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07-06-2006, 09:15 PM
Welcome to everyone!! We have a weigh-in thread and this thread where we solve all of the problems in the world. Come and join us!!

07-06-2006, 09:23 PM
Well, I guess since I started the thread, I should chat, right? Hectic day here. Waiting for phone calls from a place that carries our home warranty. We had to get a new water heater about the time school was out. They are now telling us that our name isn't on the contract, and also they say that we should have had 2 estimates. Ummm, a little bit late? The policy was transferred to us when we bought the house, and the manager of the warranty place told us in May that she would put our names on the policy. Frustration!! Needless to say, when the policy comes up for renewal at the end of July, we will not be renewing. It costs as much as the new water heater cost us since they wouldn't pay for it.

People came to trim the bushes today, so it doesn't look so much like a jungle anymore. The dead tree is gone. Didn't like it anyway when it did look alive. lol

Talked to the nurse at my family doctor today. We discussed going off of one of the meds and see how I do over the rest of the summer. She talked to the doctor, and I'm going to start weaning off of it tomorrow. I need to stop by his office and pick up some samples of the lower dose of the med so I can do it properly. Hope I can handle it.

I hope I'm not the only one that will be chatting on this thread. (HINT!!!!)

07-06-2006, 09:42 PM
Tammy, Tammy, Tammy, thank you for starting us off this month.
You had a very busy day! I hope getting off that medicine doesn't cause you a problem.
I need to call "the number" and see if my doctor has put out the results of my blood tests. Instead of sending out letters, which may or may not get to you, he puts it on a voice mail thingy. It sounds neat. It's been a week since the tests so I hope to hear something. I'm afraid my cholestoral level will be WAY up as a result of 2 birthday cakes. :o

Hey, I did good today. I walked on my treadmill for 40 whole minutes. Yea, I can't believe it either. :lol: :lol: Larry made me a CD of some of my favorite music. I listened to that and the time just went by so fast. Before I knew it, I was sweating and thinking I couldn't go any further. :)

I hope everyone is doing great and staying OP.
Let's hear from everyone!!!!!!!

07-06-2006, 10:25 PM
Thanks for starting us off!!!

Well, I went to the ENT today. Guess what he wants to do........ sinus surgery. He said that "my septum is very messed up the further back it goes. From the front it looks ok." So they will call me next week to schedule it. This way it will be done before I go back to school. He said it will help with sinus infections, etc....Amy had the same surgery about a year or two ago and has done great.

Tammy, your day stunk!!! I would be mad too.

Tina, has David heard anything yet?

07-06-2006, 11:46 PM
Tina, let us know about the test results. My appointment with my doctor isn't until Aug. 7, so I have until then to get all of my numbers down where they should be. (or closer) You did great on the treadmill!!! Kramer and I have been taking walks every evening. Today we went to the mailbox to get the mail, and he wouldn't come back to the house! He positioned himself so he could hold himself back on the leash. I promised him a cookie so he ended up coming into the house with me. lol

Susan, I know of several people who have had that surgery, and they all wish they would have done it years before. That will be good to get it out of the way before school starts.

I was wondering about David also.

07-06-2006, 11:55 PM
Ok! Thursday is nearly over, but I made it. I hope all of you are well and continue to be well. My day was uneventful at best. I dropped my DD at the camp bus and took my DS to work with me. Later on, he went to a Mets game with my girlfriend and our coworker. We just hung around doing Mommy & me stuff. Alright...its getting late and I have to get up for work tomorrow...everyone take care...


07-07-2006, 12:18 AM
Lulu----it sounds like you had a busy day. How is your weather?
Susan, that surgery sounds yucky. But, if it helps, that's okay. How about we all come sit in the waiting room!
Tammy, David is still waiting for them to finish the criminal background check.
Okay, where is everyone???!!!!! I want to hear from you. Don't just sit there reading---you've got to post. ;)

07-07-2006, 09:46 AM

Nothing exciting is going on here. Actually, I'm trying to get up the energy to get up and exercise. I've done some chores and thought I would lay down again and check my email. Lazy .... Huh? I know!!!

Tina, we will be more than happy to tell them that David is cleared and should be hired! Oh thanks for coming to the waiting room, maybe ya'll could come in the operatoring room and supervise. I would know I was in good hands. Actually, I'm excited about the possibilites of breathing normal.

Tammy, Kramer is a sneaky one!!!! I would come for a cookie too! :D

Christine, it sounds lke you had a busy day but a fun one!

Amy, where are you Honey??? (actually, I don't know how she gets everything done she does)

Karla, what's going on with you? Did you have a good birthday?

Jennifer, where are you? We miss you!

07-07-2006, 11:54 PM
Christine, my son leaves Sunday morning for Boy Scout camp. He is very excited because this year he is going as an adult leader instead of a scout. He turned 18 in March, and he has his Eagle badge, so I guess he's an adult now. He's still my little boy. How old are your children? If that's them in the picture, cute kids!! If it isn't, still cute kids. lol

Tina, how long will it be for the background check? Call them and tell them that I think David is ok. My word should mean something, right??? Sitting in the waiting room while Susan has her surgery is ok with me. We can sit and make fun of her and she will never know!!! What fun!!!

Susan, I think breathing normal will be a good thing. I enjoy it most of the time. Kramer is a hoot! When we went for our real walk, he pulled me to the other side of the sidewalk away from the mailbox. He wasn't taking any chances that we were only going that far.

Went to Farm Power of the Past with my friend Melissa tonight. It's a special thing they have every year at the fairgrounds with lots of old farm machinery, tractors, etc. Her dad is the secretary of the association. We went for the flea market!! I bought a basket to use for books and magazines beside my recliner. I also bought 3 homemade suckers. (watermelon, cinnamon, peach schapps) I saw some other things that I liked, but I'd rather Bob be with me because they would be things that I'd want to put in the yard.

Have a good weekend everyone!! OH!! I almost forgot. I stopped at the doctor's office to pick up some of the lower dose medicine that he's putting me on for the next 2 weeks to wean me off of it. They checked my BP. It was 125/82. The nurse looked at the past several times that it has been checked. Every time it was in the 140+/90+. Think being out of school and knowing that idiot principal is gone have anything to do with it being lower?

07-09-2006, 09:35 PM
Where is everone????
Our group seems to be taking a holiday from the computer. :( :( :(

Tammy, did Tim get off to Scout camp? I'll bet it will be lots more fun this year, being a grown up. Did those people like your old house? have you had much interest?

How is everyone???????
Larry and David have been working with his computer all afternoon and now the evening. They've taken it to Comp USA three times. Hopefully it's fixed now. They came back over here for supper.
Not tomorrow but the next Monday, I have one of those flexible sigmoidoscopies. Thrill! I've put it off as long as possible. However, it's better to check and be sure you're cancer-free. Next Sunday I have to have broth and Jello and clear sodas. Yuck.


07-10-2006, 10:16 AM
Hi Friends,

Sorry about not getting on line this weekend. Pat was working from home so that limits my computer use.

Today, is Seamus' 2 year birthday. I am already all weepy. Pat hugged me this morning and wondered what I had planned. I think he just wants me to stay busy. It's hard to beleive that 2 years ago I was blessed with my Angel Baby. He was here for a short time but sure has made an impact on everything I do. Of course I'll be going out to the cemetery to for a birthday visit. Tears just won't stop this morning. I know they will once I get busy at least I hope they will.

Tammy, it sounds like you had fun with your friend. I know Time will have a blast at camp, I can see him being a Scout Master in the future.

Tina, computer problems are so frustrating!!!!!! Pat works on all of ours but it seems like they take ALL day!!!

Thanks for always being there for me!!!!!! I love you guys!!!

07-10-2006, 03:46 PM
The guys left for camp yesterday morning. Tim called a while ago and wanted me to get on the computer and check the weather where he is. They are expecting severe thunderstorms later today, hail, 60 mph winds. Doesn't sound good if they are in tents. They are about 3 1/2 hours east of here.

So far, everyone who has gone through the house likes it. Some of them mention the fact that it only has one bathroom. There were 5 of us living in that house when I was a kid and we survived with one bathroom. None of them have made us an offer yet. My friend and I bought St. Joseph statues today. We both have homes for sale, and we are getting together later this week to bury them. Hoping that will get them sold.

Tina, your Sunday meals sound yummy!! (not)

Susan, I agree about staying busy, but I know that Seamus will be in your thoughts the entire day. Hugs!!

We bought a new printer. It prints some things. I tried to print out Tim's schedule that I had done on a spreadsheet, and a sign comes up that there isn't enough memory to print it. Now is it talking about MY memory or the computer's memory??

I need a nap.

07-11-2006, 02:10 PM
Well hello everybody and happy July! :wave:

This is the 1st time I was able to come into the website and post! It’s been a little crazy around here. I was on vacation last week. My aunt and my brother are visiting. We went to Niagara Falls for 3 days and then went to NJ/NYC for another 3 days. It was fun, but now I need a vacation from my vacation! LOL.

Thank you all for the b-day wishes. I had a great b-day and a great vacation. I had a little picnic for my b-day at the park, it was a lot of fun. Was in Niagara Falls for the 4th (Canadian side) and saw the fireworks from there, I love watching fireworks. Also spent time with my family in NJ and went to NYC, central park and walked around the city a little, it was nice.

The rain is still hanging around here and there, but we’ve had more sun. I was lucky during my vacation it was nice an sunny pretty much all the time, so that was great. DH says he’s taking me shopping for my b-day present but we haven’t decided when yet! And he also gave me a gift cert to the bookstore, which I LOVE!

I pretty much blew my plan last week. Before I went on vacation I had lost 3.5 lbs and I put them back on during last week. I’m back OP now and doing ok so far, I didn’t change my ticker b/c I pretty much stayed the same…lol.

Tammy, WHAT?! You were at Disney and didn’t see Mickey?! Oh dear heavens! You need to go back woman, I’ll go with you! LOL.
I enjoyed the DaVinci Code too, and like you, I knew it was fiction so I didn’t get too worked up about it. I’m thinking about going to watch the movie, but maybe I’ll just wait for the video to come out.

Have you started taking the lower dosage medication? Hope you do ok on those. I’ve never been a fan of medication, but sometimes it’s really necessary.

Susan, did you enjoy your time with your parents? That must have been nice to see them. And you had your dad ALL to yourself (sssshhh, don’t tell AMY… LOL). I’m daddy’s little girl too, so I know how that goes. That’s too bad about your brother’s wife, it makes things difficult for everyone.

How are feeling today? I know it was Seamus’ b-day yesterday. :hug: Hope you’re ok.

Tina, any news about David’s job? It sounds like an interesting position, and the title is definitely fancy!

I gotta say, I’ve never had homemade ice cream, I’ve bought the ones at the store that say “like homemade”…lol, but I’m sure it’s not the same. I wanted to get an IC maker, but decided against it, I just buy light ice cream at the store when I get a craving. I like Healthy Choice and Eddy’s.

Hope everyone is having a nice day! :)

07-11-2006, 03:35 PM
It's sunny and very hot today. We're expecting a heat index of 105!
Susan, I know it's hot up your way. Did you make it yesterday?

Karla, it's good to hear from you girl. I'm glad you had such a great holiday. It sounds like you didn't do much damage at all to your weight. That's great!

David---Today he got word that he passed the criminal background check, like we were afraid he wouldn't. :lol: :lol:
Within the next week, they will set up an interview with him. This is so exciting!!!!! :D

We've got a lot of "wayward" members out there who need to post. hint, hint, hint.......

I was OP yesterday and so far today. Yahoo!

07-12-2006, 09:24 PM
Karla, my youngest brother and his family were just at Niagra Falls, and my other brother and his family were just in New York! I'm sure that you probably all saw each other.

Isn't it awful not to see Mickey at Disney??? I've seen him every time I've been there except this time. That just means that I have to go back and all of you can come too!! I'll probably wait to see the DaVinci Code on video too.

I started the lower dosage of the medicine on Saturday. So far, so good. I do have a headache tonight, but I think it's from the weather that is so up and down. I'll be completely off of that medicine starting July 23. It's a medicine for depression (cymbalta). I had been on Prozac before that, and the rheumatologist recommended this one because it is also for pain. Well, since I've been on the cymbalta, I have dizzy spells quite often. I don't like that so I told my family doctor that I wanted off of it. He agreed to wean me off of it. If and when I go back on something, it will be Prozac. I went on it after my parents passed away so close to each other. Just wasn't handling things very well.

WOO HOO to David not being a criminal!!!! Tell him congratulations, and that we think he should have a party and invite all of us.

Bob surprised me today. He told me to get online and make reservations in Michigan for a few days at the end of the month. He said before Tim leaves for school, he thought we should drive up to our favorite spot. We have reservations!!

07-12-2006, 09:44 PM

Let me just say it is HOT!!!!!:flame: :flame: It hit over 100 today.

Karla, thanks for the hugs. I did make it through Seamus' birthday. My girlfriend and I went out to lunch and then to Walmart. I'm not sure what I would have done without her. We have been through a lot together.

Your vacation sounds like it was fun!!!! I would love to come up there some day.

Tina, Yea....David needs to have a party!!!! When does the interviewing part start?

Tammy, I hope the new meds help. That silly Mickey...... we'll all go and HE"LL COME out!!!! or else we will go find him!!!

My surgery is scheduled for July 27. This way I have almost 2 weeks before my students start school. I will go back on Aug 2 for my post op appointment (the day our school starts for me). I'll go at 8:30 that morning and get the splints out of my nose and then on to school. They said if I needed to I could also leave early. I might take them up on it. My students return on the 9th so that makes it almost the 2 wks mark to where I can return to normal activity. Get these..... NO AEROBLIC exercise for 3 weeks after the surgery. Not sure why but what an excuse. They said it's a pretty indepth surgery. I'm just wanting it over with.

07-13-2006, 04:39 PM
Poor Mickey won't have a chance if we all show up!!

Susan, I agree with you about wanting that surgery over with!! I'm sure you will be relieved that you've had it done though. Wow, if you can't do exercise for 3 weeks after your surgery, I believe that none of us should do any exercise either for that time. Doesn't that make sense??????? (What an excuse!!!!)

My first day of school is either August 24 or 25. The students start on Monday, August 28. I figure with the intervention/tutoring position, I probably won't be doing too much the first week, so I might as well go and hang out. lol

Ran errands most of the morning. When I got home, Bob was sacked out in the recliner. I think it's my turn now, except I'll go in on the bed. I'm sure Kramer will be with me. Usually when I say nap, he grabs his little toy and runs to the bedroom. Smart dog!!

07-13-2006, 05:39 PM
I'm with Kramer----any excuse for lazing off. :)
Tammy, how did Bob work it to retire at such a young age?? (I assume he's young.) Larry would LOVE to do that but we do have to keep eating until his Social Security kicks in. :lol:

Susan, good luck.

Someone named Maureen has a birthday coming up.:D :D :D :D


07-13-2006, 07:02 PM

Once again it's hot here. It's so hot that you don't want to do anything. I have a little bit of a headache too. WA WA WA!! :)

Tina, Thanks, I have 2 weeks of not being able to breath and hopefully it will all change once I have the surgery.

Tammy, Kramer is so funny. I tried to take a nap today but for some reason I just couldn't go to sleep. Then my mom called so I figured I'd get up.

I'm going tonight to see "The Lake House" with one of my student's mom. Pat wanted to know why he wasn't invited. I told him he was, he said "no thanks" He is so funny. I'll let you know how it is.

Off to feed the animals. Poor things being out in the heat!

07-13-2006, 09:12 PM
I never did take a nap today. bummer. Too many phone calls.

Tina, Bob is 58 and will be 59 in September. When we knew we were going to be moving and having the auction, Bob thought that his time could be spent better working at the house. The job he was doing at WalMart was ok, but it involved lifting, and his shoulders were starting to feel it. He had surgery on one a few years ago, and then when he had his wreck that kind of bruised up the whole left side of his body. We're living off savings and my paycheck, but he'll be getting a part-time job sometime.

It's hot here too, but not 100! It is so humid today too. I hate that.

Tell Pat he can go to the movie with the rest of us. lol

Waiting for Tim to call from camp. He said he'd call tonight. I know they've had alot of rain ovr there this week. Not a fun time for the new campers.

07-15-2006, 07:28 PM
Maureen, It's Your Day!!!

Happy Birthday!!! :gift:


maureen kempster
07-15-2006, 11:19 PM
thank you Tina- I've been watching what I've been eating and so far I haven't done too badly- I've managed to lose about 25 lbs since the end of Feb and still not smoking-I didn't do too much today, but I did work for one of the other ladies at my second job-I was out roller blading last night and as I was going down the path, I thought that for an old broad(59 today) I'm not doing too bad. I hope you all have a great rest of saturday and a super sunday


07-16-2006, 06:33 PM
Happy Birthday Maureen!!!!
You are doing awsome with your weigh loss and not smoking!!

I love air conditioning. Just thought I'd mention that. It's supposed to be hot and humid all week. I think I plan to stay in the house.

07-16-2006, 06:42 PM
I thnk there's something to this Global Warming. Can you believe, it's hot in the Dakotas! And, it's in the 90's in Chicago. Wheh!

Terry, Jennifer, Karla, Christine------y'all are too quiet.
Joybell, are you still around?
Sis, are you working too hard?
Mimi, I know you are lurking in the background. We miss you.

No matter how warm or cool it is where you are----drink your water!!!!

07-17-2006, 01:25 AM
:devil: I'm here. I have not really behaved this weekend. I really ate. I never really overeat, but when I eat, I eat. We went to a BBQ in Poughkeepsie....ate ate ate. Today we went to FDR pool, I didnt eat as much, but still ate ate ate. Tomorrow, or I guess today, it being midnight is a new beginning. My best friend and I are going to Miami Beach on Aug. 2, so its all systems on until then. I am going to count every single point. Its now or never.

Well, its late. We came back from the pool and after I got the kids settled down and did some laundry. My son is leaving for summer camp :( on Wednesday, so I need to get him all packed up. I have some homework to complete, but I am really sleeping. With all the hanging out and family fun this weekend, I didnt get to sleep in not once. This is dedication, ladies...I am exhausted, and still wanted to drop in and say hello.

Everyone be well. If my boss is not breathing down my neck tomorrow like the :devil: he is, I will stop in.

Goodnight, eat right, don't let the points bite you back.:carrot: :carrot:

07-17-2006, 10:46 AM
Good morning world!!!:D :D :D
Christine, you had one busy weekend. Your trip to Miami Beach is great motivation. In fact, I think I'll use it, too. :lol: I'll be good for your trip. ;)

I hope everyone else had as good a weekend. We had a very relaxing one, inspite of the heat. We made it to a pool twice. This is something we never do. The times we went, we had it almost all to ourselves. Not being a good swimmer, it was nice. I do some form of a dog paddle. :lol: We got some exercise and chilled out in the cool water.

Have a fantastic day. :)

07-17-2006, 11:35 AM
Christine, I have a goal to lose 5 pounds before Tim leaves for college (Aug. 11). Right now the loss is going nowhere! I'm staying the same. You've been busy! Sounds great though spending time with family.

Tina, the pool sounds great. I didn't do much over the weekend, which was ok. I went to a small mall near here and bought myself a couple blouses. Also got Tim some new undies. I'm sure he'd be thrilled that I just wrote that!! lol

Today I'm hitting a box at a time to sort, pitch, and put what I'm keeping into folders of some kind. If I'm going to start back to school next month, I need to have some things done. Still not sure how much I'll be going, but I feel like I need to give it a try. With the new principal and the intervention position, I can't imagine there being as much stress, but we'll see what happens. Bob isn't happy that I want to give it a try.

07-17-2006, 11:58 AM
Tammy, I'm with Bob. You've done your time. :lol:
I never understood what "intervention" meant. Can you enlighten me!

BTW--our heat index is already 95. Can we say hot.


07-17-2006, 01:18 PM
Tina, basically it's a tutoring position. I'll be working with students whose test scores were low to help them increase their scores the next time. Working on basics is what I assume I'll be doing. There was a little boy I had in 2nd grade who will be in 4th this year. I would love it if they would just let me work with him. Last year the teacher had quite a few problems with him. When I'd see him in the hallway throwing one of his tantrums, I was always able to calm him down. That ticked the principal off because he couldn't calm him down. The boy is autistic, and for some reason, he and I really hit it off.

I have stuff ready to go out with the trash tomorrow night!! Tim has been working on his scout stuff and his room, so we are making progress. He just ran to Subway to get us some lunch. I had a bowl of Kashi cereal for breakfast. I hadn't had it in ages and decided to buy a box. I really like that stuff! Tim mentioned going to the mall later, so I think I might go along. I have bought 4 new shirts/blouses/sweaters in the past week. All of them on sale! I'm also planning to go through the closet and drawers again and take things to the consignment shop. Oh! I bought things at the consignment shop last week too! (t-shirt, sweater set, dress, stationery)

It's in the high 90's here today. I hope Bob is doing ok mowing at the other place. He went early, and he was using the riding mower. He was only going to do 1/3 of the yard. He'll do the middle 1/3 tomorrow, then the front 1/3 on Wed. That way at least the front will look nice since we'll be leaving for Michigan on Monday. When we get back, we'll start over again.

07-18-2006, 09:39 PM
Another good day of eating and drinking water. Met a friend for lunch and I ate a shrimp quesadilla. It came with a lettuce and tomato salad. Delicious. While we were there, we tried to solve all the problems in the world. Not. She is the assistant treasurer at school, so you can imagine what we talked about. She told me that I looked better today than she has seen me in 2 years. She thinks it's because the principal quit. I'm thinking she could be right!!

I'm reading Angels and Demons. That's the book that someone said I should have read before the DaVinci Code, but I didn't know that. Anyway, it's good too. I love being able to sit back and enjoy a book. Last summer I read 4th grade teacher's editions and special books for teaching reading and writing. This summer is much more fun!!!! lol

Hope everyone is having a good day!!

Little Sis
07-19-2006, 05:47 PM
Howdy Ladies,

I just wanted to check in. I'm just not the best of company these days.

Rob's grandmother is in her last hours after fighting a hard battle of alzheimers. In the past 2 weeks, she has had 2 heart attacks, pneumonia, and now congestive heart failure. So it is just a matter of time before her little body can't take anymore. So needless to say we are just waiting for a call from my Mother-in-law to fly off to New York.

Tammy- We are keeping Kelly in our daily prayers!

Well I am off to do busy work. I will check back in - in a couple of days.

07-19-2006, 10:46 PM
Well need I tell you it is only 106 here today. Yesterday, it was 108. It's just too hot to do anything.

Pat's on vacation this week. We drove up to Oklahoma to the casino yesterday, went to a movie on Monday. Today, I went to my pre op appointment. I'm ready for it to be over. Amy had such success, I'm hoping I will too!

Amy, You know I love you more than anything in this world!!!! I'm here for you Baby!!!! I wish I was down there for you and Rob.

Tammy, isn't it funny how school always comes up when you are with other educators? I think you have lots of reasons to be doing better this summer. Enjoy yourself!

Tina, has David heard anything yet? Tell them we are getting anxious here!!!

Karla, how are you doing?

Well, I think I'm going to go get the guiena pig out for a little bit. Oh, did I tell ya'll I can't exercise for 3 weeks after my surgery!

07-19-2006, 10:54 PM
Tammy, Amy and Susan, y'all are in my prayers.
Susan, I hope everything goes well.

David is waiting for his interview date. He's the calm one around here. :lol:
It's hot here, too.


07-19-2006, 11:14 PM
Amy, we've been throught that with relatives and it is so hard. Just waiting and knowing it could happen any time. Take care.

Susan, I don't want to come to visit when it's this hot. Whenever I come down there, you guys make sure it's cooler than that!!!! We had a cooler day here, only in the lower 90's. Casino!!! Where we are going next week has a casino less than 5 miles away! We went there last year. I spent $5.00. Big gambler here. Believe me, I am enjoying this feeling better!! I can't believe the number of people that I've run into who can't believe how good I look! I am actually walking and not shuffling bent over with pain!

Tina, tell David that we aren't calm!!!!

07-24-2006, 12:45 AM
Update on Kelly. They did an emergency c-section at 3:00 AM. Kelly's BP was too high and she was developing preeclampsia. Two girls, both with dark hair, less than 3 pounds. The smaller one is on a ventilator to help her lungs. Kelly is quite swollen and vomiting. Keeping a close eye on her. My cousin and husband got the call at 2:30 AM and were on their way to Charleston before 3. I'm sure it will help Kelly with her parents there. Thanks for all of your prayers, but please keep praying.

We are leaving in the morning for Michigan. We'll be home sometime on Thursday. Took Kramer to the doggy hotel. I didn't even get to tell him goodbye! Gary came out of the house and yells Kramer!! He went off with him while Jeannie and I took the things into the office and I made sure they had all the info they needed. Gary kind of likes Kramer. I'm glad because I'm much more comfortable taking him there because of that.

Have a great week! Susan, surgery is Thursday? I'll be thinking of you.

07-24-2006, 03:54 PM
How is everone doing today? It's been awfully quiet around here.
I'd love to hear from all of ya. :)

David is still waiting for his interview date. We hope to know something tomorrow.
I spent the morning trying to get an appointment with a doctor at the clinic we go to. It's such a joke.
Susan, hope everything goes well for you.

Come on friends, what's going on?????


07-26-2006, 11:45 PM
Just got back from Austin, I was at the Statewide Conference for the Deaf. I had a good time. I'm tired! Surgery is tomorrow, they moved it back to 1:00, I have to be at the hospital at 11:30. I just want it over with.

Tammy, I had preclampsia too. That was one of the reason Seamus was so small. Kelly will feel bad for a little while, each day she will fill better and her swelling will go down. They are all in my prayers and I'm here for her if she needs anything. Tell her to keep a journal. I started one but it's not one of my favorite things to do. I was looking over it the other day. Instead of writing my feelings, I wrote to Seamus so one day I could give it to him.

Tina, I'll keep my fingers crossed for David.

Amy is still in New York for Rob's grandmother's funeral. She should be back in several day.

I probably won't be on line for a day or two.

07-27-2006, 12:51 AM
Hi all,

Susan, good luck with your surgery. I'll be thinking about you.

Tammy, I hope you had a blast.

Sis, I wish you'd write. Is your dd having a great summer?
Maureen, how's the roller blading going?
Mimi, where are you????? I miss you. How are your sons doing?

Karla, Jennifer, Terry, Christine, come on girls, POST.


07-27-2006, 02:01 PM
Sorry I have been MIA! I am so busy with finals at school, projects at work and packing for my 1st GIRLFRIEND AND CHILDREN FREE vacation to Miami Beach. I am leaving Aug. 2!!!! I just have so much to do before then!

How many pts would you give this....
Egg Salad Nicoise Wrap......
diced hard boiled eggs (yolks too, ick)
chopped tomato
alfalfa sprouts
in an olive oil dressing and sun-dried tomato wrap...

I have such a craving for it, its sitting on my desk all wrapped, pretty in clear plastic...

But I AM NOT TOUCHING it until I know how much its costing me! Its from the Healthy Bites line of products here at my office, but really, how healthy is it really??

07-27-2006, 02:19 PM
Now I'm starving! That wrap sound delicious.
I'm going to take a stab at the points for you. I'd say 4-5 pts.
Hopefully, you've already given in and eaten it. :lol:
Hope this helps.

07-27-2006, 06:25 PM
Tammy, are you back yet????? I hope y'all had a super time.
We want to hear all about it. (I hope Kramer was fine when you returned.)

It's been so nice today. Sunshine was back with no rain. Yea!!!


07-27-2006, 10:42 PM
Wonder how Susan's surgery went today? I hope all is well.

Our trip was nice, but I really overdid it on Tuesday. I haven't slept much because of the pain. Did too much walking and climbing hills on Tuesday. I thought that I could do it. I guess I was very wrong. For the most part, I ate very well. Lots of water too.

We had made arrangements to pick up Kramer Friday morning. I'm so glad that we did, so I can sleep a little longer if I can. I'll be going to bed very soon.

I agree about that wrap sounding good, but I would leave off the olives.

Tim found out that when he goes to early band camp, he is lucking out! The room he will stay in that week will be his regular room for the year! They are using his dorm for band camp for all of the band members. August 11, we will take him and all of his belongings that morning and get him checked in. That afternoon he will have percussion tryouts. Percussionists are the only ones who get to move in that day since they are the only ones that have to come because of the auditions. The rest of the band comes on Aug. 12, Sat. The rest of the student body doesn't come until Wed., Thurs., Fri. of the following week.

My cousin, Kelly, isn't doing very well right now. Severe headaches, deep depression. The twins are doing fine considering their size. Keep up the prayers for them.

07-28-2006, 10:19 PM
I survived surgery. However my face hurts! My nose is still bleeding on the right side and I'm having to wear a dressing for it. So if I sound funny it's because I'm on pain meds. I've slept on and off most of the day. Hopefully tomorrow will feeling better tomorrow.

Tammy, I think it's normal for Kelly to be suffering from depression plus all of the hormones being in a mess. I went on medication. I'm glad the babies are doing well. Tell her to keep talking to the them. I know it's hard on her, believe me. They are in my prayers.

Tina, so ya'll are getting rain? We aren't getting a drop!!!

Well, I'm signing off. I just took pain meds. a little while ago and it's kicking in.

07-28-2006, 10:27 PM
Susan, glad your surgery is over. Take care.


07-28-2006, 10:32 PM
Tammy, how are you feeling today? I hope you're getting some sleep and rest. I'll bet Kramer was glad to see his mama. Smokey alweays is, although being a cat, he likes to play nonchalant at first. :lol:

No rain today. It's been back to hot and muggy. My kind of summer weather.
I was so good OP today. We had Mexican tonight so I probably used up all my day's points.


07-28-2006, 10:55 PM
Susan, take care!!!! Get some rest.

Tina, I'm still hurting pretty bad today. I've been resting as much as I can. Kramer was thrilled to see me. lol He started crying when Gary brought him out into the office. He cries everytime we pick him up. I was glad Tim was driving because he was all over me. He was like that (worse!) when we came home from Florida, and i had picked him up by myself. That was an interesting drive home.

07-30-2006, 06:55 AM
I don't do well in the heat. Guess it's a good thing I'm not in Texas, right?

The way I've been feeling, there is no way I'll be ready to go back to school. I can't believe that I was doing so good, and now I feel like crap. I ache all over. I'm sure it has something to do with changing medicines and Tim leaving for college.

07-30-2006, 04:18 PM
Happy Sunday,
It's not raining and the heat index is below 100. What more a girl ask for. Hmmm.....losing 10 more pounds. :lol: :lol:

I went clothes shopping yesterday and came home with zilch! I was so disgusted. Some things fit great in the top but were tight in the hips. Some things fit but looked like something my grandmother would wear. I must be going to the wrong stores. :lol:
So, I got out some patterns and fabric and will see about sewing something up.
What's everyone up to today???

07-30-2006, 07:15 PM
All I can say is OUCH!!! I honestly have never hurt like this before. It hurts to open my mouth hurts to breath, etc.... I'm suppose to go to the dentist for my new crown but am going to change my appointnment because I hurt and had NO energy!

07-31-2006, 09:08 AM
Tina, isn't it frustrating when you want to buy clothes and can't find anything? That has happened to me so much over the years.

Susan, I think it's a good idea to change the appointment! Get some rest and take care of yourself.

Errands to run this morning, then off to buy a computer for Tim to take to school.

Doing more tests on my cousin Kelly. She just isn't getting any better. She has decided that she is going to die. Please keep her in prayers. The twins seem to be doing better, still little, but better.

07-31-2006, 10:01 AM
Good morning---it's such a beautiful day......:) :) :) :) :D :)

Susan, feel better soon.

Tammy, a computer for Tim, that's great! When David went off to college, in '92, we got him an electric typewriter. Doesn't that sound like the Dark Ages! :lol: :lol:
Sis, where are you gal?????
Maureen, you're quiet. I hope you didn't run into something on your roller blades. :o
Mimi, you must be working too hard.
Everyone have a fantastic OP day!

Little Sis
07-31-2006, 12:57 PM
Hi all...
We got back from New York late Saturday and I am neck deep in laundry.
We get there on the 22nd and Grandma passed away the next morning. The rest of the week was spent running araound making plans for the memorial service that was on Wednesday evening.
The week is just a blur. Before we flew out of Buffalo on Saturday we decide to take the kids and go to Niagra Falls on Friday. The falls are breath taking everyone needs to go at least once. I wanted to do the Canadian side of the falls but in the hurry of making our flight plans and packing Friday night, i left their birth certificates at home. Oh well, there is always next time.

07-31-2006, 01:20 PM
I'm glad ya'll got to do something fun while you where there. I know it meant a bunch to Margaret and Grandpa to have you there. Next time, I'm going with you to do Niagra Falls.

Oh by the way, you are much tougher than I am. This surgery is kicking me in the hinney.

07-31-2006, 01:53 PM
Amy, the Canadian side is beautiful!! We ended up staying on that side, and we were so glad that we did.

NEWS Since the principal still had a year left on his contract, the school had to offer him another position. I guess he tried to find a job elsewhere BUT NO ONE ELSE WANTED HIM!!! Anyway, he is the new gifted education teacher for the district. He isn't smart enough to do that! I think my BP went up when I found out. At least I won't have to see him because he should be on a different floor that I'll be on when I'm there.

Tina, I was thrilled with the manual typewriter that I got when I went off to college.

07-31-2006, 11:10 PM
I am redoing my tracker and starting again. These vacations this summer really messed me up. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!! I go for bloodwork in the morning, and I go to my doctor next Monday. I know he'll growl about the weight. Actually, he really doesn't growl because he knows that I know I need to lose.

Landscaping people are coming in the morning to rip out some bushes/trees, not sure what they are except 1/2 dead. We're putting in some new ones. It will be nice looking at green instead of green and brown. lol

07-31-2006, 11:18 PM
Changing the tracker is a great idea. :)
Tammy, good luck with the blood work.
I was surprised that my dr. didn't mention that I had gained since last year. He's pretty laid back. I don't know if that's good or not. :lol:


maureen kempster
08-02-2006, 08:47 AM
good morning everyone
Sorry I haven't been posting-I've been dropping in everyday though-Just been busy and now I'm just waiting to go on holidays(aug 19) I'm going to Ottawa for 10 days and will be staying with my younger sister. All my family is still living there so I do try to get back every few yrs-it's been 2 yrs since I was there last-a few old girlfriends to look up and have lunch with also. Glad to see everyone is doing ok-Susan I'm sure once you've healed from you're surgery you'll be happy you got it done. Tina, has your son heard about his new job yet? Tammy, take care of yourself. Everyone sounds so busy. I'm still doing okay in the weight, haven't gained anything just kind of staying where I am which is ok with me, and I'm still trying to get out everyday and do a little rollerblading. I always feel good when I'm finished doing it.

Anyway I hope you all have a great day take care

08-02-2006, 09:50 AM
Maureen, you will have a great time visiting your family! Are you taking your rollerblades with you?

maureen kempster
08-02-2006, 03:07 PM
Hi again
Tammy, yes I'm bringing my rollerblades-my sister who's in her early 40's, my brother(early 50's) and a friend all rollerblade-Ottawa also has some nice paths so I'm looking forward to it

08-03-2006, 07:36 PM
Well the splints are out! Let's just say when the dr. said "take a deep breath" I think he pulled my brains out with the splints. Then he fooled me on the other side and said "take a deep breath" I was just starting to get one and he yanked. OUCH!!!!!! I'm surprised you didn 't hear me.

I'm glad I stayed home today. Still not a lot of energy but I'll go tomorrow since I got up and did a few things. Pat wouldn't let me drive. Bummer!

Maureen, we will reading about you rollering bladding across Canada!!!

Tina, what's the word? We want to know about David.... not that we think you aren't telling us anything :)

Tammy, wow what does that say for your OLD principal? I can tell you they will get rid of him by Christmas! Poor kids they don't deserve him either.

I feel like I need to be a school get my room ready but all I'm missing are meetings.

08-03-2006, 07:37 PM
oh I think I'm going to take my tracker off... :(

08-03-2006, 09:09 PM