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08-31-2001, 06:59 AM
Hello strangers!

Sorry to be MIA for so long. After a most enjoyable bank holiday weekend there was lots of work to do and I didn't even have the time to do some lurking! :(
Anyhow, hopefully I'll have some more time to chat to you girls today.

Kay - really sorry to hear about your job, I hope you find something else you like soon. Things usually work out for the best I think. But fingers crossed anyway.
Kim - that's such a pain about you having to move apartments. I hope you find somewhere that will let you keep dogs.
Speaking of dogs, how are all the pets doing?
Big hello to everyone about to post: Belle, Stacey, Trish, Jen, Rina, Tonya, Lori, Lolly, KT, Sarah, Shalyne and Janet. And a million other names that have escaped me for now. If I missed you - come and remind me. ;)

My extremely camp ex-flatmate from Edinburgh is coming down to visit this weekend. It's going to be sparkly clothes and glitter everywhere as he descends on London... Should be quite a laugh, as long as I get some sleep! He's trying to get hold of some tickets for a kid's TV show tomorrow morning so we can sit in the audience and watch Kylie!! (CD-UK Lolly). He has a huge tattoo of her on his back. :dizzy: Ooh, but he's going to bring his Joycam polaroid camera so if we get any good piccies I'll do me best to scan them in...

Right, I better do some work here. I've missed you guys lots. How is everyone doing with WW? Are we all back on program? I haven't been to the gym for a week cos I was busy boozing and eating my way round the pubs of Bristol. Believe it or not I have lost a pound. I'm sure it's just the lull before the storm and I'll put on 4 next week!! I'm going to be extra good, I really am. Lots of glasses of water between glasses of wine tonight - that's the plan!

Love to you all,

08-31-2001, 10:06 AM
OK, I'm here bright and early, but I get to leave at 12:30, so that is nice. Then we will spend an hour getting the dog packed and brought over to my parents so they can babysit her.... then we are off for a mini 2 day vacation. I hope it is fun. We are staying at a hotel and I am pretty sure it has a pool! Emma hopefully will get to try it out if it's not too cold!

As for WW... I blew it yesterday because of the compnay picnic... but Oh well... one day isn't going to do that much damage. I also haven't been to the gym all week because of my work schedule. But I will be next week! I can feel it because I am a little sluggish.

Kirsty... have fun with your friend.

Hey hey to all those that aren't awake yet..... and to all the lurkers that we wish would come and play!! :)

08-31-2001, 10:16 AM
hello jen - have a fab mini vacation! has emma been swimming before? lucky you only working a half day!!
hmm, i had a cheeky glass of wine at lunch and it has definitely affected my typing prowess! :dizzy:

08-31-2001, 10:55 AM
hello girls! Kirsty, welcome back!! It sounds like you had a great weekend!! I love your terminology "camp" and "cheeky" glass of wine...you are so animated.

Jen - have fun on your vacation, am very jealous oof you only getting half a day!! Booh!! I get a whole day.

I WI at lunch, if I have time I'll tell ya. I am wearing a jean skirt stupid! Its heavy and I was going to waer teh ultra light one I wore last week.

Okay, gotta go.

Ciao for now!

08-31-2001, 11:10 AM
Hi Guys! Can you believe the pooey old board still won't let me vote on the poll? It's been WEEKS now. I just get a message saying my session is inactive or something. Ah well. FYI I don't smoke, though I did go through phases when I lived in Spain where everybody does.

Kirsty! You're back! It must the weekend for camp ex-housemates because mine is here for a fleeting visit on Monday, yes, the lovely Greggor who informed about 7 million people (via the Graham Norton aka gives-Kirsty-free-cruises Show) of the PRECISE number of people he had slept with, and how a large number of them were at the same time ... (yup we're talking orgies here) I obviously just don't go to the right sorts of parties :lol:

Jen - enjoy the mini-break. You got what Bridget Jones always wanted!!! Are you going far? And a hotel with a pool ... Emma will be a real waterbaby!!!

Belle - how are your doggies? Yay! on getting the tix for Christmas. $900? Wow. It must be a long way. I finally got my tix for San Francisco and Kansas in October and it didn't cost as much as that!!! Good luck at WI ... I foolishly wore jeans to my last one, when I've been going in cotton all summer, adn I was .5 up which was obviously all jeanweight (or so i told my leader :s: ).

Ok, working hard today - gotta get some translations finished over the weekend, these ones I get paid for so it's def worth the effort!

back later,

Janet R
08-31-2001, 11:30 AM
Woo hoo! We're getting out at 2pm today. Yippee. Course, as a trade off we're supposed to work thru lunch... Still, it's 1 1/2 hours of free time off.

I'm working on a boring old project today. Yawn. Needed a bit of diversion. :s:

Kim: I hope you can talk the duplex owner into letting you stay with the doggies. It's so much tougher to find pet-friendly accomodations... not that I blame the owners, pets can cause a ton of damage.... But then again, so can sloppy people. For example, I melted the siding on one of my apartments with my bbq grill. oops! :o

Jen: Have fun on your mini get-away. I hope Emma enjoys the pool!

Ok, better get back to the boring old work.


08-31-2001, 11:35 AM
it's weird that you can't vote lolly. have you tried refreshing your screen and logging in again and stuff? try contacting the administrators to see if they can help...
say hi to Greggor for me! don't worry about the half pound gain. in jeans that must actually be a half pound loss. hope you get all your translating done ok.
belle - meant to say, how exciting about going to your BF's for xmas!! let's hope he doesn't freak out and have second thoughts. and if he does - make him refund the air fare!!
i'm hoping to fly home to see my sister soon. she's due to "drop her sprog" at the end of september so i can't wait, but i'm on holiday for 2 weeks and moving house too so don't know when i'll get up there.

08-31-2001, 11:36 AM
hello janet - lucky you getting away early too! am i the only one working till 6pm!? (and then heading straight to the pub, natch).

08-31-2001, 11:44 AM
I used to smoke, but when I met Brett, he said it's the cigarettes or me. Well, I couldn't hochmagandy with a ciggie so I said, "Duh!As if!" hee hee I felt pretty giggly just then. I hope I didn't make fun of myself totally and call someone a turd or anything. :)
Bailey is doing well. SHe had two accidents yesterday, but DH doesn't always watch her closely. She has to potty!!! esp after playing lots. She was sleeping last night on her back with her front legs straight up in the air. I thought she had kicked the bucket at first!! But then I thought it'd be a cute piccie and took two! :) As soon as they are developed I'll learn how to post them.
We are staying in town for the long weekend, so luckily I don't have to do any packing.
Kirsty and Lolly: Welcome back! We've missed you! I was thinking about you all while brushing my teeth this morning. :^:
At least I wasn't on the pot. :o
Well, I'd better mosey along, boss will return shortly with tobacco breath and I don't want to encourage her stopping at my door. :devil:

08-31-2001, 11:47 AM
Hi everyone! I missed weight watchers this week but am going to weigh in at the gym this afternoon, so I'll let you know...but the good news is, I put on a pair of goal jeans this morning, size eight regular...AND THEY FIT!!! They weren't tight or anything...so we'll see what the scale shows...I think it may actually not have moved much b/c I have added weight training into my workouts...and I am thinking I look more defined...
Kirsty and Lolly...what does "he's so camp" mean????
Jen-have a great mini-vacation....DF and I are off to Minneapolis for a wedding this weekend-my ex-roomie!!! should be fun-my first time in Minnesota....
Hi to everyone else...:)

08-31-2001, 11:54 AM
Dictionary definition below. To put it bluntly, extremely gay. but lovely with it!

camp (2) informal

adjective (of a man or his manner) ostentatiously and extravagantly effeminate: a heavily made-up and highly camp actor.

deliberately exaggerated and theatrical in style, typically for humorous effect: the movie seems more camp than shocking or gruesome.

noun [mass noun] deliberately exaggerated and theatrical behaviour or style: Hollywood camp.

verb [no obj.] (of a man) behave in an ostentatiously effeminate way: he camped it up a bit for the cameras.

Horsey girl
08-31-2001, 01:16 PM
Hey ladies - I just got to work - you guys are all so far ahead of my time zone
Stacey - I had a puppy for three months last year (then I moved and he stayed with his real mommy - my roomie) Whenever he had #1 accidents we poured about 1/2 a cup of water on it and covered it with a dry rag and let it sit. It never stained or smelled. Just thought I'd pass on the hint.
Kirsty - Have a great weekend with your friend - I always have a blast with my "campy" friends when I Visit them. Of course here we call them Flamers or say they are really "flaming"
Lori - congrats on the size 8!!!
hello to Lolly, Kim, Janet, Belle and Jen and anyone else out there I missed - I WI tomorrow - hopefully I'll need to change my sig next time I'm in

08-31-2001, 01:30 PM
Lori.... WE ARE GOING TO MINNEAPOLIS TOO!!!!!!! Actually, St. Paul. But we are staying in Wisconsin. What a co-inky-dink!!

I need a mini break. I know I need one when I start feeling guilty for not being at work longer hours and weekends. How foolish is that! Basically, when I start to forget I have a life other than work, I need to get away!!!

Lolly... it's about 4 hours away, but we are staying about 2 or so hours away and driving the other 2 tomorrow morning. We are going shopping and gonna splurge a little... shhhhhhh. Emma starts her swimming classes next month, so this will be a warm up for her. She doesn't like water very much. She is OK with her bath until I wash her hair. she doesn't like water over her head. She will take a shower with me holding her tho, but then she gets all slippery!!!

Janet, I get to leave early too!!!

Oh and I am wearing a pair of pants that haven't fit since before I as PG..... now that is progress.

Happy long weekend everyone!

08-31-2001, 02:14 PM
Ooh, Jen, Lori, I always wanted to go to St Paul because (and this is really sad) it's where Scott Fitzgerald was born, and I LOVE the Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night. I always hoped that one day I could do a pilgrimage ... you guys will have to do it for me!

Lori - yay! on the jeans, and Jen - yay! on the pants. Jen, you're catching me up, I need to change my signature, I'm around 204 at the mo. Me and you and Belle are all around the same place, so I shall have to get back to it or you'll both leave me behind!!! I am int he middle of cooking ratatouille for tonight's tea, from a Nigella Lawson (incredible cook!) recipe - and because there are no points in any of the veggies I get to use real olive oil instead of the spray stuff. Yummy! Doing it with chickpeas and couscous for mediterranean yumminess ...

BTW if any of you want to read another Brit book, I recommend 'White Teeth' by Zadie Smith, which I am about 3/4 of the way through at the mo. It's pretty long (like, 700 pages!) but it's really interesting, funny and thought-provoking. And she's only 25 (***** :lol: ). I like!


08-31-2001, 02:21 PM
Two books:

One - the Diana Gabaldon series: if you need soem good escape reading, nothing too trivial and some good sex scenes, this series is for you. THe fifth book comes out this fall.

Two - Pauline Gedge. She is Canadian (from Alberta!) and writes historical fiction. I studied them in a Humanities class in university. child of the morning is brilliant, I have also read scroll of Saqqara. Also good, more fictional than the first. Child of the Morning is about Princess Hatshepsut, the first female Pharoh of Egypt. Pauline's facts are terrific. She is awesome!! HIGHLY recommend this one. She is also from my province, Alberta!

Lolly - puppies are doing good, thanks for asking. Iam taking barney camping this weekend, **** love it!!

Kirsty - I agree wholehearted ly, he better not back out!! ARGH! Love the camp definitions...!!

STacey - how is bailey's worms? Poor baby....

Lori and Jen - congrats on yoru new sizes!! Woo hoo!!! It does pay off. I bought a skirt yesterday a 16! I was thrilled...okay, its not an 8, but its progress for me.

Gotta go, hi to everyone.


08-31-2001, 03:42 PM
Okay, now I know I am wearing jeans, and I usually don't wear them....BUT I have been good. I have been OP, running, weight lifting, walking...and I am only down .2#. I mean, come on.

This is pissing me off.

My leader is like, oh, you should eat your booster points when you exercise, but somehow I can't just ify that!! Does anyone eat their points they earn from exercise?

Do you think that will help?


08-31-2001, 03:43 PM
My b/f is driving me crazy. He's behind why I'm getting booted from my apartment, and now he's not pulling his weight looking for a new place. He's off today, so I had hoped he would call and visit some places, but so far he's driven around in an area he knows I have no interest in (because of the crime) and picked up an apartment guide, which only lists complexes. I don't want to live in a complex, he knows this, and most of them won't take my 2 dogs anyway.

This is driving me crazy! I've been put in the position of acting like his mother, which I hate. Things are not getting better, we still don't see each other, and it's really starting to affect the relationship.

I honestly don't know what to do.

08-31-2001, 04:14 PM
Check your email! I wrote you there.

Well, I decided to follow Kim's lead and set a short term goal. I did good when I did that, so I am doing it again. Short term goal is stated in signature.