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07-19-2006, 08:32 AM
My bath is running so this will be a quickie for now.

Yesterday afternoon was unplanned and lovely! My friend Anne who bought one of Lucy's pups came over with her two boys. We spent about three hours on the deck, sipping sf tea and watching Grandma, Mummy and little Orea play.:) Hershey and Lucy seemed to know he was one of the doggie family. What a great little pooch! :love: He is the one on the right in the attached picture.

Today will not be as much fun. :( I'll spare you all the details but the yicky parts are getting my last (!) allergy shot and taking Harry to the surgeon to discuss an operation for two hernias. The day ends well though with the Mayor's lobster dinner where I will be getting a community volunteer award. I'll try to behave myself and not tell anyone what I really think about some of the organizations! :lol:

So what's happening on your spit of sand? :cofdate:

07-19-2006, 09:11 AM
Hi - it's so hot here already! We had some severe thunderstorms last night - could hardly sleep. At least I don't have to water my lawn & flowers today.

I do have some poison ivy on my neck and chin - I don't know how that happens - just don't wash up quick enough! Thank God for Claratin!

Yesturday I finalized a class for my teaching certification. I have one pre-requisite - an American History class - that I am taking via Distance Learning with my state's community college system (actually I think there was a few universities on that list). I had to clear it up with the university I am attending and they finally gave me the green light. The class would consist of essays, some timed tests (I have a 3 day period to take the test but once I start I have one hour to finish) and posting to a messge board. The instructor seems nice - spoke to her via email. My other classes are at night so this will free up my days to substitute teach or work in some other capacity part time.

Hope to get to the bookstore today to pick up the Quick and Easy Meals book. My dd needs some more summer reading books as well and I have some coupons for Borders.

Plan went okay yesturday but I have to work in some more veggies and calculate some more snacks. September is going to be tough so I hope to have a set plan over the summer so it is somewhat seamless. I always end up putting myself last which is how I ended up 30 lbs heavier. Made it a mid year resolution to stop doing that and have been standing firm so far.

Hope all is well with everyone - try and stay cool!

07-19-2006, 09:11 AM
Good Morning Chicks!!!!!! Time to get Up Up Up!

Ruth Those glorious unplanned times with friends can be so wonderful! The Pups are toooo cute :love: I hope all goes well with H's Dr visit.. and :bravo: on receiving that award!!!

:wave: Inlimbo! I :love: history! Thank gawd fer internet long distance learning! I prefer it over going to classes... :shrug:

The flower beds are all watered, and I am enjoying a cuppa Joe :coffee: Then on to the Treadmil before I head out into the Furnace and run errands.

Enjoy yer day gals and here's some :dust: fer ya all!!

mother hen
07-19-2006, 09:38 AM
Hi there everybody!

I'm up super early for me. A friend called me last night and wanted to take me to breakfast for my birthday(it's tommorrow).:carrot: So I'm dressed to the nines, hair and make-up done! She knows that I'm doing SBD so she wanted to make sure we go somewhere I can be good. Isn't that sweet?:hug: I'm looking forward to some girl chat without little ones!!!

Yesterday went really well. I stayed OP and played in the pool with my kiddos. We only stayed about and hour and a half because it was soooo hot! Even the water was warm...yuck.

Ruth, your puppies are ADORABLE!!!! I think you're right, they know they're family. Hope the appt goes well, I have a friend who had hernia surgery yesterday. Hoping to catch up with her today and see how everything went.

In Limbo: I never liked History until I had to start teaching it to my dc. Now with all of the great historical fiction that is being written, it's easy to fall in love with it! You go girl! I'm hoping to get to the bookstore to find the Quick and Easy Cookbook as well. We only have one bookstore in town, and it's a Borders Express. I wasn't really impressed with it the last time we were in there, but maybe there's a chance they might have it...

Now here is a question for anyone: How do I update my ticker? I clicked on it hoping I could update it, and they wanted me to enter all the info again including my timeline thingy and determined chick....what am I doing wrong?

Gotta scoot!


07-19-2006, 09:53 AM
You are all so supportive. Sorry I posted the same thing twice - dh distracted me.

Ruthxxx - Congrats on the award! It's good to be loved! And a free lobster dinner - how can you lose.

Schatzi - ditto - I hesitated going back for my certification for a long time based on the dread of sitting in class - did get a jazz walking on campus tho - brought back memories.

Mother Hen - thanks for the support! I typically order my stuff on line but they opened a new Borders about 25 mins from my house and it's worth the trip. The one near me is small and sad. I usually just order from Amazon (will be buying my used text books from them!).

Speaking of Amazon - they just added non perishible groceries and there is a $10 coupon off $49 purchase. Prices seem okay - you can hunt down cheaper prices - Luna bars were slightly cheaper - .97 each versus .99 and they had SB bars for about 16.50 a box.


07-19-2006, 10:12 AM
MotherHen, try this:

open a new window. Go to 3FC
Click on User CP
Once there, Click on Edit Profile.
Scroll down to the text box that contains the script for your ticker.. It looks like this:
url= img][/img] /url

Once there, you may have to scroll horizontally within the script box to see a set of numbers that represent your start weight/goal weight/current weight. Go to the last set of numbers (thats your current weight) and delete it, and replace it with your new number.
Save it
that should do it.

07-19-2006, 10:50 AM
Good morning!

Didn't sleep well at all last night, so I am a bit groggy this morning. I may need to make a bit of extra coffee to get me going. My parents were to get together to "talk" last night, and I worried about my mom all night. Please send good vibes her way- she is an awesome woman. :hug:

Not a whole heck of a lot on our agenda for the day. We are sticking close to home and air conditioning!! Baby DD seems extra cranky today, so I want to make sure she gets two good naps. She walked into big DD's room and woke her up this morning. Everyone is a bit grumpy around here!

Does anyone already own the Quick and Easy cookbook? I haven't had a chance to look at it, but it sounds good.

Later gals!

07-19-2006, 12:14 PM
Good morning, beautiful chicklets. A slow morning here at work. I am savoring my lovely coffee and trying not to worry about stressors! We are moving next week and it's starting to drive me past the point of insanity! LOL! But there's nothing I can do about packing while I am at work, so no sense in worrying about it here.

Need an opinion! We are going over a friend's house for dinner and she said to bring a salad. I am so uninventive when it comes to salads! Was thinking about a Rachel Ray Ceasar salad with portabello mushrooms. Are mushrooms too strange to take if you don't know if people like them? I have just been craving mushrooms strange considering I used to not even eat them. Anyone with a great salad recipe, post it here or private message me! I would so appreciate it!

Doing a lot of eating out this week--I love the social time, but not the food or $! We have a birthday lunch today at work, and tomorrow night a going-away dinner for a coworker, plus tonight going to friend's! And then Friday we're going out of town for a wedding. Just trying to stick to good choices, not a lot of bad carbs! Wish me luck.

Much love all around. I don't have the Quick and Easy cookbook, although I've heard good things about it. I prefer easy stuff, especially stuff I can just make up as I go along. By the way, last night for dinner I had Asian-style steak and teriyaki veggies over salad--Adam had it in a roll. He raved about how good it was!


07-19-2006, 03:33 PM
I forgot to mention that my DH started Phase 1 of SBD. He kind of followed it on Sat and Sun, then began full force on Monday. He has already lost 10 pounds. He was 217 when he weighed on Saturday morning and then 207 this morning.

Where is the fairness in that????? It has taken me all summer to lose 12 pounds!!!!!!!!!! :D

beach bum
07-19-2006, 06:02 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies:)

Checking in to let you know that our company came & left for Foxboro,Ma.wheres theres a big soccer game tonight.They're real big soccer fans,as they're only staying over night and than back home to N.Y.Serve them chicken wings , salad & lemonade for lunch before they left.

Haven't gone on the scale and its driving me crazy,I'm thinking tomorrow[midweek from my W-I day] I will take a sneak peek,and see what its says.If its up have 4 days to get it down again.Need :dust: Lost 1 lb at last Mondays W-I will I be able to loss again???????????

Hugs :) BB