Weight Loss Support - Caregivers! Stessed? Eating? Let's Support

07-07-2006, 10:28 PM
Caregivers, are you caring for an elderly parent, or sick relative/friend? Does the stress of caregiving sometimes get to the point where you overeat and go off your food plan? Is it sometimes a struggle to do the things for yourself that you wish you could do? Do you wish you had a place to vent your feelings/frustrations to people who have been there and can offer support? Let's help each other!

Last year, I joined WW, lost 37 pounds, felt GREAT, and thought that this time, the weight loss would last. After a few months as a lifetime member maintaining weight, my elderly Dad moved in with my husband and I. Since then, my stress levels have really increased. The first few months I combined a job with caregiving, and wow! what stress! I left my job left week to be a full time caregiver, and have experienced another kind of stress. The worst thing is, I have regained 17 pounds, partly from emotional overeating, partly from other things.

I started this thread to communicate with other caregivers. Can we share our successes and support each other in our struggles? If we put our heads together, we can help each other devise successful strategies that help us take/keep the weight off while coping with our special caregiver situations.

07-08-2006, 12:02 AM
Not doing it anymore, but was caring for my MIL. She had a kidney infection and was bedridden. So she needed someone to actually take her to the bathroom practically every hour. We had to feed her her meals, give her her medication, and bathe her. Hubby did the bulk of it. But it was still stressful. But because he was there, it enabled me to get out. I don't know if you can get out unless you have someone to spell you for a bit in watching your father. I found though that I NEEDED to get out and exercise, exercise, exercise. It's part of how I ended up losing 3 pounds while I was pregnant. But...I didn't know I was pregnant because of all the stress of the situation keeping me preoccupied. LOL

07-08-2006, 10:51 AM
My father has been diagnosed with Alzheimers, so I know what you mean...it consumes your life if you allow it to...when he was first diagnosed, I ate, drank, and thought it all day long...Finally, I had to step back...and give myself a little bit of a break....

Thanks for starting this thread !!