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07-05-2006, 12:31 PM
:wave: WELCOME to Back In Kindergarten #13 to anyone reading this! :wave:

I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......~* Jules :df:

Please join us in our chit chat as we discuss our weight loss journey and daily lives!!!

07-05-2006, 12:35 PM
Posted from Katy on the #12 thread

Honey I'm home....

We had a nice time with my mom and her was HOT and we were treated to some "natural" fireworks early Tuesday morning in the form of a thunder and lightning storm. We drove home yesterday after the main street parade...then did some fireworks with the neighbors. Ended up watching the Oaks Park fireworks from a pretty good vantage point from across the river. Good view, not crowded - ahh bliss

I stared at the paint some more and think we'll go with the dark green - looks good with the landscaping and I'm ready for a change from the mocha color I've been living with for 7 years. The neighbors we have corralled for opinions all seem to like I have to get a window box color.

Today is a clean-up day...I haven't been here for fourdays, why is it so messy? One of life's big questions. Need to pay some bills, buy some groceries...guess it's back to life as usual. I haven't weighed in for this week...not sure if I want to ...waaah

Have a great day everyone...hopefully I can get some time to catch up on individuals....

07-05-2006, 12:39 PM
Posted by our Jules on thread #12

Break time at work.....

Well, DD is completely moved in (with the exception of a air conditioner that we will get later) She had two when she moved in with DS and he had one HUGE one. When the heat started they moved DD's two smaller ones from the garage to the apt. Now DS has to move the big one up and give the smaller one back to DD. Her little house is so cute, just need the front porch swing hung back up which DH will do this Sunday and the outside needs work we got a lot of the weeds but there are some really overgrown bushes that need to be taken out. I reminded DD that the son (who is her friend) of friends of ours does landscaping and yard work as a business and has all the machinery and a permit to haul the debris away. The roomate's dad is coming up to screen in the back porch and put a creen door on it.

DS is getting better in his attitude. He finally admitted that he really didn't want her to move out. It's better this way, the had the same fights they had at home...he's older so he's bossy, but he's a slob (better than he used to be though---when he lived at home it was a constant battle to keep the clothes put away and not be a second layer of carpeting!!) DD she is very organized so then she gets mad cause she's always picking up after him. DS's gf will be moving in and DD didn't want to feel like a third wheel.

DS's gf has to be out of her apt by the 15th to be able to get her deposit back by the end of July. They talked to DS's landlord and are going to do a little painting and a few repairs. I will be helping move her and painting there starting Thursday evening!! It may be a blessing in disguise since DS is already covering the rent--his gf will take over the phone and electric and may add cable in. This will be better for her since she is currently paying $375 in rent and her roomate was supposed to be helping with the utilities but isn't so she has been stuck paying them all. She says she will put the $ she was paying rent straight into savings and build her account back up so she isn't so worried about bills. DS & her are going to set up a joint checking account to put in the bill money. They will both keep their own savings accounts at this point.

These kids are going to wear me out!!

07-05-2006, 12:51 PM
Good Morning!!

whew!!! You know how exhausting all that is to start a new thread??

Sassy - you are welcome!! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Michelle- Sending the posse on you!! We miss you. Pray that you are well and your mother is in good hands. :hug: Weather has cooled down, hope that helps with the migraines!!!

Cristi- After the posse finds Michelle we are sending for you!! UGH,......I hope you post today!:D

Kathy - :hug: :hug: come check in!

Katy - It is nice to have you home! Kids wanted to do the Oaks Park thing but I begged off, needed to get rest for work. Silly thought because it was loud up until 1 am...sooooooo tired today. oh, I finally got a call on the garden plot!! What can I plant this late in the season???

Jules - Hope the move is done soon - sounds like you are on top of it all! Looking to move in the next couple weeks - come help me :) I have moved so much in the last few years, I don't have much. :hug:

Bep - How was the holiday?? Hope you are having a super day :)

Shawna - How bout you??

I better get busy. I am not having a good time. I have some major crap going on maybe I will share later when I get a better handle on it. Just stressed. I feel bloated too and ,

hugs to me!!!

07-05-2006, 12:58 PM
good morning almost afternoon,
were still plugging away, we went through all of the boxes in the garage yesterday and got everything to one side so i can park the van in there. folded some laundry and cleaned the kitchen, i reckon i should start going through all of the boxes we brought in from the garage to go through. most of it is pictures and miscellaneous boxes.......the ones i dread!! seems like those take the longest. were going to get all of the pictures and home decor hung today.
why is it harder to get all of my water in when im not at work???? i am going to really concentrate on it the rest of the week.
how are you doing today susan???? any story tellers bugging you today???

07-05-2006, 01:12 PM
Morning Shawna -

No, no story bugging stories. My supervisors stupid &^%$ assistant is annoying me though!!
She writes an email with : Time Sheet???
and I write back it was given to R on Friday she writes back : ???

ugh...............I don't have time for that BS

So I write back "I don't know what you mean by the question mark. If you are asking where my time sheet is it was given to RM last Friday, 6/30/2006. You need to ask him maybe?

She is so gawd.....!!!! ???? what is that crap???? She needs to speak.....woo hoo..........ya, I am pmsing....gawd....

anyway - when you are done at your house Shawna come to mine!! :)

07-05-2006, 01:17 PM
ummm sure susan ill be right there ...:rofl:
im wondering how my store is doing while im gone. i have two asst mgrs that have been mgrs before so you would think i wouldnt have to worry but i do. im not really sure how those two were ever managers but they are men so i guess that says enough.
im looking for a recipe on here for chicken breasts.......i found one that looks pretty good and simple.....the easier the better for me!!
ok i need to get off here ill check back in later.

07-05-2006, 03:35 PM
Hello ladies!

I'm you thought I was gone for good huh?

Just a quickie though...gotta get back out and help V finish up. Actually he won't finish today but will almost get done. I don't want to stain anymore! UGH!

Anyway, HI to everyone...hope everyone had a GREAT Fourth of July!

I'll be back later to catch up on everything. Feels weird being so close to the top. :)

BBL :wave:

07-05-2006, 03:41 PM
I am so tired! Stupid fireworks - after midnight they had no right to set them off. My rules - haha

WOW Miss Cristi!!!!!!! :dance: :cheer: :woo: Tell Vince you want to go inside now!! We miss you.

Shawna - sweetie - don't think about work! lol

I am craving beans again.

ugh...........wanna go home!

07-05-2006, 04:04 PM
Hey Chics. :wave:

I'm enjoying my day/night off today, all by myself. :D Hub is helping his friend work on his car so I have "alone time" which doesn't happen a whole lot now a days! lol.

Jules - Wow your DK's are giving you a work out with all that moving, repairing and painting, eh? I hope they all are very happy in their new arrangements. ;)

Katy - I need to clean. Just don't wanna. lol. I think I am going to settle for doing laundry and tidying up and leave it as that for now. With working an extra night this week at work (lastnight) I am beat. lol. I hope you get everything done you want!

Susan - :hug: to you. I hope your day gets better. I can understand about work issues. :rolleyes: They can be a pain sometimes.

Shawna - Ugh. I hate unpacking. I don't mind packing at all. But unpacking is the absolute worst. (guessing by your post that is what your doing) lol. Good luck with getting your pictures hung up and all.

Cristina - There you are! No more staining, eh? lol. Good to "see" you. ;)

I hope you all have a Great Day. I think I'm going to do my laundry and tidy up and that is it for me today. I'm :tired:. lol.

07-05-2006, 04:11 PM
After moving the last of DD's furniture in and giving everything a good cleaning I went home and spent time with DS, his gf & DH--made spaghetti & garlic bread and a side of fried portabello mushrooms. I was so tired I think I fell asleep watching tv before 9:00--no fireworks for me!!

SuzyQ--talkative coworker is back!!! miss the quiet!!!

Cristi--hope V doesn't work you too hard!! He better take you out to eat instead of making you cook!!

Shawna--got DD in and now it's time to move DS's gf in....

Katy--I like hunter green....

Well, I will try to get back tonite!! Hi to everyone else!!

07-05-2006, 06:44 PM
Hi Everyone . . . Well I woke up during the night with one of my migraines again, but after taking a 800mg motrin this morning, I'm finally starting to feel a little better. I joined another group and started posting, because it seems whenever I'm checking in here, which is LOTS, everyone is always busy and doesn't seem to post much. Sometimes you feel like you just need to talk to people, and then nobody checks in. Yesterday my DH and I just went out to lunch and then grocery shopping. I didn't want to go anywhere where there would be large crowds and traffic, because it would take forever to get home and DH had to go to work today. I don't like to be out seeing a bunch of people also getting drunk and then trying to drive, because I had a friend in high school that was killed by a drunk driver, and I have no toleration for people that do this. I hope all of you are having a good day!:grouphug:

07-05-2006, 07:58 PM
Michelle - I am sorry you have the migrain again! How frustrating for you - the cooler weather hasn't helped?? Any word on your mother? I did my rent and was thinking about your post,because it kind of hurt. I am sorry you wanted to talk and no one was around. I know you mentioned a few days ago something to that regard. Sometimes I post a lot and start feeling goofy and will back off. In the last few days though my only use of a computer has been the ex and it hasn't always been a place I could go for various reasons - so I haven't posted as much. Anyway, please know if you do write we will read it!! Being a small group one 1 or 2 are busy it kind of comes to a stand still - lol :hug: :hug: :hug: I know we miss you when you aren't around, I hope you don't leave!:( ps - I like your new avatar! Do you like mine? :)

Jules I can't wait to move to a new office!! I am going to get lost in there and never be I would love some quite!! :hug: :hug: portabello mushrooms sounds yummy!!!

Sassy - thanks!! It is better. I just need to do one more deposit and I am out of here!! Enjoy your alone time! :hug:

Katy & Cristi Waiting to hear more from you MIA's!! :) :hug: :hug:

Bep Is the company gone?? How are you???? :hug:

ok- better get back to the checks - time for a group hug!! :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: btw - where IS our Miss Kathy??

07-05-2006, 11:36 PM
Hello ladies...

Man, it took forever to catch up on all the posts! I meant to check in but just got busy and was too pooped. It started early Saturday morning and yesterday evening was really the first break I had. It's almost done. :cp:

MICHELLE...sorry I didn't post much but we do miss you when you don't, I hope you know that. :hug: I think I mentioned that Vince aka V aka DH, lol, was home this week. Today was the first chance I had to actually get on the computer. He works a lot of hours so when he's home I try to enjoy our time together. Actually thought I would be checking in every morning but that just didn't happen. But I am here now :D Sorry you have a migraine. I thought about you when I was reading my WW magazine, (think that is where I saw it) there was an article about migraines and things to do to help them. I'll have to find it again and let ya know what it said, I found the article very interesting. Anyway, you can email me anytime missy...I know that probably doesn't help if I don't check it but usually I do except the last few days.

SUSAN...I told Vince what you He laughed...he said he didn't care if I got on the computer...of course not, that meant he could quit. We were trying to get that thing done, ugh! I just wanted to get all that crap, I thought doing the fence last year was a pain. Anyway, like I said to Michelle, I meant to post at least once a day or every other day. Can't believe the last time I posted was Friday, egads! I missed you ladies! least the kids are keeping you busy and you get to see them. Spaghetti sounds so good! No, DH didn't take me out to eat. I still had to cook and after spending the day in that hot sun I thought I was going to die! We are going out to dinner Friday evening though.

KATY...I think the green sounds nice. I told V when we have to paint I want a green or yellow house. Not sure which one I like better. But your colors sounds nice...especially the dark door.

SHEL...ya, no more staining, lol! Right...I have just a few more things to do and it won't be so bad...not like it has been the last few days-torture, I tell ya. Actually, it's not so much the staining as it was the heat. It was in the 90's and the humidity was horrid! Did you guys decide on a car yet? I saw something about a Chevy Venture...I had a red one that I loved...don't know why I got rid of it. are you liking your week off? it was a week wasn't it? There was so much reading I think I am getting things mixed up, lol. Are you guys finally all moved in and unpacked?

Hi to everyone else :wave:

CONGRAT'S to all who lost this week! You ladies are doing GREAT! :carrot: :cp: :bravo:

I didn't make it to onderland but thinking this next WI might get me there. I did make it over 100 miles walked so far and am proud of that! :carrot: Should have been more but I got a little lazy in there a few days. Actually, was a little frustrated. But I am gonna keep on truckin', or I should say keep on walkin'. I better get going. Was going to read a little before falling into bed. Today was a little cooler and I actually didn't do as much but had errands to run and house cleaning to catch up on. Anyway...nighty, night ladies.

07-06-2006, 12:34 AM
Nighty night ladies!!

Yes, tell Vince you are done staining the crap. lol Is this his vacation time??? You have done amazing with your walking!! You have every right to be proud. Here I sit trying to lose weight without exercising - lol you are doing super! :bravo:

I had a piece of chicken, veggies and a 1/2 potato for dinner. I didn't exercise and I drank 70 oz's of water. *sigh* that is that sad tale. Need to get pumped up and start an exercise program!!!!!!!!!!

I missed you, I always do. I am tired though so I shall tuck myself into bed and get some rest. Some exciting news is I have my plot at the park to garden!!! What can I plant that won't take weeks and weeks??? UGH....what will I do when I go to camp???

07-06-2006, 03:15 AM
Good Early Mornin' to ya Ladies! :coffee:

I hope you all are well this morning. I think I twisted my knee or something. It hurts. :(

I had a nice day, enjoying my alone time. Got the laundry washed and dried, now it just needs to be put away. arrrrghhhh! I hate that job! lol.

Cristina - Ugh. I know what you mean about the heat. Its stinks! We are still searching. Our mechanic friend fixed up a Chevy Venture van that he's selling for $3,000. But I think hub wants a new vehicle for the warranty, plus neither one of us has had a new one. We like the Kia Optima, but now he wants to look at the Honda Element. Its like a Box on Wheels, but he can fit into it comfortably and its not too expensive.

Susan, Michelle, all you other fine ladies, hope you get some rest!

07-06-2006, 09:12 AM

I'm back;) Wow...after having about a week of not counting calories and eating crappy foods, I feel pretty crappy. :p Oh boy...I ate junky! :o Needless to say, I will not have a weigh-in this week. I am sooooo swollen too. I didn't drink water very much and I ate salty stuff. My feet have that pregnancy feeling when it feels like jelly is sitting on top of your feet. :dizzy: I can't even tell you how much I am looking forward to feeling all good and energetic again. I'm telling you, when you are eating healthy and drinking water and exercising, you really do forget just how crappy you feel when you aren't doing those things!

I did have a wonderful time with all my company! We had so much fun. Wow...the time goes so quickly!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!! DH took Monday and Wednesday off so he is going to have a SHORT week...just Thursday and Friday! :D

Time to shift into high-gear to get things back together from my lil' holiday. :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

07-06-2006, 09:40 AM
Have any of you ever tried WATP? I had Blockbuster ship it to me so I could give it a try and am watching it right now as I have my morning cup of Joe. I already have some DVD's I like (TaeBo & Jazzersize), but I am not big on hard & fast exercise in the morning. I do better with that stuff in the afternoon/evening. WATP looks pretty mellow. I want something to do every morning after I have my coffee. If I like it, I may buy it.

07-06-2006, 11:04 AM
Good Morning!

I slept in (again) so I missed yoga. Yesterday I worked up a sweat digging in the garden and walked to the Village for book group, so I got some exercise. I need to get back into the swing of things after being out of it for four days. Bep - you are so right about feeling better when you eat well and exercise! I was nodding my head as I read your post. I DO feel so much better when I stay away from junk food, drink lots of water, and exercise. I need to bottle up that feeling and remember it on the days that I want to be a big slug and sit around drinking beer and eating pizza ( what - MOI?)

Susan - I would definitely plant some lettuce and radish seeds. They grow fast. You could also get some herb starts from a nursery and put those in. Basil does real well at this time of year. I like Rosemary, too and it's a year-round plant. I bet you could even get some action out of tomatoes if you get some seedlings..sometimes I get tomatoes clear into October and November. If you get them established, they should be fine if you are gone for a few days - they like to be left alone a bit in the summer, I've found. It's easy to overwater. I'm so happy for you..Gaby will love helping you over there - my son used to love it when we had a plot over there. Very inexpensive entertainment. Hope you are doing well today...sounds like life is handing you another big turd - but you can take it - you are a strong lady.

Sassy - Elements do look kind of funny, but we are big Honda fans at this house. They are so reliable and last forever if you maintain them properly. My DH has 95 Civic that can get 40-45 mph on the freeway..and it's not the hybrid. Before this car he had an 81 Civic - same belongs to someone else now, but it is still running. I had a clean-up day around the house yesterday - very productive. Today I dust and catch up on grocery shopping.

Cristina- WTG on your walking...100 miles is quite a milestone..I know you will get to Onederland very soon. You are on a roll! Our house color is called Pinon green - It does look kind of like hunter green...kind of like the darkest green on camoflage fabric if that makes sense. I'm thinking of going for a really dark/almost black green for the door and window boxes.

Michelle - I do enjoy reading your posts and hope you stick with us....I can see why you might want a more active board,, but hang in there - maybe now that we are further up the forum site, more people will find us. Personally, I can keep track of everyone better at a smaller group...but that's just me. When it gets huge, I just can't keep up...but to each their own really. Hope you feel better today.

Jules- your dinner sounds is DD all moved in? You have been such a big help to her... I was on my own at the same age... had to do it all myself, so I'm sure she appreciates such supportive parents. I like hunter green, too , and I think we got close to that. DH has been a good sport, as he had no beef with the old color - I just felt we needed a change. We have lots of lush green landscaping around our house and I liked the notion of the green house midst all that.

Shawna - I have some chicken breasts in the fridge - so I will definitely check out that recipe...hope your unpacking is going smoothly. Moving is such a pain - no two ways around it.

Whew! OK I think I got to everyone...Hi to anyone reading this! I weighed today - no least not yet...I have til Monday, right? I was gone, so I weighed to get my bearings as it were. I've been counting cals and that's ok...need to try to eat less, but haven't been overindulging either. Just holding steady I guess. It will be nice to get to the store today and load up on produce. Other than that, I hope to work on the IL's curtains and try to keep my kids from killing each other (JK - ......I think). Good news! My DD was able to snag an A.M. slot at her new preschool for the fall. I had accepted a PM slot, but let them know I was interested in AM because of my son's school schedule. So that came through and we are very happy about it.

Hope everybody has a great day!

07-06-2006, 11:06 AM
Bep - i haven't tried WATP, but I think Cristina has....I've heard good reviews from others

07-06-2006, 11:30 AM
Here are a couple recent snapshots of my kiddos. I probably won't leave them up here for long...

07-06-2006, 12:10 PM
Good grrrrrrrrr Morning!!

I am tired Sassy!! Sorry about the knee, hope you are ok :D

Katy - I don't know about life handing me a big turd. I liken it to the runs....just when you think it has stopped it starts dribbling out again :joker: :spin: I would love tomatoes. I really wanted some sunflowers too. waah.

Bep- I think it is Michelle that does WATP. Final answer......glad you are back!! Your children are adorable!!

I was up late with the kids. Rach had gone to a friends leaving no number, only that she would call ay 10 pm. 8:30 is my bedtime and I was sooooo tired anyway....finally at 9:30 Rebecca offers she knows where the house is......ok.
We jump in the car and soon realize she don't know diddly where the friend lives and it is starting to get dark and we are in the village where some of the roads are pot holes and my car is getting louder with every hole ....and Gaby says from the back seat "I am scared" , it was so cute.....anyway, we found the house!!

I am still dragging. Went early though to look around Happy Rock and it really doesn't have that many rentals in the area I want to be in.....I want the library , school area....I don't want to be near the major road....anyway , I will keep looking....

better get to work! I had toast with coffee today.....try and stay away from the vending machine!

chat later....

07-06-2006, 12:26 PM
Hi, My name is Susan
I stumbled on this thread while looking for a new groups. I was wondering if I might join you? I'm a recent college graduate spending the summer (and hopefully rest of my life) getting healthier. I lost several pounds 2 years ago but have gradually gained most of it back. I've found a new interest in jogging and think that it might be a habit I can keep up with. I hope to be talking with you all soon :)

07-06-2006, 12:28 PM
Howdy there!!!! Welcome!!! Would LOVE to have you!!! Susan seems to be quite the popular name around 3fc! :lol:

07-06-2006, 12:35 PM
:welcome3: Susan!!

Of course you can join our chatter! We would love to get to know you. I think Susan's from Oregon don't even have to ask - haha.
Anyway, my name is Susan (42 years young!) too and I am from Oregon, in the Portland area for most of my life! I have a younger sister going to college now down in Eugene.
Congrats on the 2 pounds :bravo:

07-06-2006, 12:38 PM
Bep - It is weird....I meet so many from Oregon too. Wassup with THAT???

oops......better get to work! Supervisor coming my way!!! yikes.....:p

07-06-2006, 12:59 PM
Hi to the new Susan from Oregon, not to be confused with the original SuzyQ from Oregon!!

SuzyQ--(from OR) everyone is going to have to start using my nickname for you!!

Michelle ma belle (from Oregon too BTW) DON"T LEAVE US!!! Summers are always busier for everyone it seems and my DK have been keeping me hopping and DH is even complaining I am not spending enough time with him!!!

Katy (also from Oregon) -- I was never close with my parents and have always vowed that my kids would always know that I love them and that I will be there always no matter what!! Both my kids are two of my best friends!!

Bep--(not from OR--lives in an undisclosed area of the eastern US in I believe the same time zone as me) Your kids are too cute!! I miss mine being little, not enough too have another and definitely not ready to be a grandma at 40!!

Sassy (form the south???) --Hi to you--I hope your knee feels better--have a bad one myself from a motorcycle accident two years ago! DD is having car troubles--luckily DH is a great mechanic!!

Cristina (from the midwest) Hope your deck is done--have fun going out with V Friday to eat!!

Shawna--(another southerner)hope all is well with you and the move is done!!

Gotta go!!

07-06-2006, 01:25 PM
I am hungry worker had to call accounting and admit he made a mistake!!! woo hoo - charged everyone late it when he gets in trouble.......pretty sick , huh?? Like I have no

I changed the siggie!! We don't know where Bep is from do we?? We don't even know her real name.....Bep?? short for something?? Not to offend you Bep.....maybe that is your great grandma's name?? :D

Gotta go Jules?? What?? You working?? lol.......ok, vending machine is screaming DORITOS!!!!! SUZYQ!!!!!!!

catch you all later....I am weak today....:?:

07-06-2006, 01:32 PM
:drill: :drill: HEY!!! STEP AWAY FROM THE DORITOS!!! THEY WILL MAKE YOU FEEL CRAPPY!!!!!!! :nono: :nono:

07-06-2006, 01:39 PM
munch.munch.munch....... I don't know Bep - they make me feel kind of happy in a nacho

jk- what can I have?? Trail mix?? there is a nature bar in there *yawn* not as exciting but better for me??

hey!! easy for you to say just spent daze eating junk food - feeling CRAPPY should be equal opportunity!!! lol

anyway, maybe I will go get a salad??? I only have $20 left until next week...I really need to budget....:?:

07-06-2006, 01:42 PM
*gulp* guilty as charged :p

07-06-2006, 01:53 PM
It is ok Bep - you just care about me *sniff............ewwww, group hug!!:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

I bought the Trail Mix = 260 calories. I also bought the Nature Valley bar = 360 cal. I ate the TM and I am STILL hungry!! I have a sunflower seed stuck in my keyboard....I think I will try and pry that out *sigh* how did I get soooooo dang pathetic???? you all come rushing to :comp:

ewwww, I will go find a new Napoleon avatar....that'll make me happy.....

07-06-2006, 01:58 PM
*sigh* Ain't he dreamy??? I would love for him to say " I see you're drinking 1%. You can drink 2% if you wanted too".........gosh....I want a man like that!! :o :o

07-06-2006, 02:05 PM
well i think we have finally got all of the boxes emptied, except the girls stuff but they can do through their own stuff when they get home. i am now going through all of our pictures.....omg i cant believe how many we have!!! we have a nice long hall way here but i dont know if i can get them all hung on it.......its so fun to look back at all of the old pictures of the girls. i cant believe i have one thats going to be a senior this year....sniff sniff.
i remember when my grandma used to tell me how fast time goes by.....never really believing her, but i have realized that she was right.
ok back to work, ty everybody for your wishes, i think we are finally done!!!

07-06-2006, 02:06 PM
:lol3: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: You are the epitomy of!!!!

07-06-2006, 02:07 PM
Oops...Shawna, you're not the pathetic one...I was refering to SuzyQ

07-06-2006, 02:10 PM
too funny!!!! so where ya from bep huh huh huh????? and is that your nick name huh huh huh?????
im not ashamed to be blunt lol!!

07-06-2006, 02:14 PM
SuzyQ--DS says you gotta find yourself a mna with skills....or something like probably know what he means...I like Doritos myself after chips--fave chip is Salt and Vinegar--DS's fave chips are called "Mommazuma's Revenge"--they are burn your mouth HOT even a glass of milk doesn't help!! You got to watch those "healthy" trail mixes and granola bars--sometimes you no better off with them. I was bad we had a fried chicken dinner with potato wedges and coleslaw--didn't even finish it and I am way too full!!!!

I know what Bep is -- Beautiful Enchanting Princess!! Actually our word loving Katy would do better...The first p I thought of was paprika--My DD loved Blues Clues and wanted to have a daughter and name her Paprika. Silly child...

Gotta go again!!

07-06-2006, 02:18 PM
:encore: I am back!

Hi Shawna ( I am not talking to Bep - she called me an epitomy.....I know that means fat! :boxing: ) Beppie won't tell us where she lives. Jules is narrowing it down though.
I just HAD to come back and share my good fortune! I found some lo fat cottage cheese and pickeled beets in the fridge, so I ate some of that and I feel soooooo much better! I don't have the munchies or nuthin!
Anyway - glad you checked in under all those boxes Shawna- happy to hear you are almost done!!

edited for Jules I like salt & vinegar too! Beautiful Enchanting Princess is pretty good! I better get this deposit done! I was also meaning to add BIK posting is up there with more established groups. Because I consider it a hobby to keep track of numbers (translate :NO LIFE!!!) so while we may lull on some days we do post and are viewed with healthy numbers and we are still in Kindergarten!! :)Chat later..

07-06-2006, 02:37 PM
Boy I started typing in between calls and it's grand central station in here!!

Shawna--kids grow up way toooo fast!!! That empty nest thing got me last year--I took the week of my DD's graduation from high school off because I was so emotional. That and turning 40 last December almost killed me!!! I have never had a problem with aging until then.

SuzyQ--where are you finding all your Napolean avatars???

Bep--you crack me up!!

Edited for SuzyQ: I am going have to try the pickled beets/cottage cheese combo one of these them both just never have had them together!! I am just guessing on where Beppie lives and the two of you have to play nice or I'll have to tell teacher.....wait we don't have a teacher--Katy knows the biggest words so I'll tell her!!! KATY!!!!!

07-06-2006, 02:40 PM
:lol: :lol: :lol:

07-06-2006, 03:14 PM
Jules - I love the cc,pb and albacore tuna together. I could live on that if I had too.
I find Napoleon avatars under ND avatars or under icons....
I think a pot o coffee might be good. I need a pick me up! I will fer sure go to bed early tonight.
I 'll go finish up the cc and pb's and head for the later......

07-06-2006, 04:48 PM
The doctor wanted me to give up caffiene completely--does he really want me to go crazy!!!! I need my coffee in the morning!!!

07-06-2006, 04:52 PM
Susan - well....she could have called you an THERE'S s word for ya, lol! Glad you got your beets - we all know beets + beans = Happy Susah

Ok teacher's here...I've been know to throw chalked-up erasers at the more cranky ones so watch out! JK- I only throw those at my children..,,really JK

Hi Scuzin! Your user name sounds familiar...maybe I ran into you on another group somewhere...Hello from a fellow Oregonian!

Jules - I'll try to think of some more big words for you, :) So far today has produced "turd" and "episiotomy" and its early afternoon here in OR...I'm on a roll

07-06-2006, 04:53 PM
Jules - say it ain't so...I turn absolutely evil without my coffee

07-06-2006, 05:06 PM
Wow its been a busy day around here!
I had a very good jog this morning and am proud of that, but I already have sad news: I took some measurements today and my #1 self conscious area (my upper arm) is AN INCH larger than I last measured...granted that was many months ago, but still :kickcan: hmpf

Jules - I recently kicked the coffee habit too. The first 3 days were bad, but I promise it gets better! I'm not completely without it...I still enjoy a cup every now and then, but I'm no longer dependent.

Question - how often do you weigh in? I'm scared to absolute death to step on a scale, I can guess what I weigh, but I'm scared that I'll #1 be discouraged by seeing my weight in print and #2 get obsessed and weigh too often. But on the other hand its good to see progress!!!!! I'm thinking too much :dizzy:

BTW - I’m only going to be in Oregon a few more weeks, you can call me Susan NYC of you like 'cause that's where I'm off to in august!

07-06-2006, 05:17 PM
:coach: :coach: Monday is Weigh In Day Susan/NYC In August!!!!
What is taking you to NYC? Sounds great! I usually weigh in the mornings nude :yikes: - you can easily become obsessed but once a week isn't too bad. welcome again!

Katy Beets , bean and coffee - ain't life wonderful?? I HAVE to have coffee in the morning, have too. I only usually drink it in the morning, otherwise I am awake too late. You need another doctor Jules !!! :D

I am bored. I need to get some letters out. My mother called me and saw a 6 plex for $599. I went by it this morning and didn't see a For Rent - must have missed that. I have never really liked it but worth seeing, I guess. If I am going to move I want something I will happy with.....

Michelle Come chat with us!! :cofdate: :gossip: :cofdate:

07-06-2006, 06:03 PM
NYC eh? I was there a couple times on business trips. The first time I was there, I arrived sept 10 at night...yeah...the next morning was 9-11. I was about 2 miles from the trade centers. Needless to say, I got nothing done on that trip and was stuck in the city for a couple days. I had to take a train home to Florida where I was living at the time since that was about the only way out of the city. What is bad is that I hadn't brought casual clothes, only business clothes. I had to walk around trying to find places to buy clothes since I didn't have access to taxi's until a couple days later since they cleared the streets. Our hotel had no room service since they couldn't get their employees in or out of the city so I had to go to this buffet or go out to eat. It was a crazy time. I went back to NYC about 6 months later on another business trip and things went a whole lot better. It is an amazing place to visit, but I would never want to live there.

07-06-2006, 06:13 PM
By the way, Susan NYC...I would suggest you do step on a scale now. That way, on Monday, you will have your first victory when you weigh in again and have lost weight! It will be less discouraging to start seeing the numbers going down!!!

07-06-2006, 06:31 PM
Florida?? hmmm, and you were on a business trip 9/11......hmm, you are leaving clues all over the place Bep.I bet your name is Peb.....haha

I would love to go to NYC!! I have been in Hawaii, Wash,Ca, NV, TX , AR and of course Oregon, that is about it though.

Seeing 250 once Susan GoingTo NYCiNAUG was a scary sight. You will be fine - great suggestion from Bep! :bravo: Bep.....:D
Cristi! Tell Vince to let you come inside!! gosh.,......

07-06-2006, 06:41 PM
250 brings back was what I weighed on the day I gave birth to my DS in 1996....then I lost all that - got down to 168....then with DD in 2001, I gained to I am at 189 and working very hard to get through this plateau...

So Scuzin - you are in good company...we have all either been there or are there...we all hold each other's hands

Susan- I saw some new Stagg Chili at Costco - I think they called it Santa Fe was chicken chili with black beans. It sounded so good to me..and Stagg Chicken chili is the only chili my DH will eat. I have to remember to ask him if he'll try this version ( the kind he likes is called Ranch house and has kidney beans) Dunno why he doesn't like any other kind - I make a mean veggie chili.

Where's Happy Rock? Is it near Gladstone? Have you driven by my house yet to see my new house color? Can I ask any more questions? Hee hee

Hope everyone is having a good afternoon

07-06-2006, 07:26 PM
Why Miss. Katy No, Happy Rock is nowhere near Gladstone... - ugh, people will stalk me now!! lol .....btw- I have Katys all just email me and I will get you on the mailing list. I also have a webcam on her front door so I can catch her comings and goings. There is a second one on her "manure pile" gross......speaking of manure.....Mike was served with his restraining order yesterday from his ex. Her friend called his father and father said he was sleeping and so ex called the sheriff.........and poof - served!! She has all the fun!!! :tantrum: I let me order lapse.....dang...:yikes:
I love Dennisons chili!! My grandmother always gave us that brand - so good.

I was usually 245 but I did see that 250 once. I was almost in size 24 jeans and out of 2x.....we have been there Susan :)

afternoon is fine....I am hungry for chili now!

07-06-2006, 10:17 PM
Susan - Oops - color me stoopid :?: I get soo confoosed. Don't want any stalkers.....particularly since you have put your faith in the goodness of humanity and not renewed the restraining order...why does the ex get all the fun....
Hey - that dairy compost has been spread by my own hands, missy! No piles in these here parts.......doesn't even smell that bad really :D

Ok folks it is official...the live feeds are up at the BB house and I become addicted to the exploits of the Human Hamsters, so pardon me in advance for having nothing else to talk about for 90 days. I'm so bad.. I've already found some spoilers and the show hasn't even aired yet here on the West Coast. We started watching Rockstar: Supernova and that looked pretty good, so I will be gettng my reality tv fix this summer. It just isn't summer without Big Brother!


07-06-2006, 10:27 PM
Thanks for the encouragement :) I will weigh in 1st thing monday morning :goodscale (I do it nude too;) ) and I can compare it to my April weight of 209. I might be up from that....but it'll be a starting place!

The reason I'm heading east is because I've signed up for a year in a volunteer program. I'm going to be assistant teaching at a grade school while living in community with 5 other volunteers that all have different positions in the city working with the poor, homeless, etc. Its a nation - actually world wide - program I just got to pick the east coast because I love it and have lots of family over there, I'll be not too far from 2 siblings.

07-06-2006, 10:32 PM
Katy - Guessing near Gladstone may have missed one Susan but you got it just right with the other! I'm living at my parent's house :o till I fly out in 6 weeks, and their house is in the area

07-06-2006, 11:54 PM
That is too weird Susan ( - oops not me???,,,,,or is it??? *ponders*) if your parents are in Gladstone. I was all over there today looking for apartments. I really want to be near the grade school area.
You didn't grow up there did you?? Too ex is on Fairfield - go do a stake out and tell me where he works -lol. I think it is a janitor position because he sleeps in the day. Why is a 51 year old living at his fathers?? Too weird. Wonderful about your volunteer work!!
You aren't stoopid Katy!!!My ex doesn't scare me and no order would save his sorry butt from my fury!! lol One question - did you wear gloves??? hehe

anyway, like I mentioned looked for apts and drove around and around....Gabster fell asleep. I need to go home and sleep myself.

Had homemade chicken soup for dinner. I will think of exercise tomorrow.

07-07-2006, 12:05 AM
Well...a step back into the right direction today. I did WATP 1-mile this morning and tonight I walked 2.6 miles. I did just a little more than 1450 cals. Pretty good! I have been peeing like a racehorse so some of this swelling should be leaving me. Boy...I can't believe how badly a few days of eating trashy can mess you up!!!

By the way...WATP 1-mile was really easy. Maybe I will try doing that one every morning after my coffee and breakfast, then do the 2-mile one after lunch. Even though it was fairly easy, I still could tell it was doing my body some good. I liked it.

07-07-2006, 10:19 AM
Katy--I missed the first eppy of BB&--had to take the humidifier, Nyquil and some cold medicene to DD. Went to Sirlinksalot to catch up--I am addicted to the write ups on the live feeds too. You get so much more than the show. Go Janey Doll!! Danielle just started plotting too quickly--she'll be voted off unless she gets POV. I watched Rock Star Supernova too--don't have a fave yet--didn't care for the guy doing the butchered rearrangement of Roxanne. I liked a few but it's to early to tell. My hubby likes my chili--hmmm maybe that's what I will make this weekend.....

Susan from NYC--I weigh now my highest weight from when I was pregnant with my DD and she just turned 19 June 20!!!!! What you are doing sounds wonderful. I wanted to be a teacher at one point. I went to NYC once and saw the Rockettes Christmas show--would love to go back!!

SuzyQ--Bep's earlier avatar mentioned the east coast area before you got her worried about stalkers!!! What's this about not renewing your restraining order missy!!! Actually with Rach and Beck in their teenage angst years they would kick his butt for you!! My DD wanted to say all the things I couldn't to my psycho co-worker!! DH & I told her no, but she definitely gave the looks to kill!!

Bep--I agree with the nasty feeling you get when you eat badly after doing so well--or that bloated feeling when you eat way too much! Good for you on your WATP!!

Hi to Shawna & Cristina & Michelle ma belle!!

Got get going I need to stop and pay for my trash pickup stickers, go to Walmart and drop of some books at the library--typical Friday!!

May be back later!

07-07-2006, 11:52 AM
Good Morning!!!

Peeing like a racehorse?? lol ick - thanks for the visual Bep :)

I didn't have my comb this morning so brushed my hair with the kitty brush. It was new.....though I did start meowing and rubbing up against the wall......oh, wait, that is what I did on my last date too.....hahaha


have to go on a breakfast meeting in a bit and don't want too!! I don't wanna be social!!!! UGH......:(

Jules - I thought you told me not to do the restraining order?? Was I having problems with him?? ugh........I mainly didn't renew because I didn't have the time to go down to the courthouse and he hasn't contacted me in a year. Also , he has visitation with Gaby and the order doesn't hamper that...otherwise I probably would , really we are status que...(sp) only now he can call ( my phone got discinnected - ha) and come and knock on my door (I am moving - ha)

oops, better get busy!!!

chat later....

07-07-2006, 01:19 PM
Good Morning:sunny: Well I'm finally over my migraine, but still trying to completely feel better with my sick stomach. Yesterday morning, I woke up just feeling very yucky and it went on all day. I must have picked up a bug somewhere.:(

Susan . . . Thank you for your PM and checking in on me.;) So you might move over to the Gladstone area?:sssh: I do hear that they have very good schools.:yes: I like your new avatar; very handsome!:whoo:LOL!!!

Jules . . . Your kids are so lucky that you give them so much help with their moving and cleaning.:hug: Hope you have fun out doing your errands today.:D

Scuzin . . . WELCOME to a nice group of girlies here!;) I see you also live in Oregon!:^:

Bep . . . I LOVE WATP! Those are the only videos I work out to. I think I have about 13 dvds now, but I still haven't worked my way up to all of them, but just saving them to have for a variety, especially when the winter gets here.;)

Katy . . . You are always so busy! You need to slow down a little girlie!;)

Cristi . . . I see V is still keeping you busy with jobs around the house. Hope you can make a visit here soon!:o I also noticed you lost a pound, and only one more until you are in ONEDERLAND!!!;)

Shawna . . . How is the FS doing? I hope you are getting to relax a little now too!:hug:

07-07-2006, 02:06 PM
Good Morning
Just got back from my morning Jog....That sounds so weird comming from me! I've never been a morning person...or a jogging person till recently (I'm still very slow :tread: ). I shudder to think about this fall when I'll have to be up and literaly running at 6am if I want to keep up with it. When I was still in my college town (I only graduated 3 weeks ago :cb: ) I would go on jogs at 9 or 10 pm and I loved it. But somehow I don't think late night running would be such a good idea in Harlem :nono: so I've switched to mornings! :sunny:

Hope you feel better Michelle!

Bep - nice work with the WATP, I heard that a lot of people really like those and get a lot out of them

07-07-2006, 02:56 PM
<eyes roll > co worker - grrrrrrrr- I had papers in the copy machine and he stops to look and says "something I need to sign??"

No, dip...the world revolves without you......ugh - he is just so in my face all the time. He needs to moooooooove on - has been here too long.


Hi Michelle!! Ain't he cute?? Heck yes!! lol....I am looking at a place this afternoon, close to sitter. It is small though but thought I would at least look inside. There is a place up on OC too that I might call on......Like your avatar too! It is good to have you check in!! Susan/ Scuzin lives in Gladstone - we should all get together before she moves back east!!!!

Susan - :bravo: on the jogging!!! I can't do that - hurts my knees and I jiggle too much. I like walking though. :D

I had a ham omlete for breakfast - so good and lots of coffee!! Enjoyed chatting with this one lady co worker - kind of a mom type - and she is so funny. I enjoyed that.....better get to work!!

07-07-2006, 03:56 PM
Yippeeeeeeeee skippy...I have broken out in the hives big-time. :P I don't know how though. I haven't had any medicines or weird foods. This morning I ran to the local grocery store with the kids for a couple things. I stopped at a couple garage sales on the way there. When I got back, my ankle started to itch a bit. I thought I had been bitten. Pretty soon, I noticed the 'bite' was spreading and thought maybe whatever had bitten me was still in my pants so I changed but couldn't find a spider or anything like that. Within the hour, my whole calf was swollen and itching and was covered in hives. Now, both of my legs are swollen and itching and covered with hives. My back is starting to itch now so I think whatever it is is headed there next. I don't have any adult benadryl so I took some children's benadryl just now. I hope it helps...I am going to crawl out of my skin pretty soon here. When I stopped at those garage sales I wasn't in any tall grass or anything like that so I have no clue what happened.

07-07-2006, 04:07 PM
Have a horse pee on the rash Bep! :bravo: jk

Sounds painful!! You should go have it checked out at the doctors!! I would - just to be safe.

07-07-2006, 04:59 PM
OK - I just had a big post and lost it ..grrr

Bep - calamine and baking soda baths
Susan/ NYC - Yay on jogging - I can't jog to save my life, well, maybe for that, but not much else
Michelle - Yay -you're back - yeah I'm too busy
Jules - I check the BB board on Survivor Sucks...there's good live feed recaps there. Do you think Dani is a goner? They were good noms, IMO. Janell rocks

Susan/PDX - good luck with the househunting - GS is such a nice community.

Hi to Shawna, Cristina, Sassy..and everyone else!

Kids had friends over this morning, now we are hanging out and recuperating :P DS' friend got pissy with me over the TV. He brought a video (!) and got miffed when I told him ( 3 times mind you) that we don't watch TV during the day. Then he waited til I was outside with the little ones to put it on anyway...THEN he tried to make it sound like I told him he could do it...grrrr Well, his mom dealt with him when she picked him up and he apologized quite all is well. But really - is there a show somewhere called "Playdates Gone Bad" that I could submit this to? Classic.

Have a great afternoon everyone.

07-07-2006, 06:17 PM
Katy There is this nice place for $715 a hundred more (I pay 615 now) but has a garage and w/d and is 100 sq feet extra! My mom said no....*sigh*.....I need to learn to budget,,,,,,how
Anyway, I was given a van from my fathers *estate* and was thinking of giving up my car ($180 payment) but again my mom said no........"you can't give up a Toyota!!".........ummm, ya I was,,,,,just a car....and it is making a horrible sound. Though I heard someone say they filled up their van for $58!! My Toyota is 23....

anyway, have the munchies.......maybe I will escape and go to Trader Joes....and I agree Katy...I couldn't jog to save myself...:p

07-07-2006, 07:19 PM
SuzyQ -- Do you have a 2 bedroom right now? If so, you're getting a good deal! Is your apartment a townhouse, or do you have someone above or below you? We live in a townhouse, which I love not having anyone above or below us, and our rent for a 2 bedroom is $650. Since we've been here for 10.5 years, the owner gives us $25 off the normal amount each month. I wish we could afford our own home, but we just can't.:(

07-07-2006, 07:47 PM
Michelle I would be too lazy for a townhouse! lol
I lived in one a month before I was promoted and the bathroom (only 1!) was upstairs. If I was downstairs and felt the urge I would stand there at the bottom looking up on all the stairs and think........"do you really need to go??" ugh........I am soooo lazy! lol
I have a downstairs now. I think it is pretty nice for the price. Outside is a nice grassy area with the pool. I think the manager who lives next door and myself have the nicer units.
anyway - blah mom went and looked at one place that I thought was cute but when I talked with her she said they were dumpy........<roll eyes>
Isn't it weird we don't agree on anything?? I should stop asking! I just talked to him...he said $550 with the hardwood floors or $575 if he puts in carpet! What a deal!....I can see it Monday....yay...

07-07-2006, 08:38 PM
SuzyQ -- Why does your mom keep giving her opinions? She should just let you decide unless you ask for her opinion.:yes: I have neve lived in a place with hardwood floors, and I think I would miss my carpet a lot in the winter time!:o

07-07-2006, 09:03 PM
Hiya Chickies...

Meant to get on yesterday and try to keep up but it just didn't happen. Grocery shopping and errand running day plus I had to stain a little more. For now we are done with the pergola (patio cover). We still have the side to do but we got the main part up so it is going to wait. This thing kicked our butts for sure.

HI and :welcome: SUSAN...glad to have ya here and looking forward to getting to know you. NYC eh? I always thought it would be a cool place to live...I like how they walk everywhere-but heard it is expensive to live there. Glad you have family there. I have always wanted to jog, just can't right now. I do hope to work my way there one day...jogging that is.

SUSYQ...I like your nn and your siggy and your newest avatar! Think this one is the best. Happy house/apt. hunting! Hope you find the perfect place for you and the girls. I told V what you said...he laughed. Of course I am done staining for now. And :thanks: I should actually have walked more miles but took breaks in between...especially this week. Can't ever get anything done when the hubby is home. But yeah, this was supposed to be sort of a vacation for him. It wasn't actually his vacation but rather the company had shut down. HE said he can't wait until Monday so he can go back to work and get some rest, lol! :lol: I have kept him busy with my honeydo list...although the pergola has taken up most of that time. Who would have thought it would take this long to build one? Not me...

SHEL...the Kia Optima's are nice...saw some when I went with DS looking for a car for him. When i first saw a Honda Element I thought those things were the ugliest things I have ever seen! But now they have grown on me and I think they are cute little vehicle's. And as Katy said, Honda's are good cars. I know several people who have honda's and they love them...they are dependable cars. Two of them were toyota owner's for many years before switching over to the honda. Hope you knee is okay.'ll have to show us before and after pix of your house. I would love to see the new colors! They sound really nice...of course I am partial to green. If you don't like green you really don't want to come to my house, lol. Glad Leigh managed to get an a.m. slot at her new preschool. I hope she likes the new one better. sound like me! I too wasn't close to my parents and I vowed that my kids would always know that I love them, always. And that I will always be there for them. V knew when we married that my kids will always come first. It may sound mean but that's the way it is and he has accepted that. He knows I love him. We decided to go have lunner instead of dinner. I hate crowds and dinner on a Friday night?? Ugh! Lunner is my word for late lunch/early dinner. When I first said that V looked at me like what the heck are you talking about woman?! :dizzy: We went at 3:00 today and it was perfect...there were a few people there but it was very nice. Normally when he is home for this long we get on each other's nerves after a a day or two, lol. But I must say this week has been very nice. better watch it missy...I think Jules and SuzyQ are closing in on who you are and where you live, lol. Anyway, I hear ya! With DH home this past week my eating and exercising hasn't been the greatest, the water either. But I am getting back on track...thanks for sharing the pictures of your son is a handsome little guy but you DD is adorable! I love them when they are that age...not sure what age she is, she looks to be about 1 1/2-2...but so cute. I too do the WATP and love them. I have to say though...during the summer/spring months I mostly walk outdoors, and do some, very little treadmill walking. But come winter time when it's cold and windy...that is when the WATP videos come out. I'll do them every other day just to mix it up.

SHAWNA...I enjoy looking back in pictures also. Some days I will pull out the photo albums (and I have lots) and will spend hours looking at them with the kids-we laugh so much. And yeppers, your grandma was right....time goes by too fast and the kids grow up waaaay too fast! Glad you got all the boxes emptied.

MICHELLE...glad to see you are here missy. We don't want to see you go. I am finished with the staining for now...but there will be more later, not near as much this time though. When i get the film developed I will share the photos of what we did. But I am free for a while and can get back to the computer daily again. I hope you get to feeling better soon. You've had a rough time lately it seems with the migraines and now your stomache. :hug: I don't know about onderland this WI...maybe the next one in two weeks. This hasn't been the greatest week for me eating/exercise and water wise. I did get some water in and the four bottles on some days but not like I should have. But I am getting back on track.

KATHY...hope all is well with you and yours. We miss you lady!

Okay, I hope I didn't miss anyone. You ladies have been posting like crazy. I agree with you Katy about the size of the group/thread...when it is too big I too have a hard time keeping up. And miss a day? :yikes: watch out. Takes me forever to get everything read. I try not to miss too many days but sometimes it can't be avoided. Anyway...hope everyone had a GREAT Friday! See ya tomorrow :wave:

07-08-2006, 12:28 AM

I also had a nice long post catching up with everyone and it is gone. Why oh why does that happen?

Anyways hello to everyone.

Sister Susy, I will keep mom busy while you go and check out places. And excuse me, where did your beautiful picture go?

Cristi you will need a vacation after DH goes back to work. Are the kids helping you guys at all?

Michelle, I hope that you are feeling better. Have you been having any problems sleeping at all? I read that is a cause of migranes.

Katy, you have just come up with a great new reality show. There is probably some really bad playdates that have gone on. What do you have planned for the kids for the summer?

Susan from NYC hello to you. Do you get paid anything for your volunteering? Or do you have to come up with all your spending money also?

Jules I am glad that you are getting so much practice with your kids. Now when you are done here, you can come and visit me and help us out.

Shawna hope all went smoothly in your move, and that you get a few days to relax before you have to go back to work.

Sassy isn't it great to have time all to yourself at home? I think I will try and take a day off next week so that I can do that.

Sorry if I missed anyone.

Had a real crappy week at work once again. Makes it 3 weeks in a row. I am almost thinking that I need a new job. Cole sprained his ankle a couple days ago. He is really quite heavy and it is getting hard to have to carry him around all the time. I am watching Whose Line is it Anyway. I really have a good laugh whenever I watch it.

Well I will run now and put a certain little guy to bed.

Chat later


07-08-2006, 01:00 AM
Sissy Kathy!!! My goodness - took you a whole week to find us!! I am so glad to see you post! I am in love with Napoleon......geeky nerds are hot in bed, didn't you know that?? Gosh.....
My nephew who is 4 broke his leg, he gets around in a wheelchair - they were carrying him everywhere - now they let him fend for himself. How much does Cole weigh?? Gaby is 52 now

Michelle - I think I said "what do you think" and she said "it looks like a dump" Personally I think where she lives is a dump but I would never say that. My whole family is like that - very opinionated. My one sister (not you Kathy) gives opinions on child raising & relationships.....though she has no children and has never been in a serious relationship. lol.....anyway, I love the dump!!! I went by tonight and it is one of the better units with extra windows in the kitchen and living room - because it is an end unit with a back door and a little side yard with a pretty tree and it is so close to everything ....I like the idea of hardwood floors and area rugs - especially with Gaby.

Hi Cristi - Tell Vince I am the same way.....can't wait til Monday and work so I can rest!!! What is nn?? You probably burned calories staining. You have done so good in the walking - very inspired!!! :)

Shel- What are you up to this weekend???

Bep - Hope you are getting relief from the rash!!

Shawna - hi :) You ever get the girls boxes unpacked???

I am going to sleep, so tired. Chat later....

07-08-2006, 01:13 AM
Arrr! I'm bored out of my mind :dz:
Its Friday night and I'm siting at my parent's computer :stress: I can't wait to move, 40 days and counting!

Ate a little too much in the way of dessert and bread throughout the day, but its hard when living with people who eat either hot dogs, grilled cheese, or take out every night...these are my parent's! what ever happened to home-made meals and vegatables? All the kids left four years ago (I'm the youngest of 5) so I guess they don't feel they have to worry about it any more.

As for the volunteer program, Kathy, I get a house to live with other volunteers, we get food covered and a small personal stipend to cover personal items or movies or whatever. Other than that...nuthin'! We are supposed to commit to living on what is provided and not use savings accounts or rack up credit card bills or anything like that.

07-08-2006, 01:26 AM
lol - cute Susan. I have a wonderful 4 1/2 year old that will keep you busy. We are hanging at the dog park tomrrow - you are always welcome to join us.
What did you have for dinner??? How far do you jog?? I meant to ask that earlier.

I had rice a roni for dinner...not the best but it is my favorite. I also had some veggies chips from Trader Joes.....salad sounds good for tomorrow~

k - night :hug: :hug: :hug:

07-08-2006, 01:26 AM
Hey Ladies! ;)

Sorry this is going to be a "quickie" I hope that doesn't leave anybody feeling cheated. lol.

Knee is better! :thanks: for all your kind concerns and get well vibes! ;)

Calling on Monday to schedule a sleep study done. Hub said I've been snoring bad lately and last night I guess I quit breathing once. He has sleep apnea and has already had a sleep study done & has a machine.

I'm just working this weekend. (I work every weekend. lol) I did enjoy my time alone on Wed. that doesn't happen a lot. lol.

I bought a Walking Away the Pounds DVD, not exactly that brand, but the same concept, so I will try it and see. ;)

I guess that is about it for now.

Have a Great Night/Morning and Weekend! :D

07-08-2006, 01:51 AM
Sassy - hmm, I fell really unsatisfied with that post of yours!! lol I am glad the knee is feeling better.

I saw Richard Simmons on tv tonight.Does anyone know how old he is?? Late 50's?? I think he is such a nice person - remember him from General Hospital.

Gaby is finishing up watching Swiss Family Robinson. I am just falling asleep. I hope I can sleep in alittle in the morning.

07-08-2006, 02:30 AM
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! It is well past 1am and I woke up itching terribly! The benadryl wore off. That seems to be the only relief I get from this rash thingy. Of course, it might only be relief because it is knocking me out big time, but relief is relief! It has spread to the rest of my body now also. Before I went to sleep, it was only on the bottom half of me, now it is all over.

Shucks, gals...for the life of me I can't think what may have caused this!

I just took 2 more benadryl so I will probably be ready to pass out in about 20 minutes or so. Meanwhile, I think I am going to crawl out of my skin!!!

07-08-2006, 02:37 AM
:rofl: Suzy Q! lolllllllllllllll I hope that my next post will satisfy you more. ;)

07-08-2006, 12:30 PM
Good morning everyone.

It looks like it is going to ge a gorgeous day here after our big storm last night. Guess that means I can cut the grass today. I have a work picnic that we are suppose to go to tomorrow. I don't know if I am going to go or not.

Susan, Cole is 42 pounds. Thankfully he is walking on his own this morning. But I think he liked getting packed around because he wanted me to carry him outside to find dad. I like Richard Simmons. I have a video of his. Disco Sweat.

Cristi happy Saturday to you. Did you and DH take any nice moments to take a little walk together? You will need to post some pictures so we can all admire your hard work. If you need to take a little vacation, come and stay with me for a week or so. I do have a very crazy sister who can pop over any time and bring my so sweet nieces also. That would be fun.

Bep I hope that you are better when you wake up this morning. It makes it worse when you can't figure out what caused it.

Sassy what do they do for the sleep study? My DH thinks that is what I have. What does the machine do?

Hi Michelle hope that you wake up headache free and that you have time to pop in and tell us what is going on today.

Susan from NYC that sounds like it will be quite a volunteer program. How long will you be there for? I just want to give you a hug. Someone who wants veggies and home cooked meals instead of takeout. Can you call my kids please and talk to them?

Katy what do you got planned for today? Hope it is fun. Do you have any big knitting projects on the go? Do you have a knitting machine? My mom always wanted one. I think I will have to maybe find her a project to knit for me.

Jules are you going to have a relaxing day today? Or is if DSsGF day to move? Sorry I missed something, did your daughter rent her new house or did she buy the new house. Does she have a roomate or is she living by herself and how far away does she live from you?

Hello to everyone else. Sorry if I missed someone, I really should go into the advance reply so that I can go back and read everything.

Anyways I hope everyone has a great day

CHat later.


07-08-2006, 01:44 PM
Kathy--to catch you up...
DD moved in with her brother after her divorce because she didn't want to move back home. I can see where it would have been hard since my DH is really strict and she would have gone back to living by his rules. DS was barely making it in a two bedroom after his replacement roomate took last July's rent and ran (DS found him and got his half of the money back but it took him until right before DD moved in to get caught back up and actually paying the rent when it was due--landlord really worked with him) His first roomate for this apartment went into the service--DS is 21 and has lived out of our house since 18 1/2. DS had not moved anyone in to the second bedroom because he was afraid he'd be shafted again.
DD moved in and paid electric and phone and most of the groceries in addition to her car insurance and cell phone (Side note--DD talked over 4000 minutes one month--how is that done with work and college?????) DS's gf started contributing to the groceries at the apartment because her roomate wasn't helping buy any and him and his friends would eat all her stuff--her roomate was suppossed to be helping but didn't pay his share--she couldn't evict him because she couldn't do it all on her own. She needs to be out by next Saturday. My brother, DD & I will help her move tomorrow. DS & DD had the same brother/sister fights they did while living at home and ever time they got into a fight DS would throw up it was HIS apartment.
DD's friend/roomate she met last August at freshman orientation didn't want to dorm again this year, so they decided to rent a cute little bungalow in the town they go to college - they can walk to school if they want. (they are less than 30 minutes from my house--DS's apartment is less than 20 minutes from my house). DD's roomate was there beside her through the divorce and has been a really good friend to her. DD and her friend work at the same place but have two different days off which will good to break up some of the time together. DD's roomate plays Dungeons and Dragons and will do it with her group the weeknight she is off and DD works. DD teases her roomate about the "nerd herd" that follow her around--she also calls them the "Herhim" instead of harem--she tells the roomate she is their sultan. The roomate says it's not fair--she gets the nerdy guys chasing her and DD gets the hott ones asking her out.
DS & his gf planned on moving out of his apartment into a nicer/bigger house and one of her friends was going to move in with them so they could save for a house of their own. The rent at all the places they were looking at were $150 to $300 more a month. The one they really wanted fell through when the landlords relative needed a place because they were evicted--both my DS and his gf have good credit and pay their bills on time--if the relatives get evicted I don't know if that was a wise move on his part. DS & gf decided to just stay were they are and save $, it's a small place and I am not sure how it will work with her friend moving in. DS is going to continue paying the $500/mth rent, GF is going to pay the electric, phone & get cable and internet in addition to her cell phone and car insurance. Her savings got pretty depleted by her last roomate not paying his share of the bills so she wants to get it back up. Just by moving in with my son she says she will have the $375 she paid for her half of the rent at her old place--all the other bills she was already paying. She wants to put $300 a month & her security deposit (which the old roomate will get none of since she paid it all) into savings. Both DS & gf are scheduled for a raise the end of this month. GF's friend will move into the spare bedroom, she will buy groceries and help gf clean--hate to say it but DS is a slob--not as bad as he used to be but a little mess doesn't bother him--that's the thing that drove his sister completely crazy--she has always been very organized and a clean freak and likes a place to be spotless!! DS's gf's friend will have a savings from moving her stuff from paid storage to the storage unit my son gets with the apartment. Between her stuff and gf's stuff it should be FULL! SHe has a job that doesn't pay much and she doesn't get a full 40 hours/week--she's currently living with her parents after her fiance broke up with her after living together--all the stuff in her storage unit is from the place they shared that she bought which was almost everything. (very similar to my DD who helped furnish everything in her ex's apartment before she even moved in when they got married) I am not sure it will be a good idea for DS & gf to move the friend in before they get a bigger place, the apartment is small and DS and GF could manage easily on their own, but I am not saying a word--I have learned it doesn't make a difference that they have to learn things on their own. I didn't end up having to help paint since DS's gf & the friend painted themselves. It will be nice for my son's gf to have a female on the same schedule as her there since all my DS's guy friends are always there. DD was home maybe one night a week with them. DD works night shift and they work day shift when they were getting home from work she was getting ready to leave and when she got home they were in bed.

07-08-2006, 02:16 PM
Kathy--today DH and I are going for a motorcycle ride with some friends and then to a tractor pull--the tractor pull part is just okay, but a bunch of people we know will be there. The last time DH went alone with our friends he had a drunk woman hitting on him--she and her friend wanted DH and his friend to come back to her place--DH says "No wife would kill me!!" DH wouldn't have told me cause I do get jealous but the friend did when they got home because he said it was hilarious the way this girl was trying to hit on DH and the more he ignored her the worse she got.

Sassy-hope all goes well with your test and they can figure out what to do to help you. I am glad your knee is better--you must keep SuzyQ happy and satisfied!! Good luck with your video...

Bep--DS used to get poison really bad and swell up so much it would almost shut his eyes, Hope you can get some relief!! I friend of mine used to get poison from petting her dog if he had been in poison and the oils were on his fur.

SuzyQ--I have some Richard Simmons tapes--couldn't ever do them when the kids were in the house--RS cracked them up so bad they would get me laughing and I could't do the workout. They have such wicked senses of humor--don't know where they got it from.... Good luck on the house hunting--unless your mom is paying the bills she has no choice--just ask me--my kids picked out their places and showed me after the lease was signed!

Susan/NYC--you are going to have such a fun time in NYC--I agree about jogging in the morning instead of night in Harlem--maybe one of you roomates to be would be willing to jog with you so you will be safe. I would bet you parents will miss you since you are the last to leave and are going so far away!!

Cristina--I like lunner!! I think I will use it--DD and I do the late lunch/early dinner alot since she works nights and doesn't get up until afternoon. DH gets a little jealous sometimes that I do so much with the kids but we always invite him. DS and his girlfriend come out ot our house for dinner about one Sunday a month. They also go spend time with her Dad and grandma. I will say that DS moving out has brought him and DH closer. DS misses the woods where we live.

Michelle ma belle--good to see you still with us!! Hope your headaches are better!!

Katy--I'll have to check out the Survivor Sucks website--I think Allison will go this time--she is the bigger threat since she does well in the actual competitions--Dani will have the others watching her and she will always be an option to be put up--she may skirt through while the others are picking off the stronger players.

Shawna--I got a frame for Christmas that I put in a whole bunch of old pictures--they always make me smile....

Well I gotta go--have a great day!!

07-08-2006, 02:24 PM
'Morning everyone! :wave:

SUSAN/ was supposed to say "NN in your siggy" nn=nickname. So does that mean you are going to get the place? Details...we want details missy. The little yard would be perfect...I know how much you want one. Gaby would love it. How did your nephew break his leg, poor little guy? I do remember Richard Simmons on General Hospital and I love his exercise videos. I have one of the disco ones, a toning one and the very first one he had out. Nots ure where it is because they kids love it too. He makes working out fun! help from the kids, don't think either of them would be much help-they would both whine too much, lol. If Josh were here he would have helped...he loves doing construction type work, that's what he was doing before he left. Jason, still has classes and has work so he's been to busy to help anyway. Carrie would be afraid she would break a nail, lol! V and I enjoy doing that sort of stuff anyway and don't usually ask for help from the kids. But if we absolutely needed help Jason would if he was home. How old is Cole? Hope he gets better soon. I would LOVE to come visit you and your nieces, that would be fun! Don't think I will ever get a vaction though.

SHEL...good thing that you are having a sleep study done. Sleep apnea is serious. DH has it also and sleeps with the breathing machine. He also had surgery on his sinuses since they thought that might have been part of the problem. They gave him a copy of his video and OMG! You would not believe how many times in the night he stopped breathing and for how really is scary and does a number on your heart. Glad you knee is feeling better. Hope you like the WATP video's/dvd's. I have some of the WATP videos and dvd's and I really like them, you do get a work out with them.

SUSANNYC...I think that is cool that you will have things taken care for you when you get to NYC. Also, that you will get a stipend to boot! Did someone mention grilled cheese? Mmmmm :T I think that is one of my favorite foods. I would do take-out every night if I could afford to. I have been cooking for about 30 years and let me tell ya...I am sick of it. Used to enjoy cooking but the last few years it has felt like a chore that I just don't want to do. are you feeling today? Hoping you don't have a migraine today. Are you taking a prescription drug for them? I found that article about migraines, very long. Mostly talking about the different drugs to take for them and some peoples stories about how they handle them. At the end though it had a list of natural ways to help control them...stay hydrated, exercise, ugh, can't remember the rest. But it was in MORE magazine. For some reason I thought it was in WW magazine. So what are you doing over the weekend? Any special plans?

BEP...the itching would drive me crazy :crazy: I would have to scratch, and scratch, and scratch, lol. Hope you find out what it is and get rid of it soon.

Hi SHAWNA, and KATY! :wave:

Not much going on with me today...supposed to rain later so I may just get a load of laundry done and vacuum. V painted the kitchen last night and is doing some touch up right now. Actually, he painted two walls in the kitchen the green that is in the living room. We had painted the kitchen a gold looking color and I like it but the wall that connects the kitchen to the living room just didn't look right. So the far wall we left gold, actually the color is called brown mustard. We were going to repaint the whole kitchen but he took so long getting to it the mustard grew on me, lol. We did get up and out the door at 6 a.m. this morning for our 3 mile walk. I am getting back on track and hoping for at least a 1 pound loss this WI...not expecting it since this past week hasn't been a great week for anything other than working my butt off staining, lol. It felt good to walk this morning, it was actually on 68 degrees and there was a breeze so it was rather nice. I have already taken my vitamins and drank my 4 bottles of water and instead of drinking diet coke the rest of the day I made some iced tea. Haven't had any in ages and it actually tastes good. Anyway...starting to babble, lol.

Take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

07-08-2006, 02:37 PM
And the official weigh in reads...210! Which means I'm only 1 pound up from April...and considering some of my behavior since then...that's pretty good.

We have a HUGE hedge around our entire yard and its time to trip it my father has hired me to rake up all the tens of thousands of leaves that fall...I've been doing this since I was 12. While I feel suddenly very old...and I've always hated doing this...I at least know that this will get me out of the house and doing something physical.

Bep - I'm so sorry that sounds terrible! I hope you get better very fast!

SuszyQ - As for jogging right now I do a little warm up walk jog 2 minutes, walk 1 and repeat for 20 minutes...then a cool down week I hope to increase to 2.5 minutes jogging and 1 walking.

07-08-2006, 02:40 PM
OOPSIE! My bad...I knew there was someone I missed...sorry JULES:^: :o Don't know how I missed you so I am glad that you posted while I was writing that novel. Well, I did take a break to cook DD a frozen pizza and make me some tuna salad. I was reading your catch up post to Kathy too. Sounds like your dD has a GREAT friend/roomate. I hope they love living in their little bungalow. V thinks I am goofy for saying lunner. I told him well, they have brunch so why not lunner? Lol :lol: V gets a little jealous too sometimes when I spend a lot of time with the kids. He would love to but half the time he is working and can't. I'm glad that he really doesn't mind though because there are times I just want to spend time with the kids alone. That's good though that your DS and DH have become closer. Hope you guys have a great time at the tractor pull and on your motorcycle ride.

07-08-2006, 02:48 PM
Okay, now SUSAN/NYC snuck in here while I was posting to Jules, lol! HI SUSAN/NYC :wave: WTG! Only 1 pound since April is not bad at all! And WTG on weighing in :carrot: You are least you are getting out of the house and doing something physical-that is always good. My youngest son who is in the ARMY told me that's how I should start with how you are doing. Of course I have also read that in magazines. Guess I just get lazy and want to just get out there and go full force with the jogging. Knowing that it will never happen that way, lol. While on our walk this morning a girl ran past us and I told DH I wish I could jog. Hated running in High School when I was skinnier and younger. And now that I am older and fatter I wish I could, lol! One day, maybe, lol! Have fun raking! ;)

07-08-2006, 03:08 PM
Hey Cristi,
Cole is will be 4 in October. And the crazy sister I was talking about is SuzyQ and my sweet adorable neices are just like their momma.

When we moved into this house the previous owners had done alot of renovations on this house but they painted the whole house the same color. So we would like to paint a few rooms a different color, but don't know what colors to choose. The carpet is the same throughout the whole house to. I would like to put in laminate flooring. We did put laminate in the kitchen and upstairs in the loft that we have turned into our bedroom.

Jules wow, it sounds like the kids keep you busy even though they have moved out. That will be good for both of them with their present arrangement. Although I do also hope that it will work out for DS and GF with her friend living there. Maybe it will just be for a couple of months until she can save some money, find a different job. What is the job situation like where you live? Right now here, there are so many jobs and not enough people to work. You have to put up with alot of crap from employees because they can quit and move on down the street for more money, and then you can't find anyone to replace them. I am glad that your daughter has such a good friend, it will help her have some fun and start over. Plus it is so nice that you are close to them.

Well I must run, and will chat with you all later.


07-08-2006, 03:35 PM
Hiya Kathy!gotcha about the crazy sister and nieces *slaps forehead* :lol: I'm a little slow sometimes, lol! I love color in the house. There was a time that all my walls were white and I would add a border here and there and that was it. But when we got this place I went crazy with the color. The only white room/walls in the house are in Jason's room but that is about to change. It took him 2 1/2 years to choose a color, lol-goofy kid. I thought I had a hard time selecting colors. Woooo, a loft bedroom...that sounds so cool. I bet it is nice. And the laminate floors would be nice there and in the kitchen. We still plan on doing the pergo wood flooring in the kitchen and dining area...not sure when but we will get around to it one day. We've been mainly focusing on finishing outdoors first before coming back inside to finish. Let me tell ya it has been a job this last 2 1/2 years. Can't believe we have been here that long already. So you have a little guy too! I love his name too! My first DH was Coleman and some called him Cole, mostly Chief though. He was American Indian (choctaw) and that started at work and stuck with him. I called him by his first and mn. But I like the name Cole and I bet you have a handsome little guy on your hands.

Well, I was getting ready to sign off and thought I would check back here again. But I am off now...going to go do that load of laundry, vacuum and read my book.

Have a good day!

07-08-2006, 04:47 PM
*&^%#$ - I lost my post!!! Stupid &%$# I can usually use the back botton to cut and paste but it was gone...ugh

Ok, Readers Digest Version.....I talked to you all and was witty!

Do you feel satisfied with that?? lol come on Sassy, I am waiting!!

My car is in the shop - $650 to fix. I was 4,000 miles over the warrenty and I drove it and caused further damage on the drum...dang. So, I will just add to my account (Les Schwab) and pay $50 a month - doable, and now Gabster will be safe.

Nephew broke his leg from jumping on the trampoline (sp),,,,,:bravo: on your walking Cristi!!

Jules - what is a tractor pull? Bep - maybe you are sensitive to the Benadryl?? have you bought a different brand of soap?? Can you go to the doctor??
Susan/NYC - GS has such pretty trees!! Great on the 1 pound gain - see you are doing good! Kathy - Hope you go to the picnic! It would be fun....
Michelle - where are you?? Shawna- you with Michelle???

Katy - you painting the house or hiring the job out??

It is sooooo pretty today. I need to go now and enjoy the sun.

chat tonight!!

07-08-2006, 05:14 PM
Just had to share this cantelope smoothie - in case you missed it! Sounds so good,(cut & paste).......,,1/2 ripe cantalope, cut into cubes
1 1/2 cups ff plain yogurt (I used Greek yogurt)
3 TBSP SF vanilla syrup
4 - 6 ice cubes

Whirl all together in a blender til smooth. Makes about 2 servings.

Someone made me a banana one yesterday. Anyway - now I think I need a thirsty from the chips & salsa I was eating. I did wash the van, it is so big....I am going to drive it around a bit until I go pick up the toyota at 5 tonight. ......hmmm, potato salad sounds yummy.....pmsing - so piggie today!!

07-08-2006, 10:20 PM
DH and I got in a big fight-says I do too much for the kids--yesterday he made a big deal about fixing DD's car and wanted to see her--she was comingout today to get it and then he wants to leave early--we go right by her house on the way to our friends so I say let me drive the car and he can talked to her a bit and see the nice paint job--he says okay and then when I call her to tell her we are coming with the car he starts yelling that all I think of is her--he left on the bike without me--dd came for her car and tried to talk me into going to her house--I said no--now DH came back and is being a complete @$$!! Don't feel much like posting maybe I will be back tomorrow.

07-08-2006, 11:32 PM
Hey Ladies.

Kathy - They hook you up to this little thingys they stick all over your head and I beleive they hook you up to a heart rate monitor too. Then you go to sleep, they monitor you and then go over the results with you. Then if you need a machine, they get you set up with one and then you have another sleep study done to be sure your machine works good for you and is all adjusted for you right. The machine blows air to give continous air flow so your airway doesn't close.

Cristina - I know my hub had a sleep study done and it was amazing how many times in the night he stopped breathing! After he got his machine he felt lots better. Now he needs a new mask so he can begin using it again.

Suzy Q - nope sorry not satisfied with that. lmaooooooooooooooo! Smoothie sounds good minus the cantelope! Maybe I can try it with bananas! ;)

Jules - :hug: I hope you and hubby will kiss and make up. :love: We're here if you need to chat.

I hope everybody else is having a great night and will have a Wonderful Sunday! ;)

07-09-2006, 12:16 AM
Jules - I like the new siggy - "chunky dunk" puts it quite well! Hope you and DH patch things up soon.

Sassy and Kathy - My MIL has a machine for apnea...she also did a sleep study and was shocked at what she saw...didn't take any convincing for her to take the machine. She didn't even know she had a problem until she started dating her SO and he, ahem, mentioned that she had a bit of a snoring problem. I had fun teasing her about that one!

Susan - mmm love cantaloupe! I think I need to have some very soon....

Well, I went to a little potluck tonight and just ate myself silly - such good food. Someone brought a pile of homemade sushi and I ate like I hadn't been fed in a week! No one in my house likes sushi and besides it's too expensive, so I never get it - Until tonight! AAAH! Then of course my friend gave me some sour cherry upside down cake - don't ask - it's way too good. SO all in all today is a big bust and WI is day after tomorrow. Will be good tomorrow, I promise!

07-09-2006, 12:17 AM
Ugh...I spent most of my day in a Benadryl stupor. I bought some Clariton that I will try tomorrow.

Chat later...I'm off to bed...yet again. :P

07-09-2006, 01:37 AM
Hi Ya Katy.

Amazing how big of a difference the machine makes. My husband noticed a difference right away. ;)

You like Sushi too? :drool: I just asked in my other thread about a Veggie Sushi Recipe........

Bep.........:hug: I use Alavert, it works great and is non drowsy too. Wish you :goodluck:!! :hug:

07-09-2006, 01:51 AM

Bep - I guess I am a wuss because I would be at the doctors office demanding ICU care. I hate itching.....have you tried baking soda??? Put little mittens on and maybe that will help with the itching.

Reminds me of that poem....of all those little kittens who have lost their mittens and wasn't the mom cat kind of mean??? ugh.....I can't remember.....

oops, lost my train of thought! sour cherry upside down cake - sounds sinful Katy!!!

Maybe you could use mango Sassy??? Instead of cantelope??? I love mango...*sigh*

Jules - :hug: :hug: :hug: I am sorry - I hope you are ok tonight.....

I better get to bed!!

07-09-2006, 02:12 AM
Good Night Suzy Q!

LOL sounds like the Waltons now doesn't it? lolllllllllll.

Good Night Suzy!
Good Night Bep!
Good Night Jules!
Good Night Katy!
Good Night John Boy! LMAO!

Anywho, I've never tried mango. Never been too much of a fruit fanatic. That is hub. (hee hee I always knew he was a bit fruity!) lmao! :dizzy:

07-09-2006, 04:08 AM
Good night to all of you girls!
Hope you have a beautiful Sunday! :sunny:

Bep - still Hoping you feel better

Jules - Hope everythin is ok :(

07-09-2006, 08:32 AM
The female half of the couple we were suppossed to go with called to see why I wasn't on the back of the bike, so I told her, she wanted me to come up anyway but DH hadn't tried to call so I said no. WHen DH got home we got into another fight because I told her what happenned and it embarrassed him. I slept in the spare room and have to go meet my brother at DS's to move gf at 8:30. DH was planning on being in his garage all day today. We will eventually make up.....

07-09-2006, 09:02 AM
Good morning, good morning, it's time to rise and shine,
Good morning, good morning, I hope you're feeling fine....

I can't remeber the rest of the song--the kids had a tape called Bullfrogs and Butterfiles when they were little and that's one of the songs on it--we still sing that part to each other every now and then!!

07-09-2006, 09:03 AM
Post 100!!! Time to move on over to BIK # 14!!