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07-03-2006, 03:56 PM
:welcome2: to the JULY edition of our Weighty Issues thread.

We're well into enjoying summer. Sun, surf, sand, shorts, swimsuits and hey, who doesn't wanna look good and more importantly, FEEL good instead of ----> :yikes: Need some new inspiration? We're a group of wonderful women from different walks of life, spread out from the US east coast to the west, across the pond and to the Far East.

We support each other through the highs and lows of every day life--it's not just about weight loss , it's about LIFE . If you have something to say or need a shoulder to cry on , come on in,
grab a chair and stay awhile. You'll be glad you did. :cofdate:

07-03-2006, 04:17 PM
Good morning ladies, I figured I'd start a new thread for July so we can have a new, clean slate (for those of you like me that always need to start over :rolleyes: ). We had another visitor yesterday, a 2nd cousin of mine from out of state. He's being treated for cancer at the military hospital here. He is only 28 and he's so handsome. This is the first time I've met him but he's a really nice guy and looks so physically fit, it's hard to imagine him having to fight this battle with the evil big "C". I am praying for his full recovery. He's got a wife and 4 kids (one step-daughter) back at home, I know it's got to be really difficult for them not to be with him while he's being treated.

Oh yeah, and so much for my "4th of July Challenge." I am up a pound from my last weigh-in, not down 8 like I wanted to be. I am SO not even motivated. It's weird though, I'm not going all crazy and eating everything in sight..... if I can maintain here for a while then i think eventually I will get off my butt and start losing again. I do not want to gain it all back and then some. :no:

LadyT, it must've been pretty frightening on horseback with a nervous horse like that. I'm glad Midnight was in good hands and managed to get comfortable, for both your sakes. I'm happy you got the little kitten eating again too. It can't be easy to have situations like that. I would be heartbroken if I lost one.

Angie, love the new avatar! You're very pretty (as usual! :D). Your b-day dinner sounded divine... you can use those flexpoints without fear. I think if you eat up to your flex points and activity points, your body will learn to burn more calories efficiently in the end, instead of having to eat way less just to lose a know what I mean? Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Kempy, so how was your b-day weekend?

Claire, you always have my prayers for healing what's hurting :hug: Hope you're enjoying your day off!

:wave: Julie, hello! if you're out there. Miss you. How are you and the family doing?

Dips, so what's happening in NYC?

Maggzs, hope you get your work positions filled so you can regain your sanity ;)

Anywho, I gotta get back to work so I can enjoy my day off tomorrow. I'm planning on burning up some fireworks :flame:

07-03-2006, 04:59 PM
:wave: Hi Everyone:wave:

Would you mind if I joined in your little group here?;) I'm needing some motivation and support to get back into gear again, yes again!:o I'm so tired of telling myself I'm going to restart and then I just have a hard time staying there. What are some ways all of you keep yourself going, and keep it in your mind that way?:?: Also, I like to know what different eating plans or ways you're losing your weight? I really look forward to getting to know all of you, and this group seems like it's really fun and supportive!:grouphug:

07-03-2006, 06:09 PM
Hey guys!! My sister had a BBQ so I went down there all afternoon. I will be using some flex points today too I think. :lol: I didnt eat that much but you know how BBQ adds up.

Noelle, I got your gift today. Thank you so much!! The apron will come in handy in the bakery and the necklace is beautiful. I love it! I know you will get back in the groove real soon. I have full faith in you. You always inspire me!!! Have you guys gotten the boat yet? Oh about my face looks fatter in that pic then it does in the mirror. :lol: I was playing with the camera and figured I would change my avatar for a while. Hopefully real soon I can get a more flattering picture.

Michelle, You are more than welcome to join us. My name is Angie. I am a 34 year old married Mom of 3. My husband and I have a wholesale bakery at our house and we make donuts and pastries for our area convenience stores and my MIL bakery. I am doing weight watchers right now. I have lost all of my weight twice before but I did it with a low calorie diet that I couldnt stick to for the long haul but this time is different because I am actually eating. :lol: Noelle and Kempy turned me on to it. they have had great success with it as well.

LT, I dont know how you stayed on the horse when he was acting scared. I would have jumped off. :lol: You are brave. :lol: I am glad the kitties didnt die. That must be the hardest part of fostering. You rock girl!!

I gotta go feed Jay and the twins. I will check back later.

07-04-2006, 09:59 AM
Good Morning!! I got up early and got my walk done and over with. It is still muggy outside. It will rain later today because it has been sprinkling off and on and the sun is not out.

Last night we went up into my FIL gravel pit and let off some fireworks that we bought the last time we were in Florida. :sssh: We arent supposed to have them up here so dont tell anybody. :lol: The twins Loved it and Rebel wanted to get to them so we had to put him in the truck.

I only ended up using 2 of my flex points yesterday after the BBQ and that was on a WW ice cream bar. So not too bad If I dont say so myself. :lol:

Well, That is about it for me. I gotta go get a shower, start a spaghetti sauce and go to work.

07-04-2006, 10:53 AM
Hi ANGIE -- Thanks for the warm welcome. I am 42 years young, been married for almost 21 years now, and have two DD ages 19 and 17, and the oldest is married and out on her own. How do you stay away from all the goodies in your bakery? That would be very hard and tempting, but you're doing SO good with your weight loss. When I'm being good and on track, I count calories, and I really need to get refoused and start again.:o I saw that you live in Maine, and my DD's friend is coming to stay with us at the end of the month and she lives in Maine also. She has never been to the west coast, and my DD has never been to the east coast, so her friend will be here for one week, and then my DD will fly home with her to Maine for one week. I think it's a great thing they both can experience! Have a wonderful day today and be safe!;) :hug:

07-04-2006, 12:14 PM
Angie . . . My DD's friend lives in Lewiston Maine, and I have no idea where that is LOL! My most favorite food in the world is chinese food, and I used to be totally addicted to Wendys chicken nuggets and french fries; almost EVERY day for lunch.:devil: We still go out for chinese food sometimes, but just for a treat every once in awhile, because of all the sodium!:o

07-04-2006, 03:00 PM
Happy Independence day ladies!!! :wave: I just got back from breakfast w/the family........ Rick and I are a celebrating an anniversary of sorts, 17 years together?!?!! We were laughing at some old high school pictures and the hairstyles we used to have--and how a lot of our other classmates look really old today (but not us! ;) ). He is working a 1/2 day today but should be home in time to make fireworks :devil: :flame: hardy-har-har

Welcome Michelle :wave: We always welcome new people to our cozy little thread. I love these ladies like my own sisters and hope to get to know you better also. It's really cool that your DD's friend can visit and that your DD can fly over to ME to visit w/her also. That should be a great experience for both of them.

I'm a 34 y.o. married mother of one 7 y.o. son, I work w/my husband of 11 years (Rick) in our plumbing contracting/renovation business in Hawaii. We have 3 dogs, 6 cats, 1 rabbit and 3 fish. I've done WW twice...recently lost 45 lbs but have been sliding off the wagon. Angie is my inspiration now. I gotta get back on to keep up with her. :lol:

Angie, glad you got the gift. Sorry, I thought I had mailed yours on time... fireworks are banned in ME? We've had years where there are bans in place but that just makes everybody here go nuts and buy the full-on illegal aerials and 20K+ strings of firecrackers. I think with the high asian population here, fireworks are just a cultural thing. The city makes us buy permits if we want to purchase firecrackers--they make you pay $25 for one permit that allows you 5000 non-aerial fireworks. Most people just buy one permit and go to a black market source for the "good" stuff :lol: We are just doing some sparklers with the kids and some fountain stuff. The dogs will all be in the house tonight, which reminds me they all need baths.

Anway, just wanted to wish all you lovely ladies a peaceful day. Have a good one.

07-04-2006, 03:02 PM
p.s. Angie, love the new-new avatar :lol: Is that the necklace? Love it! Looks good! :D

07-04-2006, 04:25 PM
Hello Everyone and Welcome Michelle... I am fairly new to this group and I have to say that they have all been so helpful and supportive...not just in the weight loss arena but in everyday life. I know you will love it.
I went to my first Al-Anon meeting is for family and friends of alcoholics. husband is a recovering alcolholic...thus some of the issues. I have finally figured out that is why we can't seem to make head way in our relationship. Hopefully, he will see the need to return to AA to get some help. Right now...I think they refer to him as a dry drunk...meaning, he doesn't drink but acts out like someone who is. I so appreciate your prayers on this one... I honestly thought I was losing it last night when we kind of had it out.
Happy 4th to everyone... I need to go in that eyes are everywhere.
I will write more later...but just wanted to say hello. I am praying for all of you as we work through this holiday on our eating plans. :)

07-05-2006, 12:14 AM
:wave:Noelle & Claire:wave:

Thank you both for the warm welcomes to your group!:hug: :hug: I look forward to getting to know everyone here. I forgot to mention in my personal info that I now stay at home since 1-21-05, and my DH has worked for the school district almost 28 years. Hope all of you have a wonderful evening!:grouphug:

07-05-2006, 09:25 AM
Good Morning girls. It is still so muggy today. YUCK! They say it is supposed to leave this afternoon and I hope it does. My second walk last night was pure torture.

Michelle, Lewiston is in southern Maine. We dont go down that way very often. My favorite thing at Wendys is a number 6 combo. Spicy chicken. Luckily for me the Wendys near us closed right before I got back on track. I took that as a sign that I needed to get back on track. :lol:

Noelle, You know that is the necklace that you bought for me. I love it. Jay thinks it looks sexy on me so now I like it even more. :lol: . I would have gotten it on time if I could have made it to the post office on Saturday but they close early and we didnt make it up there.

Me and Jay met around this time of year too in 1988. It was right before my birthday. We were just talking about how it doesnt feel like we have known each other for 18 years. Hahaha That is so funny that you think you dont look as old as other people your age. I do the same my mind I am still 16 I guess.

Claire, I hope Alanon gives you some help in dealing with your husbands problem. I agree with you that if it is interfering with your marriage he should go back to his meetings to help him learn how to handle it. I am sending you some hugs. :hug:

Well, I gotta go wake Alicia up and go get a walk in. I hope everyone else gets a chance to post today and that you all had a great weekend!!

07-05-2006, 11:12 AM
Hey guys. I am back again. I will have to come back and tell you about my weekend. I just wanted to se hi to Michelle our newest friend! I am trying to get my butt back on WW after pretty much being off of it for 2 weeks. I didn't go to my weigh in this morning but I am going to do it here and I know the scale is the same. I have to run errands this morning so it might be later today before I can chat but never fear I will be back.

And, THANKS NOELLE!!!! That is so cute!

07-05-2006, 01:30 PM
Hey Kempy!!! Get back on that wagon!!! :kickbutt: Come on girls We all can do this!!! Lets see how well we can do for the rest of the summer!!!

I gotta go vacuum up all Rebels dog hair. I can not believe how much he can shed. :lol:

07-05-2006, 02:35 PM
Hello Everyone!
Angie...I had two weeks of no dog hair and I was in heaven! We have a border collie and I am continually amazed at how much hair that dog can shed! At times I think I could create another dog with the hair that he sheds. I feel your pain!
Kempy...I have had a rough week in the eating department. I need to do something soon. I am going to research the WW thing for my area. Maybe that will be the ticket. In the meantime...I need to stop emotionally eating.
Dips...where've ya been? Is all okay? What's going on on with the ex?
Lady T...sounds like the horse back riding was a lot of fun...and exciting too! I used to ride when I was younger. It cost me $5 a session to go riding. I would collect pop bottles and use my baby sitting money to go riding. It would be cool if I could find something like that again. I bet it would be calming for me. Did you say you have your own horse?
Noelle...thanks for your kind words and understanding my situation with my husband. I know something will work out. Did you say you were getting a new boat? Has your husband brought it home yet?'s your new job and how are things going?
Michelle...what did you do before you started staying home in '05? How do you like being home?
Gotta go... Lots of work to do today. My assitant warning...due to "health" issues. I need to find someone to cover for me tomorrow. sigh...
Take care ya'll.

07-05-2006, 02:59 PM
Claire--Before I started staying home last Januart, I had been working as a medical biller. The job was really fun at first, but then the mental and verbal abuse started in between the two sisters that owned the company. They were absolutely horrible, but nothing could be done since they were the owners, and it was a smaller company, but it was only one mile from my home, and that's what kept me there for so long. My DH finally wanted me to quit because he felt I was headed for a nervous breakdown very soon. It's so amazing how being under so much stress can really affect your health! Since not working anymore, I hardly ever get sick and I feel so much better mentally and physically.:D I sure hope things get better for you with your DH. My grandpa became an alcoholic after he retired and had too much time on his hands. I felt so sorry for my grandma, and I don't know how she did it, but she handled things very well with lots of praying. He was never physical, but very verbal, which can be just as harmful. I'm glad you're able to get to meetings and associate with other people going through the same situations.:hug:

Kempy--Hello to you also, and I look forward to getting to know you too!;)

Angie--So do you guys get humidity like the midwest? I was born in Iowa, and I still go back there during some summers for visits, and that humidity is a big killer!:devil: Last summer, my DD and I went back for six weeks, and I didn't know from day to day how I was going to make it, except for the AC was my lifesaver!:p

07-05-2006, 08:56 PM
Hello, hello ladies! Whew what a busy day! I was working hard today an a 1000 piece mail out which is kind of the "kick off" for the campaign for the new shelter. Fun, fun!! I have a meeting with my boss tonight about possibly taking on some more work on some of her other projects. For these ones I can work from home, bonus!!! :D

Michelle - Welcome!!! :welcome3: We're glad to have you! I am 27 y.o., married, no kids, 3 cats at home and a horse boarded at a barn about an hour away from where I live. I am currently working part time as an admin assistant for a consultant who is working on a capital campaign for a new building at the local Humane Society. I worked for the Society in animal care for the last two years until this spring.

Claire - I sure hope you and your DH get things together. :hug: Yes, I fdo own my horse. He is a 6 y.o. Morgan/Thoroughbred cross, I've had him for about a year. I have been riding a lot lately, and it has been great!

Kempy - I think I'm abot to hop on the WW bandwagon too. I got on the scale this A.M. and hit 238, my all-time high. Grrrrr. I was so gung-ho when I joined, somehow, I've just lost track! WW is just up the street from me though, and now that I am working again, I can afford to join. Just have to get off my butt and do it!

Angie - Damn! I wish the Wendy's near me would close.... and all fast food joints for that matter! Of course, I am in a fairly large city, so hmmm I think it's asking a bit much!

Noelle - Did yor dogs get their baths? I had to bathe my foster kittens the other night. The had diarrhea spread from one end of the bathroom to the other, not to mention all over themselves. 2 hours to clean up the bathroom and kittens, grrrrrr! Why am I doing this again?

Alright girlies I have to go get ready for my meeting, and i think I am going to try and scoot out to the barn again tonight for a ride! Have a good one!!!

07-05-2006, 09:56 PM
Hey ladies, does anyone have any Advil? :headache: I spent most of the morning at a City Council meeting in regard to the affordable housing condo they want to build in my backyard. It's not good news...the zoning committee voted 3 for and 2 against the exemptions the developer needs to get started. They will open the vote to the full 9 member council at a later date. This is scary and downright disappointing. I think all these politicians just see the word "affordable" and they close their minds to the issues that we, the community that will be affected have and just put their rubber stamp OK on everything. It's not like we're asking for the project NOT to be built, we're just asking the developer to downsize it a bit--it's a 12 story (105' high) building immediately behind my backyard. I am feeling so disgusted right now about it. That will not stop us from writing more letters in oppostion though. I spent the weekend faxing over 250 signed documents from my neighbors opposing the project. I hope it jammed up the council's fax machine and the memory too. What really gets me is that the developer is touting this project as a way to alleviate the overcrowding in this community--the only thing wrong with that is that the project is not limited for sale to those in this community. Anyone living anywhere on the island who qualifies for a unit will be considered, not just those already living in the community (i.e. those renting instead of owning). That means, this project could bring in 600--900+ MORE people from the outside communities. That is just plain dumb that they don't see that as a problem. *sigh*

I'm sorry if I just came here to dump on you guys...but thanks for listening and being there. :hug:

p.s. Claire, you're welcome ;) The boat engine is getting worked on (and should be done in the next day or two), so another trip for us as a family this time will be in order. The mechanic recommends doing a couple of soft runs to break the engine in before the long-haul trip from Kona to Honolulu... I can't wait--this I'm actually excited for. I'm sending you good vibes on getting a great new assistant to help you out. Why is it so hard to find good people that want to work???

Angie, I knew that necklace would look good because the guy who sold it to me made me try one on...and when I chose the pink one, he said to make sure I give it away as a gift like I intended and not to keep it for myself. :lol: I may just go back to the guy and buy myself one, it is cute.

Kempy, glad you got your gift too. Enjoy!

LadyT, the dogs did get their baths and they spent most of the night trying to cower under my sister's bed, poor things :lol:. The silly cat outside however, has no fear whatsoever of fireworks and seemed quite fascinated watching the fountains of fire. The loud noises did not bother him in the slightest--I thought that was so weird :lol: Cool beans on getting extra work for bonus $$$... You love those kittens, that's why you do the messy clean-up...they love ya for it.

Michelle, it can be really hard working for a family owned business--I used to work for a father and his two about differences of opinion! And big daddy was the blustery type who's word was law and written in stone :rolleyes:. I used to work directly for one of the brothers and got caught in the middle of some sticky family disagreements with the business, not fun! You're lucky to be able to enjoy staying home.

Dips, what's the word girlfriend...let me found another hottie and your time is being spent getting to know each other... (whaddya think girls, do you think that will get her out here posting?) :lol: :devil:

Well, I gotta get my payroll's almost quitting time. Be back tomorrow for more chit-chat. Have a good evening.

07-06-2006, 11:50 AM
Good Morning Ladies!!! It is actually cool and cloudy today for a change. Of course that didnt stop me from sweating my butt off on my walk. :lol:

Claire, Good Luck finding another assistant. When we got Rebel(a JRT) I didnt know how bad he would shed but my word it is alot!! When we take him for walks(twice a day) we have a ritual at the turnaround spot he will sit in the road to get us to stop and then he jumps up for kisses and while he is there me and Jay will pull out all his loose hair on his back and I have to say he isnt slowing down on the shedding any and he isnt bald yet either. :LOL:

Michelle, Yes we have been having a really humid summer this year. My air in the house is cranked up all the time this year. The bakery is so hot and humid though and the air cant keep up with that while we work so we dont have any in there.

LT, I feel ya with the kitty diarrhea. Puddin my Ragdoll has that problem when her food gets switched. She still hasnt totally recovered from the switch to adult cat food. If she gets worse again I dont know what to do...she just got done with a 3 week course of Albon which took care of it right after we got her and her food was switched. I bet those kittens remember you for life.

Noelle, I am so sorry that you guys cant do anything about the size of the building. I would be so mad too. I cant even imagine the extra noise and problems that will result from that many people living so closely to you.

My daughter wants a necklace too. I had to fight her off yesterday when she saw it. :lol: Do they have a websight where I could buy some more? I tried to find one but didnt have any luck.

HAHAHA My Mom just called to ask if I wanted her to come over and weed my garden for me. Of course I do I said. I wont do it. :lol: So I guess Saturday I will be weeding with her and Clyde. :lol:

07-06-2006, 03:46 PM
Good morning's a laundry day for me and of course it's raining--sunny as heck, but still raining steadily. Weird Hawaiian weather. Oh well, I'll use the dryer today :s:

Angie, the necklace was made by a local "real" Hawaiian guy and he sells them at the swap meet. I can easily go down there on a weekend and get you another one (we go there at least once a month anyway). I think he has two different styles of flowers plus some inital pendants, I believe the one you got was a plumeria design, he also has a little larger one of a hibiscus flower. I will try and go and take a digital pic of what he has and show you. You can see other styles of necklaces online, but most of those are acrylic or shell and made in China. This one was made in Hawaii out of Koa wood (a tree endemic to Hawaii) and made by Hawaiian hands. You can find a type of necklace on ebay, type in 'koa pendant' or koa necklace. I don't think those are as nice as the one you got though ;) Let me know if you want me to go shopping for you.

Hi to everyone....the washer is calling. :wave:

07-06-2006, 06:20 PM
Hey Noelle, That sounds great if it isnt any inconvenience to ya.

Where is everyone today??? Kempy, I want to hear how your weekend and birthday went.

07-06-2006, 06:49 PM
Ok, now that I have time to sit down and write about my b-day. To be honest I messed up this year. We had the family over Friday and I started to drink some wine. Well, the night went on and I ended up drinking a whole bottle. Well, at 11 PM I went into the front yard and could hear some friends of ours that live kind of behind our subdivision. They were cutting up and being loud so Joe and I went over there. And, I had a little bit more to drink. We stayed there until 4 in the morning and of course we were hungry so we ate at Waffle House. (good drunk food) We didn't get to bed until 5 AM So, I ended up paying for it on Saturday. Yup, I spent my whole b-day in bed feeling sick. I guess it serves me right. I should have only had one glass and stopped but I didn't. It was a fun few weeks but I am ready to get back on the wagon and lose more weight.

Michelle now I can tell you about myself. I am a self employed, married no children 32 y/old. I do have 2 labs and a cat so I do have some furry children. I do Electrolysis for a living but it seems like I am only working part time. I really would like more clients but I will take what I have now. I have been doing WW since Jan and have lost 20 lbs (added 2 over the past 2 weeks though). I really like it and think it works if you work it right. (I think Noelle just said that didn't she)

Noelle did you guys bring up the fact about the added traffic and that it wouldn't be just the people in your area able to live there? I am sure you did but I was just asking.

LT isn't it amazing that it will just come back so fast when you least expect it. I am luck that it is only 2 lbs that I put back on before I started again. Still that is 2 that I don't want back.

Claire I am such a bad emotional eater. In fact yesterday was really hard for me b/c I was bored and it was raining. (finally) So, I thought it would be good to just eat. I did stay in my points but it was really hard and I ate about 3 sugar free popsciles. I think that is the only thing that saved me.

Well guys I need to figure out something to eat for dinner. I have no idea what to eat plus, I havn't gone to the store so I know there relaly isn't anything in there. I guess I will ahve to throw a few things together and hope for the best.

07-07-2006, 01:27 PM
Oh my gosh Kempy, I feel bad for you. I bet you will know not to drink so much next time huh? :lol: I forgot to ask the other day but how did Daisy do in the garage?

Not much going on for me today I just wanted to bump us off from page 2.

07-07-2006, 05:20 PM
Hey guys. It sure is quite here today.

Anige she did good except that she is a digger. My two don't do that so it is a pain that I now have to fill in the holes. Thankfully I have some top soil left over from a project. She is HUGH though. She is much taller than Echo just not as fat. I am sure she will put on wieght once she has her first heat. I am sure they are going to fix her but I think they are waiting for that to show up first. You know, put it off as long as possible.

Not too much going on today. I just walked in the door from work. I am beat though. I didn;t get much sleep last night and I was really busy yesterday so I think I might take a quick map before I walk the dogs. (and give them a bath) I hope to see some post later.

07-07-2006, 08:11 PM
Hey ladies, TGIF eh? I am in the office today, not in the mood to work of course... I got all my laundry done yesterday--and put away! That is a record for me. I usually have at least one basket of clean clothes lying around until the next laundry day. I even did my linens and cleaned off my bureau so it's all nice and neat. When I have no control over what goes on around me I have this weird clean-streak going on. I guess it's from that stupid condo project. Anywho, I am looking forward to catching Pirates of the Caribbean tonight :hyper:. I just love watching Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom :love:

I just watched this stupid/funny movie on DVD last night called "Grandma's Boy". I needed that laugh, even if it was gross humor. Anyone have any movie recommendations? I need to add to my Netflix queue.

Kempy, at least you enjoyed the night before your b-day's been a long time since I've gotten plastered :lol: I don't miss the hangovers ;) Hey, if you're up on the wagon can you pull me on up? I can't seem to get a good foot-hold there. :mcd: <---- I had this for lunch :ink:

Angie, so what are your plans for this weekend? Or are you just working right on through?

OK ladies, y'all need to come out and make some noise around here--keep me awake while I'm at work, ya know? :lol: Have a good day!

07-07-2006, 08:38 PM
Noelle I say that I am on the wagon. I have been making sure that I can still have my ice cream at night. I still have not been able to get myself to workout though. I have those new TaeBo DVD's and I havn't even put them in the machine. It is just so hot right now all I want to do is lay on the sofa. I usually go through a depression in the summer and winter but I am trying to fight this one. I know what you mean about cleaning. I do the same thing. I have a SERIOUS probelm with luandry. IT really drives Joe crazy too. We have a big luandry room so the clothes usually stay there. All of the hang up stuff is layed flat and for some reason I can't get them out of there the moment I take them out of the dryer. I have had this issue for as long as I can remember though so I guess it just isn't going away. Oh well. Sorry no movie recs. We usually just catch what comes on HBO or the other movie channels. We really aren't theater people. We like to sit around in our undrewear. :lol:

07-08-2006, 08:59 AM
Good Morning. I gotta go get my walk over with but I wanted to check in and post my weigh in. DOWN 2.3 Pounds!!! WOOHOO!!!! Slowly but surely I will get there and hopefully I will stay there this time!!!! :lol:

I will be back later to post replys.

07-08-2006, 01:18 PM
I just got done washing the dogs. I didn't do it yesterday. I seemed to find other things to do. I really need to start cleaning the house. You know, the normal weekend routine. Today clean and tomorrow cut the grass. I love the grass part though so I don't complain. I usually get mad if Joe does it when I am at work. Weird I know.

Angie GREAT JOB!!! Isn't WW great. I love that I can eat what I want and still lose. I am almost to were I was 2 weeks agao. I have 1.5 lbs to go. I am sure I will be there as long as I take this weekend and do what I am supposed to do. This is usually when I freak out and eat everything in site. We are staying home and I already know what I am cooking for dinner so I should be ok. Joe's friend from FL is here and he loves my red beans and rice so that is on the menu along with corn bread. He is so easy to please when it comes to food.

I hope you guys check in today.

07-09-2006, 12:11 PM
Hi All!! I really should be out in the bakery baking but I am sitting here finding ways to put it off. :lol: I hate it when I do that. I should have went out right after my shower and I would have it all done before jay gets home and we have to start the donuts but now I am going to have to cram it all together.

Kempy, I have never ran the lawnmower. I should because we have a big yard and it would be great exercise but I will pay the kids to do it. :lol: I helped my Mom and Claudia weed my vegetable garden yesterday and I had sweat running down my legs. I got queasy at one point. YUCK!! Next year I am doing a smaller one. :lol:

Well, I have checked in so now I dont have any excuse for why I am not out working. :lol: I hope more people get a chance to post. Did we lose everybody?

07-09-2006, 03:12 PM
Well Angie, it looks lie it might just be you and I here right now. I wonder where everyone went.

I wish I had a place for a veggie patch but the deck takes up so much room. Even if we do stay we are going to get a pool so, still no garden. I am going to do an herb garden next year though. I am tired of buying them all the time.

The yard is cut and I am inside thinking about taking a nap. A lazy Sunday afternoon. Joe is watching the Wrold Cup and that really dosen't intrest me that much.

I hope more of you guys come out and chat.

07-09-2006, 11:47 PM
I'm here :carrot: ...just incredibly busy with work. I wrote an offer this weekend...which is good news. Hopefully, by the days end tomorrow it will be accepted and I can move on to the next deal.
It's been a rough few days at home. We are working through things though. At times, I would just like to throw in the towel. That would be the easy thing to do. But...I love my husband enough to hang in. He is trying. As long as he is...I will.
I haven't been on the scale since my period started on Friday. I have not been eating the right foods. :hun: The cravings are starting to praisalluiah. I will be calling tomorrow to see if they got my blood results so I can get the infamous butt pellet on Friday this week:o . Hopefully, I won't have to wait a week. I will also need to find someone to work for me on my days off this week as well. I start interviewing tomorrow. Can I say, "bleah"? :barf: I don't like interviewing. I wish someone perfect would just pressent themselves and say, "Here I am...the perfect assistant. Hire me!" Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. :)
Tuesday my son leaves for Garden Valley, camp for his trip to Africa. He will then fly to Africa on Friday. I know he is in the Lord's hands...but each time one of my kids flies heart aches. This is his first trip out of the USA. Would you all pray for him...(and me as I try to not worry)?:stress: Thanks!
Kempy and Angie...thanks for holding down the fort in this thread. I do read...just don't always have time to write.
More later... Have a great Monday!!!:balloons:

07-10-2006, 01:31 AM
Hey girls, happy Sunday afternoon.....night for you guys I know. I have had a busy weekend. I made arrangements to go to Hilo and Kona this coming Friday. Rick's boat is ready so we will go for the weekend and he will have it sailed home on Monday morning. Michael and I will fly home Sunday night. We've also been busy with the condo-busting (as I like to call it), meeting with the neighbors and figuring out ways we can get more people to stand up and make their concerns heard before the next City council meeting. It's not easy. I also went to a graduation party last night for our neighbor's daughter. So much good food (which I ate too much of) plus they had a hypnotist for entertainment. It was hilarious.

Angie, first of all, BIG CONGRATS on your loss! :dancer: You rock girl!!!! Secondly, I went to the swap meet today and got some pictures of the pendants and stuff the koa jewelry guy sells. He says he ships to the mainland all the time so I will show you the pics and maybe you can give him a call, or maybe just PM me with what you want and we'll see how much it costs. I didn't know this at first but on one of Jasmine Trias' CD covers (you know that American Idol girl from Hawaii last season?), she was wearing that very necklace you have. Anyway, I will have to go into the office and resize the pics and email then to you.

Claire, we are in the same boat you and I, just on a different part of the journey. :hug: Prayers for you and the hubby, and your son to be kept safe and have a great experience.

Kempy, I wish we had a backyard pool too...well, not the mudbog that we actually have now, but a real pool like you want to get :lol:

Anywho, gotta go upstairs and get Michael some dinner. Have a great evening. Chat more tomorrow.

07-11-2006, 10:26 AM
Hi Guys!!! Wow this thread is some slow right now. I meant to post yesterday but Jay had his first day off in over 2 weeks so I babied him all day. :lol: I love doing that. haha

Kempy, A herb garden is a great idea. I had some in pots in my kitchen window until I didnt water them enough and I killed them. :lol:

Claire, Good luck with your interviews. I hope you find somebody soon.

Noelle, Did you go see Pirates Of the Carribbean? I can not wait until it comes out on DVD so I can just buy it.

We have been trying to finalize our plans for our vacation in December. It sounds weird to do it now but since it is at Christmas I need to reserve the Boarding Kennel for Mickey and Candi now and our rv parks need to be reserved because they sell out that week. So now I have to find the time to go check out the baording kennel. It seems really nice and it is certified so hopefully I will meet them and relax my fears a little bit.

Well, I have to jump in the shower. I hope everyone can post sometime soon.

07-11-2006, 10:41 AM
Hey kempy, I meant to ask you if you got any sandals from the sandal parade? I didnt get any. :( :)

07-11-2006, 12:00 PM
Good morning ladies. I am home for right now. I don't have a client until 5 so I thought I would try my new TaeBo. Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was really busy with clients (thanfully) and I was beat when I got home. We got a hard rain yesterday around 10 and I had to run home to put the dogs in. I didn't want them to get soaked. They were fine when I got here so I brought them in and headed back to work. Well, once I got to the salon it was pouring and I had to run across the parking lot. I was soaked when I finally make it there. So much for straight hair. The good thing is that I am in the salon so I was able to fix my hair after my client left. God I love that place.

Claire good deal on the contract. Hoe long have you been selling homes? I was looking in the Houston area just to see what they have and I am not a happy person. My dream of oqning a big southern home does not exist in TX. At least not there. I am really going to have to contact an agent if we do have to move over there. I know they can check the MLS and be more specific to what I want. I just hope I don't have to do that. I know you son will be fine and have a great time too.

Noelle I worked on my WW leader yesterday (I havn't been to a meeting in about a month). Well, she came in I felt guilty and started spilling my guts about how bad I had been and that is why I wasn't going to my weigh-ins but I promised that I would be there Wednesday no matter what. It is amzaing what I blerted out. :lol:

Anige I have gottne about 5 flip flops. My neighbor (the one who gave it to me) has gottne about 8. I think it might take longe to do that the letter says. I thought it was great but I guess not everyone feels that way. I hope you see some soon. Did you mail to any out of town people?

I guess I need to go do something so that I am not sitting in front of the puter all day long. I hope everyone that is not posting is ok. I hate that we lost them so soon after getting this thing rocking.

07-11-2006, 12:52 PM
Good Morning, Ladies...

I just said good bye to my son. My two daughters, my nephew and one of their friends are taking him to Garden Valley, TX today. I honestly didn't think I would cry...but the moment I said amen after praying for him...I started to boo hoo. I have been told it's not a bad thing to cry...and honestly, I have come to accept that I will. :) It's just hard saying good bye to your one and only know??? He will be gone for a month. Sigh...
I got my offer accepted yesterday and may be writing another today. The realtor said he would be pushing the home I have for sale. I hope we can work something out.
I will be going to Al Anon again today. I am actually looking forward to it in that it helps keep me focused. I hope my husband will do the same with his AA meetings. Something tells me that he feels like he doesn't need the meetings.
Kempy...I have been in real estate for almost 13 years. I really do enjoy my work and it's kind of cool to realize that I really understand it and am good at what I do. I have gone through my life being pretty mediocre at everything I do... You know...jack of all trades, master of none. So...all of that to say...if you have questions on real estate in TX...I can help. Also, if you end up needing a realtor...I can track down a good one for you in the Houston area. I have realtor friends there that can help you find someone there that knows the area well and can find what you are looking for.
Angie...did you say where you are going on your vacation? Forgive me for not knowing if you did. I understand about getting things taken care of now for a vacation then. We just finalized plans with a friend of my husband's to come and take care of the ranch while we are gone on our cruise in August. It looks like we will still need to find someone for two of the days we are gone. The cows would be okay for two days...the chickens...well...they are a bit persnickity. They tend to knock over their watering bottles and would end up parched and whithered by the time we got back. :) will have to post a picture of the boat... I would love to see it.
I need to get going.
I will write more later!

07-11-2006, 02:02 PM
I have 2 words to say...... HOLY CRAP!!! I just did my ne TaeBo stuff and I almost didn't make it through. I did the 30 min cardio and I thought I would die. I think I am going to have to do that one a few more times b4 I try the actual bootcamp one. I know I got in a good workout though.

Claire I will keep you in mind if we do have to look in TX. My problem is I want a bigger lot than what I have now (.33acres) and I don't think they have many of those. It looks like poeple want more house than yard. By the way, do you know how many Sq Ft. that is? (our lot)

Well, it is lunch time girls. I'll check back later.

07-11-2006, 09:26 PM
I'm back!!!!
We got back last night and I'm still fighting the jet lag. We had such a great time; we hit 8 countries in the 5 weeks we were gone. I have tons of pictures and I'll share some of them soon.
I've been trying to stay busy today so I'll sleep well tonight. Last night I got to bed at 10:30 and was awake at 3am.
I don't think I'll be able to catch up on the posts, but I'm glad to be back and able to chat again.


07-11-2006, 09:43 PM
Hello, hello ladies!

Sorry I haven't been posting regularly but I've been out and enjoying the summer sunshine here! I tend to go out a lot in the summer evenings because it is light until like 10:30 or 11:00 at night during the summer here. In the winter it gets dark at 5:00, so you can't do a heck of a lot outside, so I tend to take advantage of the light while it is here!! :cool: :D

The Edmonton International Street Performer's Festival is happening here right now. My DH and I took my younger cousin out to it this weekend and had a great time watching some of the acts. :rofl:

My foster kittens are running around like wild things, terrorizing my bigger cats, LOL. Poor, poor kitties, they will be so glad to see the tail end of these babies. But Barkley (my DH) and I will sure miss them. We both are wishing we had a bigger house so 5 cats wouldn't seem like so many! :^:

On the diet side of things... well better to say nothing, really I s'pose. I'm really just a :ink: . I used to lose weight so easily in the summer because of the heat and being so busy. But this summer I am just shoveling in the food. And the only exercise I am getting is riding. Which I am doing like 3 or 4 times per week which is great, but not enough to counteract my bad eating. So I am stuck in this bad rut, and the only one who can pull me out is me, but man, I just can't seem to do it. Sorry to go on and on....

Angie - You are doing so awesome, every time I check in you have more losses reported! :hug: It's so awesome to see!

Kempy - Sounds like you are back on track! WTG with the TaeBo! I am sure it will get easier once you are back in the swing of it.

Noelle - Have fun picking up the new boat! Damn I wish I had come on the board *before* my trip to HI this spring!

Claire - Great job on selling those homes. The housing market here is simply BOOMING! There are more and more new homes everywhere you look, and we are getting quite the urban sprawl out here.

Well Barkley just finished cooking my supper, so I guess the least I can do is go eat it with him! LOL! Have a great one girls, I will try and post more often!

07-12-2006, 08:24 AM
Good Morning girls!! I have no idea what puddin thinks she is doing but the past 3 mornings when she wants to come into my room to cuddle she has bitten me. She will be prring and cuddly and then just nibble my skin. OUCH!!! She is such a little brat!! :lol: I love her though. :lol:

Kempy, Dont ya hate it when the rain does that? :lol: It always seems to pour harder when you have to go in it. We had really bad lightning storms here a few days ago...Knocked out power out and burned a couple houses in our area down. We even had hail.

Claire, I would love to be a realtor. I am not a very good people person though. I do love to walk through all the houses. When my sister was looking for a new house me and jay went with her to see all the houses. :lol:

Cal, I am glad to hear you guys had a fun trip. I cant wait to see pics. Thanks for the postcard. I have it hanging in my kitchen.

LT, Kittens are so fun to watch arent they? I have 2 siamese kittens(they are 1 now) that are little buttheads. They have managed to pick all my wallpaper off the walls. I had to redo the kitchen and kids bath because they peeled all the borders off and now they are doing it to the livingroom. I have never kept my cats inside until I got them and let me tell ya sometimes I wished they went outside so they would be tuckered when they come in. :lol:

I have to go get my walk in. I will be back later.

07-12-2006, 10:37 AM
It's D day or should I say W day. I am heading to weigh in in a bit and I don't feel very good about it. I checked and the last time I weighed in at the meeting was 6/7. I just now it will either be the same or a gain. Why do I do these things to myself?

Cal I was just thinking about you. I was wondering when you were coming home. I hope you got some good sleep and I can't wait to see the pics either.

LT don't give up. You know you can come and chat no matter what is going on, or not going, in the diet and exercise department. I wish I could get my hubby to cook on a regular basis. But, I try not to complain b/c he does work more than I do so I usually have more time than him. Plus, if I cook it will be healthier than if he does.

Claire are you getting very many Katrina people up your way who are buying homes? You would not believe what that storm did for the value of our home. It is crazy.

Ok, I guess I need to get myself together and head to the weigh in. YUCK! I'll check back later to let you know the news.

07-12-2006, 10:42 AM
:goodscale Good Luck with your weigh in Kempy!! :goodluck:

07-12-2006, 01:06 PM
Ok, I know this is going to sound stupid but, I think their scale is off. Mine usually says the same thing as theirs and when I got there I was up 2lbs from what mine said this morning. Now, I didn't eat or drink b4 that so how in the world did I gain that in the car ride over there? I mean I knew I was bad for a few weeks but when I weighed in at home it really hadn't taken that much of a toll. So, I am not happy right now. I hate that this makes me in a bad mood but I am a woman right?

07-12-2006, 05:25 PM
Hey Kempy, I am sorry the scales didnt say what you wanted. :hug: But at least on the bright side you didnt do too much damage and in a few weeks you should be right back where you want to be. We are all learning to make this a lifestyle and not just a diet. We will always have bad days but at least we keep trying...right? I STILL think you ROCK!!!!

07-12-2006, 07:31 PM
Thanks Angie. I can't believe that I have let this ruin my day. I have been in a bad mood all day. I just get peeved about eveything that I try to do. I know it is stupid but I guess this is just one of my off days.

Where is eveyone right now?

07-13-2006, 12:03 AM
So I got a migraine today. I get them occasionally when I sleep in a funny position that does bad things to my neck. I have been in 5 car accidents over the years, and my neck is pretty good most of the time, but sometimes I just get a kink in it. Well today I was fighting this headache. Then I went into a 2.5 hour meeting. By the time the meeting was done I could barely speak. I just packed up and left for the day. On the way home I had to pull over my car and get sick at the side of the road, my head hurt so bad! :headache: It is a little better now, but I think I am off to bed early tonight.

Kempy - :hug: Don't feel too bad! 2 lbs isn't a lot of gain, even though it is more than you wanted! I think I am going to join WW this week. If I don't you can kick my butt, OK? And I'll kick yours too! LOL!:kickbutt: :dust:

Angie - Siamese can be such a pain! Are yours very vocal? I will always keep my cats inside now that I have worked at the shelter. We get cats in that have been hit by cars sooooo often. It is so sad.:cry:

Cal - WELCOME BACK!!!! Was it wonderful? How was Disneyland?! Was Ashley excited! Come tell us all about it! :blah:

I realized today how sad it is that I can't get motivated. The girls at work have even started a Fitness Challenge which is really cool. I signed up for it, but have I done anything?! NO (well, besides riding...) :mad: Sometimes I am such an idiot! :P

Well anyway, I am off to bed to try and get rid of my headache for once and for all (or at least until next time)! Thank God I don't get them like this too often. I think I would go crazy! :crazy:

07-13-2006, 08:55 AM
Good Morning!!

Kempy, I feel your is exactly how I gained all this weight back. It sucks that we cant be logical about weightloss and realize that we havent blown it but like you said we are women. :lol: We think with our hearts. You will be back to where you want to be in no time so I hope you dont let it get you down to much.

LT, My aunt get migranes regularly. I have never had one and I hope I dont. They sound terrible. I hope you dont get any more in the future.

Out of Tyson and Teddy (my siamese) Tyson is the wallpaper ripper and Teddy is the vocal one. He will dig on my bedroom door at night and do that obnoxious meow. :lol: I do give them credit because they are like ragdolls with the kids. They love to be held on their backs etc. They just love the kids(They are the only animals that do. :lol: )

Well, I did my measurements this morning since the 13th of the month is my monthly day. I lost 7 1/2 inches!!!! Holy cow!!!! so with last months lost I have a combined loss of 12 3/4 inches in the last 2 months.

I have to get in a walk and make some no bakes for the accounts. I hope everyone can check in today....we are getting lonely!!!

07-13-2006, 10:17 AM
Sorry I haven't been around but things are crazy around here. I won't bore you with the details but I swear there just aren't enpugh hours in a day.

If I may confide in you all for a moment:

I really feel like something is wrong with me. For the last 4 months my TOM has been rediculously irregular. It's like on for 3 weeks and then off for like 3 days then it starts again. When it first happened i took it as a freak occurance but now it's consistant and it's driving me nuts. I made an appointment to see my doctor but as you can imagine, I'm paranoid thinking about all the things that could be wrong with me. I'm freaking out here :eek:

07-13-2006, 11:26 AM
Hey Dips, I hope things slow down for you soon.

Good Luck at the doctors. I hope it isnt anything serious. :hug:

07-13-2006, 03:58 PM
Hey girls, TGIT! It's a "friday" for me, we'll be leaving for the Big Island bright and early tomorrow. Sorry I've been AWOL around here. I swear my hands have been tied up with this condo project thing. Last night we went over to the neighbor's house down the road to have a meeting and didn't get home til after 10:45 pm. I am dragging my butt today. We are making more signs and planning the best strategy for all of us to speak out at the next council meeting. Boring stuff I know, but it's a huge deal around here. We may be just a row of 50+ houses immediately affected, but we are trying our best to get everyone around the neighborhood to come out and speak out against it.

Dips, I had the same problem last fall. My problem was too much estrogen from gaining too much weight too fast--it was screwing with my periods. I got back on BCP and it regulated me within a month or two. If you've been working out alot, that could cause the change in your monthly... I had to drop some weight and start exercising to really make myself normal again. Good luck at the doc and make them listen to your concerns, I hate it when drs. are in a rush-rush mode and appear to not listen while you're right in front of their face. Take care girl. :hug:

Angie, WOWZA on those inches!!! :high: Sorry, I didn't get those pics downloaded, my home computer is on the blink again. I will try again this morning since I brought my card-reader to work with me.

LT, take care of that migraine. I get those sometimes and it's not a fun place to be at all. I feel out of control w/my eating these days too. We will get a grip on ourselves soon though with all the support from these great ladies. Good luck on your fitness challenge--you can do it!! :dancer:

Kempy, I have to give you credit girl, you went and spilled your guts and you weighed in. :bravo: I am such a chicken sh*t...haven't gone back in 3 weeks? I like to blame the stress from this damned condo project, but I know I need to get back on track and soon or else I'll be right back to square one. :( You are soooooo close to goal girl, don't give up.

Welcome back Cal :wave: We missed you. You must be crazy tired from all that traveling. Can't wait to see pics though. How was Ashley's reaction to Disney Paris???

Claire, how goes it down your way? :D

:wave: Hi to Maggzs, Julie and anyone else our there in lurkdom. I gotta get a move on.

p.s. Angie, tell Jay I will be visiting the Big Island Volcanoes for him :fire:

07-14-2006, 09:29 AM
Good Morning All,

I'm still trying to deal with the jet lag; at least today I slept past 5am...barely!
I'm glad to be home, but at the same time I miss being in Europe. We saw so much...Paris....Trier, Germany-the oldest town in Germany....the Alps....all of Italy (this time we went to Pisa and a beach on the Mediterranean as well as Bologna and Venice)....the real Matterhorn mountain....Mont Blanc with its huge glaciers....the castles of the Loire Valley....(Ashley would say Disneyland)....etc.
I'm organizing the pictures and will have some of them to share soon.
Ashley was so surprised to go to Disneyland. We kept the secret until we were actually already in the hotel near it. She never paid attention to all the signs we saw as we got closer that said 'Parcs Disney' 'Disney Hotels' and 'Disney Village'. She was so excited that she didn't even want to eat breakfast the morning we headed out to the park.
We watched them getting ready at Disney Village for the final game of the World Cup. It was interesting being in France for the final game...and being with an Italian who kept saying in French "The French are going to lose!" He kept getting stares from people; of course, he was loving it. He was very happy with the outcome of the game.
Ashley loved the castles and decided that she's a real princess. She kept saying that she wants to live in a castle. She also loved the painting, Mona Lisa, and kept wanting to go back to see it. While at the Louvre Museum, we went back to the room that has the Mona Lisa at least 4 times because she was so taken by it and kept wanting to see it.
In Bologna, Italy, Ashley climbed to the top of one of the towers (498 steps up and 498 steps down). I was really proud of her. She also climbed to the top of the Leaning Tower in Pisa, Italy; she said she will never go again because she got dizzy.
Now we are resting as much as possible (right now it is easy to stay indoors when the temps outside are over 110F...45C). :flame:
I looked at some of the past posts and a great big HURRAY for the pounds and inches lost. I'm proud of everyone.
I great big :hug: for those who need it.
And, a great big GLAD TO BE BACK WITH ALL OF MY FRIENDS!!!:grouphug:


07-15-2006, 09:25 AM
Hi guys. Today is weigh in day and I am down another 3.4 pounds this week!!! YEAH!!!

07-15-2006, 09:32 AM
Way to go Angie!! I'm so proud of you!! I knew you could do it. You are such an inspiration to me. I went to the doctor yesterday and I'm down only 2 lbs., but I guess that's not too bad considering I just got back from vacation.

07-17-2006, 09:35 AM
Good morning all,
I hope everyone had a great weekend. I can't believe how tired I still am; even went to bed at 7:30 last night.

I finally got some pics for you. Hopefully the following link will take you to them

Let me know what you think. We really did have a great time and we're already planning to do it again in two years. Hubby said this trip was my Christmas, birthday, Mother's Day, and anniversary gift all in one. It also occurred to me that today is our 10th anniversary; where does the time go?????

Have a great Monday.


07-18-2006, 10:02 AM
That is so great Anige that you are losing like that. I have switched to the core program for this week to see if I can make myself start losing again. Boy is it a big change.

Cal your pics are great. They look like postcards. I really want to travle there now. I am sure it will be a few years before we will be able to head over that way so keep the pics coming so that I can dream.

I have a little time before I go in today so I am going to attemp my TaeBo bootcamp again. I think I need to do it more than once a week for it to work. :lol: This heat is really getting to me this year. It makes me so tired all i want to do it lay around and not do much. I really have to push myself to do anything these days. Well, I hope the thread comes back to life soon. I am going to make myself move and I will check back later.

07-18-2006, 04:15 PM
Just checking in. I am gome from work and I am thinking about taking a nap. (this damn heat). I am scared to see what the electric bill is going to be this month. Two months ago it was $77 and then last month it was $128. Big jump. I just hope this month doesn't hit $200. I am trying to do what I can to keep it down and still stay cool.

I hope you guys come out and chat.

07-18-2006, 06:24 PM
Hi ladies... had a great time on the Big Island this past weekend. I got pictures this time and am trying to upload the onto photobucket but it's taking a while. The boat is still not on the water, just a few remaining parts need to be put in. The mechanic said by the end of today it should be ready to tow down to the harbor. Rick may be going back to Kona again this weekend :rolleyes:. Oh well, I hope the boat gets to Honolulu safely whenever it gets here.

Cal, welcome home girlfriend! I loved your pictures--such great sights you saw! I am so in awe of the places you visited. And happy belated anniversary to you and Alberto :love: 10 years is a thing to celebrate! :grouphug:

Angie, congrats on your super losses :dancer: You are absolutely working it and melting away. :D

Kempy, tell me how you like Core and how it works for you. I am not doing anything right now. :( I am so not making it a lifestyle... I have pictures though, so that may have been the kick in the arse I needed again--I still don't like the way I look yet :lol:.

I gotta run and get some things done. The big City Council meeting is tomorrow and I will so glad when it is over.....whether or not they listen to us. I am tired of this constant stress level about it. Have a great day ladies. I hope to be back in a little bit with some pics.

07-18-2006, 09:27 PM
Here's some pics of the sights I saw while on the Big Island of Hawaii. These ain't got nothin' on Cal's pics of Europe, but I wanted to share anyway. :lol:

Hope the link works :crossed:

07-19-2006, 10:12 AM
This is so weird! I posted yesterday and it didn't go through. HATE IT when that happens!

Angie YOU GO GIRL!! You are doing so incredibly well. I am too proud of you.

Cal- Welcome home, Love. I missed you and you were so sweet to send postcards while on your super fabulous trip. Those pics are absolutely amazing! By the way. 2 pounds is a significant loss! Be happy about it.

Kempy- Hope the new plan works for you. I too bougt the Boot Camp series but I've only done them a few times. Most of my workouts happen away from my house. You're doing great though, don't slow down!

Noelle- You look great in your pictures and hawaii looks fabulous too. Mike's cheeks are losing their pinchability but he's still a looker!

Well- my doc appt is on friday. [I just love how you have to book a doc like 3 weeks in advance] Hopefully they can give me something that will make me normal again. This sonstant TOM is driving me up the damn wall.

In case you are wondering, Niko is doing well. this morning we went running up hills and he is passed out on my bed right now :lol: The West Indian Day parade is coming up first week in September so I have a little mini cahllenge with myself to drop some pounds before Labor Day. I was so disappointed that I didn't do to well for the 4th of july challenge :( but life goes on, right? So me and Niko are stepping it up so that we can represent at the parade!


07-19-2006, 06:41 PM
Hi everyone. Ladies, I've really missed you. There's lots of reasons why I've been MIA. One, is that I haven't been doing well at all on my weight loss. I know it's a mind set, and I guess my mind isn't there yet, but I'm working on it. Two, is I've had surgury on my sinuses/nose & the computer is the last thing I wanted to look at. But I'm feeling better now. They took to stitches out today, and the headaches haven't too bad the last couple of days. However, I'm still taking the pain medication. A lot less, but still taking it. :dizzy: I still look gross though. My husband finally talked me into going out to dinner last night for my birthday, and I think my looks scared a little girl. :eek: Hopefully within the next week, all the swelling will be gone, and the covering on my nose will fall off.

Dips, sorry to hear of the problem. I don't know if this will help, but I use natural balancing cream and it has done wonders with regulating me cycles, and I'm a much happier person when, with very little pms. I used to be a raging maniac :tantrum: Anyway, I hope all goes well.

Angie, sorry to hear about all the stress and things from Brit coming back home. When I hear of things like that I think of boot camp. You know, you see the talk shows where the teens are out of control, and out comes "sergeant boot camp guy" and shapes them right up. On another notes, congrats on all the weight loss. You are still my hero. :woo:

Noelle, Your pics are great. Your son is so cute. I'm sorry to hear about the building trouble. I used to work for counsel for the county in my area, and there were several building projects that were dropped because the area/neighborhood chose to fight it. Has your neighborhood thought of seeking legal counsel to fight them? Also, as much as I hate some of the things the environmentalists do (I'm a dairy/farm girl, and they make it harder and harder for diary farmers) you might want to try finding out if there's any endangered wild life in that area. That works every time.

Kemp, we're having a heat wave too right now. I'm going to hate to see my bill too. I have turbo jam dvd's, and they're great, but I have to do them to see results. That's my biggest problem is making myself do it. :dust:

Cal, welcome back. I loved your pictures. I love looking at photos with all the history. That's an amazing trip you took. And congrats on the 2 lb. loss. Most people usually gain when they come back from a trip, so you did great. :woo:

LT, I'm sorry about the headaches. They really can stop you for a while, can't they. I know exactly how you feel about not getting motivated. I'm in the same boat with you right now. :dust: :dust: for the both of us. I'm need to get back into WW, and stop putting it off.

I guess being long winded :blah: is what happens when you've been away for so long. I hope all of you and a great afternoon/evening. :hug:

07-19-2006, 07:33 PM
Hey guys.

Noelle I love the pic of Michael and Rick with the wind. That is so funny. Now I really want to head over there too.

Anige good attitude about the bloat. I try to keep those thoughts in my head when I am about to start. PMS usually kicks in and I turn into a big baby about everything. Joe told me the other night he would much rather me be *****y than all emotional. What a thing to hear from a man. :lol:

Dips it is so nice to see you again. I am gald to hear that you have a doc appt. I guess it is a good thing that you are not sick havning to wait 3 weeks. I usually will go to the nurse practitioner but I don't know if they would let me do that if something was wrong.

CW good to see you too! What part of CA are you in? We are heading over there for Christmas. My MIL live in Orange county and we go there every other year to see her. Boy, are those plane tickets high right now. I am almost tempted to say we are not going to get gifts for eveyone if we have to go out there. There is no way I am going to pay $800 for the flight and have to shell out more money just for presents.

Not much going on with me today. I went and got re-measured for a bra. I thought I was wearing the wrong size and I was. No wonder I was uncomfortable. Thank the Lord I didn't go up a cup size. I think I am big enough. It figures though, I was looking to get a few things for the house and I couldn't find a darn thing. I really need to go figure something to eat. It is a little harder now that I am doing Core.

07-19-2006, 09:58 PM
Noelle I meant to ask youif you are watching Rockstar. I love that show. I guess I am more of a rocker girl than I thought.

07-19-2006, 10:14 PM
Hi girls, we are just back from the City Council meeting regarding the condo project. The council voted for approving the measure 7 to 2.....phhhhhtttt :mad: So i guess there will be an eyesore of a building in my backyard. At least we tried. I feel so drained right now. Even though the vote didn't go our way, I am glad this part is over....some of the stress can go away for now.

cw, I wonder where i could find some endangered species that I could let loose on the land back there, hmmmm.... :chin: The fight's not over yet... :lol: I hope you are recuperating from your surgery really quick like and feel much better. Don't worry about scaring kids, they're pretty resilient :lol:

Kempy, I have watched a few episodes of Rockstar Supernova...just to get an eyeful of Tommy Lee, but i haven't really been following it too closely. That is funny about what Joe said about being *****y instead of emotional... I am always *****y (I think so anyway :lol: )

Hey Dips :wave: I know you will kick some major butt on your Labor Day challenge :kickbutt: Good to know Niko is keeping ya motivated too.

Angie, hey girl, hang in there with Brit. She needs you more than she wants to admit. I hope she straightens out for ya. I would love it if you or Kempy or anyone would come out to Hawaii.... even if it was a neighbor island. I would definitely come out and try to see you guys and maybe play tourist with you.

I almost forgot, yesterday my dad and I were walking home from the Farmer's Market at the park... there's a neighbor's dog that is tied with a length of clothesline and when we passed by with Lucky (our dog) the dog just jumped right through a hole in the fence--his lead was so long he could reach out to the street! He nearly knocked my dad off his feet with the damn rope. I was screaming my head off to some kids at the house to pull him back in to their yard and they just stood their with their mouths open like dummies. The only thing they said was "that's not my dog".... I was SO PISSED! My dad just got out of the hospital a month and a half ago and he's not so steady on his feet anymore. I called the pound and made a lot of noise and a formal complaint. I hope this dog with his ignorant owners gets taken away from them. They do nothing for his welfare and don't seem to care for the problems he causes. I hate stupid pet owners! Ok, end rant....

hello to all...... be back to chat tomorrow.

07-20-2006, 11:15 AM
Good Morning everyone!! I just took Rebbie for a walk. It is so hot out. Oh and my neighbor mowed his fields and the sides of the road so of course it drove the snakes out of the field and into the road. Yesterday there was a nice big one squished in the road. SO GROSS!!!

Cal, I mean to congratulate you on coming back from vacation with a weight loss!!! Too cool!! I will use you as my inspiration when I get to go on a vacation. YOU ROCK!!!! Especially since I am sure there was so much nice rich food over there. Did you guys get to spend alot of time with Alberto's family? I hope so.

Dips, Good luck with your appointment. I hope everything is alright. I am glad to hear that Niko is doing well as well. I was thinking about you guys the other day.

CW, OUCH! I hope you heal up soon and feel better. Boot camp sounds like a great idea. I seriously think it is a spoiled issue more than anything. She makes it into a game to get what she wants. I have no idea why she is doing it now because it never happened when they were little. That is okay though...we have decided that she is to get nothing but her basics until she starts to at least appreciate the things we have tried to do for her. She can get a job if she needs anything else. When my sister had had enough of her and told her to pack her stuff because she is moving back home she held her up for about an hour and then as they were leaving she looks at my sister and smiled and said "See, I always win" nice attitude huh? I love her to death but she is so hard to live with now.

Kempy, I only get *****y. :lol: I can tell I am going to start soon because I have been waking up wanting to beat people this week. :lol: I always tell Jay and Alicia that if I am *****y just pay no attention to me because I am going to start my period any day now. :lol:

How does Core work?

Noelle, I am so sorry that they voted for the project. Could they at least build one of those tall privacy walls to keep the noise down for you gys and to kind of seperate them from yours? What will that do to everyones property value? Jay really wants to come over and so do I. Maybe if I cant make it this year then next year we will save our vacation money and drop the kids at grammies house and go on a romantic vacation alone. :lol:

Has anyone heard from Cherie? She was buying a new house wasnt she? I wished they would all come back. Julie? Red? Hi guys!! :wave:

07-20-2006, 08:14 PM
Hey ladies, not much going on with me right now....just working. This morning I went and filed the complaint at the pound about that dog incident the other day. I forced myself not to go and look at the dogs and cats, because I could spend hours playing with them. I had to get back to the office and get some bills paid.

Angie, I gotta give you credit girl, for going out there walking in the heat and braving SNAKES! :eek: I went to take the dog out yesterday evening and it was still so darn humid that my shirt was soaking through before I even got halfway. It was so gross! I can't wait for it to ease up. It was only 84 degrees yesterday but the humidity was so high it was more like 90. Today is slightly better. i'm staying in the office with my A/C on....

other than that, nothing much going on. Gotta get back to work! :wave:

07-21-2006, 10:08 AM
Good morning girls!! Well, TOM came and the bloat left!!!! YEAH!!! :cheer: But the cramps are so bad today. I know TMI!! Sorry.

Noelle, luckily we dont have any really big snakes or venomous snakes in Maine but a snake is a snake to me and they are all gross!! :lol:
My shirt did that a few weeks ago. I usually wear black on my walks because when I sweat it doesnt show as much. Well, that day I was wearing light pink and it was breezy out at my house(on top of a hill) so i talked Jay into going around town. At the end of the walk the sweat started to show on my chest and we had to walk by a house of people we know and they had company out in their garden right by the road. :lol: I was so embarrassed.

Well, I have to get moving today and maybe actually clean the house. :lol:

07-21-2006, 02:39 PM
Hello Hello, just wanted to say good morning/afternoon to you all :sunny:

Getting ready for work but just wanted to let you in on a little secret...
Bath and Body Works is having an awesome sale online (and maybe in their stores but we don't have any in Hawaii) on those wallflower fragrance plug-in and refill thingies? I bought a bunch of those for $6 each and some of my favorite body wash, the "Breathe" line for only $5 each. Check it out, you may find something you like. :D Have a good one.

07-21-2006, 06:05 PM
Hello my girls. So as I've been sweating it out waiting for my doctor's appt. thinking of all kinds of things that could be wrong with me [because nobody just has a 4-month long period for nothing] I finally got to see her. As soon as she props me up on the infamous "chair" and takes a peek inside :mag: immediately she says, "Oh! there's the problem." So all my mind allowed my ears to hear was "problem" and all I could think was cancer, disease, kemo the whole nine. So I'm like WHAT :eek: and she says, "You have a Pollop (sp)"
What the **** is that? She explained that it's a growth of tissue that suddenly forms at the top of the uterus but my special one managed to wedge itself into my cervix (hence the constant bleeding) so while a normal cervix is opened the size of a pencil, mine was big enough to push a thumb through. Eeeeew:yikes: So she takes it out (smoth procedure, didn't feel a thing :D ) She shows it to me. The thing is the size of a grape! But she says I'll be back to normal now so all is well. She said that because of the size though, she's gonna send it to the lab to see if it's cancerous. (Great, more waiting and worrying for two more weeks)
But for now I am sooooo relived to be done with this thing. Do ya know how much money I've spent on pads!

DISCLAIMER: Please forgive me if this is TMI but I feel as women we should alwys let one another know what's out there so we're all aware :soap:

07-21-2006, 06:15 PM
Angie- You are so much better than me. I hate working out in the hot weather. The cool thing about dogs is that they don't seem to care one way or the other. Good for you on braving the sweat and stares and going forward despite it all. Personally I like the sweating point. To me it shows I'm working and not prancing around trying to be cute. Work that sweat girl!

BTW Send Brit to my family for a week. I think that should do the trick if all else fails ;)

Noelle- Thanks for the tip on BBW. I love perfumy stuff! I hear ya on the dumb *** dog owners. I would have done the same as you after beating somebody down first. Glad your dad is okay.

CW- You poor dear. I give you props for going out though. I am way to vain to be seen with bandages. You are a trooper and what a cool hubby you have.

Hi Kempy!- After my visist to the doc I realize tha women go through too much for guys to care if we're whiny, *****y or anything in between for what we have to endure each month!


07-21-2006, 08:18 PM
Dips, PHEWWWW!!! I am so glad to hear that you are okay. I am also glad that it didnt hurt to have removed. My sister had to have surgery for those on her insides. She hasnt had any problems since the surgery though so that is good. I will keep my fingers crossed for the lab tests to come back okay too.

07-22-2006, 09:04 AM
Good morning!!! It is Weigh Day again!!! I am happy to say that even though a few days ago I was all bloated up before my period started but I ended up being down 1.1 pounds!!! YEAH!! :cheer:

07-22-2006, 10:28 AM
YAY ANGIE :cheer:

Look how far you've come! My gosh girl, you are just melting away. You are doing so well.

A friend of mine works at a hospital and was telling me that she saw a patient with one of those things in her throat!! DAYUM! Can you imagine? Cancer doesn't run inmy family on either side so I'm not really worried. Then again, I don't know any of them who had a pollop either. :lol:

07-22-2006, 10:20 PM
Hey girls, how's your Saturday going? I just got back from taking Michael to see "Monster House", it was kind of scary (for little kids), but we loved it. He also had his school orientation this morning. The school had a mini-exodus of teachers at the end of the school year (both 1st grade teachers, both 2nd grade teachers and some of the higher grade levels left), so Michael gets a brand new teacher. She seems really nice though--she's originally from NY state, but married to a Hawaii guy. Been in Hawaii for the past 6 years so she should be pretty well acclimated by now. I hope it'll be a good school year without any major problems :crossed: Our church had a grand reopening too, just remodeled to accommodate 700+ people at a time. It was such a beautiful job too.

Dips, I am so glad you got that sneaky ole polyp removed. I totally know what you went through--the 4 mos. period.... yuck, I had the same thing at the end of last year. My doc (a she) referred me to a specialist and had him do all kind of invasive tests, but he said everything was OK. She said she detected some polyps in me as well, but they were just little ones :crossed:. I will be praying for ya (in our brand new church) that everything is just normal with you, nothing cancerous or anything. My OB/GYn said that in women my age (and for you being MUCH younger), stuff like that is RARELY cancerous, so keep that in mind :D

Angie, YOU GO GIRL!!! You are doing so awesome!!! :high: I went walking with my sis the other evening and my ankle went out on me again. It takes me about 3 days to recover everytime I screw it up so I'm sort of out of commission right now. I am hoping to be back on my feet by Monday!

Well, gotta run. I've got cousins passing through town with an entourage of 13 people. Lots to do before they get here! Ciao!

07-23-2006, 01:33 AM
I think I am finally over the jet lag completely; I have been sleeping until 6 the past couple of mornings. Don't want to get used to sleeping any later because school will start soon.
Next week we can go into the school to meet the new administrators. We will have a new principal and asst principal. I'm just hoping that they have already hired the new 7th grade teachers; I would hate to begin the year without a math and/or science teacher.
We hit a record yesterday...118F (49C) degrees was the official high. We haven't seen temps that high since 1995. I guess we left Europe at the right time; they've been having some scorching temps there also.

Angie: You are doing so well. I hope things work out well with Brit. You are in my prayers. As for the weight are AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration to me.

Dips: You are also in my prayers. I'm sure everything turn out for the best for you. I have a different problem (if you want to call it that) TOM only visits me 2-3 times a year for 3-4 days. I told my cousin about that and she was happy hoping that "the change" was close. She is only 9 months younger than me. I told her I'm enjoying this right now. My doctor said I'm not starting the change, but at 47 I'm sure it is starting. I don't mind, I'm ready!!

Noelle: Ashley will have 'Meet the Teacher Night' about a week before she goes back to school. Last year they didn't have it until 2 weeks AFTER school started. It will be nice to meet the teacher before classes start. At my school, we have it on Aug 3. I look forward to meeting the parents and some of the students. I actually act stern even then so the kids will dread coming to my class and be nervous to have me as their teacher. :devil:
By the way, your pictures were awesome. I showed them to Ashley and she wanted to know when we could go, but she didn't want to go to the lava because it's too hot. :lol: When she saw your picture, she said 'I know her, she was at Disneyland'.

Hello to everyone else. I hope everything is going well for everyone.


07-24-2006, 12:07 PM
Good Morning!! Jay took today off from his Mom's place so i am spending the day with him. Not much to report here.

Dips, I bet that if you had one in your throat you would feel irritation from it. OUCH!

Cal, When does school start for you? My kids dont go until the 28 of August.

Noelle, How is the boat coming along?

Kempy, How is Core treating ya?

I think I have another stray cat at my house. I wonder why they all pick my house. :lol: He is all black and he is a little skinny guy.He looks pretty young to me and I have never seen him before so I am thinking maybe someone dumped him. I have been feeding him but he wont let me get near him. When I go outside he runs out under the fifth wheel and watches me. He scarfs the food down when I leave though. Poor cats. People suck sometimes!

Well, I should really go do something constructive today. I hope everyone has a great day and you all get a chance to post today.

07-24-2006, 03:43 PM
Hey guys. We just got back from our DU state convention in north LA. I am still dragging butt but I made myself pop on the puter today hi.

Well, I sucked at Core. I told my leader that today and she said just to find my motivation and get back to Flex so ths it what I am working on today. I am trying to stay off of the scale since I am about to start and we just ate to much over the weekend.

Anige you are doing so great. I knew you would do goo though b/c you are so strick on yourself. You have to work this and you are doing it to the "T". Poor little kitty, I hate to hear when people do that.

Dips I am glad to hear that you are ok. I know that you will be fine just like everyone is saying.

Cal we are actually getting a slight break from the temps. Of course we are tradeing them for high humidity so I don't really know what is better. I am just gald that we are actually getting some rain now.

Noelle I wonder why you had som many teachers leave. I still have no idea about the school year. I just wake up one morning and hear the buses and then I know that they started back. :D

I need to head back in to work. I have one more client for the day and then I am coming home to walk the dogs. I am going to MAKE myself do some sort of movement. I have got to get my momentum back.

07-24-2006, 04:58 PM
Hi everyone.:wave: My nose is healing, but I was able to take the bandage (I think it's kind of like a cast for noses) and now it hurts worse than it has in several days. :cry: I'm also having to flush my sinues. That's a wonderful experience in itself. It's amazing what comes out of there, that you'd never realize that was there. :eek: Well, that's enough gross talk.

Kemp, I always tell myself I'm going to do Core, which to me is all about healthy eating, but flex is so much easier when it comes to eating like normal. Keep going to the meetings. You get motivation there as well as know which way the scale is heading. (funny, I should be taking my own advice. I received a post card from the ladies I used to work with. Maybe someone's trying to tell me something.)

Angie, wow. You are amazing. :bravo: :dance:

Cal, yesterday we broke a record with 113:hot: and a high humidity. It's been absolutely miserable. I'm not too far behind you in age, but, ever since I started using my "happy cream" for the PMS, I'm actually regular now, every 28 days.

Noelle, we went to see Pirates of the Carribean Saturday night. I didn't care for it too much. I especially didn't like the voodoo woman on it. She really grossed me out. Also, I wanted to let you know that I rented Grandma's Boy a while back. :rofl: I started laughing when I read your post that you rented it. Is your community going to stop fighting the Condo project going in?

Dips, I will continue to keep you in prayer. :hug:

Have a great day everyone.

07-24-2006, 05:11 PM
School starts pretty soon for us. It's amazing that it starts so early when it is still soooo hot outside. For the beginning of the year we usually have 'rainy day schedules' because it's too hot for the kids to be outside. Continuing teachers go back on Aug 2 and new teachers start July 27. Out kiddos come back on Aug 7. Of course, on that day I will start counting down to Fall Break. :D I sometimes feel like I'm still on vacation in Europe. I love it over there. Of course, I'm glad we left before the heat really hit over there.

I've started to get things ready for school, although I have yet to go to the school....putting that off for as long as possible. We do have a new principal and asst principal so I will go to the school on Wed when they have their 'Meet the Administrators' time. I hope they know how to deal with middle school kids.

We are in the process of having tile put down in our house. We are tiling the entire downstairs. They are supposed to call us this week to set a date to start. I can't wait. I know my allergies will let up once we get rid of some of the carpet in the house. Hubby decided that it needed to be done because I never had a problem with allergies the entire time we were in Europe (where they don't have carpets), but as soon as we got home they started up again with the swollen eyes, sneezing, stuffiness, etc...

Have a great day everyone.


07-25-2006, 10:38 AM
Good Morning girls!! I am not doing anything fun today just working. :lol: I dont have anything to say but I just wanted to stop in and say hi. :wave:

Kempy, I know you can get back into it. Just think about how far you have come and how much you loved it in the beginning. You dont want to have to go back and start all over again so I know you will do it. YOU CAN DO IT!!! :hug:

CW, Hi. WOW! 113!!! How do you guys stand it? I would hate to have to work in a kitchen ouit you guys way. It gets so hot in mine now that I want to quit. :lol:

Cal, I hope your allergies leave when you get the tile laid down. I hate carpets too. This winter we are taking them out of all our bedrooms and laying down the laminate wood to match the rest of the house. Plus maybe Candi can stay cool this way because she will sit in our room in the winter and pant. The poor little fluffybutt. :lol:

Oh I do have a question for all of you on WW. Do you count 1/2 points? I know some of the things that WW lists as whole points actually have a half mor point if you use a calculator. I have been counting half points but been wondering if I need to.

07-25-2006, 02:54 PM
Hey ladies, I got the kiddo off to his first day of school as a 2nd grader. Woo-Hoo!!! :goodvibes: He gets out at 11 but at least it's a few hours right? :lol: He did not want me to stick around at all so I just drove through the drop off area and split--God forbid I should embarrass him on the first day! I already checked when the fall break is, Sept. 28 :lol: When fall break is over I will be enjoying myself in Vegas :dancer:

We are waiting-and-seeing about a tropical storm heading our way. Rick was supposed to go over to Kona to get the boat sailed back this weekend, but it looks like the storm...possible hurricane may be there at the same time so it's highly doubtful. But the boat did a great sea trial yesterday. The mechanic called us yesterday while he was heading out on the water, the engine sounded nice and healthy. I can't wait til it gets here, it seems like it's been too long already.

Cal/cw, I don't know how I would handle temps in the 100's plus humidity--I am miserable enough with 75+ humidity and our temps here are only in the mid 80's (which makes it feel like the mid 90's). Yuck!

cw, I didn't like the 2nd pirates movie too much either, much preferred the 1st. And they leave it so open-ended you know they will be spoiling the rest of the story with another and yet another and another sequel.... :lol: I hope your nose is healing up and you are pain free soon.

Angie, I count 1/2 points (when I'm counting :p ) because once I start leaving things out, I get into a real slacker mode--which is where I'm at now. I do know what you mean about the slider and the calculator being different some times though. Maybe it's the fiber factor? I have come across some weird food points like where one serving would be 0 points, but if you eat two it turns into 2? That just feels wrong...

OMG you guys, that stupid dog around the corner (and his even more idiotic owners)...he came out and bit my friends dog as she was walking past his house on Sunday--5 days after he almost knocked my dad down. He was tied at a different part of the yard, but the stupid owners still didn't shorten his leash--he came barrelling out of his yard and attacked my friends dog. This was the second time he bit him too--about 8 mos ago he was running loose at a nearby park and he attacked the other dog. Now he's tied up at home (sort of), and he attacks the same dog. The owners are freakin' idiots and need to be shot. :mad: My friend called the pound and the police and reported the incident. I hope the owners get fined and the dog gets taken away from them--it's not his fault that he's owned by idiots.

07-25-2006, 07:04 PM
Hello everyone,

It seems like I'm okay in the morning, but get really worn out by 2:00pm that i have to rest. I'm hoping that I get a little more energy once my nose and sinuses are completely healed.

Angie, I count 1/2 points when I use the calulator. You can always round up, but then you might be jipping yourself out of points, and not eating enough. Do you normally use the calculator only? I used to love the very first WW points program they had. There wasn't a cap on the fiber, and you get each things high in fiber that would be zero points. Like they used to have these muffins at Traders Joes that had 12 grams of fiber that were 0 points. I miss that program. lol.

Noelle, The heat is unbearable. I normally use my swamp cooler when it's under 100 degrees, and use my window air conditioners otherwise. I usually put the cooler on at night, but with the humidity factor being so high lately, the cooler does nothing. I hate running them 24/7. It's funny when they don't want to show affection in front of their peers, but still show it at home. Anyway, enjoy the affection while you can. It totally changes as they get older. When my son stopped showing me affection, he stopped all together. Don't get me wrong, we still talk and share many things. He also turned out to be a fine young man, but doesn't like show me any affection at all, which totally bums me out some times. Oh well, at least he lives next door, and I can at least see him. When he was in high school, he told me he was thinking of military as a career, which totally freaked me out. I just knew if he left, he'd find some girl back east and never come home. Thank the Lord that that didn't happen. And the most important of all, I get to share in my granddaughgter's life. Anyway, enough whining about the joys of kids as they grow up.

Have a great afternoon/evening everyone.

07-25-2006, 08:25 PM
Well, it is almost the end of day 2 and I have stayed OP so far. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I can make it through the weekend. OUr firends are coming in and we usually eat too much. I am trying to plan the menu out before they get here so I can keep it healthy. They don't mind either so that makes it easy.

Anige I just had to say "you can do it" like the guy on Waterboy. :lol: I love that movie.

CW what in the world is a swamp cooler? I have never heard of that and I live in the swamp. :D

Noelle I can't believe you guys are having a hurricane. We have a Low off of the cost that they are watching. I don't think it is going to be anything but a rain maker. Your little man is growing up, huh? I remember not wanting my mom to hug me either. I did still give her a little peck in the check up until I graduated from high school. Of course it was really fast though. :D

I am nursing a headache so I am going to hop off here. My sinues are killing me from the humidity.

07-26-2006, 10:06 AM
We are getting pretty close to the second page so I thought I would bump us before I left the house today. I have a manicure this morning, part of my b-day gift from Joe, and I am looking forward to it. I hope it is as nice as I want it to be.

Anige I heard at the meeting that you should use what the slide says. If you got the info off of the nutrition panel use that. The book is supposed to be a general guide. I eat peaches and the book has a 6oz one as 1pt. Well, these things are no where close to 6oz (I weighed them) so I use 1/2 pt for them. I will just eat more fruit later to make up for it. Also, my graham crakcers are 1 1/2 pts for on sheet and sometimes that is all I want.

I really need to move it. I am still sitting here in my PJ's and I have my appt. at 9:30. I'll check back later with you guys.

07-26-2006, 10:32 AM
Good Morning!! It is so muggy again today. YUCK!! This has been the muggiest summer I can ever remember. It is sucking big time to be in the bakery cooking in the afternoons!!

Noelle, What do you guys do to prepare for a hurricane being on an island and all? Do you have to leave every time? I hope it doesnt hit you guys. Wow, Michael started school already? Mine still have 5 weeks off for summer before they have to go.

CW, I actually found an online points calculator for free that I use. I just do the half points too but I was wondering since the WW foods at the stores never say half points if I should be just doing whole points. :lol:

Kempy, GREAT JOB STAYING OP!!!! You are doing awesome!! I always say You can do it like that too. Too funny!! Have fun at your manicure.

I hope everyone has a great day today!!

07-26-2006, 02:48 PM
Well, the manicure was great. I found out that I work with the girls best friend so she didn't charge me full price. COOL! I never get stuff like that to happen to me. In fact my friend (the decorator) just told me that she doesn't think the liner for my kitchen curtains is going to block out enough light and I will have to spend $42 on 4 panles of black out stuff. CRAP!! I just can't seem to cathc a break. I am going to find out how bad the stuff she has right now is. I mean I don't mind the light I am just trying to keep out the heat. It is in the kitchen afterall. I could see if it was in the bedroom and I wanted it dark.

I just wanted to pop back on. I relaly need to go put away the clothes. I have a bad habit of leaving them in the luandry room.

07-26-2006, 05:28 PM
Hey girls, it's another scorcher here today...the temps aren't so bad but the humidity--you know the story :flame: But anyway, the storm is falling apart so it looks like it'll just bring some much needed rain our way without the big winds, so I'm happy for that. I hate that humidity that hangs around before the rains though, it's killer!

Kempy/Angie, I had to laugh at the "you can do it" reference....Rob Schneider and all--he's half Filipino you know :lol: as he always says in his movies. That's called Pinoy pride :lol: I got me some of that too ;)

cw, it's weird because I remember giving hugs and kisses to my parents when I was little, like before going to bed or school and stuff, then all of a sudden it just stopped. We're not a hug/kisses family to each other, but we are with out of town relatives--weird huh? And that's how Hawaii locals greet each other they haven't seen in a long time, a hug and I can easily hug and kiss someone I don't know well, but not my own mom and dad :rolleyes:.... My husband's family is the "I love you", hug hug kiss kiss at every meeting type, and my son is sort of that way too, so I will certainly enjoy it while it lasts. I'm sure you raised a bright, secure young man, and he's out and about in the world so you did a good job. :hug:

Cal, did you get to meet your new Principal and VP? I hope they work well for ya.

Well, I gotta run for now. Hello to all :wave:

07-27-2006, 02:55 AM
Hi everyone,
Well, I didn't get to a WW meeting tonight, so now I'll probably have to wait until next week to join back up again. You'd think I should lose 10 pounds with as much sweating I'm doing in this heat wave. :lol: Don't I wish. I went to the doc today. He said everything looks good,and that it will take at least 2 months for all the swelling to go down. Here I was thinking my new nose was looking okay, when I find out that it's going to change over the next month or two. :nose:

Kemp, a swamp cooler (at least that's what my family's always called it) blows air. The moter is surrounded by pads that is constanctly being wet down to make the air cooler. It works okay until it gets over 98 or is really humid. :bravo: for staying OP.

Angie, I agree with Kemp. The books are a general if you don't have the nutritional facts to use the points calculator. I would use the .5 when your trying to squeeze the most from your points. You are doing so well, whether counting .5 points or not. I'm so proud of you. :woo:

Noelle, it's funny, cause I'm the same way with me family. I'll give my aunts hugs, but don't do that with me parents. As far as my son, he did turn out to be a fine young man. He's a firefighter with our City fire dept., married, with a 21 month old. Anyway, he might not show me any affection anymore, but my granddaughter certainly makes up for it. She's a very loving, happy little girl.

I hope you all have a good day tomorrow. I'm thinking about going to the coast for a few days where it's 70 degrees. I haven't decided yet. My mom and dad are there, however, my aunts will be there too. I enjoy being around them, but my parent's house has only one bathroom. Decisions. Decisions.

07-27-2006, 11:03 AM
Hi my girls,

Oh all this WW talk. I feel so left out sometimes :rolleyes: But I'm glad everyone seems to be doing well with it for the most part. I am trying my hardest to eat right. But for some reason it seems more difficult :?:

CW- I feel for ya, My Love. It may be worth it to put up with the one bathroom for a little weather relief. BTW I kiss my folks everytime I see them. It's the outside fam that ge the half hugs.

Noelle- What I wouldn't give to be in hawaii despite the humidity

Kempy- Keep up the good work, it will show in the end.

Angie- I feel for you too having to bake in this kind of weather. How miserable.

Okay I have to keep it short because my battery is almost dead and I don't want to lose this stuff


07-28-2006, 07:28 AM
WOW!!! No one posted yesterday????

07-28-2006, 02:58 PM
Hey i am here. I am just getting ready for our friends to get here. I am trying to get the house straight and get dinner ready. I have to make the dessert ahead of time to let it set. I know, I am supposed to be OP this weekend but I am going to choose healthy and eat small so that will help.

Angie I can't believe your son. I wonder if he just fell to peer preasure. I hate to hear that you might have trouble with him too. I know you are a good mom so don't think this reflects off of you. (oops, did you edit that out? I thought I read it last night)

Ok, I have got to get going. I still have a few things outside I have to do. Yuck in the heat.

07-28-2006, 03:19 PM
Hey ladies, it's a sticky, humid Friday. The storm just fell apart leaving us with humid weather and high surf. We're expecting 6-10' at Waikiki beach, how weird is that? :lol: Anyway, Rick had a plumbing job out in Kona for the airline so they flew him out there and now he's done (it took him less than an hour), he can spend the whole day out there fiddling around with his boat :rolleyes:. So I am doing a few things at home, have to do a little shopping then I am going to go home and take a long nap :yawn:

Angie, sorry to hear about Corey :hug: I think it's just something kids that age (is he around 13 or so?) want to do to show off to each other. I'm sorry it had to happen with family, but at least it wasn't some stranger's house! Is that the bright side? Sorry, but yeah, that's something I would definitely ground my kid for a loooooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggggg time for--because it's illegal to kill 'em ;).

Kempy, I have to take a page out of your book and get my @ss back on track. I am so terrible right now, I embarrass myself! :ink: I will stop moaning and just do it. I have a vacation coming up in October and I want to look decent in pictures, not just blah... but enough blabbing from me. Enjoy your visit with friends.

cw, i hope you're enjoying cooler weather and a relaxing weekend :D

Hi Dips, Cal, Ladyt, Maggzs.........and everyone. GOtta run :wave:

07-28-2006, 06:59 PM
:o I have to tell you guys something that happened w/my son yesterday at school (keep in mind that he is 7 years old in the 2nd grade at a parochial school)...

The teacher and aide passed out large construction papers and instructed the class to write their names in large print. They were making placemats to be used in class during snack time. The kids could draw pictures to decorate it and then it would be laminated it for durability. Well, my son decides to draw flames all around his name, and evil looking skulls around the flames--and the piece de resistance? a horned goat--the kind with the curling horns? Do ya get the symbolism of it all? ----> :devil: :eek: :lol:

I don't know exactly what the teacher's aide told him but he was sent home with a fresh new sheet of paper to do as homework. He folded up the original drawing the tucked it in his folder.... I laughed when he told me the story, but he couldn't understand why I was laughing so I had to explain to him that the things he drew more-or-less represented the devil :rofl: In his 7 y.o. innocence, he had no idea. **in his defense, we had just visited the Panaewa zoo in hilo where there was a cool looking feral goat, so I guess that's where he got the idea--honest! I guess I have to limit the cartoon watching of "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy"... :lol:

07-28-2006, 11:07 PM
Hi Girls!

Let me start by saying I have missed you all and sorry I have not posted lately. I have been busy keeping the kids busy and such with summer activities. We went down to a waterpark a couple of hours away and it was a good time. My Dad had his heart surgery at the end of June so I have been busy with that also. Bringing him groceries and stuff. He lives a little over an hour away from me. He had surgery almost three hours away so I had to travel down there to the University hospital. But he is on his way to recovery now. All is well with that too.
So how is everyone doing on the battle to drop the pounds? I actually gained a pound or two. Oopps....must be from the smores, we have been making them and our neighbor has been inviting us for a campfire to roast marshmallows, nothing better than a roasted marshmallow. They are just a quick dessert, you know;).

Noelle that little Michael sounds as cute as ever, don't you just love their innocence at this age? That cartoon network and their cartoons, my ds likes Ed Ed and Eddy, I turn it off whenever they are on, they are just weird, aren't they?

Angie you are brave walking in that humid weather. We are having some now and it may reach 100 degrees here this weekend. But I won't complain, I will take it anyday over 10 below!

Kempy have a great time with your friends this weekend!

Cal I want to say I LOVE Paris and I want to go there now after looking at your vacation pictures. What beautiful memories.

Dips I read you had to go to the doctor and I hope everything turns out to be okay.

Hello to everyone else I missed. I will try and check back more often. I have to check in with my Dad and see if he needs my help this weekend. Other than that braving the heat and staying cool. I just wanted to say Hi and I am thinking about you girls!:)

07-29-2006, 02:46 AM
Julie: So good to see you back. I was wondering if everything was ok. I missed you too, as I'm sure everyone has.
I'm glad to hear your father is doing well. I will keep him in my prayers.
I hope the weather doesn't get too high for you. I saw on the news today that South Dakota was almost 20 degrees warmer that we were. I also saw that Green Bay was supposed to get some strong storms. Stay safe.

Noelle: Aw kids (especially boys :D ). Your post made me think of the email you sent about having sons. I just laughed. Your boy is such a cutie. I can't believe he's in 2nd grade already; of course, I can't believe Ashley is going into 3rd grade. I can still remember when I was in third grade.

Angie: I sure hope things are going better with you. I've seen so many kids
Corey's age try things that no one would ever dream of them doing, but they are still good kids; they just have to try something different. Sometimes it's harmless and sometimes it can be dangerous. Hopefully, he's gotten it out of his system. Hugs to you, beautiful!! :hug:

CW: My daughter is always wanting hugs and kisses. She won't even go to bed without them. I always tell her "I love you more!" and she tries to outdo me until I say "You win!" then she'll go to sleep. She's very affectionate with me and sometimes with her dad. My mom used to tell each of us "Love you the mostest." and we used to tell each other we were Mom's favorite. We enjoyed that. When we wanted to put something on her headstone, we decided on "Love you the mostest" and it's on there. I sure miss her.

Kempy: I hope you enjoy your friends; I know you will. Have a great weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone.


07-29-2006, 07:45 AM
Hi guys!! I am down another 2.2 pounds this week!! :D Brittany is camping and the twins went to my Mom's house for the weekend so that gives me and Jay some alone time :devil: ...not much because he has to work all day today but at least it is some. The Maine Comedian Bob Marley is coming to Dover tomorrow night so we went and bought tickets for us and the twins to go see him. He is so funny!! You should look him up and he has clips of his act on the internet. :lol:

Kempy, Have fun with your friends this weekend. That is great that you planned out some healthier alternatives for your meals. GOOD JOB!!! :bravo:

Noelle, I had to laugh so hard at your description of Michaels place mat. :lol: :rofl: That was too cute!! I also loved the Purina Diet joke. I sent that one on to my family. :rofl:

Julie, I am so glad to hear from you. I am glad things are going well for everyone. Those smores are evil I tell ya. :lol: I usually go crazy with them during the summers too....until I figured out that the kids dont actually like them and it was just me eating them all. :lol:

Cal, I found out that he wanted to go in and get some firecrackers so at least it wasnt a malicious thing but still.... I asked him how he would feel if someone was in his personal space without permission. I hope he doesnt swing totally out of control because we have really tried hard to get them to want more from life.

Well, Yesterday I got up and did my walk at 4:30. It was still so sticky. Today is supposed to be extremely HOT so I got up and got it out of the way at 5:30.

Have a Great Weekend!!!!

07-29-2006, 01:38 PM
Good morning ladies :wave: I am off to a beach party this morning... woo-hoo!!! NOT! :lol: It's for Michael's karate club so it should be interesting. Last year they had the kids do all kinds of games and drills--including a mock sumo-wrestling competition :lol: They split them up by age but there was one kid that was huge, big big bigger than all the rest, well, of course he won the thing, but it was hilarious watching the skinny bean-pole kids trying to go up against the big guy.

:grouphug: Hey Julie!!! So glad to see you again, missed you! We were getting worried :?: I'm glad your dad is recuperating, that had to be tough having to see him go through the surgery and all. He has a great support system in you. Hug him and those kiddos for me. Are your kids back in school soon? Isn't your DD starting kindergarten this year? How's the boy doing w/TKD? Hang in there girl, I'll be praying for cooler weather for all of us. :shocksn: --ok, well, maybe not that cool... :lol:

Angie, :high: great job girl on your AWESOME losses! I'm so proud of you, and getting up at 4:30??? That's just nuts, but I know when you're motivated, you do great things! I used to do the same just to avoid the sun :lol:, but only at 5:30 :lol: Have fun at your show--I haven't watched the clip yet but just looking him up on google makes me laugh--that boy is WHITE as white! Not like the Bob Marley I've heard of if ya know what jah means :lol:

Cal, Ashley is such a sweetheart. And I love that story about your relationship w/your sibs and mom. That is so great :love:

ps...for those of you with small kids, the Ant Bully movie was great! Better than scary old Monster House by far. :D Go see it.

Have a great Saturday everyone :wave:

07-30-2006, 09:23 AM
Noelle, I hope you had fun at the beach. If Me and Jay ever get to come over you will come to the beach with us wont ya? :lol:

Jay worked ALL day yesterday. I was so freaking bored sitting here watching movies all day. But we had fun when he got home. :lol:

Well, That is about all the excitement for me...wouldnt want to make everyone jealous of my exciting life. :lol: :rofl: hahaha

07-30-2006, 02:07 PM
Hey guys. Our friends left about on hour ago. I am just cleaning the house a little now. Not really doing to much b/c it is hot and it is making me lazy. Hows this for crap. My friend said yesterday the scale said she had gained a pound and this morning she was down 2. Well, I know the sclae can flutuate but I watched what she ate and I didn't think she ate any smaller than I did except yeseterday at lunch. I had nachos and I can't help myself with those things. So, why in the world is she able to be so skinny and I have to struggle. She has not always been this small. When I first met her she had some meat on her bones and look pretty good and now I worry about her being on the too thin side. What in the world is going wrong with me?

Julie it is good to see you again. I know all of us were worried about you. You are such a great duaghter. It is so hard for me to see eating smores right now. Those are winter treats for us. There is no way you could get me close to a fire to roast anything right now. :D

Noelle that is so funny about the pic. What a cutie. I hope the teacher knew that he didn't know what was going on. Still, pretty funny though. How was the beach?

Angie you are just doing great. I am going to try to work off the rest of this bloat. I want to go weigh-in on Wednesday and I would like to have some sort of a drop. I just love comedians. I have XM radio in the car and that is all I listen to anymore. It drives Joe crazy.

I need to go work on the luandry. I am still pretty PMSy right now so I am in a foul mood. I might go have a little piece of my left over dessert. Maybe.

07-30-2006, 02:29 PM
Hey girls, I am your... Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da, brown-skinned girl. Whew, that beach was HOT and I am nice and tanned! The picnic was fun, but there was too much food as usual...there were about 200+ families and it was a pot-luck affair so there were around 6 tables loaded with food. Michael has a buddy from school that takes karate at another dojo so they were paired up most of the day. It was fun to watch the games and competitions, especially the tug-of-war for the adults--the adult students against the senseis. The students won :lol: Then we just relaxed and ate and enjoyed the company. I didn't go swimming, but rather just sat in the shade reading my magazine. I took a few pics yesterday, but I'll upload them later (I got a shot of Diamond head for y'all to look at ;) ) Then after we got home we decided we wanted to go to the Farm Fair (livestock show and carnival). It was a long day. Think I'll stay home and just relax today.

Angie, of course I will go to the beach with you guys. Can't promise you I'll wear my bikini for you :sumo: , but I'll be at the beach for sure. :lol: I can't swim worth a damn but I will be there. :lol:

Kempy, I don't think there's anything wrong with you. I think some people are just lucky to not have an eating problem. I have a super skinny sister that eats really small amounts of food, she just doesn't feel the drive(?) to overeat. It's kind of maddening. You are doing great girl, you're trying and that's something.

I almost forgot, my mom, sis and BIL should be meeting my new niece from China today. They left on Thursday morning, and it's early Monday morning there now..... they return home with the baby on August 10? I can't wait to meet her!!! :bb:

07-31-2006, 01:14 PM
Good Morning. The humidity has gone at least until tomorrow when I hear it will be back in full force. :lol:

We went to see Bob marley last night and he was so funny!! :lol If he is ever near any of you guys you should definately go see him. Too funny. I had tears running down my face I was laughing so hard. Maybe I will send you guys some cd's of his for Christmas this year. HMMMM.

Kempy, XM is how I found him. He is on there quite alot. I am sure you have heard him and dont know it. I also love Mitch Hedburg and the other Mitch guy.

Noelle, Can you imagine NOT having the drive to overeat???? I WISH!!! Wouldnt that be nice? Some people get all the luck. :lol:

That is so sweet that your new neice will be coming home soon. Have you heard from them yet? I cant wait to see pics of her. She has probably grown a bit since the last pics.

Well, I should really be doing something today. I will check back later.

07-31-2006, 01:48 PM
Hey guys. I just got back home from the bank. Joe didn't realize what he did but we were a victim of phishing on the internet. So, I had to close the account and now I am waiting to hear back from them with my new accoutn number. What sucks is that we can't use the debt cards or the check book and our anniversary is Wednesday. We were going to go out to eat. I guess we will have to do what I hate doing and use the credit card. I hate that I am going to have to change the account number on everything that I pay online and order new checks. He keeps saying he is sorry but I know it isn't his fault. He doesn't know about all of that on line fruad stuff and he said it looked just like the log in to our bank.

Angie I may have heard him and didn't know. I like Kathleen Maddigan and Dana Cook. I try to pay attention to their names. I have been to a comedy club once and I think you luagh hard when you are there than you normally do. I was in tears and the guy wasn't that funny. At least once I thought about what he said.

Ok, I guess I need to go start looking for new checks. I'll be back later.

07-31-2006, 09:00 PM
Where is everyone today?

08-01-2006, 04:09 PM
Almost at the bottom.


Where in the world are you guys?

08-01-2006, 07:12 PM
Hey Kempy....I'm actually busy at work right now. My stomach is growling so I guess it's time for lunch. I can't believe I haven't logged on here today yet! But anyway, just clearing out some old files and trying to straighten up. I was also cleaning out my email box and was sorting through it by senders name--I came across some old pictures you had sent of Echo hunting and her and Rhea just cruising on the lawn. So cute! Some of those pics were a few years old!

Anywho, we've been getting daily updates from my BIL and mom about their adventures in China. The baby "Malia", is still called by her Chinese name Xiu Xuan (sounds like Sheshswan or for foodies like me "Szechuan" :lol: ) and is slowly getting used to her new mom and grandmother, but not at all in agreement with her new dad. When they called the first day they got her all you could hear was 10 babies crying and screaming really loudly... must've been fun.

Anyway, it's AUGUST--can you believe it? Maybe someone started a new August thread and we didn't know about it??? :lol:

08-02-2006, 10:25 AM
I am no good at starting a new thread so I hope someone does it today. Heck, I hope someone actually shows up today. Noelle thanks for popping in.

Today is our anniversary, 9 years. I really need to get my butt out of the house since I have a long list of things to do. We are going to dinner tonight in Baton Rouge and I am looking forward to it.

He found out that they will be doing the job interviews the week of the 14th and by the 18th they will have the person announced. (that is Joe's b-day too) Whoever gets it they want them to be in the job working by the end of the month. If he does get it, we would not move until the end of the year. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have to go.

I really need to get a move on. I hope someone shows up today.

08-02-2006, 01:32 PM
Hey Kempy and Noelle. I think we are back to just us again. Where did everyone run off too? Holy Cow it is HOT here!!! I left this morning to get my walk in while it was raining out and wouldnt ya know it it stopped the minute I got outside so it was just hot and stuffy. :lol:

There isnt much happening here this week. Same old same old.

Kempy, If you dont want to move then why is Joe still applying for the job? Have you let him know that you dont want to move? I will keep my fingers crossed that he doesnt get the job. :lol: That doesnt sound right. :lol:

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! :bravo: :hb: :hat: :dance: :balloons: :woo: :gift: I didnt realize you two had been married for 9 years. Got any romantic plans? My anniversary is on the 25th of this month as well.

Noelle, I cant believe that it is August already. Where does the time go?

Well, Gotta get moving. I will check back later.

08-02-2006, 02:01 PM
Angie he knows we don't want to move but if the job and the money are right I have no choice. He is my husband and he really does make the money so I will do what is right for both of us. This happened when we had to move from FL. I didn't want to leave there either but I am glad we did. It would be silly to stay and him not be happy with what he is doing now. He is kind of bored with it all. Plus, with what we sell our house for, we could get a bigger home AND pay off my car. The market here is great and the one over there is not. So, we would make out like bandits.

We are just going to dinner in Baton Rouge and a nice steak house. Of course I would preffer pasta but I can eat that anytime.

I sure do hope we have everyone joining us soon.

08-02-2006, 06:36 PM
Hi Girls Just popping on before I put dinner on. I am making grilled chicken breast with bbq sauce and baked potatoes on the grill. Sounds healthy but I hope I won't be looking for a cookie tonight! Btw it is raining hard right now while the grill is going. It is nice though. We almost reached 100 degrees the last two days with full humidity. It was like being outside with a blow dryer blowing on me. I have to get the rest of school supply shopping done. My kiddos start in the first week of Sept. Sounds like everyone else starts earlier than us. Oh well just wanted to say a quick Hello!:)

08-02-2006, 06:38 PM
Kempy Happy Anniversary! I hope you both have a special day and many more years to come!:cheers:

08-02-2006, 08:20 PM
Hi girls! It is raining outside right now so maybe it will cool us down a little bit. I hope!! :lol:

Kempy, I hope you and Joe have a good night tonight.

Julie, Hi girl!!! I hear you on the heat. YUCK!!! I am hoping that tomorrow is a little cooler for work. My kids start school on the 28th this year. That is a little later than usual.

Have a good night everyone!!!

08-03-2006, 12:04 AM
Hey ladies, I have been fiddling around the house this morning, doing laundry and stuff. Then I had to go to work to get the payroll done. Then the contractors who will be building that stupid ginormous condo behind my house started coming in. They brought in some heavy equipment and started moving the dirt around...well, I called the building department to complain about the dust and they told me that they (the contractors) don't even have a permit on file yet! So they are doing stuff illegally AGAIN. Then I called the Board of Health to make more complaints. Hopefully I can make their job as difficult and miserable as they are making me feel. Wah wah wah, what a witch I am :devil: :lol: We actually have a contact with one of our congressman who is willing to help us and it may stall the project a little longer :crossed:. I am working on yet more letters and pleas for that. I know this is boring you but it is just consuming me right now. :mad:

Kempy, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Joe :val2: May you have many more happy years together. :cheers: I'll be crossing my fingers for you too (that Joe doesn't get the job). Then you can get your swimming pool, am I right? :D

Angie and Julie and Dips and everyone suffering from that dern heat wave.....I hope you guys get some relief soon. I know it is blazing hot down here too, but the humidity has let up some.

Well, enjoy your evening and chat more tomorrow!

08-03-2006, 11:08 AM
Good morning girls. Well, dinner was really good last night and we both ate too much. In fact we were so full all we did when we got home was go to bed. And I even shaved, damn it. :lol: TMI I know. I guess thatis what happens when you have been married awhile, huh. I don't care, I love him all the same. It was really exspensive but we don't ever do that kind of stuff so we made sure that we enjoyed it. They even gave us a dessert since it was our anniversary.

Talk about hot I know you guys up north are really getting it. I have been hearing about the power grid and hopes that it doesn't fail from all of the use. I was asking Joe why big office buildings can't turn up the A/C and save. I mean does it have to be 62 degrees at all times in those places? I would think that would save some sort of power. Who knows, they might already be doing that.

Noelle I would be abig pain too. I usually am about things like that. One of the houses that was being built kept buring all of the scrape lumber so I called the fire department. :devil: I was tired of my house smelling like smoke. They never burned again. I was pretty funny seeing the big truck out there putting out the thing in front of the house.

Ok, I need to put some clothes away and then get dressed for work. My 10 moved to 3:30 so I am here for a little while today. I am going to take advantage of what time I do have.

08-03-2006, 04:39 PM
Kempy, 9 years will do that to ya! :devil: :lol: Glad you enjoyed your dinner. Don't you love gettng the special treatment from restaurants? Where'd you eat at? :hun: (sorry, I haven't eaten breakfast's already 9:37 and I've got food on the brain)... I would (and DO) complain about my neighbors to the authorities all the time. That's why I ALWAYS try to follow the laws so nobody can say squat about me. :snooty: :lol:

Well, I just shot an email off to the congress guys district director, I'm hoping this will get yet another ball rolling on stopping this project :crossed:, or at least stop it long enough for our problem to be fixed. Gotta run and get to work. Chat more later. :grouphug:

08-04-2006, 09:27 AM
I started a new thread.