General Diet Plans and Questions - Success with SlimFast #8 -started thread 08/29/01

08-29-2001, 09:15 PM
So how is everyone doing....

Does anyone know if it is possible to order SlimFast off the internet anywhere?

jenny 1
08-30-2001, 10:06 AM

Just found a black looks like a thread/fiber in my shake but it was enough to gross me out. Only drank 1/2 of my shake.

I realized for me, that I don't seem to get as full when I drink the strawberry or vanilla shakes. But the chocolate shakes always make me feel full. The vanilla shakes are the least satisfying. I have a new box of vanilla that I don't want to open. The chocolate seems twice as thick as the others too. Do they have equal ingredients, or does chocolate have more fiber or something?

I think I will investigate this today.

I am going to look at changes that I need to make to speed up my progress. I think my late night snack is very counter productive to my daytime efforts. So I need to stop buying the junk for DH and make him eat healthy snacks at night too. Because I always eat a very bad snack #3.

I wonder if eating soup for dinner will speed me up a lot?

Well I hope you all are good, when I find out if there are ingredient differences I will post them.


08-30-2001, 11:27 AM
Hi ladies,
I haven't been around for a while, but things are coming along. I have my shake (not slimfast) that keeps me going and I have a light lunch and dinner. The snacking is becoming less of a problem for me because I have learned whenever I think I'm hungry I drink a glass of water. And/ or I take a chewable fiber wafer that is very yummy. I can't talk about the specifics of my program because it is from a direct sales company and people here don't like that. But it is working for me- it is whole food based with nothing wierd in it.

the thing I am noticing when people post here what they ate there is little or no fruits and veggies. This is so important to our health let alone weightloss! Everything you read about health and nutrition is about getting more fruits and veggies. I know it is hard but it is so important.

Sorry to get on a soap box.

Best of luck to all of you!!

jenny 1
08-30-2001, 02:22 PM
Do any of you go out to the Slimfast website? You can sign up as a member and track your weight, journal, etc....

I did this when I started. I need to weigh to show my progress.

It has some really good tips for dinners and snacks.

Oh well, I did break open the vanilla. It has filled me up some, not as good and chocolate though.

I must be making progress if the shakes are filling me up. That is a nice feeling. My tummy aches are getting less and less bad too.

Well my menu:
Breakfast: 1/2 shake
Snack1: Energy bar
Snack 2: Grapes
Dinner: ???????
Snack 3: Apple

09-02-2001, 10:34 AM
Hi everyone. Sorry it's been a while since I posted that pic. My computer crashed on me and I could not see the results of the last post. I have been reprograming for the last three days. :dizzy: Anyway that pic is the current one so I'll try to post the old one now. If it does not work I'll try later.
I am back to loosing after about a month of no progress. I lost about 4 pounds in the last week. I had a major schedual changfe that really messed with my eating habbits. I now work days and have to have my meal at night. Those evenings in front of the tv are hard on the diet. Sometimes going on line and surfing gets me distracted from my munchies though. I have also been excercising more. Doing crunches and weights. My Body By Jake crunch machine is great and easy to use. The weights are in the basement so I am not to good about doing them. I alreaddy bench press 65 pounds so Iam not too bad in that dept. Well hare goes the attempt at the pic. For new ones the current one is on thread 7.;)

jenny 1
09-04-2001, 10:46 AM
:eek: Cowgirl!! Wow you look great. I had to go back and look at the first picture. Did you lose all of your weight so far with Slimfast?

If so that is such a great boost for the rest of us.

You should be able to adjust to eating the dinner meal instead of lunch, although it may take a week or so to really get comfy with it.

I am really feeling encouraged now, thanks!!

Well I will come back later.

Not much to report, still running and drinking my slimfast.


09-09-2001, 09:01 AM
Thanks Jenny, yes I lost all of it with Slimfast!:D I lost more this week. I am finally used to the new shedual and I think it actually works better having the meal at night. I get so hungry sometimes at work but I have found that having a bowl of cereal (multi-grain) in the morning helps to stop that. Yesterday I almost forgot to have my shake for lunch! I have lost almost 10 more pounds and have reached the goal of getting below 250. Now to get below 250! I weighed in at 257 this morning! The last time I was this light was in 1993. Yes keep on going. We can do it if we just stick to the plan and don't get discouraged if we have a bad week\month or whatever. Lets all keep encouraging each other.

320\257\175 :smug:

09-09-2001, 09:04 AM
:o oops I mistyped the previous old goal weight. It was to get below 260 not 250 which is the current goal. I tried to edit but could not do anything except delete.

09-09-2001, 11:43 AM
Hi everyone,

I need some advice, I am still losing on the slimfast but the past week I have had a serious craving for anything sweet, I did indulge but found that instead of the craving going away it became worse :devil: I am determined to start again today and stick to it, as I was doing ok for the first two weeks.

Any advice would be welcome.

Thanks for listening


09-10-2001, 11:44 AM
I get those cravings sometimes too. I try having a piece of fruit. If that does not work try Jello. It is full of sugar but no fat. How much carbs do you get a day? Sugar is a source of carbs and if you are not getting enough that could be causing the cravings. Try having a bowl of multi grain cereal with skim or 1% milk. Cravings usualy mean your body is trying to tell you it needs something. Most of the time it my cravings come from the fact that I keep my carbs very low in my meals. Slimfast does have a lot odf sugar and therefore a lot of carbs so I try to control it in my meal. Refined sugar, pasta and white rice are high in carbs and could slow or stop weight loss if you eat too much of it but your brain needs carbs to work right so you can't cut them out altogather. balance is the key. I once had the munchies for two weeks. I thought I wanted junk food and could not get rid of the hungar. One day I ate 1\2 bag of tortilias and sour cream and salsa. My munchies were gone the next day. I think I really needed the carbs! I started loosing more weight that week too.
Always listen to your body. Sometimes the message is important.
Hope this helps.

09-10-2001, 05:39 PM
Cowgirl just gave you all a reason NOT to use Slimfast! I wanted something to take on a trip to have in the car, and I remember looking at the label on a Slimfast, and disgustedly putting it back on the shelf because of all the sugar in it! Jenni - you're diet has sugar from Slimfast and sugar from grapes (grapes are not allowed on my diet). No wonder you all are wanting snacks at night and getting cravings. I have cut my sugar to ZERO except for 1 raw fruit a day (and that's fructose, a good sugar), and I don't get afternoon blahs (low blood sugar) or evening munchies. Even if you run, you don't need glucose gels or sport drinks unless you go over 90 minutes.

For dieting, try a protein shake with no / low sugar instead and you'll feel much better. It'll help conserve your muscle mass too. Sorry to bash Slimfast, but why not eat healthy, whole foods and not depend on canned crap the rest of your life.

P.S. This is my first mean post, but I'm just trying to help.:^:

09-10-2001, 06:11 PM

What fruits are low in sugar? I happen to catch this post (which I agree with you on, by the way) and found it interesting about certain fruits being worse than others. I'm trying to adopt the light carb/low sugar diet and I have heard berries are good. I like strawberries. What about cantaloup?

For everyone else...I'm not on the Atkins plan, but I do like his shakes. They taste like Slim Fast but have very low sugar and carb content. They also have 170 calories vs. 220 in the Slim Fast. They also fill me up longer. I drink one as a mid-day snack and it picks me up and holds me over until dinner without the sweet cravings. Anyone try them? they are quite pricey though!

Thanks alot!
Lisa ;)

09-10-2001, 09:20 PM

Your comments were duly noted and we are all entitled to our own opinion, however I was wondering if you ever had or do have a weight problem. What might work for one person might not necessarily work for another for me personally I didn't think that your comments were helpful, I feel that we are here to motivate each other and to give encouragement. I have chosen to use slimfast it is my choice. As for relying on tinned crap as you so delicately put it for the rest of my life is not going to happen. The shakes fit into my lifestyle and I as I only have to rely on planning one meal per day, I have found that on previous diets planning a full days menu left me more obsessed with food as well as deciding what I am going to eat each day. As for craving something sweet hey I am only human after all, if anything is wrong with my eating pattern at the moment is that I am not eating enough vegetables which are filling and very low in calories. It just felt to me that you were trying to give us some sort of lecture and for me personally it definately was not appreciated.

jenny 1
09-12-2001, 06:45 PM
Rhonwyn -- I eat grapes cuz I like them. Who cares that they have sugar in them. I run 4-10 miles a day and yes I do crave sugar especially at night. I don't think grapes are the reason for it, and I do not eat grapes everyday. Actually the days I am ravenous at night are the days I eat like airpopped corn or celery sticks as snacks. Some people like sugar and I happen to be one of them.

I am not largely overweight, but do want to lose some pounds.

As for a dependency on canned foods for the rest of my life, I will assume that you grow your own foods and never buy anything from a grocery store except meat and fresh veggies (which are covered in chemical insecticides and most genetically engineered and the meat is pumped full of steroids). If you do buy canned foods and eat meat from a grocery store then you need to adjust your previous post.

I drink Slimfast because I cannot take vitamins without throwing up. As for low energy I have more now, I wake up better in the morning and I no longer fall asleep at my desk. When I run I drink water. I am not an idiot and know what to do when I run.

This thread is about SUPPORT for those using Slimfast. If all you are here to do is bash it, then you obviously don't understand what this thread is about. Insulting me and what I do in my life day to day isn't exactly the best way to get me to "see your light". I have tried practically every diet and I like this one. Case closed. I am sorry that you did not like it.

PS. I don't remember asking for your "help".

09-12-2001, 08:40 PM
:s: Way to go bren and Jenny. If we wanted to be discouraged we would not be here! If you don't like it GET LOST! We all need a certain amount of sugar and where we choose to get it is our own buiseness. I lost 75 pounds on Slimfast and before you get on this kick no I don't have loose skin and no muscles! Someone else suggested that to me this week. I have great skin tone and am probably stronger than most of the "healthy weight" people out there!
Everyone responds diferently to different diets and it's not our fault you failed on Slimfast (you did try it before condeming it I hope!) This post is for people who are succeding and we don't need any negative attituds around here! Ronwyn you are not needed or apreciated here. If you want to contribute something positive than perhaps we may listen. Until then Goodbye! :mad:
For everyone else stick to it. We can do anything if we help each other and never give up or let others put us down fo our choices.:)

jenny 1
09-13-2001, 10:02 AM

Rhonwyn -- If you come back an additional note to you, I believe what I do with my body is my choice, considering it is mine. What I buy in the grocery store is also my choice considering the money used came from a paycheck with my name across the front. I feel you have zero right or business telling me what you think is wrong with me. I am very active and have been running for years. As for me not having muscle or depleting muscle that is a bunch of crap. I run daily anywhere from 25 minutes up to 3.5 hours on weekends and I would never put myself in harms way. As for eating I absolutley do love sweets and I do indulge. My "regular" food choices strictly follow the food pyramid (the best diet, in my opinion).

I can't seem to understand why people who know nothing about me feel as if they have some personal stake in my life and health, I don't butt into your threads and bash your diet or your exercise or what you eat. Please remember this before you offer others your VERY unsoliticed feedback/criticizim. Because I did not ask for your feedback you had no place to give it. If you want to generally post your dis-like for something by all means, but don't put my name into your posts singling me out. Or for that matter anyone else.

Everyone chooses the WOE that fits their lifestyle, you don't know a single thing about me but you immediately judged me by what I eat in a day and didn't take the time to approach me in a nice way and ask me why I chose Slimfast as my WOE. Had you done that you may not have totally p!ssed me off.

We all know that you think we are just hurting ourselves/wasting our time and money but that is our choice. You have made your point, so now just buzz off.

jenny 1
09-13-2001, 10:16 AM
Hi everyone!

I am only steaming now ;)

I am drinking my yummy chocolate shake as I type this.

I have not had a "bad" snack in 5-6 days, YEAH!! I decided last week that I had to cut it out and only have a treat once every two - four weeks.

MY exercise is great, I am starting a weight lifting class and an aerobics class next week. I am excited. My friend is the aerobics instructor, so I should have fun. As it gets colder I am going to start working out at the gym in the morning and run outside as long as there is no snow. Haven't decided if I will lift or swim in the morning. I am really looking forward to this change/added exercise. My hips tend to get sore and stressed from running so I might do water aerobics on the really sore days (I am not that sore that often).

BTW -- Wish me luck I am competing in a 5k Saturday and a 10k Sundayfor work. And I am going for speed this time. :s: Today I signed up for a 17k in October and a 15k in November also for work. I am aiming for the Flying Pig marathon next April (26.2 miles), although I would rather run in the Disney marathon in January(too expensive this year). I plan on competing in several bi-athalons with my friend next year, so I gotta get into full training mode.

Well we have all been under attack here so please come back and let me know how you are doing.

I am seeing losses especially in my back, which for me is always the first place I lose from. My fat back is getting skinny, yeah. I am experiencing lots of skinny days lately. That is a great sign.

Other than what I posted not much else is going on, just need to buy a new pair of running shoes for inside. Exciting!

Please come back!!:^:

See you later.


jenny 1
09-13-2001, 02:48 PM
Devoted -- You said that you drink Atkins shakes? Some people say there good others have told me that they are nasty. But you think they are Slimfast comparable?

Do they mix with water or Milk?

I never buy them because of the price, OUCH.

I do however like Myoplex lite. I drink these a lot as well. They are very very expensive though, but the huge envelopes will make like 2-3 shakes. So I (in my opinion) think that for what you get it is overall not horrible in price. But the $45 dollar a box price sticker hurts. These can be mixed with milk or water or milk substitutes. And they taste REALLY great even with water.

Next time I am in the health foods store I will check out the Atkins can to see what is in it. I have issues with soy and dairy so I have to watch for products that are mainly soy based.

Thanks for the Atkins info and anymore you can offer. Oh, do you think it is worth the money?

09-13-2001, 03:16 PM
Hi Jenny,

I buy the ready-drink Atkins shakes in the individual cans. They are the same size as the Slim Fast ready-drink cans and come in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. I think they taste VERY similar to Slim Fast as I used to be on the Slim Fast plan myself. The differences are in the calorie content and sugar/carbohydrate contents as the Atkins plan is very low carb/sugar. There is, however, a bit more fat in the Atkins shake vs. the Slim Fast shake. Like I said, the cost borders on ridiculous ($2.99 per can), but since I am trying to adjust to this low carb/low sugar WOE, it's worth it for me. They fill me up and keep me satisfied for hours. No bad cravings. Check it out if you get a chance. It also has all the vitamins and I don't think it has any Soy in it.

I have never used the Atkins powder shakes, so I can't speak for those. I think these ready-drink cans are fairly new for Atkins. I've never seen them before.

Thanks for the heads up on the Myoplex! I'm going to check it out.

Have a great day!
Lisa ;)

09-13-2001, 04:23 PM
You all can do to your bodies what you want, I'm just trying to tell you what took 30 pounds off of me: NO ADDED SUGAR (and grapes are not allowed on my diet which is doctor prescribed). No carrots or bananas either. The diet's nutrient ratio is 50% lean protein, 35% carbs (one slice of bread a day is the only starch) and 15% fat.

I have run 4 full marathons (26.2 miles) in the past 5 years and managed to stay fat by eating too many carbs and sugars. If I did another I would only use glucose polymer gels during my long runs and not carbo load anymore - I also read an article in Runner's World that carbo-loading doesn't work in women. Women should eat extra fat before a marathon like peanuts (unless allergic).

If you like running think about doing a marathon for a charity - Leukemia Society, Diabetes Association and Team Arthritis (there may be others too).

I do not eat canned food - mushy and usually too much salt ICK.

My friend and I picked our own chestnuts last week and they were wonderful, like little presents from God, and I would eat homegrown and all organic if I could but that's not practical where I live. I managed to grow:
one tomato between FIVE vines and a teeny pumpkin :(

I like to help people, not bash them.

By the way, did you know a large shipment of the Slimfast drinks were recalled for giving people gastric upset? I hope none of you had any of those. I saw the article in my e-mail from

09-13-2001, 08:40 PM
Although your comments are doubtless well meant, Rhonwyn, this is a SUPPORT thread - for people who are using Slim-Fast. No doubt these gals (and maybe some guys lurking about!) have heard all the pro's and con's about using the product (since it's a subject that pops up frequently) but the 'unwritten rule' on a support thread is NOT to bash the chosen WOE, even if well meant.

Just wanted to add my two cents. Carry on, girls! :)

PS - sorry for the mixup about the thread closings a while back! :o

09-14-2001, 06:58 AM
Cow girl,

thanks for the tip on the jello it really took the edge of my craving, I think as well that when its near my TOM I get a craving for sugar. The craving has now gone and I feel better in myself, I have also found that drinking a lot of water has improved my skin, and I am actually starting to feel the benefits of using slimfast. The only thing I think I need to improve on at the moment is to try and fit more exercise into my day.

jenny 1
09-14-2001, 10:10 AM
I have tons of Jello (sugar-free) stashed away in a cupboard. I will have to make some. It sounds really good.

I wanted to let you all know that I asked Mrs. Jim to lock 2 of the older Slimfast threads, as they are not being used anymore by us. Some others have posted opinions and we might as well close them, so no confusion is caused. Hopefully they will soon fall to the second page.

I ran 2miles yesterday. That was all I had time for. I needed to take my sister and nephew home. But it was hot and I have been really tired this week. I got more rest last night and feel a little better today.

It went from hot yesterday 4-6pm to really cold by 7pm. This morning it was really cold out. I guess I need to pull out my winter clothes and start packing some of my summer clothes.

I again did not snack last night. I was too tired to chew by 9:30-10pm, so I honestly didn't even think about a snack.

Well it sounds like we might be hopefully getting back to normal on this thread.

So please keep posting!!


09-14-2001, 10:34 AM
I spotted Rhonwyn's post. Thanks, Mrs Jim for your post. We have had a bit of that stuff in Low Carb - i.e., putting down our WOE.

You know, reading this thread made me remember that I have some Chocolate Slimfast in my cupboard. I am trying to do a low carb and WW combo and may dig out the Slimfast for a meal or two during the week. I will come back and post how it makes me feel. I am not a successful dieter on any program so it's worth a try.

I absolutely agree that everyone has to find what works for them! I'm still looking at 62!

jenny 1
09-14-2001, 11:00 AM
Thanks for your support Ruth.

If we were all made exactly the same and had the exact same lifestyles then I suppose there would only be one diet available. But were not so we must choose what fits us.

Thanks again!

09-14-2001, 07:19 PM
:lol: Glucose Polymer Gels?, Hmmm, which part of the yard do you grow those in? Sounds canned to me! :lol:

Hey girls(and guys) glad to hear from everyone. I'm glad the Jello helped, Bren. I know Mrs Jim does not care for Slimfast so I realy want to thank her for having an open mind. Just because we don't agree with each others WOL is no reason to go putting them down. There is a place for that ,by the way, in the Scams thread. Rohnwyn might find company she likes there.
Also I have heard some not too nice things about Atkins so please remember thay no diet is perfect except the one God intended. I agree, the food pyramid is the best. Unfortunatly I can never keep track of all those things. Someone needs to put a Food mover on the market that is affordable and available in stores.I have often thought I could use one of them but I don't want the price tag and all the stuff that comes with it. No I'm not knocking Richard Simmons. I really like him and have some of his tapes but Hey how many do I need? Besides my budget is limited. Which is another reason I love Slimfast. It saves me a lot on groceries or having to buy my lunches at work. Personally I use the Wal mart version now but it is similar.
I was doing great on my weight loss till this week. I have been cheating the last three days(who can blame me) Also I am near my TOM and I always gain 10 pounds untill the week of. Must be water because it comes right off and then some the next week.
Jenny its great you run all those Marathons! I wish I could just jog but I hurt my knees in a horseback riding accident and they can't take the stress. I do try to ride frequently and do lots of other things to get excersise. I am trying to get into lifting too as I have my own weights.
Well gota go.

jenny 1
09-17-2001, 03:02 PM

I did average this weekend. It was an on the go type weekend. I ran in my races and did really good. My knees are sore though.

I had so many parties to attend and you know what is at parties, cake and junk and yes I did indulge, not horribly but any indulgences are really bad. So I am back on track today and ready to diet.

My DH and I spent most of Saturday afternoon cooking homemade veggie soup. It was so delicious. All garden fresh ingredients. We plan to eat on it until it is gone or until we get sick of it, which ever comes first. We are talking about canning a few jars. YUMMY

Next week will be chicken and noodles, YUMMY :love: I can't wait.

I need to get back to my soup meals. I lost weight and maintained eating soup. But then my work schedule changed and it was no longer a convenient meal. So I stopped doing it. If I keep eating homemade soups and chili then I will never stop.

Well Cowgirl, we all have TOM and I know what you are talking about I seem to crave food like I am completely possessed during that time. It will pass and you will jump back aboard the diet. Last week was a horrible week and a nerve wrecking week. So on top of TOM you had to be going crazy.

Well, I gotta get some work done. See you tomorrow!

09-18-2001, 09:47 PM
Dear Jenny,

Hi - I'm a Jenny too! :)

Your post about eating soups really sparked my interest! Do you make all your own soups or do you alternate between that and canned? Either way, I love soup but I love homemade way more than canned. The problem is - I'm a complete novice when it comes to making homemade soups. Do you have any good recipes that you'd be willing to share?


jenny 1
09-19-2001, 09:57 AM
Hello everyone.

Jenny -- I use both canned and homemade. A good site for recipes is They have some great recipes, this is where I get my soup recipes from. Anything you want to make they have so many recipes to choose from, and people can rate the recipes once they try them. Everything I have made from that site has been really good.

This weekend is chicken and noodles, yummy.

Not much else to report on. I am waiting for the rain to pass. I am home alone tonight so I will probably treadmill it.

Oh well,

See you all later!


09-19-2001, 12:44 PM
Hi there,I have just started slimfast again.I had a baby 6 weeks ago and need to once again lose the 60+pounds I gained.I lost about 20+ lbs on it last year after switching from low low fat that I lost the first 30 with and it was pretty easy and fast. I didn't gain it back fast even overeating like alot of people say you do.I had to really over do it(which I did :P)so I found the opposite.So I hope you don't mind if I join you!I really need the support especially since 3 weeks ago my husband and I moved our 2 kids across canada for a new job.So now I live up in Yellowknife(small town) as opposed to Vancouver(big city)and I am finding it very lonely since I have no long distance yet and OMG ITS COLD!!! which tends to make me eat(having no one to talk to).I am a big binge eater and have to have my 1 day a week to do so.Otherwise heres to losing it!!