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07-16-2006, 01:45 PM
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies. :wave:

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement:high: on our weight loss struggles,:wl: and we also find time for some chitchatting!:gossip: So please, won't you join us ?

07-16-2006, 03:12 PM
Happy Sunday everyone.

Angie where is your new job? I missed it somewhere. I am glad that your first day was a good one. Makes you not want to call in sick on Monday...:lol:

Marti glad that you had a good time with Jhanai. What grade is she going into when school starts? Does she start in August or September? My kids are thinking that we should go to the big city which is 50 minutes away from us to go shopping for new school stuff.

Jane hope that you are having a terrific weekend. You will have to tell DH that female goats actually don't stink. It is the males that have the bad odor. And a gentleman from a petting zoo told us that if you get them neutured then they don't smell that bad then. The grandchildren would have so much fun with a pet goat.

Jules hope that your day goes fast for you.

Sue how is your Sunday going?

We went to DH company BBQ last night. Had a really good time. Got home late so Cole and I had a sleep in. I think we will all just have a lazy day and enjoy the nice weather.

Chat later.

07-17-2006, 06:48 AM
Hey Ladies.

Feeling okay today. Just really tired. I'm glad this was my "Friday" Now I'm off for 3 days! :D

Work is taking its toll on me.............Just a lot of drama again........I know there is drama at every workplace but I'm just glad I'm off for a few days! lol.

Will come back in later on today after I've gotten some sleep :tired: and respond to posts.

I hope you all are doing well! :hug:

Cafe Ole
07-17-2006, 09:26 AM
Morning All!

Jamming already on a Monday - ugh!

I think I am destined to be in the 160's even though I don't want to be here! Ok I could try harder but it is soooooooo HOT HOT HOT!!! I just want to sit around & chill out.

My dd's got me addicted to a new nintendo game I play at night. They went to a party on Sat so I hit the Goodwills (yes you can find nice clothes there cheap!) and then on Sunday we did burgers on the grill & hit my sister's pool. This 95 degrees with a 103+ heat index is WOW

Ok I gotta get to this pile before the boss comes in!

Have a super day!!!


07-17-2006, 09:46 AM
Kathy--the day went pretty fast--still lots to do.......boy if I still was on regular pay my OT check would have been nice--could have got ahead on some things...

Sassy--I love the three days off...didn't get it this weekend since I was in here two of the three getting caught up

Robin--DS's gf is the Tetris Queen!!!

Back to work, you would have thought that working the two extra days would have cleared my desk--I did get alot done without the phones ringing and the talkative co-workers...(one from my area, one from another that apparently doesn't have enough to do except to try to pry everyone for gossip--I am too busy to care about office gossip--what's she thinking!! and one that has to work with the psycho coworker that drove me nuts until they transferred her and now she's doing the same things in the new position to this girl.....I warned them--nobody listened to me--thought that I just didn't like her---well I don't after some of the things she has said and done--yelling at me was the last straw--I am not a yeller and I don't like to be yelled at--but the psycho has issues and doesn't like to work and is not as smart as she thinks she is--plays the giggling innocent part the male bosses fall for and let her get away with not doing her work and then giving it to others that already have enough to do and actually do do their jobs--she's 34 now and not that cute...come on guys think with your brains!!!

Maybe back later...

07-17-2006, 11:48 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Angie - hope all is going well at the new job today. :crossed: Any more plays in your new future?

Marti - hey, I will do the challenge if you start it again. It's ridiculous for me to not do that, and I'm going to make it this time!

Sassy - so how's it going so far? I made a plan for the week, sort of based on WW Fast Track, but just a tad more do-able. I think every one of us here are serious at the same time about weight loss! YAY for your 3 days off! :cp:

Jules - omg, we had a gal like that at the last place I worked - she had the administrator so fooled! She'd be all girly and giggly around him, and he wasn't able to think with his brain, either. Amazing how she always got what she wanted. Guess he did, too, lol.

Kathy - it's been so hot here, that we've had to turn down outdoor invites, but the BBQ sounds like lots of fun. I just can't take the heat! I'd love to have a goat for the DGDs! They'd love a pony, but horses can be so expensive that we dropped that idea.

Robin - I used to play a video game featuring a fox called Crash Bandicoot. It was so fun, and I'd play it as long as I could - until one of the kids would complain about me hogging the game, lol. I wonder if something like that is still around? It was 105 here yesterday, and the heat index was even worse. Yuk.

Well, I had a relaxing weekend with the fam. We didn't really do much, but it's all good. My sister Mary Lou came over with her sweetie Sat. night, so that was fun. It's been too hot to have regular meals, so I've been eating salads a lot, and cantaloupe, too.

As I said to Sassy, I've made out my food lists for the week, following a version of WW fast track that has about 150 extra calories added. So it's between 1350-1400 calories a day, and chock full of healthy foods. I tried to include all the power foods from the Sonoma diet - strawberries, brocolli, nuts, whole grains, tomatoes, etc.

See ya later. :hug:

07-17-2006, 04:15 PM
Just got word that my DH's step-father passed away after a long and painful battle with cancer. The viewing is on Wednesday evening and the funeral is on Thursday morning. My DH is not going, DD wants to and can't talk to DS until tonight. It is a nine hour one way trip. My SIL doesn't know if she really wants to go and is trying to get in touch with her daughter. MIL wants to go but I don't want to be in the car with her for nine hours one way and I don't know if she will make a scene at the services or not. The step-father had and affair at 65 after 30 years of marriage with MIL's 45year old best friend and got her pregnant. It was a very nasty divorce and MIL and SIL and her DD have always trashed the new wife. The SIL has been asking me if I know if she and DH are getting anything or the kids are getting any $, MIL gets $100,000 from a life insurance policy that is written into the divorce. I hate drama!!!

07-17-2006, 11:28 PM
Julie - I'm so very sorry for your loss. I take it DD was close to him? And DS as well? I'm also sorry for all the drama, Julie. This is the last thing you need right now. Please come here and vent anytime you need to, ok? :hug:

07-17-2006, 11:35 PM
Another quickie from here. Back on DH's laptop as my computer is trash..again. I really have to get it fixed, but have had NO time for anything. Have been ill today, which doesn't help..with all I need to do. Still feeling light headed and woozy for some reason.
I will check back when I am more perky..:)

07-17-2006, 11:37 PM
Happy HOTTTTTTTT Monday!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I sweated out about 15 pounds while out and about today!!!!!! lol.

Okay so today I had Chinese. We went to a buffet -- not a good idea, but I think I did good. I got a LITTLE bit of everything (except the fried foods, I skipped those, well I did eat some Crab Rangoon, but that was it for the fried stuff!) I also found out that by eating Spicy foods, it does two things. It makes me SWEAT (even more than I already was) so that is another calorie burner, and it makes me not want to eat a bunch of it so I don't over eat!!!!! I think this is the best thing since sliced cheese for me! lollllllllllllllllllllll.

I plan on trying out my new Walking At Home DVD because its just too darn hot to walk outside!!!!!!!!!!!

Jules - So sorry to hear about your hubs Step father. I know drama always adds to an already bad situation. I hope it all goes smoothly as possible. :hug:

Have a Wonderful Night! I know I am, because I am NOT at work! WHOO-HOO! and I always have 3 days off. lol. I love it. It makes working longer hours worthwhile! lol.

If anybody is online and wants to chat, just PM me with your ID's! I have AIM, Yahoo and MSN.

07-17-2006, 11:39 PM
Jules-- :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
You and your family are in my thoughts!

07-17-2006, 11:46 PM
Sue - you just made 500 posts, you chatty little thing, lol. Hope you're feeling better. Sounds to me like you're preggers, lol.

Robin - just remember that the salt in the Chinese food will cause a temporary water gain, so don't let it make you crazy. :dizzy: Hopefully you'll wait a few days before you get on the scale! Enjoy your days off, hon.

I did very well at lunch today. I had the WW chicken sandwich at Applebee's and even tossed 1/2 of the bun. I couldn't remember when just Katie and I had lunch together by ourselves. She got a new outfit at Maurice's and then we went for groceries, and I stocked up on all kinds of healthful stuff. I feel good about this. :yes:

Have a good one, ladies!

da fat n da furious
07-18-2006, 12:41 AM
Jules, Im sorry about your family's loss. Hope there isn't too much drama.

Sue, hope you are feeling better...

Jane, sounds like a good way to spend the weekend...hanging with the fam.

Robin...too funny about the video games...Im addicted to JT Blocks on yahoo games. When I stressed I go and play it,,,no thinking involved...just a mind numbing game.
I do value villiage too...I found the cutest pair of pants the other week there.

Marti,,,your DD is so pretty. She looks so much more grown from the last pics Ive seen of her.

Shel...I swear this weekend was the shortest weekend ever. We finally got Tanner's bed we had ordered way back in May...went and picked it up plus his mattress. That was an all day affair...arghhh Didn't get no painting done...
So my new job is feeling pretty good...the new codes and stuff have me a bit stressed,,,no biggy thou
Strange area of the city,,,its considered down town or city core. Our parking is in the residentual area. down old homes,,apartments, and million dollar homes all within a block. Next door is a dry cleaners...and next to that is an adult store! arghhh kinda dirty around that area. Makes me know I won't want to be around there at night alone.
Have done awesome today with eating,,,very clean...and just finishing up my water. Did so bad last week, just need to get my act together.
well I should get to bed,,,having to get up super early now with this job.
later all

07-18-2006, 04:44 AM
Angelia and Jane Good Job Ladies on eating well! I started out okay but totally blew it at dinner! :( I ate breakfast wraps, okay not too bad, but I couldn't stop there! I finished hub's garlic bread and his lasanga!!!!!!! ARRRRRRGGGGHHH!

I just was SOOOOOOOOOO hungry! I need to stock up on some healthy snacks to avoid that again!

Hope everybody is doing well!

07-18-2006, 08:57 AM
DS can't get off work (I really have too much to do but I want to go) DD & DS were very close to their grandfather--He was the one who called them faithfully once a week not MIL, DD says he and my mom are the only grandparents who bother to spell her name right (Teri Lynne) and he was the man my son looked up to while growing up. The divorce from MIL was hard but DD continued to go down for summer visits after the marriage to the new wife until she was 16 and had a job (and a boyfriend). DS went for one or two. DS loves the new wife better than MIL. DD and I say the heck with the drama we are going. Hopefully all parties will behave themselves. We leave tomorrow morning and will be back late Friday and probably sleep all day!!

Cafe Ole
07-18-2006, 09:28 AM
Morning!! :coffee2:

Jules... I am so sorry! Thoughts are with you! :(

I told the dds last night that if they keep arguing I will take away their Nintendo (see that leaves more time for me to play it LOL)

busy day at work & I don't want to be here. This weather is making everyone cranky & sleepy. Ok ok I just want to be at the lake, there I admit it LOL

I got a new pix cd in the mail from one of our camping buddies so I have to go & check it out :)

Have a great one all! 8.5 days to go until my next week trip! :D

07-18-2006, 10:19 AM
Good morning, chickas!

Today is Caylin's day to be with me, and she'll be here soon, so I can't stay on here very long. Just wanted to pop in and say hello, and that I hope you have a good day. I'll be back later, though.

Toodles, :hug:

07-18-2006, 10:20 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

I just can't get used to getting up this early. (although I used to get up earlier in my last job!!) I DO love getting home at 5:30 though. Only thing is I don't get my differential so my check is going to look so small!

I need to try and do some individuals. Lets see how far back I can scroll! :D

Kathy--Jhanai will be in the 7th grade. They start back up in September. After Labor Day. She's looking forward to hanging out w/her friends again.

Sassy--Chinese buffets are hard to go to for me! So James & I haven't gone in a couple years. (wow......has it really been that long?!) I hope you enjoy your three days off! Where do you work?

Jules--I hope you and your children have a safe trip if you all go. Family drama is always an uncomfortable thing. Especially when it comes to money. I hope it doesn't get too out of hand as the days go by. Sending you all hugs!! :hug:

Robin--You get to go on another week long vacation?! I'm so jealous!!! So where you off to this time? (my apologies if you've already mentioned where you're going) I looked at your last photos and have to say that you are a beautiful girl! Thanks for sharing w/us!!

Jane--I look at Jhanai too and wonder where the time went. There are a couple other pictures of her that I will have to post later on. She's been taking photos of herself w/our old camera!:lol: Did a good job too! You're doing great w/your food intake!! We've been trying to eat more veggies around here too.

Angie--What are your hours w/this new job?? Definately don't stick around the place at night. What a scarey place to have it! Fantastic on the eating clean! I need to do the same. I'm not necessarily eating poorly all away around, but I could be making better choices.

Sue--Sure hope you're not coming down w/something! Get some rest and come back when you're feeling better.

Hello to anyone I may have missed! My apologies for not getting everyone if I have.

Ok....time to get off here and get ready for work.

You all have a great Tuesday and if you get a chance, check out the poll and place a vote. (there is even a choice to NOT do a challenge)

Hugs to all!:hug:

Cafe Ole
07-18-2006, 01:55 PM
oh can you just not stand how fast the kids grow up! I have a 5th & 3rd grader this year. She (the 10 yr old) wants to ride the bus (another UGH) but I don't get home until 5 so she would be home alone for a bit, not sure if I like that idea or not.

Thanks Marti! :) Yep I have 1 more long week planned & then 3 more long weekends to go. I get almost 6 weeks of vacation per year (I am spoiled).
We are going back to Ludington, this is our favorite place to be. If my job ever moved there, fine, sign me up for that transfer!

Sassy.. I LOVE Chinese food! general tso's & pork fried rice (oh yummy!)

I know I missed some, sorry, have a staff meeting in 5 min (oh yippee) lol

07-18-2006, 05:51 PM
Good Evening Ladies!

Jules - :hug:

Marti - I know what ya mean. Shift Diff. are great aren't they? Like a little "bonus". We don't go to buffets that much period. But yesterday I wanted chinese and this was the only "decent" place in the area. I think I did pretty good, especially since it was a buffet. ;)

Cafe Ole' - Yes I don't eat Chinese too often but for some reason I had a craving yesterday........:)

I Hope everybody has a great evening! We are going to our friends house tonight. I will be meeting the wife of our friend for the 1st time. A bit nervous about that. Hub has met her already and they have talked on the phone about her hubby's bday present. I get so nervous meeting new people, I'm always concerned how they will react when they see me. (being overweight and all) Especially since our friend has told us that his wife is very critical of people. So that makes me even more nervous. But I know its good to meet new people and so what if she doesn't like me, won't be the first person and definately won't be the last! lol. I just have an extremely hard time keeping women as friends, for some reason. I don't understand it, I don't think I'm that awful of a person, I mean I do have lots of guys as friends. I'm not a girly girl, so maybe that is why. I don't get into all the girly crap, but I do enjoy a few female things once in a while, just not to the extreme that some women take it. (hopes this makes sense and doesn't offend anybody?) I've just never been a "Girly girl". I used to fix my hair and do the make up thing in HS/early 20's, but that was about as "girly" as I got.

Anywho, I will let ya all know how it goes tonight, wish me luck! :^:

07-18-2006, 11:56 PM
Wow..for some reason my computer is working fairly well tonight. Maybe it is my server after all. I am calling them tomorrow when I want to mess with it.
Felt somewhat better today and got my errands done. Groceries, and YES, I did pick up carpet samples. Just can't Went to the house and yikes...there were so many men without shirts...(Jane, did you hear that?)The masons were almost finished, concrete guys framed the driveway, pump fellows got the pump in, our air/furnace is in, and then our regular crew was painting. It was so hot that I honostly don't know how anyone does outdoors work. DH painted the trim on his building and I worried about him getting too hot.
Sassy- I hope you have a good time and make a new friend. You probably worry too much, just be yourself and relax. I know my one DD has tons of female friends and the other DD has always had more male friends. Nothing wrong with either. I have just a couple female friends. I used to belong to sorority and work with several females who I spent time with. Just have spent more time with DH the last 6 years.

Robin- Lucky you having so much time off. It is so much fun to travel. Enjoy your kids, they DO grow up too fast. I am still missing mine, especially the baby. (26) LOL.

Marti- How long will you have the new schedule? It is always so hard to switch hours I think. I used to work 8 to 2 one day and 2 to 10 the next. Hated changing every day. I never worked a solid night shift at any of my jobs.

Jane- Hope you had a good day with DGD. My new "grand" is named Cailyn. You are doing so good with your food...wish I could get myself under control. By the way, I finally did start shopping for curtains. :) I am just so confused about what I want. Blinds, curtains, I don't know. Well, I know I would love plantation shutters and DH says he would love to build them, but there is no time right now. SO that is on our someday list. Meantime we need to cover the windows.

Angie- Your eating is going well too. Congrats! I am glad the new job is going well also, even if the neighborhood isn't so desirable.

Jules- Hugs to you. Have a safe trip.

Tomorrow is another busy day. Cleaning house and doing the laundry/ironing. Hopefully, making a decision on the carpet and getting it ordered. Thurs. I am going running around with my gal pal.

Talk tomorrow...Have a happy HUMP day. :)

da fat n da furious
07-19-2006, 12:26 AM
Hey Sue...OMG I was listening to the radio about hump day,,,and it was a commerical for something *else* I was laughing so was a BAD commerical but funny.
Glad to see your up and about...even though your blood pressure was probably way up there being around all those shirtless And you without your whip...*grin

Robin,,,that is insane 6 weeks off...ya you are spoiled in that sense BUT you work hard in those other 46 weeks... I bet those girls were perfect lil angles,,,you just want the game machine to

Jane,,,hope you are having fun with Miss Caitlyn.

Shel...let us know how the meeting went....relax and be yourself...

Jules, safe trip. And hugs to you and DD.

Marti,,,the neighbourhood is fine,,,its kinda a weird place. Funky,,,with a bunch of suits...and upper class. Then you have the hippies, and street people. So at work its treat day every Monday,,,we all sign a day we would want. Ive got the same day as the person I choice. Anyways someone brought bagels and fruit. I had half a bagel and an orange. (mid morning snack) Kinda like that. Specially Mondays.... Down stairs (the personal insurance floor) have their treat day on Friday. Im on the third floor,,,and have implimented the stairs as my work out,,,Im going to have thighs of steel like Robin's. They have an awesome staff room...couches/sofas and a full kitchen so I can make my soup and relax.

I went to Safeway earlier to get more fruit. Bought a weird lil orange colored melon,,,Spiked looking. Forget the name...but have to say it wasn't much to brag about. It was like eating green hair gel,,,with seeds.
Another good day of eating....even cut down the coffee to 2 mugs a day. Wich use to be 5-6
Did I mention I cut my hair last week? Wished I hadn't. Its not doing anything for me...Not sure what to do...and it needs a color so bad...Tanner is calling me old. Was asked today if the picture I have on my desk of the boys was my brothers! I love these people! This woman thought I was mid to late 20's.
well I should get to bed....
night all

07-19-2006, 06:26 AM
Good Morning Girls! :D

TY all for your support and words of encouragement! ;) Of course you were all right! lol.

Lastnight went fine. She is a very nice woman and I think we hit it off pretty well! I was just worried all for nothing! lol. I'm not sure how she feels or anything of course, but from what I could see and all, I think we could be friends. Not expecting us to be bosom buddies or anything, but you never can tell I guess! :)

We got there and she was just starting dinner so hub and I sat in the living room and chatted with the hubby (our co-worker/friend). I guess it made me feel more at ease because I already know the husband, so I think that releived a lot of stress. I knew he would be there and all, but I guess I was so focused on meeting her, that I just forgot that our friend would be there too. (DUH!) So that helped a bunch.

Also she is really nice and outgoing so that helped things along nicely. We stayed til Midnight! :yikes: I hope we didn't stay too long!!!! But the three of us (her hubby, my hubby and me) are all "Vampires" as she calls us because we work nights so Midnight is nothing to us. lol. But their daughter wouldn't go to bed and we thought it was because of us being there so we decided to leave at midnight. ;)

For dinner we had Chicken Parmesean (I only ate half of it), spagehetti (only had a small portion), and a small salad and one garlic bread stick. That was it and I was stuffed!

Of course I have to admit we stopped at McD's before we left for their house because #1 it was about a 45 min. drive there (ended up being more like an hour with traffic) and #2 we didnt' know if we'd like her cooking so we didn't want to be totally starved so we stopped and I got a Dbl cheeseburger. :( I know it wasn't a great choice, but it did stop me from over eating because I was not starved and if we hadn't eaten that, I would have been starved by the time we ate because when we walked in the door she was just beginning to cook.

We did go to the grocery and I didn't get a whole lot. I got some Lean Cuisine meals to take for work. I know not the best thing, but its a beginning! I will admit I did buy some hotdogs, but when we have them I will only have 1 or maybe 2. I bought some lean deli ham for sandwiches. That is what we had hours later. I only ate one sandwich and some crackers, ok, ok with Easy Cheese! :( But I didn't have a lot! lol.

Okay so I give myself an overall grade of a C -. How do you girls think I did?? You can be honest!!!!! If I deserved an F, then I will except it.

Forgot to add in Dessert. We had strawberry shortcake that she made. But it wasn't a big portion and infact it had loads of fruit on it. I didn't even finish mine, hub did. But OMG! I should have taken a picture of it! It was incredible looking! Looked like it should be in a magazine or something! And she did it all fresh right then and there! Anywho...........That is

Well you all have a Wonderful Day! :)

Cafe Ole
07-19-2006, 09:52 AM

Sassy... oh do that day over, just erase it. I do know what you mean, I am not a girly girl either. I hate shopping, fussing on hair or makeup. Just let me flip my hair & grab some jeans & a tshirt, I am ready to go. My shopping is make a list get in & get out! I can't stand doing my nails, facials, or going balistic on how cute some outfit is LOL sorry for those who do, it is just not ME that is all. I am very low maintenance. Ok fine if we HAVE to go somewhere really nice, a wedding, party, blah blah I will dress up & put on make up (I look like a whole new person) LOL :D

Angie... Do those stairs girl! HUT HUT HUT LOL -- it works, I swear it, I still do 18 flights every day (I will go back to 36 in the winter, it is too freakin hot to do the stairs in the afternoon). I lost 7" off each thigh & I actually have an a**! It works!

Sue... you probably didn't take pix to share the view you had did you? LOL

Well I am going to sell my bowflex Ultmiate I think. I don't use it much anymore and it is just sitting in my basement. It was 2K, think 1300 is a good deal? - it is in great shape I just refuse to ship it out someone will have to come & get it.

Have a great morning to all! :hug:

07-19-2006, 10:18 AM
Morning Gals!

Robin--A total of 6wks?!? you're really having me feel envious over here! Have you worked there many years to get so much time? Or is your workplace just the ideal place to work? I guess if I were to not take anytime off over the coarse of a year, I could accummalate 3weeks worth. (wow..that's sounds great!) But my company doesn't pay for holidays so if I want paid on those days, I need to use my PTO. That part I don't like so well. (the end of the year we have so many holidays!)

Shel--Glad that the meeting turned out to be a good one. Dinner sounds good too! Add me to the list of ones who is not a girly girl. And maybe I'm comparing myself to my co-workers on this. I mean, I like my hair to be done, and I try to dress nicely, but that's about it. Simple. And you know you can look nice still w/being simple!:) Just call me simple Marti.:D

Sue--Just talked to the lead yesterday about my schedule. I'll be going back to 11-7:30. That'll be good for my sleep wise. I'm not getting much sleep at the moment. My DH climbs into bed about half way through my night and I wake up each time. So getting back to sleep is troublesome.

Angie--Your company sounds like a great place to work! Maybe a iffy neighborhood in parts, but how nice. Is this a full time job? I use the stairs everyday at work. I'm only on the 2nd floor....(that's all we have) but there are people who use the elevator. I'm thinking I need to get to the gym and use the stepper because when I do climb stairs, my legs ACHE!! I'm so wimpy!

Good Morning to the rest of you gals out there!!

Yesterday I came home to James making Blackberry and Strawberry Jam!! We had made some blackberry jam years ago w/my grandma and have been wanting to do it again. The other night we were watching the foodnetwork channel and watch "GoodEats"...Alton Brown was making Jam. That must have inspired James because he went and bought all this canning stuff and made jam! :D

Love my guy!

Ok...running out of time, better get ready for work!

07-19-2006, 11:01 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Julie - have a safe trip with your DD. Since it's such a long one, will you share the driving? I'll be thinking of you, Julie. :hug:

Angie -YAY for the clean eating and for taking the stairs. Like you as an emotional/compulsive eater, I know that any clean day I have is reason for a celebration. Wow, sounds like you picked a good place to work! They all seem so nice. Btw, you DO look young for your age. :yes: And you have a smile like Kate Hudson.

Marti - what a coincidence! I'll be making blackberry jelly this weekend. I don't like it, but Neal loves it, and the berries are ripe now. I'll freeze a lot of juice, too, to make more jelly in the winter months. Yikes, school start around here about the 22nd or so of August. But they get out early, at the end of May, since lots of kids help with the farming.

Sue - yeah, I heard you, about the shirtless guys. :D Did you get photos, lol. When I was ready for curtains, I started deciding what I wanted by looking through the Penney's catalog for ideas. That gave me someplace to start. Also, for the kitchen, I went to . They have more than just swags - tabtops, regular curtains, poles, etc.

Sassy - so glad you and the new couple hit it off. It'll be nice to have them to do things with. I should know what program you're on... but forgot. When your DH had lasagna, was that not something you could have a small portion of? If you added a big healthy salad and a serving of green beans, or something comparable, would that have worked with your program?

Robin- is Ludington in Michigan? Neal and I will be up at Houghton Lake next June, I think. We were supposed to go there this year, but Katie changed all of our plans for us when she got accepted to work at Walt Disney World. About you selling your bowflex, you could start there, then take the best offer you get. I don't have a clue what is fair, but that sounds good to me.

Mary Kate - I hope you're feeling better and can post with us soon.

Hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

Caylin didn't stay long yesterday. The little stinker wanted her manma after spending only about 1 1/2 hours here, lol. I was a totally mama's baby, too, and I still remember the feeling, lol. So I spent the day cleaning. Good thing, too, because my niece called and asked if she needs to bring anything when she and her DH come for dinner Friday night. :yikes: I had totally forgotten about that dinner! We made the plans so long ago! The good news is, she's on a diet, too, so that make the meal planning easier.

I'm still OP and loving it!

Have a good day! :hug:

07-19-2006, 01:22 PM
Morning ladies- It is still so HOT here, but due to break by Fri. I can't even enjoy being outside right now. I am doing laundry and getting ready to iron a few pieces. Not much else going on here today.

Jane- Good thing your niece called, otherwise they would have had a surprise with no dinner ready, huh?
Angie and Robin- You make me wish I had stairs to climb. I want buns of steel and the thighs to crack nuts..LOL
Marti- I also want a hubby who makes jam. (or knows anything about a kitchen) Lucky girl!
Sassy- Sounds like you did worry for nothing. Now, take a lesson from that missy!!

Okay, so I made a bubble pizza last night and the leftovers are calling to me today. I hate that! Almost wish I had thrown them away. BUT DH loves and lives for leftovers. I even made him biscuits last night for him to have the next few days. Figured I would use the oven once and make it count! I am going to get off here and go make a nice big salad...

Have a good day!

Cafe Ole
07-19-2006, 01:37 PM
Marti... I have been here for 8 years now. I get 16 hrs of vacation & sick time per month, plus holidays & personal time is added as well. We don't get state holidays, just the 7. That bites they don't pay you for holidays! I know when I worked the restaurants and/or stores I didn't get those days off either.

Do you have the recipes for those jams? Probably not on my diet list eh? LOL

Sue... My dd was the same way. I left & she would have a fit until I got back or if I snuck out, she would be good for about an hour & then that was it.

Ludington is in Michigan. It is right off Lake Michigan
If this link works, you will see Ludington on the left side in the lower penninsula.

Houghton Lake is always packed too. It is about 1.5 - 2 hrs away from me.

07-19-2006, 04:34 PM
Hey Ladies!

Just a quickie here! lol. Yeah I'm a big worry wort! lol. I worry about everything for no reason! lol. Yes I could have a small portion of lasanga, but I really didn't want it, that is until I saw his! lol.

I just found out that we got sent an email about our little "Food Day" we had Sunday night for our friend's bday at work. That we're supposed to throw out our food containers, etc in the break room now. But let them have their precious food days all they want and have the trash heaping over for us when we come in at night time and its okay. I know they empty the trash every night during the week and not on the weekends but it still seems like they are finding things to pick on us for. Not like we do it every single weekend, get a grip people! I'm so sick of this Dayshift VS. Nightshift Crapola! I guess its at every place, but its getting really old! lol.

Well we're off to take the in-laws out for dinner and a movie, we're seeing the New Pirates Movie! (Johnny - :drool:) lol.

Talk to you chickies later! :wave:

da fat n da furious
07-19-2006, 11:16 PM
Robin,,,Tanner's nickname when he was younger...was Velcro Baby. He was stuck to me like velcro...I had to do kindergarten again just so he could do it
Sue,,,yup you will be able to bounce quarters off my thighs...not that I really want you
Jane,,,just goes to prove what a good mom Mary much as you are like the bestest Grandma ever,,,Mommy is it.
Shel,,,glad to know you had a good time with your friends.

well I lost 2.2 lbs,,,considering I spent 10 days binging, Im a bit shocked at a loss and not gain...4 days of eating healthy does have its rewards. Having a set schedule with breaks makes a huge difference.

07-19-2006, 11:29 PM
Good Evening Ladies!!

Well I've been thinking and thinking and I need to get to the gym. Wasting $10 a month. And who can beat that kind of price for a gym?! Regardless that it is a company gym, a gym is a gym right?

I have not felt this uncomfortable in my clothes in years! My jeans just feel horribly tight. And I can't blame not smoking on my weight gain. I eat and that's a fact. And I don't move all day! I sit at a computer and type. fingers must look wondeful!:D

Jane--Schools around here end the second week of June. I'm not sure how many states is like that though. Sounds like most end in May and start back up in August. Jhanai is already ready for school to start. (she sure didn't get that from me!) :lol:

Sue--You have intrigued me....what is a bubble pizza? Special kind of crust? James is the cook in this family. I cook every now and then. Just your basic stuff. But when it comes to something down right tasty and begging for more...that would be James! I'm like his Sous Chef!! :D

Robin--You have me missing working for Sony!! That was the perfect job I had! If they didn't close the plant here...I would still be working there. It was almost 4yrs there before it closed. Worked 12hr days 4on and 4off. If a holiday ran next to my days off....lets say Thanksgiving....I got 6days off. Was perfect. We really only worked half a year! And holidays were paid. I curse that company now! ( :lol: ) As for the recipes for Jam....not sure where James got them from....somewhere off the net.

Shel--I SO know what you mean about Dayshift Vs. Nightshift!! We have issues at my workplace. Nightshift is usually neglected. On a LOT of things. Such as Department meetings, fundraisers they hold during the day, things that happen in the day just don't go for the nights. I started on the night shift, now I'm midshift. Where I work w/both the day and nights. And I can see the difference in personality and work pace. Can be stressful sometimes.

Hello to all the other gals out there!! :wave: Katie, Angie, Michelle, Jules, Alex,Kathy, and boy....I know there are more of you out there....sorry if I didn't get your name!! Come out and say hi if you get the chance.

Ok....need to get off of here.

Hugs to all!

07-19-2006, 11:32 PM
Angie--You must have snuck in while I was posting away. Congrats on the 2.2lbs!! :carrot: I hope that this new job w/the better hours and set schedule is what you've been needing. You'll probably have renewed energy and we'll all have to be telling you to slow down again!

So proud of you! :hug:

07-20-2006, 02:41 AM
Hey Ladies.

Thanks for all your kind words. :)

Marti - Yes I know. I've worked them all, Days, Nights, Mid-shift. So I know how it is. But yes Nights certainly does get neglected and we usually get blamed for everything as well! Its easy to blame people you never see! lol.

I am debating about taking a personal day (night) off tomorrow. I know I should just be a good "little worker bee" and go in. But tomorrow is the night we have extra coverage so if any night to take off, it would be tomorrow. (Thursday). Just feel like I could really use it. Well I certainly have time to think it through, as I don't have to be there until 6 p.m. Thursday.

Well thanks for listening to me blabber. lol.


Cafe Ole
07-20-2006, 09:06 AM
It is a GLOMMY day out there, supposed to get big thunderstorms, so much for my walk outside today and to top it off a BORING staff meeting this afternoon, yuck!

Sassy... how was Pirates?

Angie... whoohoo on the 2.2!!!!! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:
LOL we joke that I just need to put velcro on my leg as then it would be easier for them to hang on -- that is soooooo funny!

Any big plans for the weekend? I am cleaning, hitting the library & not sure what else. Wishing I got to take off next week instead of in 2 weeks.

Hi Sue, Jane, Katie, Jules, Alex & Kathy & anyone else I missed. :hug:

07-20-2006, 09:23 PM
Had a hectic day and I am feeling kind of "blah" again. Geeze, I wish this bug would either come or go, preferably go.
Nothing terribly interesting going on....maybe something brewing. :)

Bubble pizza is so good and easy. Take 2 cans of biscuits, cut each in 4, place in a Pam sprayed 13 x 9 pan. Meanwhile brown a lb. of ground beef, drain, add a jar (14 oz.) of pizza sauce. Spoon onto biscuits. Bake at 350 for 25 min. Add cheese..Mozz. and cheddar. Bake until cheese bubbles.
I actually use 1/2 lb. each of ground beef and sausage. I also add mushrooms, onions, black olives, peppers, or anything else I can think of. The biscuits might not even cover the pan when you lay them in there, but they will still puff up and do okay. Make sure to drain the meat real well.

Not doing individuals...gotta go get this house cleaned up., I didn't think to take pictures of the shirtless bods. Sorry.

Have a nice w/e if I don't get back in here.

07-20-2006, 09:30 PM
Sassy... how was Pirates?
Robin, Pirates was pretty good. I don't think as good as the 1st of course, but it was pretty good. Kiera kicks some butt in this movie! Go Girl! lol. :cheer:

My plans for the weekend? Hmmmmmm. Maybe cleaning? No, no, maybe going shopping? Noooooo...........Hmmmmm what to do? Oh yeah that is right, I will be working! lmao.

Have a Great Night Ladies!

07-20-2006, 09:47 PM
Hi ladies,

Just wanted to pop in and say hi. Today was busy and tomorrow will be, too.

Angie - :cp: WTG on the loss!!

Everyone else - hi and :hug:


07-20-2006, 11:50 PM
Hi everyone

Just popping in really quickly, as I have to get a few things done still.

Marti, Jhanai is a very pretty girl. Looks just like her mom. Wow Sony sounds like it was the perfect (or as close as you can get) place to work.

Jane, how old is Caylin? What a sweetheart. She knows how to make her mom feel good now, because soon she will want to move in with Grandma.

Sue sorry your not feeling well. That pizza sounds really good. Thanks for the recipe. It sounds like it is something that would be goods for the kids to make.

Angie WTG on the loss. Where do you work now?

Robin you have a bowflex? My son wants one. Did you see the commercials where you can have a bikini body in 6 weeks?

Sassy we have a night shift at our work also. There is only 2 workers on our night shift. They leave nice little gifts of dead mice all over my office for me to find in the morning.

Michelle how are you doing?

Hello to everyone else.

Must run and feed all the critters, and do a little cleaning and laundry.

Chat later.

Cafe Ole
07-21-2006, 09:06 AM
Morning - I couldn't sleep last night so I am dragging my butt big time. Last time I saw the clock was 1:45 and I have to get up by 4:30 UGH.

Kathy... Yep I have the Bowflex Ultimate XLTU. I do like it, I just don't really use it anymore. As far as a bikini bod in 6 wks for 20 min a day? LOL yea right. But I am more toned up but I doubt I will ever do the bikini thing again mainly due to having kids :)

Back in a bit... hoping everyone here leaves early so I can sneak out and go home LOL

07-21-2006, 09:59 AM
Good Morning Ladies

Shel--Did you take that personal day?? We all need personal days now and then. In fact, I need one everyday! :D

Robin--We had a "Total Gym 1000" and ended up getting rid of it. I really enjoyed using it, but it was the most awkward piece of equipment for a house that didn't have room for it. It tells ya, "easy to fold up and put away" was SO heavy!

Sue--Will have to try the pizza w/Jhanai sometime. I hope the "blahs" go away and you start feeling better.

Jane--Hi and come back when you're not so busy!

Kathy--Jhanai just gets prettier and prettier! Thanks for your compliments! How is the goat??

Hello to everyone else out there.

Went shopping for some healthier foods last night. Wasn't even going to go to the grocery, but started thinking how I need to start somewhere sometime!

Bought lots of veggies and some fruit. Going to try and plan a workout routine for next week. My hours change back to 11-7:30 and I can use the gym before work. Or doing something before work.

Going to come up w/something, I'm just determined too!!

Ok...need to get ready for work!

Hugs to you all!!:hug:

07-21-2006, 11:18 AM
Good morning, ladies,

I really should be busy, but I wanted to come here before I get too far behind. :dizzy:

Julie - you first! I hope all has gone as well as can be expected at the funeral, and that you made it home safely. I know you said you'd probably sleep all day, so I hope you get rested. I've been thinking of you and your family. :hug:

Sue - did you have terrible storms in the night? We did, and the lightening just went on and on and on, for over an hour. Hope you're over the blahs, and that you aren't getting sick.

Robin - I didn't see a link/ Neal used to go to Houghton Lake for a week every June before we got married, but I've never been. He says there isn't much to do but fish. If I get up that far, maybe we can meet up for lunch one day while he's fishing. I've got a good recipe for blackberry jelly if you want it, but it isn't diet. Sure-Jell does make a box of the sugar free stuff to use. Your vacation will be here before you know it. :yes:

Sassy - you know, except for the Harry Potter movie, I can't really think of any sequel that's as good as the original. Katie went to see Pirates the night it opened, at midnight, and lots of people were dressed up as pirates. One guy even had his car done up like a pirate ship, lol.

Angie - Mary stuck to me like Velcro, too, and would only let me go to work without her. I was a single mom at the time, and if I wanted to go out, I had to wait until she was asleep before the babysitter could come and watch her. Actually, we're still very close - emotionally and physically.

Marti - love your sleek and slim fingers, dahling, lol. I've got the same think going on. Too much time on the computer and not enough in the gym. I feel so much better when I eat clean, so why can't I do that every day? I was feeling sort of leery of the challenge, but think that's what we all need. To be accountable, you know?

Kathy - Caylin is 2 1/2 but honestly, she acts older since she's around her twin 4 y/o sister all day. Cleaning and laundry.... does it ever end??? :dizzy:

Joan Fay - if you're reading this, you've found the right place. I saw where you posted a bio, and so please join us here, where we do our daily check-in. We're glad to have you here! :)

I've got dinner for our guests in the crock pot. Baby carrots, new potatoes and beef roast. We'll also have fresh green beans, and fresh sliced tomatoes, with fresh fruit for dessert. Lots of fresh stuff, lol. Btw, if you haven't used the new crock pot liners, you oughta try them. Just be sure to spray Pam on it first.

Have a good one, ladies. :hug:

joan fay
07-21-2006, 12:32 PM
Feeling a little bummed today. Not normal for me. After going out to lunch
with a new acquaintance yesterday I'm up two pounds. I really didn't even want to go. The food was healthy and good - I just shouldn't have ordered dessert. The person seemed nice enough - just me.

Maybe I'm bummed because I'm anticipating another trip to the desert. My sister and I need to go and do some more cleaning at my mother's home. I'm not looking forward to it.

For some of you who don't know - my mother passed away in April. In someways it seems like yesterday and then again it seems a long time ago.
I will go tomorrow and get started and my sister will join me on Sunday.
The mobilhome is now ip for sale and the change in title should happen soon.
Honestly I had no idea what is involved when someone passes away. It just goes on and on. There was no will or trust so things are complicated.

The good new is - Lucy no longer has a splint on her little leg. She got a little excited and sprained some soft tissue in the front leg. She is now bouncing around just like normal. A bath and nail trim is in order today.
I would love to take her to the desert with me but my husband likes her home for company when I'm gone.

It is very muggy here - thank goodness it is not too hot or it would unbearable.

So upward on onward. I need to hit the old treadmill - have been off of it for almost a week. Not good.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. I am glad to be a part of the
"Jaded Ladies"

joan fay:cool:

Cafe Ole
07-21-2006, 01:52 PM
Hi Ladies!

Jane.. that would be cool if we could meet up if we get the chance. Drats on that link. It is about 30min N of Muskegon & right on Lake Michigan. It is our favorite place to camp :)

Joan.. I am so sorry about your Mom!

Everybody has days too & that weight will come right back off. That is great news on the splint coming off!

I told my dh that when we go on vacation next week he has to snap me when I drool over chocolate & ice cream LOL. Those darn reeces blizzards at the dairy queen are the best until after I eat it anyhow.

My headache is gone thank goodness & I got pulled over! I have very tinted windows as I suffer from Migraines and she didn't want the letter from my dr or eye dr -- I got a warning and was told to go see the Sec. of State to get a form & have it on my license so I won't get tickets in the future (funny how I have had this truck (also done to the car) for 3 years now & never had a problem LOL

Have a fabulous weekend to everyone!!!!! :hug:

joan fay
07-21-2006, 03:35 PM
Thanks Robin -- What a pain the the patoot - the tinted windows. Oh well do what you need to do to make it legal. And there the ones driving around with no drivers license and no insurance. Go figure. Have a wonderful vacation when you go. Just don't think about the Dairy Queen.
Everyone Have a wonder weekend
Joan Fay

07-21-2006, 05:47 PM
Hey Everybody. This will be a "Quickie" as I'm getting ready for work. *Sigh* lol.

Yes I took a personal day yesterday. I felt blechy and just rested.

Yes I heard people were going to do that opening night. That would have been cool to see. Yeah I think your right, Jane I think the only sequels that are just as good, if not better than the original is the Harry Potters. Well except I didn't like the last one much, it was okay, but wasn't my fav. But they are all still pretty good. ;) But the Pirates movie was pretty good.

Joan - Sorry to hear about your mom.........:hug:

And today is a beginning to a new day I say. I wanted to ask you ladies a question, if I could? What is your favorite healthy snack foods and how much of them do you eat? Also if anybody could please give me a typical menu that you eat, just to give me an idea? Sorry if I have asked this before. But today is a beginning to a new day so I want to really try again.

Also wanted to ask about Oatmeal. How much of it do you eat? I've been wanting some and also what all do you put in it? I was thinking about apples and cinnamon, only making my own here at home, not buying the pre-packaged stuff??

I think today I'm going to get a nice salad. Also what do you gals do with Cabbage that is healthy to eat? I've been wanting some..............Also one last Question...................What kind of Yogurt do you get? Been wanting some of that too, but don't want the high fat, high sugary kinds and also want something that tastes good, of course. :)

I would look them up on google @ work tonight but they have pretty much locked the internet down and by the time I get home from work I'm pretty bushed. So if you all wouldn't mind giving me just a couple ideas, I would glady appreciate it!!!!!!!!!

You may PM me if you like or PM me with your email addy and I'll email you. (won't be until tomorrow morning though when I get off of work or tomorrow evening before work)

Thanks so much in advance! :hug:

da fat n da furious
07-21-2006, 11:27 PM
hey all, its pretty warm here...melting a bit.

Shel, chop up all the cabbage and make slaw. Add some cellery for sure...Tony Roma's slaw is my favorite, they have some cellery seeds on top.
I have been eating, plain yogurt with blueberries. One of the ladies at work brings granola and makes a meal out of it with fruit and nuts and yogurt. looks good. Shel if you saw what I bring for food each day you would wonder how I lost You have to know your body,,,I know I hate drinking cold things in the morning, so I bring my coffee, and eat alot of fruit. By noon I am drinking water and racing to the bathroom.

Kathy, Im at an insurance company. Almost down in the city core.

Marti,,,by keeping the junk outside the door it does make eating healthy alot easier. I have been spending a small fortune on fruit,,,but then I think of the small fortune i spent on junk...equal trade.

Sue,,,arghhh well feeling blah sure sucks... have to admit your buble pizza does sound good.

Jane,,,dinner sounds wonderful...and healthy. I still have yet to find those pot liners.
Did I tell you we are doing WDW next month? We have our airline tickets booked,,,waiting for a house we are thinking of renting to get back to us. And Monte is checking prices for the parks. We have so far already bought tickets for a dinner and show...the Pirates dinner adventure.
What would you suggest since you are our group expert on WDW? What is the best way to buy the tickets,,, we are there 9 days,,,but with travel that knocks it down to more like 7-8 I want to spend 1 day at the beach. Universal Studio a couple of days. Which leaves us 3 days...cause a girl needs to shop!

Hi Joan....sorry to hear about your mom...its hard to learn about all the stuff on death and such... I keep begging my parents to get their wils done. My oldest brother keeps asking me if Ive talked to them...grrr

well I think Tanner and I are going to go see that movie we wanted to see last week.
Any plans for the weekend ladies? Thinking of coloring my hair,,,and relaxing.

07-22-2006, 10:52 AM
Good Saturday morning,

Angie - wow, no, I didn't know you were going to WDW!! I've got maps of each park that we brought home with us, if you want me to send them, I will. eBay is the only place you can get them ahead of time. They list all the attractions, restaurants, etc. You can plan your day with those. Disney MGM is my favorite park, and you would love it! Mondays are the best day to go there, since usually everyone runs to Magic Kingdom on Mondays. Then you could do Animal Kingdom on Tuesday, Magic Kindgom on Wedneday and Epcot on Thursday. Or go to a water park in-between. Just don't go to Magic Kingdom on Sat, Sun or Mon. Here's a link you just have to visit - - the place is much, much better than the official WDW site. I suggest you have a meal at the Fifties Diner at MGM. It's like stepping into the 50's, and everyone their is your "cousin". Mom makes you set the table, and if you get caught talking with food in your mouth, they will stand you in the corner - that happened to me, lol. They leave shy people alone, though. Mary and I didn't eat all of our green beans, so they had everyone in the place say woo, woo, woo, like an airplane, while they fed us, lol. Btw, WDW has lots and lots of healthy foods available.

Robin - well, at least you didn't get a ticket. You'd think a letter from the doc would suffice. :dizzy: Are you packed yet, lol? Planning a vacation is part of the fun! If/when we actually make plans to come to your state, I'll get with you on a meetup.

Shel - I have a variety of things I snack on, but one of my favorites is veggies with a dip made of 1/2 cup salsa, and 1 T. lite ranch dressing. It's also a good way to get veggies. Fruit is good, too, but too much can add weight! I like to have a bowl of cereal to get the crunch, lol. About oatmeal, I know a lot of people mention steel cut, but no store here carries it. I think the instant ones aren't as healthy as the cook kind, but it's still better than junk food. Here's what I do with cabbage: take 1/2 cup of the slaw mix, which is reg. cabbage, red cabbage, and carrots, add 1 T. walnut chips, 1 T. Miracle Whip, green or red pepper strips, 1T. lite honey mustard dressing, and 1 drained can chicken breast. Stir well, and place on flour or whole wheat tortilla. Makes 2 servings. This has fiber, Omega 3 fat, protein, etc. and it really stays with you until the next meal. Or you can shred it and add it to casseroles or soups. I always add it to my homemade vegetable soup.

Joan - I'm so sorry to hear about your mother! I lost mine in 1984, and I still miss her so. How far are you from the desert where you'll be cleaning the mobile home? So glad your dog is better. We all like our pets around here. Again, I'm glad you joined us. :yes:

Marti - bet you're glad the day shift is over for you now. Is this your weekend with Jhanai? Tell her Aunt Jane LOVES her photo in your avatar.

Julie - hope you're getting rested from your trip and will pop in here soon. :hug:

Sue - I hope you got the same break in temps that we have down here!

Mary Kate - miss you. :(

Everyone else - hello :wave:

Well, ladies, the temp has dropped 30 degrees! It was 97 on Thursday, and this morning it's 67. I almost need my coat, lol. I can tell you I will be spending some time outside today. Mary will be so glad that the kids can go out again, and I'll be right there with them. :carrot:

The dinner with my niece (Carol) and her DH went so well. He's a big eater, and did justice to everything on the table. Twice. :D Carol is the one I meet for lunch in town once a month. Her mom passed away 19 years ago, and Carol and I vowed to stay close. So far, so good. Btw, I did good with the food. Not perfect, but good.

Have a good day, ladies,

07-22-2006, 01:24 PM
Well, DD and I got back around 1:00 AM Friday morning but DH says he doesn't know how since it seems I only have one of the four cylinders working....I told him it was acting up and he told me to just drive it back and I guess that the Smokey mountains did the little car in. We had planned on my DH tinkering with it until next summer when two of our loans are paid off and we can get something new. Our friend brought us a junkyard engine from a wrecked car and DH will somehow test it before actually putting it in the car to make sure it's okay. Sunday DS is coming over to help put it in if DH thinks it will be okay.

The funeral was nice and everyone behaved. The service was on their property near a little creek. Here is a link that shows my DD, DS and their grandfather, his wife and their son taken about four-five (?) years ago my ds would have been around 16/17 and dd 14/15. Even though this was my DH's stepfather and he and MIL divorced when he remarried this wife and had a child, he didn't forget my kids. Of all the grandparents my mom and this man are the most loving and supportive of our kids.

May BBL...

07-22-2006, 01:25 PM
Happy Saturday Everyone!

A big Hello and Welcome to Joan Fay!! :wave:

My training on early hours is over. Doesn't necessarily mean my training is done though. Just don't need to come in earlier. Of coarse it took 2wks for me to finally get used to those hours!!:D

Jane--No this isn't my weekend w/Jhanai. She's been staying here much longer than the weekend when she stays. James took her home on Wednesday. Thats the nice thing about Summer Break!!

Joan--Sorry to hear about your mother. At least you're not going to clean her house alone. That would be hard. Glad you found us and hope that you enjoy our neck of the woods!

Robin--I never even thought about tinting windows to help for migraines! I will have to pass that along to one of the gals I work with!!

Shel--Hmmm....I don't have a favorite "one" thing that I tend to snack on all the time. I do love Oriental Rice Crackers from Trader Joes. I love to put them on my salad instead of croutons and I sometime even crush them and put it on my Cottage Cheese to give that some crunch. (So maybe I do have a favorite!:D ) I don't eat cabbage unless someone else prepares it. Gives me too much gas! :o
I have just changed my eating habits to try and get myself to eating healthier. I eat breakfast ALWAYS otherwise I'm starving by the end of the day. I have been bringing fruit and veggies and a sandwhich for lunch at work. And then whatever I can come up with for dinner. It's not necessarily light meals for dinner, but the rest of the day is ok. I also plan on incorporating exercise into my day. That should help in Weight Loss. (at least I'm hoping)
I'm still figuring out what is going to work for me.

Angie-- WDW???? I wanna go! How fun!! Take pictures and share with us. Boy, Jane looks like she's got your itinerary all done for you! Fantastic. 9 days sounds great. I told James that the next time we vacation, I want to stay longer than 4 days. Get in some real vacation time. Plus I want to check San Fran out on the weekend. So much always going on and we tend to leave Friday mornings.

Hello and morning to the rest of you gals.

Well I need to get ready and take my car in to get new tires. Needed them before vacation but didn't want to put the miles on brand new tires!! So that is my plans for the day.

Chat w/you all later!

07-22-2006, 01:27 PM
Hi Jules!! You snuck in while I was yammering away. I tried the link and it wouldn't let me view it. :( So glad to hear that everyone behaved. A funeral is the last time and place to act up. Especially about money.

Hugs to you Jules!:hug:

07-22-2006, 01:43 PM
Jules--I got it to work. Are you in any of those photos? That is a great photo site? I would have loved to have done one of those for my grandma and my brother. May have to look into that.

Thanks for sharing.

07-22-2006, 01:45 PM
Hop on over to 204!