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07-07-2006, 11:38 AM
:carrot: This morning I weighed in at 173:carrot:

I was pretty excited. And here comes trouble...on the way to drop my princess off at the bus, naturally we were running late because at mal ahora I decide to shave in the shower. I tripped and stubbed my toe! :censored: Hard. When I say hard I mean the 3 block walk to the bus, I was limping and swearing way way way under my breath the whole time. Now hours later, my toe is still tingly. I say all this to say that I decided I needed a little comfort food. I had a cinnamon raisin bagel with light cream cheese...I think the little ind. cc's are 1pt for two. I don't know how much I should give the bagel. It was a dinky bagel, not a big one..but I am used to gutting my bagels. I imagine the raisins must count for something. Can anyone help me? Thank you guys. :goodscale

07-10-2006, 10:27 AM
Here's what I have:

Cream Cheese:
Regular-- 1 TBSP= 1pt
Fat Free-- 4 TBSP= 1pt
Light-- 2 TBSP= 1pt

Bagel, any type-- 1 small or 1/2 large (2oz)= 3pts
Bagel, w/ cream cheese & lox-- 1 large= 12 pts

1/4 cup= 2pts

So, all together I'd probably count it as 5pts. (I'm going with light cc, small bagel, and 1/2 the serving of raisins.)

Hope that helps! :)

07-10-2006, 01:07 PM
Thank you Amy! Once again, congrats on Mr. LilAmy!!!