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07-13-2006, 03:27 AM
I don't know, good evening girls, good morning girls....I got up to go to the bathroom and put the dog up on the bed (we bought him doggy stairs for our new bed but he is afraid to use them...$50 down the drain)then couldn't go back to sleep so decided to just get up for a little while, order Jack a new splint for his foot and order a gift card for my dil for her birthday, which is a week from tomorrow.

My niece was given a platelets tranfusion and put on steriods to build her up. They said the bleeding in the brain could be from anything including riding in the car to the hospital. Personally, considering she has had a violent headache from the second day she got sick, which was over 3 weeks ago, I would say maybe the bleeding started then, but who am I to say? Anyway, for now she is out of danger.

Jack had his first pt appt yesterday and barely made it in time. He said if he hadn't driven 70-75 the whole way he would never have made it so they are going to have to change his Thur appts to 4:00 instead of 3:30. It made dinner late for us last night as we usually eat around 4 pm. I had some fruit around 2 to stave off the hunger though there isn't anything horrible in the house to eat any longer. I sure hope they can get that muscle stretched out so he is no longer in pain. He was without pain for almost two weeks, but he was also in the hospital and on holiday for a big part of that and I am thinking it is his work shoes that make his foot hurt as it is back to hurting him again. Because of the electrical issue, he has to wear certain boots/shoes that are electrically safe and steel toes to protect them because of the mechanical issues.

Jean: I'm with you in that I hope the cat either eats the food and gets healthy or goes off to die somewhere other than your porch. We have to chase Butterscotch down when Jack needs to get into the attic so he won't go zooming up there. If he is downstairs, I stand at the bottom of the stairs and keep him from going up them when he hears the creak of the attic door. We have this human/cat conversation while we are waiting. I tell him he can't go up and he meows, why not?:lol: He is much more of a backtalker than Fortune is.:D Boy howdy, if you have displeased him or he wants something from you, he lets you know. It is pretty comical actually.

Well gals, I am going to go back to bed or maybe get in the recliner. I have been having hip pain for a few weeks now and think it is because I am losing weight and the daily exercise. That's all fine and dandy, but it sure doesn't help it feel any better. I put heat rub on it and that helps, but once it wears off it goes back to hurting. It usually subsides sometime in the night, but it isn't cooperating tonight so I may have to rub myself up and put on pjs instead of a gown to keep the stuff of the sheets.

Everybody have a good Thursday!


07-13-2006, 02:36 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I'm waiting for Bob to get home so we can head up to MIL's. We have to exchange boat trailers so will stop and see her too. He is going to call her and tell her we are bringing an early supper . . . she loves grilled hamburgers or hot dogs, but never fires up the grill herself. I bought some strawberries yesterday and Bob is going to see if there are any sweet corn vendors on his way to work. :T Can't much easier than that!

"Gma" -- When I saw the time of your post I wondered what/why you were up to so late/early! ;) I hate it when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't back to sleep. Our paper is delivered around 3 AM and if the moon is out, "Mom" thinks it is time to take a tour of the bed. :rolleyes: She will pat Bob on the face, but never bothers me unless my feet happen to be in her spot. :lol: Did Jack wear out his first brace or are you going to try a different one? I hope the pt will do the trick for him! I also hope your niece continues to improve and that the doctors can figure out what is causing the problem. That is so scary! When Jason was going through his hip ordeal, the doctors told us to give him Ecotrin which is coated extra strength (I think) aspirin. He still takes it whenever his hip bothers him. Well, Bob just pulled in the driveway so I need to scoot.

Have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-14-2006, 06:37 AM
Good morning ladies. Hope you are well this morning. Looks like my niece will be in the hospital at least over the weekend and then she may get to come home. Her bone marrow came back clean and clear so it is something involving the original diagnosis. She is on steroids for several weeks to see if they can bring up her blood platelet count. If not, they may have to remove her spleen.

Jean: Jack says his first brace is stretched out so I ordered another one. He has pretty skinny feet and wears a 9 1/2 but I bought the smaller shoe size this time to see if it fits better for him. I don't know why they would go by shoe size when it has nothing to do with the length of his foot but fits around his ankle then a strap goes under his foot. He says he thinks the PT sessions are helping him though, so I am glad he went.

Well, I had my first icky meal. I fixed Coq AU Vin and it tasted awful. Too much thyme for one thing. I tossed the whole thing down the drain and Jack went and got us a burger. Not a great solution, but it was almost 6:30 by the time we were going to eat and we usually eat at 4. The fan on our AC quit so Jack came home and was checking fuses before we ate too. Guess we will have to take it in because he didn't see any blown ones. Not a good time for this to happen for sure.

I am up to date on gifts now. I sent my dil a beautiful silver trinket box that plays Unforgettable and had it engraved, sent my niece a teddy bear in a nurses uniform with cookies, and sent my dd a check for their anniversary. My next expense is my sil's birthday, which is AUG 16. Like I said, his birthday is the day Elvis died so not hard to remember with the mess around here that day. You'd think the president had died with the thousands of mourners that show up here every year. I think it is ridiculous, personally. Fan or no fan, GROW UP for heaven's sake.

I guess I better hit the bricks and get my morning chores done. Everybody have a super day!


07-14-2006, 10:30 AM
Happy day, flowers, we're having rain again - hope we don't get thunderstorms...too much going on at work to have to shut down the computers. New server goes in on Sunday and conversion to new database starts Monday so you may not hear much from me until the following week. I really am stretched a little thin already and this will finish me. I told DH to be prepared to go to bed at 8 pm all next week. He's doing a bit better now that he is home and gaining strength.

I knew it would rain - painters came and did some yesterday and were supposed to come back today. Oh well...

Faye, hope they figure out what's wrong with you niece and get her on the road to recovery. Prayers will continue for her.

07-14-2006, 02:15 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's supposed to be a hot one today, but so far isn't too bad on my walk out to the mailbox. There is going to be an auction two houses away from us (dead end of the street) and there has been a steady stream of cars going by all morning. I even saw the port-a-pot go by. :lol: I'm glad I have a driveway to pull into; I just hope some dummy doesn't block us in tonight! (not that we have anywhere to go, but just in case)

"Gma" -- So what was your "icky" meal made of? The name doesn't even sound good to me. :no: I hope the ac fan is something simple to fix . . . I don't envy you w/o it in this heat. I will continue to hope your niece keeps improving; it would be great if they can figure out the cause. Your gifts all sound like great ideas. :D I hope your daughter enjoys her new vacuum and shares it with her hubby! :lol3:

Susan -- I wish you could send some of your rain our way! ;) We need it badly. I hope all of the computer "stuff" works right the first time so that you can relax and it will go smoothly for you. As I said before, I am not good about computer knowledge; I can type like a whiz but that's where it all ends! :rolleyes:

I hear the dryer buzzing so it's time to change laundry loads. Have a great weekend!

Jean -- :cool: in Iowa!

07-14-2006, 03:29 PM
Afternoon gals! I am kind of bored so instead of grabbing something to eat, thought I would post again.

Jean: The meal was in a crockpot and layered: bacon (I used a tbl of real bacon that comes in the can for salads because less fat) then onion, then chicken broth, then burgundy, then thyme then skinless boneless chicken breast, salt and pepper. You cook it for 5 hours then take out the breasts and stir in 1/4 c tomato paste and 3 tbls spoon flour and let it cook for 15 minutes on high then replace meat. It had too much thyme in it and I just thought it tasted awful. It is unappetizing to look at too. The wine turns the boneless breasts GRAY and they look gross! Jack has a real pet peeve about people parking in front of our garage even if we aren't going anywhere for the whole weekend. He goes out and makes them move. I try to calm him down so he doesn't get into trouble, but it never works. People know better, they just don't give a darn if they block you in.

Susan: Hope you can get some rest with what is ahead the next week for you. I know it will be quite a mess. At our law firm, anything having to do with the computers was done with people from the main office, which was in Indianapolis, 3 hours away. They would come up for a week and wreak havoc then go back home and start it all over again the next time they updated or whatever they did. Since I was the litigation file manager for the firm, my first desk was in the LIBRARY! They didn't have a spare one and shoved me in there. It was awful because one file room was down at the other end of the floor and the main one was upstairs. I don't know why they didn't make it so that I could just stay in the darn main file room upstairs, give me a computer and let me work. I did love working there though some of the lawyers drove me bonkers, especially the women. I had a great rapport with the men. In fact, one of the attorneys who was a real smart aleck, dressed down his staff in front of others, was a real pain to work, for loved me. I guess because I told him off right after I went to work there. He made me mad because he wanted to change something that had been set up by the head of litigation and I told him off. From that time on we got along splendidly and the last time I visited, which was almost two years ago, he came jogging up to me and gave me a big bear hug, told me I looked fabulous and he missed me! I almost fainted right there. I was also the favorite of the office administrator which was funny because I had no problem voicing disappoval over something that needed to be taken care of properly. I guess if I had to work more closely with her, we might not have gotten along because she was a real pill. She was sleeping with the managing partner and both of them were married. Everytime his secretary dared to bring it to light (ie, receipts for hotels etc that were to go to accounting) she would fire her. He went through at least 5 secretaries while I was there. The last I heard his wife still turns a blind eye and the OA is divorced. Her dh was a real doll and I felt sorry for him.

Ok, I have blabbed enough about absolutely nothing. I am waiting for Jack to get home in a couple hours so we can go swimming. It is upper 90's here and the heat index is in the 100's. The humidity is nearly 80% so he is pretty miserable at work so we go swimming when he gets home from work on those days.


07-14-2006, 05:02 PM
Faye, even though my husband was a chef and used wine in some of the dishes he made, neither one of us care for it in our food. I made a receipe out of Julia Child's "Art of French Cooking" back when we were first married that required a whole chicken and a whole bottle of wine -- went into the trash. Then I made a pork stew that had beer in it -- talk about awful!

07-14-2006, 06:38 PM
Ladies, I could use a little internet hand holding. The cardiologist called just now and said they were finally sent a copy of his chest xray and he has to go in and have a catscan on Tuesday because there is something on his lung. I have to tell you, I am scared to death. Normally, I wouldn't panic, but his father, mother's sister, mother's brother, and ALL 9 of his great aunts and his grandmother on his mom's side died of some type of cancer.

Thanks for holding my hand!

Faye **Susan: I laughed at your comments about the food with wine. Most chefs LOVE it. I love chicken marsala and beef burgundy, but that stuff I made was just plain gross! :lol: **

07-15-2006, 08:10 AM
Good morning gals! Hope you are well I am trying to not think about this thing with Jack. He just asked me if I was ok as I got up at 3 AM. I am just worried, of course.

I went to HSN to look around and pass time this morning and they had handbags on clearance and ladies I succumbed, not once but twice! I did save like $60 though! :D Jack is gonna shoot me!

We sat and watched Glory Road last night on a dvd and it was pretty darn good for another sports movie. It is about the basketball team TX Western that eventually became UTEP and this man was the first to recruit a squad of black players. They won the NCAA championship something like 14 times but boy did they go through it with the bigots etc. Poor kids.

Not much to talk about. I will talk to you later.


07-15-2006, 11:16 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I have been up since 5, but haven't accomplished more than a shower, changing the sheets, and reading the papers. Bob left at 5:30 for his fishing trip. He said I didn't have to get up, but once I'm awake I can't stay in bed. It is supposed to be in the upper 90s today and into next week. I think our crops are history for the most part. Even the gardens are beginning to look scraggly.

"Gma" -- I am sure you are worried and scared about Jack! I know how hard it is to wait for the CT and results from that. Maybe between the computer and knitting you can keep your hands busy so you won't eat. I will be sending prayers your way! The chicken dish does sound pretty gross! One of the teachers likes to make "beer bu**" chicken and I have seen it in different magazines. You set the whole chicken on a can of beer, can add whatever other spices you like, and put him on the grill! I've never tried it because my family likes the white meat best. Enjoy your new handbags . . . can't you just put them away when they arrive? ;) When Jack asks if it is a new one you can say you've had it awhile and just changed purses! :lol:

Susan -- I've never cooked with wine simply because I don't like to cook! :shrug: I am all for simple and fast in the kitchen -- nothing time consuming nor fancy because I don't have the patience. :rolleyes: Bob will do simple things like grill meat, fix hash browns and eggs, or make a peanut butter/jelly sandwich but that is about the extent of his cooking! He's good at clean up though! :D

I do need to get busy and pick up the kitchen, do some more laundry, and spread out my sorting piles. Good Will, here I come! ;)

Have a great day!

Jean -- :cool: in Iowa!

07-16-2006, 07:25 AM
Good Sunday morning gals! It is going to be ferociously hot today. We have to go to Walmart and finish up our shopping for stuff the commissary didn't have and I want to get that done this morning after swimming. We went out yesterday afternoon to Krogers and I couldn't believe how horrible it was outside. I sure feel for the people who have to work outside for a living. At least Jack isn't outside continually.

I have put my mind to not worrying about Jack's lung issue until there is something to worry about. He said he thinks it is from a bad case of pneumonia he had years ago and that whenever they take a chest xray, this comes into question. I sure do hope so.

Jean: The jig is up! :lol: I got caught! :o I told Jack in the car on the way home from the grocery store yesterday that we would be getting some packages in another week or so again. I have ordered 3 more books, his splint will be coming in, my birthday present is on its way and of course the handbags, which he didn't know about. We stopped at a stop light and he looked over at me and said, "How many purses did you buy?" :^: DARN! I was at a complete loss for words! ME, at a loss for words!!!! :) He started laughing and said, "See I know you pretty well! Wait until I tell Carl!" This is a friend of his from work that he discusses my love of handbags with I guess. His friend's mil is living with them because she is ill and he said when they cleaned her house out there were a ton of old handbags and that Carl told him they were going to have a yard sale and get rid of them. Mr. Smarty Pants told Carl not to give me the address or I would clean them out! :frypan: HA-HA.... I'll teach him! When we get rich, I am going to have a room built just to house my handbags then FILL IT UP! :rofl: :lol3: I like to fix "sticky" chicken. It is basically the rotisserie chicken you get in the grocery stores only you make it in a dutch oven/large pot in the stove. Let me know if you ever want to make it and I will give you the combination of spices they use and how to cook it. It is REALLY easy. It takes a long time so you could put it in when you go off to school I bet.

Looks like my niece may get to go home on Monday. The steroids seem to be doing the trick, but causing real stomach upset I guess. I told Neita to ask them about Eryn taking like Maalox or something like that to coat the stomach before she takes the meds to help. They have her on Zantac, but it doesn't help. Poor thing isn't eating and is losing weight. What a way to diet that would be!:(
The stupid hospital sent my get well gift to shipping and receiving instead of delivering it to her so she may not get it until sometime next week when they ship it to her house and I PAID for overnight service! I can't complain to UPS because it was delivered to the address overnight! BUMMER!

Well, I am going to get up and get my chores done. Have a great day gals and watch out for the heat!


07-16-2006, 10:35 AM
Good Moring Magnolias

Faye: Our prayers are with you for Jack and your niece. I hope that it is only the old pneumonia scar that showed up on the exray. Your niece is sure going through a tough time and I only hope the doctors are doing everything they can for her. She will be a lot happier when she gets home.
As for your purses....I have a few but I usually only use one a season. It is such a pain to change purses and then I can never find what I want in the new purse.

Jean: I hope you will be getting some rain soon but I did hear that the midwest is having a heat wave....sorry. We have a small heat wave predicted but I think yesterday's 80's broke the spell. Monday and Tuesday are to be in the 90's and Wednesday back in the 80's.

Kerri, 12, called the other night and asked if I would come over on Monday to help her bake a birthday cake for her Mom. She loves to cook, just like her mom. I have never been good at baking but I will give it a try. She is also planning on cooking her Mon's favorite dinner on Tuesday....she asked for my recipe for Lamb as that is what is Mom's favorite...Lamb, roast potato, broccoli. We will be joining them for the big meal. Should be good! I think DD is working both on Monday and Tuesday and the sitter will be there as Kerri is doing her cooking.

Susan: I have done some cooking with wine, mostly Chicken Marsala and using wine in tomato sause when I want it to be special.
I have never tried Coq Au Vin but I think using a slow cooker and wine can be trouble. I would think long cooking would intensify the flavors....maybe too much. Hope your DH is still enjoying being home and feeling better each day.


07-16-2006, 11:15 AM
Faye, Jack and you and your neice are in my prayers and on my prayer chains. I have, after all this time, finally been able to just worry about what has to be done today and let tomorrow take care of itself. I was driving myself crazy over things that didn't materialize. Easier said than done.

I have one handbag a season, and count it a blessing if it lasts more than one so I don't have to shop for another.

I'm really miffed - here at work before 10 because they were supposed to be here to install the server - 10:30 and no one is here!

Faye, could the rotisserie chicken be made in the crockpot? Either way, I'd love to have the recipe. Always looking for new chicken recipes.

Actually got to work on a quilt yesterday! Boy howdy, it felt good to be sewing again. Making some quick lap quilts as thank yous.

07-16-2006, 03:23 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is another hot, but windy day today. I watered flowers last night after the sun went down; I hope they survive since "someone" forgot to water before he left on his fishing trip. The ratty cat is still here too. I'm positive it is from a litter a few years ago and called the teacher who took the mother and kittens. Hopefully they will come take a look because one of their's did disappear quite some time ago. This morning I pitched some outdated food items from my kitchen shelves. I buy stuff to make recipes and then either never get the recipe made or else use just part of the whole and let the rest take up space on the shelf. Dumb! Have laundry going and next is to sort through a sack of pictures and put them in chronological order. :D

"Gma" -- You know that we all are thinking of you and Jack as well as hoping for the best. I guess Jack does know you pretty well if he guessed that one of the boxes would contain purses. :lol: I wish I could find one that I really like and I would order one in every color! I like different pockets on the inside as well as one on the outside for my car keys. It has to big enough to hold everything, but small enough to fit in a desk drawer . . . that is if I have a desk drawer next year! :rolleyes: Wouldn't you think whomever signed for your niece's package would notice it wasn't from a medical company? I'm sure she will get it sooner or later, but sooner would be better! :yes:

Gloria -- I'm pretty sure the crops around here are not going to do well at all. :( Bob was lamenting that he will be busy with losses when the adjuster hits the office. I admire your granddaughter for even trying to make a birthday cake, let alone a whole meal. That is wonderful! :cheer:

Susan -- I hate waiting for repairmen, installers, etc., to show up! :mad: I hope they finally did show up . . . a "no show" would be really be bad. :p Anymore they won't even give an approximate time around here. I just tell them I don't get home until after 4 or else they have to come first thing in the morning and Bob will wait for them to show up. I know what you mean about worrying about what could happen. I tend to worry anyhow; it's hard not to. :yes: I'm glad you got to quilt yesterday and hope you can do some more today! Lap quilts is a very nice thought.

Well, I hope you all are having a nice day today. Do something nice for yourself . . . you are worth it!

Jean -- :cool: in Iowa!

07-17-2006, 08:55 AM
Good morning flowers! I think it most likely that all the flowers here in our garden are wilting pretty much! Seems like most of the country is cooking like a Christmas goose and not much rain. We desperately need rain now.

I got so tickled at the handbag thing and everyone having one a season. I buy handbags to match clothing so I change them out to match what I will be wearing out of the house. I have maroon ones, black, all colors of brown and tan, lime green, bright pink, olive, a sort of mint color, baby blue, yellow, fuzzy ones, suede, leather, anything you can imagine, I probably have. I don't have white as I don't like white at all. I don't like small handbags because I carry everything imaginable in them from eye drops to bandaids, to hand washing liquid and those little wet ones for Thomas, manicure kit, calorie counting book, address book, eye glass cases, makeup etc. I have a few that I rarely use because I bought them and didn't like them and one I bought on sale that is brand new and I may give to either my dd or dil for Christmas.

Susan: Here is the sticky chicken recipe. I don't see why it wouldn't work in the crockpot on low. Try it and let me know how it works out.

Preheat oven to 250 degrees F (yes 250 is correct)
3-4 lb whole chicken or equivalent in game hens
4 tsp salt
2 tsp paprika
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp dried thyme
1/2 tsp cayenne/red pepper
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp garlic powder
I shake this up in a ziploc bag
Wash, remove giblets and pat dry chicken
rub spices all over chicken breast side and under side being sure you cover all the chicken
Place in a large pot/dutch oven breast side up
Place chicken uncovered in oven and roast 5-6 hours, basting with juice from chicken if desired
This is fall off the bone delicious, I guarantee

Hope you were able to get the install done and they showed up right after you posted. I know it is irritating to take your time off and then someone doesn't show up.

Jean: My irritating thing is opening a can of something, ie tomato paste, only needing a TBL let's say then I have to store the rest in a container and hope I use it for something else before it goes bad. I have tomato sauce, tomato paste and tomato juice all in my fridge right now! :lol: Hope the kitty belongs to your friend and can go back home. I have this great leather handbag I bought 3 or 4 years ago at the leather outlet down in Tunica for $20! It is a large handbag, soft, soft leather and has a zipper pocket on the outside on both sides as well as a long pocket on the outside on both sides and small end pockets that have velcro flaps. The inside is big and roomy and has a long zipper pocket on the one side. It is a deep maroonish purple and I just love it because it can carry everything and I can still shove stuff into it if I need to.

Gloria: Hope the birthday cake baking goes well. That is so sweet of you dgd to do that for her mom. It is nice to hear of a girl that likes to cook instead of thinking it is a chore or beneath her like so many girls are taught to believe these days. Don't you wonder what they will feed their husbands? Takeout pizza I imagine. My dd's solution is to go across the street and they eat with her mil all the time! :lol: Kelly can cook when she wants to though.

We are having a flank steak with a dijon sauce tonight so don't know how that will go. Jack picked it out.

I better get hopping I want to get vacuuming done this morning if I can.


07-17-2006, 11:59 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I've been ironing shirts for Bob so he will know that I did get something done while he was gone. He will also know when he checks out the cupboard for his popcorn. :lol: It is 88 degrees here already this morning. I'm supposed to donate blood today and wanted to make a grocery run. I hate getting the car out and then the garage stays so hot from the car engine.

"Gma" -- Do you get the picture of the Chunky Monkey when you log onto 3FC? I have to chuckle every time I see it. I was going to say that you must not carry much in your purse until I read the rest of your post! I carry quite a bit but not as much as you do. :no: It must take you awhile to change purses! :D I have one that is made out of snake skin. *shudder* Bob sent it to me when he was in Vietnam. Needless to say it has never been used and has been packed away for 37 years! Thanks for sharing the recipe -- it sounds good! :T

I must keep moving and get the recyclables out to the curb. Have a great day!

Jean -- :cool: in Iowa!

07-17-2006, 04:46 PM
Faye - I freeze leftover tomato past by putting 1 Tablespoon dabs on wax paper on a plate. Put in freezer until hard, then bag. You can get out a tablespoon whenever you need it. Could also free juice and sauce in small containers.

Got the new server up and working. Over the weekend the monitor to the old server died as well as the battery backup so I had to do a rush order on that. New tape drive came with no software so had to rush that. Old printer won't work on new server, rushed an order on that. Came in this morning to find the old server had crashed. We need it for the rest of this week to run parallel. Fortunately it turned out to be that when we moved it the SCSI card got jogged just enough that it wasn't making a good connection. But I still had a bad 30 minutes until I figured that out. I hope all the bad stuff is now over and it'll be smooth sailing the rest of the week...or you may have to send my email to Eastern State (mental hospital).

On top of all that, Stan's personal care assistant didn't show up this morning. Finally came 2 hours late. Hello...what else can happen!

Thanks for the recipe, Faye, I'm going to try it in the crockpot.

07-18-2006, 07:07 AM
Good morning gals! Hope things are well with you. It is supposed to be over 100 degrees today and we have to be out in it with Jack's catscan and then a bit of leftover shopping. I don't look forward to it.

Jean: UGH, ironing shirts! When Jack worked in an office I always sent them to the cleaners. When he was in the Navy I would iron the darn things and you have to iron patches etc and that was a pain. Yes, I get the chunky monkey pic. I was looking for Ben and Jerry Ice Cream though! :( Shows you how my mind goes!!!! :)

Susan: Thanks for the tip about the tomato products. Boy, you sure have had a time of it with your server and stuff. It never goes right when you need it to. I hope the woman stayed the extra two hours. If not, why not? Let me know how the chicken turns out when you fix it.

Looks like my birthday present will be here tomorrow. My birthday isn't until September, but Jack bought it early then couldn't resist telling me. I will post a pic when I get it. He bought me a sapphire (my birthstone) diamond and ruby ring. Guess I will have to go and get my nails done for that! :lol: I haven't been having my nails done for awhile. I can't see paying money and all I do is stay home! I will get them done before we go to Indiana in Sept more than likely. I sure don't give a darn about going to that baseball game though. Stupid team is lower than the basement! I paid a lot of money for tickets to a team that will probably get the poo kicked out of them. Besides, the CUBS are one of only two teams, the other being the Boston Red Sox, that play at neighborhood ballparks. This means NO parking lot. If you want to be close to the ballpark you pay around $35 to park in someone's driveway or behind someone's shop. Otherwise, you walk miles. You can take the train in or I think there is parking at some college where you can ride a shuttle in, but that means people all stuffed together besides having to wait for the darn thing or getting stranded and having to go to the bathroom or something. We just pay the money.

Guess I am going to have to go to the pool with the roosters this morning. Jack's appt is at 9:15 and he wants to be there at 8:30 so I guess I will do a half out workout and go out at 7:15. I can't work out with a bunch of people over there and by the time I get back there is likely to be people over there swimming. I found a bazillion fake nails scattered all over the place yesterday when I was cleaning up. Someone had thrown the skimmer bag over the fence too. I wish we could do something about non residents swimming, but unless we spend a lot of money, I don't see how we are going to do it.

Well, I better get chores downstairs done so I can get to the pool as soon as possible.

Everyone have a good day!


07-18-2006, 11:59 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I have been scrubbing in Bob's shower this morning! Yuck! I didn't realize the soap scum could build up so quickly! :no: I used Clorax bathroom cleaner w/ bleach and now I can smell bleach! Yes, I opened the window and had a little fan in with me. Something needs to be done about that tile! It is an oversized shower and being the house is 43 years old, nothing is even. We've had the shower leak into the hall and closet before which is not fun. I have my mammogram, bone density, and lung x-rays this afternoon. If all is ok then I am good for another year! :D

Susan -- Thanks for freezing the tablespoon hint! That is a good idea! :) I hope all of your computer glitches are history! :yes: I also hope Stan's personal care assistant is aware of the time schedule now. :rolleyes: I hate waiting for people to show up! :mad:

"Gma" -- Years ago Bob thought he would help me out by taking his dress shirts to the cleaners. They ironed in more wrinkles that I never did get out! He has had older ladies ask him who irons his shirts . . . my mom taught me well. :lol: Your birthday ring sounds beautiful! Someone would have to pay ME $35 to park at a baseball game! ;) Could you sell the tickets on Ebay? What would happen if you didn't clean up the pool area when you are there? Is anyone hired to check/add the chemicals, etc.? When we lived in a condo, the lawn care, snow removal, and pool/club house expenses were included in the monthly maintenance fee.

Well, I expect Bob home this evening so had better put my left over piles in order and get my ducks in a row. Have a great day!

Jean -- :dancer: in Iowa!

07-19-2006, 06:17 AM
Good morning ladies. Gosh I am tired of hot and sticky weather. I wouldn't mind a break of about 20 degrees or so for awhile. We were at the hospital for Jack's catscan yesterday morning and the tv was on in the waiting room. The Today show was on with the weather and his weather map had the whole country over 85 except for around the Portland area and that was upper 70's. We were over 100 degrees for most of the day yesterday. It was plain miserable to be out in it. I hate to think what our utility bill is going to be like this month. Our AC runs practically 24 hours a day. When it is so very hot like it has been, the temp gets up to around 77 in the house if we have it set at 71.

We now sit and wait on his catscan results. We got a letter yesterday from his Cardiologist that said there was a mass on his right lung so now I am back to worrying as Jack said this pneumonia thing was the top of his left lung. I just would like to know so we can go to the next step if there IS something wrong. He smoked for 25 years so that is the main reason I am more than a little nervous. Boy, when something like this happens you get scared on a lot of levels, the health issues, financial issues, etc. Ahh well, I just have to hang on until they read the results.

Jean: We do have professional pool cleaners that come twice a week, but they don't clean the "grounds" around the pool. I agreed to keep things picked up and put into the trash because I am not on the board, but I have been given a key to use anytime I want. I walk the perimeter of the pool and pick up stuff people either leave or trash and dump it into the garbage cans. There are two nice cans with snap down lids, but the lazy jerks can't seem to walk that far to put in their beer bottle caps or their empty water bottles. That's besides the socks, shirts, hair things, watches, rings, and on and on I find that they leave. I brought the watch and rings home and still have them in a drawer here but all the other stuff goes in the trash. My son insists we go to the game no matter how awful they are so I think we will probably split the parking cost. I told him to be prepared to leave early because it is a hat giveaway that day and I want SOMETHING for the money I spent on the tickets! :lol: Besides that, it is an extremely old ballpark with really narrow seats and they kill my legs/hips to sit in them even when I have lost weight. I bet it will be a tight fit for my poor son, who weighs about 230-240 and is 6'6" tall. He is going to be totally squished into the seat and the row. I already told Jack I get dibs on the end seat so I can at least stick a leg out to keep them from getting numb.

Ok, here is your laugh for the day, but at the time, I was mortified and very very upset. I had a load of laundry in the dryer and I was, as usual, doing two things at once. I had opened the dryer door to see if the clothes were dry and they weren't quite but the stupid screws had come out of the top of the dishwasher again and the thing had tipped forward on Jack so I went rushing to help him. We got the thing screwed back into the countertop and I went back, shut the door on the dryer, and restarted it and went back to finishing up wiping down the countertops, stove etc. The dryer was thumping, like when you have tennies in them. It must have gone around about 4-5 times when I heard a YEOW-MEOW and said, "Oh my God!" :eek: and rushed over and opened the door. Butterscotch was tangled all up in the clothes in the dryer. Poor thing probably thought he was on an amusement park ride! :lol: After it was all over I just sat and cried. Jack kept telling me he was ok, but all I could think of was what if I had shut it and we had left the house. I would have killed him! Moral of the story is A: Don't leave the dryer door open and B: Check the dryer before starting it if you do!

I better go girls and do my morning choirs. Jack will be home late this afternoon as it is his PT day.

Have a good day everyone.


07-19-2006, 05:06 PM
The doctor just called and Jack is fine. His test came back normal and the mass is just lung calcification nothing to worry about, Thank goodness!