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07-11-2006, 10:51 PM
Hey there
My name is Jenn, i'm 22 and i have 2 boys, Logan is 4 in september and Liam is 7 months. I am married to a wonderful man named chris. We got married in Niagara Falls last year :).

I gain a lot of weight when I get pregnant. With Logan i gained a whopping 83lbs and with Liam i gained about 65.

I have lost about 56lbs since i gave birth last november.. but i seem'd to have stalled so I asked my hubby to buy me an at home WW kit off ebay for my birthday.. to hopefully kick my weight loss efforts back into gear.

I did FLEX for about 5 weeks but have not lost as much as I had of hoped. Too much temptation to use my points for snacks,

I have decided to switch to CORE because I know that my body needs the HEALTHY foods!
I have never liked whole wheat/grain breads ect.. but I am getting more and more used to it..

In september I am in my sister in laws wedding and i really want to lose another 10-15 lbs before then... more if i can :)

07-31-2006, 02:09 AM
Hi, I guess I should introduce myself--I live in Calif.--Am 63 yrs. old--(probably am the "old" one on this site)--But I don't feel old-- Still struggling with my weight--Weighed 304lbs. in 1995--Have lost and kept off 62 lbs. the last 11 yrs.--Now have about 90 more to go. Am on insulin once a day, and Dr. says its hard to lose weight when taking insulin--But, I'm going to have to prove him wrong--I was on WW wayyyyyyyyback in 1969--May---and lost, but gained it back--Was doing lowcarb, but had a hard time getting restarted-- so my close friend started on WW, (same one that I was in WW with back in 1969), an she is really doing well, so decided to go on the CORE diet--Looks like a food plan that I can handle~~~~-Sometimes it takes me a little bit to get started, but I will pretty soon-- Have been off of SUGAR since Jan. 16,2006---So have one opstacle (not conquered--can never say that, but under control)--So will deal with the weight in a while-- One feels soooo much better without sugar--Have written quite a bit , so will go now--Bye, Rosemary