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07-05-2006, 10:15 AM
i know that part of a balanced diet is eating right and exercise and sleeping good. well after a long day yesterday we all passed out at 10pm and all woke up at 8am now that was not the norm here i amlucky to get 4 hours straight and let me tell you i feel great today. i stoped in for a bit of an update before i clean my kitchen and make breakfast i have to make 4 dozen cookies for tomorrow and im not even interrested. yeye. anyways yesterday i cheated i had a big double cheeseburger and my calorie intake for the day was 1700 ouch well i went for a 30 min walk right before i ate that and then from 6 pm to 7pm i walk *guilt from that food* then when we went to go see fireworks we ended up walking 30 mins one way straight uphill i didnt know that was gonna hppen sigh that was harsh so after feeling bad about my high intake of cals yesterday i eded up burning 1400 cals so not to bad i walked 2 1/2 hours yesterday yeye.. now some house work and a walk today of about an hour and ofcourse ill be happy today cause igot on my scale crossing my fingurs cause ifyou all remmber i was hoping for 199.9 today at least and after all those cals yesterday i wasnt very hopeful and it said 199.8 i was freakin out. i so happy. im just glad that when i ate that food and got upset abotu how much i actually over did it i didt eat more. and i slept good things are looking good but i dont expect a great look next weigh in we are going out thursday for drinks and such with dh and some friends sowe will see how that goes. have a great one everyone. yeye

07-05-2006, 12:02 PM
Good for you!!! Here's a congratulatory carrot!!:carrot: and some :hug:!