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07-10-2006, 01:38 AM
G'day all,

Time for another thread!

I just received an email again that the email sent to Peggy was not delivered:mad:

You might be interested in seeing the photos of our trip Peggy, if so here is the link http://www.adam.com.au/alanscholz/

Hope everyone is having a good day!


07-11-2006, 02:04 PM
Maria, I finally had time to look at your pictures and was just amazed! They are just beautiful and breathtaking! What an interesting country you live in! That road sign would have petrified me just reading it. Cannot believe you went beyond the sign.

Keya, you have already been given great advice regarding babysitting fulltime with grandchildren. My words are "That'll be the day!" I love my grandchildren and look forward to them on the weekends, but I would never, I repeat, NEVER take that job on fulltime. My best friend got suckered into it with three little kids who live next door. She never gets to do anything, sometimes doesn't go anywhere all week. And she is getting resentful. She could have gone to Red River, NM the same time we did but didn't because of the "kiddies." It is our time and take advantage of it! Just blows me away that our children can be so thoughtless sometimes, but mine are too. They forget we are not in our 20's anymore. Like Karen has said before--Been there, done that. Now it is time for US. You have done so well, I am sure you can get back on track now.

All, I went in yesterday for the results of my heart tests. They were good! I have nothing. He said the irregular EKG did not show in any other tests. But I do have a very low thyroid so I have to go to another doctor on Friday for that. I have stopped talking about weight because I have just felt losing weight is impossible for me. I wonder if this thyroid problem could be the culprit. I eat correctly for weeks and very rarely (like vacations) overeat and the scale does not change, ever. Do any of you have any knowledge about this problem?

Trudy, good luck on the redecoration. It is fun and great to be updated. A few years ago we did some of that, and it was pretty awful at the time. You just redid your kitchen completely, didn't you?

Karen and Ann, I have been hearing disturbing news about home insurance in Florida. I hope you are not being squeezed too much. Some people I read are moving.

Slavika, I don't know firsthand what you are going through, but I can certainly understand about not wanting to do anything too long. Nancy in my office just lost her 56 year-old-husband and she is in turbo mode. She is driving herself crazy doing everything at once. I hope it gets better for you. Usually time does help. Just keep busy is my advice. But be good to yourself. That is the best advice I can give you. Forgive yourself now for your eating. Be kind to yourself.

Peggy, So P knows sign language. My niece's little boy knows this too. Isn't that amazing. Grandma, you are supposed to know that "more" is just more of everything that is good. Isn't that cute? But I do know he probably wears you out. Just the thought of taking care of Jackson (2) all the time makes we sweat.

We had a great family vacation. There were 23 family members. The weather was always cool and the kids played golf, we all cooked out, shopped, ate out, fished, ski lifted (is that a word?) and just played. It was the best vacation ever.

Now back to the grind.

07-11-2006, 07:50 PM
I had to turn the puter off for a while today....rumbling thunder...no lightning and no rain and now the sun is out.....we are told more is on the way and this time it will include rain.

We have had a great last few days and on Friday, DH & I and a friend from work went to the Cape to visit our friend and former co-worker. She is home now after 3 hospital trips...a stroke, reaction to meds, and a fall. Although she is happy to be home she is also depressed that she can't do the things she was always able to do. She is limited by a walker and must be very careful that she doesn't fall again. She does have a home health aid come in to aid in bathing etc. While we were there she seemed much happier and expressed the desire that we visit more often. I think she is also lonely.
Jack was able to go for a quick swim and said the water was 68 and beautiful. He is such a water bug.

We are all put back together after that 4th of July oil tank replacement and we must still be in some sort of crazy cleaning mode as we went thru a bunch of clothes and had 6 bags of old clothes for the church clothing box. It felt good to do some cleaning out.

Glenda: Welcome back! Glad you had such a good time. Also, very happy to hear the good outcome of your heart tests. Now the thyroid test! I know nothing about that organ....hope all will be well.

Keya: I won't disagree with all the others about babysitting. It is nice once in a while but as a steady diet....no way. We do our share and cover in emergencies but now that we are retired we want to feel free to come and go whenever we want. It isn't easy to say no but sometimes that is just what you have to do.

OH, OH, here come those rumbles of thunder again.....I wil have to shut down. Have a good night all.


07-11-2006, 09:14 PM
G'day all,

Great to see you back Glenda and to hear you had a good vacation.
I had a thyroid operation many years ago.
I was 18 and my English was limited, to this day I am still unsure exactly why I had the operation other than I had a very swollen neck. I remember the specialist being very worried that I would loose too much weight.
I do have regular thyroid check ups to make sure the levels are correct. As you would know if they are out of whack you either loose or put on weight without even trying. It will be a good thing to have checked.
Good news about your heart as well!
Pleased you liked my photos, cannot wait to take photos on our American/Canadian holiday.

Gloria sounds like you had a nice visit to the Cape (I had a quick look on the map where that would be) I do hate the ills that can and do befall us as we get older. I am not surprised your friend is depressed.
One of our friends was diagnosed with some heart problems :eek:, after numerous tests they now think it was a virus of some sort that attacked his heart and thank goodness, he is much better.
Lovely feeling to get rid of old clothes that are never worn!

Beautiful sunny winter's day here today, I might just get away from this computer for a bit and get out into the garden.

Have a great day all


Karen L
07-11-2006, 10:40 PM
Just stopping in to to brag. :sorry: I weighed in under my 2 pounds at Weight Watchers tonight so did not have to pay. I lost .8 that puts me at 14.2 pounds gone. Still need to lose 1.8 to be at goal but I was so happy that I did not have to pay . It was just by the skin of my teeth :whoo: you understand. I was prepared to begin removing rings, watch, or glasses. I had already filed my nails down.:D

07-12-2006, 01:05 AM
Well done Karen!!
Good to hear that it CAN be done, now I just have to get myself into gear!


07-12-2006, 12:32 PM
I do relate to your friend who has the heart problem. They say that depression is a major symptom of the elderly. DUH! But I am so very glad that you got your tank put in. You get into those cleaning modes a lot. Wasn't that long ago that you were dusting those figurines, huh?

Karen, good for you! Aren't you proud of yourself and you should be! I so hope that I will be able to lose again once I see the doctor about this low thyroid thing. And I really, really am not using that as an excuse, but I have been sort of desperate that I cannot lose weight. Anyway, good for you.

All, isn't it funny how we all had pretty much the same advice for Keya?

Karen L
07-12-2006, 05:08 PM
yes I am proud of myself and as for the advise for Keya Great mind think alike!

Karen L
07-14-2006, 07:50 PM
Well here I am again and nobody has been here. But when you do show up you will get my tale of woe. Yesterday when We finished our walk I felt a slight pull in the back of my knee. But I went on to aerobics and just took the easy way out . I babied the knee all day long yesterday and this morning I told DH that I didn't think I could do my 2 miles. So we did a slow ,very slow 1/2 mile with Sprout. Then I needed a few things at Walmart so off we went. When we got done and were back out at the van I went to get in and some how I twisted my body but not my foot or knee and pop,pop pop went my knee. Tears came to the eyes the pain was so great. So a trip to the doctor and an xray . Nothing broken . Monday I will have a MRI. Now I am on pain and anti- inflammatory medication. Have my knee in a brace and on crutches. Do you think this is pay-back for bragging the other day???????

Maria I loved all your photos But the ones with water are the ones i like the best. I will let you know which ones for sure OK.

Gloria Glad Your house is back in order.

Now that I can't walk I shall have to watch my P's and Q's and really stay within my points so I don't mess up what I have done so far.

I'll check back later and see if any one has been here.

07-16-2006, 02:07 AM
G'day all,

Karen how painful:(. I hope the MRI doesn't show that you have done too much serious damage.
You certainly are allowed to brag, you have done so well, this wil only be a minor setback for you.

It is a cold and wintery day here, dh has gone to the football and I continue to work on getting a book together to print my photos.
It is a challenging job nothing like I have ever done before.

There is not too much to report from here.....hope everyone is well and happy.


07-16-2006, 03:40 PM
Hi Everybody: KAREN....sure sorry to hear about your knee. I hope it is nothing too serious and that it heals quickly. You have a RIGHT to brag about your weight loss....I wish I could brag too. I don't think it's a good thing to brag when you gain weight. hee hee ;) :D :p I sold my David's car on Friday. It was to a very nice couple who have two children, one, 9 and the other is 3 years old. Bit by bit I have less and less of David's possessions. In a way it makes me sad but in another way I realize that it is just "things". I have kept his special treasures, and wear his bracelet and wedding band and have passed on other pieces of jewelry to Son and family.. David didn't really have that much.
Yesterday was the grand opening of DIL Dance Studio and I went out to help. During the parade in town the dancers from the studio passed out coupons for people to come for FREE hot dogs and slurpees and to have a look at the new studio. I think I put together over 600 hot dogs. I admit they were good, but I don't think I would like to eat another one for awhile now. PEGGY the "rapper kid" rode on the float and did his best to look angelic and sweet as he threw out candies and suckers to the children that linned the streets, and then came back and operated the slurpee machine......of course he had to sample it SEVERAL times. ;)
My friends invited me out to the lake but it is so hot that I prefer to sleep in my own home where I have air cond. GLENDA, I'm happy your news about your heart was good, and GLORIA is your furnace all installed now and the mess all cleaned up. MARIA, I think I will buy myself a digital camera, nothing too complicated or fancy. I bought an "All in one" printer that prints photo's so I think I will give it a try.
Bye for now everybody and talk to you soon.

07-17-2006, 11:19 AM
Good Morning.

It is continuing to be HOT here but because yesterday only got to 87 we do not have an official heat wave.

Karen: Oh Gee that knee doesn't sound like fun. Hope the MRI will not show anything real bad and you are on the mend in no time. Congrats on the weight loss and with such good numbers in mind it will be easier to watch what you eat while you are on the mend.

Salvika: It must be difficult to sell off David's things but you are right in keeping the most meaningful momentos and you always have your memories.
Yes, the furnace is all installed and the house is back in order. It has given us a push towards furher emptying the cellar....lots of junk down there. Will do a little each week.

Maria: In December I won't envy you your cold and wintery day but today I do!:D

Glenda: You had to remind me of the figurines....they are starting to look dusty again.....maybe soon as it is not so humid.

Today we are going to go to dd#2 to help Kerri, 12, make here mother a birthday cake. Mom is working and Kerri is planning a surprise birthday party for her tomorrow. I just called to see if she needed anything when I come over and she said she had everything. Silly me, I thought she was going to make a box cake and NO.....it will be from scratch and the icing too. Oh, my, I did warn her that my cake baking leaves something to be desired. I can make a pie, brownies, cookies and cup cakes but real cakes always came out awful. I told her she was in charge and I would be her sous chef.
Tomorrow she is making supper and we are invited...she is planning a roast leg of lamb with pototoes and broccoli....her Mom's favorites. I have to bring my lamb recipe as she says that is the way Mom likes it. This should be interesting. The best thing is their house is air conditioned so we won't roast along with the lamb.:D


Karen L
07-17-2006, 12:28 PM
Well the MRI showed that I have torn cartilage that may have to have surgery. Needless to say I was very teary eyed over that I am not a brave soldier. I could heal on it's own and that is my big hope. I will take my meds and baby it along. Slowly putting weight on it. My appointment with the Otho- guy isn't until July 28th so it does have tiime to try and heal.

Good to see :D you on the board Slavika. The Grand opening sounded grand. Thats alot of Dogs and slurpees. As for Davids Stuff you take as much time as you need .

Talking about the heat wave in the US. I heard on the news yesterday that In Fergus Falls Minnesota it was 117 degrees. Holy Cow :fr: That's Hot. That is just a few short miles from where I used to live.

DH Is now chief cook and bottle washer. So far so good. With me shouting instructions:drill: from my chair in the livingroom. He is cooking and cleaning and washing(that's scary). Only one other time in our life together did he have to take over and that was waaaaaay long time ago when our daughter was about 13 months old and before it was all over she was calling him Mommy. Do you suppose Sprout will get confused?:?:

07-17-2006, 05:19 PM
Karen, I am soooo sorry about your knee! Does it seem to any of you that just when you are feeling buoyant about one thing, something comes along to slap you in the face?! I got really good when I was sick and DH did everything, but he didn't do anything very well. I was too sick to care, though and did not notice until I felt better and saw how everything had gone to pot. I hope you don't have to have surgery, but sometimes.....

Sally, I didn't understand about the parade. Did you have a parade just for the new dance studio? 600 hot dogs! Whatever, it sounded like a big success! You have the right attitude. Just remember these are just things and you have the most priceless, the memories in your heart.

I have been on my thyroid pill for 3 days. Think I have lost 10 pounds yet? I have some very unrealistic expectation, huh?

07-17-2006, 07:26 PM
G'day all,

What a pain (no pun intended;) ) about your knee Karen. Is it possible for the cartledge to heal itself????
I don't know how I would cope with dh having to take over from me :eek: :dizzy:

Glenda so you do have a thyroid problem, I cannot remember reading that. It will be interesting to see if you will drop some weight, I hope you do.
I think :?: that means you have an underactive thyroid if you are unable to loose weight. Good luck with it.

It was good to 'see' you Slavika, the opening of the dance school sounds like it was a very successful event.
Once you get your camera, you could become the official photographer for the dance school......not as silly as you might think it sounds!

Gloria how did the cake baking go? Not the best thing to do when you are experiencing a heatwave. Kerry sounds a very thoughtful daughter, I hope the roast etc all went well.

Not much happening at this end of the world...
I have been watching a lot of the news services trying to understand why all the violence once again in the Middle East :(:(:(
At times like that, I always feel very safe in Australia, we are such a long way away from all of this.

Have a great day all,


07-17-2006, 10:03 PM
Hi Everybody: The parade I mentioned is a yearly thing that goes on in that town, and it goes right past DIL & partners new dance studio. Those smart girls took avantage of that fact and planned the opening for that day. It truly was a great way to get a lot of advertising. I did buy a George Foreman grill yesterday (with this new one you just take the grills out and put them in the dishwasher), cleans up in a snap. I made myself dinner tonight. Actually I think it was the first time I have since my David died. I cooked a couple of pork strips (I forget what they are really called) and had new baby potatoes and corn with that. The grill worked out just perfect. It was Trudy's idea that maybe I should look into getting one and I am happy that I did. I made enough to have another meal during the week. It wasn't quite as hot today which was actually nice. Being in an air-cond. house and going into a air-cond. car it doesn't matter much, but if you want to do a bit of yard work or just sit outside it was nice to be able to do that without frying your brain. KAREN, I am sorry the news about your knee wasn't better, but perhaps it will improve on it's own. GLORIA, let us know how the birthday party turns out. Bye for now gals. :hug:

Karen L
07-18-2006, 10:57 AM
Slavika, Glad to hear about the new grill and about your eating a real meal. :carrot: that is o important. Thank you Trudy!:high:

Here is what Mayo Clinic says about my knee.


07-18-2006, 12:23 PM
Karen, I read this about your knee. My middle son who was a wrestler injured his knee in high school and his doctor did arthroscopy and removed the cartilage that was loose so it wouldn't interfere with the movement of his knee. Then he did exercises to build up the knee so that these muscles could stabilize the knee because the C-band was gone. It was not much of a big deal, but he was 15 at the time. Hope this is true with you, whichever way you go.

Slavika, good for you--eating a real meal. Have you just been eating a bit here and there or frozen entrees, that sort of thing? I have the old George Foreman grill that I would like to trash because it is so hard to clean up. Wouldn't you know they would make one that could go in the dishwasher. You might find a new hobby in the PR for your DIL's dance studio. Who knows? You would certainly make a good salesman for it.

The heat has got us all down. I guess it is across the country too. I have 3 chiropractic appointments a week with my neck and today I have a massage. Last time I had a wreck I did all this and just did not want to do it this time-----and then the headaches began. Before long I was begging the massage lady to take me. The first one was a miracle. It would not be so bad if I could take medicine that would not make me so sick and loopy.

Gloria, hope the party went well. Or is it tonight?

All, yes, I am very low on thyroid so on a replacement. I hope it helps. As I told the doctor, I am not sick, just not very well. All my symptoms, including the most vexing of being so darned sensitive to temperatures, are just classic symptoms.

All, keep cool if you can. I don't even want to go from the car to the house. It has been 110 degrees here. Yuck!

07-18-2006, 03:35 PM
Oh, my God, Glenda....110 that is HOT!:flame: We went to the Air Base this AM and the gauge on the car dash read 102 &I I thought that was bad.
Hope those massages will help with the headaches.

Karen: The meniscus is what DH had a problem with. His was torn and the Dr. w/arthroscopic cleaned it up and except for the added problem of severe arthritis in that knee he would be great. I must admit he surprised me as he had no pain before the operation and after. We saw the Dr for the 6 month check up and he was told unless he had pain and was restricted too much he didn't want to see him for a year and that he was not a candidate for knee replacement at this time. Hope all will be as easy for you.

Slavika: I had a George Forman and used it a lot but it was one of the first and did not have a shut off button so when you pulled the plug you would get a spark....not very safe. I just got a 'Griddler' by Cuisinart. It has two surfaces that are removable and a second set if you want to grill with a flat plate. The top also goes down flat so you can use both top and bottom to grill or fry egg, pancakes, whatever. I use it a lot. Make hamburgers when I don't want to use the outside grill or bacon and eggs and it makes great grilled panini--sandwiches. Hope you have as much fun with yours.

Well yesterday the cake baking went very well. Little Miss Kerri had all the ingredients and utensils out on the counter when I arrived and we had a lot of fun. She had researched the recipies on the internet and got an easy one from the Food Channel. She also got the icing recipe...it was very low cal. Only 1/2 lb butter and 3 cups of Confectioner's sugar. Tonight's the party and I will let you know how it goes. Kerrie also made the Birthday card for her mom....she drew a cake with candles and someone blowing them out with an ah choo sound effect. The candles blew all around the card and each candle had a different design on it.....smiley faces for when Mom is happy, closed eyes for tired, etc. The verse said "What's the matter...too many candles" I thought it was very clever. Older brother hadn't bought Mom his present yet and wanted to give her some money but Dad said ...she has money and you need to give it more thought so he went out and bought flowers and a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant. They are good kids.

I'll let you know how it all turns out...probably tomorrow!


07-18-2006, 06:47 PM
G'day all,

I didn't realise it was so hot in your part of the world :eek:

I hear what you are saying Slavika, it is all very well to have an airconditioned house and car but you still feel very restricted and with a continual hot spell you just want to get out in the garden or go for a walk.
Pleased the George Foreman grill worked well for you, anything that goes in the dishwasher HAS to be good thing.:D;)

A friend called in yesterday who has just had a hip replacement , she was just incredible, said it was a breeze! She now needs both her knees replaced, she is not quite so keen to get that done.
I hope they are able to fix your knee Karen and you are soon back to normal.
It just goes to show again that you just don't know what is around the corner.
Another friend also called in (I had a busy day:D) whilst her husband had an angiogram. He has developed heart problems, we haven't seen him for 3 months and I cannot believe the change in him, he has lost a lot of weight and he cannot do anything. They have booked to go to France for 2 months in September and hope that they can find out what is wrong with him so they can at least try and manage the problem.
This getting old is not much fun :dizzy::?::(

Glenda I hope the massages are helping you and that the thyroid medication is doing its job.

Gloria what great grand children you have, I loved the boys idea of a present for Mum and his father's response:D It will hold him in good stead when he does the same for his wife in years to come.

With all my visitors yesterday, I will try and get on with my book of photos.
It is a huge learning curve but hopefully it will turn out well.

Hi to Trudy and Peggy and I hope Ann is enjoying herself on her vacation.


07-18-2006, 07:54 PM
HI All,

See you all are having the heat. It sure is hot-here the humidity is awful. I will take it over snow and cold anyday. Last week I went away for a few days with my sister. We went up to Ohio's Amish country. I love to go there. Such a different way of life. The kids are so wholesome and cute. Their horses are beautiful. www.oacountry.com The area has been "discovered" by McDonalds and Burger King. What a shame. They have a great fabric shop in Charm. My sister makes quilts and bought the makings for a whack and stack quilt. Don't ask me what it looks like. I can't picture it. We ate a restaurant the Amish frequent. They do make the best pies. so needless to say I have to get back to the diet.

Karen I am happy about your weight loss but yuck on the knee. I know that is painful. I hope it heals without suregery. Dh hurt is knee years ago playing oldtimers baseball. He tore his ligaments and was in pain. He had surgery. My youngest son has had surgery on both his knees. Weird because that is his specialty in his job.

Maria I have to go look at your pictures. Can't figure out why your emails don't come through.

Gloria what a fun day you had with your granddaughter. She sounds like a great kid.

Slavika the hot dog maker- what a good idea that was. I bet the little "rapper" had a good time on the float checking out the girls. I haven't heard about the new and improved Foreman grill. We have one of the originals. You need to take your time with David's things. You do what you can.

Glenda I have to laugh. You sound like me wanting a miracle with those thyroid pills. I have been having a problem losing lately and can't figure out why.

I am tired. I went to the race track today with a group of women. It was fun even though I hardly won. Do any of you watch Treasure Hunters? I was wishing that annoying girl last night would stick her head in the swamp.

07-19-2006, 01:03 AM
Karen so sorry to hear about your knee. I remember my stupid ankle last summer. It kept me from doing a lot of things. I hope there is a speedy remedy for your knee. "They" tell us to keep active, but our body parts are prone to injury when we do too much. You are really doing so well with your weight loss. Of course, you are working at it. Might be the reason why I am not doing so well.... you have to work at it.
I am trying to convince our Slavika to join my Wellness facility. I think it would be a healthy way for her to pass the time. I think she is going to give it a try. There is Guest Day when I could take her in for free, or she could pay the $10.00 fee for the day and I could take her in any time. Of course Slavika that would mean we would have to eat healthier treats at Tea Time. You should have seen the lovely assortment she picked up today. We "might" have had a bit of livation...
The temperature reached 95 on the weekend. I thought I was going to perish. My allergy to whatever I am allergic to, was driving me nuts. I didn't go outside much, just to water my poor flowers or to dash to the car. I don't know how you gals can live in such hot climates. It would be the end of me.
Maria I also smiled when I read your daughters "plan" for the birth of her baby. We know that things don't always go as planned. The excitement of the birth is evident. Do they have the nursery all ready? Is the baby going to be a girl? I thought I read a "she" in the mail.
Peggy The Amish Country looks so peaceful. Do you remember the movie "Witness" with Harrison Ford? I have been to the races a few times and thorougly enjoyed myself.
Gloria My George Foreman grill sounds like the one you replaced. No on and off switch. It is a non stick, but I have to clean the grills myself... maybe I need a new one. Slavika's is really nice.
Glenda I didn't know you had thyroid problems. I hope the chiropracter can clear up the headaches. I get this sinus thing, it involves my left eyebrow, eye and cheek and makes my teeth ache. Here I go again complaining.
Yesterday was my 41st Wedding Anniversary. Remember the Birthday Calculator.. I am a 1 and my DH is an 8... the calculator didn't think it was a good match.. :D We had a nice day, went out for dinner and had the family over in the evening.
The situation in the middle east is so upsetting. I think the outcome of that region is going to affect all of us one way or another. I hate the fact that the Canadian soldiers are "peace keeping" in Afghanastan. Watching the national news is very disturbing.

Bye for now..

07-19-2006, 02:09 AM
Good to 'see' you Peggy and thank you for the link to the Amish page, it is an area we hope to visit when we come on our American holiday.

I have tried to rectify the email problem however the problem is at your end, I can receive your emails but for some reason your provider is rejecting my emails.:?::?::?:

Trudy I think that is an excellent thing for Slavika to do to join your Wellness Centre. Just keep persisting until she agrees to try it out. ;):D;)

Yes Lexie is having a little girl and the nursery has been ready for some time. Her due date is August 12.
I loved Slavika's story of her childbirth experience:D


07-20-2006, 11:29 AM
A quick update on the birthday extravaganza! Chris worked Monday until late so she didn't see any of the birthday baking but Tuesday she had an early day home at 3PM. By that time Kerri had the table set, beautifully, and almost all the ingredients out in anticipation of my arrival to start cooking. Needless to say Chris was surprised...she said 'so that's what all the whispering was all about!' Between Kerri and her brother Sean they wouldn't allow Chris to do any helping.

The plan was for appetizers...cheese and crackers and a platter of sliced tomatoes with basil, mozarella cheese, & olive oil. She even had her dad take her our to get wine for the party....white for appetizers and red for the meal. She had lamb which came our great and roasted potatoes and asparagus and corn on the cob. Then she pulled out the cake and lit a whole box of candles.....mom had a fit over that...'I'm not that old!' :D All in all we had a great time and I don't think either mom or Kerri will forget this. By the way Sean did pick up a beautiful bouquet of mauve flowers including some roses. He is learning.

Yesterday we went to the Cape to visit my friend and we had a lovely afternoon sitting on her front porch and watching the people in the water and the boats going by. There were a bunch of kids who had been taken to the beach from some sort of day care place and they all had orange t shirts. They were all across the street waiting for the bus to take them back and every time a car, truck, motorcycle went by they would all pump their arms and holler.....Honk, Honk....some did and when they did a roar went up from the kids. She is doing well but will always have to use the walker. they have a visiting nurse come in once a week to set up her meds in the daily containers so there will be no mix up. She also takes a drop of blood to check for the Cumidin that she takes. Yesterday her blood was thin and the nurse called the DR to check about possibly not taking the Cumidin that night. It is good that they have a professionial come in to help. Being 85 & 87 it is easy to be confused.

Jack got into the water and he said it was perfect. There were lots of people on the sand and in the water. After we left we wandered around and found another beach and were able to park and have a light bite to eat while looking at the water.....very restful.

I am in the midst of laundry which I have neglected lately and my dryer just dinged so I am off....


07-21-2006, 01:09 AM
G'day all,

Gloria that all sounds so lovely, the dinner and your visit to your friend. Makes me wish for summer.

DH is quite unbearable at the moment, he is having a difficult time adjusting to retirement. Two weeks after we came home from our trip he was asked to go to Bangladesh for 3 months which we refused, he then was asked to go to New Zealand and he had psyched himself up to go and was then advised the contract has fallen through. So we are back to square one.
He wants to be retired but then he doesn't:?::?::?:

The good thing is that he is aware that he is being a pain in the backsite, so lets hope he snaps out of it soon!

So that is about it from me, back to getting my book finished.


Karen L
07-21-2006, 12:44 PM
Maria my Aunt once told me along time ago that the definition of retirement was twice as much man only half as much money.;) It will take time for the 2 of you to to get used to being in the house together 24/7 . :o There will be times that a large rock:devil: would come in handy just so you will have some peace and quiet and space. When I need to get away for a while I take the dog and the golf cart and way we go. Some times all I need is 20 minutes. I've even begun to let DH do some of the mid week food shopping. Like we need Lettuce and tomatoes and maybe some fruit. It gets him out of my hair for a while and makes him feel like he got some thing that needs doing. He really has no hobbies. Right now it's really to hot to out on the golf course. Course right now he is busy every day with me as the gimp around here.

Yesterday we went to Walmart because I had cabin fever and needed to get out. I drove one of those carts around . That was kind of fun but. I have to tell you the world looks different from a sitting position. Don't like it.:(

Gloria, Sounds like your GD party went well. She did a good job. Your day at the beach sounded nice.

Glenda, Hope all is going well with new medication. If I remember right you don't do well with meds. So how is it going? Did Your head aches go away yet?

Slavika does your new George Foremen Grill have an on/off switch? We got a new on and it does not. Was disappointed. Like the way it cleans up tho. Oh Yes go with Trudy to the wellness center. It will be good for you!:goodscale ::ebike: :workout: :tread: :strong:

See you later

Trudy was i coming on a little strong about the wellness center???:o

07-21-2006, 01:30 PM
Karen, you are funny about the brick. We still work, but with this heat in the evening I understand. HE can't get outside. No, I do not do well with medication for pain or inflammation. The thyroid has been no problem, thank you Lord! The heat gives me such headaches. I had a regularly scheduled massage from the wreck thing, went home, went to sleep on the couch and remember very little about last night. Those massages just zonk me out.

Peggy, I think I want your life. Going to the races, to the Amish country, just sounds like lots of fun. A whack and stack quilt! We want to see a picture when finished.

Maria, he will get his act together eventually. It sure must take some adjusting to get into a new routine, but those I know wonder how they ever worked. I did call my brother and he said this is the worst time of the year for him because of the weather, but it will pass. He has an obsessive hobby of bird watching--even goes out of the country into a helicopter to see some exotic bird. But that is what gets his juices flowing.

Talked to my kid, the school administrator yesterday. He said he and his kids have extreme cabin fever. They can't play in their backyard pool because the water is way too hot. They had been to McDonald's to play, watched videos, colored and were all cranky and bored. I remember those days well. Cabin fever January and July and August. This is the 13th day in a row with temperatures over 100!

Slavika, you have such a good friend in Trudy. She will get you a new hobby, the fitness center. It will be such fun because you can have a little tea-time after every workout and feel justified.

07-21-2006, 06:57 PM
G'day all,

Glenda I am glad we are visiting the US in April/May, we won't have to worry too much about the heat, we get enough of that at home.:rolleyes:
I rather like your brother's hobby of birdwatching but I guess anything obsessive is not a good thing, just ask dh about MY photograpy and addiction to Photoshop:D;):D

Karen I am sure the world must be different in one of those little carts. Makes you realise how restricted you are when you cannot walk.

On the retirement front....dh was asked to send his CV to someone in Singapore, there could be some contract work in the UK.
I doubt (and hope) if anything will come of it and this is really our problem, being a consultant and supposedly work when you want to, just doesn't really work. We are in a constant state of limbo.
Financially it is just too good to pass up but for peace of mind and just settling in to retirement, it is not a good thing for either of us.
I guess it keeps life interesting.

My book is just about finished and ready to go to the printers. I will send you all the link of the PDF version of the book. A lot of photos are the same as the website but there also many new ones that I have added.

Once I have done this book, I thought I would do a book of Matilda's first year for ds and d-i-l for their Christmas.
I was lying awake early this morning thinking about how I would do it and which photos I would include, goodness knows I have enough of Matilda's first year;):D
I will let you know my progress in time to come.....

Have a great weekend all,


07-23-2006, 02:08 PM
Hi Everybody: I spent time this morning looking at MARIA'S photo's, and they are truly wonderful. You sure have a great talent with that camera of yours. :) KAREN it's a good thing that they have those riding carts at Wal-Mart, at least you were able to have a change of scenery. About my new George Forman Grill.....Yes it has a power on/off switch, a timer like on a stove and also you can set the temperature. To clean the top and bottom grills you just pop them out and put them in the dishwasher. Easy clean up. Mine cost $149.99 plus the taxes. The grilling surface is about 9" by 12". I bet they are cheaper in the US. If any of you gals spot one check the price and let me know. It's called "The Next Grilleration" model No. GRP99CAN. MARIA sent me some information about digital cameras so I would like to get one. I bought myself a new scanner/printer that supposedly prints great photo's, and I am also going to get a new computer desk and chair. The desk I have is just too small to hold the printers, speakers etc and my chair must be the most uncomfortable ever invented. It is one of those old fashioned oak chairs that bankers had along with those HUGE oak desks. This chair was David's Dad (he was a banker too) and when he retired the staff had a brass plaque put on the back of the chair saying he was the bank manager from "1935 to 1968" and it was given to him when he retired. I put a pillow on the seat to raise myself up so that I can type without knocking my elbows on the wood arm rests, but my pillow keeps slipping and one of these days I will end up with my BUTT on the floor. :p :p TRUDY picked me up all the literature on the wellness center and I think that it would do me good to join. I was thinking that maybe I would wait until summer was over and then go She is a dear friend and I know she worries about me. :hug: It would do me a lot of good to have "someplace" to go and also this body of mine is not looking to impressive these days. It requires some serious work. My blood sugar levels are up and that is not good. I will call the doctor tomorrow and have him set me up for some blood work. I forgot to mention that before I can move in all this new computer furniture I have to clean up the shelves and things in this room FIRST. Everynight before I go to bed I put bright yellow postie notes on my kitchen table. One says WALK (on my treadmill) the other says clean computer room. So far I haven't done either. My exercise consists of squishing up the WALK postie note and throwing it in the garbage. :dizzy: :dizzy: Yesterday I went with DIL and kids out for hot dogs/fries AND soft ice cream cone. :?: Hmmm not exactly diet type food, but I sure enjoyed it and the company. My Princess is in rehearsal every day including Sat. and Sun. from 2 to 4 hours and the time differs. She never complains, so I guess she is truly enjoying the experience. There are 16 children munchkins and the fact that she was one of the ones chosen, out of the hundreds of children that auditioned for the part is just super. I already have tickets for two of the performances of Wizard of Oz and I think I may have to go a third time too. The play starts on August 1st and runs until August 20th. It's a outdoor theatre with a roof over it in one of our lovely parks. GLORIA how nice that the birthday party was such a great success. ANN, nice to hear you are back and I hope all went well on your holiday. GLENDA I am happy that this time you are not having trouble with your new meds. PEGGY, I would love to see the crafts and things that the Amish people do. I know they have some wonderful cookbooks too.
Well gals, that's my news. Bye for now. :)

07-23-2006, 10:35 PM
G'day all,

Lovely to see your post Slavika, you are lucky with a good friend like Trudy so close by. I think joining the wellness centre will be great and as you said, it will be something you have committed yourself to and will encourage you to do a bit more excercise than screwing up your yellow post-it note:D:D
Also to have your computer room set up the way you want it will give you more incentive to do things.
I love my computer room with all my books, printer, scanner etc. etc.

The wizard of oz sounds wonderful and to have such a close connection with a member of the cast ;) would make it doubly special!

I must be off and put some finishing touches to the book!

Have a great day all,


07-24-2006, 08:32 PM
It was a first for us.... :angel: had a sleepover at our place on Fri night. They brought her over on Fri afternoon and picked her up on Sat afternoon. She didn't want to go home and was hiding behind a stuffed chair..:lol: It took a lot of convincing to make her want to go to the beach with them. She told me, after the beach she would come back and spend another night with us. I feel that we did our Grandparent duties well..:lol: My DH and I tidied up the house and then crashed on sofas for the rest of the day. Where do those little ones get all that energy? My DD was a bit upset because :angel: didn't want to go with her, but when I told her that the little ones last words at bedtime were .. "I want my Mommy" before she fell asleep, brought tears to DD's eyes and made her feel better. The whole family has gone to the lake for the week. Miss them already.
Maria Looks like we all agree that you did a wonderful job on the pictures and the book. You are so talented, I'll bet you could earn quite a good living as a photographer.
Slavika I used my old Geo Foreman tonight to grill hamburgers. While cleaning up the grates, I thought how nice it would be to have your model and drop those gunky grates in the dishwasher. I want to new one too!!
Glenda I can't imagine the backyard pool water being too hot to swim. The outdoor pools here have heaters to keep the water at a warmer temp. Cold water out of the tap would be too cold to swim in. I was surprised to read about the poisonous snakes in Ok. Of course when I thought about it, your being so far south it made sense.
Karen Men and retirement.. I have had my DH home now for 14 years.... 14 LONG YEARS. He took early retirement at 55. It took us a while to find our boundaries. We co-exist very well now, but at first he got on my nerves all day long. It seemed that every time I turned around he was closing a cupboard door, puting out a light just to mention a couple of things. Another thing that really bugged me was the vaccuming. He took over the task and acted like the house had never been vaccumed before. One time he told me that he actually moves the furniture.. I almost brained him that time. I will say one thing, that old vacuum cleaner got replaced with central vac pretty fast once he had to haul that heavy old clunker around.
Gloria the birthday extravaganza sounded just wonderful, especially the food. I always envy you when you talk about going to the Cape. It brings up pictures and movies I have seen of that beautiful area. It always sounds so peaceful.
Nice to have you back from hoidays Ann. I am sure you had a great time.
Peggy What are you up to these days? Did you find it hard getting back to your routine after all that good eating in Amish country?

We went to see RV with Robin Williams last week. What a funny movie, has anyone else seen it? Maria Luckily you didn't have any of the problems that family had. It was a good laugh.

I really do enjoy the e-mails from all of you. What a great bunch of gals you all are..:grouphug:

07-27-2006, 10:54 PM
off to the next thread all....


07-27-2006, 10:55 PM
off to the next thread....

see ya there...