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07-05-2006, 11:08 AM
Hey Ladies, I thought I would get this thread started if anyone wanted to join me! We have 8 weeks (and like 5 days!) until the Labor day long weekend! I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to aim for yet...something more realisitic though! :p


07-05-2006, 11:12 AM
So we are working on Labor day....hmmmmmmmm I WILL be 175 by then. I have been working hard and I cant wait for this!

So lets get moving Ladies!!!!!!

07-05-2006, 11:51 AM
I'm with ya on being more realistic aimee, but I like to push myself. So my goal for September 4th will be.....drumrolll please.....24 pounds. LOL. That's a lot but I think I can do it (especially with ILs out of my apartment....i will rule my own food from now on :)) So I should be in the low 200's by Labor Day. I can't wait to get started!!!

07-05-2006, 01:37 PM
Hey Everyone!

Well my goal for this challenge will be 170. I KNOW I won't make it by July 23 (like I wanted - 180 even looks far away). That is 17 pounds in 8 weeks, so just over 2 pounds a week. That seems a bit more reasonable for me this time. Although, when I started towards 170 the first time, it was just over 2 pounds a week I just never seem to lose that, haha. But I am going to try super hard this time!

As for our new house, we don't need furniture or anything but I do get to pick out paint colours. For the most part we are staying close to what was already there so we only need one coat. We might change the bedrooms a bit. Once we get all move in I will take some pics and show everyone! It is going to be sooo nice! I took my friend Lisa there yesterday (we like never hang out, but she wanted to see the place and get some coffee, it was nice to see her again) anyway I showed her the house and she was super jealous and asked if my parents were adopting, haha. It made me feel really good. She is the kind of person that always kinda made me feel like she was better then me - so yah! haha

Good luck to everyone!

07-05-2006, 02:06 PM
So I have been thinking about a goal for Christmas/end of year. I want to see 150 by then. Maybe soon we should start a challenge for that? What do you guys think? Is it too far away?

07-05-2006, 02:16 PM
Count me in!! My goal is 180 by labor day (a little over 17lbs) A challenge like this is just what I need to push me on the right path again, LOL.

07-05-2006, 02:20 PM
Hi ladies -

I would like to join you in your challenge. My goal will be to lose 15 lbs by September 4. That will put me at 145 10 pounds from my overall goal! I will be 28 on October 4 and by that time I would like to be at my goal.

I will be doing aerobics 5 days a week and swimming 2-3 days weather permiting.


07-05-2006, 02:25 PM
Hi everyone!! Great to see all of you on a new challenge thread! Aimee, thanks for starting it! I was just thinking about labor day goals the other day. My closest friend is getting married on Sept. 3 and I want to lose a good amount of weight by then. I'm going to aim for a loss of 12 lbs. That's 1.5 lbs. a week, which I should be able to do.

The biggest thing I have to remember this time around is to not start slacking off once I start losing weight!! I have this weird pattern of eating more and exercising less once I start to lose. It's like I think, "Oh, I'm doing so well...I can have those fries..." I need to remember that the reason I WAS doing well was because I was eating healthy foods and exercising!! I'm NOT going to fall into that bad pattern this time. I shouldn't use food as a reward for losing weight...DUH! LOL!!

Courtnie...can't wait to see pictures of the house! How exciting! I've always lived in apartments where I can't paint or anything, so I will live vicariously through you as you paint your place!

Glad to see everyone again, and good luck on the new challenge!

07-05-2006, 02:27 PM

I totally understand what you mean about thinking you can eat because you lost. I just started back on plan today after I went off for 2 weeks. Thank god I only gained a pound!


07-05-2006, 02:33 PM

I totally understand what you mean about thinking you can eat because you lost. I just started back on plan today after I went off for 2 weeks. Thank god I only gained a pound!


I could have been down about 5 more pounds if I stuck to my original plan. The other thing that I need to stick to is using Fitday...that really helped me lose those first 5 pounds (well, 6, but I gained 1 back). I'd like to think that I can do fine without counting calories, but in reality, it really helps me to count!

07-05-2006, 02:35 PM
lovemygordie - wanna come paint for me? haha I don't think I told you yet, on Monday I found 3 litters of boston's all near me! They are not registered but still pure breed. I also found 2 or 3 mixed litters! I haven't decided what to do yet, the boyfriend and I are starting to talk about big dogs :( but yah, I am excited. The one litter I want one from is ready 5 days after my birthday!

So I just don't get some people. As most of you know I live in my boyfriend's aunt's basement suite. I work in another town about 30 min away. She works there too so for the past 5 or 6 months she has been driving me back and forth to work. I asked her if she could still do it when I moved and I would give her MORE gas money (I was thinking like 80$ a month). And she goes, "I will until you get setteled but I don't think I want to do it." LIKE WHAT THE **** I don't live out of her way, she will go RIGHT by my new place! And she has to do is take a DIFFERENT exit off the old highway onto the new one. Normally she takes the very last one, she just has to take the one before that, I said I would just stand on the side of the road. It won't take her ANY MORE TIME or anything and I am going to give her money to help with gas. She complains about how much gas costs her, so here I am TRYING to help and she doesn't feel like picking me up. BUT she would give 100 miles out of her way to pick someone up to take them to an AA meeting. When I told my boyfriend this he was so mad, like here we are family and she treats strangers better then us, simply because they used to drink until they passed out. I mean is that what it will take for her to like me? I have to go to rehab and all that crap? I just don't get it. So now I have to spent 2 hours a day with the bus, and work an extra hour everyday all because she can't take an extra 2 minutes out of her day to help a family member out.

All well, I can tell you I won't be doing her any favours. I was going to clean the house all nice for her daughter so she could move right in, but why should I? I helped make the place what it is today adn now she is getting it for free? I mean I will clean my mess up (that's only fair) but I sure wont go out of my way. I know perhaps that is not the right thing to do, but this women doesn't deserve it. I know I am lucky that I have been getting a ride for this long and I appreciate it, I just can't figure out why she simply 'doesn't feel like driving me'. It does take her a few extra mintues to drive me right to my work, but ****, I would walk from her exit to work (take me less then 10 min) if that is all it took. gaaaaaah

She *****ed at me a couple times for putting a locking door noob on our door (I guess I wasn't allowed to lock out place), so I am taking it with me when I move out, hahahahahahaha anyway, thanks for listening/readying my rant.

07-05-2006, 02:35 PM
I just wanted to say I do that too, I am like YAAAH I am down, and then I go over my calories that day :( haha

07-05-2006, 03:22 PM
So I just got a call from a lady who has two male BT's left. They are ready right after my birthday (july 28). They are in Eastern BC (I think, like 5 hours away) but she is willing to meet me at the Vancouver Ferry terminal so I just need to get on the ferry, get off get my puppy and get right back on. They are 600$ less the the ones I was looking at getting in the fall. They are less becuase they are not registered but that doesn't matter to me. She raises her puppies around really little kids and gives them away at 7 and half weeks so they can bond sooner with their new owners. She may be a 'back yard breeder' but it really sounds like she knows what is doing.

BUT I can't say GIVE ME ONE but the boyfriend doesn't know what he wants. And maybe I don't either. I want a small dog but maybe I would be happier with a big dog? Maybe I just need two dogs, ack!

07-05-2006, 03:41 PM
I'm joining in! This is my first challenge like this with you ladies :) I started one on the UK ladies board because I was nosing around....but this is my first general one. Yay!

My goal: To lose 16 lbs by September 4th :) 2 lbs a week should be easy right? I hope so


07-05-2006, 04:31 PM
So I just got a call from a lady who has two male BT's left. They are ready right after my birthday (july 28). They are in Eastern BC (I think, like 5 hours away) but she is willing to meet me at the Vancouver Ferry terminal so I just need to get on the ferry, get off get my puppy and get right back on. They are 600$ less the the ones I was looking at getting in the fall. They are less becuase they are not registered but that doesn't matter to me. She raises her puppies around really little kids and gives them away at 7 and half weeks so they can bond sooner with their new owners. She may be a 'back yard breeder' but it really sounds like she knows what is doing.

BUT I can't say GIVE ME ONE but the boyfriend doesn't know what he wants. And maybe I don't either. I want a small dog but maybe I would be happier with a big dog? Maybe I just need two dogs, ack!

If it helps, Bostons are like big dogs in little dog bodies! Seriously...all the Bostons I know have no idea that they're not as big as a Great Dane...LOL!! I really think Gordie helps with my weight loss...I've talked about this before. I have to get at least some exercise each day because we don't have a yard for him to go out in so I have to walk him 3-4 times a day. Also, we make sure he eats healthy food and treats...when I realized that my dog was eating healthier than I was (LOL!!), I started eating better, too!

07-05-2006, 04:39 PM
I know they act like big dogs, haha. My gramma's little girl is great! I still dont know why I am having such a hard time deciding what I want.

I guess it is because no one is supportive of my idea to get a dog. Everyone keeps telling me to wait. On the weekend I took my parents yellow lab for a swim at the river and he LOVED it. And I took my dads boxer for a swim at the lake and had him diving for rocks. I love that sort of thing, but I don't think BT's are big on swimming or diving for rocks. I took the BT and the yellow lab for a walk in the hot sun at the camp ground, by the time we got back (maybe 15 min) the BT was ready to die, and my yellow lab just took a drink of water and laid down at our feet.

Gaaaah who knew this would be so stressful.

07-05-2006, 06:13 PM
That's true about BTs and the heat...they don't deal with it very well because of their short faces. Gordie does love the water, though, and so do a lot of BTs I know. When we lived in Vermont, he loved going to Lake Champlain for a swim. Now that we live in California, he likes the ocean but is a bit scared of the huge waves...which is fine with me because it would be too rough for him to swim in anyway.

On another note...I haven't weighed myself in a few days and just did a little while ago only to find out that I'm up a pound. So...I'm starting this challenge at 161.

07-06-2006, 10:19 AM
Yikes!!! I weighed myself this morning and the scale said 235!!! Ohmygosh. That's what I was when I started this whole thing in January. What a waste of 6 months!!! I really , really need to jump on this right now. I am definitely pushing for a 24 pound loss this challenge!!!

07-06-2006, 11:32 AM
I'm still 165 but I've been taking it easy. Sigh. I need to get on the ball too, rosario! Ok, my goal for September is 155, just like my 12 week challenge which ends in September so it's an overlapping goal. I'm just feeling a wee bit blah. I am going to gym today so yay for me! :)

07-06-2006, 02:31 PM
Rosario - 24 pounds is doable, you just have to stay 100% focused on your goal. You can do it :) I doubt it was a total waste of 6 month, did you learn anything about your body in that time?

sunni - I need to get on the ball as well! What kind of 12 week challenge are you doing?

Alright, so I've been bloated and feeling nasty, and I got on the scale and it's telling me I've gain 2 pounds!! Which doesn't surprise me that much, but since I'm bloated I'm not going to count this. heh..


07-06-2006, 05:16 PM
aimee-i wish my gain was from bloating. I feel bloated but I know it's permanent.

I can't wait until next week. I've already got my menu and grocery list planned for the coming week. I know I'm going to rock at this challenge!!! Also, I bought a bikini (yes, me. but don't worry. it's only to wear under shirts and a tank when and if I do go swimming). It's form Old Navy and it was on sale. I had to buy it. Let's see if it fits. and if it doesn't, then I have just one more thing to work for.

I say we make this the best and most successful challenge ever. Ladies, it's time for us to get off of our butts and step away from the junk food (well, me anyway). I'm up for it and I hope you all are too!!!

07-06-2006, 07:05 PM
I say we make this the best and most successful challenge ever. Ladies, it's time for us to get off of our butts and step away from the junk food (well, me anyway). I'm up for it and I hope you all are too!!!

I'm with you! I am ready to make this a successful challenge. I'm back to logging everything on Fitday (yesterday was my first day back to Fitday in awhile), which really helped me before. I need to get back into exercising regularly (besides walking my dog). I already told my boyfriend that I want to make sure we go out to eat only occasionally...that's one place where I end up messing up and eating too much.

07-06-2006, 08:51 PM
Rosario I just joined this challenge and I agree with you about working our butts off !

I weigh in tomorrow and am hoping to see a loss . It is my TOM so doubtful but I hope anyway lol.


07-07-2006, 02:09 AM
Rosario - I am also game to rock this challenge, I set my goal as 17 pounds, thats still a lot for me... but I'm aiming high! I was SUCH a good girl today, I had a healthy breakfast and a good lunch! I worked late tonight, so I don't know if I should eat this late.. but I'm hoping the bloat will be gone by tomorrow. With everything planned out like that, you are definitely going to be down to 232 next weigh in.

Nikki - Do you ever find sometimes with TOM it really feels like you've gained like 5+ pounds and you are still the same? Its so weird! Good luck with the weigh in tomorrow :)

So I have to admit a guilty pleasure... I'm secretly addicted to that Paris Hilton song.. Stars are Blind. I don't normally even like her! I'm slowly reverting to a teenager, first it was MTV, and now it's Paris Hilton..


07-07-2006, 09:11 AM
Morning ladies/ gents-

Aimee- I usually do gain during TOM I went from 158 last friday to 163 on Tuesday and today I am back down to 159 still on TOM. I changed my ticker to reflect a pound loss this week because when I started the challenge I was at 160. Woohoo now I just need to keep it off!


07-07-2006, 10:45 AM
Well my plan has not been going to good of late. I have a new computer at home and I am the only one at home who has a clue.....So its left up to me to get it right....I only got in a little walking yesterday...this weekend goal is to do lots of walking, swimming, and lots of eating right!!!!

07-07-2006, 11:20 AM

12 week challenge first posted by JAYAGODDESS. It's around here somewhere I'll post today and bring it to the top...

Also, SO with you on reverting to teenagerism...I like Nick Lachey's new song "what's left of me" My sister always makes fun of me when I watch the video for it... :P I feel so ashamed for liking it... but now I have someone I can dish with - yay!

07-07-2006, 12:47 PM
Sunni - I don't know whats worse.. that I also like Nick Lachey, or that I saw him in concert, with 98 degrees! I also met Jessica Simpson way back then as well, she was just starting out.. I remember thinking she looked a little.. uhm.. lets just say she was wearing TONS of black eye makeup and a short short skirt and tight top. heh.

Nikki - 1 pound loss is pretty good! Congrats :) 14 to go! woohoo!

Ugh, I am STILL bloated, I don't get it!! Hopefully it's just because I'm really tired? That has happened with me before. I tell yah, I have to stop hanging around my friend whose kids are always sick! Last week it was a stomach thing, this week they have a chest infection. Kinda crazy. Well I am off to work, have a good one ladies :)


07-07-2006, 04:37 PM
aimee-maybe you should try drinking more water? that always makes me feel less of the bloat. I despise Paris!!! Is she actually any good at singing? anyone nowadays, is able to make a record. what happened to actually having talent?

Soooo...I haven't been eating right or excercising. Big suprise!! do you guys think its good to go on one last splurge before recommitting yoursef to weight loss? I mean should I just start or give myself the weekend to get my bearings together. I vote for the latter. I'll be cleaning and organizing the apt this weekend (the IL will be leaving....woohoo...don't get me wrong, I love them, but I just want it to be and the bf again!!), so It's going to be pretty hectic and all. no time for excercise and there is no food in the fridge until Sunday. I guess a'll have to make do with what I have. we'll just see what happens.

courtnie, haven't heard from you. I guess you're superbusy with the move and all. hope all is well and that you're sticking to your plan.

chat with ya'll later!!

07-08-2006, 10:20 AM
Rosario- I don't think there is anything wrong with giving yourself the weekend just don't go to overboard with it.


07-09-2006, 02:32 AM
Well here I am! First night in the new house so this is just a quick check it.

I am PROBABLY down cuz I was at 187.4 early Friday morning but normally I don't weigh till 10. So I think I am down but I wont be reporting any loss this week. With me moving and such today I never got to weigh in at my normal time. I have been eating SOOOOOOOO BAD!!! Pizza and all that crap. I thought I would weigh in tomorrow morning but I had a late dinner tonight that was chinease food AND I TOM is coming. I will probably be up 10 pounds tomorrow morning! gaaah, so I will have to weigh next weekend. BUT I HAVE TO STOP EATING SO BAD! OMG its so bad, I am never going to lose!

But anyway, I am moved in, still LOADS AND LOADS of unpacking, OMG so bad.

AND I have decided, I AM GETTING ONE OF THE BOSTON TERRIER PUPPIES!! I called the lady tonight and talked to her and got it all sorted out. She only had two males left so I was going to take a male but then later tonight she left a message (never got to talk to her) saying someone backed out and she now has a female too! So I have 3 to pick from but I am back to trying to decided if I want a male or a female. argh, any tips?

I have been SOOO busy the last few days, being at the house (the new one I am at now) till midnight cleaning and paiting and now tonight my boyfriend is in bed already and here I am still up! I am tired and want to go to bed but I am sitting here thinking about how much I have left to do :( We have furniture in and clothes, thats it!! All the rest of the unpacking tomorrow and on top of it all I bought a new used fish tank I have to get cleaned and set up tomorrow so I can move my fish (still at the old place)

Anyway this is far to long and I think I will go get some sleep and get a early start tomorrow. Hope everything is having a much more relaxed weekend then me!

07-09-2006, 07:20 PM
Hey all! Just found this challenge and im in!! Im going with 24 lbs , so im with ya Rosario! I have GOT to get back into this!!! Im going to weigh myself tomorrow morning so I know where im starting from. I have been entirely too busy for my own good, and getting back from vacation and all..im ready to rock too! The kids have soccer camp starting tomorrow, so I will be able to eat NORMAL again!!!

Flying Betty
07-09-2006, 08:13 PM
I'm in too! I want to be down to 145 by then, which is 15lbs and doable as long as I stick completely to it. I can't cheat at all anymore and still lose weight now that I'm a bit smaller :( . My body needs fewer calories than it did before and I haven't been keeping up the past couple months.

145 is significant because it's the smallest I ever legitamately weighed and I would love to be down there by my friends' wedding (Sept 9th I think). And my car just died (boo!) so I went out and bought a bicycle so that should add to my exercise.

Good luck everyone!

07-09-2006, 11:09 PM
Courtnie - thats so exciting that you are all moved in, and good news on the dog! Hope that all works out.. personally I'd like a female. You'll get settled into your place soon, and the diet will get better! Just make sure you are drinking enough water!

Randee - welcome back!! How was the vacation? Did you get some colour? I am enjoying my skin a little darker, makes fat look better.. heh.

Betty - Welcome to the Challenge!! Thats too bad about your car, but think about how much exercise you are going to get with a bike! I just bought a car, and wonder if that may effect my weight loss.. I mostly got my bf to drive me around but I still did was 2km's to work 1-2 times a week. Now I can just drive to a nice place to walk.. I hope! heh.

Well girls, my scale just won't say anything below 229, grr! Which means I am up 1 pound.. I can't believe I let myself gain that pound... 228 sounds so much further away from 230! I was a good girl today, ate a good breakfast and a good lunch, so hopefully this pound will melt off. I just cannot wait to be under 200 pounds, I need to work a little harder at this if I want to be there by the end of the summer (my origional goal was to be 199 on my bday which is August 19th). Well, I'm just babbling here... hope everyone had a good weekend :)


07-09-2006, 11:32 PM
Oh yes!! I got alot of color! The weather was absolutly amazing!!! I agree, tanned fat looks better lol. I get my pics back on wed, so Ill see if any of them are ok to post and I will. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

07-09-2006, 11:59 PM
Hi everyone--

Randee--nice to see you again! Hope you had a great time on vacation!

Flying Betty--Nice to meet you! I also want to lose a decent amount of weight before my friend's wedding. Her wedding is the Sunday of labor day weekend.

Courtnie--Great news about the puppy! No tips on getting a male or female...I think both are great. Ideally we'll get a girl next, so we can have one of each! Hope you're liking the new place! How exciting!

Aimee--Just keep up with the healthy eating and I'm sure that pound will go away in no time!

I guess I'll be making my "official" weigh in day be Wednesday...that's when I started to get back on track with the healthy eating. For the past two days, my scale has said 160, so I may have gotten rid of that pound I gained...I hope. I've stayed within my calories except going over a bit on Friday...went out for drinks and ended up having 2 big fruity drinks, which I'm estimating were about 200 calories EACH. :o

07-10-2006, 10:26 AM
I had a bad weekend of eating I have got to get better at the weekends grrrrrrrrrrr......

So I am back on my plan for the day and eating is good I just need to get up and do some walking or something....

The ice maker is down at work today so I can have my ice water....It may be a bad day today too. I will be working hard not to let it go to bad...

Later all

07-10-2006, 10:30 AM
Morning everyone-

Flying betty - you and I have the same goal and weight numbers. Hopefully we can both do it.

I woke up early and worked out today and I swam both Saturday and Sunday. I ate some carbs though that I shouldn't have so hopefully by Wed that will all balance out. I would really like to see a 2 lb loss this week but I will take any loss.


07-10-2006, 11:10 AM
Courtnie-I am glad you are finally in the new house and best of all, you decided on your puppy. Yay!!! It's going to be a lot of work for you but imagine how good it will feel when everything is unpacked and set up and you are lounging around in your own, new house. It's going to be awesome!!

Randy-glad you decided to join this one. you've been missed!! yea, 24 pounds is going to be a piece of cake!!! I'm going to be eating normal too, as I am doing my own cooking and shopping!! woohoo!!!

Flyingbetty-I can't imagine how tough it's going to be to lose weight when I get smaller. I'm having such a hard time right now!! You've lost a lot already, so I know you are going to look smoking hot for your friends wedding. I hope this challenge helps you along the way :)!

Aimee-do you mind if I ask what was you're starting weight?? I see that you are on your 3rd 10 pound goal. Wow, I bet 229 is way farther from where you started. you should really be proud of yourself. and it sounds like you've been doing good with your eating. i bet that pound and even some more is going to be off on WI day.

lovemygordie-fruity drinks?? :drool: I love em all. lol Your splurge shouldn't be a big deal since you were good all week. It never hurts to treat ouselves once in a while. Good luck on WI day!!

La3y-Repeat after me "It's going to be a good day because I won't let it be bad!!" You can do this girl. Don't let a bad weekend (or week) keep you from dropping those pounds!!!

Nikki-Good for you on that morning workout. I haven't done that in a loooong while. Keep it up and you're going to ace this challenge!!!

I am down 1 pound!!! woo hoo!! after no loss for a couple of weeks, I am so happy for this one!! haha.....So I'm back in the game this week. and I'm talking for good this time. I got my menu all planned out for this week and my excercise. I'm getting a really good feeling about this challenge. I know it's going to be a good one.

Hope you all had a blast this weekend. Chat with ya later :wave:

07-10-2006, 11:22 AM
I am working on it!!!!

I feel alittle better now. I have to find time to walk and get some other kind of work out in....I am still thinking about what to do.

07-10-2006, 11:23 AM
Yay Rosario congrats on your loss :carrot: :carrot:

07-10-2006, 12:22 PM
Wow, busy morning.. I'm just barely out of bed here.. heh..

lovemygordie - it's so hard in the summer I find.. it's too hot to cook, so I end up not eating as good as I want to. But every meal is a chance to get totally on plan! GL on your wed weigh in, I doubt the fruity drinks will impact your weigh in.

Rosario - congrats on the loss!! You'll meet your goal in no time! I started at 251 back in December, it's coming off pretty slowly, but I'm slowly getting used to thats just how it's going to be. I hope you are right about WI day! I cannot believe how hard it is to lose weight in the summer.. so many good things, iced coffee's... going out to eat.. it's all evil! heh.

Alright, so tell me.. it's okay to throw out food right? I have such issues with this!! We had reallllly high sodium sloppy joe's last night (I ate within my calories and fat), and I'm bloated like crazy.. so I should just throw it out instead of having it for dinner like we planned, right?? I don't get it, it's like everything thats not 100% perfect sends my body into this crazy bloating thing, it's getting pretty frustrating!! Grr! Well, I guess I better go to work, my manager is "training" me to do her position, and by training I mean, I do her job and she does... who knows! Have a good day! Be good :)


07-10-2006, 12:47 PM

I got my new fish tank set up yesterday - it is just over twice the size of my old one and looks AMAZING! I hope to move my fish into it tonight. I still have lots of unpacking to do but I am done for now - I HAVE TO GET BACK TO EATING RIGHT! This was a horrible few days, pizza, wendy's, chinease, chocolate bar, slurpee, chips, cheesies, pretzels, donuts - yah I think I had ALL the things I wasn't supposed to. But today is a new day, I didn't exercise this morning because with all the painting and cleaning I did I think I did enough exercise and my body needs a break! Saturday I would start crying if I bent over my back was so sore. I might take tomorrow off too but we shall see.

I have some pictures of the house on my camera I might post some later. It is looking awesome, we did our bedroom a greeny colour, the computer room a dark blueish colour, and the spare room a light gray/blue. We kept the kitchen yellow and the halls and living room a creamy/tan and I paint the fire place a deep burgendy! It looks great :) I have the most important stuff unpacked so we should be good for now.

And I am still trying to decided on a puppy. I think I might go for male just because we have a male's name picked out (Oscar) and I think when full grown the male boston's look nicer then the female - but that could just be me. Females won't lift their leg and pee on my beautiful gardens tho, haha.

Anyway time for me to go around and see what I have been missing around here! Hope everyone is having a good day!

07-10-2006, 03:33 PM
As of this moment I have picked the girl puppy. The lady sent me pictures and called me and told me that she thinks the girl is going to be a great dog. She likes to lay on her back and have her belly rubbed witch is a sign of a good dog. She also said she finds the females better then the males, 1 thing is they dont lift their leg and pee but she also usually finds them much easier going and low key. PLUS I liked the markings on the female better. I told her at this time I want the female but I would show my boyfriend the pictures tonight and call back and confirm. SO here is the female http://www.saltypickles.com/puppy/girl.jpg.

If I get a male this was the one I wanted : http://www.saltypickles.com/puppy/boy-1.jpg

And this was the other male but she said he seems needy: http://www.saltypickles.com/puppy/boy-2.jpg

I will get some pics of my house up later.

07-10-2006, 03:51 PM
I love the puppy!!!! So cute!!!!

07-10-2006, 04:13 PM
So typical those puppies are beautiful good luck with whichever you pick. I am sure you will make a great puppy mommy.


07-10-2006, 04:35 PM
Thanks Nikki!

07-10-2006, 04:43 PM
I'm in. I'd like to lose 20 pounds by September 1st (when I have a doctor's appointment. It's a new doctor, and I'd like to at least start off by showing her that I HAVE been losing weight, even though I'll still be Unhealthily Huge at that weight).

Lost 5 pounds so far -- on Weight Watchers. Good luck to all of us!

07-10-2006, 04:55 PM
courtnie-she is soooo cute!!! great pick!!


:yikes: gasp!!! I just tried out my new scale. it said 237.2!!! my other scale has been lying to me this whole time. what a :censored: !!! I can't believe I'm closer to 240 than I thought. ugh!!! Now I really need to work hard!!!! Stupid scales!!!

:dunno: I don't know what to do. I'll wait until I'm at home to get the final weight and then I'll just have to work with what I got.

07-10-2006, 05:00 PM
Rosario - thanks! Still 20 days till I get her... gaaah the waiting is going to kill me! I have this feeling like something is going to happen and I wont get her :( I hope not, I love her already! She needs a name, any ideas?
Don't worry about the scale, its just a number remember :) Just work on it and it will get lower!

Welcome Xan and congrats on the 5 pounds!

07-10-2006, 05:04 PM
it needs to be a real feminine name. she looks so dainty!! aww, I want a puppy now!!!!

07-10-2006, 05:17 PM
I was thinking Flower - like the little skunk from Bambi cuz she looks like a little skunk, but I don't think people would put two and two together when they hear her name!

07-10-2006, 05:55 PM
Welcome, Xan, and congrats on the 5 pound loss!

Courtnie...all of those puppies are so precious!! When I get a little girl Boston terrier at some point, I want to name her Olive. Those 20 days will feel like they're going by so slow! When we were waiting to get Gordie, we went over to visit with him a couple of times so that he could get to know us a bit. We also brought over a little fleece blanket (from the baby section at Target) to leave over there before we picked him up so that the blanket could get the smell of his parents and littermates on it. We had read somewhere that it could help him feel more comfortable being away from them.

07-10-2006, 05:58 PM
Robin - unfortunaly my puppy is too far away for me to go visit! So I have to wait :( It is going to be a long wait, I only just picked her out this morning and I am already going nuts!

Do you have any pictures of gordie as a litle puppy? I love puppy pics! haha

07-10-2006, 06:14 PM
Courtnie--Here are some of my favorite Gordie puppy pictures! One is of him and his brother (and me taking a picture of him with my cell phone camera). I can't believe my little boy is almost 2!!

07-10-2006, 07:05 PM
Thanks Robin! I love seeing what the puppies turn into full grown! How many weeks was gordie when you got him?

07-10-2006, 11:47 PM
Thanks Robin! I love seeing what the puppies turn into full grown! How many weeks was gordie when you got him?

We got Gordie at 12 weeks. We could have picked him up at 8 weeks, but I was moving out of one apartment that didn't allow dogs and into another apartment that did allow dogs. The breeder was ok with Gordie staying there longer, and let us come over to visit a couple of times, which was nice.

07-11-2006, 12:31 AM
I am still trying to pick a name! ack! We will get her at about 7 and a half.

07-11-2006, 12:33 AM
OMG I almost forgot! I went to costco today and got this cute little pink v-neck shirt with 3/4 sleeves - form fitting, and I got it in a L! I tried it on over a big t-shirt and it fit!!! I couldn't believe it, the M seemed a bit small but I am do happy!

07-11-2006, 01:38 AM
Courtnie - the smaller sizes make everything SO worth it,eh? I need a little sense knocked into me though.. everytime I get into the smaller sizes I figure they are just making clothes larger.. stupid brain!

Rosario - thats why I only use MY scale... I'm prepared to deal with a larger number later on.. but for now, I'm quite content with the numbers my scale is saying. Denile.. not just a river in Egypt! heh. Don't worry about the overall number.. take those measurements thats really what counts. I could handle being my weight forever if my measurements were 34-24-34!

So my friend who is working in Scotland is in town! I haven't seen this girl in a year, it's kinda crazy... we used to be best friends in high school. Things kinda went crazy though.. she dated a bf behind my back, I slept with her crush.. yah.. not good stuff. I'm starting to realize how little friends I have, it's REALLY hard to meet girls who aren't into partying every night. I worry that as I get older I'll have less and less friends and eventually end up with only my boyfriend. It's irrational.. but it's also REALLY hard to meet girls near my age who are into the same things I am. Anyone want to move to Vancouver to be my friend? ;)


07-11-2006, 01:49 AM
Aimee - I am just like you, I just think the shirt is bigger then normal, cuz before an XL wouldn't even fit me... I think its just tagged wrong! haha

I don't live in Vancouver but I live close! I too hate partying and have like NO FRIENDS and I think about it all the time how I have no one, at least I will have a puppy soon! I told my mom that I wanted to call it flower and she laughed and said that was stupid... time to find a new name.

07-11-2006, 09:59 AM
The puppys are so cute!!!

I am glad to see someone had a better day than I did....Rosario I dont even want to tell you all of what I had to go through yesterday....OMG I did not get home till 11:00 I did not get to walk...DH made sure of that. I could have killed him.

I just have to keep trying....."just keep swimming" Per Dora....From Nemo.

07-11-2006, 10:45 AM
la3y-yes, keep trying!! that's what I'm going to have to do to. especially with the excercise. it's a pain in the butt, but we have to do it.

courtnie-that's awesome about the large shirt. a new puppy and smaller clothes?? double bonus!! haha. I thought Flower was a cute name and it did suit her. it's funny how dogs are like kids. we're going to have to throw you a doggie shower!!

aimee-i'll be your friend :) like you and courtnie, I don't have any friends here in atlanta. all of my friends are in LA and there's only like, 6 of them. I have known them since high school. it's so hard to meet new people, for me at least. It's not that I don't have things in common with people, it's just that I'm very shy and not good at talking with people. I hope that's something that will change in the near future. Why don't you join some kind of group that you are into, like say a dance class or something like that. That way you are bound to meet someone that is into the same things you are into. but hey, if we never make friends, we'll always have MTV;) !!!

So I weighed myself this morning, and I'm sticking with 236.7. Oh well, I'll just have to work with that. It's weird how this whole losing weight thing seems like the only thing going on in my life. yikes, I really need to start getting out more!

07-11-2006, 11:14 AM
I weighed myself this morning and it said 186.8! That is only .2 pounds less but that is 3.5 hours earlier then I normally weigh! So I am happy maybe I didn't totally blow it the last couple weeks.

I am trying my best to stay under 1700 calories and I havent been riding my bike (maybe that's helping??) - I know I NEED to exercise but I also need a break, I feel over worked.

Anyway I did call the lady last night and tell her that I am 100% sure that I want that little girl! I should get her on the 29!!!

07-11-2006, 11:19 AM

Congrats on the puppy and the loss!

Aimee- I am like you with no friends. I find it very hard to find anyone who doesn't want to go party every night or act like a S**t. Right now I really could use a friend. My parents just told me they are seperating and I'm still home money/ health issues. My poor boyfriend is going to drive out here 1 hour to sit with me for an hour and drive home and go straight to work because I have noone else who can comfort me. I really hope I don't go on a binge because of this news. I would rather not eat LOL. I am so envious of people who dont eat when stressed.


07-11-2006, 12:42 PM
nikki-that sucks. remember eating wont make your problems go away. when you are done, they'll still be there waiting for you. before you start stuffing your face, think to yourself "is this going to make me feel better??" it probably won't because you'll feel even more bummed out that you went out of control. and you'll just be adding one more problem to your plate. You know what gets me by, thinking that things could be a lot worse. that helps me to cope with my money/weight/stress issues. if you want, PM me. I'm always online!! :hug:

07-11-2006, 12:50 PM
Jeez, it sounds like ALL of us don't have any friends :( I am always online too, don't be afraid to send me a message! My parents slipt when I was 5, it was tuff - and it is always tuff no matter how old you are. So sorry to hear :(

07-11-2006, 01:27 PM
Yep me too I have lots of online friends.....but no off line friends....So pm away I love to chat!

07-11-2006, 02:18 PM
Just thought I would share some pics of the new house!

Also here are some pics of my new AWESOME fish tank!
(here is the old tank http://www.saltypickles.com/fish/1.jpg, http://www.saltypickles.com/fish/fish2.jpg)

07-11-2006, 02:27 PM
BEautiful house!!! I looooove that kitchen. I take it you and your boyfriend like sponge bob? lol

07-11-2006, 02:31 PM
Spongebob is okay, HE HAD to have that spongebob so I bought it for him and he forgot about it the next day. The rest of the stuffed things are ones he has got me over time. The dressed bear is my build a bear! haha

The kitchen is great, the tiles are actually green and sunshine yellow, not black and orange like the pics show, haha.

07-11-2006, 03:17 PM
So I just changed my ticker.. my scale is consistantly NOT saying 228, so I am using today's weight as the start of this challenge... I'm starting at 230. Hopefully not for long!

I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone on the friends situation! I think the problem is that all the girls like us are online! I can't remember if I told you all, but I went out for coffee with this customer of mine.. she wants to be friends with me, which is fine. But she's in her 40's! Which also isn't a huge problem.. she's just not into the same things I am.

Courtnie - having you on my msn helps a lot.. so you've done a good thing already :) Sometimes.. and this is sad.. but I'll come home and get online to see if you are online so I can tell you something. Very nice house :) And we got to see the bike you spend your time on!

Rosario - Thank goodness for MTV! lol. I think you are right, when I'm doing something I like to do.. I'm sure the friends will come. I'm hoping when I switch jobs it'll work itself out. Until then.. I've always got you gals too!

Nikki - I'm sorry to hear about your parents.. eating won't make this feel better. I'd try exercising.. I find it clears my mind, and releases those feel good endorphines (spelling? ) I don't eat when I'm stressed, and end up gaining. I'm jealous of people who don't get stressed!

I have today off :) So I'm going to hit the mall with that friend who is here from Scotland.. hopefully all goes well. I really do want to head to Greece with her and this other girl.. it would be fun. heh. We'll see though! K, I am off to watch the end of The Baby Story, this chick is having NO drugs when having this baby.. it looks far too painful!


07-11-2006, 03:25 PM
Courtnie - having you on my msn helps a lot.. so you've done a good thing already :) Sometimes.. and this is sad.. but I'll come home and get online to see if you are online so I can tell you something. Very nice house :) And we got to see the bike you spend your time on!

Haha, I do the same with my MSN - so your not alone ;) hehe

07-11-2006, 04:02 PM
Thanks ladies I feel better knowing support is out there. Today I had a wopping frapuccino I'm not hungry at all. I'm trying to keep my mind busy. Courtney that fish tank is nice. I jus got into fish keeping. I have 2 bettas and a 10 gallon with 2 african dwarf frogs and 3 ottos. I am also planning to set up a 55 aquarium next month. What kind of fish do you have?


07-11-2006, 04:43 PM
The new tank is a 65 gallon (the old was 29) and in it I have:
2 x iridescent shark (do not recommened, great fish but they will get HUGE HUGE HUGE wish someone told me that - Hover (he eat like a vacum) and... Nirtro? he doesn't really have a name)
3 x Blood Parrots (my babies - Spike, Petire, and Kumar)
Gold Servum (Lime - I had two, Lemon and Lime but one died)
Pictus Catfish (don't think it has a name)
Cory of some sort (we had two and were going to call them bert and erine but the other one died and it never really got names)
Upside Catfish (Princess)

And I will add a pleco, they always died in my old tank but I am going to try one again!

07-11-2006, 09:59 PM
Courtney -

I had 3 iridescents in a 55 at one point they do get huge and scary looking. Their eyes creep me out.


07-12-2006, 10:24 AM
hey everyone!!

yesterday was so awesome. Everything that I ate is actually on my fitday. Usually, I don't put the bad stuff that I eat on there, but it's all there. No binges, no really bad junk food. <sigh> and I feel so good today. Now, the only thing I got to work on is getting up at 6am to get a workout in. It would help me so much. BUt i just love my sleep too much. For all you girls who work out in the am, you guys are tough!!!

nikki-how are you feeling today girlie?? I hope today is a good day for you.

aimee-how was the mall with your friend?

I'll catch up with ya later!!

07-12-2006, 10:38 AM

Way to go on the eating ! I fnd if I work out in the am it makes my day go much smoother. I had to train my body but now it wakes me up to workout.

I feel better today thanks for asking. Last night my bf took me to dinner. It helped to see him. I usually only see him on weekends. I resisted the urge to order chicken parm and spaghetti becase I knew I would regret it today. So I ordered a chicken parm hero and only ate 1/2 and none of the bread.

I think I should see a 2-3 lb loss tomorrow. I usually weigh in on fridays but this week I changed it to thursday because friday I need to have lots of fluids injected into my muscles. <treatment for severe muscle spasms> I figure that would prob add 1-2 lbs and I want an accurate portrayl of my weight loss.

ttyl ladies

07-12-2006, 11:03 AM
Rosario- congrats on the eating! I know I used to do the same, I would leave the bad stuff out of my fitday, but once I started putting EVERYTHING in there it made me more aware of what I was eating and less likely to eat it!

Nikki- glad to hear things went well last night and you are starting to feel better :) As for my ID sharks they aren't too creepy looking yet, but they are a bit spastic!

NOW this morning I get on the scale and it is down to 185.6 I am not going to complain but all I can say is WTF???? That is a 1.4 pound loss - again this is 3 hours EARLIER then I normally weigh and TOM is just ending! So I dunno if my body hates exercise? I haven't rode my exercise bike in a week. Or maybe it loved all the crap food I ate on the weekend? Or all the painting? I dunno, my best guess is this is a loss from last week but with all the crap I ate on the weekend my body was holding onto weight and it is just letting it go now. OR maybe I should stop exercise and keeping eating 1600-1700 calories a day. But I won't look into that much, I dunno if I should put it on my ticker or not or just wait and see what happens in the next couple days. Either way I am happy and hopfully I can keep staying under calories and earning myself those stars!

We went for dinner last night and I had an Asian Chicken Salad, it was pretty yummy - but with it I had garlic and cheese bread, and the scale was still down, I dunno whats going on, but I'll be good and maybe one of these days get back to riding my bike. I am sure am enjoying the extra sleep in the morning! Especially since I haven't sat down and realxed since LAST TUESDAY so in over a week :(

Have a good day everyone!

07-12-2006, 11:50 AM
Courtney, i just saw your avatar on another thread and I have been searching for you ever since! :o You're getting your puppy!!! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: I am so pleased for you, she looks beautiful. You must just be counting down the days until you can pick her up! :D

Your new house is really nice too. Hope you don't think that I am stalking you now, but I know you were having a lot of trouble finding your puppy and I just got so excited for you. Have you thought of a name for her yet? We couldn't think of a name for our puppy until we had him for almost half a day (!), but decided on Josh (after Josh in West Wing!).

07-12-2006, 12:16 PM

How big are your ID's now? ours were about 8" when they started getting creepy and slowly our other fish died off LOL. I wonder if the ID's ate them.


07-12-2006, 12:17 PM
Rosario - woohoo on the good eating day :) I say get that eating thing down and then move on to exercise! I've started exercising more often these days.. but not eating good.. lol. I think I have to concentrate on the eating right thing.. I know sugar is keeping me from losing this weight, but it's SO hard to quit having it! My bf is addicted to slurpee's, and recently iced tea (which is pure sugar!!). The mall was good, thanks for asking :) I bought a necklace which will look perfect with some ribbed tanks and this cord skirt I have! And it was good to see my friend, she's changed a LOT! First, she's dropped some weight, she had a stressful year she said, and she is wearing skirts. She was also a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal.. We are going to dinner next week.

Courtnie - I'd wait until weigh in day, however I try not to change my ticker except on weigh in days. Either way, congrats! You are only 5 pounds away! And you've got 11 days!

I am SO tired this morning, I think I'd rather stay in bed and sleep than go to work... heh. I went for a walk last night, and we are planning to go for one tonight as well, that'll be 3 days of exercise in a row! Next thing is to quit that sugar stuff! I really want to see my scale below 220 before my birthday, thats gonna be a lot of work. Anyways, I better go to work.. have a good day :)


07-12-2006, 12:46 PM
Pachyderm - YES! I found my little puppy! I have been trying to come up with names but I think I am going to have to wait until I get her! 17 days!!! I don't think your stalking me, you were a great help!

Nikki - they are about 5-6". I had a big scare this morning, one of my large parrots (Petrie) was MISSING!!! I found him stuck behind this rock thing where the filter is supposed to go and it looked like he was dying. Long story short, after crying for 5 mintues and begging him to come out I went and posted on a fish forum asking for help (ammonia is high! eeeps stupid new tanks) and then he came out. Fish are still acting strange, they wont eat, all the frozen food is just sitting on the bottom, hope they are okay!

Aimee - I am going to wait until weigh in day, and if I keep eating good maybe it will be even lower! woo!

07-12-2006, 12:49 PM
Courtnie -
I would have freaked out. Have you considered getting some bio spira to avoid new tank syndrome? I used it on my 10 gallon and it worked perfect no spikes whatsoever. Did you do a water change since the ammonia was high? I would do a 50 % change.


07-12-2006, 12:54 PM
Bio spira? Never heard of it... I am using Cycle and Prime tho and that is supposed to help. I did about 20-25% change last night - someone told me the prime could be causing a false reading (it is not that high, only the next colour up from 0 so like .6) I will change some more water tonight. There is a pet store near where I work, if it stops raining I might take a little walk down there and ask them what they suggest.

I tested a friends tank once and his Ammonia was like 8 or 9! And his fish are still alive, so mine should be okay at .6! lol

07-12-2006, 03:57 PM
You should be fine then. I heard prime can cause nitrites to spike so be careful to check those also. Although I have to say if I listened to everything I heard I'd go nutzzz!


07-12-2006, 04:11 PM
That's what I hate, people who think they are god and tell me to do something, and its like I don't want to do that :|

07-12-2006, 04:25 PM
exactly !!

07-12-2006, 05:25 PM
Hi :) peeking in to see if it would be too late to join in? My husband and I have a bit of a challenge between us with 04 September being the finale. I seem to be stalled out and am trying to find more support and ideas..

07-12-2006, 05:26 PM
it's never to late to join. welcome aboard!!!

07-12-2006, 05:33 PM
Is it time to start a new thread? It must be getting close!

07-12-2006, 08:16 PM
sotypical - if you start a new thread please be sure to pm the link so I can find it again. I lose threads all the time. Thanks


I just had 1 slice of pizza for dinner and feel like a pig. I hope it doesn;t affect the scale to much tomorrow. I did pretty good otherwise. I had popcorn, toast, and brocolli and 1 ounce of chicken.


07-12-2006, 08:22 PM
I am getting sooo hungry! I don't want to eat my grapes! I am hoping if I don't eat my grapes maybe I can have some garlic bread with dinner, but I know the grapes are sooo much healthier for me!

07-13-2006, 12:26 AM
Well I finally exercised today for the first time in a month! Its been so hectic, im sure I told you that my mom and my daughter got chicken pox, so I couldnt really work out with them wanting everything, and I had to get it for them. Then my vacation. Which I might add, I snuck on the scale today and so far im down a lb so hopefully, I will lost my vacation weight fast!!!

Congrats to all that are sticking OP and losing!!! I will get there again someday!

Courtnie- I love your puppy and I LOVE the name flower!! I love flower names, like daisy and rose and so on for animals!! You will need to get her cute little outfits!! All in pink, to show off the little princess in her!!

07-13-2006, 02:18 AM
Randee - how much weight did you gain from your vaca? Last summer we went away for 2 weeks (turned into 3 weeks cuz the bf was sick and spent some time in the hospital), it was like crazy, I guess because I was SO stressed I only gained 2 pounds! But one year I went to my grandma's for a week and a half and gained... 14 pounds!!!! Phew, that was depressing!

I am dying of a headache tonight.. I went to my neighbours and we watched The Hills, Cheyene and then Canada's Next Top Model. It was a decent night if you don't mind two screaming hyper children! They are so cute, but so so loud. It's pretty nice to be around a 4 year old who knows my name and is always excited to see me though. I weigh in on Friday, I'm a little scared. I don't know that it's going to go down, but I guess I should work harder this upcoming week and I'll get it! GL everyone on your weigh ins in the next couple of days. :)


07-13-2006, 10:51 AM
Courtnie-did you eat your grapes?? lol i think we should just start new threads every Monday. what do ya'll think??

Nikki-1 slice isn't too bad. be thankful it wasn't 4 slices :jeno:

Randee-good job on working out and the loss!!

Aimee-I love slurpees!!! I'm so thankful there are no 7-elevens here in Atlanta. The ones in QuikTrip suck a**!! aww, crap. I missed the hills last nite. I knew I was missing something. I was watching So You Think You Can Dance. Love that show. I hope your headache went away.

The scale was down this morning. woohoo!! too bad it's not my weigh in day. I am planning a weekend vacation for the bf and me in September (hotels are cheaper). I always plan but never follow through. But I am determined for us to get away. we need it so much. SO now I have one more thing for motivation. There's this dress that I have. I was wearing it when I first met my love. It does not look so great on me right now. I want to look smoking in it come vacation time. I know I can do it. Maybe it'll even be too big. Hey, it's ok to dream.

Catch ya later.

07-13-2006, 11:04 AM
No, I did not eat my grapes (saved them for today - whatever good that is, I bought 4 pounds of them! eeeps, I better start eating)!

You guys are NOT going to believe this (at least I don't) but I am down another 1.2 pounds this morning, putting me 2.6 pounds away from ticker at 184.4! I don't mean, but what the heck is all I have to say? TOM ended so that could be part of it, but again still WAY eariler and 3 days away from my way in day! I hope this keeps up! haha But good things don't last long!

Purplecrush - I thought of calling her Daisy, but that is a kind of popular name. I decided to wait until I get her and name her. She needs a name that suits her!

I too LOVE slurpee's - apparently 7-11 used to make sugar free but I have never seen them, my friend talks about them tho.

So get this, last night I decided to wax my... well I decided to wax and it hurt, but only when you pulled it blah blah, so I did it a few times and decided to just shave so I am saving and hit my nail - like in the middle of it on my pinkie finger! and now it friggning hurts! I dunno how I was stupid enough to do that... but anyway, just thought I would share last night's excitment with you all. I also went back to where I was living - move my old fish tank out of there and cleaned up and NOW I NEVER have to go BACK! haha

07-13-2006, 11:33 AM
Courtnie go you on your losses. I love grapes I have to pick some up this weekend. It sounds like you had a busy night lol.

I am sitting here waiting to go intothe doc. I weighed in this morning and lost 1.6 this week ....


07-13-2006, 11:50 AM
Great job peeps!!!!! look like every one is on their way...

On the posting of a new thread...We started on the 5th it is now the 13th we have already did two weeks...so really we only have 6 weeks to go(just about)! I am trying to lose the last 20 but I am not sure if I will make it....I wanted to lose it by my b-day that will be here before you know it!!!! I got to get moveing!!!!

Have a good day all I will check in later!

07-13-2006, 12:52 PM
Nikki - yaaa congrats on your loss!

07-13-2006, 01:08 PM
So I was just thinking and doing some math, I have now lost just over 30 pounds! I am so excited!!! :) I can't wait to update that ticker :)

07-13-2006, 01:18 PM
Thanks for the welcome!

I weighed in this morning and screamed for my dh to come read the display b/c I couldn't believe it. 193.1! wow...

Today is a moderate workout day and I'm actually looking forward to it!

07-13-2006, 01:22 PM
Congrats mkat!!!

07-13-2006, 02:31 PM
Rosario - I just LOVE your new pic, you look great!

07-13-2006, 02:44 PM
courtnie-thanks!! ouch, shaving the nail hurts like ****!!! i have to shve my legs more careful now because that was happening a lot to me.

la3y-actually we have 7 weeks and 4 days left in the challenge. now you got an extra week to lose some weight ;)

courtnie, nikki, and mkat-congrats on your losses. you guys are keeping me motivated because i want to be losers just like you lol. keep up all your hard work!!!

07-13-2006, 03:03 PM
I am such a loser (in more ways then one). haha

I really need to get back on my bike! ack. I am getting lazy :(

07-13-2006, 10:05 PM
Rosario - HOT picture, I love it!! I am ready to be a loser myself.. I gotta get my act together, today was better though. I go thru phases, esp those few days before payday, heh. I watched So you think you can dance last night too, well part of it. Too much good tv! Slurpee's are addicting, I'm trying to stay away from caffiene these days.. so I'm going to avoid 7-11.

Courtnie - I tried the diet slurpee's, they have aspartame and it made my throat swell up.. so no more for me! Congrats on the loss, you are on a roll chicky! You better be SUPER good on Friday for your sat weigh in! No Daisy! Josh's parents have a dog named Daisy and she's crazy! I like Abby still... ;)

Nikki - woohoo congrats on the loss :)

mkat - congrats on your loss as well! You are almost at the halfway point.. so tell us.. how does it feel? Has your mind caught up to your new body yet?

Today was a crazy boring day at work.. time went SO slow. Fortunately I couldn't snack, cuz that would have been dangerous! So I'm going to cut out caffiene, I realized its definitely part of my stomach issues as of late.. I just want to feel healthy and be able to do stuff like normal again!! I am off to go for a walk with the bf, have a good night ladies :)


07-14-2006, 01:50 AM
I thought of the name daisy too, but I have a bear named that - I have just decided to wait until I get her.

I am going to be super good tomorrow, and not eat after 7, and hope for the best weigh in saturday morning!

07-14-2006, 09:16 AM
Morning everyone-

I survived yesterday. I am pretty sore though so I won't exercise until Monday unless I do light swimming saturday or sunday. Ok so yesterday I thought the scale was screwy because it was showing me at a higher weight then I had seen all week even though it was a 1.6 loss. So today I got on te scale post fluid injections and post having salty food last night and I saw another loss today the big one I expected to see yesterday. Now I normally do not weigh until 11 today so I will wait til then but I am going to change my ticker again because I think stress yesterday effected my weight.

This could be the good woosh I have been waiting for!


07-14-2006, 10:08 AM
courtnie-thanks!! ouch, shaving the nail hurts like ****!!! i have to shve my legs more careful now because that was happening a lot to me.

la3y-actually we have 7 weeks and 4 days left in the challenge. now you got an extra week to lose some weight ;)

courtnie, nikki, and mkat-congrats on your losses. you guys are keeping me motivated because i want to be losers just like you lol. keep up all your hard work!!!
tytytytyty I need all the time I can get!!!...lol

07-14-2006, 10:27 AM
morning everyone. scale is still down after a horrible night of eating (1,800 calorie dinner!!!!) I just hope it stays down until Monday morning which is weigh-in day. and I really need to start being consistent with the excercise. It's funny how eating used to be my biggest problem, and getting a workout in was a cinch. Now it's the other way around. Why can't I ever be good at both at the same time???

aimee-are you allergic to aspartame?? it's ok though, you are not missing out on much. I hear there are bad things associated with it...plus, i heard it gives you gas!! work is slow for me every day. that's why I am always on here or surfing mysapce. sure does make the time go by faster. that's so cute that your bf walks with you. i wish mine would. we used to play tennis together everyday, but he's gotten lazy and we are defintely both out of shape. I definitely want to start that up again.

courtnie-abby is a really cute name for her. how about something like Lilly or Lila? those are such girly names. I hope you do really well today so your weigh in is a good one.

Nikki-i'm crossing my fingers for you until 11. Good luck!!

la3y-me too!! that's why I am counting every single day!

I'll chat with you girls later!!!

07-14-2006, 11:12 AM
Rosario - I am the same with the eating and the exercise, I am starting to get my eating under control but have stopped riding my bike. I like Lilly - I thought about that one too, but my friend has a daughter named Lilly (not that I ever seen that friend or her daughter). Lila is cute, I was thinking Lilo or Stich haha. Abby is cute too, I have a huge list - now just need to get her. I had this horrible dream last night that the lady changed her mind about brining her to Vancouver for me and I had no way of getting her, it was horrible! Congrats on the scale being doing, just be good till Monday and it will stay there.

So this morning the scale was down ANOTHER pound. Where is this coming from? I think its a old loss just showing now and it was a bunch of water I was holding onto. But that is either here nor there, I am doing to do super good today and try and avoid too many bad carbs at dinner (prob wont eat the potato I have planned in) - tomorrow's weigh in is going to be a great one... I HOPE!

Work today should be good, I am getting a Mac at work! woooo! I used to dual (two screen windows) but now I am going to run mac on one and windows on another, so it will be like two screen but a million times better... I love Mac! haha

I am such a n3rd.

07-14-2006, 12:14 PM
Hi everyone -

Courtnie you are on fire girl !

Rosario- Awesome on the scale being down for you.

Ladies I think we will all meet our goals !!!

Well i got on the scale at 11 and it showed what it showedeveryday except yesterday. I weigh 157.2 which is a 2.4 loss from last week. Total of 3.4 for the challenge so far. Yay me !


07-14-2006, 12:20 PM
woo hoo nikki!!!!!

courtnie-lilo is a really cute name!! how about patches?? cause she has patches of black and white.

07-14-2006, 01:24 PM
Wooooo congrats Nikki!

Rosario - I was thinking patches or checkers or something.

Tonight we are going to a movie, I can pick between superman and nacho libre - whatever I don't pick my boyfriend is gonna go see with someone else. We went and saw Pirates last night, it was good! Except right at the end I was about to expolde (had to pee so bad) I figure there was like 15 min left, I ran to go pee and came back it was over... haha opps. Last night I took my own popcorn with me, but tonight I will have nothing! that scale needs to be nice tomorrow :)

07-14-2006, 03:16 PM
I slept in this morning.. like WAY in.. it was so nice :) I was pretty tired from two early mornings of work, plus this working out stuff. Yes, I've done 4 days in a row!! My legs are sore heh.

Nikki - congrats on the loss!! Wowsers, thats a good one too!

Rosario - yah, I'm super allergic to aspartame, and any artificial sweetners. I have heard they also make you retain water, crazy for a diet thing! I think my bf walks with me 90% of the time, I don't go alone much. It just gives us time to talk, without distractions of the phone, or tv, or internet. We do our best planning on walks. I'm so excited for your weigh in!! I'm such a geek, lol.

Courtnie - omg your weigh in is gonna be smoking!! Be good, as if you don't know that.. heh. I really want to see, You Me and Dupree, it looks super funny. Josh wants to see that Will Ferrel movie, can't remember the name off hand though.

I dunno about my scale today.. lol. I weighed about 10 minutes after I woke up and it said down half a pound. I usually try and wait about 1 hour after I wake up to get on the scale. I dunno, I gotta get ready for work. So i'm not going to change my ticker (it doesn't move in half pound things anyways). Alright, I am off to work.. have a good day gals!


07-14-2006, 03:24 PM
Aimee - the will ferrel movie is that nacho libre. My weigh in should be at least 3 pounds! The most I have ever lost in one week is 2.2. But I guess I didnt lose that week so this could be from then and it was hiding, haha. The tickerfactory tickers moving in half pounds, thats why I used them! Every little bit counts!

07-14-2006, 04:13 PM
So I was really down 1 pound today! Yay!! Finally.. lol...


07-14-2006, 04:16 PM
Good going on the loss!!!!

07-14-2006, 04:23 PM
aimee-what I wouldn't give to sleep in on the weekdays. that's the life! awesome on the loss!!! I'm excited for WI too, I'm anxious to see the results.

courtnie-will ferrel comes out in nacho libre?? I didn't know that. me and the bf are waiting for the scary movies to come out: Pulse and Texas Chainsaw. I loooove scary movies (and movie theater popcorn!!!)

07-14-2006, 04:33 PM
Yes I too LOVE scarey movies - not my boyfriend tho, I usualy have to DRAG him to the ones I really want to see. I am lucky, I HATE movie theather popcorn. I get a sick feeling if I sit to close in movie threaters (or play games on the computer and sit to close, or sit too close to the tv) and once when I was about 6 or 7 my best friend (speeking of her, it's her 21st birthday today! but we dont talk anymore) and I sat in the front row eating popcorn... long story short I threw up and have never been able to eat it since. I like microwave popcorn tho.

I am so excited, I have my sexy mac set up at work! hehe I attached some pics I am sure a nerd!

07-14-2006, 04:38 PM

Way to go on your loss :carrot:

07-15-2006, 02:21 AM
Is Will Ferrel also in Nacho Libre? I remembered the movie I was talking about, it's called Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. That one isn't out for a week or two I believe.

Rosario - I sometimes look forward to my late nights, I used to work 2 late nights a week though, ick, not too much fun. But it's a pretty big price to pay because I never get weekends off, or holiday's. I am a screamer, so no scary movies for me! I love the idea of them tho.. lol. And I'm totally with you on the movie theatre popcorn...

la3y, nikki - thanks :)

So I'm about to do something kinda... crazy? I dunno. I just got home from work, it's about 10:20, and I'm thinking of doing a 30 minute exercise video (with like 10 thousand squats!), and THEN going to pick up my bf from work (he's off at 11:30pm). I'm doing this in the name of being skinny, plus I'm going to be up until 1am.. possibly eating something I should (wendy's.. ). Wish a girl luck!


07-15-2006, 10:21 AM
Aimee- go you on the extra workout. I sometimes do that.

I forget who went to the movies but whoever did can you give us some reviews?

I have t go back to eating right if I can today. Yesterday I was very dizzy and nauseous so I did not eat much I had some crackers, some popcorn, a little soup ad ice cream. However, I drank alot of soda like 3 glasses because it eases my tummy. I 'm hoping I can get back on yogurt and water today. I'm going to do everything I can to see 155 by Friday which will be a low of 6 years for me .


07-16-2006, 12:40 PM
I went and saw some movies... Pirates and Superman - both were super good!!

So my weigh in yesterday... 182.6 - down 4.4 pounds! woooo! And then, we went the pub last night and drank and ate super bad! argh! But then when I thought about it, thats the first time since my boyfriend and I have been dating (two years) that we have gone out to the bar and done that - do I dont really feel that bad. I am back up this morning, but I know it is just water cuz I still feel stuffed, haha. But back to good eating today, I ate under calories 5 days in a row this week! woo!

Hope I can have another good week this week, i need to get back on the exercise, but blah, extra sleep is soooo good.

We went out yesterday and my mom and gramma bought me some super nice patio furniture for our decks! (early birthday present) I want to get a BBQ this week and invite people over next week.

I also went to Wal-Mart yesterday, tried on 3 bars and liked 2 of them! I couldnt belive it, one of 2 I liked I have to change the size, but that is like the first time in a life time! I think I just lucked out, I dont think it has much to do with losing weigh... but maybe. I was wearing a 40D (sometimes 38) and yesterday I bought both 36 D's!! wooooo!

Anyway hope everyone is having a great weekend and has a good sunday!

07-16-2006, 11:01 PM
Courtnie - congrats on the weigh in!! :) 4.4 is AMAZING!

Nikki - It wasn't quite an extra workout, it was my only workout of the day, but normally when I get home so late I just veg out, heh. I went to see You Me & Dupree, it was pretty funny. Definitely not worth the 10.95 to see it, but funny all the same. We don't go to many movies just because of that cost, it's 22 bucks for the two of us!

I am trying to rearrange my livingroom, I'm just tired of the way it looks.. and it's all ripped to shreds right now, the couch is in a funny place.. the tv is in the middle of the room (the bf plugged it in tho!).. nothing fits the way I want it to.. it's so frustrating. I want to try and get it all into place within an hour and then go for a nice long walk and then pick up the bf. Phew, there just aren't enough hours in the day! I guess I should go tackle this.. Hope you are all having a good weekend!


07-17-2006, 08:05 AM
I hear you about the movies Aimee that is why we haven't gone in quite awhile. We usually just rent stuff.

Congrats Courtnie :carrot: :carrot:


07-17-2006, 10:30 AM
Well no loss for me this week! But I am still working on it I did good this weekend. I walk at stayed going all weekend.

Now I am moveing on to this week Lots of hard work and eating good!!!

07-17-2006, 12:07 PM
New Thread ladies!! Thanks Rosario for starting it :)