh BTW, I LOVE Carlos Lee and was very sorry to see him go. You're gonna like him. His nickname is El Caballo, the horse. He is a work horse. He'll make some great plays in left field and put some good offense on the board too.

07-30-2006, 04:21 PM
Rain rain go away....come again some other day....

07-30-2006, 04:36 PM
hi there. the heat wave is over for the time being. life is good. i cooked and cooked today. we had a huge country lunch. that's what i used to call this type of lunch when i was a young girl. half of my family was country atnd the other half thought they were city. i grew up eating a lot of almost core meals.

vickie, :lol: i am getting stronger every day. i talked to curtis the other afternoon about how i'd like to hunt elk this season. that's much much more physically challenging. i'd be hiking the whole time instead of just climbing a tree and sitting down in a stand. this would be fantastic exercise--lots of hills to roam. main thing i want out of this is the adventure.

vickie, that's great news about your furniture. life is good.

angela, your camping event sounds like it was fun. i hope you're feeling better now. did you go to church?

angela, melissa, and vickie, i'm on this wagon watching for you. jump aboard and let's get going. just think of all the fun we'll have getting to goal--and being at goal.

ya'll are reminding me of something i read at bcb a few years ago about geese. did you know that when they are flying in formation, they take turns leading? and if one is weak, the others gather around so the airflow from their wings will give him support. sounds like us, doesn't it?

melissa, i'm going to check out the website. i don't know if i'll be ordering anything right now. we have had tons of medical bills that got us behind with the credit cards, so i'm trying not to charge. if i find something, can i pay you with a check?

kathy, i am totally amazed that you came home from vacation weighing so little. way to go, girl!! have you posted an august challenge yet? mine is going to be about exercise again.

07-30-2006, 04:37 PM
Poor Vickie!! Please send the rain here if you're done with it! I hope it clears up soon so you can get a little pool time in.

Shaun apparently isn't going early. He talked to the recruiter a few times last week and each time, the guy said he was waiting to hear something. I guess it'll be 3 weeks from tomorrow, like originally planned. He'd better be getting things in order and not wait until the last minute.

I hope we can win tonight -- six losses in a row is disturbing. Maybe Carlos Lee will be just what we need.

Okay, back to my laundry. Stay cool and dry!

07-30-2006, 04:40 PM
It's clearing up!

Sandra, I'm ready to follow your lead.

Kathy, I SO wish I could send you some rain. It can rain here at night all it wants. I just want it to not rain during the day!

Go Rangers.

07-30-2006, 04:42 PM
Sandra, I'll start a challenge for us ... I guess on Tuesday. I'll wait until everyone has a chance to post regarding the July challenge. Also, the whole site is doing an August challenge and the details are in the announcement post at the top.

So what did you have for lunch? I was thinking about it the other day, and I think we ate mostly non-Core growing up. Bread at every meal, whole milk, and there was always something fried, whether it was chicken or okra or sliced tomatoes. We ate a lot of vegetables too though but they were probably loaded with butter. With all that, I'm surprised I spent the first 40 years of my life underweight!! I was forever trying new ways to gain and just couldn't, no matter what or how much I ate. Anyway, a big country lunch sounds really good. My ww pasta/tuna salad was good but not quite the same.

07-30-2006, 04:48 PM
Jim decided we'd have mashed even though they really don't go with the cornmeal chicken. He was afraid that I wouldn't be able to stay Core with the skillet fries. He's probably right. I'm heading out now. It's just sunny enough. Think of me running in the pool for the next hour.

07-30-2006, 05:00 PM
Thats too bad Vickie, did Jim think they would be too tempting to overindulge? They are very yummy but I make sure dh gets most of them and I take a spoonful for myself. I try to visualize one potatoes worth. As for going black,,I dont have that trouble if I use them up the next day. I dont cover them in the fridge dries them out more not covered. Jeez this sounds like alot of trouble just for potatoes dosnt it?? haha

07-30-2006, 05:02 PM
I was checking the post at the top of the board and was thinking why dont we all join the board challenge for this month?? I think its a great idea!!

07-30-2006, 05:02 PM
i just posted today's lunch over at the sunday thread.

kathy, you are right. i was wrong. my meals were fried and buttered, too. guess i forgot that i'm not cooking the same way my family did. we had about the same foods today but they were cooked core. well, the pickled beets aren't core, are they? i did grow up eating a lot of vegetable meals, though. however, i have always had a weight problem. my nickname that i got before they brought me home from the hospital was "butterball." :lol:

vickie, we love mashed potatoes with the cornmeal chicken. i make fat free gravy that's just 25 calories for 1/4 cup. i make them from mixes that make 2 cups of gravy. all you add to the mix is 2 cups water. however, since being on core i have started adding 1&1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup ff milk. i'll send you the url if you'd like to order some. they sell ff country gravy and ff brown gravy. you know i buy the country one.

kathy, can i post that url here or do i need to pm it? i'm never clear about posting urls. i'll go check out the august challenge that's posted and i'll be looking for yours on tuesday. thanks in advance for posting it for us.

07-30-2006, 07:18 PM
No, it's okay to post it here. Pretty much the only disallowed links are to those to competing forum sites. Is it Pioneer? We make the FF gravy mix and it is just too good, especially on skillet potatoes. You'd never know it was nearly legal!

I just went to the grocery store yet one more time! Got carrots and celery, more tuna (I had a tuna mishap earlier*), and some FF cottage cheese to go with my peaches and pears.

*So earlier I was making tuna salad to take to work tomorrow. I suppose I misjudged the time of the boiled egg, because I peeled it -- it looked okay. I started grating it and the yolk was runny! Before I could catch it, there was runny yolk all over my tuna. I had already mixed in the onion and FF Miracle Whip, so I ended up throwing the whole mess out and starting over. I just boiled another egg and made sure it was thoroughly cooked!

Tonight I'm making BBQ drumsticks in the oven for Erin, the salmon for Judd and Shaun (and I might eat a little bit), a salad, and steamed squash and broccoli. Lunch for tomorrow is pretty much ready to go ... maybe I'll start a menu thread in a while.

07-30-2006, 08:15 PM
kathy, you had a lucy moment, didn't you? that's why i like you. you're a lot like i am.

the gravy is pioneer. we can't get it in montana so i get it shipped directly from the factory. you get 24 packets of mix for $16 + shipping. this is a good price. i think you pay almost about the same thing when buying in the store. ups delivers mine to the front door. life is good.

c. h. guenther bought pioneer. they sell quite a few good products.

07-30-2006, 08:57 PM
That is a good price for the Pioneer, especially since I have to go to Kroger to buy it. Walmart doesn't usually have it. We can't tell the difference in the regular and FF, but I think we'll be switching to the one called Peppered Gravy because it is made with no animal products.

Sigh ... we're back off of the meat. We are ordinarily not meat eaters just for the whole principle of the thing. I disagree with slaughterhouse and processing techniques and think they are totally inhumane. Up until three years ago when I started losing weight*, we ate no meat (chicken, beef, pork). We will eat fish and shellfish, and get protein from eggs, beans and rice and nuts (Judd). It works well for us and we feel better. So there are a few products that we have to watch. Stovetop Stuffing, when we ate it, only has one variety with no chicken broth and that's the Sourdough kind. It's very good so that was no problem. The Peppered Gravy is another. It tastes just as good and you can't tell it has no chicken byproducts in it.

(*I'm just the footnote queen today, aren't I? :lol: When I realized I needed to lose, I started a plan that was mostly whole foods and high protein but still counted my WW points. It actually was Core but before Core came out. I ate eggs for breakfast, grilled chicken or lean HB patty with FF cheese for lunch, lots of vegetables and fruits for snacks, and chicken or steak with a salad at dinner. With the deletion of alcohol and the addition of 100 oz. of water per day, I lost 15 pounds in the first month.)

My Lucy moment cost me a package of tuna, an egg, and some onion and I was SO not happy about it. I hate throwing away food.

Dinner is going and it smells good. I've made the salad, put squash and broccoli into the steamer, Erin's BBQ drumsticks are baking and the salmon is ready to go in the oven. Yummm!

We got a very cool thing at Target yesterday and I just tried it out. It's a sticky lint roller on a long handle -- used for dog and cat hair. I swept (and of course there's still a lot of hair on the tile that the broom doesn't get) and then rolled this sticky thing across it. It was DISGUSTING! There is so much hair on our floor with four animals inside and I just can't keep up with it. Hopefully this will help out.

Time to check the dinner.

07-30-2006, 10:12 PM
I'm in from the pool. I was out there for 2 hours and got tons of exercise. I'm very tired and hungry even though I ate my dinner before I went out. I'm craving chocolate. Jim voted for popcorn but I want a chocolate frosty smoothie. I win because I'm the girl. I'm off to make it and to lay on the couch. Busy day for errands and PT tomorrow but I'll be here before I go out.

Have a great evening.

07-30-2006, 11:12 PM
Dinner is done but I didn't eat -- I'm too tired. I should be washing and drying and fixing my hair for the next few days but I think I'll just wait until the morning. I'll just get up at 5:30 instead of 6:00 and that'll take care of it.

Hope everyone has a great evening -- I'll see you in the morning!

07-30-2006, 11:25 PM
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