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08-30-2001, 12:02 PM
my DAY OFF is half over and NONE OF YOU has posted.


I only will take time to say YAY FRAPPIE'S HERE


and TOP RAMEN in a lunchbox?

and very sorry to hear about your friend, Kiwihornet, and I wish him the best.

Hi Bagzie and Sweet Potato

08-30-2001, 02:44 PM
You at least have to wait for me to get up from my nap, walk up to the mailbox, clean the dog's ears, dial up the modem, heat up my coffee, read the daily PoochCafe comic, answer the door, talk to friend coming to collect her lost hat, and get here to 3FC! That's only fair, isn't it?

And yes, Top Ramen in a lunchbox. I know, I think it's a bad idea too, but she likes it. It goes in the thermos.

So What's new, Peachiecat??? :dizzy: :dizzy:

I only half finished cleaning out the bathroom shelves yesterday. Everything without a home got shoved into a big box. Now I have another box of junk lying around. I don't think I have the hang of this decluttering thing.


08-30-2001, 03:09 PM
so Peachy keen, don't get yer shorts in a bundle. Do tell what's going on with you.

Sept. 14th I will be once again going to the Pendleton Roundup. But that's not the big news. The big news is that I tried on my western jeans last night and they still fit!! Whew, thank my lucky stars that I decided to quit scarfing everything in sight a couple months back. Peaches, I'll break the news to Elvis gently that you and Herbie hooked up. Did I tell you how he drove all the way from Oregon to Texas, towing his horsetrailer w/ horses so that he could go trail riding with his internet sweetheart? He said he met her and her picture that she sent was about 10 yrs old and 40 lbs. lighter than now.:lol:

08-31-2001, 05:54 AM
That's why I'm posting today when I should have posted yesterday in honour of Peachbat's day off. Hi Peachie! How's FlyNag treating you?:p

Good news is I got down to 160!!! Bagz will be green with envy. Bad news is I got a chocolate cake in the oven. But it's a low fat one (depending on how many pieces you eat), I swear. :D

I'm off to do the ironing and watch Larry King Live, the only English TV I get here. First he's going to talk about Chandra Leavy, poor dear. And then about Gary Condit. And then he's goint to talk to Gary's friends. Hey, didn't he already do that last week?:dizzy:

Dh is hooked on Top Ramen and seems to think it is a nutritionally complete food. Who knows, he could be right. :cool:

Who saw Bridget Jones Diary? Is it good? Did you laugh?