Simply Filling/Core - Monday, Monday Menu Thread, July 3, 2006

07-03-2006, 08:01 AM
Breakfast: Shredded wheat and bran, skim, equal and a banana (wish I had those blueberries now)

Lunch: Eggbeater omelet with FF feta cheese

Snack: FF cottage cheese and peaches

Dinner: Chipotle burrito bowl (grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, hot salsa, cheese for points, guacamole, pinto beans)

Snack: Core Peach muffin

07-03-2006, 10:27 AM
b: shredded wheat, banana, Splenda, milk
s: apple
l: grilled chicken, Core potato salad, not sure what else? (going to a bbq)
s: banana
d: farmer's breakfast, orange slices, milk


07-03-2006, 10:43 AM
Back in the saddle again....

b: half ham sandwich on ww bread (it was the closest thing to core I could find on my way out the door) (1 pt)
l: tuna salad with crackers (2 pts)
s: sf jello
d: not sure...I might try to make a burrito bowl at home like Vickie's above. I keep wanting to try. So I could layer rice, chicken, beans, salsa, cheese, and some lettuce...hmmm....:chin:

07-03-2006, 05:48 PM
looks like some mighty tasty dishes being eaten here today. makes me hungry.

l--lettuce, onion, cheese, boiled egg, ff ranch
s--peach sorbet
d--1 slice bread, mayo, cheese, lean turkey, lettuce, onion, tomato 3 pts

07-03-2006, 08:16 PM
Here's what we're having for dinner. The rest of the day was very un-Core.

Wild Alaska salmon cooked on the grill
Grilled portobello mushrooms
Sweet potato oven fries sprinkled with chipotle chili powder
Salad with romaine, yellow bell pepper, purple onion and tomato

07-03-2006, 09:03 PM
kathy, that sounds fantastic.

07-03-2006, 09:44 PM
It WAS! OMG, I thought Judd was going to go crazy over that fish. He normally doesn't like salmon -- we usually have tuna steaks if we're having thicker fish, and tilapia, halibut or flouder when baking it in the oven. This was perfect and we will certainly get it again. We got it at the Neighborhood Market and it was just a little over $5 for the whole package, which is 4 servings. The Alaskan wild catch is the kind that's better for you (as opposed to farm raised) so we will definitely be going back for more. We both decided it was good "company" food.