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08-29-2001, 10:46 AM
Hi girls! I am here a bit early!

How is everyone?

Kim thanks for the hint for Barney, I'll look into it!

WEll, b/f wants to buy our tix to go to NB for xmas for 2 weeks today - he talked on the phone for like 2 hours last night about it, about what we'd do, etc, hoping I wouldn't be bored or miss my family too much ( I will, I have never been away from them before!) I am getting nervous, we have to buy them before noon now to get the seats we want, as flights are booking FAST! I guess that's okay, I mean, I want to go, but it a BIG step, adn then I am stuck with the ticket. Ig uess if I didn't want to go I could use the ticket toward Mexico in the summer with a $200 changing fee....??

I am nervous...what to do, what to do??

My friend who I went out with last night is 22 and going through a divorce. she is a good christian girl adn wants me to play volleyball with her in a league so she can meet new people outside her church (they shunned her when she left her physically abusive alchoholic hubby who was a youth pastor, God help those kids). I vowed never to play vball again, but now I feel I should go with her, give her a fresh start. I know she'd do it for me!!

Well, I better get going right now, come out and play!!!!

08-29-2001, 11:03 AM
Yeah! Half way to the weekend! I am so excited to stay home this weekend. I have a million thigs I want to do around the house. I am going to run some errands and try ot get a jump on things so that I am not swamped for the weekend. It was hard being away so many weekends this summer!

Well I was a cooking fiend on Monday night!!! I went home and then straight to the graocery store to load of on yummy food. I decided to buy ingredients for 2 dishes, Torilaa Bake and Pasta Jambalaya (I posted about them on the Recipe thread although the recipes came from this site). I made them both on Monday night! I don't know what got into me!!!:) I was very impressed with myself. Both recipes turned out well and DH like them too. (I have made the pasta before). I knew I wouldn't be home last night to cook so I got it all done on Monday.

Ok, I have been eating good things but I still feel like I am eating a little too much. I feel really fat. I was wearing my favorite kakhi pants last night and I think they were tighter. What a yucky feeling. I am going to have to make a bigger effort over the next few weeks to lose whatever I gained. I have not been to WI in 3 weeks and have not been journalling b/c I keep forgetting my journal! I really want to get back on track. I may go to the meeting on Sat if possible.

Re: DH - He said yestrday that his school may be getting WW at work. He mentioned something about not being sure since it is a federally funded school. I don't think it should matter b/c I am pretty sure that alot of gov't offies in DC have WW at Work programs. Anyway, that would be great! Also, he got the results of his cholesterol test back :( Very bad - 260!!! Anything over 200 is bad (mine was 138 :)). He told the Dr. that he did not want medication to lower it and that he wanted to try to do it himself. We will see how that goes. He is eating out for lunch everyday this week b/c it is Teacher back to school time before the kids.

Sorry to ramble to much about myself. I couldn't post yesterday :dizzy:

Belle - Sorry to hear that your doggy is in pain. I think you should probably go for the tickets. I know it is a big step but talk to B/F about what happens if you don't go. Maybe he will agree to split the change fee with you.

Trish - You are not old at all! You act very young ;)

Kim- I know what you mean about having a time shcedule of things you wanted to do. I wanted to be married at 24 and have a baby at 26. I was married by 24 but am now 27 and not even PG. At this rate I will be more than 28 by the time we have kids!!

Jen - I like the idea of walking with Emma after work. Keep it up!

Tonya - Way to go on the new clothes! I am sure that you are losing even if the scale doesn't show it on Fri.

Ok, this is super long so I will stop. See you later!


Trish O
08-29-2001, 11:08 AM
Hello all. Well, the pasta monster attacked me last night. I ate way too much of the stuff. But it did not have much on it. I was just so hungry and all the veggies I ate did not help.

Belle: I think I would buy it if you want to go. You can always change it to someplace else. It is hard to be away from family for Christmas. My hubby and I trade off years to spend with our families for Christmas. I really like hubby's family, but it is hard not to be with mine. This year should have been my family year, but I will be at home again.

Kim: I would do anything for my Ginger dog. She is such a good loving girl, even if she is a crab! I love her to death.

Ok, talk with you all later.


08-29-2001, 12:01 PM
Kim, we have put lots of money into vet bills for Sadie and it is worth it. I hate seeing animals in pain. Right now Sadie has allergies that are getting out of hand. I know they should subside soon, but I am debating whether I should take her into the vet.

Trish, oh the evil pasta monster. He comes here once in awhile too! Today is a new day!

Belle, get the ticket if you really want to go. If you have doubts, don't get it because you will only end up regretting it and wasting a lot of money.

Sarah, maybe ww at work is what your hubby needs. That way you won't be there with him, it's his thing and he is doing it himself. Men are weird like that!

08-29-2001, 12:16 PM
Hi everyone! I have been away for a few days. I have had the worst couple of days. I was sacked on Monday so that is why I haven't been here. They layed off a lot of the old-timers in the company because they didn't want to pay us our promised raises. They had told us that we we're going to get raises when the funding closed. Well, the funding closed and we all got canned. Really weird because one of those canned has an MBA and is one of the few who has had good ideas for the company and I was the only one who had actually worked on enterprise software (their new strategy). And to top it off the severance package sucked. Oh well, I'm just going to call unemployment and collect there. I basically feel numb. I plan on just taking a step back and organizing my life. On a good note I'll have time to cook healthy and work out everyday. I have so much more in my life to be happy about. My friends are great, my DH is a wonderful man, I achieved lifetime at WW, and I have a good education. I guess things could be worse. Sorry I can't respond to all of you today. I hope ya'll are doing well.


p.s. - I have WI today and I don't know how its going to go. WAY too much beer the past couple of days. I'll keep ya'll posted.

08-29-2001, 12:23 PM
Kay... can you still get that other job??? Or do you think this will be your chance to go back to school. From all the seminars I have been too, companies that lay people off will lay off the high paid first even if they are the most knowledgable. We have had a lot of layoffs in my city and it is quite disheartening. I am in the software business and you always wonder what will happen next... although I am related to owners so I am pretty strong here.

Good luck and keep up posted!!!

08-29-2001, 12:34 PM
I picked Bailey up from the vet yesterday and he informed me she has ringworm AND an intestinal worm like tapeworm. But he treated her for that. I can't believe Ringworm though!! That sucks! I've been washing like crazy. It's on her tail and both back legs. Poor baby! :(
Boss is around, must go for now.
I'll be back!

Trish O
08-29-2001, 12:56 PM
Kay: I am sorry to hear that about your job...but you hated that place and I know you will get an even better job!!!

Stacey: poor Bailey! When we got our dog she had this skin rash and had to take some antibiotic for it. The only way we coudl get her to take it was with a little bit of Sherbert (dr said to put on that). It came back once more but she has been rash free for a 2 years now. Poor puppy!

Belle: my parents dog has arthritis and has to be picked up each night to get on the bed. He is like 55# so that is hard. He is ok to get down. Talk to your vet about asprine too. Our vet perscribed and it has worked wonders for Montie. He gets one a day in the morning but I bet that varies due to dog weight etc. The next step when it gets worse is other med but he does not seem ot need it yet. He really could get on teh bed by himself but mom does not want him to strain himself.

Ok, hello to everyone else.


08-29-2001, 01:09 PM
Belle: If you're serious about this guy, if he's the one you want to spend Christmas with, then go. I spent Christmas away from my family about 3 years ago to spend it with my b/f's family. It was hard at first being away from my family, but I also saw it as getting another family in the process. This year, b/f and I are going to his family's for Christmas Day and then I'm just going to visit my parents the following week. I'm also going to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It becomes a trade-off. Married girls, wanna weigh in? How do holidays work for you?

Kay: I'm so sorry to hear about the job. My grandmother would tell you everything happens for a reason and that something better is on the horizon. Her saying to me is "Now is not always." That's helped me a lot over the years! Good luck finding something new!

Stacey: Poor Bailey! At least she's getting medicine now!

Well, I'm going to WI to face the music. See you all later.

Janet R
08-29-2001, 01:14 PM
Hi ya'll! Well, I'm back and back OP too. I don't know why I've been having such a hard time. :?: It all started when I let myself go nuts when I got pregnant. 60 pounds later, I gave birth, and ever since I've just had the hardest time getting back into the groove of things (it's been 19 months, yikes!). The longest stretch I've done so far is 2 weeks... Then I went nuts again for another two weeks, so of course any progress I made was quickly erased. :( I think I'm right back where I started, but at least I've been OP for 2 days! :D

Today is such a beautiful day. I'm trying not to waste too much time on the computer because it's my last Wednesday off and I definitely want to make the most of it! Next week it's back to full-time work hours. Boohoo.

My DH just interviewed for another job yesterday... if he gets it, we'll be moving AGAIN. It will be a great move for us, but sooooooooo stressful! I think I'll be disappointed if he gets it, and disappointed if he doesn't! LOL

Well, let's see what I can remember:

Trish: I'm right behind you. My 31st birthday is in November. I figure since I'm one of the charter members of the 20-somethings (back in 1997 or 1998 on the old WW site until we moved here!) that the group can just grow old with me. I'm not leaving! Well, at least not without a return ticket. :) Don't let that doctor bother you. Sometimes I think they forget to pack their bedside manner when they leave the house in the morning. You have to remember that they see 100's of pregnant women all day long so sometimes they probably get tired of answering the same questions day in and day out... Of course, that's their problem and not yours, so don't you ever feel bad about calling to ask a question! Oh~ and I can't believe you've had Ginger for 2 years already! I remember how excited you were when you first brought her home.

Kay: I'm so sorry to hear you got laid-off. What a blow. :( Definitely focus on the positives in your situation. I'm sure that even though it doesn't seem that way now this will be a step in the right direction for you. Some old cliche about "for every door that closes another one opens" comes to mind. The economy isn't in great shape these days... lots and lots of layoffs I've heard about.

Rina: Sorry that you've been having some stressful times lately. Great that your DF is so kind.

Toyna: Ahhh to be a 7/8 again... my basement is full to the brim with my 7/8 clothes... casual, winter, summer, business suits, bathing suits... the works! Oh how I wish, wish, wish I could fit into them again! I REFUSE to get rid of them! Call me stubborn. :) Though I did give away some of the short-shorts and short skirts. I figured now that I'm... well, in my 30's, I didn't need to be wearing things so short! LOL

Stacey: Poor Bailey! (I'm guessing that's your new dog, but I must have missed that post... what kind of dog is he/she?) I hope s/he recovers quickly (and I hope you don't catch the ring-worm, ewww!)

Sarah: Good luck shedding the couple of pounds needed to make you more comfortable. Are you going to WI?

Belle: I think it would be nice idea to help your friend out and play volley-ball with her. It sounds like she's had a rough time. Why such an adversion to the sport? Hope you find something to help poor Barney feel better. My cousin's dog has arthritis, I'm not sure what meds she is on now but she is MUCH better.

Kim: Sounds like you have a lovely meal planned for last night! I hope you didn't have to work too late.

Jen: Will you be able to find the time for the gym next week? It sounds like it really makes you feel better. Emma's gonna look cute with her two top teeth. I know how you feel though, Ben's cutting a couple more on the bottom and sleeping pretty restlessly too. *yawn*

Ok, that's all my memory is doing for me. :) Talk to you all soon!

08-29-2001, 02:15 PM
Hi girls, another quick minute to check in then off to meetings again! Its so busy here! but Its getting better, I decided to just really focus on what I want to get out of this job and work on that! Its been better. And I am standing up for myself by just saying "hey, that's inappropriate/unprofessional" when I feel uncomfy.

Sarah - you sound like you really need some "hometime"! Good for you , I hope your long weekend is great....

Trish - I had pasta too - but with marinara, so I wasn't as bad as I could have been I guess!!

Trish and Kim - yeah, I think I have to accept that marriage to someone whose parents don't live here means sacrifice and compromise. Even long term dating. He really wants me to come home with him, to meet his family (other than mom adn sis) and his friends and see where he came from. Anyway, I bought the tix ($900 later...) and I am going now. I figure its worth it. If he is risking by having me go with him, I should take the risk. after all, its $145 to change the tix, and I can use it to Mexico if I for some reason dont' go. I can swallow that.

Kim, Jen Trish and Stacey - our dogs are so worth the $$, eh? I can't afford it, but I find a way! How can you let your puppy suffer?? I mean, I overcame my fear of birds for a suffering crow....okay, I am sort of pathetic. I am worried about the guy, but thanks for all your suggestions. he will see the vet next week and get a prognosis.

THis should be Doggy Care Day!!!!

Kay - I am so sorry to hear about your job honey!!! BIG HUG!!! I know you will pull through this. I am hoping for you! Let us know how it goes.

Kim - how goes work? Any new and exciting stories? How is the b/f time together issue going?

Hey Janet! Glad you are back and back OP. MOving, eh.....I find it gruelling but exciting! I was co-captian of vball last year, and i liked the game, but hte people got competitive and petty adn after awhile, me and b/f didnt' go anymore! This is a more non competitive group, so I think I'll join and give her a chance to meet people and expand her horizons....

WEll, I better go, duty calls and calls and calls!


08-29-2001, 02:34 PM
Hi to all the gals!

Lots going on in here today. I've been busy too but today is my day off so I'm taking it easy. Last night I was so exhausted but I couldn't get to sleep until after 1:30 then my plans to sleep really late went awry when a wrong number called at 9:15. I feel ok though. Not draggin my butt too much.

Kay so sorry to hear about your job. But now you can move onto bigger and better things. My Grandma always says God never closes a door without opening a window :) Keep your chin up.

Sorry to hear about everyone's poor doggies. I hope that they are all better soon.

Jen sorry to hear you're so tired. Hopefully Emma will settle down soon. Does she have one of those gummy frozen things to chew on? The cold is an analgesic. Poor girl. poor Mommy :( Wishing you better sleep tonight.

The holiday thing is always an issue for us too. We hardly ever go home so at Christmas we really want to be everywhere at once. It was complicated enough before I had my DF family to worry abour because my parents are divorced and everyon e lives in a fairly close area so my brother & I would spend half od the holiday driving between family. Now my DF's fmaily is also within driving distance so we try to fit everyone in a few days. Last year it didn't work so well though because we had to be at his family for a birthday celebration thing on the 23rd and it was all complicated so we didn't see any of my family until the everning of the 26th and we had to come back on the 27th. It was disappointing and hard. I don't know what's happening this year. If everything stays the same I think his family is going to be away at some other relatives 8 hours away so we could spend the whole time with my fmaily but I am going to try to get a secind part time job to help with wedding costs and the one place I would like to get on says that everyone has to take turns working holidays. I don't know if that included Christmas or what. But I'm not going to worry about it until I know if I even get the job.

Anyway that's enough babbling for now. Have a great day everyone :)


08-29-2001, 04:43 PM
I am terribly bored at work. Luckily I am leaving in 45 minutes but I just don't think I can entertain mysef that long!!!

Re: family and holidays - My family is in Louisiana, DH's family is in NC (BIL & SIL) and FL (parents) and we live in VA. We have to alternate completely, no hope of seeing both. this year we are having Thanksgiving in FL with the parents and BIL, SIL. We will be in Louisiana for Xmas. then we will do the opposite the next year. Unless we have a baby :) Then we will stay home for Xmas and anyone is invited here. We will go to Louisiana for Thanksgiving (hopefully).

Kay - Sorry to hear about your job. I am sure you will find something better. Hear anything about becoming a WW leader?

Rhubarb - sounds like your holidays aren't very relaxing with all of the shuffling around. I think if you get a job, you will be stuck working at Xmas. good luck!

Belle - good for you for speaking up at work! I hope that you enjoy the new volleyball team more than the old.

Janet- Way to go on staying OP! You can do it! So where would the new job take you?? I agree that is it tons of work to move but it is exciting to start over too.

Stacey - Poor Bailey. You are taking such good care of him.

Hi to Kim, Jen and Trish. I ate popcorn for a snack b/c I was bored. I am at 13 points so far. I am going to the gym and then I have lots of errands to run so I wil be busy until dinner. At least that will help me control my points!! Have a great night. I'll try to check in over the next few days but I won't be on the computer very much.


08-29-2001, 06:18 PM
My landlord terminated my lease today. She says my b/f and I haven't maintained the property to their liking, meaning, I haven't mowed the lawn as frequently as they want and I don't pick up the dog mess every single day.

I'm on a month-to-month lease, so I have 30 days, maybe an extra week or two, to be out.

Of course, I burst into tears immediately after getting off the phone with her. (She had mailed me a letter). Now I have to scramble, and Brian and I may end up having to cancel our vacation the first week of October.

If b/f and I were married, I would have bought a house by now. But I'm not going to do so until we are married. Plus, I don't have enough money. I'm saving now with that in mind.

A friend has generously offered the upstairs of his house, which he was planning on renting out, and although it's a nice gesture, I have a piano! Can't have those on the second floor! But I guess it's an option if I can't find anything in time.

I really don't need this stress now.

08-29-2001, 06:26 PM
OMG Kim, I can't believe that happened!!! OK, Breathe!! Sit down with b/f and discuss your options. Remember there is always storage until you get a perminent place to live. Storage places can be rented monthly.... so remember that, and I hope it helps!!!

08-29-2001, 10:04 PM
Thanks, Jen. I have calmed down a little (a personal pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut helped! Argh, I turned to food.) I spent about 2 hours this afternoon driving around, looking for possibilities. I left a couple of messages for places that looked interesting, but haven't heard anything back yet. I saw one duplex with a fenced-in yard that I really want to take a closer look at. It's even in the neighborhood I would like to live in.

On a slightly brighter note, after not really following program for 2 weeks I went to WI today and lost .2. At least it was DOWN, and not UP. Of course the pizza probably put the .2 back on. I think those are about 16-17 points each. Yikes! At least I had a light lunch, just half a bagel sandwich and some chips and salsa con queso.

My salmon dinner last night was yummy, thanks for asking Janet! I cooked the salmon on my little grill. I'm sure my landlord will have issues with that having a grill. She already left me a note once because I had stuck it on the front porch when it started to rain one day. As fire paranoid as I am, of course I wouldn't use it on a closed porch. But she doesn't care ...

Well, I'm back at work at 9 p.m., trying to work on a story I basically blew off today because I was upset. Fortunately my editor understood.