Weight Loss Support - Things you wish you could do - A LIST

07-08-2006, 12:33 AM

I'd like to start a thread, a list of things that as an overweight person you don't do/can't do anymore, but would like to do. Maybe you never have done them, but would like to. Or maybe you are now able to do because you lost the weight and have the strength or confidence to now do.

I'd like to save a list of things I'd like to do or try, a motivation for where I'd like to be. Maybe some of you have some ideas of things we all might like to do but didn't think of. The next part of the list is things that i hope to never have to deal with again.

Here I will start out...

Things I can't do anymore but once did:

1. Swim/put on bathing suit. I am way too large on bottom to consider shorts or a bathing suit. The humiliation I would feel would put me in a mental hospital. I DREAM of being able to swim.
2. Cross my legs. Legs just WILL NOT cross.
3. Walk without my legs flapping together in the middle
4. keep up with most 'normal' weight people when walking
5. Sit well in a theatre seat, airplane seat, plastic lawn chair, doctor office chair, etc. all made for the average person
6. Car seatbelt fitting without choking me
7. Walk outside with confidence and not feeling like someone's saying "who's that fat girl walking by, oh my!"

Things I have NEVER done but want to. Most I don't do because I am either too heavy/can't accomplish .

1. RUN. OH I want to run. My legs just don't have the strength yet. Priority on my list.
2. Wear several cute things like: ankle bracelet, cropped pants, cute shoes, ****, anything cute that doesn't look like 'old lady' clothes, plain and ugly just because it fits.
3. Feel comfortable.. or at least relatively comfortable, being naked
4. Visit my dad wearing a size 'normal' (whatever that might be) and be proud of how I look. (he's an anti-fat..calls everyone "huge, big as a house" even if they are only mildly over weight)

Hmm I'll have to work more on this list.. feel free to add to it

part 3.. things I do now since I've gained weight that have happened because I am heavy..

1. Debate whether I can sit in a chair first before I sit there, for fear I might break it, have it fall over, etc. (no thankfully it never has happened)

2. Be careful of activities I plan with a group that may reveal to others my shortcomings (like, if they plan an outing where we'd have to walk long distances or walk quickly, or fit into amusement park ride seats)

3. I have only shopped at the 'plus size' stores for about the last 10 years or more. Don't ever go to malls anymore because I can't shop at a regular store.
my clothing shopping is not an adventure, it's a chore.

3b. Having to lie when someone thin says 'oh, where did you get that cute sweater, I'll have to go look for it' because I'm too embarassed to tell the truth. I usually say Sears because I know they'll never find it.

4. Struggle with myself on how I let this happen to myself, how someone as intelligent as I am could be so 'dumb'.

5. Had to buy powder to put on the bits of skin that sit and gather moisture, so they don't get a rash.

6. (should be number 1) Stretch marks, a lot of them. Well, this one will be with me forever, but I strive to never get a new one.

07-08-2006, 01:01 AM
Ok, I'm game...

Here is my list of things I want to do when I am thinner:

-bike ride!
-roller blade
-run run run!!
-and skip too
-have sex again!!
-wear cute little outfits
-go to a rock concert and dress up in leather and chains!! woohoo!!
-go to the movies, theme parks
-get married
-have children?
-wear a bathing suit in public
-LIVE, not just exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I'm sure there are alot more things I haven't even thought of yet!!

I soooo miss getting checked out by guys. I don't even feel like a woman any
more. :-( But that'll change.

07-08-2006, 01:31 AM
Hey those are some really good ones.

Some of those can go on my list too:
skip, roller blade, bike ride, LIVE, and find my authentic me.. I can't ever feel authentic as fat, it just doesn't feel right.
Dressing up crazy.. good one. any time I try to do anything like dress up for anything (dinner OR halloween) it just does not work, I look stupid.
That's a great one, I like it.

I would LOVE to be checked out.. even if I am married, it would still feel nice. Another good one. And it didn't occur to me. Thanks!

Ok, I'm game...
Here is my list of things I want to do when I am thinner:

-bike ride!
-roller blade
-run run run!!
-and skip too
-have sex again!!
-wear cute little outfits
-go to a rock concert and dress up in leather and chains!! woohoo!!
-go to the movies, theme parks
-get married
-have children?
-wear a bathing suit in public
-LIVE, not just exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I'm sure there are alot more things I haven't even thought of yet!!

I soooo miss getting checked out by guys. I don't even feel like a woman any
more. :-( But that'll change.

07-08-2006, 03:15 AM
Things I can do now that I have accomplished my weight loss goals.
1. tie my own shoes
2. paint my toenails, (DH likes to do this for me still )
3. wear a swimsuit in public
4. blow up my own swim raft
5. play with grandkids rather than watch them play
6. walk outside without shortness of breath
7. go to my daughters school functions
8. ride on the back of a motorcycle with DH
9. go grocery shopping without assistance
10. park in the back of a parking lot instead of handicapped parking
11. play fetch with my dog
12. stand on my feet long enough to cook good meals for my family.
13. get through some days without having to take a nap
14. do laundry, dishes and general housekeeping without depending on DH and children
15. go to the mall and shop without looking for benches to sit on
16. basically, enjoy life

07-08-2006, 03:45 AM
Okay...this is going to sound really dumb, but when I reach my ultimate goal weight, I want to...


Seriously, I think I'm "unfit" (har har) for a job. Any job. I mean I've seen people bigger than me hold jobs, no doubt. But there's just something inside me that's telling me that I'd be inadequate when I get a job, and I need to be lean to be a good worker.

And you know what's funny? I've been to interviews and got hired on the spot when I was like 40 lbs heavier!!

07-08-2006, 04:18 AM
Some of the things I'd like to do were already named but I'll recap anyway. :dizzy:

Go swimming
Buy clothes off the rack
Go to an amusement park and fit in the seats
Go to a restaurant without trying to remember if the tables move forward or bolted to the ground so I can sit comfortably.

Wear sleeveless shirts
Wear shorts
Look good while dancing. I dance really well but I look ridiculous now.
Do a cartwheel. I've never been able to do it and I've always wanted to since I was a child.

Make traffic stop! (that used to happen and I wasn't totally thin but way thinner than I am now)

Ride a bike (my butt's too big)

Take a martial arts class
Take ballroom dance lessons (I've always wanted to do that)

Model (catalogue) (I blew it [turned it down] when I had the opportunity before but I'd like to try again)

Go to a highschool reunion with my head held high.

I want a guy to write a song for me. (you know those songs where they talk about a pretty lady? Well I want to be that lady!)

07-08-2006, 04:48 AM
Thing I would do include:

1. Wear a bathing suit without being conscious of my body
2. BUy size 10's or 12's
3. Weigh myself infront of people (even my boyfriend)
4. Flash my mid drift once in a while, with short tops and hipster jeans.

Just things I have longed to do for ages. Hopefully the day is not to far away now.

07-08-2006, 04:53 AM
Hmm I have such a huge list.. it's hard to narrow it down.
Things I've always wanted to do
1. Walk in a room and not instantly scope out the people who might tease me and stay far away from them. out of eyesight if possible. For once I just don't want to care about what people think of me.
2. Run. I have running dreams.. and not the horrible running.. I'm happy in my running dreams.
3. Have a pair of jeans that last forever...and not get the inside of the thigh worn out from constant rubbing together.
4. love myself ( this should be #1)
5. never having to stop in front of a mirror to see if I have to suck in my stomach in the shirt i'm wearing.
6. I want to buy the clothes when I see them,... not have to try them on to see if they fit. (why are all the cute clothes size 14 and under?!)
7. Wear "sexy" shoes. Knee high boots and strappy heels.
8. wear a belt
9 I wanna see my belly button.
10. Feel comfortable. no more shifting, no pulling and tugging at my clothes all the time.

Fat in Hong Kong
07-08-2006, 05:50 AM
Things I wish for ......

1. I wish I didn't feel the need to cover my naked body up in front of my husband because I'm so ashamed of it.

2. I wish I could paint my toe nails without struggling.

3. I wish I could bend down and pick something up from off the floor without struggling.

4. I wish I could kneel or sit on the floor without it hurting.

5. I wish I could get back up off the floor without a struggle.

6. I wish I could cross my legs.

7. I wish I didn't feel embarrassed/ashamed/self concious about my size when I go out with friends who are all 'normal'.

8. I wish to feel comfortable in my clothes.

9. I wish I didn't have back ache because of the extra weight I'm carrying around.

10. I wish I didn't sweat all the time because I'm overweight.

11. I wish I didn't fall asleep every afternoon because I feel exhausted.

12. I wish that I had more energy.

13. I wish I could take off my clothes without having bright red lines/creases all over my body where waistbands/bra straps etc have dug into my fat.

14. I wish I didn't have to hold my fat belly up when I shower, to wash underneath it!

15. I wish I could wax my bikini area and be able to actually see what I am doing!

16. I wish I enjoyed going out with my husband/friends like I used to when I was slim.

17. I wish I didn't end up in tears of frustration when I'm trying to find something in my wardrobe that actually fits to wear when I go out with my husband/friends.

18. I wish I didn't have to spend hours trying on clothes in a shop until I finally find something that fits me ... but still doesn't look good.

19. I wish I could lie by a swimming pool or on a beach without having to cover myself from head to toe in a sarong.

20. I hope that one day all my wishes will come true ........

Misti in Seattle
07-08-2006, 09:56 AM
Things I would like to be able to do are:

Wear cute clothes... when I see all the pretty spring/summer fashions, I just think "next year!" and keep chugging along at it!

Wear an actual swimsuit instead of the "tankini" I invented from a tank top and biker shorts.

Ride my bike (may try that VERY soon here!)

Get up off the floor without a struggle.

However, here are a list of things I CAN do which I could NOT do before I lost my 50 pounds... I try to focus more on THIS one and add to it! Lily, loved YOUR list woo hoo!

1. Cross my legs
2. Walk for long periods of time without stopping to rest
3. Clean house, etc., without resting and sitting every few minutes
4. Get up out of a chair without holding on to anything.
5. Pick up something off the floor or get into the bottom file drawer easily at work.
6. Not feel nearly as much pain esp. when walking, etc.
7. Wear a lot of the "too small" clothes in my closet; had to get rid of my "fattest" clothes.
8. Eat healthfully without blowing it or binges; established habit.
9. Go out in public without cringing in embarrassment at my size... well most of the time anyway; sometimes it still "hits" but nearly as bad as before.
10. Stuff my boobs all the way into a bra without hanging out all over the top and sides... LOL so ya it's still a BIG bra (DDD) but I can DO it! Also, having to sew up the sides of the bras because band size is just TOO big around for the cup size.
11. Finally being able to wear my crop pants I've been "checking" every week or so since spring!
12. Not sweating nearly as much or being so HOT all the time.
13. Knowing that I am on the right track and into a healthful lifestyle rather than the constant guilt feelings from being on the wrong track.

Can't wait to add to the list!!!!!

07-08-2006, 10:11 AM
These are great lists!

Abbey, your third list of things that you have to think about now that you are heavy really hit home.

One thing I would add... I know that we can't all do everything on the list now (some because we just physically can't), but don't wait until you lose weight to try some of the things you want to do.

I remember a number of years ago when I weighed about 250 and was bemoaning the fact that I couldn't play tennis because of my weight. I finally decided that it was my embarrassment holding me back. I certainly could TRY (though I wasn't good) and I went ahead and took tennis lessons. You know what, I wasn't even the worst player there. The fattest maybe, but not the worst.

Sometimes our embarrassment holds us back. Maybe taking charge of some of the items will help spur the confidence we need to lose the weight!

07-08-2006, 10:19 AM
1. Not feel like everyone is laughing at me.
2. Dress cute enough that my kids aren't embarrassed.
3. Have tons of energy.
4. Pierce my navel. I would love a belly button ring, but you've got to be
able to see my belly button first!

Misti in Seattle
07-08-2006, 10:27 AM
Sometimes our embarrassment holds us back. Maybe taking charge of some of the items will help spur the confidence we need to lose the weight!

Good point! LOL I know when I am starting my slow jog that my boobs are undoubtedly doing a bit of jiggle/joggle. :) AND when I am climbing in and out of that pool... yikes! Takes courage to take off that big T-shirt or climb back out of the pool and get it ON as fast as I can! But I just remind myself that I am NOT going to be stopped by what anyone thinks but just get out there and do my best anyway.

AND a LOT of them aren't doing much of anything to get in shape. At least I am trying! I am amazed at the number of women larger than I who bring bottles of pop and big bags of chips... and sit in the chair at the pool reading or watching their kids swim. They would be far better off out there in the pool, fat or no fat! :)

To me, getting thin and in shape is WORTH the price I have to pay to do it, including the embarrassment.

Besides... it is STILL true... most of the time when we are worried about what people are thinking about us, they aren't thinking about us at ALL.. they are thinking about their OWN problems or insecurities, etc. We ALL have them and the world really does not revolve around "me." :)

07-08-2006, 11:09 AM
1. I would like to be able to walk fast at work without worrying if I waddle.

2. Would like to wear shirts that fit better without worrying if it emphasizes by back fat.

3. Would like a pair of cute sandals, right now my feet are too wide (does this change as you lose?)

4. Want to get hit on when I go out, or even just at work (even though I'm married)

5. Want to fit into cool "teenage" jeans before I am way too old to pull them off.

6. Would like to wear a shirt that doesn't has to cover up my gut and butt.

7. would like to be able to cross my legs under a table.

8. Would like to wear shorts without worrying how fat my legs look when I sit down.

Thats all I can think of right now except that I will like to be considered "hot" or at least "cute"

07-08-2006, 11:51 AM
Hi everyone,

Wow a lot of these items are really good too. Some should be on my list.

mostly I wanted to start this list so that we can try to focus on our goal and make a list of things that we'd like to do. hopefully nobody thought 'oh, poor me, I can't'.

I'd like to see a lot of changes to my list as time goes on. I would like to change the 'wishes' into I wills. They say that if you write your goals down rather than just thinking them, then you will see them and achieve them.

I haven't even thought of some of those things in a long long time. I gave up on myself at one point just thinking I'd never be thin again, so abandon the dream. But, here I am again! I changed my mind, and I am determined.

Some of you are inspiration to us and I thank you for that. I find my mood consistently more positive since I've joined this board.

07-08-2006, 02:07 PM
1.I wish I'd get noticed more by guys, and not treated like im invisible. I'm tired of just being "the friend" and not the girlfriend.

2.I wish i could go into a normal store and buy cute clothes that are comfortable (now i have to order online, because I HATE the clothes in plus size stores. The pants always go up to my armpits! lol) I mean, hey, im a teenager, i want lowrise jeans (which i already wear since i order online) and halter tops and whatnot. I see so much cute stuff in the store and i feel so bad because i cant wear it (YET!)

3.I want to go swimming

4.I want to pierce my bellybutton AGAIN. I did it before, but when i sat down, my fat suffocated it, and it kept getting infected and i had to take it out. Next time, its gonna stay there!

5.I wish i could go out without feeling like everyone is thinking about how fat i am (i know they have better things to think about that that, but i still feel awkward)

6.I want to feel normal, like all of my friends, and most of the girls at school. I feel like such an outsider sometimes.

7.Another thing-I'll be SO glad when i dont have to turn the A/C down so low because i am so easily affected by the heat! Thats one thing i hate.

Of course, I'm not throwing myself a pity-party cause these things arent gonna happen right now. I know i have to work at it if i really deserve it. There are many many things i CAN do that other people who are my weight cant, and im thankful for that! Such as painting my toes, doing backbends, splits, running, and crossing my legs, all without trouble. :D

07-08-2006, 02:09 PM
This thread got me thinking about things I can do now, that I couldn't do 50 lbs ago. I still have a long, long way to go, and I never would have expected to notice a difference alreadlly. I can wash my hair without pain, I can sleep on my back, I can even exercise. When I started, I could barely wash my hair in the shower. I couldn't breath, sleeping on my back. I had severe sleep apnea, and had to sleep with a CPAP.

My last sleep test showed that the apnea is gone, so I don't need the CPAP anymore. I can sleep on my back. I don't toss and turn in pain to nearly the degree I did. While I still am far too sedentary, I've become more active and beginning to exercise.

It is liberating, though to look at your wish list, and decide what things you can do now, but are choosing not to. I hated exercising, becaust the ones I would allow myself to do were so BORING. I love swimming and bicycling (real bicycling, not staring at a wall in the den), both things I didn't think I was supposed to do fat. I love swimming so much that I really have never let my weight stop me, although that walk to pool feels like a death march, if there are too many "normals" around. There's a warm water therapy exercise pool in our area, with programs for people with arthritis, injuries and other physical limitations. I am not always the fattest in the pool, although I'm almost always the youngest.

With even the little improvement I have seen, it got me thinking about doing more of what I wanted to do, and I convinced my husband that we both should buy bicycles a few weeks ago. It was a huge gamble. I couldn't find much information on people our size biking, and the information I did find made me think we might need bikes we couldn't afford. We went to a local bike shop, and although the guys were all cute, athletic, and barely out of their teens, they did not act like we were absolutely crazy for asking. In fact, they got us super psyched because of their enthusiasm on our behalf. And it turns out, we're far from the only fat cyclists out there. They told us what we needed to look for, and avoid in a bike. Turns out Walmart's second cheapest model would work fine until we decided whether we would bike enough to buy great bikes.

That first bike ride was scary, and traumatic. Hubby, fifteen pounds heavier than I, took to it right away, but it took me fifteen minutes to remember how to even ride one. The bike seat hurt so bad, I was sore for days, and the five minute ride left my legs so wobbly I could barely stand. I seriously thought of taking the bikes back (but figured that would be more embarassing than buying them in the first place), so I bought a gel seat and we tried again. Now we are biking to a park near our house. My rides are still really short, but it is so much fun. I'm still not brave enough to go beyond our little neighborhood of cul-de-sacs, but it's a start.

Fat in Hong Kong
07-08-2006, 03:39 PM
Colleen, just wanted to say that I am so impressed with you, and your husband's determination ... you are both an inspiration!! Go for it!!

07-08-2006, 04:00 PM
Colleen -- I want to second that post above! Very inspiring!! And I bet having something you love to do (and will get better at over time, quickly too!) will help lose weight!

My hubby and I had similar experiences when we started riding bikes 2 years ago. I get what you mean about the gel seat and wobbly legs! We didn't go far, but did enjoy it. Now I'm biking to work (only 2 miles each way, but still!), and I want us to start taking much longer rides!

07-08-2006, 04:14 PM
I still worry about wearing a bathing suit in public and I definitely have to try on clothes in the store before buying - that's the fault of nutty clothing manufacturers who don't stick to a standard size. I have 10s, 8s, 6s and a couple of 4s in my closet. beforeim35 - my feet seemed to have shrunk about 1/2 size. I used to wear an 8.5, now I wear an 8.

I love how easy it is to cut my toenails though :)

07-08-2006, 04:28 PM
Thanks, I have so far to go that it sometimes seems hopeless. It's hard to find the motivation to do anything, when I can do so little. It seems weird that struggling to get the bike out of the apartment, to take a ten minute ride, was easier than doing ten minutes of leg lifts while watching tv, but I didn't have to think, "I've got to exercise, now!" Instead, "wouldn't it be fun to bicycle to the park," allows me to feel like a normal, functioning person, instead of a lump of flesh

07-08-2006, 05:58 PM
Reading the lists really touched me! I didn't expect that, but some of them include things I feel, some have things I don't have a problem with, some have inspiring things... I'm not expressing this well. The whole point of this forum is that we can communicate and not be alone. Intellectually, I know I'm not alone. But it's different in this thread, maybe because people are sharing insecurities, fears, hopes, dreams. I'm really identifying with everyone's lists.

So, my own.

Things I Want to Do When I'm Slim
Or on the way to that, as soon as I'm able
1. Wear normal-sized clothes that reflect my personality and taste
2. Wear nice shoes (To the person who asked if wide feet will change in size as weight is lost, they may not. My bones are just wide. But as you lose weight, shoes do fit better and some of the width may be fat, so you may be able to fit into narrower shoes. You'll have to see.) so I can wear nicer clothes. I live in sneakers now.
3. Be able to sit in a squat, and to sit on the floor and get up again without needing my hands. Major knee problems, but I'm hoping this will be possible.
4. Walk faster without getting out of breath.
5. Run.
6. Have men back in my life, men I find attractive and fascinating.
7. Wear a bathing suit (though I'll never manage the bikinis I used to wear -- okay, that I haven't been able to wear since my early teens) and swim.
8. Comfortably reach my feet. I can do toe touches, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about getting my ankle up under my nearsighted eyes so I can see the bug bite there, can see that I shaved all the hair from my lower legs.
9. Walk by people without making so much noise they know I'm there before I get there.
10. Be taken more seriously by people without having to fight for that consideration.
11. Not be so affected by heat and humidity.

07-08-2006, 07:39 PM
I'd like to wish everyone here the best of luck in your weightloss ventures and :hug: for the meantime - you can do it! I know I sound like that big kid's underwear commercial (kando!) but you really CAN DO it!

That said, my turn!

1. Make boys'/mens (?) heads turn.
2. Be able to wear shorts and not look like I have sausages for thighs
3. Be able to wear sleeveless shirts and not be self-conscious of my upper arms.
4. Wear a bathing suit and LOOK GOOD!
5. *sigh* Make boys/mens heads turn.

Yea, I know 1 and 5 are the same - I'm very insecure regarding the opposite sex, can you tell? ;)

07-08-2006, 09:06 PM
Colleen, I am so happy you don't need the CPAP anymore. That is wonderful and shows how much your health is improving. Also, great job on the bike riding. I want to get bikes for me and my daughter to ride. I haven't rode one in years, but it's something I enjoyed when I was younger. I'd like to say to everyone, do what you want now. Don't wait til the weight is gone. Life is short, so enjoy every minute of it now. Don't worry what others think of you in a swimsuit, just do it. That's what I had to make myself do and it was totally worth it. I swim 2 or 3 days a week and if people don't like my body, they can turn their heads. I'm not out their for others visual pleasure, I'm out there doing what I enjoy and is healthy for me.

07-08-2006, 09:19 PM
Things I can't do because I've gained weight:

1. Cross my legs. This was the first thing I realized I couldn't do anymore. This was my first wake up call, "I can't cross my legs anymore! How much weight have I gained that I can't even cross my legs anymore?!"

2. Buy pants without worrying if the pockets will gap open because of my stomach. Think about buying pants with pleats.

3.Find sexy undies that fit properly & are comfy. Do they even exist at all?;)

4. Wear the lingerie I already have (too tight now)

Things I want to again:

1. Cross my legs easliy & not have them fall asleep while crossed.

2. Buy whatever pants I want regardless of pocket style or pleats.

3. Buy cute lingerie off the rack and be able to wear what I already have.

4. Run 3 or 4 times a week with my DH

5. Walk without chafing my inner thighs

New habits I want to continue:

1. Taking my kids along when I exercise. I really want them to develop lifelong healthy habits. The school year schedule will cause some adjustments I know. I want them to have better habits than I do- or at least see me trying to improve my health & lifestyle.

2. Eating lots of veggies & fruit daily & restricting my intake of starches. Better nutritional balance.

3. Keeping food & exercise journals- it's all about accountability & 'keeping it real.'

4. Listening to my body & my feelings, not trying to smother either one (or both).

07-08-2006, 10:11 PM
Thanks for the inspiration everyone. The list is growing!

For me, focusing on my plan and goals are what helps me continue to do it, so I am trying to go through a mental cleansing of sorts, to figure out why I got to where I am. The lists are part of my exploration and future to-do's.

I am happy for the person who was able to dump that CPAP machine!! WOW that's great news. Must be liberating to be able to sleep without that thing. You will only keep getting better from here on in, I know it.

We rock!!

07-08-2006, 11:14 PM
Everything above.. PLUS..

A luxurious bubble bath without feeling cramped and uncomfy.. and not being able to get out easily lol. And using more than 3 inches of water LOL :D

Misti in Seattle
07-09-2006, 12:09 AM
Oh I definitely "second" the one about not being so affected by heat and humidity! I absolutely choke in hot weather!!

These are great lists and I enjoy reading everyone's!

07-09-2006, 12:18 AM
Quite a lot of these I found applied to me.

I no longer need to scope out bathing suits in a skirted fashion.
I can cross my legs. Hadn't realized I hadn't been able to cross them before. ;)
No more legs rubbing together.
Now I don't ask people to slow down for me, but I usually have to slow down for them when walking.
I love how chairs (airline seats especially) suddenly got larger. ;)
Being able to tie my shoes without getting out of breath.
And yeah! Painting my toenails...now that I can reach them. ;)
Not getting upset over not finding parking spots close to the door. Now I intentionally park at the back of the lot.
Being happy shopping and having to stand in the checkout line waiting. Gives me a chance to catch some of the mag articles without actually buying the mag. LOL
I love wearing mid-drift shirts now. ;)
Being able to wear a belt, no longer having to leave shirts hanging out of my jeans.
And yes, I do feel more comfortable in my clothes. Even if I intentionally wear something tight nowadays, it doesn't bother me the way something loose fitting would have in the past.
My back & knee aches have nearly disappeared. And I've noticed I've been sleeping on my back a lot. The fetal position was the only position that felt good on my back for as long as I can recall. Now, I generally sleep on my back with my 9 mo. old nestled on my chest and tummy. He's a momma's boy. ;)
I have tons more energy. Have people always commenting on wishing they had the energy I did. I just tell them I wouldn't have it if I didn't exercise.
I've also discovered that I don't spend nearly as much time trying to fix my hair. It seems that it wasn't my hair so much as I guess I was just trying to hide my double chins and was always trying to get flattering hairstyles, but they weren't working.
Be able to buy a tank top without armpits the size of Texas! Or shorts with those not-so-flattering elephant legs.
Being able to not complain about the former thinking it was all the fault of the "fat" clothes manufacturer instead of realizing it was my own fault for getting to where I had to shop in the plus section.
Being able to buy a ring right off the display that fits...not having to have it sized larger.

One thing I would add... I know that we can't all do everything on the list now (some because we just physically can't), but don't wait until you lose weight to try some of the things you want to do.

I remember a number of years ago when I weighed about 250 and was bemoaning the fact that I couldn't play tennis because of my weight. I finally decided that it was my embarrassment holding me back. I certainly could TRY (though I wasn't good) and I went ahead and took tennis lessons. You know what, I wasn't even the worst player there. The fattest maybe, but not the worst.

Sometimes our embarrassment holds us back. Maybe taking charge of some of the items will help spur the confidence we need to lose the weight!
I wanna second that emotion. I saw some of that...bike riding and swimming especially! Why CAN'T one swim because they're overweight? I've actually discovered that I've lost my danged boyancy now that I've lost my weight. LOL I used to float effortlessly, now...I sink! :D I'm glad that I don't have to look for suits that hide the gut now. No more skirts. Basically I was practically wearing maternity style suits and wasn't even pregnant. But I thought the big skirts from the boobs down hid my size. But I STILL swam. Well...mostly I floated and just stayed in the water to keep cool, but I did enjoy the pool even when I was a size 22/24.

And biking? Did it. Got the aches and pains to prove it too. Then discovered the extra large gel seats. You can even special order even larger seats. Claiming one can't fit the seat doesn't work these days. They make too many extra large style seats and they're easy to replace on any bike. I got one, I changed my bike seat myself. I too think it's being self-concsious that holds us back and nothing to do with the activity.

Before a back injury, and when I was somehwere probably around 200 lbs, I still loved roller skating. Went every weekend. Got rear-ended, had backaches, gave it up, gained more weight. ::sigh:: I've been white water rafting over 200 lbs., horseback riding over 200. Granted...they did get me a larger horse. LOL But there's really nothing holding us back but us. I'm an aavid roller coaster fanatic. Do you think I stopped riding coasters just because I was overweight? If you reach a point where you don't fit the ride, that's one thing, but just not going because you don't think you'll fit? Is it really anymore embarassing to be seen trying to get into a ride seat, to find out you don't fit and leave, than it is to be seen overweight in the first place? And who knows why you left. Maybe they figured you just got scared to go on the ride and chickened out.

Don't let being overweight stop you from enjoying life. Yeah, I enjoy it more now because of the little things I can now do and the little things that no longer bother me. But losing weight didn't make me suddenly realize all this stuff out there I was missing out on that I could have been doing, other than these mundane things, like crossing my legs. Well...it's fairly mundane. But to those of us who haven't been able to do it in years, it feels really good anyway. ;)

07-09-2006, 02:06 AM
Hey Ladies.

I have to say I totally agree with the last line of AlmostHeaven's Post. Don't let being overweight stop you from enjoying life! I can agree it can be embarrassing sometimes in particular moments, but its only embarrassing if you make it to be! I know I used to "hide" from the world. Then I stopped, got a job, and am out living again!

Yes I am still overweight and I hear comments, see looks, but you know what? I just flat out do not care anymore! Because I'm living my life for ME and not for everybody else!

I wear capri pants (I read on someone's list that was something they wanted to do when they lost weight) What is wrong with wearing Capri pants? Or shorts? Am I totally oblivious to this or what? I have cute clothes. They may not be Tommy so and so but who cares? I like them and that is all that counts. Yes someday I want to be able to go and buy clothes in any store I want, but I'm just saying, live your life! Don't let the ones who judge us win! Get out there and live life! :dancer:

Okay now I'm off of my :soap: lol.

My list is simple. I just want to be able to do things easier without having to huff and puff or my back kill me while doing it. That's it. I just want to not being in pain anymore. Its painful.

These are just my personal opinions..........;)

Thanks for listening.

07-09-2006, 02:37 AM
Sassy, I can so relate,

Practically everything I wish to do, and cannot, is due to pain. Even things I though I couldn't do, were because of emotional pain. For example, not dating, until I lost the weight. Finally, I decided to place a personal ad, making it clear from the first that I was fat, dieting, and wanted to meet men who could be interested no matter my success. I heard from more men than I evern would have managed (some pretty odd, but I hear thin women tell the same stories) and met my husband (a heavy guy, also wanting to be a less-heavy guy).

I have learned not to put my life on hold, and ironically "getting a life" has only made my health journey easier.

07-09-2006, 03:35 AM
Colleen, it is painful, both physically and like you said, emotionally. I'm glad you are not putting your life on hold and I'm glad I'm not either. I may have to take more sit down breaks if we are out and about, but at least I'm trying.

I wasted so many years just sitting at home hiding, I almost feel like I'm making up for lost time!

07-09-2006, 05:21 AM
I know what you mean! My husband says he gets dizzy just watching me "bounce around" all of the time. And he certainly can't mean physically! It's the way I grab life and run with it - even if only mentally. Always changing directions trying to mold my life into what I want from it.

07-09-2006, 05:02 PM
I can understand that. Some people are just content with not "living" their lives and watching life pass them by. I know life is way too short for that! With having my 16 yr. old cousin die and my 50 yr. old step dad die you take a new look at life, you just never know when your time on earth could be up!

So hub and I try our best to live life up! Sometimes I know it can be tough with working, etc.

Have a Great Evening!

Fat in Hong Kong
07-09-2006, 10:40 PM
Well, I must say that I've been near to tears reading some of your posts ... I guess it's the realisation that I'm not the only one with the same problems. For as long as I can remember I've had such a poor self image of myself ... I've felt embarrassed and ashamed about what other people must think of me because I'm overweight. I'm sure that my feelings about myself are partly to blame for the fact that I am the way I am. I've got absolutely no self esteem and I'm constantly putting myself down.

I'm due to fly back to the UK tomorrow for 3 weeks to visit family and friends, some of whom I haven't seen for about 3 years ... this is something I should obviously be looking forward to, but instead, I've been dreading it ... all because I'm worried about what people are going to think/say about me, even though I know deep down that my family won't think any the less of me just because I've gained weight ... but a few of my 'friends' ... well? The reason I think this is because years ago I was always the slim, attractive one ... and look at me now! I feel like the tables have been turned and perhaps some people will feel a little bit smug about it. But, you know what ... after reading some of your posts, and the positive attitudes that you've got ... I don't give a damn what they think of me!

Something else which also helped me to realise that just because I'm fat doesn't mean I'm any less of a person, was a movie I watched on tv yesterday, which I'm sure some of you have probably seen ... 'Real Women Have Curves' ... After watching it I realised that I should start to love myself as I am and not constantly worry about what others think of me.

So, I'm now going to go home to the UK and enjoy my time there. Instead of worring about what others think of me ... I'm going to stop feeling bad about myself, and start to love myself for who I am and what I am. And maybe, just maybe, with a better opinion of myself, I'll finally be able to do something about my weight problem.:)


07-09-2006, 10:42 PM
Good for you, Nicola! :high: You enjoy yourself!

Fat in Hong Kong
07-09-2006, 10:58 PM
Thanks Sassy ... I intend to!!:D


07-10-2006, 12:47 AM
Things I want to do:
Run! I never thought I would say that, as I never really ran back when I was thin, but not being able to do it makes me miss it.
Ride a bike
Wear a bathing suit
Go to an amusement park and ride all day long!
Hike some of the Appalachian Trail
Learn to surf
Jump on a trampoline
Skateboard again
And almost everything on the lists above

Misti in Seattle
07-10-2006, 02:03 AM
Oh yah... run is on my list too! But lately I have been able to jog a little bit so it is a start!

07-10-2006, 10:05 AM
Colleen it's great that you've hopped onto a bike! I'm an amatuer(sp?) cyclists and I attribute my lil bit of weight loss to riding! I went from a 20 minute ride and feeling like I was dying after to 2 hour rides pretty quickly with some determination! You can do it. I love riding for the fact that it puts our body through a real workout, without all the impact, so it doesn't seem like we're working as much as we are. It's improved my cardiovascular sooooo much it's amazing!

Good luck with that.

My list of things I can't do...

1. Wear a single digit size jeans. I don't even remember ever wearing a single digit :( I don't care if I never go lower than a 9, I just wanna get there.

2. Not feel so self concious in jeans and cute tops. My backfat under my bra straps stops that. And even though I have a waist that dips in, it seems like as soon as I button up jeans any fat in that area bunches up on TOP of the waist of my jeans, giving me that muffin top look.

3. Feel comfortable letting hubby see me naked. He's never, ever said anything to make me feel bad, but I'm scared that he's thinking it anyway.

4. Have space in lawn chairs. It's not such a tight fit anymore, but still not as roomy as I'd love.

I'm sure there's alot more that I can't think of right now.

07-10-2006, 10:32 AM
Things I can't do anymore but once did:

1. Swim/put on bathing suit.
2. Cross my legs.
3. Run
4. Walk fast with other people
5. Sit comfortable
6. Do more work in the bedroom:carrot:
7. Swing on the swings
8. Travel without pain

Things I have NEVER done but want to. Most I don't do because I am either too heavy/can't accomplish .

1. Really love myself

part 3.. things I do now since I've gained weight that have happened because I am heavy..

1. I don't do much at all now, i'm in too much pain

07-10-2006, 11:14 AM
Swimming/wearing swimsuits: I gained the bulk of my weight after the birth of my son fifteen years ago. I was 20 years old and never once considered myself "too fat" to get into a bathing suit and go to a beach or pool. I always figured that people would look and say "wow, what a great active mother" rather than "that fat woman shouldn't be in the pool with her baby". Nobody ever commented to me on it either way. :) I do know, though, that going to the beach without my son has never crossed my mind - I wouldn't be the "active mother" but just the "fat lady". Although last weekend, my mom (who is also overweight) and I went to the beach ourselves. I was surprised that I wasn't insecure - I just thought "if they don't like it, they don't have to look."

Biking: Again, as a parent, I never considered not biking with my child because I was overweight. I considered riding bike with my active child to be good parenting more than anything, and anyone seeing me do it should think the same.

My mom always rode her bike with us, even though she was overweight when we were younger. She swam, biked, walked, and was on a softball team, even though she was always on the heavier side ... she was a great role model that way.

Things I plan to do as I reach my desired weight:
Do sports for fun.
Kick booty on races against my teenager. :running:
Maybe, if my knees are strong, become an avid runner.
Take up kickboxing.
Maybe get a Vespa? (not yet ... I have images of "Bears on Wheels")
Wear shorts and sleeveless shirts as often as possible, and feel comfortable in them.
Get professional family portraits done.
Help mentor and teach other women how to love and care for their bodies.
Cut my long hair (kind of a spiritual rebirth thing).
Eliminate sweets and carbohydrates refined beyond recognition.

My IRL weight-loss buddy is planning to have a sterling-silver chain welded around her waist when she gets to goal weight. That way, she will know that she needs to change something if she finds herself needing to cut it off. I thought that was a cool idea. :cool:

07-10-2006, 11:31 AM
I only have one thing I want is to drop 20lbs!!!!!

Thats my goal

07-13-2006, 06:37 AM
1.CROSS MY LEGS- i cant remember the last time i did that without it being forced and admitting defeat 10 seconds later

2.BE ATHLETIC- I know im athletic deep down inside but I have yet to truly see that girl come out. I would really like to be on a team for once were im not pulling the team down

3.WERE A SWIMSUIT - it has to of been 6 years since ive done that. And now that its July im dreaming about it.

4.GET THE BELLY PEIRCED- im still debating about this one. I think my belly will look quite nice when im on the better part of this journey but we will have to see

5.WERE CUTER CLOTHES im one of those girls who dresses well for here size. But listen, there is a fashionista diva waiting to break through

6.GAIN MORE CONFIDENCE - I think it speaks for itself

7.BE A GO GETTER I know that once I accomplish this goal I will be unstoppable

8. HAVE A REAL BOYFRIEND- Ive had guy friends but as for a boyfriend, Ive never had one. I think it is because of my confidence level but my weight is included in it. Im getting older and I think now is as good a time as any.

I know there could be pages and pages to write but these are the ones that come to mind now. Everyone good luck with their journey.

07-13-2006, 06:57 AM
AWESOME idea for a thread!

My List of Things I Wish I Could Do (in no particular order):
1. Do a "bridge" like I could 100pds ago. (A "backbend" in gymnastics)
2. Do the splits like I could 150pds ago.
3. Wear high heels!! Or any strappy shoe for that matter... (Got really wide feet)
4. Jog for pleasure and exercise.
5. Join a team sport and be able to participate fully.
6. Wear a size 14.
7. Not be worried if I can fit into a chair.
8. Use my legs as my main mode of trasportation.
9. Work at a job all day and not be sore.
10. Become flexible.
11. Wake up each day and look forward to exercising for my health.
12. Rollerblade/Bike Ride, etc like I did when I was younger. (Up until I was 12 or so)
13. Go rock climbing.
14. Be successful in life.
*There are SO many more, but I think this covers the ones I can think of at the moment. :)


07-13-2006, 07:00 AM
I wish I could fly

I wish I could do falling push-ups like in Batman Begins

I wish I could do handsprings like they do in movies

I'm working on the martial-arts flip up from the floor

I wish I could afford a house.

07-13-2006, 10:49 AM
I wish I could fly

I wish I could do falling push-ups like in Batman Begins

I wish I could do handsprings like they do in movies

I'm working on the martial-arts flip up from the floor

I wish I could afford a house.
You are too FUNNY!

Stephanie Osborne
07-13-2006, 01:24 PM
My List:

1. Not have the inside thighs of my jeans wear out from rubbing together
2. Run a 5k without having to stop for a walking break
3. Not have a crease in my abdomen where my fat folds in half when I sit
4. Not worry about the fat deposits on the backs of my knees when in shorts
5. Actually wear all my skinny clothes
6. Not worry about falling out of my bikini
7. Not have to look for the photo that I look good in...look good in all of them
8. Not have to pull my jeans up and shirt down when I sit
9. Not have a mark where my navel ring is squished by my gut
10. Not have to tan to hide my cellulite

07-13-2006, 04:44 PM
My List of Things I Wish I Could Do

1.Play soccer with a local rec league
2.Do stand up comedy
3.Sky Diving ( I am way under the max weight, but was afraid they would still say I was to fat).
4.Jog/Run for fun
5.Buy all the cute and trendy clothes I like because yes they do carry my size!
6.Find the right person for me, who understands even if I gain it all back I am still the same inside.

And so many more that have already been listed above. Good Luck everyone!

07-13-2006, 11:38 PM
1. Do a "bridge" like I could 100pds ago. (A "backbend" in gymnastics)
2. Do the splits like I could 150pds ago.
14. Be successful in life.

I'm just curious...why can't you do those now? ;) Anyone can be successful even if they're overweight. But the flexibility issue....I once thought the same, when I joined a beginner's yoga class over 200 lbs. My yoga instructor was adament that ANYONE could be flexible...weight has nothing to do with it. And by the time I left that class, still over 200 lbs., I could do the splits.

Still couldn't do a backbend though. Couldn't even do those at 130 lbs. back in high school. :D