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07-10-2006, 11:02 PM
Well I have to say we had a wonderful time. Stayed a bit longer than last year, and plan on going again. Must be our "getaway" spot.:D

We got to explore places we didn't go to last time. We made a trip to Alcatraz. I was amazed at how small the cells really were. You get to have an audio tour. They hand you headphones and some radio thing and listen to everything. That was fun.

We spent some time in Chinatown. Not as much as last year since we were there most of the time last time! But I did buy a few things for Jhanai. She'll love them. And if not I will!:D

Around the corner from our hotel were a lot of eateries. There was a diner called "Betty Boop's diner" They had a gal dressed up as Betty standing out there inviting people in. (got a photo of that)

We walked a long distance and found this area near the Exploratorium. It was closed by the time we got there but the outside had some beautiful statues and collums and such.

We just had fun. It was away from stressful work. Away from cleaning house.:D And just away so we could be together. Truly enjoyed it. Can't wait to go again!

Here are some photos: took this photo after we walked up the street! (we started from the beginning of the street on top of the other side) This is the area near the exploratorium. Beautiful! A cell from Alcatraz view of the cells. Made James take this photo of ourselves. photo of Chinatown Boop City at night taken from the dock.

07-10-2006, 11:38 PM
Wonderful pictures Marti, thanks so much for sharing! It looks like a beautiful city and you & James look so happy. I am glad it was a safe trip!

da fat n da furious
07-11-2006, 12:29 AM
Marti,,,SF is a special place to visit,,,I know there are so many things to see and do there. I want to spend a week there,,,even get into the wine tours.
Great pics!

07-11-2006, 12:43 AM
Marti - love the photos! Makes me want to visit there, too. :yes:

07-11-2006, 10:22 AM
Marti--How beautiful!! You and DH are a very cute couple!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing!!

07-11-2006, 02:57 PM
MARTI...beautiful pictures! And the one of you and James looks GREAT! Glad you guys enjoyed your get away and had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the pics!

07-11-2006, 04:59 PM
Marti -- Your pictures are so pretty and it looks like you had a wonderful time! You and your DH are so cute and you look so good together!;) :hug:

07-11-2006, 07:43 PM
Yep, you both look great, Marti - so happy!

Btw, ladies, I've talked to James on the phone, and his voice is just as hunky as he is.

07-11-2006, 09:49 PM
Thank you gals!!:D
We had so much fun. And have plans to do it again soon. James wants to go on his next time off, which is in the Spring next year. Hope we have money saved up for it!!

Thank you all for the comments and compliments!


Suzanne 3FC
07-12-2006, 12:12 AM
Oh great pictures!!! I'll bet you had so much fun :D