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07-03-2006, 09:21 AM
Hello and :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies. :wave:

We are a group of ladies that come in for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, :ebike: and we also find time for some chitchatting! :gossip: So please, won't you join us?

07-03-2006, 09:24 AM
Good morning, ladies,

I just popped in to start a new thread, but can't stay. I've got to get cleaned up and go with Neal to his doctor's appointment, but I'll be back later. Have a good one! :hug:

07-03-2006, 09:55 AM
A quick good morning to you all!! :wave:

We're heading out in an hour or so and I was getting ready to shut down the computer and I thought I would say hello and wish you all a Safe Fourth before I did.

James is bringing his laptop so I may check in late at night if I have the energy.

You all take care and I'll chat w/ya soon!!

07-03-2006, 01:30 PM
Hi ladies,

Sassy - sorry to hear about your car. If it sounds like a motorcycle, my first thought was maybe it's the muffler, but I bet your DH would know if it was. Hopefully your friend can fix whatever it is, or sell you the van for payments.

Julie - yep, you're right, the kids will work it out. Good for you, not getting in the mix, lol. Hope you had a good night's rest, missy.

Sue - I have heel pain, too, and it's worse when I wear sandals or shoes w/o much cushioning. Sometimes I just have to wear the shoes that go with my outfit, lol.

Marti - have a safe trip, and have lots of fun!

Well, Neal doesn't have sleep apthnea. :cp: And the doc gave him some free samples for a med for his jerking. The med has no noticeable side effects, and isn't addictive and won't interfere with his high BP meds, so that's good.

It's so stinkin' hot here today! Temp is supposed to reach 96, and the heat index will be even worse. I'm staying in the house with my water bottle, lol.

Hope you're all staying cool. Chat at ya later! :hug:

07-03-2006, 01:46 PM
Marti . . . I hope you have a very safe and fun vacation! I can't wait for you to get back to hear about all the fun stuff you did!:hug:

Jane . . . We aren't doing much of anything this holiday weekend. My DD went to the beach with a friend on Saturday, and won't be home until Thursday evening. She called me yesterday and said they were having to wear jeans and sweatshirts because it was so cold! I told her I would take her weather any day, because we're still getting it in the 90s here. I just cannot take this heat, it makes me feel just awful and sick to my stomach at times.:( I'm so glad your DH's test went through fine. My DH has been tested for that before, and they wanted him to get a machine, but he said he wouldn't. He also is on meds for high blood pressure too. Our DHs sound like they have some things in common.:hug:

Well today we're just cleaning the house and then we may go get a bite out later. We also really need to get some groceries. Hope all of you have a wonderful day and I'll check back later.

Sassy . . . I forgot to mention that I'm so sorry to hear about your vehicle having troubles!:( The maintenance of vehicles can really bring a person down with the costs!:o

07-03-2006, 02:09 PM
Hey everyone, just wanted to say hi, I'm new to Jaded ladies. I like it here! lol Have a great 4th of july everyone.

07-03-2006, 02:17 PM
:wave: ANGIEPANTS:welcome3: to a wonderful group of ladies here! Look forward to getting to know you!!!;) :hug:

07-03-2006, 03:25 PM
Wow! Jane, you are right, it is HOT here. Way too hot for me. We went out for lunch then over to watch the guys brick the house for a few minutes. A few minutes was all I could take out there. I don't know how they work in that heat. Of course, they were all shirtless and tanned. hmmm.. :) (hey, I am old, but not too old to look and appreciate!)

I am waiting for feed back about yesterday's showing. I am already tired of all this...and it is listed for 6 months. Yikes!

DH is busy in the garage building the cabinets for the laundry room. They are looking real good. I have been trying to download more recent pictures to my photo page..but for some reason it keeps timing out.

Angiepants- Welcome to you and hope to get to know you.

Sassy- Sorry to hear about your car trouble. I hope it is something that can be fixed easily. I HATE car problems. Nothing worse! The strength training exercises for the feet and legs is so simple. Just stand behind a chair and use it for balance. Raise up on your tiptoes and hold for a second. Do it 15 times doing both legs at a time. After you get used to this stretch then try it standing on one at a time. Be sure to hold on to the chair! :) (You will feel your calf muscles really working)

Michelle- I also have trouble with the heat, I just can't stand it. It makes me feel sick too. Now after having melanoma I am told to NEVER be in the I just enjoy the a/c. If I go out I am so loaded with sunscreen and try to stay in the shade. ugh

Marti- I know you are's hoping you have a wonderful trip!

Jane- My heel pain is lessened by wearing my walking shoes..and who wants to wear those all the time? I love sandals, but they are the worst if they are real flat. I have one pair with a spongy sole and they help also. Glad Neal doesn't have apnea. Keep cool!

Julie- Sounds like your DD is getting settled. Then maybe you can get a rest. LOL. I'm like you, stay out of the kids squabbles. Even when they were young I stayed out of it unless someone started throwing punches. They are all good friends as adults, thank goodness.

Angie- Where are you? Good luck on getting ready for your new job.

Nothing much going on here today and tomorrow will be quiet also. Hope the rest of you are having a good day!

Bye for now.

da fat n da furious
07-03-2006, 09:14 PM
Good Day all!
Marti have a wonderful trip,.....I figure your already gone but still sending you a good time vibe!
Jane, well that is great for Neal...and lets hope the meds kick in fast so he can get a proper nights sleep.
Angiepants,,,or I think I will call you Miss Angie...Or Angie Baby,,,ya since you are younger then me...kidding I won't do that to you...i spent most of my high school with everyone calling me that. Glad you showed up...and welcome.

Michelle...I spent the whole day inside at work and came outside and literally melted on the side walk...ARGHH sooo hot here. We had a freak rain/hail storm yesterday and then it was back to hot.

Sue, I find my shins hurt if I wear flats for too long,,,even flip flops ( used to say thongs but now that what people call their underwear that I didn't want you all thinking my feet hurt from wearing THAT type of thong) so I tend to wear raised sandles with a rubber cushion.

Shel well that just bites having something wrong with your GOOD vehicle. I hope it something minor without a big cost to repair.

A few more people at work know I have quit and again had some sad people kinda hanging around. Told a couple of my favorite customers, They joked they will have to get insurance from my new job just so they can talk with me on occassion..I thought that was sweet.

Hey Shel ,,,last night I told you I was going to bed right? ya right,,,I stayed up late painting the last part of the kitchen,,,I NOW have to go over it since I missed so many can you tell I was tired and couldn't see?

I did the most rediculous thing this morning,,,went to put my contacts in and my hands had soap under the nail,,,my eyes were burning for most of the day,,,I didn't wear the contacts,,,but geesh did I learn my lesson? I better have...ouch.
well Im going to go snuggle with Monte...just the two of at home...I figure this is what its going to be like in a few more years...just the two of us...
ps,,,we want to adopt this adorable lil dog,,hes 5 years old,,,thing is his name is think he could learn a new name? Don't think our Tanner
better run...

07-04-2006, 12:17 AM
I'm back, :D

Michelle - oh honey, I know just what you mean! The heat makes me sick. All of my DGDs are going to be in the parade tomorrow, but I'm still not going. I told Mary to take pictures, lol. Our July 4th parade is humongous! It goes on and on with politicians, etc.

Angiepants - yes, what shall we call you since there's already an Angie here, lol? I like Angiepants just fine, if that's ok with you. A big, hearty WELCOME to you. I see you've posted your bio, so I'll check it out in a few minutes. I'm so glad you decided to join us. :hug:

Sue - my oh my.... shirtless and tanned, huh? And you didn't call me? teehee I've got some spongy sandals, too, and today I even wore my Nikes for the support. Sheesh, getting older stinks, doesn't it?

Angie - I know that a lot of people will miss you like crazy when you leave your current job. You're that type of person. :yes: So, who's got the dog? Is it from the shelter, or what? Hahaha, I doubt you could get Tanner to answer to anything else, so better luck with the dog on that score.

Well ladies, I'm not doing very well with the food. :( At least the stuff I'm eating too much of is basically healthy stuff.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and get the house spiffied up before I get on the computer, but I'll have time to post before we leave for my sister's. Have a good one, ok? :hug:

07-04-2006, 05:10 AM
Hi Ladies! :wave:

Well Good News! We got our car fixed! It was something really simple and well weird! lol. It was a loose spark plug! FIL and hub had never in their lives seen a spark plug come loose like that and work its way out on its own! :yikes:

But its tightened and works great! :cp: We are still looking into a new car though. Went looking today and I felt like Frosty the Snowman in Hawaii! :beach:

Sue thanks for the exercises, will have to try those, my dr gave me those exercises I told you about because my feet would hurt first thing when I got up. He said it was due to some ligament or something or another so that is why he had me do those exercises, because I would do them in bed before I got up. I still do them if I remember before I get out of bed and it helps. ;)

Angelia - Late night painting, eh? lol. Ouchie on the contacts! I've been there done that! I would have loved to have worn mine today only I can't since they are the pair I had back when I had pinkeye and I cannot for the life of me remember where my other pairs are! :doh:

I hope you all have a very safe and wonderful 4th of July (IF you celebrate). We seen all kinds of pretty fireworks tonight coming home!

07-04-2006, 09:37 AM
Happy 4th of July to everyone.

Angie I hope you had a fun July 1.

Hello to everyone. I had a very hectic 2 weeks at work as the boss was on vacation so I had to stay real late everyday and another guy and I had to do our job plus the bosses job. Good thing he is back today.

Must run


da fat n da furious
07-04-2006, 10:33 AM
Hey Kathy,,,even with being busy I hope you had a great July 1st too. We went to Sylvan Lake and hung out around my mom's place. There was barely any skeeters there,,,were as here its down right scary trying to be walking outside. Even with bug repellent.

Shel,,,thank goodness! Im so glad it was something small and wasn't going to clean out the bank account.
Ya I know,,,when I start something I keep going even if its not a good idea...I keep going. Now I have to repaint everything I painted...was so tired I couldn't see...and it calling that my first coat)

Jane, hope you have your house all spiffied up...and you enjoy your time with your sister.
off to work I go...

da fat n da furious
07-04-2006, 10:37 AM
Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July

:sunny: :flow1: :carrot:

07-04-2006, 04:53 PM
Hi ladies,

Sassy - bet you're so happy that the trouble with your car was only a little spark plug. I have to say, I've never heard of that before, either. Weird! Neal and I sat out on the patio last night after it cooled off a bit, and we saw fireworks all around. Of course, there'll be lots more tonight.

Kathy - now you can relax since the boss is back, right? Or will him being there make it worse, lol. I've missed you around here, Kathy. :) Good to see you again. :)

Angie - my first thought as I was reading about you going to work today was, Awww, too bad she has to work on a holiday! Then I remembered, it's just another Tuesday for you, lol. There's something to be said for 1st coats of paint, lol. As least you can say you are determined, lol.

Marti - if you're reading this in SF, I hope you're having a good time. Now, go have some fun with James. And take lots of pictures to share. :yes:

Hope everyone else is doing fine, and having a good time. I got the house looking pretty good. We had a small storm pass through, and the temp dropped from 92 to 79. YES!! Just right for everyone's celebrations today.

Chat at you later. :hug:

07-04-2006, 08:57 PM
Hey Chics! :wave:

Happy 4th!

Angelia, Well at least you got your first coat done and over with, right? ;)

Jane, we have had rain and storms here, not sure if that will put a damper on the fireworks or not.

Yes I'm so glad it was a simple fix. Although we are still going to look at getting a new car. Where as it was something simple now, we're afraid next time its not going to be............both of our vehicles are old.

So now we just have to decide on what to get. So far its between the Kia Optima and now hub wants too look at the Honda Element. We looked at it when it first came out. I think its butt ugly but its one of the few vehicles hub can fit into. (he is 6'8").

Hope you all are having a great 4th! ;)

da fat n da furious
07-05-2006, 12:16 PM
Shel,,,6'8? That is one tall man. And ya can see why he is wanting a big car...the element is kinda boxy isn't it?

Im heading to work right away,,,was going to go and do a blood test but ran out of time and so now I have like 10 min to spare..
I have now figured out Im allergic to a necklace Monte bought me,,and I so loved it. But the catch is some kind of metal that is leaving welts on my neck. It hurts,,,I have a big welt on the back of my neck and somehow I must of twisted it and now I have a small one on the front ,,looks like a hickey,,,great.
well should get going,.,,,can throw a load of laundry in before I go.

07-05-2006, 12:36 PM
Good morning, ladies!

Sassy - 6'8"?!? Yikes! My dad was 6'5", and I thought that was tall. Good luck with the car shopping. I don't know a thing about either of those models, but some of the others might.

Angie - can you coat the clasp with clear fingernail polish? My sister did that, and it worked for her, as long as you reapply it every once in awhile. Years ago, Neal bought me some cologne, and I broke out in hives every place on my body that it touched. Not a pretty sight. So what's the blood work for?

We had a good time with Mary Lou and Leroy last night. We came home early since they have to work today, and took the lawn chairs out to the edge of the field to watch the fireworks from a coulpe of nearby towns. I missed the family being here, but that's how it goes.

Need to get some errands done. Have a good day! :hug:

07-05-2006, 03:47 PM
Hi Girls! :wave:

Angelia - yeah his whole family is tall. His dad is 6'5", his mom is 5'10", his Aunt is about 6'0" or so. My dr. tells me when we have kids that we have a 1% chance of them being "small" only because my parents are small. My uncles and cousins are all tall too. Here I am only 5'4". :p
Yes the element is like a giant box on wheels. lol. But hub and I discussed it more last night and we figure this car would be HIS (well ours but primarily his) and then once its paid off, then I'm getting my mini! ;) And that will be MY car because he can't drive a mini! Well at least comfortably! lmaoooooo!

I bet your allergic to Nickel. That is what my grandma (passed), my mom and now me are allergic too. It leaves welts on us that can be itchy or hurt. If you want to wear something with Nickel in it, my mom found that she has to either put a coat of clear nail polish where its going to be or put it on the jewelry itself, which don't know if you want to do the second one, it being a necklace. My mom has done it on watches that the clasp had nickel in it so she could wear it without breaking out.

So next time you buy jewelry or someone else does, let them know to buy Nickel Free Jewelry and see if that helps. ;)

Jane - yup 6'8" and I'm 5'4". lol. So we're struggling with finding something decent that doesn't cost outrageous that he can fit into! lol. Glad you had a good time last night. ;)

Hope you all have a Great Day. I have the day/evening to myself as hub went to help his friend work on his car. I need to clean, but just don't wanna. lol. After working 12 hrs lastnight and only having two days off this week instead of our normal 3, just kinda wearing me out. Then tomorrow starts a new "week" for me so it will be another 4 days until I get off. I may just do laundry and do the rest later. lol. Not very often I have "alone time" lol.

07-05-2006, 09:44 PM
Hi ladies,

Sassy - hope you enjoyed some alone time today, and didn't work too hard. My sister who coated her jewelry was allergic to nickel, too. Any closer to knowing which car you want?

Robin and Marti - hope you're each having fun with your vacations. You lucky dogs!!

Michelle - where are you, sweetie? How're things going?

Julie - did your DD get everything done at the new house?

Angie, MaryKate, Sue, Kim, Alex, Trixie, Angiepants, and anyone reading this, a big hello. :wave:

I did very well with the food yesterday and today. And the exercise, water, and vitamins are all good, too. Dare I hope I'm on a roll, lol?

The weather here has been gorgeous today! I've spent some of it outside with the DGDs, they're so cute! Energetic, too. :dizzy:

Neal and I are planning a little getaway soon, but aren't sure of the destination. Nothing too far or for too many days. Just something to enjoy his retirement a little more now that most of the work is done around the house and yard.

Hope you're having a good day. See you later. :hug:

da fat n da furious
07-06-2006, 12:45 AM
Thanks guys for telling me about the clear nail polish...I will be doing that since I really do like the necklace. Just hate the welts and it hurts.

Shel, I think you have a great you want a mini? I keep looking at them and thinking, no way. Not with my family... I am thinking of a new car...the Verona,,,by Suzuki.

Jane,,,sounds like you and Neil and a wonderful day together.

We had our work BBQ Stampede,,,the food was excessive..I kept it cool,,but man I wanted a bit of everything. It was sooo hot out it was hard to eat anyways,,,drank/ no guzzled down two bottles of water. Went in for my weighin and did show a gain,,,showed the Dr. my food tracker and she thought I did well but did have too many breads,,,and iced teas...(over here we have sweetened teas) She was happy thou with how I am doing,,,feels Im getting it. And with my water intake she figures my gain was from the fact I had just left the BBQ. My BP was down,,,again happy about that. I feel so supported with the DR. and the nurses.
Well off to bed I go,,,need to close and lock all the windows in the main floor,,,there is a man out that has been breaking into homes trying to sexually assault women,,,even though (get this) their husbands are sleeping right next to them. There was two men who broke in and tied up a family stole all their electronics and then made them give their PIN for their debit cards. Down right scary. But it happens in the summer,,,so many people have their windows open. But we won't be...
night all

07-06-2006, 03:24 AM
Good mornin, Ladies! :coffee:

Jane - yes I enjoyed my alone time, did laundry, now it just has to be put No, still not sure yet on the car. We'll probably go out looking on our next days off, which is not until next Monday - Wed. Hub wants to look at the Honda Element (box on wheels if you ask me) lol. So we shall see!

Angelia - Yes I like the mini's! Not sure if I will ever get one, but they are so cute! lol. I know stupid reason for liking a car, right? lol. Also I think its because I KNOW that my husband can't drive them, at least comfortably. lol. We looked at Suzuki and hub liked the Verona, but they are discontinuing it. :p We test drove a Vitara and hub wasn't comfortable in it. But they have this deal now, you test drive one, print out this form from their website and have the dealer fill it out, mail it in and they will send you a $50 gas card! ;)

Scary about the man breaking in! We had a rape down the st. from our work. Now they are telling everyone to use the buddy system. Scary stuff.

Have a Great Day Everybody!

07-06-2006, 04:16 PM
Hi ladies,:wave:

Angie - wow, scary stuff about the assaulter! My Neal would snore right through it. I bet your weight gain is from the BBQ, like the doc said. Yay for the lowered BP. Is tomorrow your last day at the place you work now?

Sassy - I don't know much about vehicles at all, so I'm clueless about the ones you mentioned. When I buy them, I like to go for color and style, which frustrates Neal, who goes for performance, milage, etc. Guy stuff, lol. Cool about the $50 gas card!

Hello to anyone reading this. :)

Well, I had my Mind/Body/Soul meeting today, and it was such a good one. We talked about wholeness, balance and emotions. Very intense subjects, but we did it with lots of laughter. The music director has had to ask us to shut the door, we're so rowdy, lol. I told them about my NSV of ordering healthily at Olive Garden, and about not touching the fattening foods Katie had at her party. I've been feeling in control once again, and hope that the feeling will last.

Neal got a phone call from the college wanting him to teach an Astronomy night class on Monday and Wednesday nights. He's flattered they asked, but is unsure what to do. I told him that whatever he decides, it's ok with me.

I hope all of you are having a good day and that whatever you're doing, you're having fun. :)

See ya on the flip side. :cool:

07-06-2006, 04:33 PM
Angelia--wow--the stalker stuff is scary--DH is putting fixing the locks on DD's windows and putting the lock on the breaker box outside. Girls said they didn't think about someone shutting off the power and coming into get them--they said if someone tries to get them they are going to get him first and lock him in the creepy basement (stone/concrete walls-dirt floor--red lights from previous occupants!!!) My baby dog Levi (6 year old pitbull) would eat anyone trying to hurt his mama!! DD's miniature doberman/chiuiaia (sp?) would definitely protect her!!

Jane--love astronomy--DH & I have been talking about taking an official non-credit course at the local community college. DS took it in high school. You rowdy girls better keep it in line!!

Shel--I like the mini's -- I fell in love with a sports car I saw on the highway last night. It was a Pontiac Solstice--very nice!! Next year when all the bills are paid off I get to get a new (used) car and DH is deciding if he wants a truck!!! We figure all the money that we are paying everything down with can be used to get new (used) vehicles. Ours are pretty old except his motorcycle which is only 2 1/2 years old. Speaking of heights my Dad is 6'4', my brother is 6'6', DH is 6'2, all my uncles are over 6' and here I am 5'5' & 3/4'

Gotta get back to work!

07-06-2006, 09:07 PM
Hello...Been messing with computer problems. Actually don't know how long it will last tonight. :)
We have been busy also with showing the house. Three times this week. All of our feed back has been so positive, but no offers so far. We are one of two houses on one family's who knows what will happen. One couple said they had decided ours was the house for them and planned to make an offer, then they slept on it and decided they really didn't want to move. LOL... I feel like it is just a matter of time, but dang, I am tired of having the inconvenience of it being shown.

Sassy- Speaking of tall son is 6'5" and step-son is 6'9"..DH is just 6'. I like the mini's, but I am afraid would be too small for me. I drove a Cavalier for years (had 3) and loved them, but once I got a larger car I don't think I can go back to a small car. DD just got an Uplander van and it is so neat. She came and took me for a ride today...beautiful.

Jane- The meeting does sound like fun. You rowdy chicks, you. What did Neal decide about teaching the class?

Oops...sorry, no more individuals..Big Brother just came on. Hi to everyone else.


da fat n da furious
07-07-2006, 01:17 AM
hey all,,,
Shel I didn't know they are discontinueing the Verona...glad I didn't get serious about that car. Monte and I only get Sundays off together,,,no car lots are open in Calgary on Sunday. So if we look for a car its at night.. He will be looking for a truck soon,,(fingers crossed)
Jane,,,thats great that Neal was offered a class like that,,,just proves what a good teacher he is. Im glad your meetings are going so well...

Sue,,,its just a matter of time,,,someone will come by and and it will be the end of your wait.

The skeeters are so bad here that I am loosing my mind...I can't keep up. I look like I have chicken pox. This thing about the assaulter has me all nervous. And its so hot its hard to live with windows shut and locked up. I have the roll out windows...
WEnt shopping for a card and such for my SIL birthday. On my way home I was stopped at a red light and the lady behind me bumped me. I got out walked over to her and shes looking at me like WHAT? I told her you hit me,,,she denied it. I then looked her in the eye and said,,,no Ma'am you did hit me. She the said well not hard...duh Never the less I told her I would take down all her info...I sounded so lawenforcement...Need to see your DL and insurance please. Took down her license plate number too. There was no visual damage but Ive never been in accident before so figured Id cover my bases.
well off to bed I go,,,thats enough excitement for me for one night.

07-07-2006, 10:26 AM
Just a quickie before going off to the grocery store and other errands!! Wanted to sat hi to everyone!!

07-07-2006, 11:48 AM
Good morning ladies,

Sue - I know it's a pain in the patooty having to show the house - been there, done that. When it sells, we'll have a cyber party, ok? :) What the heck's wrong with your 'puter? Can't have that! Our M/B/S class really is rowdy. But then we get serious, too. I feel so good when I come out of the meetings. :yes: Is the Big Brother the all-star one? I wanted to see that!

Angie - can't believe the lady was going to deny hitting you! Way to go, holding your ground, because you never know. Can you use some sort of mosquito repellent? Mary has some stuff for her kids that is safe, and doesn't smell so bad. Hope they catch the perv soon. Hey, did you find the missing man? Almost forgot about that. Btw, there is a new talent show starting sometime this month called The One. I just know you'd like it. Watch for it, ok?

Julie - glad you stopped in before your errands. Funny thing about Neal and astronomy, when we were dating, and he took me to "look at the stars" on a deserted country road, we really did look at the stars! One more reason I married him.

A big hello to anyone reading this. :wave:

Well, Neal decided to teach the class. So I'll have Monday and Wednesday evenings free if any of you want to come by for coffee, lol. Today Makenzie and I are going shopping. My shopping cart is always fuller when I take a DGD with me. :) Anyway, I forgot to go yesterday - with the short week, it didn't seem time yet. What a doofus!!

Have a good day, ladies. :hug:

07-07-2006, 08:10 PM
Just a quick pop in. Neal and I are going to a birthday party for his BIL's mom in Greenwood Sunday, so we decided to make a weekend of it and take off tomorrow morning. :cp: Just wanted to let you know that if you need anything, holler for Suzanne, ok, since Marti is gone, too. Judging from how quiet it is in here, that won't be a problem, lol.

Be good, and I'll be back Sunday night or Monday AM. :hug:

07-07-2006, 09:55 PM
Just a quick pop in!

Hello! Got back from SF a couple hours ago. Very hot and tired. Wanted to let you all know I was back.

I will post tomorrow and catch up some and try and get some photos posted.

Since Jane will be busy this weekend, just give me a PM if you need anything.

Hugs to you all!

Chat more tomorrow.

07-08-2006, 12:56 AM
Hi Everyone

Thank Goodness It is Friday. Week #3 of crappy weeks at work.

Angie are you ok, saw that you guys had a terrible storm, flooding everywhere. Did your house flood or were you lucky and it missed you. All the hail looked like you would have to shovel your sidewalks. Hope you were not outside at the Stampede when it hit. We are in the middle of a storm right now, but nothing like what you got. Not yet anyways.

Hi Marti I can't wait to hear all about your trip. Hope that you had a wonderful time. I hope that you get to have a good sleep in your own bed and will feel great in the morning;.

Jane I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to hear all about that when you get back. It sounds like you and DH are enjoying the time together. Does he enjoy spending time with the DGD's also? My dad has a hard time with the kids if he is by himself, but he enjoys them if we are around to watch them.

Sue hugs to you. I hope that you sell your house soon. Does someone come to look at it everyday?

Hi Jules. Are you going to have a day to yourself any time soon just to relax and enjoy yourself?

Sassy, I can just imagine your driveway....a big extended cab monster truck for him ( a fold out ladder for you to climb up and in) and a little mini beside it for you. A convertable of course so that he can ride in comfort sometimes when it is nice enough to have the top down. :lol:

Hello to everyone else that I hope that I am not forgetting.

Well the little guy sprained his ankle the other day. We have had to carry him around for 2 days. He is getting quite heavy. I hope he is better by Sunday as we have a company picnic in Red Deer. (90 minutes away from us). It is ok having my boss back, as we get along really well, along with some of my other coworkers, but it is just so busy that we can't keep up.
Well I guess that I better run, I am going to go and watch Supernanny. Will check in tomorrow.


07-08-2006, 01:18 AM
Hi Ya Ladies! :wave:

Still looking into cars. Probably will go and look on our days off (M-W). I just love the minis. I think they are so cute! lol. I know stupid reason for liking a car, eh? lmao!

Hub told me today he is concerned about me. Wants me to go to get a Sleep Study done. He thinks I have sleep apenea. He has it too. (he already had the study done and has the machine) He said here lately I've been snoring badly and lastnight I guess I stopped breathing once.
So I guess I need to call Monday and schedule an appt. for a sleep study.

I'm hoping they can schedule it on an early Monday Morning so I can go right after work, that way I'll be tired. (I work nights). I have a hard time sleeping in strange beds.........

Editing to add this: I bought a Walking Away the Pounds DVD. Well its not that exact brand or whatever, but still the same concept, so I'm going to give it a try! :D

Well I hope you all have a Great Night and Weekend! ;)

07-08-2006, 12:01 PM
Our weekend away had to be cancelled because my plantar's fasciitis has flared up again. :( Please forgive me for not doing individuals, but I'm in a bad mood and in a lot of pain, and grrrrrr!!!

Have a good day and when the pain lets up, I'll be back - hopefully later on today.

da fat n da furious
07-08-2006, 12:35 PM
ouch there something you can take for that?

Kathy, heading to Red Deer right now,,,visit with my friend Carole,,,sweet lady that I did theatre with. Then to Benalto for the rodeo. Meeting up with the family there and then bringing Tan home.
The Stampede is in full swing now,,,crazy madness!

Shel,,,let me know how the DVD is...was thinking of getting one also...

well Im off...have a great day everyone

07-08-2006, 12:38 PM
Jane my friend

Hugs to you. and more Hugs to you. Do you have some orthodics for your feet? I hope that you feel better. I suffered from that a few years ago, and so I understand what you are going through.

Hope that everyone has a great Saturday.

Hey Marti its morning....time to wake was your trip?

Chat with you all later.


07-08-2006, 12:41 PM
Angie have a great day. Is the Stampede still on next weekend? I was thinking of taking the kids up but I don't know when it ends.

07-08-2006, 02:34 PM
Jane--sorry about your weekend cancellation and your sore feet--DH's gout acted up last weekend and made him miserable!! Hope your feeling better soon!!

Kathy--I have had bad weeks at work for months now--it just doesn't seem to be easing up--hopefully my co-worked/friend who is out on medical will be back soon--she may be able to help some from home--working on getting the permission.

Angelia--sounds like you have a busy weekend planned! Enjoy!!

Sassy--I think several on the board do the Walking video and there are some at my work that do it too. Everyone who does it seems to enjoy it and alot have said that it works when you do it three times a week.

Marti--hope you had fun in SF!! You'll have to give more details..

Sue--hope your house sells soon!!

Robin, Michelle, Connie and anyone I may have missed--hope all is well..

Going for a motorcycle ride and then to a tractor pull with friends. DS's gf and her friend are doing the painting so they didn't need me. DD is giving them half a gallon of blue paint left over from her bathroom and a half a gallon of apricot lily for the kitchen--DS brought home some leftover white paint from the painters on the jobsite. He wants the walls in the LR and his bedroom kept white. They painted gf's friends bedroom (DD's old one) maroon. All the floors except the kitchen will be repainted black. DS said that he wishes the previous occupants would have never painted them since he likes wood floors and once they are painted they aren't ever the same and the paint shows dirt more. Will help move GF in tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great day!

07-08-2006, 09:52 PM
Hi ladies,

I'm back, and having less pain, so I'm not nearly as grouchy, lol.

Marti - so glad you're back. :hug: We want details, friend. And photos, too. I bet you had such a good time. You were missed, lady!

Angie - is the Red Deer a pub? Hope you and Carole had fun today and that you got Tan brought back safe and sound. Yeah, I took some aspirin and then some ibuprofen for the pain, and it has lessened quite a bit. I'm still hobbling around like some old lady, though. :dizzy:

Kathy - long time, no see, and I missed you. :hug: How's the little one's ankle? Poor fella! Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I have some inserts, but haven't been wearing them because I've been wearing sandals. Bad call on my part! Week #3 done and over with, right? :)

Sassy - so are you scheduled for the sleep study yet? Neal, thank goodness, doesn't have it, but I sure thought he did. He'd stop breathing then all of a sudden, have this loud snort and gasping sound. But between the time we made the appointment and when the study was actually done, he lost 15 pounds, and the doc said that could've been what helped. Good luck to you with your study. :crossed:

Julie - lots of painting and moving going on for your family, and it all sounds so pretty. Could the floors be stripped? I think black ones could be really cool looking, though. Have fun on the motorcycle ride and tractor pull. Is it Fair time for you? Ours is the last week of this month. :cp:

Hello to anyone else reading this. :)

Well, as I said, my foot is feeling better. All I've done today is lay around or sit to keep it elevated. I read a lot in my book and tried to avoid everybody. Neal took care of supper since I couldn't cook. Hey..... I could milk this for awhile, couldn't I? :D Nah, I wouldn't do that.

Hope you're having a great weekend with lots of fun, and lots to do. Take care, ladies. :hug:

07-08-2006, 11:06 PM
Hey Ladies! :wave:

Haven't yet tried the DVD yet. Will certainly let you know as soon as I do! I plan on trying twice a week at first, then gradually building up! ;)

Question.......Does anybody here eat/make sushi? I am not into the Raw Fish ones, but I want to try making some veggie ones at home. If anybody has any good recipes or links, please feel free to PM me! :thanks:!!!!

Will schedule the sleep study on Monday or Tues. Yes if I lose weight there is a good chance it will go away. Hubs too.

Jane I hope you feel better! :hug:

I hope everybody is having a great night and has an Awesome Sunday! ;)

07-08-2006, 11:31 PM
Sassy - I've never eaten sushi. Can't get past the (gag!) rawness of it! But I googled vegetable sushi for ya, and found this from Self magazine:

Vegetable Sushi
Wow your friends at your next party with this easy vegetable Sushi recipe.


1 1/4 cups sushi rice or short-grain rice
ground pepper to taste
1 2/3 cups water
sea salt to taste
1 tablespoon rice vinegar (or mild white wine vinegar)
1 package nori* (pressed seaweed sheet cut in thin slices)
1 cucumber, peeled and sliced
2 large carrots, peeled
1 bunch green onions
1 tablespoon wasabi paste*
dash paprika


Toast rice in a saucepan over medium heat for 8 minutes, stirring constantly so it doesn't change color. Season with pepper. Add water, cover pot and cook rice for 12-15 minutes without lifting the lid. Turn off the stove and let the rice stand on burner for 5 minutes, covered. Remove from stove. Let stand, covered, until cool. Season with salt to taste. Stir in rice vinegar.

Spread out the nori sheets on a large cutting board with a kitchen towel or bamboo mats underneath. Leave a 1-inch border on each end. Arrange rice on top of sheets and pat it smooth. Arrange cucumber, carrots and green onions in a strip down the center of the rice. Spread with wasabi; sprinkle with paprika and sea salt.

Using a kitchen towel or bamboo mat, roll up the nori sheet around the filling and press it firmly into a roll. Slice the rolls crosswise with a very sharp knife, dipping knife in cold water between cuts.

*Available in gourmet supermarkets, shops and Asian groceries

Is this sort of what you had in mind?

07-09-2006, 01:34 AM
Ya thanks Jane. I didn't like the Raw fish, but I sorta liked the rest of it and figured I could make it healthy too. ;)

07-09-2006, 08:26 AM
Sassy--my DS LOVES sushi--I couldn't get past the raw fish myself. The veggie recipie from Jane actually sounds pretty good. Hope the study can help you!!

Jane--DH and I got in a fight so he went without me--friend's girlfriend called to try and get me to come up--I told her no and what happenned and when DH came home we got into another fight because I told her what happenned and it embarrassed him. I slept in the spare room last night--I have to leave at 8:30 this morning to meet my brother at DS's apartment to go move his gf. DH is planning on working in his garage all day. * There are fairs and carnivals in the area all summer. * The black floors do look good at first, but they also show the dirt. Stripping isn't an option as they don't want to take the time/$ to do it when paint is cheaper--they got the okay to paint but they won't be reimbursed in any way for it. The only paint they will have to buy is the black for the floors and the maroon color of the spare bedroom. GF's friend bought the maroon paint and the black for her floor. DD gave them the 1/2 gallon of leftover light blue paint for the bathroom and a 1/2 gallon of the Apricot Lily for the kitchen. Both are really small so it should be enough. DS is trying to talk the landlord into buying flooring for the kitchen and he will put it down. DS may just buy it himself if the landlord won't. Since they didn't get the other place DS will have to sign another years lease so it won't be so bad if they fix up a little and it will make gf happy. The apartment isn't bad it's just really old and things a guy doesn't mind would bug a girl living there.
Side note--I think the Red Deer in Ang's post is a city in Canada.

Hope everyone has a good day!!

07-09-2006, 08:41 AM
Julie - awww, men can be such meatheads sometimes! Hopefully, it will all blow over soon, and you'll be cuddling again. :hug: If you need to vent, we're here, ok? Sounds like you've got a busy day planned. Don't work too hard, ok? If I was your DSs landlord, I'd buy the vinyl if he was good enough to put it down. Sounds like a win/win situation to me. Oic about Red Deer, lol. I've gotta go get something to eat - I'm starvin' like Marvin this morning! Stayed OP yesterday again, so I guess that's why. :D Have a good day, Miss Julie!

07-09-2006, 08:58 AM
Jane I know we will make up eventually--he definitely can be a meathead sometimes. Has control issues. Early in our marriage he was physically abusive to me and if that ever happenned again I would be out of here. He blows up and says very ugly things and is the type that doesn't usually say I am sorry--he will just pretend nothing happenned.

07-09-2006, 01:54 PM
Good Morning Ladies!!

Sorry for not popping in yesterday. We took the day to unwind and destress!! (traffic in SF is unbelievable!!)
We also came home to a leak in our master bathroom so we had to wait for a plumber to come and fix it. Nothing like enjoying a vacation away and then to come back to problems! :lol:

I have not uploaded my photos to the computer yet, but when I do I will post some. I told James that we sure didn't get a lot of "us" in the photos!! I want some of us in the photos next time. We took over 200 photos (love this camera we have!!) and maybe about 5 have us in them.

I'm going to go spend the last day of my vacation w/my hubby and then I'll be back to post about my adventures, photos included!

I'll try and do that tonight.

Have a great Sunday!!

07-09-2006, 02:03 PM
Happy Sunday ladies- I hope your neck of the woods is sunny and breezy like ours. We are actually getting along without the A/C and it feels nice.

We showed the house 4 times this past week..and it is in the ads again today, so we will see what happens. The new house is coming along wonderfully. The brick is 1/2 done, walls are all sanded and ready to paint. The sub floor is sanded and ready for the flooring. Our maple flooring and tile are both in, so after the painting the floors will be done. Getting exciting!!

I am being a little lazy after a week of keeping on top of things. So far I have read the papers and had my coffee. Spent the rest of the morning working on this puter. I re-did Windows, so now I am downloading all of my messengers and favorite things. Takes forever to download some of them. I just hope it works for another year...I don't want the expense of a new computer.

Sassy- I hope you enjoy the veggie sushi. My DS likes fish sushi, but it is not for me. I might like the veggie type. Good luck on finding a new car.

Jules- I hope you and DH make up quickly. I know how hard it is to get over the ugly things that are said in anger.

Jane- Sounds like your feet are better..have you considered surgery? My walking pal has had that surgery and is much better. I have heel pain, but have been able to lessen it with exercises. (and I rarely wear my sandals now) But gee...I hate tennis shoes ALL of the time.

Kathy- No, the house doesn't show every day, but we have been lucky to show it 4 times this past week. Surely it will sell soon with all the attention it is getting. We get nothing but good feed-back.

Angie- Hope you had a good time and got Tanner home safely. The Stampede sounds like a great, fun week-end.

Marti- Glad you are back. Did you get some rest?

Robin, Michelle, Connie.....Are you around and doing okay? Hope so.

Nothing exciting coming up in the next week...just more of the same house-wise.

07-09-2006, 04:47 PM
Happy Sunday Ya'all! ;)

Jules ya the raw fish was yucky, too "fishy" for me, but I could do the veggie one! ;) I hope the move goes well for your DS's GF and hope you and your DH make up........:hug:

Marti - Ugh. I hope they can fix your plumbing problems! What a thing to come home too! lol. You sound like hub and me. We take lots of pics on vacation, only hardly none are of us. ;) I hope you enjoy the last day of vacation.

Sue - Sounds exciting about your new house! I hope all goes well for ya. Its a Sunny 78 here. We are going to work tonight so no enjoying the weather. lol.
Thanks. I don't like the fish sushi either. Too "fishy" for me, but I think the veggie sushi could be good and healthy too! ;)

I hope everybody else enjoys the rest of their Sunday!

07-09-2006, 04:49 PM
Update--we made up...can't seem to stay mad at each other when you have 20 years of history...

Moved DS's gf's big stuff and some little--she will be sorting more this week needs to be completely out by Saturday night. She put some stuff in ds's garage but wants to kep some things nice so her grandmother said she could bring some stuff up to her old bedroom (she has lived on and off with her grandmother since her stepfather is an idiot).

Making homemade chili and cornbread muffins....

have a great evening--it's no teven 4pm and I am pooped!!

07-09-2006, 09:21 PM
Hiya ladies,

Sassy - you're welcome. Let me know if you like it.

Julie - aww, glad you made up. I can't ever stay honked at Neal very long. He is like a sad, lost little boy when I am, and that breaks my heart, lol. Boy, does he know how to play me, lol! Chili and cornbread muffins???? Sounds soooooo good! When do we eat? :hun:

Marti - I'm like that, too, with pics. Either it's all stuff we see, or else maybe Neal is in a few, but hardly any of me, because I'm the one taking them. With the weight I gained, I don't want to be in them anyway, lol.

Sue - I've had this before and it went away with towel stretches and supporting my arches. So I'll keep doing this for now and see how it goes. Nothing quite so sexy as orthotics in your sandals!

Hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

Hey, has anybody seen the new ABC show Kyle XY? It's really good! Just wondering.....

I've had a good day. The kids and grandkids were here to visit. I've been rounding up my pictures that I want to do scrapbook pages with, just to get them organized. I doubt I actually do any pages until fall or winter.

Hope you've had a good day, too. :hug:

da fat n da furious
07-09-2006, 11:26 PM
Shel, I eat california rolls all the time...its considered veggie sushi I just love the stuff. Great lunch. Specially when its warm out and you don't want something hot to eat. The green paste is hard to adjust to, but love that stuff too. So where did you buy your DVD?

Jane,,,Im sorry but what is wrong with your feet? Its not heel spurs is it? Seriously Jane,,,enjoy the pampering from Neal. He probably doesn't get to do that with you often...
Red Deer is a city right smack dab in the middle of Alberta. Population 80,000
Its about 1.5 hrs north of Calgary.

Jules,,,glad to know you two made up...I hate when Monte and I have words...Im miserable,,,and well so is he.
Go on over to a paint store and buy lil tins of metalic paint and make swirls on the floor over the black...OR tape and then sponge over top giving a tile look...know what I mean? Then it would look like you have black grout.

Kathy, stampede is till next weekend (sunday) which I think is the 16th So come on down and let me know if you are coming...
That big storm last week,,,was nothing down south,,,we had a bit of wind and spitting rain but nothing to what the north part of the city had,,,WOWEE! My SIL emailed me pics and I was amazed. BUT let me tell you about today,,,made up for missing last weeks storm..We literally sat in Costcos lil porch area for an hour...we could see the trees bent over with high winds and hail.

Sue,,,nice to have a relaxing day...we had one today...except for our adventure at costco,,,we had a lazy day.

gonna go back and snooze some more on the couch...perhaps fold the clothes piled high on the chair.

07-09-2006, 11:56 PM
I forgot to mention earlier that I finally got back to walking. Last night with DH and tonight with my gal pal. Hopefully I will get back on the eating program tomorrow and continue the walking.
Finally also, after trying many light or fat free ice creams, found one I like. It is Edy's slow churned 1/2 the fat and 1/3 less calories. We tried the Drumstick and the Rocky Road flavors. Both were as good as (almost) regular
ice cream. 140 calories for 1/2 cup...but when you want ice cream badly it will do. I have wanted it the past week and now I will ration it.

Talk to you tomorrow. Happy weigh in everyone. (I haven't done that for a few weeks)

07-10-2006, 12:59 AM
Good evening everyone,

Wrote a nice long post but it has disappeared. I will have to get the kids to teach me how to cut and paste and save stuff. Wow what a great bonding evening that will be.

Anyway, I just have to let everyone know that we went to the auction yesterday as DD thought we should buy one of the Shetland Ponies for Cole. Did not buy one (although they did not sell for much money) but we ended up with a goat. I don't know why, we just kind of took to it. She is going to have a baby anyday. I must say that I think that this goat will make a better pet than our dogs. The goat has taken to Cole. He walks her, and when the dog came near him, she put herself in between Cole and the dog, and wouldn't let the dog come near him. It was so cute. Anyway.....our new favorite pet is now the goat. (Man I must need a life or something.)

Marti I hope your plumbing problems are fixed.

Chat with you all later.

07-10-2006, 01:43 AM
"Shel, I eat california rolls all the time...its considered veggie sushi I just love the stuff. Great lunch. Specially when its warm out and you don't want something hot to eat. The green paste is hard to adjust to, but love that stuff too. So where did you buy your DVD?"

Angelia - Yeah that is what they are called! lol. Hub told me he thinks I would love those. I tried what are they called......they had tuna, cream cheese and avacodo. Didn't like the tuna. :barf: I bought my DVD at Costco, for $8.99, it has two things on it. one is for 1 mile and the other is for 2 miles! ;)

Sue - Good job on the walking! :high: I plan on trying out my WATP DVD's on my nights off (M - W). I heard that Skinny Cow is good, have you tried those?

Kathy - Can't wait to see pics of your baby goat (when she has it)........

Adding this - Do any of you post pics on your fridge or what not of pics of people who you want to look like??? I thought about trying this but do you think its silly??????

07-10-2006, 02:08 PM
Lunch time---lean cuisine & water......

Shel--I have a skinny picture of me on my fridge!!! It's apparently not helping since I gained 4 lbs---I know it's because I haven't been drinking my water or eating right or been to the gym for almost 3 weeks--I have been taking my vitamins though!! Maybe I should put one up at my highest weight...

Kathy--my DH's family had goats while he was growing up and there is a farm that raises and sells them on the way to work--there is also a place that raises alpacas--DH would like goats and a couple of chickens for the fresh eggs.

Sue--we have been getting sugar free icecream or doing without since DH's gout is acting up--sometimes I crave sugar really bad so it's probably good it's not in the house!!

Angelia--I will pass on the paint tips--they may do it. I hate when DH & I fight

Jane--there are plenty of leftovers--I can't make just a little bit of chili!!

Hi to everyone else--go to get going!!

07-10-2006, 04:59 PM
Jules - I used to have one of me when I was thin-ner but I took it off when we "thought" we were going to move. My Aunt who lost a lot weight has a picture of her at her highest weight on the fridge. Maybe I could do one of each?????? lol.

Hi Everybody else! I hope your day is doing well!

07-10-2006, 07:26 PM
Whoa! See you at #202. :)