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07-08-2006, 12:35 AM
Anyone happen to know the nutrition info on these? I can't seem to find it. I have 3 tiny ones to make with my dinner and I need to know how much damage they'll do LOL. Is it really around 100 cals for a small potato?! I haven't had one in forever, that just seems so high!

07-08-2006, 03:48 AM
A baked potato has about 26 calories per ounce. I just assume that yukon gold potatoes are the same as any other non-sweet potato in terms of nutrition.

The small yukon gold potatoes that I get are about 3 ounces, so that's about 75 calories for one potato. In case you don't have a scale, I measured one of my potatoes so you can compare it to yours--it is about 2.75 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 6 inches in circumference (going around the short way, not the long way). It weighs about 2.75 ounces.

- Barbara