WW Clubs and Groups - Monday, Monday, can't trust that day

08-27-2001, 08:41 AM
Afternoon, ladies! Wow, I get to start the thread today!!! That would be because it's a Bank Holiday in GB today, so Kirsty/Weathergirl is away in the sun, lucky thing. Unfortunately, those of us who work in Universities don't get Bank Holidays :mad: so I am here and working away, trying to get my brain back in gear after a few weeks away. EEK! It's not easy!!!

Back later!

Trish O
08-27-2001, 10:28 AM
Hello all. I did great this weekend! Except I was CRAVING KFC so I went and got the bucket. However, when I got home 1 was enough...so don't worry I did not eat an entire family meal. I did eventually over the weekend eat all of the mashed potatos.

Lolly: Do not stop posting just because you think you are off program. That is when we can help the most!!! I bet that once you are settled into your new place and stop traveling so much you will get right back OP. I think changes can make it go wacky.

Kier: I am so glad you did not have anything on your sono. But if you had symptoms that made them think it was POCS, do they know what else it could be? Make sure to follow-up on that! Will you have internet access when you are away? Wow, you are going to have so much fun!

Hello to eveyone else.


08-27-2001, 10:57 AM
Good Morning Everyone :) Oooh bank holidays in England huh? We get our day off next Monday for Labor Day. Only a few more weekends to summer! There was tons of traffic on the roads this past weekend... I guess everyone wants to do all the things they had planned and never got around to. Anyways :) Just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone. Hope you are all having a good Monday :)

08-27-2001, 11:07 AM
Yipee!! I am back at home for the next 3 1/2 weeks! Hello, everyone. We had a nice time at the wedding in NY this weekend. It is aalways great to see our college friends. The drive was long but we went part of the way with another couple which made it more fun. I ate and drank way too much and all the wrong things. I have not had so much pizza in months! We ate it Friday night, Sat for lunch and again Sat after the reception (munchies from drinking and dancing). Luckily I did earn major exercise points from the dancing.

So - here's my update - I am back on track! No excuses for going way off program. I am excited to have a better attitude and fewer distractions. I am going to do a major grocery trip and start cooking again. DH and I are going to be eating at home more often and since we won't be away every weekend, there is no reason not to always have leftovers in the fridge. Yah! :)

Ok, I have to tell you about a realization I had this weekend. A college friend of DH (guy) has lost 35 lbs. on WW in the past 6 weeks. He looks great! He was up to 270 and is now ate 235! I am so excited for him. He is following the program perfectly and working out but not paying. Ok, my DH joined WW back in June at 244. He lost 17 pounds but has gained it all back (I think). He hasn't gone to WI in weeks and now I think his per-paid package has expired. I do not want to suggest that he go back b/c I feel as though he is wasting our money since he has made no effort since end of July. DH does not look good. I noticed last night that he has no jawbones and not much of a defined chin. I feel bad b/c I think he looks bad. I told him how well the friend was doing and hoped it would motivate him but he didn't have much of a reaction. DH repeatedly says that he is fat, his clothes don't fit and he looks bad but then he goes and get buttered Med popcorn at the movies last night after we had eaten Mexican for dinner! (not a huge meal but still!) I don't know what to do. He gets anoyed if I say anything about his choices but I am sick of hearing him complain about his weight and do nothing about it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I am sorry to go on about that. I cna't help but be concerned about DH and about my feelings about his weight. Since I have always had a problem, I don't want it to get any worse for him. Thanks for listening. Hi to everyone.


Trish O
08-27-2001, 11:55 AM
Sarah: I think you are in a hard place. I have to say, however, that your hubby has to make the choice on his own. That is the only way it will work. Sometimes I think it takes a year or so of a person complaining that they don't like the way they look before they get the true motivation to do something about it. They need the mental prep time...I know at times I do. But it really has to come from inside or you do just what your DH did, gain it back. I guess the best you can do is live an active lifestyle and work to be a good example. It is hard. There are times when I would like to say something to my hubby and I know there are times when he would like to say something to me. But I think that just causes resentment and desperation and binge eating etc....

Anyway, your hubby will make the click when the time is right for him. I also think he should try to go to meetings. Sometimes, even if you are not ready to lose, it helps to get you ready. I just think droping out because you are not losing is just asking for a MAJOR gain.

Good luck. and I hope I have not been too forward.


08-27-2001, 12:26 PM
HI everyone... Well, had WI on Sat and was expecting a gain since it is my gain week........... I LOST .6. Not a lot, but I will take it. I think it is all the exercise I have done. But I have to skip the gym all week because I am on 1/2 hour lunches this week.... booo hooo!

Sarah, my first time on WW hubby did it with me and lost, but he hated following the plan... actually the counting, so when I got PG he gained too. But NOT all of it. This time he said he would not do it. I was really sad, but I can't make him. But I can control what he eats because I do most of the cooking and shopping. And he knows that we don't allow a lot of high fat snacks in the house. But all in all, it's his choice to make. He wants to lose his belly, but I know that my nagging will only upset him and that causes an unhappy marriage. If you give him only healthy options in the house, and decline the high fat restaurant food, maybe he will come around! I also make sure my hubby knows of all my WW accomplishments and I make a big deal about it. That keeps him motivated on his own terms! Good luck!

Trish... yah on the weekend. I was craving fried chicken too. But I never got it... so I still am! Ughhh!

08-27-2001, 12:31 PM
HI Girls! How are you all? Iam good - had a good weekend, saved a dying bird (well, it got euthanized, but better than having it die in the wild for days) yesterday adn I feel good about that. I am afraid of birds, so b/f picked it up for me. Which was good, we felt very good about that.

Was semi OP on the weekend, didnt' excercise at all except for throwing a baseball around, which hardly counts.....so I'll be v. good this week so that I have a decent WI on Friday. OMG! I am having a deja vu!!!??? Its crazy!

Lolly, so sad you don't get the bank holiday!! But hey, you can chat with us, who could ask for anything more?

Sarah - ooooh, the DH thing is touchy...!! Be careful, men are funnya bout that b/c there isnt' the social stygma that there is for women, and its not very manly to go on a Weight loss program....

Funny, with my b/f, he is up to 170 and feels "fat". I wonder what he must think of me if he thinks HE is fat????? SIck....

Trish, did you get sick from your KFC? I find that it makes me super ill now!!

Well, I better get goin, have LOTS to do , and an extra long day today, plus I have to go home and get all my laundry and overnight things to go to mom's for the week and look after my puppies!!

Have a GREAT DAY girls.


Horsey girl
08-27-2001, 12:57 PM
Hi everyone - Just quickly checking in. I've been crazy busy with the two jobs - the evenings walking around the fair I've eaten cotton candy and mini donuts and lots of curry (it's very good here) good news is that because I walk for about 6 hours a shift I'm burning it off - I Hope!!! Although I find that one donut and just a pinch of cotton candy satisfies those cravings. I'm excited to WI at the end of the week. Have a great monday everyone!

08-27-2001, 01:08 PM
hey girls ;)
Just a quickie b/c i have to runa round like a mad woman ;) I leave in 8 days!
Sarah I agree with the girls I'd say do the healthy food thing at home and make good choices while you are out DH has to hit bottom before he can come out fighting and the more you talk to him about it the longer it will take

Trish I'm Craving popeyes chicken and i will have net access in a lab at school thanks for the good thoughts
okies i'm gonna have to come back later b/c my gramms ravenous
off to feed the natives ;)
Love Kier

08-27-2001, 01:18 PM
Good morning ladies!!

Belle ~ Way to go, saving the bird! I am like you, very afraid of birds. I like them in the wild, but not too close to me!!

KT ~ Sounds like you are getting lots of good exercise, fair food is very bad!!

Jen ~ Congrats on the loss!

Trish ~ I am proud of you for watching your points, you are doing great, even eating a piece of chicken isn't that bad. Keep up the good work!

Sarah ~ I would follow Jen's lead. Don't mention it, try to cook healthy meals, keep high fat foods out of the house, and make good choices when going out for dinner. Like Belle said, men are touchy about weight loss and "dieting". Do your best to be supportive, but not pushy.

Good morning Shalyne!

Lolly ~ You are a busy girl! I am sure you will have no problem get back OP.

Hi to everyone else!!!!

Things are good with me. Stayed OP all last week, and even this weekend! I walked 2 miles each night on my treadmill at 4.0 miles/hr. My WI is in the morning, I hope I lost, but do realize that sometimes my losses don't show up right away. I am continuing to stay OP and exercising each night. I hope these 15 pounds will disappear soon!! :)

My DD starts Kindergarten tomorrow, she is very excited. I just went shopping for clothes for her and her brother this weekend, spend LOTS of money, but got some great outfits for them (and myself!) from Kohl's, Old Navy and Target.

The summer is winding down and DH and I didn't get to do half the things we wanted to this summer, with his work schedule, it is difficult. Oh well, we may go away for a night this weekend, and do something. We'll see.....

Well, that's about it. Trying to complete some projects at work, but Monday's aren't very ambitious for me! So, I may just hang out here! :)


08-27-2001, 03:08 PM
Thanks for the advice on the DH issue. I do keep only low point foods in the house and when we cook, it is always WW food. The problem is when we/he go out. He makes terrible choices (such as movie popcorn) when if he showed the slightest willpower, he wouldn't get it. The other thing is that he is great at making excuses to eat out or grab fast food b/c he "doesn't have time". I know that it is his decision. It is just hard to watch him b/c what he says and does are 2 different things. I know that he will reach a point where he will do something about it, I just thought he reached it in June and now he is back to school and volleyball so he is busier and has more excuses. Oh well, we will see what happens.

Tonya - You are doing great on exercise! I am sure you will have a good loss soon.

Jen - Way to go on the .6!!!

Kierie - great pic!

KT - You sound so busy! I hope you get some down-time!

Belle - how great that you saved a bird. I bet your eating wasn't as bas as you think. I am sure you can recover before WI.

Trish - Glad you enjoyed the KFC. I can't eat that anymore!

shaylene - We've missed you!

Hi to Lolly, Kirsty, Emily, Angie, Janet, Kay, Brenda, Stacey and everyone!!! 2 1/2 more hours left of work and nothing to do :(


08-27-2001, 03:34 PM
The one close to me is opening in October!
Well, I've been rather out of it today. We got a puppy this weekend. She is six weeks and is part Great Pyronees (sp?) and part German Shepherd. She will be huge!! But she's tiny and roly-poly right now! Her name is Bailey. :)
We finally have our scanner hooked up so hopefully I can get some wedding and puppy pics posted soon!
Hi to everyone! Must get back to work. My boss is in a "mood" today. :(

08-27-2001, 04:13 PM
Hi Guys! Me again! Gearing up for WI tomorrow by munching KFC, BUT I had lots of points left and only got the small 2 piece meal. I'm with you all the way, Trish! And I can't remember the last time I had KFC. Yum yum! And I was on the verge of getting chocolate for afterwards, but I had a bio-yogurt (for a healthy gut!) instead and it feels GOOD!!!

Sarah - I hear what you say about DH, because I have the same thing with my parents. They are both very overweight, in their 50s, and I worry about them a lot. Like your hubby, they are always talking about how unhappy they are with their weight and all the problems it causes, but they can't seem to move on to the next step. My dad's dad died of heart disease at 57, so I worry about that too. But my sister and I have learned there's nothing we can do - if we talk to them about it they just get defensive, which I guess is because it scares them. I agree with everyone else - you just have to stick to your thing and hope some of it rubs off. It must be so frustrating.

Aw, Stacey, a puppy, you lucky thing! I can't wait till we live somewhere we can have cats (I'm 100% a cat person). Jealous! And can't wait to see the pix!!!

Kier - great picture! Did you have your hair done recently? You must be so excited about leaving ...

Hugs to everyone else - I'm off now to watch the countdown of the 100 all-time best childrens' programmes on the telly - nostalgia city!!!


08-27-2001, 05:12 PM
Stacey: Bailey's going to be a BIG puppy! I hope you can show us some pictures! Have fun with puppy training! I lucked out with my first dog ... I got him older so I wouldn't have to deal with training, because I was worried I wouldn't have time. He was 8 mos when I got him and house broken. My second dog, Stella, was a year old and NOT house broken, however. Took some time with her! Sometimes I wish I had gotten them as puppies. I know they must have both been cuties!

Well, I need to get to work ...

08-27-2001, 06:09 PM
I didn't realize youare from Sask - I am from Calgary. I'll be driving to Wpg on the thanksgiving weekend (again, I do this drive every year!).

Cool! Another Canuck!


Trish O
08-27-2001, 06:44 PM
Hello girls. Well, I have had a MAJOR sugar craving today had have had way too many Teddy-Grahms. Oh well. For lunch I ate a lot of fresh veggies and was very healthy.

Stacey: Puppies are cute and remember when it is spazy and crazy that it will grow out of it...
I got my dog (Ginger) when she was almost 2 from the pound. she is a full-blooded Cocker with papers. Not that I care. We were just looking for the "right" dog for us and there she was. We both knew right away. She is such a good dog when she is not being crabby. But I even find her crabby little self cute! She is 4 now, soon to be 5 in November.

Sarah: I know it is frustrating when you see people you love not make good choices when you go out to eat. I think all you can control is your reaction to it. If it really bothers you, you might say that to him but I would stress that it does not mean you don't love him. However, this could backfire. Anyway, I don't envy you this.

Kier: Great picture. Where are you in the photo...it is cool looking.

Lolly: I love countdown shows. VH1 has so many and I always have to stop and watch.

Tonya: Great job on being OP!!!! See, you will drop those few pounds in no time. Wow, DD in Kindergarden. Does it make you sad? But it is exciting I bet.

KT: Work exercise is great!

Belle: that is sad about the bird. I bet you did well this last weekend on food.


08-27-2001, 09:04 PM
Hello Dolls!

How was everyone's day? Mine was super busy and then I got to come home to a huge mess. My fiance was home until 3 this afternoon but funny how it looks excatly the same as when I left-GRRR! He's usually pretty good but the past month he's been a real lazy bones. What do you do though?

Sounds like everyone had an alright weekend. Mine was good but I'm having trouble sleeping. I can't settle down to sleep then when I finally get there I wake up 8000 times. I know that its b/c life is stressful right now and I can't control the things that are causing hte stress. I just have to have patience and wait for it all to play itself out. I just wish I could sleep. Its not that I feel really tired today after a measly 4.5 hours its the headaches I get from the lack of it. I need a massage really badly. My DF is SUPER about it though. He will read to me until I fall asleep if I'm having problems. How sweet is that? God I love him. Last night he gave me a nice attempt at a massage b/c I needed to wind down so bad and the reading wasn't working. I cried through the whole thing and then I finally was relaxed enough to go to sleep. What a sweetie he is. (Oh gang don't get to concerned about the crying-nothing to panic about b/c I'm a crier-over everything or nothing-one of those annoying people that might cry over the phone commercials :lol: )

Anyway that's my babble for today. Did I tell you guys that I lost 2lbs this week? Yay for me :)

KT how did your BCAS exam go? Did you get super stressed. Do you have to wait to find out your results? When I wrote my provincial boards for RMT the waiting to find out the results killed me. It was way worse than the actual exam. We had an oral component and I kept thinking about all the things I would of done different and I convinced myself I didn't pass but then it turned out I did, with honors. Go figure. Hopefully you don't have to wait very long if you do have to wait.

Sarah, seems like so many of us are in the same position as you with the spouse prob. My fiance is the same way, good at home but when he's out its like no holds barred. He works in a grocery store too and when we get our bank statement I find all these transacations for the store and it turns out they're are for donuts and other baked goods. I just shake my head. He goes in spurts of trying and not trying. Frustrating.

Kieri, that's an awesome photo. You look so much like my friend's old roommate-weird. That's good though 'cuz all of our guy friends think she's pretty hot. I wish I had a scanner. You can do so many fun things then. Maybe next year...

I've got a massive headache so I'm not going to reply to everyone right now. If it gets better I'll be back. Hi to everyone else. Take care foxy ladies :wave: