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07-03-2006, 05:24 PM
:) Anyone out there using prednisone? Any suggestions as to how to keep from gaining weight when you are as hungry as a wolf? I have sarcoidosis and the dr. says I will probably be on it the rest of my life. I am 57.

joan fay
07-03-2006, 11:55 PM
What advice does your doctor give you? Maybe a natural health person can give you some advice. I wouldn't go out on a limb without checking with your doctor.
Joan Fay:dizzy:

07-04-2006, 05:55 PM
The dr.s basically don't give you much advice. They know what it does to the appetite but figure it is better than what else is going on, in my case kidney failure. And it does work. I have no insurance because I have had this off and on for 30 yr. and don't have money to see dietician's etc. I go to Mayo and that is a pretty good place. Once about 15 yr ago I went to a thing like diet center and that was helpful. I checked it out last Jan and was going to be $1000.

07-06-2006, 05:27 PM
I've had to be on prednisone from time to time due to asthma. The first time I gained 40 pounds. After that I figured out I could eat bushels of veggies and not gain. I eliminated white from my diet - no white flour, sugar, rice, bread, etc. I use whole grains and make sure I only have a normal portion of them and meat. I pretty much follow the USDA Food Pyramid suggestions at for serving sizes. I do South Beach and WW Core combined.

07-06-2006, 06:21 PM
I have been on prednisone for 3 1/2 years. At times I was taking 60 or more mg. a day. I have been weaned to 20 mg. daily now. I gained a lot of weight while using this med. (50 lbs.). I thought I would just have to live with being obese due to this medication. Last summer I saw a new hepatologist for my liver disease and he put me on a low-carb diet. I was able to lose 89 lbs. by doing the low-carb plan and exercising. I am at goal now (as of this morning) and am so happy that although I have serious health problems, that I made it. So, never give up and know that it can be done, even with this med. that makes you so hungry.

07-06-2006, 08:19 PM
My doctor recommended slimfast and/or SugarBusters. He said I'm in a tough situation because of my disease I can't always exercise but I need to lose the weight I've gained with prednisone (around 50 pounds). Don't give up. I got off prednisone in April and I've only lost 7 pounds BUT it's 7 pounds! I can't seem to get rid of the spare tire I got from it. I've never ever had a thick waist before and it's very frustrating.

07-06-2006, 09:27 PM
I agree that SugarBusters would also work well for someone on Prednisone. My doctor just said low-carb and I chose Atkins. Most of his patients are on South Beach and are doing well with it. Although I used Atkins, I didn't eat a high fat diet, ate lean protein, whole wheat grains and included all kinds of fruit and this worked fine for me. I just couldn't give up everything that I loved.

07-06-2006, 10:16 PM
Prednisone is evil, it had alot to do with my gaining most of my weight, i took it on and off from when I was 13 on, I used to get what I call "moon face" with it, my face would become really round, my face would break out and I would be hungry as ****, it's some evil stuff, plus after you got off of it it felt like you had the flu...achy muscles and such:devil:

its an evil evil medicine.....

07-07-2006, 02:39 PM
If you were weaned off properly you wouldn't have the side effects. You should never just stop prednisone. I always consider it a necessary evil - it has bad side effects but when I can't breathe its a lifesaver.

07-09-2006, 07:28 PM
Thanks, everyone. This is the most info that I have ever received on the subject! Is there anywhere on here where you all have your weight loss stories? They must be so inspiring. I have tried Atkins but just can't do it anymore. I like whole grains, fruits and veggies, and a little protein. Sweets can be a problem. I can't have dairy because of high blood calcium and can't be out in the sun for the same reason. I like to garden so go out after 6pm or early in the morning. Lil, will you be on the prednisone for life? I was really discousaged when the dr. told me I would need it for life. Thanks, all.